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Embarrassing Tattoo – TV Tropes11.08.17

Sheldon: Why do you have the Chinese character for “soup” tattooed on your right buttock?

Penny: It’s not “soup”, it’s “courage”.

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Anime and Manga



“I have a friend who got drunk and got a tattoo in Mandarin; he thought it said “Golden Warrior” until a Chinese friend said, “No, it says ‘ass monkey’.” And then he did it again, this time in Sanskrit; he thought it said “Dawn of Enlightenment” until an Indian friend said, “No, it says ‘deliveries on Tuesday’.” So he is The Ass Monkey Who Delivers On Tuesday for the rest of his life.”

Comic Books

Comic Strips

Fan Works

Films Animation

Films Live-Action


Live-Action TV

“I don’t really love Petersen; he just got me so drunk that I didn’t know what I was doing.”

Dean: Do you have any tattoos? Give him a little sneak peek there. All tattoos are sexy.

Charlie: Mine is Princess Leia in a slave bikini straddling a 20-sided die.

Dean: …


You turned out to be a bad heartache And I found someone to take your place What am I gonna do with your tattoo?

If I had a tattoo I would get one of you Or at least of a generic woman’s body Draw your head on with a texta

Welcome to my life, tattoo We’ve a long time together, me and you I expect I’ll regret you But the skin-graft man won’t get you You’ll be there when I die, tattoo

He’s getting a tattoo, yeah he’s getting ink done. He asked for a thirteen but they drew a thirty-one.

I woke up with a strange tattoo Not sure how I got it, not a dollar in my pocket And it kinda looks just like you … mixed with Zach Galifianakis!

Tabletop Games

Video Games

Visual Novels

Web Animation

Web Comics

Web Original

Western Animation

Real Life

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Embarrassing Tattoo – TV Tropes

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Tattoo Aftercare – tattoos.lovetoknow.com10.15.17

Your new tat is awesome – vivid, clean lines, realistic shading, and perfect. The artist did a great job and now it’s your turn to make that tat work. Proper aftercare prevents infection and safeguards the amazing image of your fresh ink.

Aftercare is what you do in the hours, days and weeks following your tattoo session, to ensure that new ink heals cleanly and clearly. You are safeguarding your health, avoiding infection and keeping every detail and hue of the inked image intact. Discuss proper aftercare protocols when you book your appointment, so you know what to expect. That allows you to plan the best time to get the tat, and to stock any supplies you may need for care and cleaning. Your tattoo artist will give you a printout of aftercare instructions.

After the intensity and exhilaration of getting the tattoo, you may be overwhelmed. Details of what comes next could slip right out of your mind, so hang onto that instruction sheet. Aftercare is you taking ownership of your tattoo and its healing.

Aftercare is pretty standard and some general guidelines are present in every set of instructions. Aftercare may be slightly different, depending on your personal health level, the placement of the tattoo, and the environment/climate. However, the essential elements of sanitary, safe care are the same. Make sure to follow the instructions of a reputable, licensed artists so you avoid common tattoo care myths.

The critical part of aftercare is the first two weeks after you get your new tattoo. The stages break down – roughly – like this:

Infection is the most common complication to interfere with the uneventful healing of a new tattoo. Persistent redness, tenderness, swelling, a bumpy rash, excessive drainage or oozing pus are all signs to see your doctor. So is evidence of an allergic reaction to pigments and dyes. Allergies might resemble an infection or show up as an annoying, persistent itchy rash at the site. Medication provides some relief from allergic reaction and ends an infection before it has chance to take hold. Be diligent about any signs of a problem while you are following the aftercare protocol and see a medical professional for any complications.

Exposure to the sun fades all tattoos, so sunblock and cover-up clothing should remain lifelong strategies to protect your shiny new tat from damage. The colors – even black – and the detail remain distinct longer when you control for sun exposure. Use SPF 30 sunscreen – a higher SPF is better – and reapply frequently when you are sweaty or after swimming. Regular moisturizing is another new habit to develop. Dry skin sheds cells at an accelerated pace and those cells contain microscopic bits of tattoo pigment. Moisturize often to avoid premature aging of the tattoo. Consider the artwork on your skin as an investment, and commit to preserving the fine lines and fab color of your brand new tattoo with regular maintenance.

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Tattoo Aftercare –

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PicoSure Worth it? Reviews, Cost, Pictures – RealSelf09.20.17



% based on ratingsin the last 24 months

% based on ratingsin the last 12 months

93% based on 220 ratingsover all time

*Worth It ratings only factor in “Worth It” and “Not worth it” ratings. They do not include “Not sure.”

*Does not include “Not sure”

PicoSure is an FDA-approved laser technology that uses short bursts of energy for the removal of tattoos, moles, acne scars, and age spots, as well as the reduction of wrinkles. PicoSure’s bursts are measured in picoseconds (trillionths of a second) which cause the tattoo ink or other damage to break apart into tiny particles which are eliminated by the body. Compared to traditional nanosecond lasers, PicoSure may be more effective on stubborn colors and require fewer treatments to achieve final results. LEARNMORE>

All – RatingsWorth ItNot Worth ItNot Sure All – PopularQ-switcharmsblack inkblisterconsultationcostsfadehealingnumbing creampainregretremovalresultssessiontattoo All – Body Areaanklesarmsbackbicepchestcolorfacefeetforearmslegslower backneckshoulderupper armswrist All – Conditionacne scarsbrown spotsburnhurtitchingitchynumbpainrednessscarscarringsensitivitysunburnswellingswollen

*Treatment results may vary

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PicoSure Worth it? Reviews, Cost, Pictures – RealSelf

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Everton fans in meltdown as Ross Barkley appears at tattoo removal parlour – Daily Star09.07.17

EVERTON fans have been sent into meltdown after Ross Barkley who did a U-turn on his move to Chelsea was spotted at a tattoo removal parlour sparking fears he was having his Toffees ink taken off.

The club looked set to sell the talisman, 23, after agreeing a 35million fee with the Blues on transfer deadline day.

But the midfield man had a dramatic change of heart and decided he wanted to stay at Goodison Park following his failure to complete a medical.

Now Everton fans have been sent into meltdown after spotting the ace at a tattoo removal parlour.


Well these fans are certainly a step above what you normally see on the terraces! Hot football fans are taking to Instagram to show their love for the beautiful game

1 / 13

Yesterday Barkley was snapped on crutches at Aesthetically You, who said on Instagram: “Everton & England International @aestheticallyyou today for Picosure tattoo removal.”

Footie fans believed it was a sign he may have his Everton tattoo removed.

One remarked: “Ross Barkley removing his Everton tattoo hahaha the geez actually hates us.”

Another added: “Barkley treating us like his psycho ex and getting his tattoo of us removed.”

However the process of having his tattoos removed began months ago, reports the Daily Mirror.

An image in 2014 captured the footballer with a sleeve on his arm but three years later he was pictured with the sleeve all but completely missing, not just his Everton tattoo.

Read more here:
Everton fans in meltdown as Ross Barkley appears at tattoo removal parlour – Daily Star

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The Clown Craze Revival: Creepy Clown Tattoos Are A Thing Once Again – moviepilot.com09.07.17

Jack London once said, Show me a man with a tattoo and I’ll show you a man with an interesting past. Unless it’s a clown. Then f*ck that noise. Okay, so London actually only said the first part. But if he ever met a guy with a Pennywise tattoo on the street, I imagine the first thing out of his mouth might be those last three words.

Once again, the clown craze is upon us. We have Tim Curry to thank for the first round, and come September 8, we’ll have Bill Skarsgrd to thank as well. Skarsgrd’s portrayal of Pennywise, the children-eating clown in the upcoming It remake, has received almost nothing but praise. Hell, he was even good enough to bring child actors on set to tears. A new wave of clown-related, well, everything has hit the internet and the world. Tattoos are, as usual, right up there on people’s list of ways to show their love and excitement for this movie. A simple search on Instagram for #clowntattoos will bring up enough nightmare fuel to last you for weeks, but here are a few of the best and most liked pictures on IG.

There’s the realistic:

And then a little too realistic:

Even the Tim Curry Pennywise looks a little scared of the new #Pennywise:

Another mix of the two clowns.

Are red balloons showing up in your neighborhood yet? Because they are in mine.

In the famous words that weren’t uttered by Jack London, f*ck this noise. We’ll leave you with the original Pennywise, and how he truly feels about the ALS clowns.

Do you have a Pennywise tattoo you’d like to share? I guess go ahead and post a link to it in the comments. But videos of kittens are preferred.

The Clown Craze Revival: Creepy Clown Tattoos Are A Thing Once Again –

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Adult film star yanks thong down in crotch-flashing red carpet stunt – Daily Star09.07.17

Andy Barnes / Flynet – SplashNews

We’ve witnessed some pretty major faux pas when it comes to the red carpet.

From ill-fated nip slips to beauty blunder nightmares, celebs often make the headlines for the wrong reasons.

However, adult film star Jema’s turn in front of the flashing bulbs is undoubtedly in a league of its own.

Whilst attending the film premiere of Retribution at London’s Empire Cinema, the buxom blonde put on a one-woman peepshow.

These celebrities got caught out in accidental vagina flashes. Fromm Abbey Clancy, to Iggy Azalea here are the best ‘clea-vadge’ moments.

1 / 17

Celebs flash the V in these wardrobe malfunctions

Andy Barnes / Flynet – SplashNews

The online sensation who is a regular on Babestation lifted up her short dress and revealed her minuscule undies to the masses.

Not content with just flashing her crotch, the model pulled her G-string down below her butt cheeks.

Seemingly unfazed by her X-rated antics, the brazen lass laughed hysterically as she continued to pose up a storm.

Celebs share their most intimate bikini line tattoos.

1 / 12

Celebs share their most intimate bikini line tattoos

Andy Barnes / Flynet – SplashNews

Damn, that cleavage

Revealing a thorn tattoo on her left thigh, the attention-loving beauty switched up her stance, putting one leg in the air.

Jema who refers to herself as a “model, actress and TV presenter” has close to 37,000 followers on Instagram.

In keeping with her behaviour on the red carpet, the starlet is known to share a bevy of near-naked snaps.

Say hi to ‘thigh brows’ the craze that has become the new cleavage. Instagram babes flaunt the fold between their thigh and crotch, see them in pictures.

1 / 31

Anastasia Kvitko flaunts her assets in non-existent swimsuit


The bombshell recently unleashed her bulging boobs in an eye-popping lingerie update.

Commenting on the daring reveal, one fan wrote: “Hubba, hubba. Damn, that cleavage,” alongside a winking face emoji.

“Oh princess! You are so beautiful!” another gushed.

Continued here:
Adult film star yanks thong down in crotch-flashing red carpet stunt – Daily Star

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The X Factor: Meet the Liverpudlian underdog who’s already a … – Metro09.06.17

Kayleigh Taylor belted an Evanescence track in her audition (Picture: Syco / Thames / ITV Plc)

Meet Kayleigh Taylor, the Liverpudlian contestant from the first episode of The X Factor 2017 whose giant vocals have secured her a place at boot camp.

Viewers met Kayleigh during auditions in Liverpool the northern city was the first destination the judges visited for the 2017 auditions. Enthusiastic Kayleigh managed to stir up interest with viewers and was soon telling her life story down the lens of the camera.

My names Kayleigh Taylor, Im 36 and Im from Liverpool, she began, before getting into the music.

I first started singing five years ago. I done [sp] an audition in Benidorm called Benidorms Got Talent, and it was big.The experienced singer has never worked professionally as a singer, and has insisted upon a quiet family life in Liverpool until now.

I live with my three little girls, and my partner, she said.

The unlikely star and fish N chip shop worker had one big confession: I love Simon Cowell, I think its fit for his age. Id like to go out with Simon, go on the karaoke, she revealed.

And her feelings turned out to be somewhat mutual because despite as Cowell and other judges Sharon Osbourne, Louis Walsh and Nicole Scherzinger showered Kayleigh in praise for her caramel-soft vocals, full of rich intensity as she sang Evanescence hit, My Immortal.

Id like to get four yeses but Id be happy with one yes, but four yeses would be amazing, she confessed, before leaving on top of the world with all four votes.

Before you started singing I thought this is going to be a nightmare, Simon admitted, before carrying on: But you have probably the best voice weve heard today.

Collaring her for the self-depreciating jokes about her weight she kept dropping, Simon said: Youve gotta be serious.

Louis added: Wow. Youve got a great personality, you dont realise the talent youve got.

Stop all the crap about the weight, Sharon ordered, before Nicole added:You have a beautiful gift.

Earlier in the audition, Kayleigh bid for cheap laughs over her weight, saying: I lied on my dating profile, I said I was a size eight but I missed the one off in front.

And in a risky move, Kayleigh admitted: I got your name tattooed on my back, to a wincing Simon before she added (while half-mooneying the judges): I had about ten vodkas [before getting the tattoo done], they were about a Euro.

Im giving you the biggest yes of the day, Louis said before Simon offered her fourth: If youre up for it, I am youve got four yeses, he said, swallowing her earlier awkward tattoo remarks.

Find out whether Kayleigh makes it past boot camp stage later on in the series.

MORE: Who are the judges on The X Factor 2017?

MORE: We cant believe how much Simon Cowell and the X Factor judges are rumoured to get paid

Read the rest here:
The X Factor: Meet the Liverpudlian underdog who’s already a … – Metro

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This 13-Year-Old Makeup Artists Creations Will Give You …09.06.17

Gemma Borkowskiis only13, but her talent is that of an experienced Hollywood special-effects makeup artist. The self-taught Australian teen creates vivid, extremely detailed makeup looks, and she could fool anyone with the realism of her gory appearance.

Gemma tells Yahoo Beauty, What inspires me the most is probably the makeup and effects in movies and TV shows. That always give me heaps of ideas of what I can create next.

Two years ago, Gemma wanted to do her own makeup for Halloween. Thatswhen she first fell in love with the craft of creating scary looks.

I found a YouTuber called Mykie, who also does special-effects makeup, she says. I had never really heard much or seen much about special-effects makeup, and I found it really interesting. And I found myself continually going back to watch her videos over and over again,Gemma tells Yahoo Beauty.

After familiarizing herself with the craft by watching videos online, she decided to try it herselffor Halloween. I remember telling my mom that I wanted the makeup for Halloween, and I ordered a few products online. And Ive been teaching myself how to do SFX [specialeffects] makeup ever since then.

Her dedication to the craft is definitely paying off. She has gained more than 17,000 followers on Instagram, and her posts receivethousand of likes.

Gemmas followers seem to be fans: Very disturbing, but loving it! wrote a commenter. Youre going to have such a career in this if you want it, wow, wrote another.

Her parents and friends are supportive of her talents.

My parents have said that they are very proud of what I have achieved and how much I have managed to teach myself on my own, she says.

Gemma says thatalthough she loves to do makeup, she recognizes that she is still too young to know if this is what she wants to do when she grows up.

Im really not sure where I see myself in the future. I hope that my Instagram continues to grow, and my makeup continues to get noticed by more people, but Im not sure yet if makeup is what I want to spend my life doing, she says, There are quite a few things that I think I would enjoy as a career, but if I continue to do makeup all my life, I definitely wouldnt be upset about it.

But, for now, Gemma is booked up to create looks for her friends. They are always asking if I can do their makeup for Halloween.

Read more from Yahoo Style + Beauty:

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This 13-Year-Old Makeup Artists Creations Will Give You …

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‘Black sheep’ barber from Cork celebrates multiple global hairdressing awards – Irish Examiner09.05.17

A Cork barber is over the moon after winning awards at some of the worlds biggest hairdressing competitions, writes Denise ODonoghue.

Paul Mac, who is based on Paul Street in Cork city, recently won an award in the US, where he was the only finalist from Ireland.

He will travel to Paris later this month to collect his latest award, bringing to three the number of world titles with which he has been honoured, having won his first global award in Lisbon three years ago.

“I am from a small place in West Cork called Ahiohill, definitely not a common career for a lad down these parts. Id definitely be the black sheep,” Paul said.

“My two winning looks were a total contrast. The first, which won me the OMC Hairworld World Best Barber Cut was an old school rockabilly greaser look inspired by Johnny Depp in Baby Cry. It was shot in my new shop, Paul Mac Special Hair, which also won me Best Classic Barber Image and Irish Barber of the Year at the Irish Hair Photographic Awards back in June.

Photographer:Kest Model – Conor Morley

“The second award, Behind the Chair Hot Shot Hair Tattoo Shot is from my STARR-BOI Collection, which is a futuristic collection and was a finalist for Irish Artistic Team of the Year, the first ever for a barbershop and my first time ever using two female models in that collection.

Photographer: Dark Hearts. Model:Viki Burke.MUA: Nicole Lynch

“For it to win in Texas from 215,000 entrants in all categories and 600,000 votes worldwide was amazing. I was Irelands first winner of the competition and to be hanging around for the week backstage and sitting side-by-side with Kim Kardashians hairstylist, Philip Wolff, was very surreal.”

Paul will collect another prize in Paris later this month.

“I will be receiving the OMC Hairworld World Best Barber Cut Presidents Award in Paris in two weeks as part of Hairdressing Councils Team Ireland.”

Paul, who has been a barber for 14 years, says he spent time honing his craft before he began entering competitions.

“I dedicated my life to upskilling, creating a brand, my own unique style. I wanted my work to inspire. Ive always said Id rather be Marmite than vanilla.

Paul collecting his award in Texas

“I then spent two-and-a-half years entering every competition there was, but fail after fail. I was coming home empty handed, often not even placing [in the] top 10.

“I was told my new style was too crazy. Crowds loved them but judges set in their ways hated them. Most people told me to tone it down, I had to go more commercial to succeed, or quit competing and concentrate on editorial, but this only spurred me on more.

“A handful of mentors told me to stick to my gut stay true and in time Id win the industry around. It was bloody tough and a financial nightmare, but I never stopped believing, even when many laughed in my face. I knew one day Id turn it round. I think its a Cork thing, they dont call us the Rebel county for nothing.

“After watching the worlds best up close and personal the last week it only drives me on more to succeed and keep learning my craft and progressing. Ive had more knock backs than successes in my 14-year career. Lifes a marathon, not a sprint.

“For years I had people grind me down, that I had no chance, that I was nothing special, only a little barber from Cork. But I never gave up dreaming.”

See more here:
‘Black sheep’ barber from Cork celebrates multiple global hairdressing awards – Irish Examiner

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Tattoo a heart on your sleeve, for mental health –

Mitch Wallis is going to the tattoo parlour with his mother on Wednesday as you do.

The 27-year-old and mum Gina will leave with matching tattoos on their forearms.

If ingenuity and authenticity count for anything, and we are serious about reducing the toll of mental illness in the community, then Mitch and Gina will be among the first of millions worldwide to have a heart tattooed or drawn on their sleeve.

Each heart will represent a show of strength, a personal story of survival and a message to others in pain or teetering on the edge: you are not alone, I have struggled with mental health too, and we can help each other get through.

The Heart on My Sleeve Movement urges anyone who has a mental health story to draw or tattoo a heart on their forearm, then take a picture and upload it to Facebook, Instagram(@heartonmysleevemovement) or Twitter (@HOMS_movement) with the hashtag #heartonmysleeve.

The key is what accompanies the selfie.

HOMSM wants you to write your mental health experience in the caption and especially note how it has helped you grow as a person, so that the message might help others who feel alone and struggling.

Wallis envisioned the Heart on My Sleeve Movement after recognising last year that his career success at Microsoft was concealing his lifelong battle with mental illness.

Get the latest news and updates emailed straight to your inbox.

“I was living the absolute dream but the constant behind it was that I was barely holding it together,” Wallis says. “I had suffered depression and anxiety since I was at an age when a kid shouldn’t even have to know what those words meant. Then last year the bandaids I’d been applying from the age of nine started coming apart. Stresses built up. I thought I was managing okay, but eventually I could barely leave my room I was so anxious. One day I fell to my knees, in tears. When I was almost at point of suicide at work, no poster or message from a charity was going to help me.”

The former Mosmanite and Sydney University student made a promise to himself.”If I get out of this I will do everything in my f—ing powers to make sure no one else has to go through it.”

Heart on My Sleeve in effect flips the conversation about mental health, from having to wait until someone asks R U OK? to focusing on showing those who might be hiding out of fear that others have similar lived experiences and that they can help if you own your story, too.

Wallis’ idea is pitched in particular at millennials the 13 to 35-year-olds who in their social media bubbles have learnt to be very picky about whom they trust. As such, many millennials are wary of sharing their struggles or appearing vulnerable.

The inspiration came when at his lowest point Wallis found a Youtube video of a man telling how he had survived depression.”I thought, ‘wow, there is actually a lived experience that’s showing me light at the end of the tunnel’.”

Wallis launched HOMSM on Tuesday night at a men’s mental health event focusing on athletes, run by the Banksia Projectfollowing the suicide of rugby player Dan Vickerman in February.

Lifeline and the youth suicide prevention organisation batyr are also supporting HOMSM.

Eight Australians every day die from suicide. About one in three people aged 12-20 have thought about killing themselves. Suicide Prevention Australia estimates that 370,000 Australians think about ending their life every year.

Wallis recognises there are risks when people tell their stories, and it should not be rushed. But a mass movement of like-minded people offers protection in numbers and in moral support.

The potential benefits of wearing your heart on your sleeve are enormous both for the goal of destigmatising mental illness and for individuals suffering in silence.

“I am not the poster child of recovery,” Wallis insists. “But this process has given me so much will to live.”

Such is life

Lifeline: 131114

Suicide Call Back service 1300 659 467

Mensline Australia 1300 789 978

Headspace 1800 650 890

See the article here:
Tattoo a heart on your sleeve, for mental health –

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