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Everything you need to know about Tatuaje Tattoo Festival – LA Daily News07.30.17

When: July 29

Where: Plaza de la Raza, 3540 N. Mission Road, Los Angeles

Tickets: $30-$300

Information: http://www.antonio

Ink, art and music will share the spotlight at the third annual Tatuaje Tattoo Festival, Concert & Art Exhibition this weekend at Plaza de la Raza.

The July 29 evening festival will be headlined by East L.A. natives Los Lobos, who are sharing the bill with the cowpunk band LP3 & the Tragedy.

For us, we just respond to the feeling of the crowd, but I guess with tattoo people its gonna be pretty rowdy, said Los Lobos band member Steve Berlin, referring to the music theyll play at the event.

Even if its rowdy, itll be a family show since LP3 & the Tragedy includes Ruby Rojas, the daughter of Los Lobos singer Cesar Rojas, and Louie Perez III, the son of Los Lobos Louis Perez Jr.

Although Berlin says Los Lobos isnt a band thats into getting inked, they have learned a bit about the culture from the younger Perez, who besides being a musician, is also a well-known tattoo artist.

Through him and his friends, we got a little bit of what (tattooing) is all about, Berlin said.

With decades of music and a critically acclaimed album called Gates of Gold released in 2015, Los Lobos is likely to attract a big crowd, but theyre not the only draw.

The event, which is intended to celebrate tattooing with an art show and tattoo competition, fashion show and DJs, is co-presented by pioneering tattoo artist Freddy Negrete.

And its hosted by actor Danny Trejo of Machete fame along with comedian Richard Montoya, co-founder of the Culture Clash comedy troupe.

Youre not just coming to a concert, youre coming to a huge art exhibit, youre going to see live tattooing, said event organizer Antonio Pelayo, whose appreciation for the art form is obvious since he sports more than a dozen tattoos on his body.

The live ink show will be in the form of a competition between seven local up-and-coming shops that will each be represented by one tattoo artist who will create a piece at the show.

And Pelayo wants people to know that tattoo artists dont just create pieces on skin.

I created this event specifically to showcase tattoo artists, he said. A lot of the tattoo artists are just so talented, I mean theyre amazing. But theyre not recognized as legitimate fine artists, so thats what were trying to do, showcase their fine art.

Their fine art talent will be on display in an art show that includes more than 100 paintings that lean heavily toward realism and wolf images, in honor of the headlining band.


The paintings were created exclusively by tattoo artists like San Pedros Carlos Torres, Big Gus, who has appeared on Spikes Tattoo Nightmares, and color portrait specialist Nikko Hurtado.

The exhibit was curated by Negrete, a Los Angeles tattoo artist who helped elevate the fine-line, black-and-gray style that began in prisons into one of the most popular styles today thats seen on everyone from hip-hop stars to office workers.

Some of the best artists are tattoo artists. Its unbelievably beautiful artwork, Negrete said of the pieces in the exhibition.

I come from a group of artists in the 70s that were concerned about tattooing being accepted as a form of art, he said. So many people would say, its not art. It was a real argument. Its not an argument anymore.

If You Go:

When: 7 p.m.-1:30 a.m. July 29

Where: Plaza de la Raza, 3540 N. Mission Road, Los Angeles.

Tickets: $30-$300.


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Everything you need to know about Tatuaje Tattoo Festival – LA Daily News

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Boba Fett, Tarkin, and The Dark Side Meet in This STAR WARS Sleeve – Nerdist07.30.17

Somewhere in the galaxy, there has to be a Star Wars tattoo sleeve that features characters from the light side. Right? I hope? For now, this rebel is still happy to share ink from the dark side. This intricate and packed sleeve is all about the villains with characters such as Darth Sidious, good ol Wilhuff Tarkin, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Count Dooku and more. Look at all the characters:

The sleeve was inked by Tommy Helm from Ink Master and Tattoo Nightmares.

The Star Wars tattoo party continues in the gallery below. Scroll on down to see ink featuring Padm Amidala (QUEEN!), an elegant take on the Rebel Alliance insignia, a Princess Leia and Carrie Fisher tribute, and more.

If you have nerdy ink on your skin or youre a tattoo artist that applies pop culture, STEM, music, or other nerd-inspired ink (tl;dr: I want to see basically all of the tattoosnot only Star Wars ones) on a regular basis, then please hit me up because Id like to highlight you in a future Inked Wednesday gallery. Im especially interested if you have a sleeve or other large tattoo. You can get in touch with me via email at [emailprotected] Send me photos of the tattoos youd like me to feature (the higher resolution, the better) and dont forget to let me know the name of your tattoo artist if you have it, as well the name of the shop he or she works out of. If you are the tattoo artist, give me links to your portfolios and/or Instagram accounts so I can share them with our readers.

Featured Image: Myk Rudnick

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Boba Fett, Tarkin, and The Dark Side Meet in This STAR WARS Sleeve – Nerdist

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Ink Master season 9 episode 7 review: New-school nightmares – CarterMatt07.30.17

We wouldnt say thatInk Masterseason 9 episode 7 was a banner hour for the show. Instead, what we had instead was a further reminder that the team dynamic of thisShop Warsseason is something that many artists just werent all that prepared for. How could they be?

The latest victim of the team twist came via Boneface and Hobo Ink, who had devised a great strategy for elimination challenges in which they could work together: Hobo was a great artist, and Boneface was a master technician. One of them handled the creative, and the other the application.

Unfortunately, that entire strategy fell apart the moment it was revealed that the two artists had to work individually for three hours each on a new-school tattoo. This put Hobo Ink in a spot where he had to do a lot of application, and hes not someone who does much new-school or color tattooing in general. This was clear when the judges saw the final products, and no matter how much the show tried to create drama and suggest that Black Spade was in danger with a far superior tattoo, the reality was still the reality: This elimination was obvious. The cat tattoo just didnt work, and even the canvas didnt seem all that thrilled about it.

As a matter of fact, this is one of the first times where weve seen artists be so open about having a tattoo that was the worst of the group. Boneface didnt eliminate his shop from the competition directly, but he knew that he was going home from the moment the challenge was over seemingly and seemed to vote for himself in the jury of peers. At least he and Hobo Ink were good sports about going home were not sure either had all that memorable a moment this season beyond just Boneface annoying DJ Tambe, but we appreciate that they tried something interesting this season in their strategy entering the competition. Its too bad that it was only effective on some of the challenges and not all of them.

As for everyone else, there was a surprise in that Black Spade struggled despite winning the Flash Challenge earlier in the day. Their tattoo, if you were far away from it, was actually really awesome-looking with the cupcake and the crazy blueberries. Some of its issues only started to become clear when you looked a little bit closer. This was not a challenge where there were all that many clear winners. Unkindness Art and Old Town were the standouts, with the latter taking home another Elimination Challenge win yet again. Were almost surprised that people arent going after these two even harder given that DJ and Bubba are pretty consistently now the strongest team remaining in the competition. Artistic Skin Design has faded, and Pinz and Needlez alternate between doing well and being barely above the bottom.

For a good chunk of the episode, we were convinced that Classic Trilogy Tattoo would be leaving given that we were starting to see them have a ton of confessionals about how this was their week and how they needed to expand their boundaries then, they had a new-school challenge (hardly expanding boundaries), and then beyond that, they had a canvas who was really uncooperative and wanted what she wanted. They gave her that, and then the judges ripped them for not pushing her to take their vision. They remained in the same position theyve been all season: Good enough to survive, but not good enough to be taken seriously as a threat. These guys are nerds, and they definitely followed one of the classic nerdy behavior traits: Not being all that assertive when it mattered!

After finishing in third place two seasons ago, Christian returned in this episode with Noelin Wheeler from his shop Basilica Tattoo he credits Noelin for being an early mentor of his, and the two worked together really well despite doing a style that left Christian incredibly irritated for most of the challenge. This was a pretty ho-hum hour in terms of drama, so we at least appreciated Christians charisma and swagger gallivanting around the room and listening in on some of his competitors. It also didnt take him long to suss out some of the competition. Christian didnt cause a whole of drama this time instead, he did a lot of listening to see where people are at.

In terms of season-long trends, its interesting how the veterans seemed to have the upper hand in the early going, but weve now seen this group leave for three straight episodes. Were now left once more in an interesting spot given that theres another veteran pair entering; will this be when the pendulum swings in the other direction?

Its hard to comment too much more on an episode that we do personally believe to be the weak point of season 9 to date. There wasnt much in the way of awesome tattoos beyond a few, the elimination was super-predictable, and probably the biggest argument of the night was between April and Chris Nunez. In a post-Kyle Dunbar world, no other fight with Chris is ever going to get us that psyched. Even the bubble wrap flash challenge was close to popping here and there. Grade: C+.

Share now in the comments below, and be sure to head over to the link here for some further information onInk Master,including a preview for what lies ahead on the show next. (Photo: Spike.)

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Ink Master season 9 episode 7 review: New-school nightmares – CarterMatt

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Family struck by fear, sadness – BlueRidgeNow.com07.30.17

The critical nature of the manhunt for an armed and dangerous fugitive in Pisgah National Forest hit home when a beloved Mills River family man disappeared, feared the victim of foul play.

Tommy Bryson, 68, left his home on South Mills River Road to take a family member to an appointment Wednesday morning. He never arrived.

Authorities who had been combing Pisgah National Forest for the fugitive since July 22 saw an immediate connection. The cause for concern was confirmed early Thursday when authorities in McDowell County apprehended the fugitive, a 39-year-old mountain resident with a long criminal history, driving Brysons vehicle.

As of this writing, we dont know what became of Mr. Bryson. But our community stands united in compassion for the Bryson family, deep-rooted in Mills River, through this terrible ordeal, as family, friends and neighbors cope with strong feelings.

Early on, the search and the dangers posed by an armed criminal prompted authorities to close a vast area from U.S. 276 in Brevard, near where the fugitive held up a mountain biker a gunpoint, to the Blue Ridge Parkway on the north and the North Mills River recreation area on the east. The perimeter encompassed probably a third of the 160,000-acre Pisgah Ranger District.

The fugitive was spotted walking in the north fork of the Mills River outside the national forest Wednesday evening, and the search intensified over the rural Mills River valley. In a few hours, everything changed.

The disappearance of a friend and neighbor in a close-knit rural community triggered the terrible feeling that none of us is immune from the threat of violent crime even in a quiet, pastoral place like Mills River. Every time a helicopter or plane was heard over the valley, it brought feelings of worry and dread.

The smug, leering mug shot of the fugitive, sporting a neck tattoo and shaved head, triggers feelings of frustration and anger. He had spent much of the past 20 years behind bars, including more than 14 years for felony robbery with a deadly weapon, breaking and entering and false imprisonment.

He was released from prison in April 2015. Since then, he has been the suspect in a string of crimes in Buncombe County. Henderson County Sheriff Charles McDonald says Stroupe comes from an enabling family. But the family that matters now is named Bryson.

Brysons sons Rick and Joey responded with faith and strength to the nightmare, pleading for anyone with information on their dads whereabouts to contact authorities. Joey Bryson, basketball coach at West Henderson High, asked the community to pray for the safe return of the father he described as the most honest, selfless, gentle human being on the face of the Earth.

Brysons wife of 48 years, Lynn, was the last person to see him Wednesday morning when he kissed her goodbye.

We dont know why good people have to suffer such an ordeal. But we can take hope in their example of a loving family pulling together.

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Family struck by fear, sadness –

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Mother’s challenge: What to do with mentally ill child? – Chicago Tribune07.30.17

The 13-year-old boy doesn’t like to be told no.

On May 19, his mother told him no more internet for that day. He attacked her and threatened to kill her and his younger brother by stabbing them in their neck with a screwdriver. The boy’s father, who lives downstate, called 911 when he heard the news.

The boy was arrested and charged with a level 6 felony of intimidation and a misdemeanor battery. He was taken to a juvenile detention center, where he is currently being held.

His dispositional hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, when the county probation department is expected to recommend placement in a residential facility that can deal with his multiple mental illness issues.

The boy, who I’m not naming to protect his privacy, was born with a chromosomal disorder, his mother told me, and brings the risk of a list of mental health diagnoses, including bipolar disorder, ADHD, oppositional defiance disorder, intellectual development issues and most likely some form of autism.

“It doesn’t have much science behind it, but many issues come with it,” his mother said. “Doctors tell me I know more about it then they do. It’s like his brain has a short circuit. He has no impulse control and he reacts before he thinks.”

“My biggest fear is that one day he will kill his little brother, kill me, or kill himself,” she said, handing me a stack of legal documents regarding his mental health history. “My hope is that somewhere, someone can help him.”

This is the crux of the problem, for her and for society.

The boy has been in and out of acute mental health facilities since he was 3. He has had five stays at different residential facilities, and he’s been released from all of them for various reasons. Either his insurance stops paying, or he can’t complete a program, or his violent tendencies prove too much.

Standing 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighing 180 pounds, he’s a force to be reckoned with when he turns violent.

“He obviously has mental issues and not delinquency issues,” his mother said. “He doesn’t belong at the juvenile detention center.”

Everyone I spoke with regarding his case a judge, his defense attorney, a prosecuting attorney and a mental health official agree that the boy should be housed in a long-term residential facility that can treat him.

On May 22, a mental health services agency in Porter County, wrote a letter to add to the boy’s lengthy case history.

“It is my professional recommendation that the child should be placed in a long-term residential facility,” the agency wrote. “Due to his chronic mental illness and developmental delay he has had severe violence that is only manageable at a residential level of care.”

Finding such a place is a complex problem with no easy answers.

The county juvenile probation department is working feverishly to find an “appropriate” placement for the boy, according to Porter Circuit Court Judge Mary Harper, who oversees the program.

More than two dozen facilities have been contacted for possible placement. Only one facility has agreed to accept the boy but it’s not an appropriate fit for him, local officials agree.

“Because autism is one of his diagnoses, most facilities refuse to take him,” explained his mother, who has traveled as far as Evansville for residential treatment. “That place didn’t last either. He may have to go out of state. But I hope not.

“He’s losing hope,” his mother told me after visiting him last Sunday.

Hope is about the only emotion that his mother has left that hasn’t been attacked or exhausted. On the day she returned home with her younger son, the already troubled 3-year-old boy slammed the front door on her and her new baby.

“I knew back then that something was seriously wrong with him,” she said. “But when you are a parent, you are a parent until one of you dies. I had loving parents and grandparents who were together until death and they never ever gave up on their kids. This has made me a better and more patient parent, having a child like (my son).”

A mother’s patience is more difficult to find in a school setting.

A letter dated May 22 from the boy’s special education teacher stated that he has “become defiant to teacher requests, insubordinate, and has been deemed a bully under the state of Indiana guidelines. The latest behaviors of threatening to kill himself, and outright bullying of a student, are the most disturbing.”

The boy told teachers he does not need school because he will instead “rob a bank or possibly a gun shop.”

On Feb. 3, he announced in math class that he was going to build a time machine and save Adolf Hitler. On March 8, he repeatedly sang out loud, “All I want for Christmas is to die.” The next day he told students he wants to buy rat poison. On April 6, he announced to the class that he does not have a soul.

On May 3, he announced he has no friends, no one likes him, and there’s no point in living. He offered students $200 to help him kill himself.

“I’ve talked to him about suicide and how it would hurt so many people in his life,” his mother said, noting his long list of current medications. “He doesn’t understand.”

Due to the boy’s involvement with the courts, he is no longer able to participate in a wraparound services program through a local mental health agency. The programs are mutually exclusive due to funding issues, I’m told.

An independent clinical assessment of the boy’s condition states, “He has told the staff that he has heard voices telling him to hurt people. A highly structured environment is needed to keep others safe from (the boy).”

But where? And when? An answer may come this week. Or possibly not.

“I get asked all the time, ‘How do I do it?'” his mother told me. “My response is that he is my son, God gave him to me for a reason, and I honestly believe if he had other parents they would have killed him or beat him by now.”

“My long-term hope is that he does not harm himself or anyone else before he gets the treatment he needs.”

Twitter @jdavich

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Mother’s challenge: What to do with mentally ill child? – Chicago Tribune

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New ‘Flatliners’ Trailer: Some Nasty Side Effects – /FILM07.30.17

From producer Michael Douglas comes a remake ofFlatliners. Based on Joel Schumachers 1990 film, the premise appears to be more or less the same with some modern touches. Its a fine movie that doesnt quite live up to its premise, so unlike a lot of cases, a remake here makes sense. So far, based on the marketing, it doesnt look likeNiels Arden Oplevs (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) movie is bringing a whole lot new to the table except for a strong cast.

Below, watch the new Flatliners trailer.

Ellen Page (Inception), Diego Luna (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story), Nina Dobrev (The Perks of Being a Wallflower), James Norton (Happy Valley), and Kiersey Clemons (Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising) star as five medical students who take some bad trips to the other side. Theyll stop each others hearts for a couple minutes and then resuscitate their friends. At first they get some nice side effects from the experience, but then it all turns into a nightmare as something from each of their pasts comes back to haunt them.

A part of what makes the original work is its very watchable cast: Kiefer Sutherland, Julia Roberts, William Baldwin, Oliver Platt, and Kevin Bacon. Sutherland has a role in the remake, but weve yet to see him in anyof theFlatlinerstrailers:

There are some of the broad story beats from the previous trailer, but this international trailer attempts to go for more thrills with a faster pace. It continues to looka little routine, like almost exactly what wed expect from aFlatlinersremake today. Hopefully, Oplev and screenwriterBen Ripleys(Source Code) take onFlatlinersis fresherthan the trailers suggest. RipleysSource Codeis an excellent example of fast, fun, and character-driven science-fiction. His involvement makes me more hopeful for the remake than the trailers.

Sutherland, by the way, is playing his role from the original film. I play a professor at the medical university, he said. It is never stated, but it will probably be very clearly understood that Im the same character I was in the original Flatliners but that I have changed my name and Ive done some things to move on from the experiments that we were doing in the original film. His appearance sounds like a bit more than a cameo.

In Flatliners, five medical students, hoping to gain insight into the mystery of what lies beyond the confines of life, embark on a daring and dangerous experiment. By stopping their hearts for short periods of time, each triggers a near-death experience. As the investigation becomes more and more perilous, they are forced to confront the sins of their pasts, as well as contend with the paranormal consequences of trespassing to the other side.

Flatliners opens in theaters September 29, 2017.

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New ‘Flatliners’ Trailer: Some Nasty Side Effects – /FILM

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Majestic Tattoo NYC | Modern Tattoo & Art Studio in Brooklyn07.12.17

Majestic Tattoo NYC is an all-custom tattoo studio owned and operated by veteran tattoo artist Adal Ray (formerly Adal Hernandez). Majestic is located at 1086 Broadway in Brooklyn, in the intersection of Bushwick and Bed-Stuy. Adal specializes in large-scale, all color tattoo artwork. He has significant experiencecreating all custom tattoo artwork in a variety of styles, including all color, painterly, fractal and psychedelic, modern art, abstract, black and grey, biomechanical, white ink, geometric tattoos and more. He is also renowned for his complex tattoo cover ups.

Please be advised: Adal has reached a point in his artistic pursuits that has made it difficult to accept any projects that are not in the direction of his specific artistic vision. Be prepared, when presenting your tattoo idea for consideration, to include two examples of Adals portfolio that express the style in which you would like him to design your tattoo. Adal is primarily interested in full-color, painterly, large-scale projects, particularly sleeves and backpieces. See his tattoo portfolio here. We can potentially recommend another artist at Majestic or elsewhere for other projects. Thank you all from Majestic for visualizing modern tattoo art.

View More Tattoos

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Majestic Tattoo NYC | Modern Tattoo & Art Studio in Brooklyn

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Famous NYC Tattoo Artists to Cover 9/11 Survivors’ Scars – Broadway World07.12.17

A select group of eleven of New York’s most famous tattoo artists are covering the scars of 9/11 victims and First Responders with beautiful artwork, bringing attention to the lingering suffering from that day and making a statement about our modern views of terrorism.

Says Craig Dershowitz, President of Artists 4 Israel and the organizer of the event held at Harlem’s world famous Apollo Theater tomorrow, July 11, from 2pm-8pm and the Hotel on Rivington’s Penthouse on July 12 also 2pm-8pm: “We have done this work with victims of terrorism in Israel and it was life changing for those involved. We were honored to be invited by the NYPD, FDNY and the community of 9/11 survivors to do the same work in NYC.”

Eleven survivors and first responders are scheduled to receive tattoos they themselves helped design. Thomas Canavan is one of only 19 who survived being buried under the collapse of the Towers.

“I want a tattoo of the WTC Towers, the date 9/11 and word ‘survivor,'” he says. “I want to be the voice of those that are no longer here to speak.” Bobby Bell was an NYPD first responder on 9/11 and was assigned in the following days to search debris fields to recover body parts for DNA to help the families have some type of closure. He would like a tattoo with a blue NYPD shield logo above the Twin Towers with the words ‘first responder’ and ‘never forget.’

The ‘never forget’ line is memorable to many of the tattoo recipients who feel that the tragedy of 9/11 is remembered only once a year even though its impact is constant.

“I was critically injured in the collapse of the North Tower,” says Gary Smiley, “I am medically retired from the NYC Fire Dept. due to numerous physical illnesses as well as severe PTSD.” Smiley says he would like a tattoo in remembrance of his fallen brothers. “It is the belief in the Fire Dept. that if you continue to speak of those lost, their memory never dies.”

“I was just 23 years old, working for Morgan Stanley in an entry level job,” says Rebecca Lazinger, “September 11, 2001 was actually my one year work anniversary with Morgan Stanley, and I was eager and excited that morning to mark the occasion. After literally running for my life that horrible day, my shoes flew off in the commotion. I ran wildly with bare feet, dodging falling metal, concrete and bodies.” Lazinger would like a tattoo on her ankles to help her heal the memory of cuts on her feet she took on 9/11. “I am 38 years old now, I still struggle to experience joy. I still have frequent nightmares and insomnia, and PTSD symptoms every day.”

Read more:
Famous NYC Tattoo Artists to Cover 9/11 Survivors’ Scars – Broadway World

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A24 Wants You to Know That ‘A Ghost Story’ Isn’t Horror or Post-Horror – Bloody Disgusting07.10.17

Its a ghost story. But not that kind of ghost story.

Going into movies with the wrong set of expectations has unfortunately resulted in many horror fans being disappointed by a handful of recent gems, which is always a bummer to see. Granted, one shouldnt go into any given movie with any set of expectations that it must meet, but at the same time we understand where some of you guys are coming from.

And thats why we wanted to let you know that A24s A Ghost Story, released into theaters TODAY, is very much not a horror movie. Our own Nathan Steinmetz wrote a glowing review for us recently, noting that A Ghost Story is neither your average ghost story nor your average film, and A24 just tweeted out a similar sentiment while also taking a shot at the post-horror silliness youve probably heard about

So there you have it. Dont go in expecting a horror movie. And enjoy.

Recently deceased, a white-sheetedghost (Casey Affleck) returns to his suburban home to console his bereft wife (Rooney Mara), only to find that in his spectral state he has become unstuck in time, forced to watch passively as the life he knew and the woman he loves slowly slip away. Increasingly unmoored, theghostembarks on a cosmic journey through memory and history, confronting lifes ineffable questions and the enormity of existence.

Oscar-nomineeCasey Affleck(ParaNorman, The Killer Inside Me) andRooney Mara(The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, A Nightmare on Elm Street) star.

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A24 Wants You to Know That ‘A Ghost Story’ Isn’t Horror or Post-Horror – Bloody Disgusting

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Boyfriend charged in dismemberment death of New Jersey woman – New York’s PIX11 / WPIX-TV07.10.17

Please enable Javascript to watch this video

EDGEWATER, N.J. A man has been arrested and charged in the murder and dismemberment of a missing New Jersey woman whose body parts were found washed up on the Manhattan and Brooklyn shorelines, the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office announced Friday.

Raphael Lolos

Police say Raphael Lolos, 40, of Bergenfield, N.J. killed his girlfriend, 31-year-old Jennifer Londono, dismembered her body and tossed the parts into the Hudson River.

Lolos was arrested Thursday after an investigation showed that in the days following her disappearance, he repeatedly used her credit cards until his arrest on Thursday.

Londono, who owned and managed Luna Lounge, had been missing since June 25.

Two days later, a torso with a Sanskrit tattoo below the hip, was found floating in Gowanus Bay.

A day after the remains were discovered, police released photos of the tattoo in hopes of identifying the victim.

Her mother reported to police last week that she recognized that tattoo, saying it was a tribute to the slain womans aunt.

On July 1, Londono’s leg washed up near the West 79th Street Boat Basin on the Upper West Side, police say. No other parts have been found.

Friends gathered earlier this week compared news of Londono’s death to a nightmare, and described her as a caring person.

She was an amazing person. She was filled with love for everybody. She loved her family more than anything, one man said.

Lolos suffered a medical episode after he was taken into custody and was transported to the hospital. His first appearance will be scheduled when he’s released.

Lolos is charged with murder, desecration of human remains, hindering apprehension, credit card fraud and stalking.

Please enable Javascript to watch this video

Visit link:
Boyfriend charged in dismemberment death of New Jersey woman – New York’s PIX11 / WPIX-TV

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