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Paris Jackson & Godfather Macaulay Culkin Get Matching Spoon Tattoos On Their Arms – Hollywood Life07.30.17

Connected for life! Paris Jackson and godfather Macaulay Culkin solidified their unwavering friendship on July 30 by getting matching spoon tattoos on their arms.

Forget friendship bracelets, Paris Jackson, 19, and Macaulay Culkin, 36, went to the extreme by getting matching tattoos on July 30. The Home Alone actor and his goddaughter were spotted walking through West Hollywood in the afternoon and wound up getting inked at the Tattoo Mania parlor. Taking to Snapchat, Paris showed off their fresh pieces matching spoon to be exact on their upper arms. Were not completely certain of what the significance is, but such designs often symbolize a chronic struggle. Even though these two seem like an odd pair, they were brought together by the late Michael Jackson and have been in each others lives ever since.

The Bad singer, who died in 2009,wasfriendswith Macaulay for years. The former child actor appeared in Michaels music video for Black And White and also visited Neverland Ranch several times.youve surely heard rumors about that place. In any case, Macaulay and Paris have maintained a great bond. Last year, the blonde beauty shared a picture of herself painting his nails and giving him a pedicure. Model? Nah I paint hipsters toenails for a living, she wrote on social media. Theyve also hung out in NYC multiple times, going out to dinner and drawing silly cartoon pictures at the table. Obviously the stars are so fond of each other that they now have permanent reminders of all the good times.

No stranger to getting inked, Paris has an impressive collection of pieces. The model recently got Applehead on her foot as a tribute to her father a nickname that loved ones called him growing up. With every step I take, you lift my foot and guide me forward. love you, she wrote. The teen also has a matching tattoo with her brother Prince.They each have a different half of the ying-yang symbol. We cant wait to see what she gets next!

HollywoodLifers, what are your thoughts on Paris and Macaulays matching spoon tattoos?

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Paris Jackson & Godfather Macaulay Culkin Get Matching Spoon Tattoos On Their Arms – Hollywood Life

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Parents vs tattoos – Inquirer.net07.12.17

The author and her ink

When I started getting tattooed, my brother expected World War III to erupt. After all, when he came home wearing his first tattoo, our mother cried her eyes out and our grandmother followed him around, quoting verses from the Bible.

However, there was a big differencehe was just 17 when he showed up with a big tribal tramp stamp. I was 35 when I got two tiny tattoos.

So, while he suffered the backlash of waterworks and the Old Testament, all I got was silence.

But things changed when my tattoos multiplied. And multiply they did. (Its true what they say: Once you start, its hard to stop.)

World War III didnt exactly erupt at home, but there were tears, arguments and middle-of-the-night phone calls. But at least there was no viral video.

Siblings Joyce and Paolo Hernandez pranked their mother by pretending Paolo had gotten his arm tattooed. Their furious mom, who they fondly refer to as Momzilla, reacted strongly, not knowing that her children were shooting the whole thing.

Luko-luko tong si Paolo nagiging demonyo ka na! she scolded her son while he tried to stifle his laughter. Ang pangit-pangit ha! Di ka na nagsisimba, nagpapa-tattoo ka pa! Binababoy mo katawan mo ha! Diyos ko po, Panginoon ko, demonyo na tong anak kong ito! Sinabi ko naman sa kanya wag magpa-tattoo. Wala na to sa bait Loko to ah, para kang preso!

The video was shared over 38,000 times on Facebook.

But tattoos are no longer stereotyped or limited to certain groups of people.

Its really crossed over into every class, age, gender and background, tattoo artist Michelle Myles said in an interview with The Atlantic.

Celina Fernandez gets tattooed at home.

As early as 2001, Sink & Ink Magazine editor Bob Baxter had written about the seemingly unstoppable popularity of tattooing.

Tattoos now belong to everyone and every group, wrote Jean Paul-Cluzel, president of Frances Runion Des Muses Nationaux and the Grand Palais, in The Tattoorialists book Tattoo Street Style.

This ancient art, which has roots in cultures all over the world, has become so widespread that some people complain that its now too mainstream.

But not for parents. And not just Filipino parents.

Tess Morgan (not her real name) tried to come to terms with her sons tattoo in an essay she penned for The Guardian. She couldnt speak to him for three days after she found out about his ink, calling it self-mutilation and desecration.

She wrote: I keep thinking of his skin, his precious skin, inked like a pig carcass Its the permanence that makes me weep I know Im being completely unreasonable. This level of grief is absurd. Hes not dying, he hasnt killed anyone, he hasnt volunteered to fight on behalf of a military dictatorship. But I feel as though a knife is twisting in my guts.

It doesnt seem to matter whether their kids are 18 or 38a lot of parents feel slighted by their kids decision to get tattooed.

Zaza, a 30-year-old chef, has tattoos behind her ear and on her wrists. My dad wants to erase it using sandpaper. My mom thinks dinudumihan ko yung sarili ko.

While some are open about their tattoos, some choose to hide them from their folks to avoid confrontation.

Holly, a 30-year-old human resources head, has two tattoos on her hips that her parents dont know about. They think tattoos are dirty and that when you get old, theyre not good to look at. She hides them with clothes, even when theyre on the beach. I just dont want drama.

Ruby Gan with son Martin at a tattoo shop in 2009

Asked when she plans to tell her parents about it, she said, Never.

Even tattoo artists have to face the stigma when it comes to their parents and their own tattoos. They hate it. They are very traditional, Sherilyn Santiago said.

Wiji Lacsamana, tattooer, illustrator and perfumer at Radioactive Mushrooms, said: My mom prefers me tattooing other people than me getting the tattoo.

Not all parents hate tattoos, though.

Tasha Santos, digital and public relations executive at Benefit Cosmetics Philippines, said: I know my mom wouldnt mind or be surprised that Ive got tattoosshe knows how obsessed I was with Miami Ink and LA Ink. I think my mom started appreciating tattoos more when she would watch shows with me that really displayed tattoos as art with emotional meaning for people. Sometimes I would show her tattoo designs and shed be impressed by the intricate details. My dad is a bit more conservative. He never directly said no when I mentioned I wanted to get inked, but his reaction was always, Why? What do you need them for?

Celina Fernandez, Benefit Cosmetics Philippines National Brow artist, said: My mom thinks its a sin to get a tattoo.

One of Ruby Gans tattoos is a heart made of her sons thumbprints

But her dad got inked with her. It wasnt planned. I booked my artist months ahead to do home service for me and my friends, but one friend had an emergency and couldnt come home to the Philippines on that date I asked my dad if he wanted to get a tattoo. He asked me if it was painful, I told him that it was tolerable and that I dont find it painful. He agreed to get a tattoo and asked for a dragonhe wanted something simple and will take only an hour or two to make.

Ruby Gan, entrepreneur, marketing VPand mother of two boys, has five tattoos of her own. Her sons have tattoos, too. I really dont mind as long as the designs are nice and not scary. I would say tattoos have evolved so much already. The artists are so good, they can create watercolor designs and they look very pretty.

She said that when it comes to her boys tattoos, her rules are simple: When they told me that they wanted to get their tats, I told them to really think of the meaning of each design. Luckily, their ideas were translated beautifully by the very talented Wiji.

She was with her son Martin when he got his first tattoo. She even got inked with him. And when her other son Ralph got his first, Martin was there for support. Its a family affair, indeed, she said.

As for me, the idea of having tattoos becoming a family affair still seems remote. I am not asking you to love them, I wrote in a letter. I am not even asking you to think they are pretty. But I am asking you to accept that this is not something we will ever agree on. I would like for this to not drive a wedge between us When I decided to get tattoos, it not something I did out of spite for you. They make me happy.

But maybe things could change one day. Maybe we could even get matching tattoos.

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Brooklyn Beckham Debuts Compass Tattoo – TeenVogue.com07.12.17

Just in case there was any doubt, Brooklyn Beckham has officially become a fan of tattoos. It wasn’t all that long ago when he got his very first one, accompanied by his dad, David Beckham . As David looked on, Brooklyn got a perfect copy of one of David’s own designs back in April. At the time, we predicted that it wouldn’t be all that long before he went back for more ink and we were correct . After adding a camera sketch by Dr. Woo on his bicep, he’s now back to the celebrity tattoo artist for even more ink.

Brooklyn’s most recent tat features an intricate compass on his forearm, just below his camera. “Thanks mate…” he captioned the grand reveal. Just like his previous ink, this one features the fine, detailed shading and lines that Dr. Woo has become known for. Brooklyn’s previous designs have incorporated deeper meanings; his first is a sweet shoutout to his dad, while his second references his well-documented love of photography. We’ll venture a guess that this one might have something to do with travel, but he has yet to reveal the reason behind his rad new ink. In any case, we can’t wait to see what he gets next because there’s sure to be many more to follow.

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Brooklyn Beckham Debuts Compass Tattoo –

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Art drives change in attitude to office tattoos –


Last updated10:45, July 12 2017

Kevin Stent

Roman Dvorsky, tattooo artist at Wellington’s Sinatra Tattoos, works on police sergeant Peter Greenland’s whakapapa shoulder tattoo.

Longregarded as a lifestyle choice favoured mostlyby society’soutsidersand artists, contemporarytattoos are now more art than anti-social statement, with watercolour techniques, beautifully rendered bespoke designs andintricately craftedmokodrawingin a more high-brow, high-flyingfan base.

As tatts got prettier and more common, it was inevitablethe dim view most employers once had of ink would change.

“Part of the reason tattoos have become more acceptable [in the office] is that over time society has learned to appreciate them artisticallyand because all sorts of people now have them,” employment lawyerSusan Hornsby-Geluk says.

Kevin Stent

Peter Greenland’s whakapapa tattoo signifies has a shark tooth motif, signifying his 18 years as a dog handler.

“If we stop looking at tattoos as being graffiti and start looking at them as art, why should they be any more offensive than bare skin?”

“Most professions, particularly creative industries, are perfectly comfortable with visible tattoos.That said, it is up to the business owner to set the rules as to dress code.”

InNew Zealand today,policemen, nurses and lawyers all sport piecesand it’s all perfectly acceptable office attire – depending on what the tattoois and where it is placed.

Raciel Cruz Pena/Sinatras Tattoo

Watercolour artwork, one of the styles favoured by professionals.

Ten years ago, things were different in the police, Wellington sergeant Peter Greenland says from hischair atSinatra Tattoos,as artistRomanDvorskyinks a customtatton his shoulder.

“I think they’re a lot more accepting of tattoos now, the police.

“Just day to day, you see a lot more people [in the force] with them.”

Kyle Dyhrberg/Sinatras Tattoo

Portraits such as this, by Kyle Dyhrberg’s Sinatras Tattoo parlour are also popular.

“I’ve noticed a lot of our interaction [with the public] starts with tattoos – people admiring them.”

This emphasis on building an authenticrelationshipwith the public is the reason police launched thePoliceInk campaign on their Instagram account.

“The purpose of it wasto show the public that underneath it all police officers are human just like everyone else who have values, opinions, beliefs, family histories, and meaningful stories,”a spokesperson for New Zealand police says.

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“Instead of just telling people that, we thought we could show them through some of the tattoos we have.

“There’s a lot more to us than just a blue uniform and by sharing that with public, we were able to positively engage with them and hopefully break down a few barriers.”

Dvorskyhas noticed more affluent and educated clientele coming through his door and it’s not just the long tattooed arm of the law getting inked.”Definitely more professional people [are getting tattooed],” the31-year-oldsays.

The change started about five years ago andDvorskyattributes it to the improved artisticreputation of the craftand office trailblazers.

“I think now all it takes is that brave person that’s done it in their workplace.”

“You knowthey’re a good worker, andthat tattoo hasn’t changed who they are as a person and hasn’t affected their work. Sothen other people start to be more brave with tattoos.”

Acceptance of tattoos in teaching and across the retail, legal and beautyindustries varies between each individual business.

“Being able to display tattoos of religious or ethnic significance such as moko or tribal tattoos likepe’ais protected by the Human Rights Act,” says thepresident of the New Zealand Law SocietyKathryn Beck. “Iwould expect it isrespectedwithin law firms as it is elsewhere.”

“However, when it comes to other tattoos, thepolicy will depend on the firm. There is no rule, per se, and as tattooing becomes more common and prevalent, I suspect some have become more relaxed.”

Some schoolswouldn’t approve of visible tattoos, others would be fine, according toPPTA president Jack Boyle.

“We care about high-quality teaching and children getting the skills, confidence, values and knowledge they need to succeed in life. As far as we are aware, there is no correlation between tattoos and quality of teaching.”

McDonald’shasa similar dress codeto the police,onlyrequesting questionable tattoos bediscreetlycovered, but elements of themedical profession are moretolerant.Nurses at public hospitals are allowedvisible tattoos and moko.

“This is great progress for women,” saysNew Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO) spokeswomanKarenColtman.”There are many personal reasons women have tattoos and also they are significant for Maori and Pacific people. It appears it’s not negatively affecting employment options in nursing.”

AurelieLe Gall from Hays Specialist Recruitment encourageshercorporatecandidates to cover-up for first interviews,but she acknowledgesthat companies who reject otherwise suitable candidates on thebasis of their tattoos are considerably narrowing their own candidate pool.

“It is all about maintaining a balance between allowing individuals to be individuals and live the life they want to live outside of workbut refraining from showing off outwardly offensive or controversialtattoos.”

“We certainly see a large proportion of candidates withtattoos.”

There are still notable industry-wideexceptions to this friendly, flexible approach to body art.

At Air New Zealand,”uniformed staff in customer facing roles cannot have visible tattoos”. It is the same at Jetstar.”Tattoos must not be visible when team members are in uniform.”


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Art drives change in attitude to office tattoos –

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Miley Cyrus’ New Tattoo Is Most Definitely One of her Most Meaningful Ones – J-14 Magazine07.10.17

Miley Cyrus is absolutely no stranger to permanently tattooing her bod, and she is back at it again with another piece of body art. And just like all of her others (well over thirty, but who’s counting?), it’s sticking with her for life.

The “Malibu” songstress took to Instagram to show off her new meaningful design and like a number of her other tattoos, it holds a special meaning. The Disney Channel alum got the official logo for vegan food products on the inside of her arm. The sunflower design represents her dedication to veganism, and it seriously suits her so well.

Check out the video to see Miley’s new tattoo, along with all of her other most fascinating designs.

Miley has a long list of tattoos, and this definitely falls in the category of her most interesting ones. From an alien head to an Australian snack, there is sure a lot more where this one came from.

Selena Gomez Belts Out a Classic Miley Cyrus Tune Giving Us Hope of a Rekindled Friendship

Years After ‘Hannah Montana,’ Miley Cyrus Finally Feels Respected

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s Wedding Plans Don’t Match Up With What Tish Cyrus Wants for Her Daughter

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Miley Cyrus’ New Tattoo Is Most Definitely One of her Most Meaningful Ones – J-14 Magazine

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A Guide to the Dolan Twins’ Tattoos – J-14 Magazine07.10.17

Grayson Dolan just debuted a tattoo, and it’s his biggest one yet. The web star took to Instagram to show off the design and share his excitement with fans.

“New tat. This one is really special to me. Ink by @romeolacoste of course ,” he captioned the photo, tagging Los Angeles tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste.

If you are a fan of the Dolan Twins, then you know the boys are no strangers to tattoos. And we are not just talking about the permanent kind. Between the two of them, they have debuted quite a few designs, both real and fake. It could get a little confusing keeping track of it all, but do not fear. That is precisely why we are coming to you with a complete breakdown of all the Dolan Twins’ tattoos.

First up? Ethan’s lip tattoo.

Ethan has a “create” tattoo on his inner lip. This one is technically permanent, but tattoos in this spot do tend to fade over time.

Grayson Dolan’s most oddly placed tattoo? It’s gotta be the one Ethan picked out for him on the bottom of his foot.

During their “Where Am I?” challenge on YouTube, Ethan and Grayson put each other up to some crazy dares. Each twin got the chance to blindfold the other and take them wherever they wanted. Each of the cuties had to sign a contract, in which they agreed to let the other one do whatever he wants. So where did Ethan take Gray, you ask? The tattoo parlor. Naturally, Ethan got to pick out the design so he chose an arrow heart with his name inside.

In addition to those, Ethan also has Roman numerals on the outside of his left ankle.

On Grayson’s right ankle, he has the word “matters” with a line drawn through it.

Aside from their ink for life, they have also dabbled in the temporary kind. Just recently, Grayson let Ethan pick out tattoos for him in a video, and he ended up with colorful designs all over his face.

And then, of course, who could forget when they decided to color on their faces in marker?

We wonder what’s next!

Ethan Dolan Opens Up About Wearing Makeup For His YouTube Videos

All the Best Tricks for Telling Your Fave Famous Twins Apart

4 Things Fans Don’t Know About The Dolan Twins

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A Guide to the Dolan Twins’ Tattoos – J-14 Magazine

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Holy tattoo! A 700-year old Christian tradition thrives in Jerusalem – The Tidings07.10.17

Jerusalem, Jul 9, 2017 / 04:02 pm (CNA).- In the Old City of Jerusalem it’s hard to escape the ancient history that’s still alive within its walls. A simple smartphone search can send you on a walk to a centuries-old shop, bring you to the steps of a millennium-old Church, or lead you past the 3,000 year-old Temple Mount all bursting with people and energy.

But it’s only within the stone walls of Razzouk Ink that the modern pilgrim can have that history etched onto his or her body for the rest of their lives. And Christian pilgrims have come to the tattoo artists of the Razzouk family since the Crusades to receive ancient signs of Christian identity and pilgrimage.

Even today, as the family uses up-to-date procedures and incorporates contemporary trends into some of their artwork, the Razzouk family still draws upon the history and skills passed down through the generations for nearly three-quarters of a millennium. They also incorporate instruments and designs dating back several hundred years, carrying on one of the world’s oldest tattoo traditions.

A family legacy, written in ink

Wassim Razzouk, 43, is a tattoo artist descending from a centuries-long line in the trade: 700 years to be exact. We are Copts, we come from Egypt, and in Egypt there is a tradition of tattooing Christians, and my great, great ancestors were some of those tattooing the Christian Copts, he told me.

The first evidence of a Christian tattoo tradition traces back to the Holy Land and Egypt as early as the 6th or 7th Century. From there, the tradition spread throughout Eastern Christian communities such as the Ethiopian, Armenian, Syriac and Maronite Churches. To this day, many Coptic Churches require a tattoo of a cross or other proof of Christian faith to enter a church. (Tattoo traditions among groups such as Celtic and Croatian Catholics emerged separately and at a later date.)

With the advent of the Crusades beginning in 1095, the existing practice of tattooing pilgrims to the Holy Land expanded to the European visitors. Numerous accounts dating back to the 1600s describe Christian pilgrims taking part in already long-existing customs of receiving a tattoo upon completing a visit to the Holy City a custom that survives to this day.

While in the tattoo parlor, I witnessed the Razzouk family help a Roman Catholic bishop from Europe plan a tattoo he hopes to receive once he completes a personal pilgrimage later this year. Only weeks prior, Theophilos, the Coptic Bishop of the Red Sea, came to the Razzouk Family receive a pilgrimage tattoo. Other patrons of the Razzouk family have included Christian leaders of Ethiopia, persecuted Christians, and Christian pilgrims of all denominations from around the globe.

The Razzouk family themselves placed their roots in Jerusalem as pilgrims. After many pilgrimages and several generations of tattooing pilgrims and Christians of Jerusalem and the Holy Land, the Razzouk family relocated permanently to the Holy City around 1750. A lot of them decided to come to the Holy Land as pilgrims themselves and decided to stay, Wassim said. For the past 500 years, weve been tattooing pilgrims in the Holy Land, and its been passed down from father to son.

Artifacts and application

The walls of the shop bear witness to this family legacy. Alongside framed newspaper clippings highlighting the work of Wassim and his father, Anton, are shadow boxes with pictures of the Razzouk tattoo artists that preceded them: Wassims grandfather, Yacoub, and great-grandfather, Jirius. And artifacts like an early tattoo machine and a traditional hand tool for manually applying tattoo ink are preserved behind glass.

Historically, Christian tattoo artists created their own inks and used stamps to apply images to the skin, before tracing over them with the tattoo implements. While Wassim does not use the old family ink recipe of soot and wine using instead sterile inks produced specifically for tattoo application many of the family’s 168 historic wooden stamps are still in use today.

In ages past, the tattooist would use the carved wooden stamp directly upon the pilgrims skin, and then use it as a guide for the traditional tattoo instruments. Today, Wassim stamps the design onto transfer paper, which is then applied to the skin for tracing, similar to the process for more contemporary design transfers.

Over the course of my interview with Wassim, nearly every customer used one of these ancient artifacts as part of their tattoo design.

Two women from western Armenia lands now controlled by eastern Turkey came in and explained that they had just completed their pilgrimage to the Holy Land and wanted to get a traditional pilgrims tattoo with no alterations. They both picked a stamp of the traditional Armenian Cross, a small crucifix that incorporates delicate floral design elements. Razzouks work was finished by adding the year 2017 underneath the image of the cross to commemorate the year of their pilgrimage. If they ever return, Wassim explained, the year of each additional pilgrimage will be added underneath.

After the women left, I was shown a drawer filled with dozens of the carved wooden stamps, each holding a unique design. Several stamps were based upon the Jerusalem cross: a cross with arms of equal lengths, with smaller crosses in each of its quarters. Others offered representations of the Virgin Mary, St. Michael the Archangel, the Resurrection, lambs, roses, or the start of Bethlehem. Each of them held deep Christian symbolism and a story behind its meaning.

Most of these wooden blocks, carved from olive and cedar wood, are believed to date back to the 17th century, before the Razzouk family relocated permanently to Jerusalem. However, since only two of the stamps have confirmed dates of carving from 1749 and 1912 its difficult to say for sure. However, Wassims mother, Hilda, told me that its believed many of the blocks may date back at least 500, maybe 600 years, to the Razzouk familys early days of tattooing in the Holy Land.

Saving a centuries-old tradition

Despite the deep roots of this ancient art form and rite of passage for Christians coming to the Holy Land, traditions of Christian tattooing in Jerusalem have come close to extinction on several occasions. In the 1947 War for Israeli Independence, many of the Palestinians who practiced tattooing fled from Jerusalem for their safety, including the Razzouk family. After the war, the Razzouk family returned, but they were nearly alone in doing so: few other Christian tattoo artists decided to return, leaving Razzouk Ink as the last ancient Christian tattoo parlor.

The Razzouk family tradition came under threat again a little more than ten years ago, when Wassim and his siblings decided to pursue other professions. I didnt really want to do this, Wassim told me. I wasnt into tattooing and since this was sort of a responsibility, I didnt want to do it.

Instead, Wassim studied hospitality and pursued other interests. One day I was reading something online, an old article where my father was being interviewed, Wassim recalled. He was saying he was really sad: he thought this tradition and this heritage of our family was going to end because I didnt want to do it.

Until a decade ago, Wassims father, Anton, was the primary tattooist of the Razzouk family, but none of his children had followed him into the ancient profession. The article and the realization of what it would mean to lose his familys heritage weighed heavy on Wassim. I didnt want to be that guy whose name was written somewhere in history as the guy who discontinued this the guy who killed it.

Wassim began to apprentice under his father as well as contemporary tattoo artists, and made some changes to the business, modernizing its health, safety and sterility procedures and business model. He also moved the shop from its location deep in the alleys of the citys Christian Quarter to its current place in on ancient St. Georges Street, near the busy Jaffa gate.

Today, Wassim and his wife Gabrielle work together at the parlor and have begun to train their children in the craft, though they are careful not to place too much pressure on them to take over the family business. Visitors to the shop are happy that the Razzouk family legacy has endured.

I dont think theres any way that you could better commemorate a pilgrimage than at this shop, Matt Gates, a pilgrim from Daphne, Alabama told me after he received a tattoo of a Jerusalem Cross. After a spiritually engaging experience in the Holy Land, Matt said that his new tattoo will hold a particularly special meaning. Thats just such a cool heritage to come into for me getting tattooed with a 500-year-old stencil, he said. Ive got a ton of tattoos, but this one will mean so much more.

All photos credit: Razzouk Tattoo in Old City Jerusalem, Israel. Credit: Addie Mena/CNA.

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Holy tattoo! A 700-year old Christian tradition thrives in Jerusalem – The Tidings

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Tattoos help friends remember Scott Waldrup, raise money for Waldrup family – WJCL News07.10.17

Savannah, Ga. (WJCL)

To friends of Scott Waldrup, one of the most noticeable things about him was his smile.

Matthew Salter is one of those friends, and he is one of dozens coming into White Bluff Tattoo Company this week to get a special reminder of their friend, that they will have forever.

“He reached out to everybody,” Salter says. “I honestly don’t know very many people who didn’t know him.”

Waldrup was killed as a bystander in a police chase that happened after a shooting in City Market last week.

Now, those who knew him are raising money for the Waldrup family, including through these tattoos. Each is designed as a quirky reminder of the man with the big smile and big personality.

“Even though some of them are fun, goofy designs, it’s just fun to see people laugh at them or smile,” shop owner Sharon Gaskill says.

Gaskill says she sees this as not only a way to support the family during this time of tragedy, but to bring friends together.

“It’s almost like a therapy for some people,” she says. “And a way to remember their friend, and we’re super honored to do it.”

For Salter, it is still a difficult time, as he mourns the loss of his friend. But Monday, he can smile, remembering what Waldrup meant to him.

“No matter what kind of mood you were in, he could bring you out of it,” Salter says. “Even if it was not by directly speaking about it, he always had a way of putting his good vibes onto others. ”

Now, Salter can look forward to doing the same.

“If I’m going down the street and I see someone else with one of these tattoos, even if I don’t know them, it’ll be pretty nice because it could potentially start that conversation,” he says. “And who knows, maybe I can find something else about Scott I never knew, over the conversation started by something as small as a tattoo.”

See the rest here:
Tattoos help friends remember Scott Waldrup, raise money for Waldrup family – WJCL News

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Masters Of Ink: Aleksey Platunov Uses Skin As A Sketch Pad For His Freehand Tattoos – Konbini US07.08.17

Masters of Inkis a Konbini original introducing you to a whole spectrum of tattoo artists from all over the world. Custom designers specializing in everystylefrom moderndotworkto traditionalAmericanatattoos tune in for something new every week!

Aleksey Platunov describes his style as ‘outsider art’ or ‘funny art brut.’ Yet, this tattoo artist based in Moscow is not tied to labels and have a personal view on his job: “My work is a creative expression through the process of tattooing. My clients are live canvases with emotions and thoughts. The designs I create on them is my perception of the world.”

The art of Aleksey is indeed a combination of many different art forms. It is definitely contemporary, merging abstract and illustrative techniques.

The main goal of the artist is the vibration of emotions, both during the act and in the final result. It is the reason why he is always using freehand process. Beforehand, he has a genuine cathartic approach by probing his clients. He explains:

“I want to know what is meaningful to them, what they wish to tell the world through this art, the feeling they want to have when looking at it. I try to bring out their feelings to the surface to enhance their body image.”

With this information, Aleksey then draws on them with a pen, sometimes a paintbrush, until the result has the complete approval of both the client and the artist. His tattoos often have unconventional placements, extending to different parts of the bodies with sensuality and delicacy. The artist tells Konbini:

“I want to capture the natural beauty of individuals. My tattoos highlight all bodies curves and subtleties by creating flowing works of art. They are as unique as each human being.”

If the designs are usually full of innocence, and sometimes regarded as naive, Aleksey is taking the importance of their message very seriously. He quotes Margot Mifflin, author of book Bodies of Subversion: A Secret History of Women and Tattoo:

“I wholeheartedly advocate tattoos as empowering and liberating. Tattoos, which were once thought of as ‘gestures of nonconformity,’ are now looked at for what they really are, ‘expressions of individuality.'”

In this way, the Russian artist is a storyteller first. His conceptual artwork is multi-dimensional, physically and emotionally. But he also wants to reach a philosophical level. He states:”I want the tattoo to make you think. My art is not an illustration for a book, it is alive. So it has to raise questions and have an untold story vibe attached to it.”

Follow Aleksey Platunov on Instagram and discover more of his work below:

Read More ->Masters Of Ink: Enchantingly Geeky Watercolor Tattoos By Alberto Cuerva

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Masters Of Ink: Aleksey Platunov Uses Skin As A Sketch Pad For His Freehand Tattoos – Konbini US

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Armpit tattoo is the latest beauty trend to take over Instagram; would you get one? – The Indian Express07.08.17

By: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi | Updated: July 6, 2017 10:48 pm The hashtag #armpit tattoo on Instagram has more than 7,000 results. (Source: Instagram/gold_coast_tattoos, essenceofchic)

Armpit tattoos yes, you heard us right the armpit tattoo trend is the hottest thing on Instagram right now. Most of us might check our armpits while having a shower or during a waxing session, but that hasnt stopped the artsy ones for using it is as a canvas for beautiful body art. In a broader sense, its not exactly a new concept as people with ink sleeves usually opt for tattoos up to their underarms, but to use it as the focus is entirely new.

The first thing that comes to our mind is the pain one would have to endure to get a tattoo done there as it one of the most sensitive part of the body but the hashtag #armpit tattoo on Instagram got us more than 7,000 results, so there are definitely takers for it. The most popular ones are the intricate floral designs but anything else inspired by nature is good. There are spiderwebs, birds, dogs, and even sharks.

Food lovers have tried their hands at strawberries, and cupcakes while the more adventurous ones have gone ahead with optical illusion tattoos.

This is not the first time bizarre trends have taken over Instagram. Last month, it was the freckle tattoos which have caught the fancy of beauty hoarders. You might be thinking why would anyone want to do that to their face when they can get a healthy, radiant glow. But as it turns out, women like the cute, fresh aesthetic that barely-there freckles can add to their look. Ugh! Prior to this, dragon brows and feather eyebrows were doing the rounds.

Would you ever try any of these trends? Let us know in the comments below.

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Armpit tattoo is the latest beauty trend to take over Instagram; would you get one? – The Indian Express

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