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Alton Tattoo Co. thriving, owner Kyle Hulker looking to expand to 3rd location – Alton Telegraph09.03.17

ALTON Just a few years ago, tattoo enthusiast Kyle Hulker had no idea he would end up in the business.

I didnt think it was even going to be possible, because I wasnt some kind of art student, Hulker said. I didnt have an art background. But theres a way to learn how to tattoo its like working-class tattoos. Theres a way to do it without being the biggest artist in the world, and you can end up making tattoos look really good.

Now Hulker, an Alton native, stands as the proprietor of two successful tattoo shops one in St. Louis, the other in Alton.

The Alton shop, Alton Tattoo Co., located at 2514 College Ave., won the The Telegraphs the Best of the Best 2016 tattoo shop title.

Im from here, Hulker said. And its always been one of those things where if youre from Alton, you go get tattooed in St. Louis, because there was no great tattoo shops, and I knew that we could make a great tattoo shop for the area.

Hulker employs eight artists in Alton, who along with the shop have been well received, he said.

Just our Facebook, for example, I dont know exactly, but out of 200 reviews, almost everything is a five-star rating, he noted. A lot of positive feedback. A lot of people are just happy that they can get good, clean, well-done tattoos in Alton.

Another indication of success, customers tend to bring repeat business.

We have insane client retention, Hulker said. I very rarely tattoo someone once and dont tattoo them again.

The shops artists do anywhere from five to 30 tattoos a day and clients come in for all sorts of reasons. Some want a small (or a large) memorial tattoo, others want to mark a significant life event. Some designs have little meaning, but look cool.

Hulkers team prides themselves in figuring out the puzzle of location on the human body that a tattoo will look the best, and how to fit body art on people who already have a number of tattoos.

People that dont know a ton about tattoos, we show them whats possible, Hulker said. Like, if youre a banker and you go to work and you deal with banking stuff all day, you dont know the possibilities of tattoos. So we might tell you an idea we have, and kind of talk to you about it, and before they leave theyre already making a plan for that idea.

Hulker who also owns a candy store down the street called Sherrys Snacks said his business plans include more tattoo shops. He intends to open a third Alton location in the near future. The next one also will feature a barber shop operated by a friend. This is one more way to improve his hometown, Hulker said.

Its basically something for the neighborhood, he said. Im always looking to improve a neighborhood, with a candy shop, or classy tattoo shop, or whatever it is. Im always trying to leave the neighborhood better than I found it.

From left, tattoo artists Jeremy Baker, Kayla White, Kyle Hulker, Autumn Santoni and (bottom) Megan Indelicato keep busy giving local patrons high-quality ink jobs. Shop dog Fran keeps them company.

Reach Alex Heeb at 618-208-6451 or on Twitter @alexheebs.

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Alton Tattoo Co. thriving, owner Kyle Hulker looking to expand to 3rd location – Alton Telegraph

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Ink for a Cause: Local Tattoo Shops that are Donating Tattoos to Hurricane Relief – San Antonio Current09.02.17

Damn, San Antonio. Yall never fail to warm our hearts. Seeing how much the music, restaurant and bar communities have respectively come together to raise funds for those affected by Hurricane Harvey, reminds us that weve definitely got some golden hearts residing in the Alamo City.

But it doesnt stop there the San Antonio tattoo community is now finding ways to lend a hand, and well, some ink.

From now until Sunday, Doomsday Tattoo, will be donating pre-drawn Texas tattoos starting at $40. with 100% of the revenue benefiting Harvey victims. The fundraiser is not limited to the Texas designs and if youre looking for something different, artists at Doomsday will be able to customize and price your tattoo based on the design youre looking for (but get a Texas tattoo cause Texas).

Also slingin some ink to help disaster victims are Dylan Donohue (who we wrote about in our tattoo feature earlier this year), Ryan Weis, and Rob Corso of Fortune Bros. Tattoo Co., who from 3pm-11pm will be donating 100% of proceeds that day towards Hurricane Harvey relief as well as doing $40 Texas outlines the entire weekend.

Blackpoint Tattoois also donating $400 worth of gift cards for a raffle at Rockin’ For Rockport Benefit Concert, Silent Auction & Raffle, which will feature 20 bands on 2 stages Saturday, September 2 at The Korova. Lineup TBA.

This all we know of right now, more will be added upon our knowledge. If you’re looking to show some Texas pride or just itching for something new to add to your collection, or looking to deflower your virgin canvas, hit these folks up.

Also, if you’re looking to donate in other ways, the city created a page filled with information on how to donate and contribute to those affected by this disaster.

Keep it up, SA, we see you out here.

Now – Sunday, September 3, Doomsday Tattoo, 910 San Pedro Ave.

Sunday, 3pm-11pm, Fortune Bros. Tattoo Co., 918 Oblate Dr.

Saturday, September 2, $8 suggested donation, 6pm, The Korova, 107 E. Martin St.

Ink for a Cause: Local Tattoo Shops that are Donating Tattoos to Hurricane Relief – San Antonio Current

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US Open fashion: Crystals, shapes and knee-high socks – Post-Bulletin09.02.17

NEW YORK Crystals, shapes and knee-high socks.

Some players at this year’s U.S. Open are making daring fashion choices that scream everything from shimmering sophistication to retro dorky. And in the age of social media, the reaction good and bad can come in as fast as a 120 mph serve.

Take the Twitter backlash to No. 4-seeded Alexander Zverev’s getup for his first-round match: a pinstriped shirt and striped headband that evoked Bjorn Borg, and striped knee-high socks that some fans compared to Will Ferrell’s 1970s basketball player look from the movie “Semi-Pro.”

It was part of a line designed for Adidas by Pharrell Williams, the musical artist behind the hit “Happy.” Critics of his Zverev ensemble were more “Snarky.”

“Zverev’s socks make me want to vomit,” said one Twitter critic. Added others: “Preoccupied with Zverev’s schoolgirl-meets-Borg look.” … “He was moving slow because he was wearing an extra 10 pounds of socks.”

Even the Adidas store a few steps away from Arthur Ashe Stadium seemed to downplay the $35 knee-highs in its picture window displays. Mannequins wore them scrunched down around their ankles.

Zverev himself acknowledged after his match ended early Tuesday that he was thinking about doing the same, but was mindful Williams was sitting in his spectator box.

“Obviously I didn’t want to disappoint him and put them down a little while he’s watching me,” he said.

Maria Sharapova got a much different reaction when she took the court under the lights at Ashe, her first Grand Slam appearance after serving a 15-month ban from the game for doping. The Russian sported a black Nike mini dress that featured lace in the sleeveless top and shimmering Swarovski crystals dotting the skirt.

“She’s got lace AND sequins,” Chris Evert commented during the ESPN broadcast. “She’s all sparkly.”

Sharapova said in an interview with Vogue that she and designer Riccardo Tisci chose black for her night matches because it is the same color she wore on her way to her lone U.S. Open title in 2006 and because it evokes the image of “Audrey Hepburn and her classic Givenchy dress.”

After her first-round upset of No. 2-seeded Simona Halep, a triumphant Sharapova even gave her fashion choices a little plug.

“Behind all these Swarovski crystals and little black dresses, this girl has a lot of grit,” she said.

But for those seeking to get Sharapova’s dress to make the ultimate tennis club entrance, it won’t come cheap. Nike stores sell them for $500 $700 for the matching warm-up jacket.

The prevailing fashion theme at Flushing Meadows seemed to be designs with geometric shapes of color, bold but more understated than last year’s fluorescent reds, oranges and yellows. (Rafael Nadal bucked that trend with a bright pink shirt).

Rising star Dominic Thiem led a slew of players wearing Adidas’ most ubiquitous kit, also designed by Williams, featuring big rectangles of red, blue and yellow. Top-seeded woman Karolina Pliskova wore a Fila skirt made up of tiny triangles of blue and red.

And then there was tour rebel Fabio Fognini, whose rain-delayed match Tuesday was expected to feature him in one of the most daring designs of all: a mostly black outfit from Hydrogen emblazoned on the back with a huge tattoo-like design of a snarling rattlesnake ready to strike.

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US Open fashion: Crystals, shapes and knee-high socks – Post-Bulletin

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Seven Monday brunch spots open on Labor Day – Sactown Magazine09.02.17

A look at the latest in local food, dining and drinking news

By Grant Miner

Photo courtesy of LowBrau

LowBrau’s chicken and waffles plate

The only thing better than Sunday brunch is Monday brunch on a three-day weekend. Here are seven places serving up everything from custard French toast to watermelon margaritas this Labor Dayto make your end-of-summer hurrah that much sweeter. Read on to find out whats on the menu while youre off the clock.

Cafeteria 15L will be serving up its nostalgic lineup of all-American fare this Labor Day, like mac and cheese, truffle tater tots, chicken-fried steak and wild berry pancakes. Standouts include the chocolate banana waffle with salted caramel sauce and maple cream, and the Mexican breakfast skillet with chicken chorizo, jalapeos and guacamole. Wash those down with a Hot Southern Mary, a Bloody Mary made with bourbon, Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper, barbecue sauce and baby corn, or the Morning Glory cocktail with champagne and pomegranate juice. 9 a.m.-3 p.m. 1116 15th St. 492-1960.

At this midtown hangout, where the walls are covered in oversized tattoo designs, you can sip brunchtime libations like mint Irish coffee and peach-berry sangria while chowing down on a shrimp omelet or the Fork & Knife Sandwich with country-fried steak, two eggs, a slice of American cheese and gravy served between two jalapeo-spiked biscuits. If youre craving something sweeter, order up a stack of chocolate chip pancakes, homemade granola with fresh berries, or French toast made with sweet Kings Hawaiian bread. 11 a.m.-2:30 p.m. 2730 N St. 456-2800.

This popular beer and brat hotspot in midtowns MARRS buildingwhich local artist Maren Conrad splashed with a colorful muralduring the recent Wide Open Walls festivalis serving up a boozy brunch menu with the likes of its Megamosa, a pint of champagne with a splash of OJ, and the Brunch Punch with Prgeist Bavarian whiskey and lemon. Pair a glass with LowBraus gut-busting fare, like its house-made biscuits and sausage or its chicken and waffles with buttermilk-fried chicken thighs, apricot preserves and maple syrup. 10 a.m-2 p.m. 1050 20th St. 706-2636.

Midtowns Magpie, normally closed on Mondays, will openits doors this Labor Day, offering everything from savory bread pudding with bacon to French toast with almond butter. From the umbrella-lined patio along 16th Street, you can people-watch as you sip one of the bars creative brunch cocktails, like the Irish coffee with Tullamore Dew Whiskey and Chocolate Fish Coffee, or the Sacramento Summer with pilsner, mint and lemonade sweetened with Lienerts Honey. 9 a.m.-2 p.m. 1601 16th St. 452-7594.

This downtown Winters institution,once featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, is known for its hearty fare, like fried chicken and bacon-stuffed waffles with pecan butter and maple syrup, and huevos rancheros with carnitas, black beans and eggs over three corn tostadas. Day-off day drinkers can look forward to Putah Creek Cafes specialty libations, like pomegranate-kiwi mimosas, blackberry-currant sangria and local beer from the likes of Berryessa Brewing Co. 6 a.m.-3 p.m. 1 Main St. Winters. 530-795-2682.

Sit back and soak in Southern comfort this Labor Day at The Porch, where your day off can begin with powder sugar-dusted beignets, alongside other classic Dixieland dishes like shrimp and grits, the Biscuit & Brisket, Cajun-fried beets and Tuscaloosa-style fried green tomatoes. Brunch wouldnt be complete without a Southern Mary, made with bacon-infused bourbon and a house-made Bloody Mary mix, or The Porchs Ramos Gin Fizz, a classic New Orleans cocktail with orange flower water, sugar, cream and egg whites. 10 a.m.-3 p.m. 1815 K St. 444-2423.

Settle under the shade of palm trees and dense foliage at this Land Park mainstay, where international cuisine from Greece to Mexico takes center stage. We love the pozole, a Mexican hominy stew made with pork and chili broth garnished with radishes and salsa. Save room for breakfast staples like Tower Cafes custard French toastwhich made our list of 30 Things Every Sacramentan Must Eatsoaked overnight in sweet vanilla custard. Like any good brunch, Tower Cafe has mimosas and Bloody Marys at the ready, but they also have agua frescas in flavors like papaya raspberry and a sweet almond-chataa twist on horchata made with rum and almond milk. 8 a.m.-3p.m. 1518 Broadway. 441-0222.

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Seven Monday brunch spots open on Labor Day – Sactown Magazine

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Final Friday features flash art – Journal-Times08.30.17

The Final Friday events at the Grayson Gallery & Art Center have become known for their art exhibits, but the most recent event shook things up a little bit. There was still work from the artists hanging on the walls of the gallery, but it could also be found on the skin of those walking around the show.

Flash art is the name for the designs that tattoo artists display in their shops for patrons to choose from. It was also the theme for the most recent show, but if you’re thinking Sailor Jerry style anchors and hearts with the word mom emblazoned across them, you’re not getting the full picture. The Final Friday Flash Art show, the Art of the Tattoo, highlighted more than just tattoo designs. It featured a wide variety of work from tattoo artists, everything from oil paintings to watercolor to pencil sketches, even photography. The unifying theme was that every piece of art featured, or was created by, a tattoo artist. It also demonstrated just how much art actually goes into creating unique and compelling tattoo designs.

Tattoo artists, after all, are artists first, explained Garrett Carroll, owner and artists at Ashland’s Midnight Society Tattoo. Carroll, who took home the Brandon Click Art Appreciation Award for an untitled piece featuring clocks and rose buds, said that he appreciated the opportunity to focus on that art angle of his work, and hopes that getting his shop moved into a new location will offer both more opportunity to work with oil paints as well as greater opportunity to display his and other artists’ work.

Getting into the bigger location in Ashland, I’m hoping that will help focus more on my painting. Which I’ve gotten to do more paintings. I’ve started more, he said.

While he’s been working in acrylics for a while, he has found his passion for painting reignited by experimentation with oil paints.

I’ve discovered oil, Carroll said, And I really enjoy it over acrylic.

Each medium is different, he explained, and that includes skin.

With oil, you can work it and work it. You can work it to death, really. On skin, you don’t have 20 passes, he chuckled. You get one, maybe two tops.

Carroll was also quick to point out the work of other artists in the show as well. Including his mentor, Shane Messer, and his apprentice Krystal Kelly, whose watercolor work on a fairy design garnered a number of audience votes.

There is so much talent here, though, man. Like everywhere, he said. It’s awesome.

David Cantrell, who has featured art in previous gallery shows, showed up to pick up some items and stayed for the show. He said that he was also impressed with the work on display, as well as the lack of pretense that you can often find in other art galleries.

This is such a neat concept, Cantrell said. I love this concept. I’ve been in galleries from Charleston, West Virginia to Louisville, and just the whole way this was done, it’s very progressive.

In addition to Carroll’s art appreciation award for his untitled piece, awards were presented to Jame Hutchinson, whose work Geisha took both the Gallery Board Choice and People’s Choice Awards, and to Rebecca Dearfield for Best Tats of the Night.

The Grayson Gallery & Art Center hosts art events the final Friday of each month. For more information you can visit them on Facebook, in person at 301 Third Street, in Grayson, or call at (606) 474-7651.

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Final Friday features flash art – Journal-Times

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Bandaid Tattoo Ideas | POPSUGAR Beauty – POPSUGAR08.29.17

Usually, wearing bandages can be pretty annoying no one wants to see a neutral strip of gauze peeking out from their skirt’s hemline or shoe’s t-strap. So when we saw Band-Aid tattoos popping up on our Instagram feeds, we were a little skeptical.

But after we took a second look, we found that this design is chic as ever. That’s because not only does this whimsical ink speak to us on an aesthetic level, it also packs a deeper, emotional meaning.

If you’re a clumsy girl who always seems to be suffering from paper cuts or random bruises, this look brings a graceful touch to your inelegant habits. But for others, these designs are more than whimsical a few have added the Semicolon Project tag to their bandage ink Instagrams, which symbolizes the wearer’s ability to persevere through depression and mental health issues.

Regardless of the reason, boo-boo tattoos just might heal your ink rut. And if you aren’t ready to make a lifelong commitment to repping Band-Aid on your body, we found this temporary option from Tattly ($5) that you can test first.

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Bandaid Tattoo Ideas | POPSUGAR Beauty – POPSUGAR

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Inside the Ink: Wisconsin football players share the stories behind their tattoos – Bucky’s 5th Quarter08.29.17

MADISON Nick Nelson stands near the players entrance to the McClain Center adjacent to Camp Randall Stadium, rotating his arms and shoulders slowly. The stretch shows off the various designs imprinted upon his 511, 208-pound frame.

A couple of teammates recently mentioned the cornerbacks name when asked who on the team has some of the best tattoos. Earlier that August day, inside linebacker Chris Orr suggested Nelson, as well as outside linebacker Garret Dooley, have the best tattoos of this years Wisconsin Badgers.

Upon hearing this, Nelson laughs. He flexes his right forearm outward, showcasing his favorite piece of art. On the inner half, R.I.P. Mack Willie is tattooed between a heart and a cross. A rose hangs in the background on the outer half, with Grandad spelled out in cursive.

To Nelson, theres a variety of reasons for adding a permanent tattoo to your body.

Its just like whatever you got going on, whatever you like, Nelson said. Some people like to freestyle, some people like to [get a tattoo of] whatever they have in life, like my grandad. I like to freestyle a lot, so its whatever I like.

Strong safety DCota Dixon strolls up.

No weapon formed against me shall prosper. Dixon recites without hesitation the words tattooed on the upper half of his right arm, a reference from Isaiah 54:17.

For some Badgers, matters of faith, family, and football hold so much personal reverence that mere words cannot convey the depth of their meaning. They have to be physically etched onto their skin as a perpetual presence on their body.

Nelson recalled receiving his first tattoo around the age of 17. His tally is now up to eight.

Im still going though, Im still going, Nelson said, smiling. Ill probably finish my arm. Later on in life, Ill start my chest.

Dooley wears a sleeve of tattoos that link together, running from his shoulder down to his forearm. Like Nelson and many others, Dooleys artwork pays tribute to family. On his left shoulder lies a bald eagle with the American flag, which then transitions into several symbols that represent his country and heritage.

That one was just for my dad [who] served in the military for 30 years, and I think its just respect out of him for that and just our military as a whole, Dooley said in July. The anchor stands for strength and stability, and these are my family initials and kind of go with each other. The one here is a Celtic knot, thats for my Irish heritage.

The one on his outer left forearm features a large skull wearing an army helmet, complete with a bullet hole above the right eye. Dooley just laughs.

This one, honestly, is because its sweet.

It took 12 hours to complete Dooleys series of tattoos, though he admitted he was at the parlor for around 20 due to necessary breaks. Along with the physical commitment, theres a financial one as well.

The money, it was just I had some stuff saved up and I figured now would be a good time to do it, Dooley said in August. It was kind of a split-second decision; obviously I thought about it a little bit, but it was just something I pulled the trigger on.

Yes, Wisconsins sophomore punter, Anthony Lotti, has a sleeve, too. It takes him around 15 seconds to count the number of tattoos from both arms to his back.

Ten, to be exact.

Coaches like to give me crap for it, Lotti said. Like, whats the punter doing having tattoos? But, like, everyone respects it. They like my tattoos a lot so its pretty neat, and connecting with the guys on a different level with the other guys who have tattoos, its really cool to explain the stories.

The artwork flows naturally down his arm, merging symbols from his home state. A Georgia quarter at the top of his left deltoid fades down into an olive tree, the center of his family crest. The mountains and lake that he lived near complement the imagery, with a Cherokee rose, his state flower, underneath.

Inside of his left forearm, a picture of a rhinohis favorite animalsits on top of the Latin phrase, Passus Sum, Didici, Mutatus Sum, which Lotti translates to, I suffered, I learned, I changed. Theres even room for a wolf and a bear.

Two separate messages from both parentsLove You More and Short Memoryare tattooed on the inside of his left arm and right forearm. The latter is what his father, Tony, tells his son before every game.

[Special teams coach Chris] Haering made it clear that Im not allowed to get any tattoos during the season, Lotti said, laughing, so its slowing it down for a minute.

Micah Kapoi, now a redshirt junior, made a huge leap coming to Madison. A native of Kapolei, Hawaii, the versatile guard isnt the only member of his family to currently play Division I football. His brother, Alema, is currently a freshman defensive end for Navy.

We decided to get it in high school just to have that connection, have that connection with us and our family, Kapoi said before motioning lower to the latest venture above his elbow. I just finished this piece down here, and it just represents our culture.

Kapois tattoo design is as detailed as it is intimate. In his words, the nets represent protection for his family.

Being out here, its hard, Kapoi said. Theres not a lot of Polynesian kids, lot of Hawaiian, Samoan kids out here. So its just showing our culture in a different way than just being here. So just having this art, having this story on my body, just shows everyone where Im from, what Im about, and just a little taste of how we do things, how we were raised and all that.

The sentiment of embracing your culture through visual art is shared by starting nose tackle Olive Sagapolu. Though he attended Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana, Calif., the 62, 346-pound junior hails from Pago Pago, American Samoa.

On his left shoulder, Sagapolu has his initials O and S embedded in a design with an M for his mother, Martina, further down the arm. Wings that stretch outward toward his chest and back represent his familys village in American Samoa.

Flexing his arm upward, Sagapolu points out another important symbol on his left bicep to represent his mother.

My mom definitely played a big factor in my life and its something to live for her, Sagapolu said. She was always there for me whenever I needed her, and for me and her, it was always just us two. I felt that getting that would kind of represent my mom and what our familys for.

Sagapolu appears unfinished. There are other traditional Samoan tattoos he admitted he was thinking of receiving later in life, calling out one in particular.

Its kind of a traditional Samoan design that kind of goes from your legs down, a little bit in your belly button, a little bit of the sides, and the back that kind of represent the Samoan pea, we call it, Sagapolu said. Its a traditional Samoan tattoo that kind of symbolizes where you are in your life and what kind of things you stand for.

For a couple of Wisconsin senior wide receivers, footballs meaning goes beyond the field.

George Rushings left tricep reveals an intricate design of a football fused with a heart.

Ive been playing tackle football since I was five, Rushing said in July, so its kind of ingrained in me where Im from. Its just one of those things I felt like go hand-in-hand with my heart.

Sitting next to him that day was Jazz Peavy. The Kenosha, Wis., native has four tattoos, including an impressive piece of artwork on his left arm. Inside an eye, two hands reach out to reel in a catch.

I wanted to get a football tattoo and something that kind of embodied these past four, four-and-a-half years that Ive been here, Peavy said. So I definitely wanted to get the red for Wisconsin, red gloves, and what Ive been doing for so long and something that I have such a passion for: catching footballs.

Peavy enters his fifth year in Madison and has risen the past two seasons to become one of Wisconsins offensive playmakers. Last season, his 43 receptions ranked second on the team. He also developed into a rushing threat, gaining 318 yards on 15.1 per carry.

Having to work his way up to become a leader of his position group, theres no doubt this tattoo holds a particular place in his heart.

I feel like Ive put so much time and energy and blood, sweat and tears into this place, and its definitely one of those things where Ive started, I didnt know how and where Id was going to end up, Peavy said later in August. In a million years, I wouldnt have guessed Id be in this position Im in now. Its just something Ive consistently worked on playing receiver and working on my game and getting to where Im at now, so I take a lot of pride in what I do, so I put it on me for life.

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Inside the Ink: Wisconsin football players share the stories behind their tattoos – Bucky’s 5th Quarter

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All things brides are beautiful: Styling with henna designs – NIGERIAN TRIBUNE (press release) (blog)08.27.17

DATING back centuries ago when they were used as body art for various religious designs, the tattoo designs made from henna a plant found in the tropical climates of Africa, northern Australia, and southern Asia have become a popular feature among brides from many cultures, irrespective of religious affiliations.

Henna body art expert, Miss Hafsoh Adetorh, spoke with Makeover, on trending designs, preparing the henna extract and possible side effects to note when working with the henna juice.

Extracting henna juice

According to Adetoro, extract from henna leaves produces a red fluid, which if mixed, can give off the black hue. There are also powder forms of the henna extract, which she says can be mixed with hydrogen before application.

There is the powder form which can be mixed with hydrogen before use. The powdered form is meant for home use and not for commercial purposes. We can use water to mix it sometimes, but hydrogen works better for it to make the black colour. Lime juice can also be added to the henna extract to deepen the red hue of the juice and ensure that the art stays in place longer, she states.

Interestingly, according to Adetoro, Henna leaves, when cooked, can be used in the treatment of malaria symptoms. Body designs with henna juice are a common feature among the Hausas; thats why they are usually the best in terms of expertise. However, for those, who want to do it at home, if the extract has been mixed with hydrogen for 24 hours without being used, the colour will fade out. If you design your nails with henna, the longer your nails, the more beautiful the design turns out. And they last longer on nails than the skin, because of the use of body cream which tends to fade the design out after a while.


The designs depend on the style you want. The simplest of the lot are the Arabic hindi designs. There are also mehndi designs, which are complex and can be used on more parts of the body beyond the hands. Mehndi designs are better done by experts because of the creative task it involves. There are also Pakistan designs and flower designs. Pakistan designs take on the look of humans, while there are also designs that turn out to be in the shape of animals.

Side effects?

There arent many known side effects, but Adetoro advises against using it on sensitive skin or for children. She also notes that if prepared properly, because of the hydrogen added to the mixture, it can also help in preventing the spread of germs.

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All things brides are beautiful: Styling with henna designs – NIGERIAN TRIBUNE (press release) (blog)

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New Brackley tattoo parlour has designs on changing perception – Buckingham Advertiser08.26.17

A new tattoo and piercing studio which prides itself on its customer service will open in Brackley next week.

Manhattan Ink had a soft opening on Wednesday for consultations and they are already fully booked for their first days work on Monday, August 28.

The parlour will be the third to open since August last year with other branches in Winslow and Rushden.

We work really, really hard to maintain our customer service and our reputation, said owner Jamey Bowles.

So many people have converted and wanted to come to us because weve given them a personal life experience.

He added: Were very open, very fresh, very modern, very comforting – Id like to think – towards people and what theyd like.

Jamey has hired two members of staff so far and he anticipates more once things are fully up and running.

Tim Bottoms will be the resident manager and piercer, and Scott Langford will be the studios head artist. Both have an extensive background in the industry, said Jamey.

As well as delivering excellent customer service, Jamey is also aiming to help break the stigma he feels surrounds tattoo studios.

He said: A lot of people still have the stigma that a tattoo shop is very dark, very grungy and not a very inviting place for everybody and anybody.

And that is the case sometimes with some tattoo studios, however, with the way its moving forward that is changing a lot. Peoples attitudes are changing a lot.

Our main priority is to ensure that our studios reflect our passion and are inviting to anyone 18 and over. Weve tattooed people in the eighties as well people with their first tattoos so it does go to show were doing something right, in an inviting way.

The shop on Draymans Walk occupies what used to be a butterfly shop, which sold handmade items. Because the space is quite small, inside Jamey has tried to make it feel as big as possible.

The building was damp and neglected so work was done to rebuild the walls. Once finished it was decorated with a modern, classy, open feel and has a 1968 American Mercury car front on the wall of the waiting room.

But above all the customer is king for Jamey, and with many returning to his studios after their first experience of Manhattan Ink, he hopes those who visit the Brackley branch will do the same.

Once they have a tattoo from us they enjoy the environment and of course they build a rapport with our team members and staff, and for that reason they come back.

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New Brackley tattoo parlour has designs on changing perception – Buckingham Advertiser

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Tulsa flag designer understands reluctance to change symbol, wears tattoo in support anyway – Tulsa World08.26.17

By Jarrel Wade Tulsa World

Jordan Winn, designer of the proposed Tulsa flag, gets why many residents didnt immediately take to it, but that didnt stop him from getting his winning design tattooed on his arm Wednesday.

They do have a right to be upset about it, Winn said. Its a symbol, and they think people are saying, This represents you now. Some people dont like it. Some of thats disheartening. The first couple of days, I was a little upset about it.

Since then, Winn said the support has slowly grown, and its now just been fun to see more and more people get used to it and support it.

Its a gift to the city, Winn said. If they want it, cool. If they dont, thats cool, too.

The flag, tattooed on his right arm by Robbie Reel at Black Gold Tattoo and Piercings, isnt his first tattoo, and it isnt even the first Tulsa tattoo to come out of this project.

His design was chosen as a finalist out of hundreds by a blind committee, but he actually works as a graphic designer in the studio owned by one of the Tulsa flag campaign leaders, Tulsas Gitwit.

As part of the campaign, he helped design a Tulsa logo, which he had tattooed about six months ago opposite of Wednesdays fresh ink.

For Winn, the entire project is about pride in Tulsa not just his own artwork.

I was born and raised here, Winn said.

Another tattoo, hidden by a short shirt sleeve on his shoulder, is of the Oklahoma state flags Osage shield.

He started doing graphic design in middle school and went from Tulsa to Stillwater to work on a psychology degree before starting his own design studio there. He later left school to do graphic design full time, he said.

One of the things about his design that people probably dont know is that he submitted about 10 designs for the blind committees review.

Beyond that, he said, he sketched out 60 or more ideas before whittling them down to the 10 and tweaking those designs.

The final flag stood out as a simple, straightforward design, Winn said. Its a nod to the Oklahoma flag, which I thought was cool.

The Tulsa City Council hasnt been as accepting of the design, leaving the project of officially adopting the flag on hiatus in response to public backlash from residents who either dont like Winns design or prefer the current flag, which features the Tulsa city seal.

Winn said he hasnt experienced that level of negative feedback before on a design and was fairly wounded at first.

Ive read thousands of comments of people saying it was a communist flag, Winn said. After a couple of days, I got over it. When we started seeing how many people were talking (positively) about it, that was a great thing for us. The last few weeks weve been having fun with it.

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Tulsa flag designer understands reluctance to change symbol, wears tattoo in support anyway – Tulsa World

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