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10 Monster Bugs Plucked Straight from your Nightmares …02.12.19

Did I ever tell you I once navigated a Jet Ski through an electrical storm in orderto save a family of Pandas from a sinking, in fire engulfed steamboat, while recovering from two broken legs after a miscalculated,no chute, wing-suit landing? Still, I have to admit that Im scared of every kind of insect known to man. I know that is not very macho on my part, but at least I can take comfort in knowing, Im just one of millions who feel this way.

We are quick to believe bugs are put on this world just to crawl in our ear and lay eggs in our brain. Of course there is no record of anything like that ever happening, but then again, theres no record of it not happening either, and looking at these creepy looking creatures, we are bound to assume the worst.

Another scary thought is that, for every one of us, there are 1,5 billion bugs on this earth and it only takes one to scare the living crap out of most people. Luckily, most of them are so tiny, we hardly even notice them. These monster bugs, however, are downright impossible to miss and you really dont want to come across any of them in the corner of your walk-in closet. We are talking about giant bugs such as:

This scary bug was already featured one time in our list of scary weird creatures. However, this list wouldnt be complete without the spider that is featured in more B movies then Lorenzo Lamas. This giant spider has turned into somewhat of an urban legend when stories started to come in of US soldiers who were faced with these monster bugs in the desert of Afghanistan. Crazy, horrifying stories like: how they can run 30 mph, eat camels from the inside out and even soldiers waking up with missing body-parts as the camel spider feasted on them during their sleep, totally unaware because of the spiders paralyzing venom, untill off course they woke up.I would take most of these rumours with a pinch of salt though. That being said, I can tell you that if Spider-Man was real, then this giant Camel Spider must have been the one that gave him his super powers.

Believe it or not but that picture is not Photoshopped in any way. Its called the Atlas Moth and with a wingspan of over 25cm (10 in) its one of the biggest Moth species on the planet.The natural habitat of the Atlasmoth, is Southeast Asia. A bizarre fact is that they cant feed as they lack a fully formed mouth. Therefore, the Atlas Moth can only live for two to three weeks once theyve hatched.

You might be wondering One of the biggest Moths? Come on nature. But the Atlas Moth is the biggest in overal wing surface, which is 400 cm2(62sqin). The biggest moth in average wingspan, however, is the White Witch,with a wingspan of 31cm (12in).

The Goliath Beetle is among the largest insects in the world when measured in body mass. They can weigh over 100 grams (3.5 oz), making itthe heaviest insect on record. In fact they are so heavy, they actually sound like a toy helicopter when in flight. Goliath beetles can be found in many of Africass tropical forests. Little appears to be known of the larval cycle in the wild, but in captivity,Goliathusbeetles have been successfully reared from egg to adult using protein-rich foods such as commercial cat and dog food.

This monster bug is simply called the Giant Water Bug. Their habitat are thetropical, subtropical and temperate areas of the world and are typically found in freshwater streams. It is largest insects in the orderHemiptera, and occur worldwide, with most of the species in North America, South America, Australiaand East Asia. They are typically encountered in freshwater streams, where they prey on fish, snakes and even baby turtles as you can see in the picture.These huge bugs can exceed over 12cm, and nearly reaching the mass of some of the larger beetlesin the world. They are also known as Toe-Bitersfor its encounters with unfortunate swimmers. Its bite is said to be the most painful of any insect. It wont kill you, but it can cause permanent damage though. My advice never go swimming in a freshwater pond andnever ever get drunk and pass out with your face near one of these things.

The Giant Weta is considered one of the largest bugs in the world based on sheer mass. Luckily, this huge species of weta, Giant Wetas, canonly be found on Little Barrier Island, in New Zealand, although there are 70 other types of smaller weta found throughout the country.Large species can be up to 10 cm (4 in), without legs and antennaeincluded, and can reach a mass of about 70 g(2.5 oz). Even though they arent the most pleasant on the eyes, they are very gentle and some like to keep them as pets.

TheAmazonian giant centipede orPeruvian giant centipede is among the largest species of centipedes which can reach lengths of up to 35 cm (13 in) or even more. While these monster bugs have grown to become quite populair among exotic pet collectors, they are considered as one of the most dangerous centipedes in the world and extremely aggressive.It iscarnivorous, feeding on almost everything it encounters and is capable of overpoweringvertrabrates, including: lizards, frogs, snakes, birds, mice and even bats.

Theyre also known to have unique strategies catching bats in which they can climb cave ceiling and hold or manipulate their prey which is heavier than themselves with just few legs attaching to the ceiling.Their poison, which is injected through their sharp claws, is fatal to most small animals and is also toxic to humansin which they can cause severe pain, swelling, chills and fever. However, they are unlikely to be fatal to humans, except to those who are allergic to the toxins.

The Goliath Spider is officially the biggest spider on the planet. These spiders can have a leg span of up to 30cm (12in) and can weigh over 170g (6.0oz). The spider with the biggest leg span is the Giant Huntsman spider, but this behemoth has it beat in mass though.Despite its nickname this, Frisbee sized, monster bugdoes not normally eat birds.It actually prefers to eat smaller prey like; bats, frogs, snakes and annoying children. Their bite is fairly harmless to humans and its effect is comparable to a wasps sting.They do haveurticating hairsthat can even be harmful to humans, and are considered by some to be the most harmful tarantula urticating hair of all.

The Japanse Hornets are 5 times the size of anEuropean honeybee, which are the favorite target of these hornets from hell.Commonly used by Japanese farmers, the honeybees are not native to Japan and have no natural defenses against an onslaught of giant hornets. Hornet scouts marks the honeybee colony with a type of pheromone and soon after, all hell breaks lose. It just takes 3 of these natural born killer to slaughter a whole colony of 30,000 bees, leaving a trail of dismembered heads and limbs. While people are not the Japanese giant hornets usual prey, their venom is strong enough to disintegrate human flesh, and about 70 people die each year after being stung by these monster bugs. Interesting facts is that the native Japanese honeybee do actually have a defense against their giant and ferocious relatives as you can see in the video below.

Snails are one of the few bugs that dont scare many people by default. We see them in cartoons carrying their cute little red bag on a stick, and dont bother anyone as they sluggishly go on with their day. So, when does a snail stops being cute? Well, how about when the green slime starts dripping from the palms of your hand when youre holding one, like with this Giant African Land Snail. These monster bugs can grow over 20cm (8in) and are actually quite dangerous as they can cause serious damage to an eco system. It can consume at least 500 different types of plants, cause structural damage to plaster and stucco and can carry a parasitic nematode that can lead to meningitis in humans.

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If you dont mind putting an extra pair of underpants in the laundry, then also be sure to check out our Top 10 Weird Creatures, which seem to be lifted from your darkest nightmares! Also,10 Extinct Giant versions of todays animals!

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10 Monster Bugs Plucked Straight from your Nightmares …

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45 Awesome Shark Tattoos for Your Inner Badass02.09.19

Sharks are great. Theyre fierce, fearless, and powerful. If youre one of those people who think theyre vicious killers, youve probably watched waaaay too many horror flicks. As a matter of fact, sharks only attack when their environment is disturbed or when they feel theyre in danger. In other words, they do it to protect themselves, which is completely understandable. Theyre actually gorgeous animals, worthy of our protection and respect. And what better way to showcase your admiration for these badass creatures than to get a shark tattoo?

While men would probably prefer more aggressive designs, women usually go for more graceful and subtle tattoos, which can be just as powerful. If youre looking to convey that youre a bold and strong individual, a shark tattoo is the perfect way to spread the message. Here are some awesome tattoo ideas to get you inspired.

Shark out of water! This mesmerizing creature seems particularly angry. Maybe he saw something he didnt like? Or maybe evil humans are after him. Whatever the case, he knows how to protect his turf. And whats more important probably the owner of this lovely tattoo know how to stand up for themselves as well.

Now thats what we call a classic. If you really want people to admire your ink up close and personal, a hand tattoo is the way to go. Such a scary (yet still marvelous) specimen will clearly make a long-lasting impression.

Sharks + typography = love, at least in our book. This is a more private tattoo a black and white design people will only see if youre a fan of crop tops. We cant really see what it says, but its something about survival, and sharks are good at that. So, great choice.

This tattoo looks unfinished, but were sure the end product will be amazing. Just look at that perfect shark silhouette and that bold shade of blue. We cant tell if the shark is angry or cheerful, but he seems to be swimming peacefully, which means hes very zen. Yay!

Aaaaargh! What better way to convey your love for the sea than get a tattoo of a pirate skeleton and one or a badass shark? We dont know. But the combination clearly works, as you can see on this creative fellow.

Hello, I am Shark. I like to cuddle with sea lions and make fun of awkward-looking fish. What is your story? We havent seen a happier shark in our lives and we doubt well ever see one before, so this specimen won our hearts in a jiffy.

Oops! This shark was hungry. Hes not anymore. We particularly appreciate the fallen flip-flop, as it makes the design look more realistic. That eye, however, will haunt us for days. Sharks are good guys. Except when theyre not.

Now this is one fierce animal, who looks like hes looking to revenge his pals death. At least he has a purpose. Side note: this is a great location for a shark tattoo, as you can display this interesting creature in all its glory. Sharks from all across the world will be in awe.

Colorful, gracious, and utterly cute. When it comes to this particular design, we love everything, from the placement to the mesmerizing color combination. If youre a lady looking to get inked, you should add this to your list of potential designs for sure.

Menacing shark on your foot? Why not? Here, the creature seems to be yelling at the Pi sign located on the other foot, so maybe hes not a fan of math. We wont hold it against him. Math is hard.

Now this is what we call an eye-catching tattoo. Its big, manly, and perfect. If you enjoy danger, what better way to showcase that? The details on this design are flawless, so make sure to find a skillful artist with a keen eye for detail.

This Mr. Shark looks kinda nostalgic. We imagine hes thinking about his last yummy meal and looking forward to the next one. At least thats how we look when were craving fries. Were guessing his taste is more eclectic.

At first we though this shark looks a bit drunk, but then we noticed hes been cut in half. Uncool. Maybe a magic trick gone wrong? Whatever the case, were digging still this design (and mourning for the lovely fellow at the same time).

This is what we call interesting placement. While this kind of tattoo looks awesome though, you want to make sure its really what you want before you get one. Growing your hair is always an option, but better to be extra certain youll still like the design after a couple of years.

Wow. Is this an awesome design or what? Everything from the waves to the stylized sea creature to the twinkly stars is marvelous, and the amount of detail is truly fascinating. Were in love.

Is geometry your thing? Than this is the tattoo for you. Complex, eye-catching, edgy. Plus, the design kind of creates a 3D effect, right? We somehow cant take our eyes out of this one. Kudos for the great contrast as well.

We love tattoos that tell a story, so were obviously in love with this one. Someone has fallen of a ship and got attacked by a fearless creature. Sounds like a great idea for a movie. What, it was already done? Oh, well.

This shark looks like hes contemplating his next meal in the form of that sad looking fishy. This shade of blue is to die for and the details are great. But does the fishy escape? I guess we will never know. Although due to the sharks hungry eyes, we doubt it.

This shark is hella fancy. He has a hat for Petes sake, and he can see better than his fellow sea creatures. We can also see a trident, so maybe Mr. Shark is the ruler of the sea in the tattoo owners eye. We like whales as well, but we wont disagree.

The perfect proof that a small shark is still a fierce shark. And he looks dashing next to the anchor. Side note: an anchor tattoo symbolizes strength and stability, so it only makes sense to associate it with a mighty shark, which exudes power.

Weve seen Jaws, but this tattoo still made us gasp. Its very realistic and well-made. Were only sorry that the pic is black and white and we cant tell is the shark is colorful or not. Whatever the case, its stunning for sure.

A remarkable design that will surely grab the eye of everyone around. What more is there to say? Its truly perfect.

Angry shark is looking for blood. Meanwhile, innocent puppy is making puppy eyes and this contrast is mainly what makes this design stand out from the crowd. Oh, and those splashes of water? Thats what we call excellent craftsmanship.

Another tattoo of a seemingly menacing shark on an arm, because you can never have too many of these. Again, we applaud the artists attention to detail and were deeply jealous this design isnt resting on our arms instead.

If youre going for a scary but impressive tattoo, associating sharks with skeletons is the way to go. You dont even have to be a sailor. It just works. The dark waves are beautiful, and the Mr. Shark looks as pissed as a shark can get.

Rock and roll! Its not a saying, its a lifestyle. Even when youre being eaten by a shark. We love the symbolism of this design. Mainly because the day we give in is the day we day. Stay true to who you are.

The deep sea is full of gorgeous creatures, so if you want a unique tattoo, include as many as you can. Turtles are cure, sharks are wonderful, a jelly fish will add a touch of whimsy to the design. Looking at this art piece is quite relaxing, isnt it?

This particular shark is out to get you. If youre a person who scares easily, it might even cause some nightmares. Thankfully, were not, so we consider this a win. As weve already said, sharks only attack to protect themselves, so were safe.

Sure, you might have thought about getting a shark tattoo, but did you ever considered the possibility of getting a tattoo of a shark with its insides visible? No? Youre welcome.

Judging by the tattoo, the pants, and the beer, this person is very much into the sea. We understand. The sea is awesome. And sharks are pretty even when they look like theyre out to get you.

A shark with a riffle? Not thats a movie we would definitely watch. If hes released upon the world during a tornado, even better. Thats as compelling as it gets.

A small, subtle, and wonderful tattoo that goes particularly well with that heart piercing. Due to their shape, sharks make perfect ear tattoos, dont you agree?

So many colors! We love colors and we love sharks, so we definitely applaud the tattoo artist who put this together. The details are spectacular, the shades dazzling. Perfection.

Sharks everywhere! This particular fellow looks calm and peaceful. We especially appreciate the frame, as it gives the entire design a bit of an edge. And is that another shark tattoo on the other leg, or just a doodle? Care to speculate? We vote doodle, but you never know.

This shark is hiding behind the owners ear because he doesnt want to scare you, not because he is the one whos scared. Sharks dont get scared. They make the scaring. On a more serious note, we love the colors and the placement of this tattoo. Discreet, but still amazing.

Although we can only see a bit of this shark tattoo, we can help but gush over it. Its probably wonderful, as shark tattoos usually are. How far down do you think it goes?

Simple, black and white, highly effective. He looks like hes screaming though. Maybe the owner has something to say and wants the world to pay attention? This is our best guess.

A slice of sea life on your foot the perfect choice when youre obsessed with the waves. While we like the sharks in this design, were also in awe over the octopus and the sentiment of peace were filled with after looking at the image for a while. The sea is great guys.

When youre giving someone the finger, having a shark on it makes the whole gesture even more powerful. This shark might be tiny, but he will tolerate nobodys nonsense. Just look at those teeth.

Angry shark is out to get you! Beware! (That blue though is deep and wonderful and in total contrast with the sharks overall demeanor, which is very cool.)

This shark may look menacing, but hes probably only annoyed that youre invading his privacy *wink.*

Abstract sharks are great, red abstract sharks are even better. Were totally digging the flowery design as well, so this is a particularly compelling tattoo in our book.

Another discreet, but menacing design because we just cant get enough of tiny sharks who hide behind peoples ears.

A very interesting design, which will surely catch the attention of everyone around. The amount of detail is crazy good. Were actually applauding over here.

This shark looks kind of sad, but thats probably just because weve reached the end of our list. Hes pretty dashing though, with his lovely tail and those perfect stripes. The placement is also perfect considering the sharks silhouette, so were definitely in awe. Well done!

See? Sharks make awesome tattoos. Theyre can look fierce, convey strength, and even scare people away if youre going for a more gruesome design. What more could you wish for? If youre looking to get inked, you will be more than able to find a design that satisfies all your needs. Maybe one from above?

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45 Awesome Shark Tattoos for Your Inner Badass

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Flower Tattoos for Women – Ideas and Designs for Girls02.09.19

Art is the ability to look at reality through the lens of either a beautiful dream or a horrendous nightmare. It is extremely diverse and innovative and it keeps evolving into directions we wouldnt expect it to.

In this regard, flower tattoos for women express femininity in all of its intricate forms and colors and their complexity and immense variety only stands proof of how complex, mysterious and intriguing female spirit is.

With so many cultures offering so many different values and perspectives on the human nature, it was only natural that variety would also become part of tattoos meaning.

Flowers carry something profoundly sensitive within their nature, something that has always baffled and intrigued both artists and regular people alike. This has grown more obvious over time, as they started to be turned into art and imbued with deeper meanings than meets the eye.

Depending on the geographical region a certain belief resides in, and the type of the flower itself, a floral tattoo could express a wide variety of different values, encompassing most of the palette of human emotion.

Here are the most common types of flower tattoos that women tend to get:

Depending on its color, it can stand for: passionate love (red), excitement and enthusiasm (orange), genuine friendship (peach), fascination (blue), joy, familiar love and devotion (yellow) or even evil and death (black).

There are also other interpretations, as sailors would use rose tattoos to honor their girlfriends and wives, while far on the seas and, in Greek culture, it is considered a symbol of Aphrodite, the goddess of eternal love, transcending space and time.

The lotus is also a popular flower tattoo and that is because aside from its gorgeous visuals, it is also dripping with meaning. Mostly famous throughout Eastern countries and all over Asia, the lotus represents the triumph in the face of lifes vicissitudes and symbolizes spiritual rebirth as, in Hinduism and Buddhism, it is thought to stand for human spiritual growth.

Being an exotic and breathtakingly looking floral specimen, the orchid is also highly treasured among different cultures. Japan sees it as an embodiment of the samurai spirit, associated with bravery and honor over anything else. The ancient Aztecs saw it representing strength, while for Chinese it was all about fertility and a prosperous and fulfilling life.

These are just 3 examples out of countless others, comprising in hundreds upon hundreds of different flowers, with an equal number of interpretations.

That is up for you to decide. But if you make the decision to go for one, you need to know that the sky is the limit. Flower tattoos for women come in an immense palette of options to cover all tastes. Intricacy, color, design, size, signification, everything can vary hugely from one person to another.

All you need to know is what defines you as a person and find that relatable piece that will end up sticking with you for the rest of your life. The fact that flower tattoos have grown so popular that they have even been adopted by men shows how intimately we resonate with these jewels of nature, regardless of our gender.

Your skin is a virgin canvas and there is no better way to spoil it than carving a priceless and eternal floral gem on it.

This simple black and white flower design gives off a classic, clean vibe. The hand drawn aesthetic provides an artistic, intelligent feel, and the placement on the models body allows this delicate, yet highly detailed, flower tattoo to really bloom.

This immense and colorful back piece incorporates a wide variety of design and color. The almost animated, yet intricate, detail of the butterflies and flower petals give this tattoo a energetic, positive aura. Subtle shading is used to make this piece really pop.

These simple purple orchids instill a sense of power and dignity. Designed in a watercolor like style, this piece echoes traditional oriental flower tattoos. Inked in deep blacks and soft delicate purples, this tattoo is at once feminine and strong.

These ashen roses are an elegant and sultry tattoo idea. Done in hard black and grays, with detail on the hard lines of the piece, this tattoo speaks of rebellion, sophistication, and sex appeal, all at once.

A small, yet highly detailed, flower bouquet, this tattoo pops with bright color and intricate design. An small crest-like overall aesthetic, this bright bouquet would work as a solo ankle, or arm, piece, or a part of a larger work.

A classic take on floral tattooing, this sprig of bright flower ink gives of a vibe of sophistication and sexiness. The perfect tattoo to accentuate hips, breasts, or thighs, this tattoo is for the elegant woman with a free spirit.

An example of a different style of purple orchids, these classic tattoo designed flowers circle and curl to bring out the most of your natural curves. Deep and pronounced shading is used to bring out the softer purples and greens.

If youre considering simpler flower tattoo ideas, these colorful sky blue orchids may be for you. This subtle design is almost void of dark colors which allow the bright turquoise and neon greens to really take focus.

Another great piece if youre looking for a subtle flower tattoos idea. This set of four, lotus inspired, designs, are a small reminder of your inner peace. The acrylic like coloring and bright ink provides huge personality to this small tattoo.

These highly detailed ashen gray roses make a flattering piece for shoulders or hips. With focus on the exterior lines, the black and gray inks, and use of negative space, give this tattoo its entire attitude, and will do the same for you!

This simple orchid design gives a down south feel in its subtle green sprigs and violet blossoms. The delicate purple petals are perfectly scaled for this small piece and provide extraordinary detail and intricacy the perfect tattoo for wrists or ankles.

A superbly designed lotus flower situated inside an immaculately inked background, this flower tattoo design speaks of inner peace and enlightenment. Soft, yet brilliant, yellows, pinks, and blues, are offset by the deep black inks of the shading and background.

Red is all the focus in this flower bouquet tattoo. With deep and dark greens being used to shadow and shade this piece, the bright colors of the flower petals really pop a consistently flowing tattoo for sides and thighs.

This art inspired floral design makes use of its subject matter with pastel acrylic looking inks. The natural pinks, yellows, and greens, contrast perfectly with the silver and tans of the pencils and brushes, for an added layer of artistic flare.

This almost entirely violet inked tattoo is the epitome of flower tattoos for girls. Giving off an aura of female mystique, deep and light purples cascade into black definition lines and shading to provide a sultry, majestic design.

This sophisticated and geometric design provides a frame and shape for the detailed, black and gray flowers at its center. Shading takes precedence in this piece to fill out and define the focal orchids, and the black background serves to bring the flowers to the eye.

This simple purple rose tattoo is an excellent small piece for wrists and ankles. The soft purple petals contrast perfectly with the black stem and roses. An almost anime like design, this piece echoes daintiness and femininity.

An encompassing tattoo, this piece gives the feeling of natures bounty springing up on the models body. Done in pastel pinks, reds, and oranges, black stems root these roses to the skin. The open blossoms, and closed blooms, speak of growth and development.

A beautiful full back piece, this tattoo sparkles and glistens with color. Bright greens, blues, whites, yellows, pinks, and greens are offset by the black ink underlay. This immersive piece is an excellent larger option when deciding on flower tattoos for women.

A zen like black, white, and gray design, this geometric tattoo uses the framing shapes to make its lotus centerpiece the focus. An excellent piece for ankles, wrists, and shoulders, this tattoo reminds us to put our own enlightenment at the center of our lives.

Capturing the blooms of spring in pastel inks, this tattoo is a artistic expression of womans communing with nature. Soft pinks, purples, and reds, are offset by a subtle hand drawn background of stems, sprigs, and leaves.

If youre in search of more subtle, classic, tattoos ideas, this hand drawn bouquet sprig of orchids is an excellent option for chest, side, or thigh tattoos. Inked simply in black and gray, this tattoo is a humble expression of your inner wild flower.

A tiny, but highly detailed and colored, tattoo, this piece is perfect for ankles, wrists, and foot pieces. Done in bright colors, and with little darks, this tattoo has a positive, happy, spring vibe.

This bright, red, and pink lotus tattoo speaks of the enlightened woman. Done in subtle defining lines to let the focal flower draw the eye, this piece achieves perfect balance on the darkly defined, black inked, rooting and stem.

If youre more interested in bigger tattoo ideas for women, this pieces curling design can accentuate the natural curves of the shoulders, hips, and chest. Done in darker colors, this tattoo is a perfect example of classic sophistication to bring out your favorite features.

This colorful floral, hand tattoo is ideal for women who want people to notice their hands. Its not the most subtle tattoo, but it is colorful and attractive. Also, its garden-like appearance will compliment most hand or wrist accessories as well as summer dresses.

This pink flower tattoo is a good design for women who want to tattoo their forearms with something beautiful and attractive. The floral design appears large, but also colorful and soft. The tattoo also looks great with various hand accessories, particularly floral ones.

These flower tattoos feature colorful pink lilies. They are large, detailed and quite colorful. The lilies look very vivid, and their size and appearance makes them a subtle back or shoulder tattoo. They are also a good choice for women who like sharp, but colorful floral tattoos.

This artistic flower tattoos idea features colorful white and violet flowers. The color contrast between white and violet is the tattoos most notable feature, but it also has a simple and elegant design. The lithe appearance of the flowers also makes this a good forearm tattoo.

This seemingly simple floral tattoo design features a single branch of flowers. The flowers orange color contrasts quite well with the green color of the leaves. However, due to its small size, its worth remembering that this tattoo design has a very minimalist appearance.

For those of you who are looking for flower tattoo ideas that feature a lot of curls then this is a good choice. This particular design features a lily-like red flower with curling stems. Its also quite large, which makes it a good choice for a back tattoo.

This particular design features an artistic rendering of a simple flower with bright, red petals. The petals have a very modern look, as does the stem and leaves. This particular tattoos appearance is subtle and very toned down; great for arms and limbs.

This rather large tattoo features a bright pink flower surrounded by toned down green leaves, and it has a very romantic aesthetic. Its also quite large and wide, which means that it can only be applied on the hip or back.

This cool, but colorful flower tattoo design features blue and violet flowers in the shape of a crescent. Although very simple, this design has a very simple but subtle appeal. And because of the green color of the leaves, the flowers look very charming.

For those of you who are looking for flower tattoo ideas with esoteric symbolism, this is a good choice. It features an elegant pink colored flower inside an upside-down triangle. Although the image is very simple, the addition of the triangle gives it an air of mystery.

Most flower tattoos for girls feature designs that dont take up a lot of space. This one is the exception. This particular design features several Hibiscus flowers, but due to the size of each flower, this particular design can only fit on a womans back.

Most tattoos ideas have simple, but elegant aesthetics and this one is no exception. Despite its simplicity, its also quite versatile, and looks good on the ankles, the wrists or the limbs. The only downside is that due to its black and white appearance, this particular tattoo works best on pale skin.

This colorful tattoo features a large pink flower surrounded by green leaves and small violet flowers. The tattoo is also neither big nor small, and can fit well into almost any part of the body; a good choice for those who prefer versatile tattoo designs.

This colorful tattoo features a series of multi-colored flowers along a vertical column. There are red, yellow, blue and violet flowers of different shapes and sizes. However, due to this particular tattoos shape and size, it only fits on the back.

This simple dual rose tattoo features two bright red roses. The roses petals are quite attractive, while the tattoos overall design is subtle. Although it works well on any part of the body, this particular tattoo looks best on the side of the arms.

This simple wrist tattoo is a good choice for those who want a small but elegant tattoo for their wrists. The tattoo itself looks like a colorful bracelet, and the flower and leaves are designed to appear very realistic. It also looks good on the ankles.

This full-sleeve arm tattoo features an orchid-like plant runs from the shoulder all the way to the wrist. The flower itself looks very warm and attractive, which is perfect for women who like to show off their shoulders.

This beautiful flower tattoo for women features a very magical aesthetic that is reminiscent of the rose in Beauty and the Beast. The tattoos elegant design also gives the flower a very jewelry-like appearance, while the pink and violet color gives it a very romantic feel.

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Flower Tattoos for Women – Ideas and Designs for Girls

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25 Mesmerizing Tattoo Designs For Women – designpress.com02.05.19

Tattoo Designs for Women ought to have a more feminine touch than tattoos for men. Most of the time, women tattoos are in the shape of Butterflies, Flowers, Stars, Dolphins, Hearts, Fairies, Zodiac symbols or anything that brings an aura and beauty with it. Women tattoos are typically more dainty and no where near as bold as tattoos for men. However, women arent restricted to only getting small tattoos with thin lines. Instead, they can get bold tattoos, as well. Women with tattoos are more accepted today than they were in the past. It all depends on the woman and what she wants. Also, how well you can pull off a particular tattoo design is heavily based on your body type.

Check out these Charming concepts of Tattoo Designs for Women that will surely soothe your eyes. Chances are, you will maybe even find a design that you would like to have on your own body. If not, maybe youll get some inspiration to alter one of the designs that you find below and make your own custom piece. Either way, check out these beautiful tattoo designs for women below and some creativity will certainly spark in your mind. Enjoy the list below and feel free to leave a comment!

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So, did you find any tattoo designs that you like from the list above? Chances are that you probably did. As you can see, some of the tattoos are small and dainty with slender lines, while some of them were bold tattoos with thick lines. Therefore, women dont have to follow certain guidelines when it comes to getting tattoos. Instead, you should get something that you truly enjoy and wont mind looking at for the rest of your life.

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Tattoo Nightmares – Tattoo.com02.04.19

Im not one to evoke fear in people, but there are a few tattoo nightmare situations you should be cautious of if you are in the process of selecting a tattoo artist or a permanent design.

The following tattoo nightmares are real. They actually CAN happen.

Make sure you check the shop, ensure the safety of the place and the use of autoclaves and new needles, verify artist licensing and certificates, and then follow your professional tattoo artists aftercare instructions with due diligence. Should you find yourself in pain, or if you feel dizzy, sick, feverish, and have an oozing tattoo, seek immediate medical treatment.Skin infections can be life-threatening once they enter the bloodstream.

Do not pick such a highly sensitive area for your first tattoo. Instead, experience the joy of getting inked somewhere more tolerable the first time around. Good spots for a first tattoo include calves, upper arms, and upper thighs.

Its bad enough you cant get her outta your life. From now on, every girl you date will want to know who Lila is, and if youll get her name tattooed instead. (Youll be arguing about this every night.)Not good for the black book, my friends. Avoid name tattoos, unless youre going to love Lila, for like, ever. Or only date people named Lila.

Images courtesy Bryan Childs and Monster Ink

Published on August 22, 2014, byJodie Michalak

Tattoo Nightmares was last modified: November 21st, 2017 by Kellie Gray

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Ocean Gem | Steven Universe Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia02.01.19

I’m going to bring the ocean back, or get really thirsty trying.

September 25, 2014

“Ocean Gem” is the 26th episode of the first season of Steven Universe, and the 26th episode overall.

The ocean disappears on the first day of summer, and Beach City is in a panic.[2]

The Gems angrily tellSteven that he is grounded for disobeying orders. Amethyst is unfamiliar with the term and takes itliterally, threatening to bury Steven until he has learned his lesson. Before the Gems try to take away his privileges, Greg arrives and brings everyoneoutside to see that the ocean has disappeared. Mayor Dewey, nervous and shouting loudly, blamesthe Crystal Gems. He cries, claiming that no one will come to “Desert” City. Garnet tells him that it was Lapis Lazuli, and Pearl explains the current situation. Still upset, Mayor Dewey frantically begs them to fix it. Steven, while inside the Beach House, prepares to find Lapis, as he acknowledges that the whole situation was his fault. Not wanting him to be alone, Connie, Greg, and Lion all want to join him on his quest, with the Gems adding in that they obviously have to go. Garnet also adds that Steven is ungrounded. As the Gems, Steven, Connie, Lion, and Greg are leaving, Mayor Dewey sadly starts a garden hose in a futile effort to refillthe ocean.

While driving, Greg plays some of hismusic that Rose liked.Garnet dislikes it so much that she jumps out of the van and spends the rest of the trip riding on the roof. Before they arrive Steven questions why Lapis is fighting them. Pearl admits that not all Gems are good, and explains that the monsters they fight were Gems that became corrupted and broken. When they arrive, they see a large tower of water that reaches into the sky. Lapis, sensing them, yells that they should not be there and should leave her alone, and Steven responds that they are not leaving unless they get the ocean back. Lapis then makes water clones of the Crystal Gems, and the Gems fight them. During the battle, Greg’s leg is broken when the water clone of Stevenlifts and drops the van from a height. Steven, telling Lapis that he does not want to fight anymore,activates his shield due to his anger towards Lapis for attacking Greg and Connie, and his fierce protective feelings toward his father and friend. The shield deflects a water attack causing a vibration that forces the water clones to dissipate. Steven tells Lapis that he is coming up to see her, pleads not to be drowned, and walks into the tower. The water gently carries him to the top, at the edge of space.

Lapis explains that she does not believe in protecting Earth and wants to go back home, but her gem is cracked, so she is attempting to stretch the entire ocean into a pillar of water that will reach all the way to Homeworld. Steven, remembering his healing powers, licks his hand and applies the saliva to Lapis’ gem on her back. The crack heals, Lapis’ eyes are restored, and she sprouts wings madeof water. Thanking him, Lapis flies off into space.Suddenly, the tower collapses and Steven falls with it. Teaming up, Lion and Connie are able to teleport and catch him before he lands. As the Gems, Steven, Connie, and Greg return, the residents of Beach City congratulate him as their hero. Garnet acknowledges that Lapis made it offplanet, and Pearl asks what it means for them. Garnet says to wait and see. Steven says goodbye to Lapis Lazuli wherever she may be, as the star iris closes on a glimmering sparkle far away.

The Water Tower from Steven Universe and The Tower from Adventure Time

View the episode’s transcript here.

Click to view the gallery for Ocean Gem.

Steven Universe – Mirror Gem & Ocean Gem (Extended Promo)

Promo 1

Steven Universe Fighting Lapis To Get The Ocean Back Ocean Gem Cartoon Network

Steven Universe Steven Heals Lapis – Ocean Gem Cartoon Network

33 messages

I’m gonna say it again, just because Ocean Gem would be the finale ”’does not mean all the stuff afterwards would not ex…2017-09-05T06:49:59Z

Garnet was planned to be a fusion since before even the pilot so thay probably would’ve fit that reveal in somewhere. Maybe Keeping…2017-09-05T12:03:49Z

35 messages

*steven goes super saiyan god* Steven to the cluster: I will not loooosseee !!!!!2015-11-10T02:37:57Z

Steven Bomb 17 wrote:PeriThePlatypus wrote: Steven Bomb 17 wrote: Has anyone seen the first episode of Justice League? Maybe the Homeworld will…2015-11-10T05:54:23Z

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Ocean Gem | Steven Universe Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

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Tattoos Book: +2510 FREE Printable Tattoo Stencils: Wings …01.24.19

Simply print out the stencil in whatever size you like.


– Angel wings tattoo stencil 2 (click for full size)

Simply print out the stencil in whatever size you like.


Simply print out the stencil in whatever size you like.


Simply print out the stencil in whatever size you like.


– Angel tribal wings tattoo stencil 5 (click for full size)

Simply print out the stencil in whatever size you like.


Simply print out the stencil in whatever size you like.

– Angel wings with lion head tattoo stencil 7 (click for full size)

Simply print out the stencil in whatever size you like.


– Wings Satan tattoo stencil 8 (click for full size)

Simply print out the stencil in whatever size you like.


Simply print out the stencil in whatever size you like.

Simply print out the stencil in whatever size you like.


Simply print out the stencil in whatever size you like.


– Angel wings tattoo stencil 12 (click for full size)

Simply print out the stencil in whatever size you like.

Simply print out the stencil in whatever size you like.

Simply print out the stencil in whatever size you like.

Simply print out the stencil in whatever size you like.

Simply print out the stencil in whatever size you like.

Simply print out the stencil in whatever size you like.

Simply print out the stencil in whatever size you like.

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Tattoos Book: +2510 FREE Printable Tattoo Stencils: Wings …

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Tattoo Nightmares Season 4 Release Date – When to Expect …01.16.19

Tattoo Nightmares is a reality show airing on Spike TV. The series features artists Tommy Helm, Big Gus, and Jasmine Rodriguez covering up bad tattoos with new art. The series first aired in October 2012 and has seen three seasons since. There has been no announcement yet about a renewal for a fourth season of the series.

The series details the stories behind peoples really awful and unfortunate tattoos and their struggles to get them fixed. The series covers tattoos ranging from ridiculous to frightening. There are little reenactments of how these people came to have their regrettable ink. The series follows these people as the artists on the show help them to cover up their bad ink.

In the latest episode of season 3, titled Cops and Rockers, Gus attempts to cover up some serious mistakes. Jasmine bonds with a client over ex-boyfriend troubles. Tommy helps out a guy who was out of his league.

There has been no announcement yet about a fourth season renewal for the series. This isnt too concerning just yet as the third season just finished at the beginning of September. The franchise is doing well, with a spin off series being added to the mix just last year. It is almost certain that there will be a new season of the series, especially since there is a casting call for contestants to participate in the series.

The shows website currently has a form for people who would like one of the artists from the series to take a crack at their bad tattoos. This means that the network is in the process of making a new season, which is good news for fans of the show and people with tattoos desperately needed to be redone. The hilarity of bad tattoos hasnt worn out its welcome yet with the chronicling of really bad tattoos getting new life and it looks like the series isnt going anywhere just yet.

Since we havent had an announcement about the renewal of the series yet we also havent gotten any information on what the new season might hold for the series. We dont yet know what kind of tattoo disasters the gang will be trying to cover up or what else the artists might get up to on the new season of the series. It is likely that we will get more information after an official announcement about the fourth season is released.

We will have to wait until then to find out what the fourth season will look like. Until we get an announcement of a new season, we will have to make do with reruns of the series airing on Spike TV. Hopefully, we get that announcement soon so we can start to get an idea of what the new season is going to look like.

#TattooNightmares currently airs on Spike TV at 2:30, 3, and 3:30 AM on Wednesdays. Episodes are also available to stream on Hulu Plus and Amazon streaming services.

Do you or someone you know have

Are you a big fan of #TN? Stay in the loop with our email notifications. It only takes one click to sign up and start receiving updates on your favorite show. Never miss out on the latest news ever again.

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Tattoo Nightmares Season 4 Release Date – When to Expect …

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‘Marilyn Monroe Tramp Stamp’ | Tattoo Nightmares01.05.19

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Tattoo Nightmare | The Loud House Fanon Wikia | FANDOM …01.05.19

Tattoo Nightmare is the nineteenth episode of Season 2.Tattoo NightmareAir date

February 3, 2017 (Mexico) February 7, 2017 (US)

Luna gets a tattoo, but it’s so bad, she wants to cover it anyway!

All starts at the mall. Meanwhile the family is not watching her, Luna infiltrates inside a tattoo store. There the tattoomaker asks her what she wants and where. She says that wants a skull in the arm, near the shoulder. The first starts to do it. Minutes later the police arrives to the mall, because the tattoomaker doesn’t has a license, also having criminal record. After this, Luna had time to flee away of that site, but her tattoo remained incomplete, not counting that is also bad made. When the family finds her outside the mall, they ask her why she hides her arm. Luna answers that it hurts. Lincoln tries to check her arm, but this runs to the house. Once there, she enters to the kitchen. Tries to apply it water, because the tattoo hasn’t dried it at all. But this only causes to smear it, causing a big splat in Luna’s arm. Later she tries to hide it with strong tape. But this causes her hurt and heat in that area. Eventually tries using long sleeves. Altough at first worked, Luna couldn’t avoid cut the sleeves to her ‘grunge’ style. After too many attempts Luna gives up, and leaves Lincoln to check her arm. The latter says that is a bad done tattoo. But he knows someone that can fix it. So Lincoln gets money to go to Hollywood. Once there, Lincoln shows Luna an authorized tattoo store (if you don’t know what I refer, I say the famous store of ‘Tattoo Nightmares’) After they made a meeting for tattoo her, only remains wait the date. When this arrives, Luna is received by ‘Big Gus’ (one of the three tattoomakers). Luna shows him her bad done tattoo, while Lincoln waits outside. When is time to decide which tattoo wants, she says that wants one with a guitar, sound amplifiers, and speakers. Once he drawed it, it started to make his job. Luna starts telling him the story (go up). Once the tattoo is done, Luna’s reaction is amazing. The tattoo is very well done. Already outside, Lincoln asks her how the new tattoo looks. Luna answers that is cool and that they not gonna see that ugly tattoo bad done. Now they need money to go back home (not before watching a movie in the chinese theatre).

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Tattoo Nightmare | The Loud House Fanon Wikia | FANDOM …

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