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Voltaren sr 75 tab – What is voltaren sr 75 used for – Voltaren sr 75 tablet – The Independent News05.18.17

The Independent News
Voltaren sr 75 tab – What is voltaren sr 75 used for – Voltaren sr 75 tablet
The Independent News
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Voltaren sr 75 tab – What is voltaren sr 75 used for – Voltaren sr 75 tablet – The Independent News

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With her daughter facing certain death in El Salvador, a mother had to make ‘a terrible choice’ – Deseret News05.18.17

ZACATECOLUCA, El Salvador Carmen de Jesus rose from her bed, night after night, to shake off her nightmares and check on her teenage daughter.

She could hardly bear to look at the sleeping girl.

The day she would send her daughter north was approaching. And de Jesus was overcome with guilt and fear.

The body of a 14-year-old boy awaits processing at the San Salvador medical examiners office. Officials say it is no longer unusual to see the corpses of children in the city morgue. | Matthew D. LaPlante, For the Deseret News

She knew the journey was replete with kidnappers, drug smugglers and extortionists. She knew migrants faced long desert marches and swift river crossings. She knew most travelers are turned back, and that some are never heard from again. She knew young women are often sexually assaulted along the way.

And she knew other parents whose children had met all these fates.

But she was sending her daughter, nonetheless. Because she also knew if the girl didnt go, she was going to die.

The threats on young Patricias life had begun in the fall of 2016. Members of the Barrio 18 Sureos gang had concluded the girl was a police informant, and pledged to kill her.

I knew they would do it, de Jesus says as she looked out, through barred windows, at a broken-down police car parked in front of a friends office in the center of this bustling, volatile town, because they had done it before.

Less than a year earlier, the same gang had leveled the same accusation against de Jesus older daughter, Norma. In November of that year, a Barrio 18 member had confronted Norma in the street.

Norma de Carmens oldest daughter was killed by a gang member in Zacatecoluca in 2015. A year later, her youngest daughter began receiving threats, so de Carmen sold everything she owned to get the girl to safety. | Matthew D. LaPlante, For the Deseret News

It didnt matter that she was pregnant. The gang member shot her twice.

Once here, de Jesus says, touching her cheekbone. And once here, she says, dropping her fingers to her belly.

I couldnt lose another daughter like that, de Jesus says. I had to do something.

And so, over the next few months, de Jesus sold everything she had and hired a smuggler to take her daughter to the United States.

It was a terrible choice to make, de Jesus says. Her square jaw trembles and her shoulders shake. A terrible choice.

And its a choice facing thousands of families in this small Central American republic. Nearly 5 percent of Salvadorans more than 300,000 people abandoned their homes due to violence last year, according to a survey published in January by Jos Simen Caas Central American University in San Salvador. In nearly 1 in 5 homes, according to the survey, at least one family member had to flee El Salvador altogether due to the violence.

The migrants are often children. They are often alone. And they are often headed to the United States, where many have family connections. There are from 1.5 million to 2 million Salvadorans living in the United States a populace rivaling the entire San Salvador metropolitan area. El Salvador ranks fifth in countries of origin for U.S. immigrants and, per capita, no country sends more of its citizens to the United States.

Dr. Saul Quijada holds the skull of an infant who was murdered. Quijada, who works at the Institute of Legal Medicine in San Salvador, says no one is safe from violence in El Salvador. | Matthew D. LaPlante, For the Deseret News

These children are not criminals coming to sell drugs or laborers coming to steal jobs, as they are often described in the heated rhetoric that frames immigration reform. Their plight is far more akin to that of refugees who are seeking asylum from war-ravaged places across the globe.

Whether theyll be treated that way by the new American administration, though, is an open question. While the vast majority of the worlds refugees were generously hosted by neighboring nations, the United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees noted in an August 2016 report that a number of countries took measures to restrict protection space and prevent people from accessing territory through physical, legal and administrative barriers.

The report did not point fingers at any specific nation for not doing its share to help, but, specific to the situation in El Salvador, it called for greater international responsibility sharing.

And that was before the election of Donald Trump, who has pledged to build a great wall across the U.S.-Mexico border and deport millions of undocumented immigrants in what he has described as a military operation.

And so, as Trumps administration considers policy changes that may further limit the ability of children like Patricia to reach safety in the United States, many parents in El Salvador are feeling the pressure to make a decision and soon.

They can risk their childrens lives by sending them north, or risk their childrens lives by keeping them close.

And it is a terrible choice.

Maria Rojas doesn’t want her son to leave.

Hes just a teenager, she says of the boy, Wilbur, as he runs up the road in a sweat-soaked soccer jersey, meeting his mother with a big, wet hug. He is only 15.

Maria Rojas embraces her son, Wilbur, whose life has been threatened by gang members in Santa Isabel Ishuatan. Wilbur has asked his mother to let him try to migrate to the United States, where he has a half brother in Houston. | Matthew D. LaPlante, For the Deseret News

As migrants go, though, Wilburs age wouldnt put him out of place.

More than 7,000 unaccompanied Salvadoran children were apprehended in the Southwest border states between October and January, according to the U.S. Border Patrol, and total apprehensions of children traveling without a family member were up 26 percent over the same time period a year earlier. The majority of the apprehended children were teenagers, some trying to make the voyage on their own. Some were younger children including babies and toddlers entrusted to coyotes, human smugglers who are seen as heroes by some parents and a necessary evil by others.

If he gets a good coyote, Wilbur figures, his chances of making it through are 50-50. His mother thinks the odds are lower.

Thats what the U.S. government wants her to believe, too. The risks inherent in the journey are a key message in the multimillion-dollar advertising campaigns the United States has sponsored to dissuade Central American families from sending their children north.

Ellos son nuestro futuro. Protejmoslos, one ad that has run on Salvadoran television concludes. They are our future. Protect them.

Rojas wants nothing more than to protect her son. And for the moment, at least, the village in which they live is relatively safe. Here Wilbur can play soccer in the streets and help his mother sell shaved-ice minutas from her roadside storefront. On Sundays he walks her to church.

But Wilburs school is about two kilometers away, down a steep road that winds though a lush forest, in the town of Santa Isabel Ishuatan and he cannot get there without moving through territory claimed by the gangs, known as maras.

The two most powerful gangs, Barrio 18 and Mara Salvatrucha, both started in the 1980s in the United States when refugees from El Salvadors civil war which pitted the U.S.-backed government against communist revolutionaries arrived in Los Angeles in the midst of an American gang war between the Crips and the Bloods. The Salvadorans who assembled into gangs in the midst of that turmoil were soon deported, reorganized and began accumulating control over large swaths of Central America.

Some estimates put the number of gang members in El Salvador at 70,000 or more. (By way of comparison, the Salvadoran military has about 25,000 active and reserve members.) But over the past two years as their members have been killed and imprisoned by the thousands as part of a ferocious government crackdown Salvadorans in cities and villages across the nation say the gangs leaders have become more aggressive about recruiting.

Three boys from Wilburs neighborhood have recently joined. Rojas thinks those boys, who had reputations as troublemakers, were destined for such decisions. But my son is not that way, she says as she stirs a pot of sopa de gallina india. He is a very well-behaved boy. Everyone would agree. He has a good heart.

The gang members havent given Wilbur a choice in the matter. They told me if I didnt want to join, they would kill me, Wilbur says.

These are not idle threats. More than 11,500 people were murdered in El Salvador in the past two years a homicide rate some 20 times higher than in the United States. (By way of comparison, that would equate to 600,000 murders in the United States in the same time period.) Per capita, the only country where more lives were lost to violence in 2016 was Syria, according to data released in early May by the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

Salvadoran legislators have responded by passing anti-gang laws that gave police wide latitude to use deadly force, and by packing gang members into prisons to the point that the countrys Attorney Generals Office for Human Rights has compared the cramped and disease-ridden jails to concentration camps.

Vendors watch forensic workers investigate the scene of a shootout between private security guards and gang members, at the central market in San Salvador, El Salvador, Wednesday, March 15, 2017. At least 30 people, mostly gang members, died in the last 24 hours in El Salvador on one of the most violent days so far this year. | Salvador Melendez, AP

The drastic measures may be responsible for dip in homicides this year, but across the nation Salvadorans say the violence is taking a greater toll on innocent bystanders, on residents of gang-run neighborhoods who either cant or wont pay extortion taxes known as la renta, and on children who decline to join up when called upon to do so. Those are contentions backed by an analysis of crime and survey data by the Columbian nonprofit InSight Crime, which also has reported a significant uptick in the number of students who have dropped out of school to avoid the violence.

Wilbur, who loves mathematics and social studies, is among the tens of thousands of children who have stopped attending school.

I miss it a lot, he says.

There is hope, however, in Houston. Wilburs older half brother, who has been living there for several years, has told him the high schools in Texas do not ask about a persons immigration status. He could re-enroll. Maybe even play some sports.

But first Wilbur has to get there.

A 14-year-old boy who lives down the road made his first attempt to enter the U.S. in January but fell ill in Guatemala and was abandoned by his coyote. His parents, who live in a dirt-floor shack, had spent everything they had on the smuggler and had to beg family members and friends for money for a bus ticket so the boys father could retrieve his son.

He was alone and sick in an empty house for three days, says the boys mother, Nohemy Rodriguez. He was dehydrated and was having trouble breathing. I was worried he would die.

A bony gray cat noisily darts across her corrugated metal roof, and she looks upward, through the cracks in her ceiling, as dust falls from above. We have nothing here, she says.

And so Rodriguez, fearful and desperate, says she would like her son to try again.

Wilbur says he understands the risks, but he nevertheless wants to try to make the journey as his younger neighbor did.

“I don’t know what will happen if I migrate,” he has told his mother, “but if I stay here I know I will die.”

Rojas has been praying begging God to tell her what to do. She is still waiting for an answer.

She has heard, though, that the new U.S. president is cracking down on illegal immigration and wants to build an enormous wall along the Mexican border. She fears what little window is open might soon be closed.

If the boy goes, she says, it will happen by June.

Its a horrible thing, she says. I feel terrible about the idea. But what choice do we have?

Past the abandoned train tracks, the police officers warn, things are bad. Past the river it is even worse.

Kevins home is past both.

There are shootings every night, the quiet 17-year-old says of his neighborhood, near the border of San Salvador and the volatile city of Apopa, where he lives with his mother and older sister.

Four of his friends have been killed by the gangs, including a teenager named Rolando who was shot to death in front of the school Kevin attends.

Such is the scale of the violence here that Kevin actually considers himself fortunate an attack on his life came not in a hail of gunfire but by a gang member with a baseball bat.

His offense? Not pledging allegiance to one of the three local gang cliques that have formed a temporary truce with one another to go to war with the police. He was bedridden for a month as he healed. Now that hes better, the gang members are after him again.

The body of a victim of a shootout between private security guards and gang members, lies next to a wheelbarrow filled with mangoes at the central market in San Salvador, El Salvador, Wednesday, March 15, 2017. At least 30 people, mostly gang members, died in the last 24 hours in El Salvador on one of the most violent days so far this year. | Salvador Melendez, AP

They told me join us and your family will be respected, he says. If not, we will kill you.

Hes already made one attempt to escape to the United States. He walked and rode busses all the way to Mexico City the halfway point in the journey. Thats where a suspicious bus driver flashed his headlights at a police officer, who pulled Kevin off the vehicle and asked for his identification.

They can tell by your accent that youre not Mexican, he says, shifting his cadence in an impression of the Spanish he heard spoken to the north.

During his presidential campaign, Trump blamed Mexico for the problems stemming from illegal immigration. But Mexico plays a big role in apprehending undocumented migrants from south of its border often long before they get anywhere close to the U.S. border.

More than 1,100 Salvadoran minors more than half of them under the age of 11 were caught in Mexico in the first three months of this year alone, according to the Mexican governments Immigration Policy Unit.

The deportees return by the busload, every day and sometimes multiple times a day, to a U.S.-funded government complex on the eastern outskirts of San Salvador. There, officials say, they help returnees reintegrate into Salvadoran society.

We try to identify the most vulnerable people, says Krissia Borjas, who works at the complex.

Sometimes, Borjas says, children will break down in fear of being sent back to the neighborhoods they came from. They will say, If I go home, they will kill me, she says.

A visitor to the medical examiners office in San Salvador looks through a folder of photographs of unidentified murder victims in search of her younger brother. Officials say the victims they see have gotten younger and younger in recent years. | Matthew D. LaPlante, For the Deseret News

There are police officers stationed at the reintegration complex, but they describe themselves as intelligence officers focused on interviewing returnees about the human smuggling rings. There are officials from human rights groups, too, but they are on the lookout for wrongdoing by police and government officials.

Multiple workers at the complex struggled to explain the process for protecting children who disclose they would be in danger if they were returned to the neighborhoods from which they fled. One official said such pleadings are passed along to a committee that tries to help find solutions.

Kevin doesnt believe there is a solution to his predicament and, in any case, no one asked him if he was in danger. Since being deported from Mexico last year, hes tried to stay inside his home as much as possible as he awaits his next opportunity to escape.

As Kevin speaks of his plight he rubs a bright orange crucifix between his thumb and fingers.

My mother is also too afraid to leave our home, he says. We cant even go to church.

An uncle in New York is raising money for a coyote, and Kevins mother wants her son to leave as soon as possible. Every day that passes, she worries, is a day he has cheated death.

She wants me to go, he says. She says its best if I am in the United States.

But Kevin tears up at the thought of leaving his family. If he makes it though, he says hell do whatever it takes to get a job and save money. As soon as he can, hell send for his sister and mother.

All we want is to be together, he says.

Their signs declared Repatriate Illegals, Bus Illegal Children to the White House and Return to Sender.

Go back home, hundreds of American protesters chanted in the summer of 2014 as they stood in front of three busses carrying undocumented migrants, refusing to let the vehicles pass.

The detainees, American officials said, were mostly children who had been picked up in Texas. They were to be processed at an immigration center in the Southern California town of Murrieta before being placed with family members, mostly in other parts of the country.

The protest was a harbinger, perhaps, of the seething anger over illegal immigration that drove many Americans to support a presidential candidate who kicked off his campaign with a promise to build a border wall, noting the U.S. has become a dumping ground for everybody elses problems.

Now, four months into Trumps presidency, his administration is working to make good on campaign promises to clamp down on what he and others see as lax border control and immigration procedures.

Among the policy changes that have been considered: Separating children from their parents when families are caught crossing together a proposal human rights groups called cruel. As of early April, the Department of Homeland Security reported, that specific policy was no longer under consideration. But the breakup of families doesnt have to come as a result of heavy-handed policies; that was happening long before Trump became president.

The U.S. stiffened its approach to stopping migrants in 2014 under former President Barack Obama, who pressed Mexican President Enrique Pea Nieto to help stem the tide of Central American migrants. Nieto obliged, and Mexico has since deported hundreds of thousands of migrants, many of them children fleeing gang violence.

Trump has said on many occasions that Obama didnt do enough. And in mid-April he and Attorney General Jeff Sessions promised even tougher enforcement was on the way, singling out the dangers of Mara Salvatrucha gang members who are in the United States, to bolster their push for more stringent immigration enforcement.

The heightened attention to stopping undocumented migrants has resulted in a road full of anguish, says professor Juan Ricardo Gmez Hecht, who teaches at the College of High Strategic Studies in San Salvador.

Mexicos stepped-up enforcement of well-known migration routes has pressed human smugglers to explore new and more dangerous pathways. That, in turn, has pushed up the coyotes fees. Salvadoran parents who have negotiated for the transport of their children in recent months say successful coyotes are now charging $7,000, with the best smugglers demanding $10,000 and more. The average Salvadoran makes less than $400 a month, according to the World Bank.

Gmez Hecht says some parents unable to pay the toll for even one child have taken to accompanying their young children to northern Mexico and dropping them off close to a border patrol station with a note in their pockets in the hopes they will be found and placed with relatives in the United States.

Can you imagine leaving your child and not knowing if you will ever see them again? Gmez Hecht asks. It is heartbreaking.

Gmez Hecht, who lectures around the world on illegal migration, says Americans often believe migrants come to the United States looking for work. But especially as it pertains to children, he argues, migration isnt driven by economic forces.

They dont want a better life, he says. They just want to stay alive.

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With her daughter facing certain death in El Salvador, a mother had to make ‘a terrible choice’ – Deseret News

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Aaron Hernandez’s prison records reveal a nightmare inmate – New York Post05.12.17

Aaron Hernandez racked up about a dozen disciplinary offenses in the slammer including fistfights and possession of a metal shiv and told prison officials that this place aint s to me, according to a report.

About a month after the former Patriots tight end was imprisoned for murder, a correction officer wanted to check him for marks and bruising, CNN reported.

But Hernandez had blocked his cell door at the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center, making it tough for the guard to enter.

When he finally got in, the guard observed redness on Hernandezs knuckles and elbow. As the guard escorted a shackled Hernandez to be seen by medical staff, he became agitated and insolent.

You just making up s, Hernandez told the guard, CNN reported.

This place aint s to me, he barked after a checkup. Ill run this place and keep running s. Prison aint s to me.

The details were included in a lengthy prison discipline record on the former NFL star, which CNN obtained through a public-records request.

Hernandez had been serving a life sentence since April 2015, when he was convicted of the 2013 killing of Odin Lloyd. He hanged himself in his Massachusetts jail cell on April 19, just days after being acquitted in a separate double homicide.

He accumulated a total of about a dozen disciplinary offenses between May 2015 and October 2016 including three fistfights, two smoking-related issues, two surprise prison tattoos and possession of a nearly 6-inch metal shiv, CNN reported.

The red marks on Hernandez resulted from a fight in his cell on May 17, 2015, one of several brawls he would engage in during his time behind bars, according to the prison records.

He pleaded guilty to fighting and conduct that disrupts the normal operation of the facility but the 6-foot-1, 245-pounder found himself in more trouble three months later when he was assigned to a new unit.

He began putting his property in the cell on Aug. 20, 2015, when another prisoner was seen on surveillance video trying to shake his hand. Hernandez returned the overture by punching his new cellmate in the face.

Guards used a chemical agent to break up the ensuing fight and placed the two men in segregation, CNN reported.

In a redacted follow-up report, the fight was described as an ongoing feud between unnamed parties. The report said the two men were known to feud with each other within the institution.

On Dec. 3, 2015, a search of Hernandezs belongings uncovered a 5-inch piece of metal sharpened to a point, with a cloth handle and a wrist tether.

Hernandezs final citation for fighting came on June 10, 2016, when officials said he and another inmate traded blows outside their cell.

As a result, Hernandez was held in disciplinary detention for five days and stripped of all visitation privileges from his family and friends for 45 days.

Hernandez also was punished for tattoo-related offenses.

When he appeared in court on May 21, 2015, he sported a new tattoo on his neck bearing the words Lifetime Loyalty.

He pleaded guilty to being tattooed while incarcerated, a violation of prison policy, but got another tattoo on his neck in July of that year, and was punished again.

On July 15, 2015, a guard conducting an afternoon cell decorum sweep found a curtain hanging from the top bunk of Hernandezs cell, and another hung across the door that blocked a clear view into the cell.

Hernandez lost 15 days of cafeteria privileges for the offense, which bore similarities to the scene a different guard came upon on April 19, when he found a sheet hung in front of Hernandezs cell door.

The guard told him to remove the sheet or acknowledge the order, according to the Worcester County district attorneys report on Hernandezs death.

After getting no response, the guard moved the sheet and found Hernandez hanging naked from a bed sheet attached to the window. The door had been jammed shut with cardboard, the probe found.

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Aaron Hernandez’s prison records reveal a nightmare inmate – New York Post

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Just Tattoo of Us episode 6 preview – Entertainment Focus – Entertainment Focus05.12.17

Just Tattoo of Us returns tonight for even more ink drama. If you cantwait to find out whats in store keep reading but please be mindful as there are spoilers ahead.

Every week we get access to the best and silliest quotes from Just Tattoo of Us and this weeks include Hollys revenge! Ex-Geordie Shore stars Holly and Kyle are back in the studio! Charlotte: Holly and Kyle are back! All aboard the revenge train! Holly: Today is all about revenge, it is gonna be sweet. Charlotte: This tattoo is massive! Its gonna make Hollys look tiny in comparison. Holly: I do feel like its kinda not really enough so I might have a few little surprises up me sleeve, extra stitch ups! Atom: Hello Kyle, Ive been sent in here by Holly to tattoo your hand! Kyle: Them tattoos were a f**king nightmare. I thought the leg one was bad enough but then when I done the finger, f**k me man! Charlotte: its bigger than I ever imagined, which is the first time someones ever said that about something on Kyles body!

The Reveal

Kyle: I actually like that its fine, I think thats cool.

Charlotte: Kyle is not giving Holly the satisfaction of getting one over on him. Hes not as stupid as he looks. Kyle I think youre forgetting youve got one more tattoo! Kyle: Oh I actually did forget about it! Holly: Put your goggles back on! Bear: I dont know how youre going to explain this to other girls if you break up!

The Reveal Part Two Kyle: You guys are d**kheads! Charlotte: Kyles got Hollys entire face on his leg and now his freaking out about a little squiggle on his finger! Get a grip Kyle! Holly: I do feel 100% satisfied and now I feel like were completely even!

And heres Hollys big reveal:

For more Just Tattoo of Us videos please check out

Just Tattoo of Us returns tonight at 10pm on MTV.

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Just Tattoo of Us episode 6 preview – Entertainment Focus – Entertainment Focus

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Microblading mistakes happening in Arkansas – KATV05.12.17


Thick, full eyebrows are all the rage right now in the beauty world. To get the look many women are turning to a new trend called microblading. The before and after results can be impressive, but some in Arkansas have been doing it without a license, which the Arkansas Department of Health says can be dangerous.

Microblading is a permanent cosmetic procedure where the technician makes tiny hair-like cuts on the skin that are then filled with ink. Each stroke is essentially a mini tattoo that ends up looking like more eyebrow hair.

Kara Franco of North Little Rock says she was excited to win a free microblading session in an online raffle.

“I’m like I’ve seen her pictures. I’ve done everything I need to, I’m comfortable with it, Franco said.

Franco says when she went in for the procedure, a stencil was drawn on her eye brows of what they would look like, but after the tiny hair-like cuts were made on her face and ink pressed into it, Franco says it didn’t look anything like what she had approved.

“She wiped the ink off and that’s when I could see the marks and the shape of it and it was shaped pointed like almost touching like a unibrow and I mean I had a heart attack, Franco said.

Franco now believes the before and after pictures she saw online weren’t actually eyebrows done by the artist.

Macenzie Peirce owner of Mack Rae Permanent Cosmetics, who didn’t originally do Franco’s eyebrows, but is now fixing them, says her impressive before and after photos have been stolen before.

“So people are getting tied into oh this looks amazing but it’s not even their work and they’re telling people they can do it but they can’t, Peirce said.

Franco heard about Peirce’s skills and training from a number of happy customers and went to her for help.

“It was awful. She had to cake make-up on for six weeks to cover them before she could see me, Peirce said. “I corrected them with a color lift and then I just had to cover them with a lot of nude tattoo ink.”

Pierce says just because someone has a license for something doesn’t mean they’re good at it.

“I think you should always do your research if you’re wanting something that’s going to be on your face, Peirce said.

The artist who did Franco’s eyebrows refused to go on camera, but told Channel 7 over the phone “Franco was coming in to be a model who would be practiced on.”

Franco says that’s not true. She showed Channel 7 the Facebook post where she was simply told she’d won a contest

Do you think she was practicing on you, Reporter Elicia Dover asked. I do. I do, Franco said.

While Channel 7 confirmed that artist was licensed, the Arkansas Health Department says they’ve had problems with others practicing without a license.

They sent out a memo to cosmetologists reminding them that microblading is a tattoo and falls under body art, which is a totally separate license. Katie Wirges, director of the state’s body art program says your artist should have a body art license on display.

“They have to complete 375 hours of training in no less than six months, no more than 24 months, Wirges said.

The Health Department provided Channel 7 with a few complaints against unlicensed artists and showed us Facebook posts from last July of one unlicensed artist advertising microblading.

The artist even had a Groupon deal running, according to the Health Department’s records.

“This is one that got cease and desist letter. Called the North Little Rock police, and I contacted Groupon to ask them to remove the post because they’re advertising for something illegal, Wirges said.

Even though the Health Department told the person to stop, just this week, microblading was still listed as a service on the artist’s Facebook page.

Channel 7 visited the salon and saw a large advertisement for microblading right on the wall of the shop where she had just moved into a month ago. Pricing for microblading was also listed on the wall.

We did not see any microblading tools.

“So maybe she stopped. but I mean it’s a lucrative business, Wirges said.

That artist told channel 7 on the phone that shes never microbladed anyone in Arkansas. She said she was the victim of an out of town training course visiting Little Rock and says she was told after a $3,000-dollar class she could mircorblade in the state. Wirges says if you’re interested in training, check with the Health Department first.

“They’re upset because they’ve spent that money and they’ve done the work and done the time. But unfortunately that’s the Arkansas law, Wirges said.

Those before and after pictures on the artist’s Facebook page, she confirmed is not her work.

The artist in question moved out of the shop after we visited. She tells me she will not post those signs advertising microblading when she moves into her next place.

As Franco tries to restore her face back to normal, she says her case is a good reminder you have to be extremely diligent when it comes to this procedure.

“I never thought I would go through something like this and to some people it’s not a big deal, but it was my face. It was a nightmare. It was horrible, Franco said.

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Microblading mistakes happening in Arkansas – KATV

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35 Lizard Tattoo Designs For Men and Women – Tattoo Easily05.12.17

Who loves lizards? We do! While snakes and dragons may be more popular reptiles to get inked, theres something just a little bit special about a killer lizard tattoo. Theyre great on both guys and girls, and are sure to make you stand out from the crowd! Heres some interesting lizard tatts we know youll love.

Getting a lizard tattoo design may not seem like a really popular choice but there is one thing we know having a lizard tattoo will elicit a response; nobody can be completely indifferent to it. Though not the popular choice, this tattoo design has gained some popularity in some places across the globe and carries a lot of symbolism.

2. A simple, small, and sweet tattoo right above the ankle. this little lizard im sure has a great story behind it and I would love hear it. The big feet on this little guy make it cute and the simply shaded in body gives this shadow-like tattoo a lot of character.

3. There is something about the eyes of this little lizard that makes me feel like he is look straight into my soul. The small amount of yellow that was added behind the eye really makes it stand out. This is a really cool tattoo because its a mix between a cartoon or modern style and a traditional tribal style. As most of the body of the lizard is green and normal, its two legs on the the right are being fused into a tribal piece. The is a cool and clever idea.

4. Is that lizard real?! Wow the detail in this tattoo is pretty amazing. The shadows that are under the lizard really make it look like this little guy is climbing up this dudes legs. The texture of the body is spot on, and the size is perfectly proportionate to an actual live one. I wonder if that lizard ever gets jealous of the one on his leg. The way that this tattoo artist used some dark greens and dark shading to fill in this lizard really brings this whole thing to life. even the claws on the foot look real enough to scratch you.

5. This is a fun and awesome tattoo. The negative space was used really well in this tattoo as the lines go through the body of the little lizard. This fun and playful tattoo shows that this person has a fun side and is willing to live t up a little.

6. Im glad that this girl got two lizards on her shoulder because I would hate for one of them to be lonely or something. These awesome little shadows of lizards right underneath the collar bone are fun and playful. They almost look like they were done in the style of as cave man drawing or something like that.

7. The color is this whole tattoo is super awesome. I love the orange dots that go up and down the back of this little guy and how its tongue is sticking out and almost licking the belly button ring is awesome. The way that this lizard is colored almost looks like it was done with a paint brush or something to that extent., This is a really cool and artistic take on a simple little lizard.

Naturally there are a lot of lizard tattoo designs since there are so many variations in the types of lizards themselves. Though it may not generally be known to others like with popular tattoo designs, those who sport a lizard tattoo hold a lot of symbolic and deep meaning to a lizard tattoo. It may have to do with something as deep and personal as your personality.

8. This lizard is taking up a whole bunch of real estate on this girls back and left arm. This tribal tattoo that makes up a lizard is always a really cool idea. The way that tribal flows into itself and almost creates a wave like motion is cool enough in itself and then when it makes up and animal like a lizard, it takes it to a whole new level of awesome.

9. This lizard looks like he is trying to whisper something into your ear or trying to convince you to do something you shuldnt. The long tail of this lizard swings down and almost looks like some sort of hook or tool to lure something or somebody in. The black and grey body we done very well and really gives this tattoo a three dimensional feel and depth. This lizard looks like it could craw off this girls skin any second and run away.

10. This is another great example of a traditional tribal tattoo infused and transformed into a lizard. The back piece was very done and the black ink looks really well filled in and complete. You can tell that this tattoo was just finished because the surrounding skin is still tender and red.

We will look at various lizard tattoo designs, learn the inner meaning and symbolism of these designs and maybe guide you to pick the one that goes with your tastes and personality.

11. This lizard tattoo would have taken so long to finssh but it was well worth it. at a quick glance you probably wouldnt be able to tell that this is a tribal tattoo, but as you take the time to look at it and get closer, you can see how much tribal detail is actually in this tattoo. The spine of this giant lizard is very well done and the diamonds all look very original to the traditional style of tribal tattoos and the all the small parts of the tail to make up one giant tail is very very impressive. I love how each arm and limb are a little bit different from each other. These four unique limbs come together to make one unique tattoo.

12. Tattoos on the ribs are always painful, but this girl has proved herself and everyone else that she is a bad ass. This tribal lizard tattoo has the style of tribal turtle tattoo which makes this tattoo very unique and original. The way that the limbs look more like flippers or fins rather than fingers is what im talking about specifically. What a cool idea to make the tail of this little guy twirl and curl onto itself too.

The varied motifs and styles of lizard tattoos: Did you know that the lizard tattoo can be done in many art forms? These include tribal based designs or in Celtic art forms. When done in the Polynesian style, the lizard is rendered in black. A lizard tattoo can be a realistic rendition of the creature in various poses or could be done as a caricature. This means when it comes to picking the one you want, you have an amazing array of choices where you can let your imagination take over to create an one-of-a-kind design.




The array of lizard breeds is quite large offering many choices for a tattoo design: Since the lizard has many breeds with the popular ones being the colorful chameleon and the languid gecko. Gecko is the preferred choice when it comes to Polynesian style of tattooing. With its innate ability to stick and cling on to any surface, the gecko comes in green with splotches of blue and yellow. Lizards are also considered as a portent for bad things to come in certain pacific based cultures and were therefore seen with fear. But beliefs and superstition apart a Gecko is visually a very appealing design for a tattoo. We all know that Chameleons are known for their changing color to adapt to surroundings and this makes it a lovely, one-of-a-kind and attractive tattoo design.




The symbolism of a lizard based tattoos: When it comes to symbolism and deeper meaning, which is an important element in a tattoo design, one may feel that the lizard motif lags behind. But this is not true. It is only that so many people view this creature with revulsion that they do not see the value and role the lizards play in our lives. The amazing ability of a lizard to sprout another tail after losing one can be seen as its ability to survive and flourish no matter what. Another thing we have to acknowledge is the survival of these creatures over a long time. Since times past these creatures have survived and flourished in spite of so many creatures going extinct along the way.




Plus when it comes to getting a tattoo design based on the lizard motif, you can make it unique and your own by combining it with a flower or another creature. The possibilities of a tattoo design that will stand out and catch the eye of the viewer with a lizard tattoo is more. With the colors, the species and the poses in which you will have the lizard motif on your tattoo being your own, you can come up with a great design. A lizard sunning itself or poised to jump or scurrying behind its prey or simply sitting there being watchful; the possibilities are endless.

A good collection of Lizard Tattoo Designs For Men and Women are as follows:











35 Lizard Tattoo Designs For Men and Women – Tattoo Easily

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Trump sacks FBI chief Comey, why now? And, Navy’s newest submarines – CBS News05.12.17

FBI Director James Comey testifies before a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on “Oversight of the Federal Bureau of Investigation” on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., May 3, 2017.


Comey fallout

Some Congressional Democrats are comparing James Comey’s sudden dismissal to the infamous “Saturday night massacre” during Watergate. Top Democrats on the judiciary committee have sent a letter to the Department of Justice urging the FBI to retain all Russia investigation documents — and not to share them with the Trump administration.

Why now?

President Trump’s sudden decision to fire FBI Director James Comey raises many questions about the timing and how it will affect the FBI’s most sensitive investigations. The dismissal came as Comey led the FBI investigation into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, and two days before he was to testify before Congress on that very topic.

Insiders react

FBI agents at various field offices across the country have expressed utter shock over President Trump’s abrupt firing Tuesday of FBI Director James Comey — but also serious skepticism. Many aren’t buying the official reasoning from the White House, and they worry it could prompt an exodus, and seriously impact one of the most important investigations the agency has on its plate.

Gadgets on planes

A possible ban on many electronic devices aboard U.S.-bound planes from Europe and other countries has business travelers on edge. Advocates for frequent-flyers say broader limits on gadgets would hurt companies and create security nightmares. Here’s why the threat of a crackdown has some crying foul.

Submarine squad

The United States is deploying a new generation of submarines, the Virginia class, which can launch tomahawk cruise missiles and deploy a team of Navy SEALs from beneath the surface. “CBS This Morning” goes inside one of America’s most lethal defense systems at sea.

“People of nowhere”

About 14,000 Rohingya Muslims, described by the United Nations as the “most persecuted minority” in the world, have escaped their native Myanmar and taken refuge in India. They have harrowing stories to tell, and while they are now safe from violence, their future remains incredibly uncertain.

Erasing hate

A tattoo parlor in Baltimore is helping people move on from dark chapters in their personal history. Ex-gang members and white supremacists are welcome to come in and have the visual symbols of hate they once worn proudly, permanently erased.

More top news:


Video shows Penn State frat’s behavior as pledge was dying

Cleveland pushes back on officer body cams for off-duty jobs

Chelsea Manning speaks out for 1st time since winning clemency


Messaging apps push boundaries of Iranian politics

Australian senator makes history as 1st to breastfeed in parliament

Avalanche kills 3 people in French Alps


Trump to meet Russian foreign minister at White House

Who is Andrew McCabe, acting director of the FBI?

Trump to send Lindsey Graham letter denying Russia connections

House lawmakers who supported GOP health bill get an ad boost


This smart retirement strategy is gaining popularity

Don’t let Wall Street’s sleepy calm fool you


Common NSAID painkillers linked to higher risk of heart attack

Approval of new drug for ALS gives patients hope

Science and tech

Can an Army think tank save us from a dark digital future?


Colbert still strong in ratings despite dust-up over Trump remark

2017 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Trump sacks FBI chief Comey, why now? And, Navy’s newest submarines – CBS News

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Oak Cliff Film Festival Closes Out with ‘A Ghost Story’ – Bloody Disgusting05.12.17

The Dallas-based Oak Cliff Film Festival just announced the Feature Program for its sixth year. The festival runs from June 8th to June 11, 2017.Closing out the festival this year is David Lowerys A Ghost Story.

The critically acclaimed supernatural drama from writer-director David Lowery stars Academy Award winning actor Casey Affleck (Manchester By The Sea) and Cannes award-winning actress Rooney Mara (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Carol) and was one of the hottest tickets at Sundance where it had its world premiere this past January.

With A GHOST STORY, acclaimed director David Lowery returns with a singular exploration of legacy, loss, and the essential human longing for meaning and connection. Recently deceased, a white-sheeted ghost (Academy Award-winner Casey Affleck) returns to his suburban home to console his bereft wife (Academy Award-nominee Rooney Mara), only to find that in his spectral state he has become unstuck in time, forced to watch passively as the life he knew and the woman he loves slowly slip away. Increasingly unmoored, the ghost embarks on a cosmic journey through memory and history, confronting lifes ineffable questions and the enormity of existence. An unforgettable meditation on love and grief, A GHOST STORY emerges ecstatic and surreal.

In addition to Lowerys tale of ghosts and loss the festival also boasts the first Texas screening of much-lauded cult-director Alejandro Jodorowskys latest film Endless Poetry whose star, Adan Jodorowsky will be in attendance for a Q&A about his fathers autobiographical film and the Texas premiere of Kevin Phillips Super Dark Times, a coming-of-age thriller that Bloody Disgustings own Brad Miska calls both super violent and an awesome film.

Best friends Zach and Josh are like any other teenagers growing up in mid-90s suburbia. They lead normal lives that revolve around high school, their crushes on the same girl, and loitering about town. When an afternoon in the park takes a grave turn, however, the boys try to pretend as though nothing has happened. The guilt soon starts to eat away at Zach as he is caught between nightmares and an increasing paranoia that Josh is no longer the same.

Beyond the aforementioned films, the festival will also be host to a full slate of 23 other feature length films, a slew of documentaries and a few repertory screenings including Alejandro Jodorowskys horror classic Santa Sangre (1989) and the late Jonathan Demmes blood-spattered drama Something Wild (1986).

The Oak Cliff Film Festival is an event that spans the city of Dallas, Texas but makes its home at the historic Texas Theatre, which horror fans may know as one of the shooting locations for Brian De Palmas 1974 horror rock opera Phantom of the Paradise.

To keep up with the Oak Cliff Film Festival, visit them online at and follow them on twitter at @filmoakcliff.

-Nathan Steinmetz

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Oak Cliff Film Festival Closes Out with ‘A Ghost Story’ – Bloody Disgusting

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Is Kensington the place that Liverpool forgot? – Liverpool Echo04.16.17

Violent crime, filthy streets, drug dealing and prostitution – this is the reality that Kensington residents are dealing with everyday.

The ECHO was invited to meet with a small group of people who have lived in the area for decades – but believe they have been forgotten about by everyone.

The group – who formed the Kensington Residents Association four years ago – are too frightened to be named or pictured, but wanted to share with us the truth about what their once beloved home has turned into – a living nightmare.

We sat with nine residents for an hour and the stories we heard were harrowing.

One woman said that just yesterday she was awoken to see gangs of men in balaclavas attacking each other with baseball bats outside her house.

She said: How can I go out of my house when things like that are happening?

Another woman adds that prostitution has become so open in the area, that her children are now asking about it.

She said: When Im taking the kids to school in the morning and there are prostitutes off their head on drugs by the gates, what am I supposed to tell them?

One of the more vivid and shocking accounts is from a woman who has lived in the area for more than 30 years.

She said: The other day I saw a woman in broad daylight, defecating in the street – how is this happening?

Another shocking tale showing the depths of crime in the area came when a woman explained how she had left her muddy shoes on the doorstep while she went inside her house – only to find them stolen instantly, she added: They literally knicked my smelly old shoes, thats how bad it is.

The group formed to try and give residents a voice and to see if they could tackle the decline of the area but they feel they have been let down by everyone and have nowhere to turn.

In their opinion housing is the route of the problem.

One of the groups founders explained: We all agree that things are not right and we believe it is down to cheap housing and that is the responsibility of the council.

We have met with them and they agree with us, but nothing has been done.

A man in the group added: The big change is the change in property ownership, there are very few homeowners now, no families – there are examples of planning being flouted all over the place.

Property developers are buying houses cheap, turning them into 6-bed houses, holiday lets or student housing.

He continued: If you change a community it changes everything thats there – it changes the shops, the facilities everywhere.

If you walk down the high street in Kensington now, it actually reflects the community – you can get a tattoo but you cant get a stamp.

Another woman chipped in: Weve got no banks here – but plenty of phone shops and hairdressers – and plenty of drug dealers of course.

One woman said she has lived in Kensington for over 50 years and doesnt recognise the area she once knew.

She said: It used to be a really lovely area – we had lovely shops, you couldnt get houses because it was so popular around here – but the community is gone now, there are no families here.

The group shared scores of photographs with us of streets left in terrible states, with masses of fly-tipping strewn everywhere and a clear lack of care from those involved.

One member explained: When you get a very transient community like we have now, people dont care about the area – there is no pride.

The saddest thing about meeting the group of people is that they all clearly care deeply about Kensington, having bult their lives here – but after trying in vain to change things, the passion is being driven out of them.

One group member said: I would say three quarters of the people who lived here before have now left – and those who are left are desperate to follow them

There are ten for sale signs up in my street – none of them are going to families.

But trying to leave the area presents another major challenge – as one woman explained.,

She said: I have got a mens hostel next to my house where someone got stabbed recently and then the windows were put through – who is going to buy my house?

All the drains are collapsing – there is actually sewage running down my road, the bin man said to me the other day my god, how can anyone live here.

With such a massive range of issues in the area, which have been allowed to develop over time – you can understand why the people here feel there is a more sinister plan in place.

The groups founding member said: I think there is too much that has gone wrong and been ignored for this not to have been done for a reason – It feels like we have been left on purpose, left to become a dumping ground.

Liverpool Councils cabinet member for the environment Cllr Steve Munby has visited Kensington for a walkaround with the residents group, he says he totally understands their feelings.

He said: If I was the residents I would also be deeply frustrated and fed up with the situation and I would be angry with the council as they are.

It will be no consolation to them for me to say that there is a complex combination of problems in the area which are really tricky to tackle.

But he said there are things now being done to try and stem the tide of trouble in the area.

He explained: A lot of the issues are to do with houses of multiple occupancy (HMO) in Kensington and there are proposals for dealing with this issue going to next weeks council cabinet meeting.

In terms of the environmental issues, we have started work on a range of things like cleaning up the four foot alleyways. We have also launched three new specific Hit Teams who are tasked with dealing with fly-tipping specifically in that area as soon as it is reported.

He added: It will be like turning around a tanker, it is going to take time and I dont expect the residents to take my word for it, they need to see results.

By the end of September, if I havent seen a radical change in some of these issues in Kensington then I will be susprised and disappointed, but obviously not as disappointed as the residents.

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Is Kensington the place that Liverpool forgot? – Liverpool Echo

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Vanishing Points, curated by Andrianna Campbell – Brooklyn Rail04.16.17


Ever eyeball a painting and decide that you loathe every square inch of it? Then later, its still pullulating around in your brain, so you trace your steps back to the gallery, where your heart swerves a 180.

Adam Novaks Lotion, Beer, Phone (2016) is that painting. Ugly, ungainly, with putrid colors and inept drawing. But like that broken-nosed woman on the subway wearing one blue shoe and one black shoe, you cant shake the image.

Novak violates about every law of composition to create an indelible work of art. Bad Painting in pursuit of a cock-eyed beauty becomes a virtue. Of course, as a 2001 RISD grad and bearing a 2009 MFA, he doesnt come at this from a position of naivet. Clearly he knows his Guston. Like hundreds (thousands?) of other under-forty painters, hes pondered Dana Schutz; but his end-productborn of equal parts bravura painting and unstated narrativeflows fresh. Or as the shows curator Andrianna Campbell terms it, luscious, studied, but intuitive use of paint.

Novaks two works in the show introduce his alter-ego, Steve: the gay Everyman on the perpetual prowl. His Steve Drives 2 (2016) is a broad-daylight nightmare of navigating the Los Angeles streets, hot concrete blocks and palm trees, his GPS firmly lodged in his sweaty claw. Campbell says Steve is a symbol of desire which allows him to explore a vast range of personal and conceptual attendancesand how looking is about coveting. At times our need to know the full story is denied but we are allowed access to the cellphone image and therefore to one of our most intimate spaces.

This theme of disrupted viewing and the fragmentation of the viewing experience threads through the show. Campbell pits the classic and cool abstract geometry of Robert Smithson and Ruth Vollmerand contemporary geo-abstraction from Beatriz Milhazesagainst the lush figuration of the sex-mad Carroll Dunham. Sparks fly.

Matt Mullicans Untitled (Views 4) (2016) continues the conversation about the random gaze. It features two Snapchat-like moments of the artists personal vision; in one hes taking in the world through a windshield, while the other follows him peering down at his in-flight meal. Deeply immersed in the metapsychology of art-making, Mullican sometimes creates drawings in front of an audience while in a hypnotic trance.

A vibratingly bright Marina Adams painting, Wonderland (2016), dominates one wall as a stopover between geometry and painterlinessan interjection. Despite a nod to the jigsaw-puzzle paintings of Thomas Scheibitz, she attains originality with a feminine and muscular palette. Also taking an interstitial role is an untitled 2016 Laura Owens painting offering a screen-printed grid punctuated with four thick cake-frosting clots of paint: a work that can accommodate a wheel from a childs wagon, but remains concise.

Discussing the mechanics of artist selection, Campbell describes:

I first met Marina Adams in the loft she shares with her husband Stanley Whitney. She came in the room like a tornadoso much energy. (Aware of how the wives of artists often get overshadowed by a more well-known partner.) Later she won a Guggenheim and had two exhibitions coming up, Salon 94 and in Switzerland. The work is vibrant and the curving forms allude to femininity and spirituality. Women didn’t used to want to make abstract paintings that could be read as feminine. (Even Georgia OKeefe rebelled against this). But Adams has created a language.

Colored-pencil drawings by Peixuan Wang are part of a salon-style grouping of works by Lucas Blalock and other artists, hung tightly to initiate a dialogue. The Wangs dont jar and challenge like the Novak or the Dunham; rather, they inveigle, insinuate, seduce. In one, an Asian serpent figure coils benignly against a patterned background. These drawings address the young artist moving to a highly surveilled city, continues Campbell. The interest in identity formation as galvanized by looking is significant.

Campbells mixtape hang is acid-jazz and string concertos:

It is about interfacing and dwelling on that moment of transition. For these reasons, politics, the environment, surveillance, racism, bigotry, and the fraught socio-cultural moment is also in the backdrop because it is so related to how we see and how we are seen.

The show has two nodes, continues Campbell. Early Smithson drawings, which are carnal and sexual and full of body fluids, and then a year later the Enantiomorphic Chambers, which are about disembodied looking.

These Smithson drawings that are the linchpin of Campbells exhibition will be a revelation to those who know him as the Spiral Jetty guy. Made in the early 60s at Pops fomenting moment, the drawings have an outsider-art flavor married to a Pop sensibility. Smithson wandered in and out of Times Square peep shows and adult bookshops; the resulting works essay tattoo parlor flash, while the lurid beefcake and cheesecake figures arrayed around the drawings edges maintain a connection to classical drawing.

Vanishing Points is an exhibition that explores how we identify: subjectivity, how we possess ourselves and our objects, as Fred Moten would say. In this way, it is a snapshot of the space in betweenthe screen, the threshold, the windowplaces that are not quite the body and not quite far away. It is a flicker of a moment.

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Vanishing Points, curated by Andrianna Campbell – Brooklyn Rail

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