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Your tattoo ink may be moldy what to know about your risk – Fox News05.27.17

Looking to get inked? You’ll definitely want to check out the Food and Drug Administration’s updated tattoo consumer recommendations before going under the needle.

The FDA recently released new information about the potential risks of getting tattooed pegged to 363 incident reports recorded between 2004 and 2016. The reports include mentions of scarring, allergy-related rashes, and perhaps most concerning moldy or contaminated tattoo ink. So if you’re not careful about where you go, you might end up with an artist who uses non-sterile equipment or ink that has bacteria or mold in it. (But don’t freak out just yet!)

Bobby Buka, MD, a New York dermatologist, tells SELF he’s encountered plenty of cases of tattoos-gone-wrong in his practice. Some are allergic reactions, and others are flare-ups of pre-existing skin conditions (like psoriasis). But he’s also seen several patients who have bacterial or fungal infections like the kind that result from unsanitary conditions. “As tattoos become more prevalent, we see a wider range of artists,” Buka said. “And some of these artists don’t follow the same strict standard procedures that more dedicated artists do.”

Since the FDA doesn’t regulate artists (instead, the licensing requirements vary from state to state), the conditions of tattoo parlors can vary. (If you’re interested, you can look up your state’s regulations here.) That applies to everything from the ink to the parlors themselves, so you’ll want to do some research before committing to an artist.

Tattoo contamination is obviously gross and potentially dangerous. But it doesn’t mean you have to avoid getting inked from here on out.

The FDA suggested a few steps you can take to avoid a less-than-sanitary tattoo experience. For one thing, watch your tattoo artist clean and prep their equipment. Are they using new, sterile needles for each customer? They should be. Keep your eye on the actual ink, as well. Artists often mix water in with their pigments does that water seem to be sterile and coming from a reliable source?

And remember, the FDA doesn’t regulate tattoo inks, so some of them contain ingredients commonly found in car paint and printer toner. It’s up to you to do your homework to find out what’s in the products that tattoo parlors use before you go there. If that information isn’t readily available online, feel free to ask your artist for more information. Buka said good tattoo artists will be open about their procedure taking products out of sealed packaging in front of clients, switching the protective sleeve on the tattoo gun between uses, and using new inks instead of communal ink pots. Worth noting: Almost all states require that tattoo artists undergo bloodborne pathogen training (you can ask to see the certificate), and in New York and California, artists are required to open new equipment in front of you.

One final tip (that the FDA didn’t include in its recommendations): Follow your gut. “The writing’s usually on the wall,” Julia Tzu, MD, founder of Wall Street Dermatology, tells SELF. “If [the parlor] looks dirty, that’s a pretty good way to figure out whether you should go inside and get your tattoo there.”

And if things do go awry, don’t ignore it.

Let’s say you’ve recently gotten a tattoo, and you’re a little worried your skin isn’t healing properly. It’s time to pay a visit to your doctor. “If you suspect an infection, if you’re experiencing pain, or if something just doesn’t seem right, see your dermatologist,” Tzu said. A medical professional can test the area to see what’s causing the problem whether it’s an allergy, a skin irritation, or a bacteria. From there, they can determine how best to treat your situation. If the area is infected, for example, dermatologists can prescribe an appropriate antifungal or antibacterial medication to help you recover, according to Tzu.

And if something seems off, don’t ignore it! A skin irritation might subside over time, but an infection might not and that can cause more serious problems. “If you ignore it or treat it with tea tree oil for four weeks or something like that, the infection can spread through the blood,” Buka explains. “This can be life-threatening.” But Buka said most of the time, tattoo-related infections are “uncomplicated” especially if you get appropriate treatment early on.

This is no reason to swear off tattoos for the rest of your life. Just do your homework ahead of time.

Don’t let this news dissuade you from getting that ink you’ve always wanted. The FDA cited 363 incidents from a 12-year period that’s not that many, especially when you remember that 21 to 24 percent of Americans (more than 68 million people) have tattoos. Just look into local tattoo artists and their sanitation procedures before going in and getting inked, and talk to a dermatologist if you have any concerns after the fact.

And think twice before getting a tattoo abroad, Buka said. Since there are different sanitation guidelines in different countries, make sure you understand what those are before you go under the needle. And even if getting tattooed on the beach seems like it’ll make for a fun, trendy story, it’s probably a bad idea, Buka said.

While the updated FDA recommendations are a little frightening, they’re a good reminder to be careful when it comes to doing things to your skin. Like the FDA said, “Think before you ink.”

Just to be clear, these cases are rare. Like I said before, more than 68 million Americans have tattoos, and the FDA cited 363 incidents over a 12-year period. In the grand scheme of things, that’s nothing. Cases like these are rare, and the vast majority of tattoo parlors and artists take sanitation very seriously. Again, don’t let this scare you out of getting that tattoo you’ve always wanted. Just trust your gut when something seems wrong.

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Your tattoo ink may be moldy what to know about your risk – Fox News


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Farm and Ranch Theft Prevention Program – Gilmer Mirror05.27.17

A Farm and Ranch Theft Prevention program will be held at the Rural Electric Auditorium on Tuesday, May 30th at 6:00pm there is no cost for this program.

Theft has become, unfortunately, a common aspect in our daily lives. Equipment on our farms and ranches sadly are not off-limits to thieves. The best way to protect your equipment from being stolen is by taking preventative measures to ensure your property is safe and secure.

Whether property is outside or inside, it is important to have some sort of marking on your equipment (machinery, trees, and livestock) to signify that its yours. This could be your Drivers License number or even a number that is familiar to you and those you trust. When planting new trees, take the time to place a painted color band on each one, which will assist in locating it should it be stolen. For livestock and other animals, this could be a branding, tattoo or other mark of some kind. The biggest suggestion is locking up anything of value; equipment, chemicals, tools, even animals and to-be-planted trees. It is also a good idea to have more expensive or specialized equipment away from other property so as to also protect other tools as well.

We will have Mr. Larry Hand, Special Ranger with the Texas Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, Upshur County Sheriff Larry Webb, and County Clerk Terri Ross as our featured speakers. Topics to be discussed are things that we can do to help make our farms, ranches, and families more secure.

This seminar is open to the public. For more information contact the Upshur Extension office at 903-843-4019 or email


Shaniqua Davis is the County Extension Agent for agriculture and natural resources for Upshur County. Her email address is

The members of Texas A&M AgriLife will provide equal opportunities in programs and activities, education, and employment to all persons regardless of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, veteran status, sexual orientation or gender identity and will strive to achieve full and equal employment opportunity throughout Texas A&M AgriLife.

Farm and Ranch Theft Prevention Program – Gilmer Mirror


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Laird gets medieval (15 photos) – SooToday.com05.27.17

Four-year-old squire Josh Tobey grew up to be real-life knight in shining armour.

On Friday, the Laird fairgrounds hosted Knights of Valour a travellingmedieval-themed entertainment, dinner, and jousting event.

The group tours around North America putting on shows that include magic tricks, dancing, busking, gladiator style fighting, and a form of brutal German-style jousting called Realgestech.

Tobeys been with them since he was four-years-old and his dad signed on as a Knight-in-training and armour maker.

I actually only ever had one lesson I just watched it growing up, he said.

Tobey start off as a helper who ranerrands, tackedhorses, and helped otherKnights put their armour on.

When I was little I was actually so short that I could walk underneath the horses stomachs with the girth so (the knights)didnt have to reach under.

Thats not the safe way of doing it, chimed in fellow-Knight Jaclyn Ziemniak.

Who cares, I wasnt a safe kid. Im still not, said Tobey.

Tobeys dad taught him the art of armour-blacksmithing and Tobey now actually makes his own armour and a lot of the armour for the rest of the knights.

Tobey said that every time he rides now, its in honour of his second dad, blacksmith and knight James Merrilees.

In 2012, Merrilees passed away after getting into a head-on collision with a truck on a highway.

Tobey has fond memories of Merrilees letting him drink the necks of his beers when Tobeys parents werent looking andteaching him how to use a bullwhip something Tobey is now fairly proficient at.

I can take a cigarette out of someones mouth. (Ill) just slowly chop it down then youll just feel it cross your lips.

Tobey has a large tattoo on his left arm in memory of Merrilees and rides with his colors over his horse blue and gold, with a grew stripe and three gold stars.

I was just so close to this guy, every time I joust now its definitely in honor of him, he said.

At Friday’s event Tobey actually beat four other knights and won the jousting competition.

SooToday will be posting video of the actual jousting soon, stay tuned.

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Laird gets medieval (15 photos) –


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Are Soundwave Tattoos Really All They’re Cracked Up To Be? – Dance Music Northwest05.27.17

Technology has come a long way, but did you ever think that you would be able to hear your loved ones, or your favorite song play through your tattoo?

Two friends got the idea from a simple comment, Wouldnt it be cool if you could listen to the tattoo? and from there the idea took off. After Nate Siggard, founder of Soundwave Tattoo, realized he would be able to make just that happen, he took to Facebook to share his tattoo. People immediately started becoming interested and wanting their own music tattoo.

So how does it work?

A person uploads or records the audio they want into the app or website. We generate the Soundwave from that. The person takes the generated Soundwave to a tattoo artist from our Artist Network. Artists need to be licensed in order to make sure they understand the limitations of the technology and how that applies to tattoo placement, size, and changes to the design of the tattoo from a simple Soundwave to make it more custom or elaborate on it for the person. Once the Artist does the tattoo, a photo of the tattoo is uploaded to our platform. Our platform processes the audio and tattoo and adds it to the app. When the user opens our app and points the camera on their mobile device at the tattoo, it recognizes the shape of the Soundwave and plays back the audio.

They hope to launch the app in the summer of 2017. From there you can get a tattoo with your favorite song (up to 1 minute) from one of the many registered tattoo artists around the world. Like anything there have been a number of skeptics. To help show people that the tattoo and app are legit Nate posted this video.

We recently talked to a local Portland tattoo artist Jesse, about his thoughts on Soundwave. He made us considersome possible concerns, but he also thinks this could bea really cool thing.

As a sentimental piece he sees it as a good thing. Being able to have a sentimental piece on your body is powerful. He also sees it being overdone and becoming a fad, possibly turning into a regrettable tattoo, like a lower back tat. Also, with the app not yet being released we do not know how much the creators will charge, or if you will have to pay for the rights. With this being so new we do not know how well the app will read tattoos that stretch out, or become faded.

Being able to talk to an artist in the business opened our eyes to some things we hadnt thought of. (Were not running out to get one quite yet.) The long term, the price, and how many artists are going to want to continue to do these tattoos after they become more of a fad are things to consider. But Jesse really highlighted how much of a great thing this could be for people going through a loss, or always having a memory close to you.

Soundwave Tattoos are an entirely new type of media, bridging the physical and digital worlds in real time.

What message will you be tattooing on your body?

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Are Soundwave Tattoos Really All They’re Cracked Up To Be? – Dance Music Northwest


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Varela hits back over tattoo suspension – ESPN FC05.27.17

Guillermo Varela is upset at Eintracht Frankfurt’s treatment of him.

Guillermo Varela has hit back at Eintracht Frankfurt after he was suspended and fined by the club for getting a tattoo against the coach’s wishes.

Frankfurt said on Wednesday that the 24-year-old Varela defied Niko Kovac on Monday when he got a tattoo that became infected.

He played in the side’s last four league games and was likely to feature on Saturday in the DFB Pokal final before he got the infection.

Varela, who is on loan at Frankfurt from Manchester United until the end of the season, told Sueddeutsche Zeitung: “I’ve been nailed to the cross as if I’d violently attacked the coach or done something else.”

The on-loan Manchester United defender added that he is not the only Frankfurt player to have got a tattoo before the final and that his name has been “besmirched.”

He said: “I wonder what Real Madrid would have to do with Sergio Ramos. He gets tattooed every week. I can’t explain why I’ve been punished so hard.”

Varela said he would “never do anything to harm my team.”

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Varela hits back over tattoo suspension – ESPN FC


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Tattoo parlor and creative hub headed to Valencia near 14th Street – Mission Local05.27.17

After working atBlack + Blue Tattoo for seven years and winning various accolades and awards, artist Brcius von Xylander is getting ready to strike out on his own andwill openBlack Serum at 310 Valencia later this summer. Black Serum, while it willfunction as a tattoo parlor, will offer more of a confluence of creative work.

As owner of the space, I can materialize the dream of creating a true hub, to connect artisans, artists, and merchants makers of all kinds, essentially who will converge in my shop and help me forge this space collaboratively. This is very dear to me,Brcius,wrote.

That said, Black Serums tattooing work will be heavily focused on blackwork, a style that usesentirely black lines and dots, rather than color, to create images. Brcius own repertoire includes fine art reproductions, etching medieval engraving, and images inspired by flora and fauna, botanical prints and scientific illustrations. That aesthetic is reflected in Black Serums logo a hand, as a symbol of artisanship and skill, topped with a tattoo needle and etching tool above.

Nature, science, and art, in all their beauty and strangeness, will converge in the shop to make it a space that nods to the whole tradition behind us, but that certainly brings it all into our contemporary moment, making it relevant today, he wrote. Tattooing continues the legacy of the black line, and the shop will consider this legacy as the basis for a whole world of expression through craft and art. The past, the present, and the future will gather at Black Serum to hopefully provide a home base for all those who share this amazement at the art in nature and the nature in art.

A complete roster of artists who will be working at at Black Serum isnt clear yet, but Brcius says hes looking for tattoo artists who connect with their clients.

A tattoo is at once a vehicle for self-expression and a powerful moment of healing. You are engaging in a moment that will mark the client, quite literally, for the rest of their lives. They come with their history and you strive to honor this history, working alongside them to bring their vision into reality, he wrote.

Sometimes, thatconnection can result in collaboration or trade, he said.

Even when Im tattooing, Ill ask my clients, What do you do? not as a means of sizing someone up, but rather to establish a more sincere relation where this person has the opportunity to trade their skill for mine, the tattoo artist wrote. This kind of environment really lets me draw in a slew of makers and doers from all walks of life together on the basis of craftsmanship, and I ensure everyone is willing to collaborate, not just in it for themselves.

Brcius is currently developing the shops web platform, furnishing the space and hiring staff, but expects to be opening Black Serum sometime in late summer or fall of 2017.

Full name required to post. For full details, read

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Tattoo parlor and creative hub headed to Valencia near 14th Street – Mission Local


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Kim Zolciak-Biermann Showcases Her Love for Husband Kroy With Brand-New Tattoo – E! Online05.27.17

Kim Zolciak-Biermann is expressing her love for Kroy Biermann in another big way.

On Thursday evening, the Don’t Be Tardy star headed to the All or Nothing Tattoo Studio in Smyrna, Georgia to receive a whole new ink job in honor of her husband.

As documented on Snapchat and Instagram, Kim trusted in Brandon Bond to create the meaningful tattoo.

“Two Hearts One Love, Two Lives One Dream,” read the tattoo located on one side of her chest. The tattoo on the opposite side would spell out “Ask, Believe, Receive.”

But wait, there’s more! Kim’s daughter Brielle Biermann, chef Tracey Bloom and Kroy also got new tattoos.


“Hey guys. I feel like total ass today,” Kim shared on Snapchat. “I obviously was out way too late last night getting tattoos. I’m just going to bleach my teeth here and I’m going to lay out on the couch with my boys.”

It’s the latest gesture from Kim that proves her love for Kroy is stronger than ever.

Over Mother’sDay weekend, the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star headed to the Turks and Caicos with her family for a very special vow renewal ceremony.

Kim was spotted wearing a full skirted strapless gown while the rest of the family joined her in wearing white.

“I am the LUCKIEST wife/mother on this planet!” she wrote on Instagram. “I never will ever take my family for granted! God is so good.”

Don’t Be Tardy season six returns later this year only on Bravo.

(E! and Bravo are part of the NBCUniversal family)

E! Online – Your source for entertainment news, celebrities, celeb news, and celebrity gossip. Check out the hottest fashion, photos, movies and TV shows!

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Kim Zolciak-Biermann Showcases Her Love for Husband Kroy With Brand-New Tattoo – E! Online


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Manchester attack: Hundreds queue for bee tattoos – BBC News05.27.17

BBC News
Manchester attack: Hundreds queue for bee tattoos
BBC News
Hundreds of people have been queuing at Manchester tattoo parlours to get bee inkings in a show of solidarity after Monday's terrorist attack in the city. One city centre tattoo studio was faced with 800 potential customers on Friday. The Manchester
Hundreds line up to get 'worker bee' tattoos to raise money for Manchester attack victimsBusiness Insider
UK tattoo parlors are being overbooked for bee tattoos to honor Manchester attack victimsAOL
Huge numbers of people queue for special worker bee tattoo in memory of Manchester Arena attack
The Sun –the Irish News
all 29 news articles »

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Manchester attack: Hundreds queue for bee tattoos – BBC News


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Unlicensed tattoo artist implicated in Hepatitis C infections – NRVN News05.27.17

The Pulaski Police Department wants to warn residents of the Town of Pulaski and Pulaski County about illegal tattooing that is causing a public health concern.

The Department was notified by officials from the Virginia Department of Health from the New River Health District about suspected illegal and unlicensed tattooing that has been and is occurring in Pulaski that has infected victims with acute Hepatitis C. If, you have received a tattoo from an unlicensed tattoo artist, especially from someone in the Meadowview apartments area, you should contact the Virginia Department of Health or other medical facility and be tested for this disease.

Anyone with information on suspected unlicensed tattoo artists should contact their local Police Department or Sheriffs Office.

VA Code 18.2-371.3 Tattooing and body piercing is illegal without compliance with the Center for Diease Control and Preventions guidelines for Universal Blood and Body Fluid Precautions and providing the client with certain disclosures. It is also illegal to tattoo or body pierce for hire or consideration on a person less than 18 years of age without a parent or guardian being present.

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Unlicensed tattoo artist implicated in Hepatitis C infections – NRVN News


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You can get a free Minions tattoo in Millennium Park this weekend – Time Out Chicago (blog)05.27.17

In case the rows of Minions plush dolls, stickers and Tic-Tacs popping up at your local drugstore didn’t tip you off,there’s a new Despicable Me sequel on its way to theaters on June 30. If you’re not cringing at the thought of sitting throughDespicable Me 3,you’re probably the target audience fora Minions-themed promotion coming to Millennium Park this weekend.

The Despicable Me 3 Tattoo Parlor will be setting up in the Chase Promenade (near Michigan Avenue and Monroe Street) from 11am6pm onSaturday, May 27 through Monday, May 29. Visitors will be able to get a free temporary Minions tattoo that creates a “hologram” when viewed through a special smartphone appthe perfect conversation piece for a Memorial Day cookout.

Take a look at some of the, er, interesting tattoo designs below.

Want more? Sign up here to stay in the know.

Zach is the deputy editor ofTime Out Chicago. He can write faster than George R.R. Martin. Follow him on Twitter @z_long.

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You can get a free Minions tattoo in Millennium Park this weekend – Time Out Chicago (blog)


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