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Angelfire: Welcome to Angelfire10.28.16

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Angelfire: Welcome to Angelfire


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The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill10.28.16

Although beautiful year-round, Carolinas campus is particularly scenic when leaves change color each fall.

Approximately 100 students, faculty and staff came to the Student Unions Aquarium Lounge on October 27 to join in on the third Carolina Conversations session Read More

At the start of his 50th season coaching the Carolina fencing team, Ron Miller remains the coaching legend most people never heard of. Miller traces the Read More

With the World Series underway, we’re talking with major league baseball insider and Carolina junior Chris Cotillo. As a high schooler outside Boston, Cotillo Read More

Archaeology is often associated with objects that are hundreds of years old and older. But a new technique being used by Carolina researchers is Read More

For Vivienne Benesch, producing artistic manager for PlayMakers, the decision to revisit Arthur Millers The Crucible during PlayMakers 2016-2017 season and an election year was Read More

Find photos of what makes UNC so special on Instagram

University Operator: (919) 962-2211 | 2014 The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill |

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The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


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The Tattooist – Wikipedia10.27.16

The Tattooist is a 2007 New Zealand horror film directed by Peter Burger and starring Jason Behr, Nathaniel Lees, Michael Hurst and Robbie Magasiva among others. The film is the first in a series of official co-productions between New Zealand and Singapore.[1]

Jake Sawyer (Jason Behr) is a global wanderer and tattooist who explores ethnic themes in his designs. While visiting Singapore to sell his craft at a local trade show, he swipes an ancient Samoan tattoo tool. After flying to New Zealand to resume his art, he meet up with a lovely Samoan woman named Sina (Mia Blake) and discovers the local Samoan culture. But Jake slowly learns that his stolen tool ends up unleashing an evil avenging spirit whom targets all of the customers that Jake has given tattoos to since his theft of the tool. While attempting to learn pe’a, the Samoan tradition of tattooing, Jake soon realizes that Sina is imperiled when she gets a tattoo from him and he must find a way to save her, and himself.

Principal photography commenced on 16 September 2006 in Auckland, New Zealand.[2]

The soundtrack contains music by The Mint Chicks, King Kapisi and Don McGlashan among others. The score is composed by Peter Scholes.

Critical reception has been mixed to negative for The Tattooist. Common criticism centered on the film’s pacing, as reviewers from sites such as DreadCentral felt that the movie’s plot was too padded and the concept too thin for the 90 minute film length.[3]Bloody Disgusting echoed the same sentiments and expressed frustration over The Tattooist, as they believed that the movie could have been “something fresh and original but instead mimicked a bunch of terrible films before it.”[4]Shock Till You Drop criticized what they saw as an overabundance of backstory and exposition, explaining that “Too much time spent on explaining why works against sustaining a sense of disbelief and The Tattooist is especially ponderous in this regard.”[5] In a positive review, David Johnson of DVD Verdict stated the film is “a frantic, messy, nasty little horror flick and is worth checking out.”[6]

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The Tattooist – Wikipedia


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Tattoo artist – Wikipedia10.27.16

A tattoo artist (also tattooer or tattooist) is an individual who applies permanent decorative tattoos, often in an established business called a “tattoo shop,” “tattoo studio” or ‘”tattoo parlour.” Tattoo artists usually learn their craft via an apprenticeship under a trained and experienced mentor.

A tattoo artist traditionally earns the title by completing an apprenticeship under strict guidelines from an experienced senior tattoo artist. Apprentices are generally expected to be excellent at drawing, with an ability to excel at customizing design ideas and genres, as well as various other styles of art in general.[1]

A tattoo apprenticeship traditionally lasts two years. For the first six months to a year, the apprentice is not allowed to tattoo but is trained in sanitation and proper safety techniques. The apprentice will be expected to clean and maintain the shop, as well as watch and continue to grow as an artist. This first year most apprentices quit and never achieve full completion.[citation needed] The cost of apprenticing can range from free labor around the shop to tens of thousands of dollars.[2]

Tattoo artists can create original tattoo designs for their customers. Tattooists may use flash (pre-drawn, stock images that can be traced onto the skin) or variations of known designs.

Some of the tools of the trade have greatly evolved while some have stayed the same, such as the tattoo machine. In itself, the traditional machine has not changed from its original design and/or concept. With the rise of new machine designs, however, both air- and electric-powered tools such as the rotary and pneumatic tattoo machine have made their way into the industry. A practitioner may also use many different needle sets, such as round liner needles, round shader needles, flat shaders, and magnum (mag) needles. The amount of needles attached to the needle bar change, as well. For instance, large magnum needle groups range from 15 to 55 needles on one bar. There are cheap needle alternatives that have poor hardness and therefore blunt quickly. A practitioner must have the basic tools to provide a tattoo. All other items at the artist’s disposal are as different as each tattoo. Basic tools include the tattoo machine, power supply, clip cord, foot pedal, grip, tips, grip stem, needles, and tattoo ink. In the UK equipment must only be sold to registered studios who are provided a certificate by their local environmental health department.[3]

The properly equipped tattoo studio will use biohazard containers for objects that have come into contact with blood or bodily fluids, sharps containers for old needles, and an autoclave for sterilizing tools. Certain jurisdictions also require studios by law to have a sink in the work area supplied with both hot and cold water.

Proper hygiene requires a body modification artist to wash his or her hands before starting to prepare a client for the stencil, between clients, after a tattoo has been completed, and at any other time where cross contamination can occur. The use of single use disposable gloves is also mandatory. In some countries and U.S. states it is illegal to tattoo a minor even with parental consent, and it is usually not allowed to tattoo impaired persons (e.g. someone intoxicated or under the influence of drugs), people with contraindicated skin conditions, those who are pregnant or nursing, or those incapable of consent due to mental incapacity. Before the tattooing begins the client is asked to approve the position of the applied stencil. After approval is given the artist will open new, sterile needle packages in front of the client, and always use new, sterile or sterile disposable instruments and supplies, and fresh ink for each session (loaded into disposable ink caps which are discarded after each client). Also, all areas which may be touched with contaminated gloves will be wrapped in clear plastic to prevent cross-contamination. Equipment that cannot be autoclaved (such as countertops, machines, and furniture) will be cleaned with a low level disinfectant and then wiped with an approved high level disinfectant.

The local health department can/will do a hands on inspection of tattoo studios every 4 months in the state of Tennessee. The venue will be graded based on the areas being inspected. If the studio passes an inspection, the health department will sign off on a passing scorecard and the studio will be required to show their score publicly. If the studio fails an inspection, they will be given the opportunity to correct the mistakes (if minor) or be fined (major health risks) and can also be placed out of business on the spot.

Also, the possession of a working autoclave is mandatory in most states. An autoclave is a medical sterilization device used to sterilize stainless steel. The autoclave itself will be inspected by the health department and required to submit weekly spore tests. However if these jurisdictions are up to date, they will not require an autoclave if the practitioners are using 100% disposable tubes and grips which are made of plastic and some grips are made of rubber. These come pre-sterilized for one time use.

Membership in professional organizations, or certificates of appreciation/achievement, generally helps artists to be aware of the latest trends. However, many of the most notable tattooists do not belong to any association. While specific requirements to become a tattooist vary between jurisdictions, many mandate only formal training in blood-borne pathogens, and cross contamination. The local department of health regulates tattoo studios in many jurisdictions.

For example, according to the health departments in Oregon and Hawaii, tattoo artists in these states are required to take and pass a test ascertaining their knowledge of health and safety precautions, as well as the current state regulations. Performing a tattoo in Oregon state without a proper and current license or in an unlicensed facility is considered a felony offense.[4] Tattooing was legalized in New York City, Massachusetts, South Carolina and Oklahoma between 2002 and 2006.[5]

People who tattoo without proper training in the art of tattooing are commonly known as ‘scratchers’. Scratchers often operate from home, but may also operate from an unlicensed studio, making it difficult for customers to identify whether the artist is legitimate or not. In addition, scratchers may offer reduced rates in order to attract customers away from professional tattoo shops. In the USA, practicing without a license is a criminal offense in many states.[6]

The practice of tattooing without proper training also carries serious health risks. Studies have shown that there is a significant risk of contracting Hepatitis C when tattoos are carried out using cheap, non-sterilized tattooing equipment. These risks are found to be higher on unregulated premises.[7]

In the UK, Plymouth City Council launched a campaign in 2014 to crack down on ‘scratchers’ operating within the city “in an attempt to reduce infection and injury through better awareness and training around infection control.”[8]

Tattoo artist – Wikipedia


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Fashion Shows: Fashion Week, Runway, Designer … – Vogue10.17.16

rHv&_OQ1&Y5YYKneVzem4 D$5=Y_g7q05m]I2?~+p~~xk}y!7N_;/axyO^^owky%Anoz)[:NF/RFZ&VUrq/_^b[PWbo6imr_Xr}=e*??^x&?b//^|{#9^seBM2_=VHg^e8r x?J?F5rus ~zJ?fv1]=bg3>|-8lFr#(F~~ktWEYeXX^O?LAbx~}QbfxryjCyz{m_@$}zx^#0pq~Rfby/zMyukq#FjCjkzr?q =0′xy$8.WO19tz$3GOF8{9v RzdWzKiRruM4%TLd|No’&?@tt^*6bW@rwy5 z=v(@h ?MDVW+0c= X3A}:_wPfo}//~*tl=?2EgD0′q//,@/;%c”d)onnX{Bq}= 9AmqkD]|DWJ>UfoTrStGD?#;RY)XpSzJi?zgmamYz0in0H*a2>> o &$-n`om*_1Qn!47; Nk&+{U9(C-*y(5Qc,VX;q1zmJTxi|T{a XReVu[rVZw 1CoUw PyJbjQ>?VtW.>]WVURAQ_Rptn6;sr4ujosTIZNPQ ~H~MP1(Lqn~”U_{Ju/0zOx?(A+J@|sm”:SC^~ `c8Y^W;_AcpyI%>n)Ly’ {_^})F=L}qnRT&1Pv4y]1=M{7 o$`g!>q + `d8 s AHNzsU[}qc,Q^Wxc`6*wG7PkIvaVLU09UrGzM* bN;O.5{a4ws”hQ+\:Guj#9sw.+ xu-+&=9Sc&&”k#9OwpIY+PeRmXc :19!qKzw b5iHEq,23QU.7sFf-Z$20BbCNvVvG;j6b #P8GOVV|M/b> F+h h%U /w7n2*w s3k

g60%WkN#i]^>:^u”W”F}+_*vC6>.}/o9~I $C^I9xDsy w/!@?{?$&w~xda;quCzv=TEQ+n6TO oUF2t}5u1(:=U?.ww/( 7P(%m[(QYBnw>al7N?U+/jEu’yPi=Kyp>W;_|%HlR; mZO&~”wp$$p1|[5|;l;W#&1ztU~2uw’)YF1ryj~.)H[rv{M>U~*;v=aC(CNc{v)u;Ox%xgTrfKi[N6OsnrzWZf`-2;U~Jf!t1bLMIp+J@iYIJN0e%]?Z~Uor~tP679Sl?msrglQs[yLy;x;`.sM] .Dj+>’x}ZW{G:#{{e#_>:?k[e@9%HE e9G4ULUpN.AA+&BeL Ac&QL CW>WO2^n1EBBmJajR-IaH!_nO);s.7*jB_~87ve^_hTs*B1vX7,’xR(PFzFBE6NL,y’{uYs8IYmc}V~!!La1X!p:Cx’^y:OKnKf,2y:L’.:qrtqE0iO24E= ] SlTOKU#GdCxZ?>ia?{SauBZ*I-$o]slMqowqKypY=/Qd{.~.0g&BLV.gL~Y$bgy{ ^02tW!FPb2″1yhu]5VNhrmh6+?m2Z^uQZFd/ h*H5q@eWjvrOEblIACS4>kaAx!@S4T_(^#*O3,q) Oh.:K’,95JUiVG S[3+Iq#vEqU+{_^lN'm1Ug==O9+n`~3DrS3"u,JE*E.C~T]c6#Q”QjjfIdlZG;.,il – CGAy=#vcl2@N^!qexif9h cFkb_%O 5.dp:,RyO:u$7BqTi;l#yi;#iO; DV :}hrz{S[JM^*u?*sH{;?xv[5>6V3R~;flzAU_N9d5 R|=~gL6W*72s0>TbjT}fq]kV5MYa|~ 3kV]kVwYaS!’~-XIC`USXPyJ i>dMcLnnVWn]+`aP;.QqBvrXU2Kx!_Wd$a3{fipjN`j.W iVS_ Bt`9Za’,[`qp%%j"hZ Eed][t`=|dUU}/KQv7Wm~f_wTtu*uP-x_ky[ntAU3*qbJ]V@r4Aks[QY4Zt7$DLv4xr_PN9SM |g.oc-}zEgEFOgjD;t}u/7M*UY`l0w/>32kbVqtjE`/0~ h5>e1VYe.*]Uj5}}{]pWWG1M|CgBZ99&vU1V*wM&u!29hnWb-o0 LuV?}!k&al-eui./WFbDtbA^vrKF$QF-u_r^@ae_oOTwGh6%7O;||SPyNj”cy8{)hm5;:|I/:@Qf{X[7}] okZ?AiU?dBzP(l8^58v]y>jmA}6q+”}Pp.BB|S^!yp =H7{=uF>kEh,]PfD}x.u vK.RbwBumyx e}tLb0~juAQEjqz `2nzkq} 9x[TL*?cm~yUWm_Wy_UWkxFJP^`P{EO6mM?sCfW7I&G 8Fwc/gJp|`k>n7U_(G`$Aq)P.:Wb-|-bH$|?RU_C: )@v’rcuG90>w”87E|q.P$Mb’Uk[F*/p?+#q}Wj)v88Avon4o^jG}zX6iCPeO;k Wex=ll myW8V-I*?P2onk6 0%y aZ@*UeN#TTqfy |P&2Zyw’:i_i>’ WO cZYqK8q _;]?[Q$wz:>UnR`Bz8v{mZndSzulDSuXhyyPE-i#aq=,{=7Zq=,y=_j_ :Kc\}O~n6-._NJC3f> r>0W;T a”S8l$r!IQptu*E=@BWKg3-sj”3z]A|KE/pZ;0>w@6wy`: :ywPsuj2G3Dmy2 kKy/7c,Scj^UXs77-}Oi9CHYxVXvG3ZbO#Qto”axZ6C_P@`jwxZq]nomUVY2G~FWfk{rV9 XMu^*We!h7lh]n.>]pq/;f%6RmlqB=)o”-^?J |}4w_^ {xlru}QV#vz/?”FQV(BUo7oW?w;.GU/._{^}o__ ! W>Wnaa~_OH7_jC0gj!086B .yK>j&L75W~{CsgV}DS`c.7}2rx.qvsTjiMnu4,Pec{q!y0z>dA|Tr(E.3S/e&R>qGQMAkZ(IpSjvAsy^__[wK|W;/’M{+nJv+H~SUl:GM./T|-q:lW`WSSb Orn/o^uTPw6u03#molRMaY,F>nU_D EM(Sq7mmhWZXR7~Son/u!/?KOF>W18rl2r}7P _wuJ( (;_D*UKB{rX[p@[_OEFOwaoY&H0&0xJq(j) lwtq,[ Z}7l/3)T^T5{^~{?F s~BGE?,ihYKaF= zIW+}O K7=c4%”I8 ,C6Ed’”E-()nB As0e>ObA`}L>D}q80g71(“”,R%Vb^q1l!A @aZp0VL)O98QTUNYnsRgzF`a2$4)QZQqmeQG”@ :@cyHJi(% HpNC!R,)) He&=EqI~hvrs,”~b,)J3fC


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Read Alonex Special & Industrial Electronic Equipment …10.17.16

” ”

Alonex Special & Industrial Electronic Equipment Repair Reference List AX-REF Preliminary Edition MD120805

Military, Scientific, Industrial Electronic & Computer Equipment Repair Catalog All the listed product’s models, trade marks and brands, are the properties of their respective manufacturers and owners.

AAEON Technology Inc. GENE-5312 3.5″ SubCompact SBC Board with Geode GX PCM-4330 PC/104 486 CPU Module PCM-4896L Geode CPU Compact SBC Board PFM-535I (PCM-5335) Geode GX1-300 PC/104 CPU Module PFM-535S PC/104 Vortex86SX System-On-Chip CPU Module PFM-540I Rev.B PC/104 AMD Geode LX CPU Module PFM-540I PC/104 AMD Geode LX CPU Module PFM-541I PC/104 AMD Geode LX 800 CPU Module PFM-550S PC/104 VIA Mark CPU Module PFM-800P PC/104 Celeron CPU Module PFM-945C PC/104 Atom N270 CPU Module AAEON Technology Inc.

ABB 35ZE94 CPU Board 3BSE00 5735R1 AC Motor Drive Control Board 3HAC0373-1 DSQC-361 CPU Board 3HAC1620-1 CPU Control Board 3HAC3180-1 CPU Control Board ACS201-4P9 AC Motor Drive ACS-300 Speed Control AC Drives Family ACS401-0004-3-2 ACS 400 3Phase AC Drive-Inverter ACS401-0005-3-2 ACS 400 3Phase AC Drive-Inverter ACS401-0006-3-2 ACS 400 3Phase AC Drive-Inverter ACS401-0025-3-2 ACS 400 3Phase AC Drive-Inverter ACS401-0004-3-5 ACS 400 3Phase AC Drive-Inverter ACS401-0005-3-5 ACS 400 3Phase AC Drive-Inverter ACS401-0006-3-5 ACS 400 3Phase AC Drive-Inverter ACS401-0009-3-5 ACS 400 3Phase AC Drive-Inverter ACS401-0025-3-5 ACS 400 3Phase AC Drive-Inverter ACS401 0009-3-2 ACS 400 3Phase AC Drive-Inverter ACS401-0030-3-2 ACS 400 30kw AC Drive-Inverter ACS504-071-3 AC Motor Drive ACS601-0050-3 AC Motor Drive ASD-6801 DC Motor Drive DCS501-0200-41-21P0100 DC Motor Drive DCS501B0450-51-21P0000 DC Motor Drive DKH-E-120 Servo Motor Drive DKH-E-1201 30A Servo Motor Drive DKH2601 16A Servo Motor Drive DKR-E1205 12/30A Servo Motor Drive DKL-04201 Servo Motor Drive DKL-02801 Servo Motor Drive DSH-3005 Axodyn 30 Amp Servo Motor Drive DKL-01501 Servo Motor Drive DKR-2205 Servo Motor Drive DKR-E4501 45/100A Servo Motor Drive DSQ-C223 Robot Control Board GCB-6422C Veritron DC Motor Drive GNT-2-018001R0003 Veritron 75A DC Drive 05-MA-35 Axodyn Motor Drive 27N Single Phase Undervoltage Relay 59N Undervoltage Relay 37204601AE01 (DC 2000) GJR2391500R1210 Input Module 81EU01 GJV-4000-221 Control Card GME-4-005-12-54-0F 15/11A Inverter GME-4-018-14-21-00 18kW Inverter GTR0212 Heater Band Controller GTR0300 Heater Band Controller 89NG03 Power Supply Module CS-31 Adapter Module FXE4000 Electromagnetic Flowmeter DE43F DE43FW Flowmeter Controller Kent-Taylor 7835 Hydrazine Sensor V01504A0800000 Control Board V01507A08C0003 Motor Drive V02807A09F000K Motor Drive V08541A0500000 Motor Drive V4550220-0100 ESP Controller V4550235-0002 PC Board Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. Tel.: 03-5037095, Fax: 03-5031048, P.O.Box 1377, Holon 58171 URL:,

Alonex Electronic Equipment Repair Reference List Page 2 of 313

” ”

V4555724-0100 PC Board V4555789 PC Board Y.PYR.636.3610 Piromat Controller YYU-133A ABB ASEA AC Motor Drive Card ABB

Abbey Electronics D12372 Power Supply 161530 Power Supply Abbey Electronics

Acces I/O Products AIO-8 8-Input A/D Converter and Counter/Timer Card PCI-AI12-16 ADC, Analog-To-Digital Converter PCI Card PCI-AI12-16A ADC/DAC PCI Card PCI-A12-16A ADC/DAC PCI Card PCI-A12-16A ADC/DAC PCI Card LPCI-A16-16A**ADC/DAC PCI Card PCI-DA12-2 DAC, Digital-To-Analog Converter PCI Card PCI-DA12-4 DAC, Digital-To-Analog Converter PCI Card PCI-DA12-6 DAC, Digital-To-Analog Converter PCI Card PCI-DA12-8 DAC, Digital-To-Analog Converter PCI Card PCI-DA12-16 DAC, Digital-To-Analog Converter PCI Card Acces I/O Products

AC-DC Electronics REV804B-2448-9001 Power Supply JF101G-2000-0000 Power Supply JF751A-2000-4104 Power Supply RSF501B-5000 Power Supply ECV12D3.4-1 Power Supply TR201-101 Power Supply RT301-119 Power Supply RSN30-2 Power Supply RS5N60-2 Power Supply AC-DC Electronics

ACER 7111D Monitor 7133D Monitor 7133S Monitor 7134E Monitor 7134EL Monitor 7134TL Monitor 7134TS Monitor 7135C Monitor 7154EL Monitor ACER

ACS Electronics, ACS Motion Control – ACS-Tech-80 – Technology 80 SB214-SA Multi-Axis Motion Controller SB214ND-1 4-Axis Control Module SB214ND-110 4-Axis Control Module SB214ND-F-9 4-Axis Control Module SB214PC2-NOVA Multi-Axis Motion Controller SB214PC2-D Multi-Axis Motion Controller SB214PC Multiaxis Motion Controller Card Model 5650A ISA Bus Servo Controller Card Model 5651A ISA Bus Servo Controller Card Model 5638 ISA Bus Servo Controller Card Model 5639 ISA Bus Servo Controller Card Model 5000 ISA Bus Stepper Controller Card Model 5030 ISA Bus Stepper Controller Card Model 5312B PC ISA Bus Encoder Interface Card ACS Electronics, ACS Motion Control – ACS-Tech-80 – Technology 80

ACT Keren LI 1282TOL-CRDV, LI1282TOL-CRDV Control Panel ACT Keren

Acopian Technical Company TD15-40 Power Supply TD15-100 Power Supply TD15-160 Power Supply TD15-250 Power Supply TD15-450 Power Supply TD15-850 Power Supply Acopian Technical Company

ADAS Electronique BCI-146 BCI-148 Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. Tel.: 03-5037095, Fax: 03-5031048, P.O.Box 1377, Holon 58171 URL:,

Alonex Electronic Equipment Repair Reference List Page 3 of 313

” ”

BCI-104 BCI-140 BCI-160 BCI-168 BCI-184 EPC-800 PC/AT Transmitter Board of PCM-801 PC/AT – Multibis I Gateway Kit RM1PC Multibus I Receiver Board of PCM-801 PC/AT – Multibis I Gateway Kit ICM-100 ICM-110 ICM-116 ICM-118 ICM-832/864 ICM-240 ICM-532/564 REVB MULTIBUS-1 12-bit ADC Card ICM-532 MULTIBUS-1 12-bit ADC Card ICM-532/BC MULTIBUS-1 12-bit ADC Card ICM-564 MULTIBUS-1 12-bit ADC Card ICV-196 VME Bus 96 Digital I/O Card ICV-296 VME Bus 96 Digital I/O Card ICV-248 VME Bus 48 Isolated Digital Inputs Card ICV-320 VME Bus 32 Isolated Digital Outputs Card ICV-440 VME Bus 24 Isolated Inputs / 16 Relay Outputs Card ICV-604 ICV-307 ICV-502 ICV-150 VME Bus 12/14/16-bit Analog Acquisitions Board Card ICV-110 ICV-107 ICV-108 ICV-118 VME Bus 32 High Precision Analog Inputs Card ICV-120 ICV-122 ICV-128-e ICV-132 ICV-138-e ICV-140-e ICV-144 ICV-178 ICV-701 ICV-706 ICV-714 ICV-716 ICV-726 ICV-914 VME Bus Intelligent 4 Motors Controller Card PVV-900 VME/VME Gateway Cards PCI-102 PCI-DX6 PCI-264 PCI-307 PCI-150 PCI-160 PCI-220 PCI-224 PCI-228 PCI-238 PCI-744 PCI-786 CPCI-307 CPCI-1150 CPCI-1224 CPCI-1228 CPCI-412 CPCI-744 CPCI-1786 MAL TRL-914 PAM-905 PCM-801 PCV-800 PC/AT – VME Gateway (EPC800 PC Emitter & RV800 VME Receiver Boards) PMM-801 PMV-801 Multibus I / VME Gateway Kit PVM-801 VME / Multibus I Gateway Kit UCV-683 68020 @16MHz VMEBus SBC ADAS Electronique


Dominant 707 Series Offset Printing Presses 507 745C DI 755C DI 807 Series Offset Printing Presses Docucolor 400 DI

Adept Technology, Adept Robotics 01182-000 Dual Power Amplifier with Offset Control 10338-53005R Dual Power Amplifier 10338-53105R Dual Power Amplifier Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. Tel.: 03-5037095, Fax: 03-5031048, P.O.Box 1377, Holon 58171 URL:,

Alonex Electronic Equipment Repair Reference List Page 4 of 313

” ”

10338-53005 Power Amplifier 10330-10150 VME-030 CPU Module 10350-01044 VME-040 CPU Module 10300-15520 Servo Amplifier 10315-00940 Power Supply 10336-10150 Power Supply 30340-40000 Power Supply 10330-0400 VMI PC Board 10846-13430 PC Board 10350-01040 AWC Controller 30330-12350 SIO Serial Input Output Module 10300-46620 Control Board 10300-11110 JIB Board 10336-15350 Power Supply ASSY 30336-31000 Power Control PCA PA-4 30846-00020 Amp ASSY 10332-20150 MCP PCA, MCP3/MCP4 10330-00970 PCA, AIO VME Analog I/O Board 10332-00800 PCA, DIO VME Digital I/O Interface 10330-44710R PCA, 040 Processor, 25MHz, IDE/SCSI, 4MB 10330-48712 PCA, 040 Processor, 25MHz, IDE/SCSI, 8MB 10332-00655 PCA, EVI Enhanced VME Vision Interface 10332-00505X PC Board EJIX2 10332-00600 I/O Board VIS CE PCA 10332-00710 CPU Module 040 10332-00712 PC Board 040 10332-00714 Processor O40 10332-00800X PC Board DIOX2 10332-11000 Teach Pendant 10332-11150 VME Processor Module COBRA 600 PCA 030 Processor 10332-11400 VME Motion Interface Module MV Controller PCA MI-3 10332-11410 VME Motion Interface Module MV Controller PCA MI-3 10332-12350 SIO Interface Module 10332-12400 MI-6 VME Motion Interface Module 10332-12410 Enhanced PCBoard MI6 with DAC MV-5 VME Controller MV-8 VME Controller MV-10 VME Controller MV-19 VME Controller 01044-000 Amplifier, PA-4, CAT3, Model 336 CE 01044-000R Amplifier, PA-4, CAT3, Model 336 CE, Reman 10211-00100 PCA VFI VME Force Interface 10300-16600 PCA Multibus 68000 System Processor, VAL 10330-01610 PCA Video Bus Coupling, VGB to VIS (VTV) Single Channel 10330-01615 PCA Video Bus Coupling, VGB to VIS (VTV) Dual Channel 10336-15355 PCA, Power Control, PA-4, CE 10337-15200 Dual Power A Amplifier, CE 10338-00180 Dual Power Amplifier B1, MV 10338-51000R Dual Power Amplifier B+, MV 10338-53005R Dual Power Amplifier C, MV 10338-53010 Dual Power Amplifier C, MV, Japan Version 10338-53100R Dual Power Amplifier B+, MV 10338-53105R Dual Power Amplifier C, MV 10338-53200 Dual Power Amplifier B+ II, AdeptVicron 10339-53110 Dual Power Amplifier C, MV, Japan version Adept Technology, Adept Robotics

Adleepower AS1-104 Variable Frequency Drive AS1-107 Variable Frequency Drive AS2-IPM Variable Frequency Drive AS2-02 VFD AS2-04 VFD AS2-104 Variable Frequency Drive AS2-107 Variable Frequency Drive AS2-115 Variable Frequency Drive AS2-122 Variable Frequency Drive AS2-304 VFD AS2-307 VFD AS2-315 VFD AS2-322 VFD AS2-337 VFD AS2-15IPM Variable Frequency Drive AS4-307 VFD AS4-315 VFD AS4-322 VFD AS4-337 Variable Frequency Drive Adleepower

Advanet Inc. ADVME1107A SRAM Memory Board ADVME1522A Shared Memory Board ADVME1209A 64-Channel High Speed Digital Input Board ADVME1211 128-Channel Digital Input Board ADVME1311 64-Channel Digital Output Board ADVME1314 128-Channel Digital Output Board ADVME1420A 32-Channel/32-Channel High Speed Digital I/O Board E-041 DIO Monitor Tool Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. Tel.: 03-5037095, Fax: 03-5031048, P.O.Box 1377, Holon 58171 URL:,

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” ”

ADVME2607 Isolated 64-Channel ADC Board ADVME2608A 64-Channel 16-Bit ADC Board ADVME2701 Isolated DAC Board ADVME2702 Isolated 16-Channel DAC Board ADVME2706 16-Channel 16-Bit DAC Board ADVME1608B 16-Channel ADC 8-Channel DAC Board ADVME2616 4-Channel 240MSPS ADC Conversion Board ADVME2708 4-Channel 240MSPS DAC Conversion Board ADVME1537 DeviceNet/CAN Communication Board ADVME1543 GP-IB Controller Board ADVME1806 8-channel 100MHz Counter Board ADVME2004 4-Axis Pulse Control Board ADVME2005 8-Axis Pulse Control Board ADVME2006 8-Axis Pulse Control Board ADVME1524 VME Bus Expander (Master) ADVME1525 VME Bus Expander (Slave) ADVME0203 VME Bus Universal Board Advanet Inc.

AE Advanced Energy 1140-01086 10 kWDC Magnetron Drive 1140-01088 MDX-20K Master Power Supply 3155031-014E ESC power supply Ultima HDP CVD 3152326-000 400V Power Supply 3152362-000 400-800V Power Supply 3152362-011 208V/400-800V Power Supply 3152363-005 208V/12kW Power Supply 3152363-035 208V/10kW, 400-500V Power Supply 3152412-106 208V/10kW, 325-650V, 400-1000V Power 3152412-107 208V/10kW, 325-650V, 400-1000V Power 3152412-111 208V/10kW, 325-650V, 400-1000V Power 3152412-115 208V/20kW, 650V Power Supply 3152412-116 480V/10kW, 300-700V, 400-1000V Power 3152412-119 208V/10kW, 325-650V, 400-1000V Power 3152412-149 208V/20kW Power Supply 3152412-199 208V Power Supply 3152412-213 480V/20kW, 400-1000V Power Supply 3152412-218 208V/400-1000V Power Supply 3152412-223 208V/20kW Power Supply 3152412-233 480V/20kW, 400-1000V Power Supply 3152433-350 208V/10kW, 1600V Power Supply 3152435-100 208V/650V Power Supply 3152412-264 480V/20 Power Supply 3152-338 208V Power Supply 660-024637-008 RF Generator 660-024637-016 RF Generator 660-024637-006 RF Generator AE01684D MDX II 18kW Power System RFG5500 RFG 5500 Pinnacle 20KW APEX 5513 5.5kW RF Generator PDX-500 RF Plasma Generator PDX-900-2V RF Plasma Generator Sparc-le 20 DC Pulsing Arc System PE-II-10kW 3150274-000 RF Matching Network 3150053-001 RFPP RF 30H 660-024637-006 3150273-002R 660-024637-026 MDX-10 2012-000F DC Sputtering Power Supply MDX 10 RFG-1250 RF-XII-5500 RF Power Supply RFX-II-3000 RF Generator PDX-500 RF Generator Pinnacle Plus 5kW Pulsed DC Atlas 2012 RF Generator RFG/RFX/RFDS 1250W Series RFG/RFX/RFDS 3kW Series RFDS-1250 RFG-3000 RFG-3001 RFG-1250 RFX-600 AE Advanced Energy

Supply Supply Supply Supply Supply

AEG – AEG Modicon 1AX-400-80-H Thyro-A Thyristor Power Switch 1AX-400-280-HF Thyro-A Thyristor Power Switch 1M-400-495-HF Thyristor Power Switch 3AX-400-170H 3-Phase Thyristor Controller AE-08 AM-400/20-SL E-SAL-81-PRO E6261FB-002A Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. Tel.: 03-5037095, Fax: 03-5031048, P.O.Box 1377, Holon 58171 URL:,

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” ”

E6371JA-13M6A E6371DA-02M6A E6371JE-T46L6A E6371NA-02M5A AEG Modicon Logistat A020/E/24V 7628-200596.11 PLC Control AEG Modicon Logistat A020 7628-200568.11 PLC Control MI-220-2 AEG – AEG Modicon

Allen Bradley – Rockwell Automation Inc. 160-BA02PPS1 Motor Drive 0.75HP 3-Phase 460VAC 160-BA02SF1-AS-P1C Motor Drive 3/4HP 1.7AMP 460VAC 3-Phase 160-BA03NPS1 Motor Drive 1-HP 380-460VAC 160-BA03NPS1P1 Motor Drive 1HP 380-460VAC 3-Phase 1HP 160-BA03NSF1 Motor Drive 1HP 3-Phase 460VAC 160-BA03NSF1P1 Motor Drive Input 380-460V 160-BA03PSF1 Drive 1HP 3-Phase 460VAC 160-BA03PSF1P1 Drive 1HP 3-Phase 160-BA03SF1-AF-DMSFIC-DS-PIC Motor Drive 160-BA04NPS1 Motor Drive 1.5KW/2HP 3-Phase 460V 4A 160-BA04NPS1P1 Motor Drive 380-460VAC 3-Phase 2HP 160-BA04NSF1 Motor Drive 2HP 3-Phase 460VAC 160-BA04NSF1P1 Motor Drive 2HP 3-Phase 460VAC 160-BA04PSF1 Motor Drive 2HP 3-Phase 460VAC 4A 160-BA04PSF1P1 Motor Drive Input 460V 176-NR4 401-30114-00 845K-SADZ25-CMY3 1203-GD4 1332-AAA 1HP, 230V Drive 1333-BAAB 3HP, 230V Drive 1336 1391B-AA45-N 1398-DDM-019 1747-L553 CPU Module SLC 5/05 64K user Memory SLC500 1336-BO20-EAE-FA2 1720-L004 4 Input AND-OR Gates Card 1745-LP102 170-265VAC Sinking Input, 6 Relay Output Card 1771ASC 1771-ASC Remote I/O Adapter Module 1745-LP157 Processor Module SLC150 2711-K5A2 PanelView 550 Touch Screen Monitor 845D-NXC7917-2 845DNXC79172 Encoder 1745-LP157 EEPROM Memory Module 1746-0A16 1746-OB16 1746-NI16I Analog Input Module 1746-NI16V Analog Input Module 1746-NI4 Analog Input Module 1746-NI8 Analog Input Module 1746-NIO4I Analog Input Module 1747-AIC Isolated link Coupler 1747-ASB SLC-500 Remote I/O Adapter Module 1747-L532 SLC-500 Processor Unit 1770-SB Data Cartridge Recorder 1770-TAA 1771-AL I/O adapter module 1771-OM AC Output Module 1771-P2 Power Supply 1771-OBD DC (10-60V) Output Module 1772-LXP-C PLC 1785-L40E-E PLC-5/40 Ethernet Module 2711-K6C1-A PanelView 600 2711-T10C16 PanelView 1000 Color Touch Terminal 2711-T10C8 Panelview-1000 2711E-K14C6 Operator Interface VGA PXL DH+&RI/O NEMA2 13 4X 2711E-K14C15 Operator Interface 2711E-K12C6 Industrial CRT Operator Interface 2711-CT10C Panelview-C1000, TFT Color, Touch, Sserial/Etherenet, DC 2711-EIK14C Panelview 2711-K14C8 PanelView-1400 1746-HSRV Axis Cotroller 2711-CT6M Panelview-C600, Monohrome, Touch, Sserial/Etherenet, DC 4100-234-L IMC S Class Motion Controller 966259-03 1770-TA Industrial Terminal Monitor PC-669-0696 Power Supply Board PC-669-0794 S Class Power Board PLC-5 VME VMEbus Programmable Controllers 1785-L11B 1785-L20B 1785-L30B 1785-L40B 1785-L40L 1785-L60B 1785-L60L 1785-L80B 1785-L26B 1785-L46B 1785-L46L 1785-L86B Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. Tel.: 03-5037095, Fax: 03-5031048, P.O.Box 1377, Holon 58171 URL:,

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” ”

1785-L20E 1785-L40E 1785-L80E 1785-L20C15 1785-L40C15 1785-L46C15 1785-L60C15 1785-L80C15 1785-V30B 1785-V40B 1781785-V80B D17856.5.9 PLC-5/40 VME Ethernet Processor Module PLC-5/V30B Enhanced and Ethernet PLC-5 Programmable Controller 1745LP101A PLC Programable Logic Controller 1745LP101B PLC 1745LP101C PLC 1745LP101D PLC 1745-LP102 PLC SLC-100 Processor Module 1745-LP103 PLC SLC-100 1745-LP104 PLC SLC100 Processor Module 1745-LP145 PLC 1745LP151B PLC 1745LP151C PLC 1745-LP152 PLC SLC-150 Processor Module 1745-LP153 PLC SLC-150 20 Inputs 12 Relay Outputs 1745-LP154 PLC SLC-150 20 Inputs 12 Outputs Processor Module 1745-LP156 PLC SLC-150 20 Inputs 12 Relay Outputs 1745-LP157 Processor Module SLC150 Allen Bradley 7100 series CNC Control Allen Bradley 7300 series CNC Control Allen Bradley 7360 CNC Control Allen Bradley 7370 CNC Control Allen Bradley 8200 CNC Control Allen Bradley 8200 series CNC Control Allen Bradley 8400 CNC Control Allen Bradley 8400 (Bandit IV) CNC Control Allen Bradley 8600 CNC Control Allen Bradley 8600 series CNC Control Allen Bradley 9/230 CNC Control Allen Bradley 9/240 CNC Control Allen Bradley 9/260 CNC Control Allen Bradley 9000 series CNC Control Allen Bradley 9200 series CNC Control Allen Bradley 9230 CNC Control Allen Bradley 9240 CNC Control Allen Bradley 9260 CNC Control Allen Bradley – Rockwell Automation Inc.

Anilam, Inc. 1100M Monitor 31500271S Power Supply 318-00-054-S-REVC PCB504 901-164 XYZ Board 31800039S, 36-220-01 Anilam 9″ Monitor 901-132 Output Board for Anilam Crusader 2 CNC 901-175 Relay Board for Anilam Crusader 2 CNC Anilam 14″ Color Monitor 513 REV D CPU Board Anilam 1100 CNC Control Anilam 1400 CNC Control Anilam 3000 CNC Control Anilam 3000M CNC Control Anilam 4200 CNC Control 4200T CNC Anilam 5000 CNC Control Anilam 5000M CNC Control Anilam 6000 CNC Control 6000i Anilam 6000M CNC Control Anilam Commando CNC Control Anilam Crusader CNC Control Anilam Crusader II CNC Control Anilam Eagle CNC Control Anilam G Series CNC Control PCB500 901-161 Rev A Crusader M CPU Board PCB503 901-163 Rev B Crusader M CPU Board Wizard 311 Digital Readout / DRO Wizard 411 Digital Readout / DRO Wizard 550 LCD Readout / DRO Wizard 1000 LCD Readout / DRO Wizard 211 Digital Readout / DRO Wizard 450 Digital Readout / DRO Wizard 450L Digital Readout / DRO Wizard 900 Digital Readout / DRO Wizard 900E Digital Readout / DRO Mini Wizard Blackbox Wizard 150 Wizard 350 Wizard 800 Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. Tel.: 03-5037095, Fax: 03-5031048, P.O.Box 1377, Holon 58171 URL:,

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” ”

Anilam, Inc.

APS – Advanced Power Solutions APS61ES-10 Power Supply APS61ES-11 APS61ES-11A APS61ES-12 APS61ES-13 APS61ES-19 APS61ES-20 APS61ES-21 APS61ES-21A APS61ES-22 APS61ES-23 APS61ES-25 APS61ES-30 APS – Advanced Power Solutions

ASR Servotron ASR-9730-523 ASR-9730-547 ASR-9745-759ML PSM-200-100 Power Supply Module SD22-40A1 SD42-30-700-A1-9-10 SD42-30-700-A1/9/10 SD42-30-A1/9/10-700 SD42-30-A1/9/10-702 SM22-36/05-08 TSNM 150-12-01 Servo Drive ASR Servotron

Advantech Technologies PCA-6123 PCA-6126L/D, PCA-6126D PCA-6126 286 Industrial CPU Card Rev. B4 (1-4 MB of SIMM RAM) PCA-6132 386 SBC PCA-6133 386SX 25MHz SBC PCA-6134 Half-Size 386SX CPU SBC Card PCA-6134P Half-Size 386SX/486SLC CPU SBC Card PCA-6135 Half-size 386 CPU Card PCA-6135L/D PCA-6136 PCA-6136 386DX all-in-one CPU card PCA-6137 Rev B PCA-6143 486SX/DX/DX2 SBC PCA-6143P Half-size 486SX/DX/DX2 CPU Card PCA-6144S Half-size 486 CPU Card PCA-6144V Half-size 486 CPU Card with SVGA Controller PCA-6145 ISA 486 Slot-PC SBC PCA-6145B PCA-6145L PCA-6146 486DX/DX2 all-in-one CPU card PCA-6147 Rev A Full-Size 80486 CPU ISA Single Board Computer PCA-6147 Rev B PCA-6148/L Full-size 486 All-in-one CPU Card PCA-6149 Full-size 486 ISA/PCI All-in-one CPU Card PCA-6151 Half-size Pentium CPU Card with VGA Controller PCA-6153 PCA-6154/L Half-size Pentium CPU Card PCA-6155 PCA-6156 PCA-6157 Full-sizePentium CPU Card PCA-6157L PCA-6159/F/H/L/V Pentium MMX Processor-based ISBC with VGA/LCD/LAN/SCSI PCA-6167 Pentium Pro PCI/ISA-Bus CPU Card with SCSI PCM-3860 386DX-40 SBC PCM-3864 386DX-40 SBC PCM-3865M PCM-3865S POS-460A1 POS-460A2 PCM-4820 PCM-4822 PCM-4824 PCM-4860 PCM-4862 PCM-4865M PCM-4865S POS-560 POS-562 PCM-5860 PCM-5862 PCM-5865 PCA-6772 ISA Half-size CPU card with CPU/VGA/LCD/Ethernet and CFC PCA-6770 ISA Sokcet 370 Half-sized SBC with VGA/LCD, Ethernet & CFC PCA-6751 ISA Tillamock Half-sized SBC with CPU, VGA, LCD, Fast Ethernet, CFC & PC/104 PCA-6752F ISA Super 7 Half-sized SBC with VGA/LCD, Ethernet & DOC Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. Tel.: 03-5037095, Fax: 03-5031048, P.O.Box 1377, Holon 58171 URL:,

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” ”

PCA-6752N ISA Super 7 Half-sized SBC with VGA, Ethernet & DOC PCA-6753 ISA NS Geode Half-sized SBC w/GX1 CPU, VGA, LCD, Ethernet, DOC & PC/104 PCA-6154 PCA-6154L ISA MMX Half-sized SBC w/VGA, DOC & PC/104 PCA-6740 ISA Elite Half-sized SBC with CPU, 32MB SDRAM, VGA/LCD, Ethernet, DCO & PC/104 PCA-6741 STPC Consumer II 133 SBC with CPU/VGA/Ethernet/SSD/32 MB SDRAM PCA-6145B ISA 486 Half-sized SBC w/VGA, LCD, Ethernet, DOC & PC/104 PCA-6145L ISA 486 Half-sized SBC w/ VGA, LCD, DOC & PC/104 PCA-6144S ISA 486 Half-sized SBC w/DOC & PC/104 PCA-6135 PCA-6135L ISA 386SX Half-sized SBC w/ 40 MHz CPU, DOC and PC/104 Multi-Functional Panel PCs: PCL-725 Rev.A2 Isolated Input & Relay Output ISA Card PCL-844 Intelligent 8-port RS-232 Card PPC-120T Pentium MMX based Panel PC with 12.1″ TFT PPC-175T Multi-Functional Panel PC PPC-174T Multi-Functional Panel PC PPC-155T Multi-Functional Panel PC PPC-S155T Multi-Functional Panel PC PPC-S154T Multi-Functional Panel PC PPC-154T Multi-Functional Panel PC PPC-154T-EPCE Multi-Functional Panel PC PPC-103T Multi-Functional Panel PC PPC-123T Multi-Functional Panel PC PPC-153T Multi-Functional Panel PC PPC-S123T Multi-Functional Panel PC PPC-S153T Multi-Functional Panel PC Advantech Technologies

Advanced Test Equipment Corporation 10340 EPOCH-1 EPOCH-10 Multi-Amp EPOCH-40 Dynamic Timer and DC Relay Test Set Haefely ECOMPACT4 Transient Immunity Test Voltech PM6000 Power Analyzer IFI T4026-40 TWT Amplifier Teseq NSG 438 ESD Gun Solar 2654 Transient Generator Advanced Test Equipment Corporation

Advantest Corporation T5375 Memory Test System T5385 DRAM Wafer Test System Advantest Corporation

AEHR Test Systems 300-19933-01 Programmable Pattern Generator ABTS-L Burn-In and Test System AEHR Test Systems

Aerothech 8020-QS DC Servo Drive EFA-102 U-500 PC ISA/PCI-bus, 8 Axis DSP-Based PIDF motion controller U-550 PC-based 8-axis machine/motion controller U-551 Stand-alone 4-axis motion controller Soloist CP-10 Position Controller and Servo Amplifier Soloist CP-20 Position Controller and Servo Amplifier Soloist CP-30 Position Controller and Servo Amplifier Soloist MP-10 Position Controller and Servo Amplifier Soloist CP-30 Position Controller and Servo Amplifier Automation 3200 32-axis motion, vision, PLC, robotics, and I/O platform Ensemble Epaq Stand-Alone Multiaxis Motion Controller BLDrive 10-40 Precision Positioning Amplifier BLDrive 10-80 Precision Positioning Amplifier BLDrive 20-40 Precision Positioning Amplifier Aerothech

AES Laboratories PM-04 AES Laboratories

AESA 3432 4733 4735 7125 AESA

Cortaillod Telephone Cable Short/Open Circuit Fault Detection Unit High Voltage test Generator High Voltage test Generator Resistance Meter Cortaillod

AFE Technologies -> GE-Fanuc

Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. Tel.: 03-5037095, Fax: 03-5031048, P.O.Box 1377, Holon 58171 URL:,

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A. G. Associates CVD-800 IBM MCA PS/2 Model 50Z Computer System 2100-0012-01 Motion Control Module 7100-5667-01 AG DTC-ATP PC Board 7100-5123-02 Analog PC Board 7100-2586-02 ATP PC Board 7100-5168-07 PC Board A. G. Associates

AGFA – Agfa-Gevaert l7-7665-5960-0 l8-7660-6860-2 l8-7660-1345-0 l8-7662-6470-0 l8-7663-7190-0 l8-8900-2460-4 l8-8665-2960-1 l8-7661-3190-2 l8-8675-5410-3 l8-7662-6220-0 l8-7661-3270-2 l8-7663-7210-1 l8-7662-6520-1 l8-7661-3250-2 l8-7663-5990-0 l8-7662-6180-0 l8-7664-5960-0 l8-8675-5140-3 l8-8674-4550-1A l8-7662-2430-1 l8-7661-5750-2 209714-502 209713-901A 209746-501 209745-901A 32-47-96-3 50A-0701 Power Supply 71-680040 7.7076.9321.1 PCB 7 7662 5771 1 7-8795-3410-0A 7-7462-7141-1-8-7462-7140 7-8501-4521-1 7-8501-7541-0 7-8795-3410-0A-83025-lS 71-60040 7-0490-7811-0 7 7662 3211 0 7-8501-45212 8-8501-6080-0 7-7662-2411 7662-2410 7-7462-7141-1 l6 8.7076.9690.1 PCB 8.7076.9690.3 PCB 8-7467-1240-2 8-7467-35404 8-7661-3190-2B 8.7661.3270.0 PCB 8-7661-3270-2 8-7662-2410-3 8-7663-7210-1 8-7663-7190-0A 8-7667-5700-0 8-7676-2030-3 8-7676-5750-5-8-7676-5200 8-7660-9810-0 8-7660-6860-2 8-7462-8150 8-7676-1120-8 8-7661-3190-2 8-7676-2790-1 8-7663-6015-4A 8-7462-7140-1 8-7662-6180-0A 8-7462-7180-4 8-7661-3250-2 8-7661-3260-3 8-7664-5920-1 8-7676-3060-1 8-7462-7140-2 876 62 4300 8-7676-4050-1 8-8674-4550-1A 8-7667-5630-1 A314-2050V25-1040V251 2596B239 037-2596B238 040 A8-7462-7180-4 A8-7462-8150-3 A8-7462-8150-4 A8-7664-0400-2 A8-7465-3140-4 A8-7462-8120-2 A8-7462-7170-2 Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. Tel.: 03-5037095, Fax: 03-5031048, P.O.Box 1377, Holon 58171 URL:,

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” ”

A8-7462-7180-1 A8-7465-3100-2 A8-7465-3140-4 A8-7465-3170-0 A8-7462-7180-2 A8-7462-7170-1 A8-7462-7470-0 A8-7462-7160-3 A8-7462-7450-1 A8-7462-7210-2 A8-7462-7180-3 A8-7462-7200-1 AE-7462-7210-2 Accuset Control Panel BT+A314-7022 Composer Board CM-7-0486-0023-0 CM-8-7465-31002 CM-8-7467-1230-0 CM-8-7467-12604 CM-8-7467-35404 CM-8-7663-5485-1 E-7112-S-566 L8.7076.9180.0 PCB N86-3186-T003 PA-5-50551 PA-5-63321 PA-5-68182-1 PA-5-83588 PA5-85228 PA5-78333 PA-S-68182-1 PA5-63321 071-PMD Power Controller PA5-64013 83A-BSD PCB PA5-834851 P4-2778 65P-PCP 85P-TMP PA5-72913 84A-ACS PA5-89510 88A-AMP PA5-68182 66A-MDV Power Controller PA5-68092 66A-DTB PA5-83588 PA5-63325 06A-PWS P5A94911-1 50A-PWC P5A-96079 P5A-94649 88A-SYCSYC 88A-M10 Agfa Xcalibur VLF-80 CTP Computer-To-Plate Platesetter Agfa Galileo VE CTP Computer-To-Plate Platesetter Agfa Galileo VS CTP Computer-To-Plate Platesetter Agfa Avalon LF Elite Agfa Palladio CTP Computer-To-Plate Platesetter Agfa Galileo VS-4 CTP Computer-To-Plate Platesetter Agfa Avantra 44S Imagesetter Agfa Avantra 30 Imagesetter Agfa Avantra 25 Imagesetter Agfa Accuset 1000 Imagesetter Agfa Accuset 1500 Imagesetter Agfa Antares 1600 CTP Computer-To-Plate Platesetter Agfa Phoenix 2250 Imagesetter Agfa SelectSet 5000 Imagesetter Agfa Selectset 7000 Imagesetter AGFA – Agfa-Gevaert

AGIE – Agie Charmilles LLC 721041-2 801-135-5 AC-100 CRT Monitor ADC-13B Conductance Detection Board Agiecut 150F CNC Control Agiecut HSS CNC Control Agiecut Sprint CNC Control Agietron Agiematic CNC 123 CNC Control CNC-123 CRT Monitor CCV1413 CRT Monitor DM-07C Servo Control Board IOB-IO I/O Interface Board IMC-05 Motion Control Board NPS-11A SM Power Supply Board Z-212J XYZ 3-Axis Controller KSP-M45 Microprocessor Board by Siemens LPS-25C MJG2129E Motor Power Supply Board MJG3404A Motor Power Supply Board Mikron XSM Milling Machine Mikron HSM Milling Machine Mikron HPM Milling Machine Mikron VCP Milling Machine Mikron UCP Milling Machine Mikron VCE Pro X Milling Machine AC Progress VP2 Wire Cut EDM System AC Progress VP3 AC Classic V2 AC Classic V3 AC Progress V2 Wire Cut EDM System Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. Tel.: 03-5037095, Fax: 03-5031048, P.O.Box 1377, Holon 58171 URL:,

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” ”

AC Progress V3 AC Progress V4 AC Vertex 1F AC Vertex 2 AC Vertex 2F Wire Cut EDM System AC Vertex 3 AC Vertex 3F CUT 20 Wire Cut EDM System CUT 30 FI240cc FI240CCS FI240SLP Wire Cut EDM System FI440cc FI440CCS FI440SLP Wire Cut EDM System FI640cc FI640CCS FI2050TW FI6050TW Wire Cut EDM System FO350 MS Die Sinking EDM Systems FO350P FO350SP FO550 SP Die Sinking EDM Systems AT HyperSpark 2 HS AT HyperSpark 3 HS AT HyperSpark Exact 2 HS Die Sinking EDM Systems AT HyperSpark Exact 3 HS AT Spirit 2 AT Spirit 3 Die Sinking EDM Systems AT Spirit 4 FO35P Die Sinking EDM Systems FORM 20 FORM 30 Die Sinking EDM Systems ActSpark SP-1 EDM ActSpark SP-3 EDM Drill 11 High Speed EDM Drilling Machine PSC-04G 695.294.9 Power Supply AGIE – Agie Charmilles LLC

AGILENT – VERSATEST V1300 Memory Logic IC Test System V4000 Flash, Memory Devices Test System V4400 Flash, Memory Devices Test System BRD-V0891 V1000 Power Control BRD-V1890 V1000 PPS/PMU Pattern Generator Board AGILENT – VERSATEST

AII – Autologic Information International (operated as a subsidiary of Agfa Corporation) 13173-1 PC Board 13174-1 PC Board 15472-1 PC Board 15991-2 PC Board 16102-6 PC Board 16102-4 Rev. J PC Board 16041-1 Rev. A Board 16350-1 PC Board 17257-1 PC Board 17259-1 PC Board 17457-1 PC Board 17457-2 PC Board 17576-1 PC Board AII – Autologic Information International (operated as a subsidiary of Agfa Corporation)

AIR Techniques TDA-5B Aerosol Generator TDA-2G Photometer AIR Techniques

Akiyama Akiyama Akiyama Akiyama

International OP-431 Board AKE-0008-001A CPU card for Bestech 428 Printing Presses International

Akron Standard 440-0013-01 Analog Output Card 440-0027-01 Analog Input Card 440-0034-001 Control Board 440-0943-01 TQC Interface Card Akron Standard

Alcatel Alcatel Alcatel Alcatel

– Alcatel-Lucent ACT 600 M ACT 1300 M Turbo Pump Controller ACT 2300 M Turbo Pump Controller

Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. Tel.: 03-5037095, Fax: 03-5031048, P.O.Box 1377, Holon 58171 URL:,

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” ”

211-79582 CALA 211-79582 CACA 211-79582 FAMA PCS 4 211-79582 FBBA ALCB 211-22978 AAAA 211-22994 EBJB S12 DC/DC3A 211-22994 EBPA S12 DC/DC8A 211-22994 GBPA S12 DC/DC8A 211-32110 AAAA S12 TERA 211-32110 AAAB S12 TERA 211-32110 AABA S12 TERA 211-32110 AABC S12 TERA 211-32150 ACAA S12 SWCH 211-32150 ADAA S12 SWCH 211-32150 AEAA S12 SWCH 211-32150 BAAA S12 SWCH 211-32152 AAAA S12 RCLK 211-32154 AAAA S12 RALM 211-32162 AABA S12 CLTD 211-32162 ABBA S12 CLTD 211-32162 ACAA S12 CLTD 211-32168 AAAA S12 ASYI 211-32172 AAAA S12 LPDR 211-32174 AAAA S12 DLGC 211-32182 AAAA S12 TSAI 211-32186 AAAA S12 TSAP 211-32188 AABA S12 DTKA 211-32212 ABAA S12 RLMA P0090E1 PCB P0186E1 PCB Alcatel – Alcatel-Lucent

Alchut – Orbit-Alchut Technologies Ltd. – Alchut Electronic Engineering Netanya Ltd.

Alfa Progetti BLT160 Battery Discharger and Tester 160A Alfa Progetti

Alfadot MIDJET-100 DOD Ink-Jet Printer MIDJET-200-X Large Character Ink-Jet Printer MIDJET-400-X DOD Ink-Jet Printer Alfadot

Alstom – Alstom Drive and Controls ALSPA C80-35 (GE Fanuc 90-30) PLC ALSPA MV-1013 Servo Drive ALSPA P320 DCS Control GDB400-4001 ALSPA Dynamic Braking Unit ALSPA MV500 Drive T3000 Control System Alstom – Alstom Drive and Controls

Alta Data Technologies PCI-A429 PCI ARINC Interface Card PCCD-A429 PC Card/PCMCIA ARINC Interface Card PCIE4LC-A429 PCI Express ARINC Interface Card PC104P-A429 PC/104-Plus ARINC Interface Card PMC-A429 PMC ARINC Interface Card CPCIC3/6-A429 CompactPCI ARINC Interface Card Alta Data Technologies

Alta Technology Corporation HSI/MVPA VME Host System Interface with 8 TRAM sites & Serial Communication Alta Technology Corporation

Altek Altek-234 Signal Analizer Altek-234-09T Altek-235 Process Calibrator Altek-235/TPG Altek-334A Process Loop Calibrator Altek-820 Multifunction Process Calibrator Altek-942 Frequency Calibrator Altek

Amada – Amada Metrecs AMNC-PC CNC Control B0016E-NC3B-00B PC Board B6112B-RTHBS PCB C0036C-PAGDP-00A C0050B-PASPC-000 PCB Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. Tel.: 03-5037095, Fax: 03-5031048, P.O.Box 1377, Holon 58171 URL:,

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C0069C-PAPCL PCB C0636C-PARLY-001 CNC Control Board C0102B-PABSC CPU Board C0116A-PABSC Master CPU Board DC-2000 CNC Control DSC-03ATA-1 DSC Servo Controller HB-03 HFA-400W Proportional Valve HFE-130-3L HS-95/AP Control M0013A-BSCPU-00 CPU Board M6023C-BSRLY Relay Board M6026A-BSIO I/O Board S-6897C Control Module PC800 CNC Control PL-404 Control Panel Amada – Amada Metrecs

Amdar Electronics & Control AM212-1/3 Reverse Power Relay BR740-E Pump & Valve Controller T-527-1-1 Amdar Electronics & Control

America Instruments J4-7441A Chem Glow Photometer 4-8481-ABBL Helium Glow Photometer J10-222A Photomultiplier Photometer America Instruments

AMK – AMK Arnold Muller GmbH & Co. KG PUS-50/65 Inverter Unit L1.2 Control Board for PUS Inverter AZ-05 AMKASYN Power Supply Unit AZ-10 AMKASYN Power Supply Unit AZ-60 AMKASYN Power Supply Unit AW-60 AMKASYN Inverter Unit AS-P06-K Operator Panel AS-P12-T Operator Panel AS-P15-T Operator Panel AS-C03M-T Real-Time PLC & Operator Panel Combination AS-C03C-T Real-Time PLC & Operator Panel Combination AS-C05M-T Real-Time PLC & Operator Panel Combination AS-C05S-T Real-Time PLC & Operator Panel Combination AS-C05C-T Real-Time PLC & Operator Panel Combination AS-PL14-0 AMKAMAC PLC Motion Controller 32-bit CPU, floating-point arithmetic AS-PL14-W AMKAMAC PLC Motion Controller 32-bit CPU, floating-point arithmetic AS-PL15-0 AMKAMAC PLC Motion Controller 32-bit CPU, floating-point arithmetic AS-PL15-W AMKAMAC PLC Motion Controller 32-bit CPU, floating-point arithmetic KW-PLC1 PLC add-on card in the KW inverter KW-RO3P PLC add-on card in the KW inverter AS-CLC-1S-D AMKAMAC AS-CLC cycle control for lathes (AS-C06-K compact controller AS-CLC-1S-E AMKAMAC AS-CLC cycle control for lathes (AS-C06-K compact controller AS-CLC-1L-D AMKAMAC AS-CLC cycle control for lathes (AS-C06-K compact controller AS-CLC-1L-E AMKAMAC AS-CLC cycle control for lathes (AS-C06-K compact controller CNC 905 10,4″ Screen Compact Numeric CNC controller CNC 903 10,4″ Screen Compact Numeric CNC controller CNC 32Bit Modular CNC Control CNC 64Bit Modular CNC Control CNC 910 6,5″ Operator Panel CNC 920 10,4″ Operator Panel RC 910 6,5″ Operator Panel KEN 5 DC Bus Voltage Power Supply Module KEN 10 DC Bus Voltage Power Supply Module KEN 60 DC Bus Voltage Power Supply Module KEN 120 DC Bus Voltage Power Supply Module KE 10 DC Bus Voltage Power Supply Module KE 20 DC Bus Voltage Power Supply Module KE 40 DC Bus Voltage Power Supply Module KE 60 DC Bus Voltage Power Supply Module KE 120 DC Bus Voltage Power Supply Module KES 60 DC Bus Voltage Power Supply Module KES 100 DC Bus Voltage Power Supply Module KU3-EF Servo Driver KU-R03 CPU/PLC Card KU-R03P CPU/PLC Card KU-PA2 79KB Program memory card for KU-R03P KU-EA2 Input/Ouput Card KW 2 Compact Inverter Module KW 5 Compact Inverter Module KW 8 Compact Inverter Module KW 10 Compact Inverter Module KW 20 Compact Inverter Module KW 40 Compact Inverter Module KW 60 Compact Inverter Module KW 100 Compact Inverter Module KWD 1 Double Inverter Module

& & & &


fieldbus fieldbus fieldbus fieldbus

card) card) card) card)

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Feelunique | Beauty Without Boundaries10.17.16

theBalm Mary Lou Manizer

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Feelunique | Beauty Without Boundaries


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All Games – All Online Games at AddictingGames10.15.16

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All Games – All Online Games at AddictingGames


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Tattoo Removal – Maine Laser Clinic10.13.16

Maine Laser Clinic offers an effective solution to remove your unwanted tattoos. As a simple outpatient procedure, laser tattoo removal fits easily into your busy schedule. Laser tattoo removal works by focusing laser energy to break up the pigment and color in your tattoo. Our lasers are designed exclusively for tattoo removal to give you the best results.

Maine Laser Clinic can remove a wide range of colors in tattoos and permanent makeup. Our lasers use two separate wavelengths of light to remove darker (black, purple, brown), brighter (red, yellow, orange), and stubborn blue-green tattoo pigments. The laser needs only a fraction of a second to break down the pigment allowing your treatment to be completed in only a short time. Tattoo removal lasers are safer, and do not penetrate the deeper layers of skin, making scarring very rare and healing very fast.

An average tattoo takes 6 to 15 treatments to remove completely. The number of treatments depends on the age, color, quality of ink, and technique used to create the tattoo (professional vs. homemade). Learn more about the process in our FAQs section or Tattoo Removal Guide.

As Maines leading experts in tattoo removal, Maine Laser Clinic has helped patients with a very wide range of tattoos. These are the types of tattoos that we commonly remove:

Names and words written in cursive and block letters

Rings symbols, words, bands worn under rings or jewelry

Designs hearts, characters, animals, flowers, tribal art, barbed wire, .thousands more

Sleeves/large artwork

Portions of tattoos we can remove just a small part of a larger tattoo (read more here)

Visit our Before & After Photos page to see just a few examples

Laser tattoo removal is the safest and easiest way to remove an unwanted tattoo.

With todays technology, we are able to precisely target the ink in your tattoo with minimal side effects. The laser energy gently passes through the outermost layer of skin until it reaches your tattoos pigment and leaves the lower layers untouched. The skin is very rarely broken, although some swelling and sensitivity is common. For your comfort, we use a high-tech cooling system during the procedure to numb the skin prior to the tattoo removal procedure.

Many patients are familiar with laser hair removal tattoo removal lasers do not need to penetrate as deeply into the skin and procedures are less painful and much shorter in duration. Still concerned? Read through our FAQs or Aftercare Instructions for more information.

Two key processes break up the ink the pigment in your tattoo will absorb the energy from the laser and shatter apart; also, the incredibly fast pulse (6 billionths of a second!) of energy from the laser has a shockwave-like effect that assists the ink shattering. As a result, the ink acts like sugar cube breaking apart into small granules.

Once the ink is broken down by the tattoo removal laser, the body will respond by moving fluid to the area to help flush away the ink. This immune response will be obvious to the patient in the form of some swelling and redness in the area. Over the next days, weeks, and months the small, shattered ink particles will be flushed away naturally. The tattoo removal effects arent seen overnight and 99% of tattoos require multiple treatments.

All tattoos have layers of ink, stacked on top of each other within the skin. The thick concentration of pigment particles that cannot be completely broken down in one session. At Maine Laser Clinic, we go over your entire tattoo with the laser, breaking up as much ink as possible in every session. Each session will produce some level of fading, although for very new tattoos the fading may not be as visible because the ink is still so thick and dense. If your tattoo has shading, the shaded areas will vanish in fewer treatments because shaded tattoos have a lower ink density. Visit our Before & After Gallery to get an idea of the results to expect.

Weve seen little to no evidence that magic creams help to fade tattoos. At best, they may act like a mild skin bleach to lighten the surrounding skin. Looking at the ingredients and components of such products makes one wonder how they would purportedly remove tattoo ink. The medical community agrees with us these creams are a gimmick, and a waste of time and money. Injection methods of tattoo removal are even worse because they basically inject highly-damaging acid into the skin. We have seen many people with severe scarring and chemical burns from injection methods.

No. This is a question that many new patients ask about, and we understand their concerns. Modern tattoo removal lasers such as the Duality used at our clinic will not scar the skin for two reasons. First, the laser doesnt go deep enough in the skin to cause a scarring response. Second, the pulse from the laser is so fast that only the tattoo pigmentation is affected and surrounding cells and tissue are left undamaged. Scarring was an issue 10 or 15 years ago when the equipment used for tattoo removal was rather primitive. There is no need to be concerned about scarring unless you have a history of keloid scarring, which our provider will discuss with you.

The cost of each session depends on the size of the tattoo or tattoos being removed, with prices as low as $75 per session. Well price each session during the free consultation but can give an estimate over the phone. We categorize your tattoo into small, medium or large for the purpose of pricing, and give discounts for multiple tattoos removed at the same time. A large tattoo is normally given a custom price per session, and we are competitive in our pricing and superior in our service.

Tattoo Removal – Maine Laser Clinic


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Tattoo Removal Laser – Ageless Medispa10.13.16

Ageless Medispa is a Medical Spa and Cosmetic Center that offers Medical Treatments and Spa Treatments. Ageless Medispa offers a variety of different Medical Treatments including Cosmetic BOTOX, Facial Fillers, Laser Hair Removal, Skin Tightening, Skin Refirming, IPL Fotofacial, Skin Resurfacing, Electrolysis, Permanent Makeup, Skin Tag Removal, Cellulite and Fat Reduction, Tattoo Laser Removal, Juvederm, Radiesse, Restylane, Restylane Lift, Dysport, Sclerotherapy, Ultherapy, CoolSculpting, Belotero, Xeomin, Vitamin B12, Vampire Facelift, Voluma, and Total Rejuvenation Laser. Ageless Medispa offers a variety of different Spa Treatments including Microdermabrasion, Chemabrasion, Clear Complexion Facial, Classic Facial, Oxygen Facial, Deep Chemical Peel, BioMedic Peel, Jane Iredale Mineral Cosmetics, Latisse, Teeth Whitening, Ear Detoxification, Massages, Mens Zone, Waxing, Skin Analysis Machine, HydraFacial, Microneedling, Vampire Facial, and Vitalize Peel. Ageless Medispa offers these treatments and services to the areas of Ashland, Pikeville, Paintsville, Morehead, Russell, Flatwoods, Bellefonte, Westwood, Catlettsburg, South Shore, Worthington, Grayson, Ironton, Coal Grove, South Point, Burlington, Chesapeake, Wheelersburg, Rosemount, Portsmouth, Proctorville, Kenova, Ceredo, Huntington, Barboursville, Milton, Hurricane, Nitro, Cross Lanes, Charleston, and the surrounding communities in Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia.

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Tattoo Removal Laser – Ageless Medispa


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