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Tattoo removal | Jails to Jobs06.06.19

Are tattoos keeping you from getting a job? Are they not who you are anymore?

Then its time to take action. Removing visible tattoos, especially those that are antisocial or related to gangs, will improve your chances of finding employment, help restore hope and offer healing. If you are a victim of human trafficking, getting rid of any unwanted tattoos you received can be a major step in your recovery process and can help restore dignity and self-esteem.

But how do you do it, and, even more importantly, how do you pay for it?

You can begin by using our directory, which includes tattoo removal programs across the U.S. Some of them charge. Others are free but may have requirements.

Note: For best results, enter your zip code or city to search the surrounding area. If no results are found, increase the radius and search again.

Fetching directions……

Our directory has had more than 45,000 views connecting people to over 300 free and low-cost tattoo removal programs in 42 states and five countries. It is a work in progress and is by no means a complete list. If you would like your program added or know of a program that should be included, please click here.

We at Jails to Jobs have put a tremendous amount of effort into raising awareness of the importance of getting anti-social and gang-related tattoos removed. And we hope that others will be inspired to create their own tattoo removal programs as a result. In order to do that Jails to Jobs provides a variety of resources to help those interested:

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Tattoo removal | Jails to Jobs

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Artistic Tattoo Course – World’s Only Tattoo School06.02.19

Workshop #1 $2,900 Mon, Tue & Wed 1-6pm (plus open floor practice time)Course includes: Complete set of professional tattoo equipment (Tattoo machine, power supply unit, clip cord, foot switch, tubes, needles, ink, etc.)Tattoo 101 Curriculum: Tattoo history & traditions Flash drawing & design Tattoo safety precautions (bloodborne pathogens & sterilization) Tattoo machine & equipment operation Tattoo machine construction & adjustment Lining, shading & color blending Stencil construction & application Use of various needle arrangements including magnums & single-needle Use of permanent pigment vs. acrylic pigments Tattoo practice on artificial skin

Workshop #2 $900 Thurs, Fri & Sat 1-6pm (plus open floor practice time)Tattoo 102 Curriculum: Supervised tattoo practice on real clients Tattoo Shop operation Tattoo Shop & workstation set up / clean up Customer relations Tattoo pricing Practical procedures in aseptic technique & sterilization (including autoclave use) Training on rotary tattoo machines vs. coil machines

Workshop #3 $900 Mon, Tue & Wed 1-6pm (plus open floor practice time)Tattoo 103 Curriculum: Supervised tattoo practice on real clients using advanced techniques Advanced training in special effects tattooing Advanced training in cover-up tattoos Advanced training in tribal tattoos Advanced training in high realism / portrait tattoos Training on Cheyenne and other cartridge-load tattoo machines Direct referral to tattoo suppliers who require referral or business license to sell Basic theory of cosmetic tattooing (permanent makeup) Basic theory of body piercing

Workshop #4 $900 Thurs & Fri 1-6pm (plus open floor practice time & Sat 1-6pm make-up day if needed)Tattoo 104 Curriculum: Extended supervised tattoo practice on real clients (minimum of 6 procedures for tattoo portfolio) Complete business plan Professional exposure plan Assistance in applying for state license Certification in all aspects of tattooing Official school transcripts Extensive instruction in tattoo business procedures including step-by-step guide to opening a shop, working in existing shop, buying a shop & many other approaches to the tattoo business

Enrollment Options:1) Schedule all 4 workshops back-to-back (2-week Master Course) and pay tuition fee of $5,600 in full at least 1 month in advance to receive the following bonus items: $400 travel / hotel voucher 2 FREE coil tattoo machines & 1 FREE rotary tattoo machine in addition to standard tattoo kit 12 more weeks of free optional training if you need more help (repeat any or all workshops for free!) Special discounts on Body Piercing & Permanent Make-Up courses

2) Schedule Workshop #1 then take the follow-up workshops at a later date. Workshops #2, #3 & #4 must be taken in order and only after completion of Tattoo 101. Tuition fees due at least 1 week in advance.

Enrollment Requirements: Basic drawing skills. No High School diploma or GED required. Students under 18 years old must have permission from a parent or guardian. International students welcome!

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Artistic Tattoo Course – World’s Only Tattoo School

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The New Canvas | Colorado Springs Laser Tattoo Removal06.02.19

Welcome to The New Canvas where we specialize in Laser Tattoo Removal, Li-FT Tattoo Removal, Permanent Makeup, Microblading, Camouflage Tattooing, Advanced Skin Care, and Laser Teeth Whitening.

The New Canvas was started with the goal of offering state-of-the-art technology to people that needed an affordable and safe option for removing their tattoos. We quickly realized that there was a need for more options. We have dedicated our lives to researching and perfecting solutions to the problems that our clients have faced. Weve molded our business model around YOU and because of this have developed a diverse portfolio of unique services, a strong reputation and hundreds of positive reviews from our satisfied clients.

All of our consultations are free. Whether youre looking to remove a tattoo, correct a permanent makeup nightmare or get your skin back on track, our specialists with over a decade of combined experience in the esthetics field will customize a solution that is right for you.

Schedule an Appointment

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The New Canvas | Colorado Springs Laser Tattoo Removal

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100 Amazing Lowrider Tattoo Designs Ideas – All Teens Talk06.02.19

Lowrider tattoos designs are part of the Chicano culture. These designs are named after lowrider cars, which are often depicted in the designs. Lowrider tattoos are often done in grayscale meaning theyre only in black and shades of grey. These tattoos shows off the Latin culture of life, death, and catholicism through symbols and sayings.

Half Clown Girl

Below the girl is a clown rolling dice. The girl is trying perhaps to be a clown on the outside but her emotions are showing through.

Angel meets Saint

On the bicep you can see the image of the grim reaper and above him a beautiful angel looking down on him.

Whisper in Your Ear

This lowrider tattoo is in traditional grayscale with various shading. Its of a child whispering in the persons ear.

Women on Bicep

The women on this tatt is shown crying and bloodied. Its not really a traditional lowrider tattoo because of the use of the red for blood. However, it is a great design.

Saint on Bicep

This is a traditional catholicism design of a saint. The greyscaling and detail are done very well. It is a fine example and shows that you need to have a tattoo artist that has experience.

Sweet Sally

A detailed tattoo of character Sally from the movie a Nightmare Before Christmas on the upper arm.

Drama Masks

Depicted are the traditional Chicano drama Masks of the comedy and the tragedy. Usually this is a symbol about life and how there is moments of laughter and moments of sorrow.

Roman Male

A beautiful design of a male inspired by the roman period. Done in grayscale it shows detailed shading, although not a traditional lowrider tattoo.

Shogun Warrior

This Tattoo done in grayscale is of a shogun warrior. Japanese shogun warriors were men of honor much like knights in Britain.

Ancient Greece

This tattoo artist was inspired by ancient Greek art. It shows a women being held back by a male, while the other male looks on in fear. Another great example of an experienced tattoo artist.

Butterfly Girl

This tattoo is of a girl with a rose in her hair and butterflies around her on the bicep of this client.

Medieval Dragon

This is a great example of a very detailed medieval dragon on the gentlemens back. Not a true lowrider tattoo because of the use of the red for the tongue.

Archangel Michael

The Archangel Michael is a classic use of Latino tatts featuring symbols in catholicism. Archangel Michael is a warrior angel and is a patron saint for people in the military.

Decorative Skull

This embellished skull on the bicep has great detail and shows the Aztec inspired design by this tattoo artist.

Name Across Back

Traditional lowrider tattoos also have names of family, friends , and loved ones emblazed often across chest or in this case the shoulders.

Drive By

This shows a masked woman aiming a shotgun in a lowrider on the upper chest. The artist used great shading and the use of grayscale.


Koi fish are a symbol of luck. Although not a traditional lowrider tattoo there is great detail and color of the fish on the womans leg.

Clocks and Skull

Awesome detail and grayscaling of the clocks and skull. You can tell the tattoo artist is quite skilled with shading.

Eye and Barren Tree

Another example of great shading and the use of grayscale. The eerie eye looking through the dead tree.


Another depiction of the warrior Archangel Michael conquering the demon. This is an excellent design on the upper bicep/shoulder.

In Memoriam

A traditional tribute of a loved one that has passed on. This portrait was done exceptionally well with the added detailed rose below the portrait.

Classic Car

A detailed lowrider classic car design done in grayscale and shading on the mans belly and chest.

Sad Beauty

Tattoo on bicep of a beautiful woman holding a gun whose emotions can be seen thought the clown mask. Another good example.

40s Era

This lowrider tattoo shows a man smoking a cigar and on the right two women and two classic cars on the bottom back. This shows a great scene that looks like it was taken out of a classic movie.


This is yet another example of a lowrider tattoo that pays tribute to famous icons and loved ones that have passed. A perfect example of Marilyn Monroe with a rose at the bottom.

See more here:
100 Amazing Lowrider Tattoo Designs Ideas – All Teens Talk

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Total Solutions Group : Aluminium Truss, Stage Sets …05.27.19

Total Solutions Group is an industry leader providing modular aluminium truss along withspecialised stage sets for both permanent installations and touring shows. We offer a wide range of industry standard products but are in our element providing innovative, one-offstructural and scenicsolutions for that extra special effect.

With its distinct product brands, Total Solutions provides a one stop shop for trussing, staging,rigging training and temporary roof structures.

Total Fabrications specialising in bespoke aluminium truss and stage sets as well as off the shelf solutions.Slick Trussing one of the oldest and best known aluminium truss systems around.Total Training rigging, safety, working at height and lifting equipment inspection training courses in our custom built training centre or off site to suit our clientsT2 The award winning safety truss from Total Solutions.OV Our newest range of products to bring affordable well designed truss to the industry.RSCLightlock Revolutionary motion dampening for moving lights and truss.

Central control by our highly experienced management and production teams means one single point of contact for clients, regardless of requirements.

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Total Solutions Group : Aluminium Truss, Stage Sets …

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The Best Tattoo Shop, Studio & Artist In Bali, Seminyak, Kuta …05.25.19


3rd Place BEST BLACK AND GRAY medium at Dutdutan 2009, Manila Philippine


The HERO of Surabaya Tattoo Party 2010

The BEST REALIST at Indonesian Subculture 2010

2nd Place Extreme Fantasy Color at Magic Ink Tattoo Contest 2010

3rd Place Realist Tattoo Color at Paguyuban Tattoo Bandung 2010

Inner of Oriental Tattoo Category at The Body Art Competition 2010


1st Winner in Realist Category at Bali bike week 2011

BEST SMALL POTRAIT at Bali bike week 2011

1st Place Winner SMALL POTRAIT at Bali bike week 2011

3rd Place Tattoo war REALIST ANIMAL COLOR at Semarang Ink Fest 2011

1st Winner Tattoo Colors at 2nd Bandung Bodyart Festival 2011

1st Place Winner Tattoo War STAC Tattoo Reborn


The BEST REALIST Gladiator MC 2012 at Maitland Showground, New South Wales Australia

The Winner Favourite Color Tattoo at 1st annual Solo Skin Art Exibition 4th June 2012

1st Winner Color Tattoo at 1st annual Solo Skin Art Exibition 5th June 2012

World Record Holder Body Art Festival 2012

Surabaya Tattoo Festival 1st Place Photo Tattoo

Surabaya Tattoo Festival 1st Place Photo Tattoo

Winner of Ralist Tattoo Category at The Body Art Competition 2012

Winner at Super Heroes Tattoo Convention 2012


BEST Color Female at GMC Maitland 2013, New South Wales Australia

Winner of Small Category at Batu Pahat 2013

2nd Place Malang Tattoo Art Carnival 2013


Winner of Kenarau Miri Malaysia 2014 3rd Fantasy Tattoo Competition

Judge at Jakarta Tattoo Festival 2014

Judge at Surabaya Tattoo Festival 2014

Judge at Indonesia Body Art 2014

Voted Best Tattoo Artist M2S Tattoo Festival 2014

3rd place at Body Art Festival Magelang 2014

Winner of Jakarta TatTat Festival 2014

1st Place Malang Tattoo Expo 2014

The Best Black n Grey Anniversary ISC, Magelang 2014

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The Best Tattoo Shop, Studio & Artist In Bali, Seminyak, Kuta …

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Miami Ink Tattoo Shop | LoveToKnow05.25.19

The Miami Ink Tattoo shop was the site of TLC’s previous hit show, Miami Ink. While the original shop has since shut its doors, the same tattoo artists are still working together to provide a great tattooing experience, at a new shop just down the road.

The recognition from the Miami Ink television show created an incredible buzz for the now-famous tattoo shop, though both the location and name have changed.

The shop was originally named 305 Tattoo, though thanks to the show’s success it changed its name to Miami Ink. This location has since closed. Although the Miami Ink tattoo shop has since closed, there is no need to fear missing out on the Miami Ink experience; the same artists you loved to watch from the show have opened up their own lounge and tattoo shop right across the street.

The new location is larger than the previous one. The artists needed a larger workspace in order to better suit the amount of clients they have been getting since the debut of the Miami Ink reality television show. The name of the shop was changed (for unspecified reasons) and is now called Love Hate Tattoo Studio.

The Love Hate Tattoo Shop is located right up the street from the old 305 Tattoo shop, making it easy for old customers and new fans alike to visit the studio for tattoo art.

The current address for the Love Hate Tattoo Studio is 1360 Washington Avenue in Miami, Florida.

The studio is open 11 a.m. until 11 p.m. each day.

If you would like to ask about rates or just keep up on the news of the shop, you can contact the studio in the following ways:

305 Tattoo, aka Miami Ink, became famous in the world of tattoo for one good reason – great artists. The work that the shop was (and still is) putting out was more indicative of fine art than what many people associated with tattoos before the television show brought recognition to the shop.

The artists assembled here are very good with all styles of tattoos, but they excel in portrait work. Many of the artists from the Miami Ink show are all still present at the shop, and they also bring in guest artists from time to time. The lineup consists of:

Getting inked by artists that helped revolutionize tattooing is potentially a great thrill. Expect the cost of a tat from Love Hate Tattoo Studio to be top dollar, and be sure to call for an appointment before going. The shop handles many styles of tattoos from full sleeves and lower back tattoos to the very popular “urban” style. Whatever you want done, this talented group of artists can do it for you in a quality that you will be proud to show everyone.

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Miami Ink Tattoo Shop | LoveToKnow

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Best Tattoo in Minneapolis – Uptown Tattoo in Minneapolis …05.25.19

If you ask around Minneapolis where the best place is to get tattooed, chances are someone will mention Uptown Tattoo. The artists that reside at this shop have their work displayed on human canvasses throughout Minnesota. As the most frequented tattoo shop in the state, Uptown Tattoo has a reputation of quality and trust among its clients. The artists are professional and personable, building strong relationships with their clients before creating permanent impressions on their bodies. Much of their business comes from word of mouth, and their steady stream of clients proves that they have thoroughly satisfied their customers.

Uptown Tattoo has turned out some of the greatest designs and artwork in the country. Those who live in Minnesota are fortunate to have these incredibly talented artists in their own backyard. Clients travel from far and wide to have their tattoo work completed by some of the best artists in the country.

Uptown Tattoo is the favorite tattoo shop of Minneapolis. Uptown Tattoo in Minneapolis is not only known for its talented artists, but also for their impeccable quality of work. Consultations and walk-ins are welcome.

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Best Tattoo in Minneapolis – Uptown Tattoo in Minneapolis …

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Dr Evil tattooist given 3 years in jail over tongue …05.25.19

A tattooist known as Dr Evil who removed nipples and performed tongue splitting on clients has been jailed after an ear removal sparked an investigation that resulted in a 40-month jail sentence.

Dr Evil, real name Brendan McCarthy, was sentenced to three years and four months for carrying out procedures such as ear and nipple removals at his studio in Wolverhampton between 2012 and 2015. The controversial modifications were carried out without anaesthetic.

West Midlands Police started an investigation into the tattooist when images of McCarthy cutting off a customers ear circulated online, sparking complaints to the City of Wolverhampton Council.


McCarthy pled guilty to three counts of causing grievous bodily harm at the Wolverhampton Crown Court last month and was sentenced on Thursday. Media reports state that he screamed when his sentence was read out, and many of his supporters in the court cried.

He had no qualifications to carry out surgical procedures or to deal with any adverse consequences which could have arisen, Judge Amjad Nawaz said. There is a clear public interest element. There is also a need for deterrent.

When he was arrested, McCarthy said he didnt think he had broken the law because his clients had consented to the procedures. He has no medical qualifications and is licensed to carry out piercings and tattoos. Police said he did the modifications without knowing his clients medical or mental health backgrounds, and that they found out-of-date swabs, anaesthetic gel and needles at his studio.

We all gave full consent, we were all happy, he talked us through the procedure, we knew he wasn’t a doctor despite playing on the Austin powers name of Dr Evil, he’s one of the best in the country I had multiple discussions with him about how the industry needs regulation, one of his customers said.

Ezechiel Lott, the man whose ear removal sparked the investigation, told police he hadn’t realised the procedure wasnt legal and felt deceived.

READ MORE: Stag party paid drunk and hungry homeless man to tattoo name & postcode on forehead (VIDEO)

Over 13,000 people signed a petition in support of McCarthy, whose lawyers argued the consent he got from clients was a lawful defense. His case was brought to the Court of Appeal but three judges found the procedures were not the same as tattoos and piercings.

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Dr Evil tattooist given 3 years in jail over tongue …

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pansy tattoo | Tumblr05.23.19

Harry Potter can draw. It started when he was very small, still living in the cupboard under the stairs at the Dursleys. Hed scavenge for broken bits of crayon or pencils Dudley has left about and he doodles tiny pictures on scrap pieces of paper around the house, snatching them up when Aunt Petunia has told him to throw them away.

As he gets older, but before Hogwarts, he doodles all over the margins of his papers in primary school. He gets in trouble for it all the time. When the school threatens to called his aunt and uncle it he doesnt stop his incessant doodling, Harry stops drawing all together.

Until he gets to Hogwarts and realizes that his parents loved him so much, they wanted him to be so well cared for. They left him money. Harry sneaks into a shop and buys a sketch book before going to get his robes.

Harry draws, in secret. Its the one thing he keeps secret from Ron and Hermione. He doesnt mean to. Its just that.well, he doesnt think hes any good. Theyre just doodles anyhow. Nothing serious. Nothing special.

Except they are. Harry draws portraits. Elaborate, detailed portraits. So beautiful and life like. Hes got so many of Ron, of Ginny, of Fred and George, and all the other Weasleys. Hes got sketches of Hermione and Luna and Neville, Dean and Seamus too. He even has sketches of Snape because his greasy hair and crooked nose are fun to draw. He has sketches of McGonagall because he feels he cant get her stern expression just right. He even has sketches of Slytherins cause Artist!Harry doesnt discriminate like that. He has quite a few sketches of a certain pointy faced blonde.

Then he, Hermione, and Ron go out on the road Horcrux hunting. Harry can barely sleep. He sketches wild, dark pictures in the hours he stands watch while Hermione sleeps. These are dark pictures, horrid pictures, fragments of things he sees when he makes the mistake of trying to sleep. His art becomes a mangled mash of his nightmares.

Then theyre captured, taken to Malfoy Manor.and Malfoy doesnt give them up. Malfoy doesnt identify him. Harry KNOWS Malfoy knows its him. Harry cant get the look of Malfoys face out of his mind. The fear, the hope, the worry, anxiety, so much emotion. So much emotion that Harry has to draw it as many times as he can, whenever he can when they escape. He gets a fair few sketches done before the final battle.

The Battle of Hogwarts is won. Voldemort is defeated and in the year it takes for Hogwarts to be re-opened, Harry spends some much needed time away from the wizarding world. He is missed, there were tearful goodbyes. But Harry spends one year in a mental facility, of his own free will, to work on his depression, his anger management issues, his PTSD, his nightmares, and childhood trauma. Not everything is fixed in a year, onbvipusly, but hes doing so much better and his art has improved IMMENSELY! The Mind Healers at the institution let him have special access to all sorts of art supplies. He got to dabble with water colors and acrylics and different types of papers and brushes and oh, he got to experiment and explore and it was glorious.

He finally returns to Hogwarts for his eighth year. He shows his art to his friends for the very first time. They love it. They cant believe they never knew he was so talented. Harry bashfully accepts their praise.

When he runs into Malfoy for the first time, they lock eyes for what seems like an eternity. Finally, Malfoy snaps back into reality and quickly begins to walk away but Harry chases after him.

Malfoy! Harrys footfalls echo through the empty corridor as he rummages through his bag while chasing after Malfoy.

Malfoy, wait! he nearly has it out of his bag when Malfoy whirls around to glare at him.

Come to gloat now, have we? Malfoy is sneering at him but Harry simply smiles. He learned a lot in therapy. He saw a lot that night in Malfoy Manor when he looked into Malfoys eyes. Malfoy cant get under his skin the way he used to because Harry knows. He knows Malfoy is just hurting and doesnt know what to do with it.

I wanted you to have this, Harry hands out a large sheet of parchment. A picture hed drawn of Malfoy taking up most of the space. Hed done it completely from memory while in the gardens at the institute. Hed drawn Malfoy from head to toe in casual robes, his sleeves rolled up, his dark mark lost in an array of blue and red roses.

Potter? Malfoy takes the parchment with shaky fingers, flabbergasted to see his own face staring back at him. Potter has gotten everything right. His eyes, lips, nose, his body, it was so strickintly perfect that he almost felt uncomfortable.

You got the flowers wrong, Malfoy muttered quietly in a thinly veiled attempt to save face. He rolled up his sleeve to reveal his dark mark which was nearly unrecognizable amongst the narcissas that traveled from his wrist to forearm.


Your mother, Harry beamed up at Malfoy, nodding. Excellent choice, of course, but I went through a bit of a rose phase that month. The other ones are better but I figured you could keep this one. Harry blushed darkly when he realized what hed allowed to come out of his big, big mouth. He averted his eyes, staring determinedly at the floor as he waited for Malfoy to say something, anything.

There are more? Of me? Harry could hear the arrogant smirk in Malfoys voice but when he finally looked up, Malfoys was smiling at him.

I think Id like to see them, Malfoy whisperered, stepping closer until their noses were nearly touching. Harry gulped hard, nibbling on his bottom lip as he nodded.

Thatthat could be arranged, he whispered just as quietly, looking up again to see Malfoys eyes filled with so many emotions. They werent the same as last time. This time his eyes were filled with confusion, amusement, uncertaintyand wantingso much wanting.

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pansy tattoo | Tumblr

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