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Chinese red viagra buy – Side effects of taking expired viagra – Van Wert independent07.10.17

VW independent/submitted information

DELPHOS A Delphos couple were injured in a home invasion assault that occurred Saturday morning.

David and Dianna Allemeier of 209 S. Pierce St. in Delphos were both taken to St. Ritas Medical Center in Lima for treatment of injuries received when a man gained entry to their home and reportedly assaulted them.

Delphos Police were first called out at 6:05 a.m. Saturday on a report of a suspicious person in the 300 block of Jackson Street who was knocking on doors and then walking away. However, while en route to that call, officers were informed that a man had been injured and was bleeding in the 200 block of Pierce Street.

When officers arrived on the scene, they found Allemeier bleeding from an injury to his neck. The Delphos resident said he received the injury from a man who had gained entry into his home.

Officers approached the residence and found the back door unlocked and a lot of blood at the scene. The home was secured and a K-9 and Crime Scene Unit sought from the Allen County Sheriffs Office.

Allemeier then said his wife was still in the house and officers then entered and found Mrs. Allemeier, who was also injured, in the bedroom area of the residence.

After the Allemeiers were transported to the hospital, a K-9 search was made of the area, and the house was processed by an Allen County sheriffs deputy.

No information was released on whether items were taken from the Allemeier house.

Police are currently seeking a young, skinny white male with black hair, possibly wearing cutoff shorts. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Delphos Police Department or Allen County Sheriffs Office.

The investigation is continuing, with no further information forthcoming at this time.

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Chinese red viagra buy – Side effects of taking expired viagra – Van Wert independent

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Cialis soft tabs – Cialis soft cheap – Van Wert independent07.09.17

Submitted information

LIMA Employers in the greater West Central Ohio region will collect $33 million in rebates from the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation in checks that will be mailed beginning next week.

BWC Administrator/CEO Sarah Morrison, in Lima to present a ceremonial check to local business leaders, said employers are free to spend their rebates as they wish, but she hopes they will consider investing in workplace safety.

We work with employers all over Ohio to prevent injuries and illness in the workplace, and they will tell you that investing in safety is a wise business decision, said Morrison, speaking at a press conference at the Lima/Allen County Chamber of Commerce. Safe workplaces mean fewer injuries, fewer medical claims and a stable workforce, all of which leads to a healthy bottom line for a business.

Morrison was joined by chamber President/CEO Jed Metzger and Tony Daley of Limas Spallinger Millwright Services Inc. Metzger and Daley accepted the check on behalf of employers in the entire region, which includes Allen, Auglaize, Shelby, Hancock, Putnam, and Van Wert counties.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich proposed the rebate in March. Its the third such rebate in the last four years, made possible by an improving safety climate, prudent fiscal management and strong investment returns. The plan to distribute rebates to more than 200,000 Ohio employers during the month of July was approved by BWCs Board of Directors in April. Visitbwc.ohio.govfor more details and eligibility requirements.

The plan also includes a $44 million investment innew health and safety initiativesto promote a healthy workforce and a culture of safety in every Ohio workplace. This includes a new wellness program for small employers, funding for programs to help firefighters and those who work with children and adults with disabilities, and an education campaign to address common injuries at work and in the home.

A healthy economy depends on a strong and healthy workforce, Morrison continued. And when the economy is healthy, we all benefit.

Rebate checks will be mailed in phases starting July 10.

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Cialis soft tabs – Cialis soft cheap – Van Wert independent

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Shane Watson: What to do if your daughter starts dating a nightmare –

Heres a sentence I never thought Id write: poor old Philip Green.

In case you havent been paying attention, billionaire Phils daughter, apple of his eye and chip off the old block, Chloe, has been dating a man called Jeremy Hot Felon Meeks. Meeks (meek by name, not so much by nature) is a violent ex-con turned model who first came to the attention of the fashion world when his police mugshot went viral. Afraid so. Hes the real teardrop-tattoo article! Hes served time, hes got a record as long as Phils arm, hes beaten a 16-year-old boy half to death, and (although it seems barely relevant at this point) hes married.

He is, in short, the slam dunk of unsuitable boyfriends. In the toss-up between him and Petra Ecclestones husband, James Stunt, youd be pushed to pick whos worse, and then you might have to conclude Him. Imagine that.

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Shane Watson: What to do if your daughter starts dating a nightmare –

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Missing NJ woman ID’d by friends as dismembered victim found on Brooklyn, Manhattan shorelines – New York’s PIX11 / WPIX-TV07.04.17

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NEW JERSEY Friends of a missing New Jersey bar owner say she is the victim found dismembered in a murder mystery now spanning two states.

Jennifer Londono has been missing since Sunday, June 25, according to friends who gathered Monday evening at Luna Lounge in Englewood, New Jersey.

Londono, who owns and manages Luna Lounge, is the woman whose body parts have been found in multiple NYC boroughs, according to friends. Police have not confirmed the victim’s identity.

Friends identified Londono as the victim four days after a woman walked into a NYPD precinct, saying she recognized a tattoo seen in an image released by police in an effort to identify the victim whose torso was found in Gowanus Bay last Tuesday.

The tattoo was a tribute to the victim’s aunt, the mother told police.

A leg also washed up near the W. 79th Street Boat Basin in the Upper West Side Saturday, police say. Investigators are working to officially identify the torso and leg.

Friends gathered Monday compared news of Londono’s death to a nightmare, and described her as a caring person.

She was an amazing person. She was filled with love for everybody. She loved her family more than anything, one man said.

Police have not announced any arrests in the case, but sources tell the Daily News a NYPD dog found possible traces of blood at the residence of someone close to Londono, who the paper reports was 31.

The medical examiner has yet to determine how the victim died.

40.892877 -73.972638

The rest is here:
Missing NJ woman ID’d by friends as dismembered victim found on Brooklyn, Manhattan shorelines – New York’s PIX11 / WPIX-TV

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Cody Rhodes — The ‘American Nightmare’s’ dream come true in … – ESPN07.03.17

Cody Rhodes kicked off the biggest 10-day stretch of his wrestling career by becoming Ring of Honor world champion Friday night in Lowell, Massachusetts.


“1 … 2 … 3.”

The capacity crowd in attendance at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium in Lowell, Massachusetts, called out in time to referee Todd Sinclair’s slaps on the canvas Friday night. Upon the third strike, the bell rang, and the main event of for Ring of Honor’s “Best in the World” pay-per-view was over.

Cody Rhodes, “The American Nightmare,” the son of a son of a plumber, had just become ROH world champion.

“I don’t think it’s hit me,” Rhodes admitted the following afternoon to But as much as it was an overwhelming moment, it also had a lot to do with a knock Rhodes took to the face during his world title match against Christopher Daniels. In addition to a wry smile, he was sporting some fresh stitches.

With an intertwining of reality and storyline, “Being The Elite” has provided a unique outlet to continue to showcase what The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega can give wrestling fans.

Adam “Edge” Copeland, Beth Copeland (aka Beth Phoenix), Jim Ross and Gerry Brisco, all WWE Hall of Famers, have become part of the driving force behind “Headlock on Hunger,” a charitable effort that aims to fight the issue of childhood hunger.

Kenny Omega is preparing for another epic match with Kazuchika Okada and is ready to help New Japan thrive in the United States.

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“I got busted open in the beginning of the match, so I spent my world championship evening in the hospital,” Rhodes said matter-of-factly.

After a full day of television tapings, and a local independent show on Sunday, Rhodes spent a few days recovering at home. He celebrated his 32nd birthday (on June 30) a few days early, because this weekend, Rhodes has the chance to make the biggest 10 days of his career all that much brighter in Long Beach, California.

Just over a week after capturing the ROH world title, recognized worldwide as one of the two most prestigious wrestling championships outside of the WWE, Rhodes will face off with Japanese superstar Kazuchika Okada for the other half of that equation: New Japan Pro Wrestling’s IWGP heavyweight title. That match will be the main event on the first of two nights of historic shows, as the long-time Japanese giant begins their push onto U.S. shores.

Rhodes finds himself in the middle of history, and there’s no place that he’d rather be. But no matter where he goes, his father, the “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, is never far from Cody’s mind. He bears a simple tattoo that says “Dream” on his chest, and even as the scope and meaning of his title win sorts itself out inside his brain, Cody’s been able to find further connection and meaning in his victory through the memory of his father.

“I carry this little Dusty figure with me. I don’t know why — I’m not very knickknack type guy, but I carry the figure with me,” said Rhodes. “I had it in my bag next to the title. That was maybe the first moment that I thought, ‘Oh, the drought’s dead. Thirty-one years since we had a world title in the family. It’s over.'”

The ROH world title, and everything that comes after it, is a vindication of Rhodes’ decision to step away from the WWE 13 months ago. In an age where most major companies keep their champion under lock and key, Rhodes has a chance to be the kind of traveling champion that his father, Ric Flair and any number of other top guys were back in the heyday of the territory system.

ROH may yet lock Rhodes down, but for the time being, he’s going to continue to pursue his mantle as one of the busiest men in professional wrestling. The results have clearly paid off so far, and from both an in-ring and character perspective, Rhodes has a firm grip on both his own style and how he fits within the greater wrestling ecosystem.

“I definitely didn’t envision a single company, as much as I just wanted to travel,” Rhodes said of his initial post-WWE vision. “I wanted to do wrestling that I wasn’t accustomed to doing, at places like PWG, and places [that have me] outside my skill set, outside my wheel house,” said Rhodes. “I wanted to, not to sound like a nerd, but I wanted to learn.”

The wrestling business of 2017 looks dramatically different than it did just a few years ago. That Rhodes had the courage and confidence in himself to step out into a largely unknown world of independent wrestling at a time when many of the biggest stars are headed back in the other direction shows a tremendous foresight.

But it wasn’t always easy.

Despite some groundbreaking moments, like actively performing for ROH, Impact wrestling, NJPW, PWG and other companies all over the world, Rhodes realized he had to keep his head up and adapt certain elements of his in-ring approach and persona to the kind of crowds he was performing in front of.

“To not adjust and to not change with the times, that’s a death sentence, unless you happen to be doing a character that’s stuck in history,” said Rhodes. “I know I didn’t want to be part of that death sentence. I love pro wrestling. If pro wrestling’s gonna change, I’m gonna change with it.

“The writing’s on the wall,” Rhodes continued. “NXT’s the best example. They’re bringing in what I guess you [would] call ‘super indie’ talent. They’re bringing in a different type of competitor.”

Cody Rhodes was already making waves in his first few months outside the WWE bubble, but there’s no denying he reached an entirely different level after joining the Bullet Club in the lead-up to NJPW’s Wrestle Kingdom 11 in January.

But for as much as being a part of the hottest faction in professional wrestling has supercharged his career over the last six months, there was a certain trepidation in stepping into such a well-established group.

“I think initially, I was worried,” said Rhodes. “I was like, ‘Oh, the Bullet Club.’ You’ve had Finn Balor, and you’ve had AJ Styles, and you have Kenny Omega. I was kind of worried. I wanted to trend upwards. All good things must come to an end, and I didn’t know what the shelf life for the Bullet Club was.”

But Rhodes quickly found a home within the Bullet Club. As the “American Nightmare”, Rhodes turned up a few elements of his personality, but largely stayed true to what he’d been doing and who he really is. He’s gotten tremendous reactions from New Japan and ROH crowds alike, despite some negative reactions from critics online.

He couldn’t have signed on at a much better time. Balor and Styles laid the foundation before moving on to the WWE, where they’ve each won world titles, but the current iteration of the Bullet Club is taking the wrestling business to unexplored places. Rhodes’ shirt is one of four Bullet Club shirts that have, without the coverage of an overarching company, become a big seller at Hot Topic outlets throughout North America thanks in large part to the popularity surge led by Omega and The Young Bucks.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

“It’s trending upward still,” Rhodes noted. “We just had a conference call with a certain toy manufacturer, that does toys for the biggest company in the world, who wants to do Bullet Club stuff. Not ROH. Not New Japan Pro Wrestling. Bullet Club. Just Bullet Club. It blows my mind.

“I thank the Bucks for their merchandise savvy and their edginess. They go with their gut, always, and I go with my gut always, so that’s cool to be around guys like that.”

Going with his gut has taken Rhodes a long way, and the wave of congratulatory messages following his victory on Friday night was massive. WWE stars including Cesaro and Tye Dillinger, and personalities from throughout the wrestling world gave their props.

“That was really cool, the overwhelmingly positive reaction from some of my peers. Some of them I don’t even get along with,” said Rhodes.

But you can’t please everyone. As much as the “too-sweets” and sea of red-white-and-blue Cody Bullet Club shirts in the crowd in Lowell (and elsewhere) seem to indicate otherwise, there’s always going to be those who aren’t satisfied.

“You’ll look on social and it will be overwhelmingly negative. You can’t always tell what it is,” said Rhodes. “I think the only way to know for sure what it is, is to feel it. Like last night, to feel it like, ‘OK. We’re doing something right. Let’s keep doing this. Let’s not be distracted. Let’s not make this about pleasing everybody.’

“That’s the quickest route to failure,” Rhodes continued. “Last night, it felt like this is the right direction. I hope Long Beach is the same.”

The crowd in Long Beach on Saturday and Sunday will be another interesting test for Rhodes. No matter what the result was in Lowell, the nine-day stretch between an ROH world title shot and an IWGP heavyweight title shot is basically unheard of.

Now that Rhodes holds the ROH title, he’s positioned to do something no one has ever done. If he does it, he’ll be happy to throw salt into the wound of the wrestling “purists” who have discounted his in-ring abilities.

“I thought I was enthused about Long Beach, but now I’m more than that,” said Rhodes. “If I’m able to win the IWGP title, from the most pure, sport-like organization left, New Japan Pro Wrestling — the last sanctuary for these pen and paper nerds who don’t do anything positive for our business, but instead just criticize it. If I can win out there, nothing would excite me more. Nothing would excite me more.

“Every now and then, I feel bad, like, ‘Oh, maybe they’ve got a point,'” Rhodes continued. “Then we do something like we did last night and I go, ‘No. This is the way things are going. It’s a huge match. I respect Okada intensely. I respect New Japan Pro Wrestling. I just hope people are okay with what happens.”

The expectations have never been higher for Rhodes, who will have a lot to live up to and follow on an absolutely stacked card on Night One of the G1 Special.

“Kenny Omega and Michael Elgin are wrestling on that show,” said Rhodes. “I guarantee they’re gonna have an absolute just barnburner of a contest, which will then leave me doing jumping jacks backstage, sweating profusely, trying to figure out how I’ll follow that.”

The pressure is sure to mount as the hours tick away, but Rhodes has had enough of watching friends and contemporaries stealing the spotlight.

“You have moments when you watch other wrestlers, and you’re jealous of where they’re at,” said Rhodes. “I watched [Wrestle]mania this year, there’s a couple guys [and I was feeling], not so much jealousy, but you think of yourself. ‘What could I do in that role?’

“It’s funny when the shoe is on the other foot,” continued Rhodes. “That’s why I say I’d be pissed if it was anybody but me, because this is the one that I want to be in. All you guys can watch it and figure out what you could’ve done better. I’ve got this one.”

Few know the long-term future of New Japan Pro Wrestling’s foray into the United States, but there’s a huge symbolic significance in the spot Rhodes finds himself in.

And if he wins, he might just take over the wrestling world.

“I feel like, just as much as holding the Ring of Honor world title, the responsibility of being the main event for their first foray into the United States, just that one match carries so much weight and responsibility,” said Rhodes. “But I’d be pissed if it was anybody but me.”

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Cody Rhodes — The ‘American Nightmare’s’ dream come true in … – ESPN

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The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo – Wikipedia07.02.17

“The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo” is the second episode of the British science fiction television series Class. It was released online by BBC Three on 22 October 2016.

Class follows four students of Coal Hill Academy and their alien teacher, as they deal with various alien threats. In this episode, the students, while trying to get over the traumatic events of the previous episode, must find and defeat a dragon-like alien of unknown origin who brutally murders people of the Academy. Meanwhile, Miss Quill (Katherine Kelly) feels that the inspector in charge of reviewing her (Jami Reid-Quarrell) might not be who he appears to be.

The title is inspired by the novel and films The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Ram struggles to recover from the attack at the prom. Coach Dawson scolds him for poor performance in football and demotes him to the second string team. That week, Ram witnesses a creature attack both the assistant coach and a school cleaner, but struggles to find evidence of their deaths after the fact, leading him to question his sanity. Tanya, Charlie, and April investigate on his behalf, and learn that a dragon manifesting in different parts of the school is connected with Coach Dawson. They learn that the coach was bound to a female dragon who came through a rift in time, and became fused to his body as a tattoo; its mate roams the school, killing in order to feed her. Convinced by the sixth formers, the male dragon takes his mate along with the coach back through the tear in time. Ram later tells his father about the events thus far.

The episode was written by Patrick Ness, who also serves as creator and writer of Class. It was directed by Ed Bazalgette, who also directed the series premiere as well as the following episode, “Nightvisiting”. “The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo” was predominantly filmed in Roath Lock Studios in Cardiff. The episode premiered on 22 October 2016 alongside the first episode at 10am.[1] The episode was broadcast on 22 April 2017 in the United States on BBC America after the second episode of tenth series of Doctor Who “Smile”.

The episode received positive reviews from critics.

Fansided gave a very positive review, praising the episode for exploring the characters’ trauma after the events of the first episode, stating ” The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo delivers on the promise of an examination of how people deal with extreme circumstances”.[2]Den of Geek also gave a positive review.[3]

In a very positive review, Flickering Myth stated “Class takes the smarter route, here, in letting the friendships grow more naturally from other aspects of the characters lives. Indeed, its really nice to see Class placing characterisation front and centre, repeatedly emphasising the development of our core cast; itd be very easy to coast in this department, and leave our characters as more typical young adult fiction stereotypes and shortcuts. However, Class has consistently avoided this route, always ensuring to include little moments of growth and character development in amongst the alien dragons and suchlike”.[4]

The AV club’s Alasdair Wilkins praised the episode for acknowledging ‘the nightmare of living in the Doctor Who universe’. Ram’s story was praised as a main focal point for the episode as well as the absence of The Doctor. The episode was described as ‘Confident and compelling’ and ‘a good indication of a show quickly finding its feet and demonstrating ambition’. Wilkins awarded the episode a grade ‘A-‘.[5]

Read this article:
The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo – Wikipedia

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Girl’s ‘temporary’ black henna tattoo turns into oozing burn that could scar for life – Metro07.02.17

Teigan got a black henna tattoo as a holiday treat (Picture: Mercury)

This mum is warning parents of the dangers of black henna after her daughters holiday treat turned into a blistered burn that could scar for life.

Schoolgirl Teigan, 13, was thrilled when her mum Kirsty Koorts, 41, agreed to let her get a temporary henna tattoo on a family holiday to Faliraki, Greece, last month.

After finding a shop on the island that offered black henna, Teigan settled on a floral design in the weakest strength of black henna, which Kirsty claims they were told would last one month.

Unaware of the difference between henna, a natural dye from the henna plant, and black henna, a chemical substance, Kirsty wasnt concerned about letting Teigan get the temporary tattoo.

Just two days after getting home to Evesham, Teigans henna started to itch and burn and the pattern soon turned into an infected wound covering the teens entire left forearm.

After a month of watching her daughter endure a living nightmare and learning that the chemical burns could affect Teigan for life, Kirsty is determined to warn others about black henna.

Kirsty, who works at a debt collectors, said: Teigan has always wanted henna and she was really excited when I said she could get it. It was just meant to be a holiday treat but it turned into an absolute nightmare.

For weeks after getting the so-called temporary tattoo, Teigans skin blistered, burned and oozed with infection so Kirsty and Teigans dad Scarl Koorts, 36, took their daughter to her doctor where she was prescribed antibiotics.

However, Teigans burns were so severe that after three weeks they still had not improved so the teen was taken to A&E where she was put on a strong antihistamines and a steroid cream.

While henna is a natural dye prepared from the Lawsonia inermis plant black henna is a chemical substance called para-phenylenediamine (PPD) which is found in hair dye.

The PPD in black henna can cause an allergic reaction which leads to chemical burns and a possible life-long sensitivity to the chemical which is used in most hair dyes.

Medics have claimed the teens scars should start to clear up after six months but warn there is no way to be sure.

Kirsty said: The doctors have told us it will be visible for six months but there is no way of knowing, everyones skin is different. She could be scarred for life.

With everyone on summer holiday at the moment, I just want to warn everyone to avoid black henna. If sharing Teigans experience can help even one child, thats something.

The British Skin Foundation launched an awareness campaign about the dangers of black henna two years ago after UK dermatologists reported a rise in the number of reactions.

Dr Anjali Mahto, Consultant Dermatologist and British Skin Foundation spokesperson, said: Black henna is well known to cause skin reactions and should be treated with caution, particularly in children.

Year after year we see ever more severe reactions to black henna tattoos.

What might seem like pretty body art can quickly turn nasty with horrific blistering, permanent scars and even in the most severe cases life-threatening allergic reactions.

Tourists and parents are advised to think twice whether it is worth the risk for a piece of body art. has previously spoken about black henna with Ash Kumar, a world-renowned mehndi artist who has been in the business for around 17 years, whose work has featured in major Hollywood and Bollywood films and even won him a Guinness World Record.

He told us: There is actually no such thing as black henna, Ash told So-called black henna is a henna design on the skin, using black hair dye and chemical products which have paraphenylenediamine (PPD) and peroxide in them, which can be very harmful to the skin.

Ash also advised how to tell the difference between natural henna and its harmful synthetic counterpart, read more here.

See the article here:
Girl’s ‘temporary’ black henna tattoo turns into oozing burn that could scar for life – Metro

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Bongani Urban and Rory share nightmare tattoo stories – East Coast Radio07.02.17

When getting a tattoo, we are often told to think about it carefully, because ink is permanent and it’s something we are going to be stuck with for the rest of our lives. It is advised that we should get something with meaning.

While on the topic of tattoos on-air on Monday, Bongani Urban and Rory shared their nightmare tattoo stories and how they got them.

WATCH: Daughter’s new tattoo leaves her parents speechless!

East Coasters, you are going to get a kick out of Rory’s story:

‘I originally just had the word think on my right arm, but a few years later wanted to add create and challenge. The tattoo artist convinced me she could also make the word think a little bigger by going over it with a different font. She assured me she knew what she was doing.

‘What I am now left with is create, challenge and thshkinkk. Or something. It is a mess. It looks like someone stood a few metres away from me and flung ink in the general direction of my right tricep.

‘The lesson learned and the story I tell everyone: Thshkinkk before you ink’.

Read:Man convinces girlfriend to tattoo his name on her FACE!

Continued here:
Bongani Urban and Rory share nightmare tattoo stories – East Coast Radio

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Southampton mum Katy Chase gets tattoo of horror film character Freddy Krueger – Daily Echo07.02.17

Southampton mother Katy Chase has been a horror fan for as long as she can remember.

Her passion for horror films began with FreddyKrueger.

She became such a fan that for her husband, artist Gary Chase, tattooed a thigh sized portrait of the character from the horror series, Nightmare on Elm Street.

She said: “The main aspect that makes him my favourite is that he only exists in your dreams, and people have to sleep so he’s not someone you can easily escape. That is a scary character – he has been very well created by Wes Craven.

Two years ago, for their first year wedding anniversary Gary took Katy to meet the actor who plays Freddy Krueger, Robert Englund at a Comic Con event in London.

“I love my Freddy tattoo and I’m absolutely honoured to have been able to show it to Robert Englund himself, and he loved it. He said ‘Wow, we need to get this in the photo,’ which is why is was pointing at it with his glove in the photo. His opinion is the most important to me,” said the 32-year-old catering assistant.

“People who share a love of horror appreciate the tattoo, at the London Film and Comic Con I had so much positive feedback about it, as well as when I have attended tattoo conventions.”

“When people say things like, you will regret it when you are older, it’s just their opinion.

“Lots of people have regrets in their life and people make choices they later regret, regarding tattoos or not. I can see me looking back at my tattoos and remembering my youth and smiling.”

Southampton Tattoo festival is the Ageas Bowl this Saturday and Sunday.

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Southampton mum Katy Chase gets tattoo of horror film character Freddy Krueger – Daily Echo

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Teen Gets Chemical Burns From Black Henna Tattoo – TeenVogue.com07.02.17

If you’ve ever gotten a henna tattoo before, you know that the intricate body art is temporary or at least it’s supposed to be. What you might not be aware of is that depending on the type of henna used, it could actually be harmful to your skin. Refinery29 reports that a 13-year-old girl named Teigan Koorts was on a vacation in Greece last month and ended up having a horrible experience with a black henna tattoo.

Because it’s made up of so many chemicals, including p-Phenylenediamine or PPD, black henna can actually cause chemical burns to occur, which unfortunately is what happened in Teigan’s case. Even though she chose the “weakest” strength of black henna , it still lasted for a month and burned her arm for four weeks straight. Natural henna leaves behind a stain, whereas this one left behind a painful scar that could be permanent.

Understandably, Teigan’s mother is utterly devastated about the entire situation. “I remember taking a photo of her having it done and thinking about how much she was going to love it,” Koorts said in an interview with Metro . “It was just meant to be a holiday treat but it turned into an absolute nightmare.”

So how can you ensure that said nightmare doesn’t happen to you? It’s simple: Steer clear of this type of henna tattoo. Refinery29 also points out that black henna is actually illegal in the US and the UK, a fact that should say a lot about its safety (or lack there of.) A licensed tattoo artist named Lisa Butterworth who goes by Kenzi told Refinery29 that the best way to avoid getting into a situation like Teigan’s not to mention the myriad other people this has happened to is to ask your artist questions, and to look for signs that the henna could be black. A smart question to ask is how long should you leave the paste on? This is because black henna stains faster than natural henna, so if your artist says only an hour, it’s likely not natural.

The best way, however, to tell if your henna is black, according to Kenzi, is its smell. Black henna apparently has a very potent chemical smell, whereas natural henna will smell of essential oils. And judging by this painful experience, you definitely want to stick to the latter.

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Teen Gets Chemical Burns From Black Henna Tattoo –

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