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Nightmare Factory Costumes and Props09.23.16

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Nightmare Factory Costumes and Props


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Nightmares – WebMD09.23.16

Nightmares occur from time to time in many children, but they are most common in preschoolers (children aged 3-6 years) because this is the age at which normal fears develop and a childs imagination is very active. Some studies estimate that as many as 50% of children in this age group have nightmares. Nightmares involve frightening or unpleasant dreams that disrupt the child’s sleep on several occasions and cause distress or problems with everyday life. When children wake up because of a nightmare, they become aware of their surroundings and usually need comfort. As a result, these children often wake up their parents as well.

Sleep is divided into two types: rapid eye movement (REM) and nonrapid eye movement (non-REM). REM and non-REM sleep alternate in 90- to 100-minute cycles. Most dreaming occurs during REM sleep. Nightmares usually occur in the middle of the night or early morning, when REM sleep and dreaming are more common.

A nightmare is a bad dream that usually involves some imagined danger or threat to the person having it. The child may dream about danger or a scary situation. Nightmares may involve disturbing themes, images, or figures such as monsters, ghosts, animals, or bad people. Loss of control and fear of injury are common themes. Children do not usually cry out or move around while they are having a nightmare. When the child wakes up and calms down, she often remembers what the dream was about.

Nightmares are different from night terrors. Children with night terrors experience episodes of extreme panic. They are confused and often cry out and move around. During a night terror, waking the child is difficult, and the child often does not remember the dream that caused the terror.

Exactly how or why nightmares occur is not known. However, being too tired, not getting enough sleep, having an irregular routine for sleep, and having stress or anxiety may all increase the risk of having nightmares. Nightmares can be related to the childs stage of development. Most nightmares are a normal part of coping with changes in our lives. For children, nightmares could be related to events such as starting school, moving to a new neighborhood, or living through a family divorce or remarriage.

Some genetic and psychological factors can also lead to nightmares. About 7% of children who have nightmares have a family history of nightmares (their brother or sister or parents had nightmares). Nightmares are more common in some children, including those with mental retardation, depression, and certain diseases that affect the brain. Nightmares may also be associated with fevers. Some medications can cause frightening dreams, either during treatment or after the treatment has stopped. Conflicts and stress that happen during the day can affect a childs sleep and lead to nightmares. Nightmares can also occur after a traumatic event. These nightmares may be a sign of post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Nightmares – WebMD


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Meaning of Maori Symbols and Designs | Tuarangi.com09.22.16

Maori culture has historically been oral. This means they had no written language to pass on cultural heritage.

As a result carvings and other art forms flourished as a means to pass on ancestry, major historic events, beliefs, legends, and other cultural elements.

Even upon today the designs and their symbolism still tell the wonderful Maori tales. Thats why Maori symbols form such a substantial part of the national Maori identity and culture.

The elaborate artistic traditions of the Maori have in common that most, if not all, make use of these Maori symbols. Some of the most well known symbols or designs are the tiki, twist and koru but there are lots more.

Since the Maori had such a vivid spiritual and metaphysical culture many are still interested in the meaning of their symbolism. The Maori connectedness with nature, astronomy, and spirituality makes these expressions even in modern day very appealing

Read on to learn more about the meaning of Maori symbols.

Tiki One of the most popular and most recognizable Maori symbols.Tiki is emblematic for the whole Polynesian hemisphere, an emblem of Polynesian cultures from Hawaii to New Zealand. According to legends tiki was the first man on earth who originated from the stars. The first mortal person who created the first woman after his image.

The exact meaning of the tiki symbol is disputed. There are several opinions but the most accepted are that tiki stands for fertility, the frequently occurring hands placed on the loins is a direct reference to fertility. Tiki is a good luck charm meant to keep evil spirits away. Other theories state that tiki represents the human embryo, or the Maori god Tiki who was considered responsible for the creation of life.

Koru (Spiral) Koru is the Maori word for bight or loop and refers to new shoots of the silver fern. The spiral shaped koru design is derived from this unfolding silver fern frond. The circular movement towards an inner coil refers to going back to the beginning. The unfurling frond itself is symbolic for new life, new beginnings, hope, perfection, rebirth, a new start, awakening, personal growth, purity, nurturing, a new phase (in life), the spirit of rejuvenation, and peace.

The koru design, often worn as a Maori necklace, but present in many cultural expressions, is an integral symbol in Maori art forms. Both on itself as well as incorporated in more intricate designs such as carvings and Maori facial tattoos.

Matau (Fish Hook) Originally the Maori have been fishermen. Their main food source was the sea so a fish hook of high quality was a valuable item to posses.

Worn around the neck the hook became a symbol of prosperity, abundance, good health, power, authority, and respect for the sea and its life in it. It is also believed to provide good luck and safety while traveling over water.

The Maori fish hook symbol refers to being dependent on the sea for their food gathering. The matau is a talisman for good luck.

Pikorua (Single Twist) The Maori single twist symbol consists of a closed loop with three knots. Pikorua, as the Maori name this symbol, refers to eternal emerging paths in life. The eight-shaped single twist symbolizes the strength of the bond between two people, their loyalty and friendship. It signifies the spiritual merger of two people for eternity. Although people will take different paths in their lives they will always be connected and will return to each other.

The twist is a powerful statement of loyalty, friendship, and love.

Double and triple twist are also eternity symbols. The triple twist standsRefers to the bond between peoples, communities, or cultures rather than individuals. Traditionally given as an offering of friendship between different tribes.

Maori twist symbols also refer to the so called three baskets of knowledge. This is a concept that, very roughly translated, has to do with how, the for humankind necessary knowledge to survive, came to the world. According to the legend the god Tane (creator of the first man Tiki) brought down those three baskets from the heavens.

Double and Triple Twist Also an eternity symbol. Refers to the bond between peoples or cultures rather than individuals. These Maori pendants were traditionally given as an offering of friendship between different tribes.

Maori twist symbols also refer to the so called three baskets of knowledge. This is a concept that, very roughly translated, has to do with how, the for humankind necessary knowledge to survive, came to the world. According to the legend the god Tane (creator of the first man Tiki) brought down those three baskets from the heavens.

Toki (Adze) Toki is the Maori tribal symbol of strength. This symbol resembles determination, control, strength and focus honor. Its shape represents an axe head.

The toki (adze) was used by the Maori as a everyday working tool for shaving and chipping and sometimes as a weapon. Special, ornate adzes were traditionally carved in stone and passed down as a heirloom.

The Toki had much meaning to the Maori, fashioned from stone or greenstone it was an essential tool for survival and day to day life of a Maori tribe. Thats the reason the Maori attribute the spiritual meaning of strength and power to the Toki.

Tear Drop (Roimata ) Indicates healing and comfort, reassurance, and positive energy. Often called a comfort stone. The teardrop symbol is also referred to as the comfort stone.

Roimata stands for healing and comfort , positive energy, reassurance. The drop is a stylized version of the toki and signifies strength, power, pride, and independence.

Drop Symbolizes strength, power, pride, and independence.

Circle Porowhita The closed circle with a hole in between represents the never ending circle of life and nature. It also stands for the belief that life has no beginning or end.

Both the spiral and the circle are also described as a metaphor fora never-ending journey of discovery and re-discovery. The journey itself, with its indigenous perspectives and sense of orientation, is the most significant act of cultural recuperation. It reflects the importance of being on the move in the present while realizing that the path of tradition is a two-way track, it points, simultaneously, in the present towards the past and the future. Source: The Circle & the Spiral: A Study of Australian Aboriginal and New Zealand Maori Literature

Maori whale tail (Muri Paraoa) Core meaning; speed and strength. Indicates the support often shown by dolphins and whales to humans in distress. Therefore a symbol of protection. But also of speed, strength, sensitivity, the bond between animal and human.

Expresses respect for the sea and nature. Also a good luck charm providing safe passage over water. The Whale is the most important animal in the life of the Maori. Besides speed and strength also success, confidence, sensitivity, and the bond between animal and human.

Maori Dolphin Papahu The dolphin is another Maori symbol of protection. Schools of dolphins were reported to attack sharks circling around canoes.

The dolphin shows affinity with the sea and nature in general. Resembles a free spirit. Nowadays the dolphin represents protection on all types of travelers.

Another Maori symbol of protection. Schools of dolphins were reported to attack sharks circling around canoes.

Guardian Angel (Manaia) The manaia symbolizes a mythical being with a birds head a human body and fish tail. The invisible light surrounding a person. Mythological being with a birds head, a mans body, and a fish tail.

Manaia is considered the messenger between the Gods and mortals. In Maori culture the bird is thought to be an omen-carrier or intermediary between man and the spirits.

Thats why manaia, with its specific body shape, represents spiritual power and is seen as the guide that leads the spirits to heaven.Sometimes the manaia symbol is described as some kind of aura; the invisible light surrounding a person.

The Manaia symbol is described in many ways. The word doubles as the word for lizard and some say it is a beaked and ornamental figure. Others think its origins are in the human profile. There is also the movement that suspects the Manaia relates to a distant avian (bird) cult. Courtesy photo: Shop New Zealand

Koropepe, The Mythical Eel/ Fish. Koropepe is an eel-type fish, a mythical guardian. (pronounced cor-or-pep-eh) It is a symbol of new beginnings and youth, prosperity and abundance.The koropepe is thought to represent the curled eel which was one of the main protein sources hundreds of years back in Maori history. Many koropepe have a coiled appearance with bird-like heads. These heads are said to possess its spiritual power. The design is a relatively modern form as no ancient examples have been found.

Kaka poria / Kaka ring Kaka is the Maori word for the indigenous parrot (Nestor meridionalis).These bone or stone rings were historically used to tether the medium sized (up to 18 inches) New Zealand parrot.

The kaka were eaten and used as pets to lure wild bird during the hunt. The giant kaka parrot was used by the Maori to assist them during the hunt for more kaka parrots. A so called kaka ring restrained the bird from flying away. These rings were both used as a tool as worn as pendant necklaces or earrings.

When not in use the kaka rings were worn as pendants. The most valuable items were those crafted of pounamu. Image credit: SpiritWrestler.

As with other birds, the kotuku stands for the connection between the afterlife, he is a messenger of the spirit world.The kotuku represents everything pure and beautiful in Maori mythology and oratory. Most importantly, the kotuku represents all the people of this land. The kotuku is a traveller, who came to this beautiful country and chose to stay. More Maori bird symbols; huia, kaka, torea Next to the world famous kiwi bird which is emblematic to New Zealand there are some other birds featuring Maori artwork.

The huia bird, of which the long feathers were used as hair adornments by Maori chiefs and notables, is one of them. Intricately carved wooden treasure boxes used to store the huia bird feathers are a typical form of Maori art work.

Torea is the Maori word for the oystercatcher bird. Despite its name suggests this wader bird does not feed on oysters but on small crabs, worms, and other small marine creatures. Here some more info and a few carved torea pendants.

Cant get enough of Maori symbols and their meanings? Maybe this book will satisfy your needs: Symbols of the Maori World

Want to buy a Maori carved pendant or another carving based on these symbols? Check out these New Zealand based stores:

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DesignByHumans – Graphic Tees, Cool T Shirt Designs For …09.22.16

Discover art from independent artists, gamers and your favorite brands.

Design By Humans features graphic tees, phone cases and wall art prints from over 15,000 diverse international artists from all around the world. Embedded in the culture of Design By Humans is a passion for brilliant design, detailed illustration and a strong appreciation for all things creative.

Shop over 2,000 designs in our store, all of which can be found across different shirt and phone case categories like funny, pop culture, abstract, fine art, and many more.

The special t-shirt design contests often involve guest collaboration with Design By Humans. It’s a cultural thing when we get to work with people involved in Diablo 3, The Dark Knight Rises, Wacom, and some of our favorite charities. We also have special contests to challenge artist like cool characters, new musicians and creative themes.

We are an online community and we want to stay connected with you. Join our community and be the first to hear about new design contests, specials, discounts and trend setting news. Visit our blog that is updated weekly and follow us on our favorite social media networks like, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and YouTube.

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Laser Tattoo Removal | Salmon Creek Plastic Surgery09.22.16

Salmon Creek Plastic Surgery is proud to offer the FDA-approvedenlighten laser tattoo removal technology in the greater Portland and Vancouver area. Who should use our tattoo removal system?

If you have a tattoo you wish you didnt then youre an ideal candidate and youre not alone. The American Society of Dermatological Surgery says half of the 40 million Americans with tattoos will eventually want one removed or changed. The enlighten laser is suitable for people with all skin types, tattoos of any size and any color, although it works best on tattoos that are predominately darker in color.

No, the laser also effectively removes brown spots and pigmentation on the skin. These are usually related to sun damage but also can occur after burns or as a result of some inflammatory conditions (acne for example).

Tattoos are actually clumps of ink pigment located deep within the skin. When a laser strikes the tattoo, it will break the clumps of pigment into smaller particles. Eventually, the particles become small enough that the bodys immune system (white blood cells) can dispose of the pigment. When done properly, no scarring occurs.

To effectively remove a tattoo, the laser energy must be delivered at high power over an extremely short period of time. The enlighten laser delivers high energy in extremely short picosecond pulses. A picosecond is one trillionth of a second, much shorter than the nanosecond (one billionth of a second) technology used by most existing tattoo removal lasers. A faster laser pulse breaks up ink more efficiently and more completely, resulting in fewer overall treatments.

This depends upon the density and color of the tattoo ink as well as the size of the tattoo. One should expect multiple treatment sessions at monthly intervals. The enlighten laser has been shown to treat tattoos in significantly fewer sessions overall as compared to currently existing laser technology. At your consultation, we will be able to give you an estimate as to the number of treatment sessions your tattoo will require.

Only the smallest ink particles are removed by the body after the initial laser treatment session. With subsequent treatments, the remaining particles are broken down further, allowing for their elimination. Typically, the more dense the tattoo ink, the more treatments will be required.

In most cases, the tattoo will totally disappear. Occasionally, certain colors of ink can be more challenging to clear completely. This will be discussed at your consultation.

This photo shows a patients tattoo after three treatments of anenlighten laser session. The right side has been treated already and the left side is about to be treated. The laser breaks down the tattoo ink into microscopic particles which are then absorbed into the body.

This is a very common request from our patients, and one that we can easily accommodate. Lightning the tattoo with the enlighten laser will make it much easier for the tattoo artist to either alter or completely change a tattoo.

You may feel a slight sting, like a drop of hot grease or the snap of a rubber band on your skin. It will probably be similar to the level of discomfort you felt while getting the tattoo, although the session will be much shorter, typically lasting 5-15 minutes depending on the size of the tattoo. Once complete there will be some discomfort to the area, not unlike the sensation of the sunburn. While the treatment can be safely performed without any anesthetic, we will often have patients come in early for application of a topical local anesthetic cream.

Mild swelling and redness lasting for several hours is common. No wound is created, and a skin cream is usually applied for comfort after the procedure.

Since no wound care is required, patients may return to their normal activities immediately after the treatment.

Pricing is based upon the size of the tattoo as opposed to the number of treatments required. The initial price will cover as many treatments as are necessary to completely treat the tattoo. At your consultation, we will measure the size of the tattoo and explain the pricing.

At Salmon Creek Plastic Surgery, there is no charge for consultation and no obligation as far as the patient is concerned. Email using our contact form or call us at (360) 823-0860 to schedule a complimentary consultation and learn how this very exciting new technology can help you.

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Laser Tattoo Removal | Salmon Creek Plastic Surgery


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Houston Tattoo Removal – Deals in Houston, TX | Groupon09.22.16

$25 for $100 Worth of Services Premium Tattoo Removal

Premium Tattoo Removal


Three EliminInk Tattoo-Removal Sessions for 3 or 6 Square Inches from Darla at Skin Day Spa (Up to 83% Off)

Darla at Skin Day Spa

Skin Day Spa

A certified practitioner uses a process similar to tattooing to administer a solution that breaks down ink and removes unwanted tattoos

Three Laser Tattoo-Removal Treatments for an Extra-Small, Medium, or Large Tattoo at Inkfree, MD (Up to 48% Off)

Inkfree, MD

Northwest Harris

Doctors and certified technicians wield a laser wand to break apart ink particles

$95 for $150 Worth of Tattoo Removal Faded Rose Tattoo Removal

Faded Rose Tattoo Removal

Greater Hobby Area

From the merchant: The Quanta Q-Plus C has 3 wavelengths eliminating all ink colors efficiently and effectively. #1 laser in the industry.

One, Three, or Six Laser Tattoo-Removal Sessions at (Up to 72% Off)

South Main

MedLite C6 laser sends pulses of light that target unwanted body art, causing it to fade over a series of weeks or months

Laser Tattoo-Removal Session for Up to 4 or 8 Sq. In. at Rewind Laser Clinic (Up to 61% Off)

Rewind Laser Clinic


Tattoos gradually fade under the light of a Quanta Q Plus C laser

Unlimited Laser Tattoo Removal at Sugar Land Laser Tattoo Removal (Up to 69% Off). Six Options Available.

Sugar Land Laser Tattoo Removal

Imperial Medical Center

The Astanza systems two lasers and three wavelengths can cause unwanted tattoos to fade

One Tattoo-Removal or Hyperpigmentation Session on a 2×3.5- or 1×1-Inch Area at Bio Skin & Laser (Up to 58% Off)

Bio Skin & Laser

Bio Skin & Laser

Experts use the PicoSure laser system to help fade or remove unwanted tattoos and correct uneven pigmentation

One Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment for a Small, Medium, or Large Area at Vanishing Ink, M.D. (Up to 52% Off)

Vanishing Ink, M.D.


Doctor performs all laser treatments, which break ink within the skin into tiny particles; these fragments are removed by the immune system

$13.99 for a 3D Teeth-Whitening Kit with Lifetime Gel Refills from DiamondWhiteUSA ($129 Value)

Diamond White USA

Online Deal

Advanced peroxide technology breaks up tooth stains and fades discoloration, whether in 15 minutes or overnight

$19.99 for a Three-Pack of Professional Teeth-Whitening Pens from DazzlingWhiteSmileUSA ($117 Value)


Great Uptown

Convenient, portable pen’s professional-grade gel erases unsightly stains; redeemable in store or online

Removal of 4, 8, or 12 Skin Tags at Houston Aesthetic Center (Up to 82% Off)

Houston Aesthetic Center

Houston Aesthetic Center

Med-spa tech removes up to 10 skin tags

IPL Photofacial Package at Enhanced Beauty Care (Up to 80% Off). Three Options Available.

Enhanced Beauty Care

Hedwig Village

IPL diminishes sun damage, fine lines, acne scarring, and uneven pigmentation, leaving skin clearer and smoother

One or Four Lipo Laser Treatments and Whole-Body Vibration Sessions at Body By Lipo West University (89% Off)

Body By Lipo West University

Multiple Locations

Noninvasive laser light targets localized fat deposits; pairs with whole-body vibration sessions

One or Three Hours of Private Tattooing with a Separate Consultation at G6 Studios (Up to 53% Off)

G6 Studios


Tattoo artists skilled in a variety of styles, including photorealism, tribal art, script lettering, and more

In-Office Whitening Treatment for One or Two at New Heights Med Spa (Up to 71% Off)

New Heights Med Spa


45-minute whitening process utilizes the latest strongest gel manufactured in Switzerland and equipment made in France

One Large Henna Tattoo or One or Two Medium Henna Tattoos at Badri Brows and Spa (Up to 55% Off)

Badri Brows and Spa

Badri Brows and Spa

Natural henna is painted into beautiful intricate designs on your body canvas

30-Minute In-Office Teeth-Whitening Session for One or Two at MySmile (Up to 66% Off)

MySmile Inc.

Multiple Locations

Trained technician visibly brightens smiles with an FDA approved, technologically-advanced in-office teeth-whitening procedure

Permanent Makeup at Beauty Spa 54 (Up to 52% Off). Three Options Available.

Beauty Spa 54

Eldridge Crossing

Permanent cosmetic artist helps to define and flatter eyes, brows, and lips

Anti-Aging Injections at Gabby’s Spa (Up to 67% Off). Two Options Available.

Gabby’s Spa

Gabby’s Medi Spa

Doctor provides consultation, then may inject Xeomin or Dysport to help reduce the appearance of frown lines & facial wrinkles

Teeth-Whitening Session for One or Two at Bright Value Dental (Up to 71% Off)

Bright Value Dental

Southwest Houston

Laser light helps whiten and brighten teeth during sessions held in this friendly, bilingual office

In-Office Teeth Whitening for One or Two at Susan Ellison Dentistry And Cosmetics (Up to 73% Off)

Susan Ellison Dentistry And Cosmetics

Multiple Locations

Professional whitening treatments gently remove stains on enamel from substances such as coffee, tobacco, tea, and soft drinks

$18 for an Advanced 3D Teeth-Whitening Kit with Lifetime Gel Refills ($149 Value)

Advanced Teeth Whitening USA

Online Deal

Peroxide technology works its way into breaking up stains and discoloration on teeth, whether in 15 minutes or overnight

$17.99 for a Three Pack of 10 ML Premium Home Whitening Gel Refills at DazzlingWhiteSmileUSA ($60 Value)


Online Deal

Teeth whitening gel helps remove tough stains from teeth for a cleaner, brighter appearance

$25 for Teeth Whitening Kit with Lifetime Whitening Refills from Pro Smile Teeth Whitening ($199 Value)

Pro Smile Teeth Whitening

Woodway Business Center – Uptown

Custom-molded trays, all-natural whitening gel, and LED light work together to fight stains during 3060-minute sessions

$152 for 50 Units of Dysport at Balanced Health and Wellness ($250 Value)

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Houston Tattoo Removal – Deals in Houston, TX | Groupon


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Austin Tattoo Removal – PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal09.22.16

Over 45 million Americans have tattoos. One in five want them removed. Westlake Dermatology is the first in Austin, the first in Texas, and one of the first 15 in the world to offer the new PicoSure laser tattoo removal treatment.

Dr. Coleman was awesome! He was very personable and kind. He took time with me to insure I had the best tattoo removal experience.Thank you so very much. Roxanne O. (October 25, 2014)

Using picosecond technology, the PicoSure laser offers a breakthrough in laser tattoo removal treatment. Ultra-short pulse bursts of energy are delivered to the skin in just trillionths of a second. The picosecond pulse width is 100 times shorter than the nanosecond technology used with traditional tattoo removal systems.Clinical studies show that PicoSure is able to treat darker, multi-colored, and complex tattoos more efficiently, with more significant removal in much less time.

Traditional nanosecond lasers used for tattoo removal rely predominately on photothermal (heat) action delivered to the pigment of the tattoo and the surrounding tissue.The ultra-short pulse of energy of PicoSure goes beyond the photothermal action of a traditional laser by creating an intense photomechanical effect that shatters the target ink into tiny particles that are easily eliminated by the body, while leaving the surrounding tissue unheated.

Other tattoo removal lasers often require 20 to 30 treatments. PicoSure treatments can often clear tattoos in about 8 to 12 treatments spaced 8 weeks apart.

PicoSure is the latest advancement in laser tattoo removal services.

At this time, PicoSure can only be used on Skin Types I-IV, not V (African-American). PicoSure is not able to treat cosmetic tattoos (eyeliner and eyebrows).

In addition to tattoo removal, PicoSure is approved for the treatment of benign pigmented lesions. These lesions are a result of the cells in the skin producing too much melanin in a localized region, often as a result of sun exposure or aging.

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Austin Tattoo Removal – PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal


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Laser Tattoo Removal – BodyLase Med Spa | Coolsculpting …09.22.16

How does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

BodyLase Skin Spa has been successfully removing tattoos from thousands of Raleigh and Cary residents for years. Laser tattoo removal is the safest, most effective way to remove an unwanted tattoo. Other options for removal tend to not completely remove the tattoo, or leave a scar in place of the tattoo.

The laser light passes through the skin and targets the ink and breaks it into tiny particles that your bodys immune system will carry away over time. For best results, multiple treatments are needed. The number of treatments required for complete removal depends on the type of ink used, the color of the ink, the depth of the ink in your skin, your natural skin tone and your bodys own ability to absorb the ink. Treatments are spaced 4-8 weeks apart.

During your tattoo removal treatment, your BodyLase provider with cleanse the area with your unwanted tattoo and take pre-treatment photos to track your progress. Your provider will cool the area with ice prior to your treatment. The laser passes over the tattoo and makes a snapping sound. Tattoo removal has been described as a warm stinging sensation. A cool spray of air is used during the treatment to ease any discomfort you may experience. Following your treatment, your provider will apply an antibacterial ointment and gauze dressing and aftercare instructions will be reviewed.

It is very important to follow your aftercare instructions in order to recover quickly and improve your results. The treated area may feel sunburned and itchy as it heals. It can look scabbed, raised, and puffy for 2-3 weeks after your treatment. Once it has healed, the tattoo will gradually fade and you will be ready for the next treatment.

*Individual results may vary.

BodyLase is truly a blessing to me right now. BodyLase is professional, informative and expert. My tattoo looks so much better.* ~ CeCi R.

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Laser Tattoo Removal – BodyLase Med Spa | Coolsculpting …


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Tattoo Removal – Ringpfeil Advanced Dermatology09.22.16

One treatment with Picosure provides better clearance than two treatments with ANY other laser on the market. We operate the only complete Picosure Suite in PA – including the 532NM wavelength for red, orange, and yellow pigments.

PicoSure’s patented PressureWave results in better and faster clearance with fewer treatments, less fluence, and less trauma to the skin. Even dark, stubborn blue and green inks, as well as previously-treated, recalcitrant tattoos can be removed.

PicoSure is the only laser using picosecond pulse duration to remove tattoos. Unlike older technologies that create heat while breaking the tattoo pigment, PicoSure creates an intense photomechanincal impact that shatters the tattoo pigment into smaller pieces. It is now easier for our cells to remove the smaller pieces and our skin gets back to its normal color faster.

– The first PicoSure tattoo removal in the Philadelphia area.

– The only place in PA to operate the 532nm wavelength

– Performed more Picosure treatmetns than any other provider in PA

– Our staff has performed tattoo removal since 1997

– The only Picosure provider with a physician on site

” PicoSure is the biggest advance in tattoo removal in 20 years. With our PicoSure your benefits are:

1. fewer treatments

2. better clearance of all colors (including blue, green and yellow)

3. less damage to the skin

I invite you to book a free consultation here or by calling 610-525-5250″

Franziska Ringpfeil, MD, board certified dermatologist

Picosure removes all tattoo colors, including green, blue, and yellow. Picosure is the go to laser for people who are frustrated by not being able to clear their tattoos with the traditional Q-Switched technologies (Q-Switched ND:YAG and Q-Switched Alexandrite).

Tattoos may be removed by tattoo removal lasers, by excision and by tattooing over the existing tattoo. Recently, a makeup was developed to camouflage tattoos completely.

The total cost depends on the cost per treatment and the number of treatments needed to achieve desired results. The cost per treatment is determined by the size of the tattoo. The number of treatments is a factor of the color variation and ink density.

Using the Picosure laser enables us to deliver results in fewer treatments and for an overall lower cost to our customers compared to the traditional Q-switched tattoo removal lasers.

To obtain a concrete estimate for the number of treatments and the cost per treatment for the removal of your tattoo, simply load a picture of your tattoo here, and book a free consultation with one of our expert consultants.

It takes 3-7 treatments with the Picosure laser and between 6-20 treatments with the traditional Q-switched tattoo removal lasers (Revlite/Medlite, Trivantage, and others).

Black and dark blue tattoos can be completely removed. Other colors can be more difficult to remove and more treatments are needed to achieve desired results. The Picosure achieves far better clearance than any other tattoo removal laser. Many of our customers who were not successful in getting sufficient clearance with other lasers come to our office to complete their treatment.

Occasionally, the skin pigment in the area of the previous tattoo may appear lighter in color than the untreated skin, creating the illusion of a ghost tattoo. Some of the pigment might come back over time and in most cases the lighter skin color is barely noticeable.

Historically, laser tattoo removal has been performed by dermatologists. Recently, other physicians and MedSpas have started offering this service in a spa setting. In addition, many tattoo parlors have added laser assisted tattoo removal to their repertoire.

Tattoo removal laser are very powerful. A dermatologist will be able to prevent adverse events and minimize foreseeable side effects (such as the ghost tattoos). We often see in our office patients who suffered hypertrophic scaring, keloid formation, or complete depigmentation. Some of these adverse events were preventable with proper skin assessment.

Chose an experienced and reputable provider. Make sure he/she uses the most advanced lasers as they are safer and more effective.

Scar formation is common with traditional tattoo removal lasers. It can be as minimal as destruction of our natural pigment in the treated area but also hypertrophic scarring is possible.

The incidence of scar formation with Picosure is minimal or nil compared to the traditional Q-switched lasers because it does not produce heat.

You need to wait at least 6 weeks between treatments when undergoing Picosure treatments. If you are treated with a traditional Q- switched tattoo removal laser, the interval between treatments should be 10 weeks or longer

The feeling during the laser procedure is similar to that of the tattoo placement…. assuming the alcohol level in your blood during the two procedures is equal :-)

Most of our customers tolerate the procedure well with ice-pack applied to the treated area just before the procedure. In rare cases we use forced cold air (Zimmer cooler device) to numb the skin during the procedure. While applied or injectable numbing medicine is an alternative, the swelling that goes along with the medicine reduces treatment efficacy.

The tattoo removal laser treatment may create a superficial burn wound. Immediate whitening of the treated area lasts for several minutes. You may experience bruising or swelling. Blisters, crusts, or scabs develop within 8-72 hours and may last for 1-2 weeks. The treated areas may be pink or pale after the scab separates. Hypertrophic scars or even keloid, can occur but are very rare. Loss of skin pigment in the treated area can occur, and is temporary except in very rare cases. Healing is usually complete within 4 weeks, although this may vary.

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Jack Carroll | Eternal Nirvana Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio09.22.16

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Jack Carroll | Eternal Nirvana Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio


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