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Tattoo Fixers megafan gets Noel Edmonds inked on her thigh | Daily … – Daily Star02.19.17

TATTOO Fixers star Jay Hutton is used to seeing some shocking ink but he was responsible for this one.

Tattoo Fixers Jay and Sketch answer fan questions with OK! Online

Freestyle Sketch – Tattoo Fixers

Tattoo Fixers client talks losing a close friend

Angie is a Noel Edmonds obsessive and even sleeps with a pillow that has his face on.

But she wanted to take it a step further and asked Jay to tattoo him on her thigh. As you do.

“I’m here to get a tattoo dedicated to the love of my life and it’s not my husband,” said 47-year-old Angie.

She requested the portrait be of Noel as he was in the late 1980s, which she reckons was “best era” Noel.


We’ve dug out some of the worst fan tattoos. This shows just how far those superfans will go to show how much they adore their favourite celebs.

1 / 57

A Miley Cyrus fan is getting his tattoos of the twerking pop star removed as he claims they’re ruining his love life

He’s got gorgeous Hollywood looks

Angie is so obsessed with Noel that she didn’t wash her face for “weeks” when he gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“He’s got gorgeous Hollywood looks,” Angie explained.

“The best personality ever. I love his tight trousers and he’s got wonderful bright blue eyes. They’re like pools of water that I’d love to dive into.

“When I met my husband I told him that thered be three in this relationship. There’d be me, him and Noel Edmonds.”

Whatever floats your boat, Ang…



The superfan even said that she had a blow up doll with Noel’s face stuck on but the doll burst when she “sat on it too much”. Nightmare.

When Angie got the portrait of Noel on her leg she was so thrilled she burst into tears.

But she said she didn’t care if her husband hated it.

There was a lot of backlash for the, erm, unique tattoo, with one person tweeting: “NOEL. EDMONDS. On your leg forever… let that sink in.”


The hottest tattooed women you’ve ever seen.

1 / 21

The hottest tattooed babes on the planet including Becky Holt and Mercedes Edison and Terri Altilar pictured on the right

“I would rather stick pins in my eyes than get Noel Edmonds tattooed on me,” another posted.

While a third agreed: “If I ever get to the point in my life where I want a tattoo of Noel Edmonds on my thigh give me a slap.”

Tattoo Fixers caused huge controversy last year when Alice Perrin botched a cover-up ink.

Tattoo Fixers airs every Tuesday at 9pm on E4.

The rest is here:
Tattoo Fixers megafan gets Noel Edmonds inked on her thigh | Daily … – Daily Star


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Mom Makes Emotional Plea for Daughter She Believes Is a Sex Trafficking Victim: ‘I Want You to Fight’ – PEOPLE.com02.19.17
Mom Makes Emotional Plea for Daughter She Believes Is a Sex Trafficking Victim: 'I Want You to Fight'
This is my absolute worst nightmare, her mom said in a video that has since gone viral. We need Sarah home. We have to have her home, … She reportedly has a rib tattoo of a lotus flower. Capt. Budge says it's still unclear whether she is being
Missing northern Utah girl Sarah Dunsey back with familyIdaho State Journal
Utah mother sends message to missing daughter: 'I want you to fight'
Missing Utah Teen, Believed Abducted in Las Vegas, May Be in Los Angeles AreaKTLA
International Business Times UK – –
all 46 news articles »

Mom Makes Emotional Plea for Daughter She Believes Is a Sex Trafficking Victim: ‘I Want You to Fight’ –


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Play Video – MyAJC02.19.17


Leanna Taylor still does not believe her ex-husband, Justin Ross Harris, belongs in prison for the rest of his life. But she now says their son, Cooper, might be alive today if she had listened to her own doubts about Harriss fidelity.

All she has left of Cooper now are photos, some videos and the tattoo she had burned into her foot with Coopers name and an image of his footprint. Her 22-month-old son died after his father locked him inside the family SUV for roughly seven hours on a June day in 2014.

I wish I would have acted on these suspicions, she told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. And maybe I wouldve found these things. And obviously if I had found them, I could have left him and I could still have my son.

Photos: Key moments in the Ross Harris case

Full second season of our Breakdown podcast

Harris was foundguilty on all counts, including malice murder, in November and wassentenced to life without the possibility of parole on Dec. 5.

I dont believe he planned the murder of his child our child I dont believe that, Taylor said. I dont think he deserves to be in prison for the rest of his life.

Taylor, 32, says she has tried to move on from the nightmare that still dominates her life. She divorced Ross Harris just before his murder trial began and now lives in northwest Alabama, where she has a new boyfriend.

The idea of having another child both appeals to and terrifies her.

I want that because Ive always wanted to be a mother, and I enjoyed being Coopers mom very much, she said. And I always wanted to have more than one child. But it is a difficult thing to think about. Its scary.

When youve experienced every parents worst nightmare, to think about having another child and that fear of something happening again and that constant worry of wanting to keep them safe. For me its going to be 10 times worse than the average parent.

I think about it a lot. I think about what kind of mother I would be to another child. Will I be over-protective? Will I be overbearing? Will I not want to let them out of my sight? Will I let anybody else take care of them?

2 years of silence for me

The AJC interviewed Taylor at a Birmingham hotel with Channel 2 Action News on Feb. 10, a day on which she also spoke with ABC News 20/20. Aside from her testimony at her ex-husbands trial, these were some of her first public statements since her sons funeral. Her attorney, Lawrence Zimmerman, kept a watchful eye on the exchange.

In a wide-ranging, occasionally emotional interview, Taylor said she knows there are some who continue to believe she was complicit in a crime that continues to be dissected and debated.

Full coverage of the Justin Ross Harris case

Its been 2 years of silence for me, not being able to tell my side of the story, Taylor said. Not being able to defend myself in some ways. And not being able to talk about my son.

Photos of the happy little boy who never knew a stranger line the walls of Taylors home in Muscle Shoals, Ala. Cooper is always in her thoughts.

I want to try to restore Coopers legacy, she said. He was lost in the scandal that was the trial. And because of everything that has happened and the way things have played out, he will always right now, hes known as the baby whose father planned to kill him.

Hes seen as a child that wasnt loved and wasnt wanted, and that just wasnt true Taylor breaks down at this point and I dont want people to think of my son that way. So part of it is trying to restore that part of Cooper that was lost.

As lambs to a slaughter

Taylor recalled how the horror of her sons death turned into another kind of horror less than two weeks later.

Surrounded by friends and family, she entered a Cobb County courtroom in July 2014 for a probable-cause hearing for Ross Harris. She expected to leave with her husband.

But after that hearing, amid revelations of marital infidelity, sexting with underage girls and allegedly incriminating web searches, police made it clear that Harris not only killed his son but did so deliberately.

And Taylor was no longer just a grieving mother. To many who listened to the lead detectives testimony, she was now a suspect.

As the couple spoke in a police interview room on the night of Coopers death, Taylor asked Harris a question that made many think she had conspired with her husband to kill their son: Did you say too much?

Taylor said in her AJC interview that she asked that partly because she couldnt understand what was happening and partly because her former husband had a habit of trying to prove he was the smartest guy in the room.

Not that either of us had anything to hide I can see how it can be portrayed that way but knowing who Ross was, and knowing that he would talk to a wall about nothing, I just didnt understand, she said.

There was no question how damaging the probable cause hearing was.

We have described that within the inner circle of my family as lambs to a slaughter, Taylor said. We had no idea what it was going to be like, no idea what we were walking into. Media-wise, the things that ended up being said by detectives. It was just one more punch.

The things he was doing

Ross Harris and Leanna Taylor first met on a blind date. After it was over, Harris told a friend, Im going to marry that girl.

They wed in 2006. He brought her out of her shell, encouraging her to be more social and calming her when she obsessed about her weight. She gave him structure and encouraged him to return to school and pursue a degree.

But it wasnt long before problems surfaced in the marriage. In 2008, Harris confessed that he often viewed pornography online. Two years later, she found a text message sent by Harris asking a woman to show me your (breasts).

In 2012, Cooper was born. Ross was by all accounts an attentive and loving father and active in his church. But he also maintained a bizarre secret life that his wife knew nothing about.

He was not only exchanging nude photos and sexting, he was also meeting up with multiple women for sex one occasion on the couples living room sofa while Leanna was away. This was all disclosed in sordid detail during the murder trial as prosecutors called a parade of women,including a prostitute who had serviced Ross and two underage girls who had engaged in sexually charged chats with him.

Leanna, who said she watched little more than half of the trial from home on a live stream, said the mere revelation that Ross had cheated on her did not come as a shock, given what shed already discovered. The extent of it, however, was another story.

The depth of it, yes, she said. The things he was doing, absolutely. Under-aged? Its horrendous.

What if it wasnt an accident?

Nevertheless, Taylor claims she didnt go to the trial to defend Harris, only to tell the truth that her ex was a wonderful father who did not view their son as a burden.

What I saw was a very engaged, involved father who wanted to be with his child, who wanted to spend time with his son, she said.

She conceded, however, there were times when she did wonder whether the police and the prosecution were right.

When youre going through something like this you have to consider possibilities that youre wrong, she said. Ive definitely spent a lot of time thinking about that. Well, what if? What if it wasnt an accident? I was never able to settle on anything on but it being an accident because I have too much first-hand experience of him as a father.

Harris serial infidelities were his undoing, Taylor said.

Thats why they went the direction they went, she said. This horrible accident happened. And then in the process they find out about all this. It looks very bad. It set him up to not appear to be a trustworthy individual.

After the trial, lead Cobb County prosecutor Chuck Boring essentially cleared Taylor of any criminal wrongdoing, saying in an interview with the AJC, Theres no evidence in this case to charge her with anything.But lead detective Phil Stoddard, while on the witness stand, wouldnt let it go. He offered only a caveat, saying Taylor was not a suspect at this time.

Taylor said she has had no choice but to come to terms with law enforcements insinuation that she may have been involved and their refusal to admit they were wrong.

Theyre not going to apologize to me. I dont anticipate it. I dont expect it, she said. Theyre not going to come forward and say that they were absolutely wrong about me, because if they come forward and say they were wrong about me theres a chance they were wrong about Ross.

I may never trust anybody again

As her trial testimony drew to a close, Taylors grief turned to anger.

He destroyed my life. Im humiliated, she told jurors. I may never trust anybody again, the way that I did. If I never see him again after this day, thats fine.

Three months later, Taylor said she feels differently.

What I said I meant it at the time, she said. You know, you say things out of frustration and anger.

Shes still trying to make sense of the debacle that was her marriage.

I dont believe Id go to the prison and visit him, she said of Harris, an inmate at Valdosta State Prison. But if there were a point in time that he was out I think there are a lot of things that need to be said. I dont know if that opportunity would ever happen, but there are a lot of things that I never got to say.

Theres also the questions she never got to ask, including the most basic one: Why did Ross continue to stray?

Coopers grave still lacks a marker

The tragedy, and the reactions of some people to it, have made it difficult for her to trust anyone, Taylor said.

You have to earn my trust, she said, fighting back tears. And when its broken its very difficult to get it back.

Right now shes focused on preserving her sons legacy. Taylor plans to put a marker at Coopers gravesite, an absence noted by some who still question whether Leanna was culpable in her sons murder. From behind bars, her former husband has offered input on the marker. Taylor said she plans to honor Harris wishes.

Theres been some communication on that, she said. What he would like to have on it. What I would like to have on it.

Taylor said those who made donations for the marker include people who still have their doubts about Coopers mother.

I understand that not everybody that contributed to that thinks it was an accident, she said. I understand not everybody who contributed to that thinks that Im a good person.

Im OK with that, she said. This isnt about me. Its about Cooper. Its about putting down something that he deserves. Having a marker that is beautiful and represents his life.

Read the rest here:
Play Video – MyAJC


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Utah mother sends message to missing daughter: ‘I want you to fight … – fox13now.com02.19.17
Utah mother sends message to missing daughter: 'I want you to fight …
LOGAN, Utah — A Utah mother is offering up a heart-wrenching plea to the world as she seeks help in finding her 17-year-old daughter. This is my absolute …

and more »

View post:
Utah mother sends message to missing daughter: ‘I want you to fight … –


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The All-American Tattoo Convention Gives Back to Military – Yahoo Finance02.19.17

FAYETTEVILLE, NC–(Marketwired – February 13, 2017) – The Fayetteville Area Convention and Visitors Bureau (FACVB) welcomes The All American Tattoo Convention to the Crown Complex Friday, April 14 – Sunday, April 16, 2017. The goal of the convention is to give the brave servicemen and women of the armed forces the opportunity to be tattooed by some of the industry’s brightest stars as well as providing support to the military through donations to several organizations. Home of Fort Bragg, the largest military base in the country, Cumberland County is the ideal location to host one of the South’s most popular tattoo conventions.

Members of the armed forces and tattoos have a long history, which dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. For many service members tattoos can serve as artistic reminders of friends they’ve made and lost along the way, or a symbol of pride for their service to our country. These tattoos often tell the story that words fail to express for these veterans and servicemen.

It is estimated that over 75% of all active duty soldiers have at least one tattoo and the region around Fort Bragg has one of the largest tattoo shop per square mile ratios in the country. “This convention is another example of how Cumberland County celebrates its strong ties to the military,” explains John Meroski, FACVB President. “Tattoos offer these brave men and woman a unique form of expression that is American at its core.”

In addition to some of Cumberland County’s brightest tattoo stars, other notable artists are traveling across the country to participate in the convention. Talent includes veteran tattoo artists Peter Justice, Chris Saint Clark, Dave Clarke & Chris Blinston as well as some of the world’s most sought after tattoo artists, Kristel Oreto, Carl Grace, Pete Terranova & Marshall Bennett. Big Gus & Jasmine Rodriguez from Spike TV’s Tattoo Nightmares; Joey Tattoo from Spike TV’s Tattoo Rescue and James Vaughn, Madison Loftis and TJ Hal from Ink Master are just a few of the other tattoo artists coming to the area. Additional events and personalities include the Half Pint Brawlers, The New Olde City SideShow, Burlesque & Pin-Up show, Fayetteville Rouge Rollergirls and EmCee Dr. Carl Blasphemy.

The All American Tattoo Convention wants to recognize the sacrifices of the military by giving back to this courageous community. “The All American Tattoo Convention is currently working closely with Operation Tattooing Freedom, a non-profit organization that helps veterans with PTSD,” says Ryan Harrell who is a native of Fayetteville NC. “Even though we are already working with non-profits we are still looking for organizations to help. We want to help as many of our service members as possible. If you would like to submit your veteran or military service member non-profit organization for donations please email your proposal to”

ABOUT THE FACVB: The Fayetteville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau is a private, not-for-profit organization responsible for positioning the communities of Cumberland County as a destination for conventions, sporting events and individual and group travel. For additional information about America’s First Military Sanctuary Community, visit or call 1-800-255-8217.

Continue reading here:
The All-American Tattoo Convention Gives Back to Military – Yahoo Finance


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One woman’s quest to take bullets off Miami streets – Miami Herald02.19.17

Miami Herald
One woman's quest to take bullets off Miami streets
Miami Herald
On a recent Saturday afternoon at Flea Market USA in West Little River, Susan Kennedy wove through bustling tattoo parlors, barber shops and jewelry stores clutching a black shoe box filled with bullets. She approached a young man sitting outside a

See original here:
One woman’s quest to take bullets off Miami streets – Miami Herald


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Brisbane Tattoo Modification & Removal02.19.17

Many people have tattoos that they want removed for one reason or another. Here at Brisbane Tattoo Modification & Removal we use the latest technology in state of the art lasers, we have the Q Switched Ruby Laser andthe Q-Switched ND: Yag Laser.

These lasers contain the most effective wavelengths for complete tattoo removal available.


We are able to remove all colours in tattoos as we have the appropriate lasers to do so.Definatelyincluding the more difficult colours such as blue, green & yellow. If you have these colours in your tattoo make sure you ask this important question when researching where to go to get your tattoo removed.

The Lasers use heat and intense vibration to shatter ink particles that are then broken down by the bodys internal defence system. In most cases a tattoo can be completely removed without scarring. It is important to follow the simple after care instructions our staff will explain to you as your diligence will have a positiveeffect on your end result & your wallet.


The clinic is run by trained and licenced staff and ishealth department approved. Futher to this we are friendly and non-judgemental as we are all tattooed as well!

Come infor a FREE consultation with our friendly staff

Excerpt from:
Brisbane Tattoo Modification & Removal


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Richmond man offering free gang tattoo removal in exchange for … – WJHL02.19.17

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) Tattoos are a major part of gang identification, which can be an issue for someone trying to break free from the gang lifestyle. One local man is offering those getting out of jail a free tattoo removal in exchange for community service.

Charles Green has never been in a gang, but while in jail he said the cool thing to do was getting a tattoo, something he now regrets.

I got tattoos at an early age, Green said. I come down the street and a lady will clutch her pocketbook cause she thinks Ill take it.

Green said when it comes to job interviews, employers sometimes shy away.

I go in for the job interview, its alright to have tattoos in certain places, but when you got them on your face you cant hide them, Green said.

But now thanks to a man who said he was inspired by his church, Chuck Powell is removing Greens tattoo for free.

For every hour of documented volunteer work I give them $10 towards their procedure, Powell said. At least there is an option for them to removing and moving forward in their life so they dont recidivateback into prison.

Each treatment costs around $100. This is Greens third procedure. Soon after giving back to his community, that tattoo will be long gone.

Finally I got somebody that believes that I can change and Im changing, Green said.

Want more Gang Life: Virginia at War? Click here for complete coverage.

Go here to see the original:
Richmond man offering free gang tattoo removal in exchange for … – WJHL


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6 things you need to know about tattoo removal – NetDoctor – Netdoctor02.19.17

An ex-partners name? A drunken mistake after too many shots? While many people love their tattoos for years to come, a small few regret getting inked. In fact, The Harris Poll report that 1 in 4 regret getting a tattoo. They cite the top reasons as:

These reasons are something that that Harley Street aesthetic doctor, Dr David Jack, recognises:

“Most of my clients having tattoo removal choose to remove them as their lifestyles no longer are compatible with having tattoos in visible areas of their body or if they regret having tattoos that they associate with a different period of their lives.”


If you’re regretting your tattoo enough for you to consider tattoo removal Dr Jack has given us the lowdown on getting something removed. Spoiler: It might not hurt as much as you think

Related Article

In the news: Tattoo artists are being trained to spot skin cancer

Depending on what clinic you attend (see point 6) your tattoo could be removed as quickly as four sessions. “It depends on the type of tattoo removal device being used,” explains Dr Jack. “Older styles of device would require anything up to 20 sessions to remove any sort of tattoo, newer machines such as the PicoSure laser can remove some tattoos in just four sessions. I personally use Plexr to remove tattoos, which has the benefit of removing all colours effectively within a relatively small number of sessions.”

When it comes to how long it might take. The amount of sessions it takes to remove a small tattoo could be the same as something larger. “It has more to do with the depth of the ink and quality of the original tattoo,” says Dr Jack. He adds that sometimes larger tattoos take up to an hour per session, though.

Tempted to avoid tattoo removal because you think it’s painful? You might want to think again. “The feeling is often likened to that of an elastic band being flicked against the skin,” explains Dr Jack. “Cooling and other distraction techniques can often improve this sensation.”

What the skin looks like after the removal depends on the method used to remove the tattoo. Dr Jack says:

“Occasionally there can be some redness or blistering initially, which is usually temporary. In the medium term there can be pigment changes, such as hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation. There may be some residual marks left after the tattoo ink is fully removed, including pigment changes or mild scarring.”


Often tattoo removal is a long process, with the results often taking many sessions to notice any significant changes, and the final appearance not being 100% back to normal skin. Dr Jack explains that if patients are realistic about this then they are less likely to be disappointed. It is important also to consider the interim effects and risks of any treatments, as well as the cost and timescale.

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6 things you need to know before giving blood

For obvious reasons do some research before you head to get your tattoo removed. “Anyone performing tattoo removal should be at least NVQ level 3 trained, and trained on the specific tattoo removal device,” says Dr Jack. “Plexr should only ever be performed by GMC registered doctors. Many poor quality tattoo removal devices are used by cheap tattoo removal clinics, so it is important to ensure that the clinic you are going to uses a high quality device to optimise the result you get and reduce the risk of complications. For lasers, CynoSure leads the market with the PicoSure laser.”

Always avoid clinics offering extremely low prices (tattoo removal devices are generally very expensive) and take note of hygiene practices – these could both be warning signs that you should look elsewhere. Untrained staff, or practitioners who appear unknowledgeable should also be considered a red flag. “In addition, there are standard safety procedures for use of lasers, such as use of eye protection for both practitioner and patient, so if any of these are not in place I would suggest looking elsewhere,” adds Dr Jack.

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What you need to know about Broken Heart Syndrome

6 things you need to know about tattoo removal – NetDoctor – Netdoctor


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