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Florida State Laser Tattoo Removal Regulations – Sunray …10.16.18

You are here: Home Florida State Laser Tattoo Removal Regulations

In the state of Florida, laser tattoo removal treatments are considered to be medical procedures; however, Florida does not require the procedures to be performed at a medical doctors office. This means that laser treatments can be easier to find and not quite as expensive as laser servicesoffered in a doctors office. Florida has specific rules regarding who can administer treatment and standards governing the facilities in which they operate. No matter if you are using a Picosure Q-switched laser, the Cynosure Revileor theQuanta Q plus C,its important to learn about the rules and regulations in Florida before opening your doors.

Who can provide laser tattoo removal treatments?

The Department of Health has explicit requirements for laser tattoo removal services. Medical doctorscan administer treatment, as can nurses and medical or physicians assistants, but only if they are directly supervised by a physician during the cosmetic laser procedure. Physician assistant trainees may also perform medical services under the jurisdiction of the training program.

Electrologists can also perform laser tattoo removal procedures if he or she meets the following qualifications:

The supervising physician is responsible for the laser services and other medical actsof the electrologist. According to Florida Statute 458.348, a physician must submit formal notice to Floridas Medical Board when entering into a supervisory relationship with an electrologist facility. A physician is not allowed to supervise more than four facilities in addition to his or her primary practice location (the limit is two if the practitioner works in specialty care and one for dermatologists).

For a full list of regulations regarding supervisory relationships, read Florida Statute 458.348 in the Florida Legislature.

Where can laser tattoo removal procedures be provided?

Under the Department of Healths Rule 64B8-51.006, electrolysis facilities must meet certain restrictions in order to provide laser tattoo removal treatments, including the following:

These are only a few of the requirements for a facility providing laser tattoo removal treatments. For a full list of regulations for electrology facilities, visit the Florida Department of States website and refer to the Board of Medicine division under the Department of Health.

What behaviors result in disciplinary action?

As with other medical procedures, laser tattoo removal treatments are subject to disciplinary action if the physician breaks the law. Some examples include:

For a full list of actions requiring disciplinary action, refer to Florida Statute 458.331.

Please note that this article is not intended to provide legal advice. For legal advice regarding laser tattoo removal procedures, contact the Floridamedical board or call one of our reps at to discuss.Direct Regulations Consulting Line: 888-875-7001

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Florida State Laser Tattoo Removal Regulations – Sunray …

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Tattoo Me Now Tattoo designs, ideas, galleries …10.16.18

Drawings and Illustrations from our Artist

Every month we add new drawings and illustrations from our artist to the collection. These drawings are unique and hand drawn by our artist.

The hand-picked images in the Inspiration Gallery are images that can easily be converted into fantastic tattoos. Here youll find old drawings, cool photos, art and more in tons of categories. Also great for coming up with unique ideas!

Looking for fillers for your new sleeve? Or searching for something to add to an existing tattoo? Look no further! Here youll find 600+ wings, swirls, tribals, symbols, flowers, skulls and more. And by the way, we add new images all the time!

Got a burning question about tattoos? Want feedback on your new tattoo? Need ideas for your next beauty? No problem! Ask your question here and one of our artist members or our in-house artist staff will help you out!

Every single day youll bein aweas you check out our daily EPIC Tattoo of the Day. These are the top %1.the type of tattoos that leave you speechless and inspired to get tattooed ASAP! You dont want to miss any of these masterpieces.

Imagine 1000s of people in one place who are just as excited about getting awesome tattoos as you are. Make new friends, talk about tattoos andshare ideas.

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Tattoo Me Now Tattoo designs, ideas, galleries …

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By Dragon Tattoo Supplies

Dragon Tattoo Supplies presents the ULTIMATE TATTOO TRAINING GUIDE. This Tattoo Training guide is the most complete preliminary tattoo artist training course. Find out all the tricks of the trade. The secrets only the top tattoo artists in the world know. Find out how to make Six figures a year creating tattoos. We share it all and it is instantly downloaded!

The tattoo training guide that will help you make big money doing tattoos! We hide nothing. You will get secrets directly from the Pros in this 30 plus page manual. Learn to tattoo easily and how to find the best places to get clients that want tattoos now.

Forget being a starving artist! We show you how to make six figures a year with your art! Dont waste your talent; make the money you deserve. All of this information and more included for you!

Tattoo Training! Instant download! Find out the secrets of tattooing directly from the Pros! GET THE COMPLETE GUIDE!

Want to learn to Tattoo? We show you the ins and outs of this business! How to get your foot in the door! How to get clients FAST! Where to get the best equipment! And MORE! Download the Jam-Packed Tattoo Training eBook NOW!




How to emand the highest prices for your work!

Youll learn how to open your own shop and get other tattooists to work for you!

Well tell you the best places to advertise for and get clients!

You get a complete listing of equipment and gear to get you started andWHERE TO GET IT!

Find out what equipment is best for you andWHY!


Learn how to set-up your tattoo machine and power source!

Learn how to select the right needle for the right tattoo!

Learn unique styles, patterns and techniques.

Learn the proper preparation and handling of your instruments and equipment!

Learn how to create and apply your own stencils!

Learn how to do black and white tattoosand color shading too!

The BEST INKSHow to use them and WHERE TO GET THEM!

Learn how easy it is to practice at home!

Learn how to treat your customers so they keep coming back andgive referrals!

Learn how to set-up and maintain your shop just like the professionals!

Learn how to tattoo the SAFE, HEALTHY and PROFITABLE way!

YOU can become a great and successful tattoo artist in a few short steps!!!

See the article here:

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Tattoo training, online course – TattooTechniques.com10.11.18

If you have a sense of drawing and you are hard-working, the materials I am offering on my site can help you to become a successful tattoo artist. My site is about:

This website contains the commonly used techniques of tattoos in full (I also use this techniques) with texts, images and videos. I offer my subscribers to the online tattoo course and training a chance to ask me in the form of a private forum.

I started this tattoo training, the tattoo course with the intention of helping those talented and dedicated people who would like to learn the craft of tattooing or improve their existing techniques.

Unfortunately, a lot of talented people are neglected because they do not know where to start, or simply the experts do not answer their questions.

To avoid misunderstanding, this website does not give drawing talent to anyone; you can just find here tricks and techniques for tattooing.

Tattoo equipment is just a kind of device, such as oil or pastel, therefore it is essential for you to have drawing skills, because everything is based on that. If you have these skills, you can learn the techniques.

I have been building this website for more than 3 years, and it contains nearly 160 videos, more than 700 images and a lot of texts. The tattoo training and course starts from the basic level and ends in colourful realism. It means that anybody who has not known anything about this profession so far, but is a talented aspirant can learn this profession and even an experienced colleague can improve their techniques.

I have held tattoo courses and seminars in many countries, but I have realized that in this way I can answer the questions more easily. Unfortunately, experts belonged to this profession usually keep inside their techniques, or they do not have time to teach students. Those experts holding courses in some cases would need courses as well, so a lot of people cannot go higher or further than a certain level.

The whole website is translated into 8 languages, but it is planned to increase this number as well as the continuous updating of the content.

As for the structure, the training material includes two main parts: the theory of tattooing and the practice of tattooing. The chapters and units are built on each other so to understand everything it is necessary to learn them in order from the beginning of the theory to the end of the practice. The theoretical material of the art of tattooing is based on the texts, and the images and the videos explain the theory. The practical material of tattooing is based on videos, the explanatory texts and images are situated separately, below them. So the website consists of theoretical and practical parts, closely built on each other. The price of the whole tattooing course is EUR 550, which includes all the parts, and after payment the website will be available for six months.

Originally posted here:
Tattoo training, online course –

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Inked Out New Jersey Tattoo Convention 2018 Tickets, Fri …10.09.18

Public service workers (Firefighter, Police, EMS worker, hospital worker, etc.) gain FREE Friday admission upon showing a public service ID!

The East Coast’s premier tattoo show, INKED OUT NEW JERSEY, begins again in September 2018! The convention will take place the weekend of Friday, September 7th through Sunday, September 9th. Live tattooing will be taking place all weekend along with contests, seminars, and live music. Stay tuned for the latest details by signing up for our email list or following us on social media!

Show Hours are As Follows:

Friday, 9/7/2018: 4pm to 10pm ESTSaturday, 9/8/2018: Noon to 10pm ESTSunday, 9/9/2018: Noon to 8pm EST

This is the perfect opportunity for anyone in the tri-state area to get tattooed. Inked Out New Jersey features a line up of diversely styled tattoo artists that will be accepting appointments for tattooing throughout the weekend. Visit our website for our artist line up and artist contact information for scheduling appointments in advance.


Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

There are no ID requirements for the event, unless you are a public service worker (Firefighter, Police, EMS worker, Hospital worker, etc.) who wishes to gain free admission to Friday of the show. There is no age limit to enter the event. All children under 12 years old gain free admission all weekend.

What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

For parking, there is a garage behind the Meadowlands Expo Center. If the garage is full, there is ample parking space available across the street from the back of the convention building. There are buses easily accessible at the front of the convention center.

What can/can’t I bring to the event?

Since this is a family-friendly event, no illegal weapons, paraphernalia, etc. will be allowed.

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

You may call 201-342-4446 or email with questions regarding the event.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

Attendees MUST bring either a printout of their ticket or their ticket on their phone, as we scan these tickets upon entry.

What is the refund policy?

We accept ticket refund requests up until show hours begin. To request a refund or inquire further about this, please contact with your request/questions and provide your order confirmation receipt.

The name on the registration/ticket doesn’t match the attendee. Is that okay?


See the article here:
Inked Out New Jersey Tattoo Convention 2018 Tickets, Fri …

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Tattoos Birmingham, AL | Tattoo Shop Near Me | Classic 13 …10.03.18

If you’re ready to get serious about getting great tattoos in Birmingham, AL, Classic 13 Tattoo is the shop for you. We offer a laid back and friendly atmosphere where clients can relax and talk with our experienced tattoo artists about ideas and designs. Don’t let the casual feel of our tattoo studio fool you we are true professionals, committed to our craft and dedicated to creating quality skin art. We have more than 50 years of combined experience and pride ourselves on our professionalism and skill. Our shop adheres to strict sterilization protocols, ensuring a safe experience. Because a tattoo is a lasting image, we know that the result has to be just right. Whether you already have a detailed idea in mind or you want some help fleshing out your vision, our tattooers will work with you to create a complete image before we put ink to skin.

If you’re looking for more than a gorgeous custom tattoo, we also provide quality body piercing. Our knowledgeable and experienced piercing specialist is guided by the same rigorous standards of cleanliness and artistry that our tattoo artists employ. Whether you just want to get an extra piercing in your ear, a vertical labret, or something more exotic, our shop will provide you with a comfortable, professional experience from start to finish.

Some of our styles and piercing services include:

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Tattoos Birmingham, AL | Tattoo Shop Near Me | Classic 13 …

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Tattoo Shop next to Springfield & Hartford10.03.18

Separate Yourself from the Crowd

Have you always felt like you were different from “normal” society, but you lacked the right way to express yourself? Wear your personality on your skin with a unique tattoo or body piercing from our full-service shop in Enfield, Connecticut. Torture Ink is an established body piercing and tattoo shop dedicated to helping you unleash the person you’ve been trying to become. With our wide selection of body art and body jewelry, you won’t have any problem finding a way to be the unique person you have always been on the inside! Contact us today for more details about our wide selection of tattoos and body piercings.

We have a large local customer base, but our services are worth traveling for. Nearby Springfield, Massachusetts is the most populous city in Western New England, and is the source for many of our clients. It is not because they cant find a tattoo shop in Springfield; they just take the short jaunt to Torture Ink in Enfield because the high quality services we offer are well worth the twenty-minute drive. The same applies for residents of Hartford, who drive 25 minutes to get to our shop because there is not a comparable tattoo shop in Hartford.

We also provide high quality body piercing using only the best body jewelry available. Body jewelry shouldn’t be less than perfect, which is why our shop uses platinum, surgical steel, and titanium body jewelry. We have body jewelry for any body part you want pierced, and we can perform all piercings in our tattoo shop for your convenience. From noses to belly buttons, we pierce it all.

Call our body piercing and tattoo shop today at 877-434-3054 for the best tattoos and body jewelry in the area.

**********NEW AT TORTURE INK********** We now offer beauty services

Pricing starts at………

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Tattoo Shop next to Springfield & Hartford

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Dallas Advanced Microblading Experts BrowBeat Studio …10.01.18


We must see pictures before we take the booking. Please text all permanent makeup inquires to 214 713 3065. Send 4 pictures close up of different angles.

We would like to try and help all the clients that come our way who have had previous permanent makeup. Unfortunately we cannot microblade over all old PMU.

Coverups are difficult as it is the void of skin in-between the microblading hair strokes that makes it mimic hair. If an artists is working over a previous old PMU work, that void of naked skin in between the microblading hair strokes has a solid color behind it. The new work can look odd, seeing the second work through the delicate new microblading work.

Some shading can help with this problem on light faded previous PMU but not all.

Please do not book an appointment if you have dark brow, purple, grey, light blue, blue or green faded old permanent makeup. These are not coverable with this style of semi-permanent tattooing.

If you have light red, light brow, faded pink or faded orange old PMU covering may be possible. We must see a picture before booking an appointment.

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Dallas Advanced Microblading Experts BrowBeat Studio …

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Top 144 Chest Tattoos for Men – Tattoo Models, Designs …09.30.18

Top chest tattoos for men. For ladies wholove tattooed men, brace yourselves for our Top 144 Chest Tattoos for Men that will surely make you fall in love. And for men who are looking for chest tattoo inspiration, our long list of 144 will be more than enough to inspire you and make the ladies go crazy!

Ladies love muscled chest, and a tattoo makes it more interesting and sexy. There are a lot to choose from. The chest is one of the most common placement for tattoos because it is visible and can be a teaser when you are wearing a button down shirt or a zippered shirt. Just like superheroes who usually have their logos on the chest, having a tattoo on the chest will make you feel super as well.

Therefore this post is for both sexes to give you an eye candy and to make you want to go out there and get a chest tattoo for yourself. I hope you will enjoy them.

An eagle, stripes, stars and American colors for the heart. This guy is loyal to his country.

This entire chest tattoo is lovely, I love how the flowers, bird, sky and the clock are all incorporated in this chest tattoo piece.

Get a Free Custom Chest Tattoo Design Quote:Limited Time Offer (click photo)

Quote tattoo on the right chest and a tribal tattoo on the left looks quite harmonious, dont ya think?

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. Quite a meaningful tattoo this one is.

A lot of people even non-Mexicans love day of the dead tattoosbecause of its rich culture, and their bold and beautiful colors.

Well at least this lion looks well behave and regal.

Heres an amazing 3D clock chest tattoo that would make your heart hurt, just by looking at it.

Originally posted by Andrea Birkett

Get a Free Custom Chest Tattoo Design Quote:Limited Time Offer (click photo)

I like the color combination of this tattoo, it would look awesome in blacklight.

Tribal tattoo are always cool and timeless.

Makes him look so macho!

Nautical tattoos are very popular, especially to the marines.

Quite dark and messy tattoos, but some people love it.

Quite cool, but I think it would have been better if there were more shading?

The stag is a symbol of manhood and sexuality. Theres nothing else can be more manly than a stag chest tattoo with a crow.

Youll be seeing more of our eagle tattoos, most men wanted an eagle for a chest tattoo, maybe because its a perfect placement.

I actually love the Indian and skull tattoo better than the wolf tattoo.

The Deaths-head hawkmoth is quite an interesting tattoo and an insect itself, thats because of its skull shaped print on its thorax. It is associated with dark supernatural belief among some cultures.

This tattoo is for those batman fanatics. The bat symbol is perfect on the chest than anywhere else.

For the night owls out there. If you want more owl tattoos and its meaning, you may check out our article,

20 Owl Tattoos That Will Keep you Awake

This is also a great idea for a couple chest tattoo!

Oh look! Thats my name on his chest. So some guys have a tattoo of their love ones on their chest. I love the heart tattoo though, it looks like a love potion to me.

This is an old school theme, old school never dies.

This mans tattoos are all traditional. If this photo was not black and white, I bet those tattoos are boldly colored.

The ravens are quite symbolic and mythical. It is often associated with power, prophecy and protection.

Originally posted by Aunna

You dont always need to have an explanation why you got such tattoo, right? There are no rules, only great art work andworst tattoos.

The entire tattoos are awesome, Im distracted and loving the statues on the stomach.

Im not so sure if this tattoo is unfinished or he prefers it like that, but already his winged hour glass chest tattoolooks stunning! It is quite similar of that in number 5.

Love the Shakespearian skull tattoo!

For those who love pirate themed tattoos, which are awesome in its own way, this whole piece is a great inspiration.

Weve all been there and done that, getting our hearts stabbed again and again, this tattoo is epic!

Theres nothing more manly than cog gears, right?

Heres something different from the usual pirate ship and other nautical themed tattoos. A beautiful mermaid! Not too feminine, this is for men!

Animal skulls chest tattoo for men and a cool font quote that goes with it.

Each symbol has its own meaning, but they are all incorporated well in this tattoo.

All the vibrant colors are here.

This is my favorite tattoo among the list. I love elephants and I love Ganesha.

Skulls are quite a hit when it comes to chest tattoos.

I think this tattoo is quite Emo, but it looks great even for a guy to wear it. I love the sketchy design and the beautiful red in it.

I think this tattoo suits perfectly well for the lionhearted men out there!

Im not so sure what tattoo these are really, but I think theres a a cover up that has been done here which were formerly swallows.

I love the mix of colors of this tattoo, remind me of the novel Moby Dick. It looks so classic.

Originally posted by Nick

To other people, your tattoo doesnt always have to make sense, they just have to be attractive.

For black and grey to be mixed with other colors is not so bad at all.

This tattoo is surreal.

Gold and red are such a perfect tandem colors.

See the rest here:
Top 144 Chest Tattoos for Men – Tattoo Models, Designs …

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Tattoo nightmare as man’s finger balloons with inch-long …09.30.18

A man suffered a horror reaction to a tattoo removal session – which saw his finger balloon with an inch-long brown blister.

Andrew Milne, 32, wanted his ex-wife’s initials taken off his skin, but the result of trying to get the inking removed was “alarming”.

He woke up the day after his second laser session to find a huge puss-filled blister had caused his finger to swell by over an inch.

The fashion account manager said it’s lasted two days and is “still going strong”.

Although he doesn’t blame the place where he had the removal session, he says he’s been put off continuing with the process.

Andrew, from Northamptonshire, said: “It was quite alarming.

“When I went to bed on Friday night the skin was slightly raised, about a couple of millimetres, which is quite normal after the first couple of laser sessions.

“But then I woke up on Saturday morning and it had really come up.

“It’s about an inch long and half an inch high, and it seems to be quite tough.”

He added: “It’s not too painful, but it’s just very unsightly.

“It doesn’t look great at all. It’s lasted two days now, and it’s still going strong.

“I have mentioned it to the woman who did the laser session, and she seemed a bit concerned.

“She told me to just do my best not to pop it.

“It does leak every now and then.

“I don’t think it’s anything to do with the place I had it done, I’m fairly sure that I’ve just had a bad reaction to it.”

He had so far paid 35 for each of the two laser sessions he has had, and was told it would take anywhere between four and nine sessions to fully remove the tattoo.

But he said: “I’m not entirely sure if I will continue with the tattoo removal.

“It’s kind of put me off taking it any further.”

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Tattoo nightmare as man’s finger balloons with inch-long …

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