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Disappearing Inc – 14 Photos – Tattoo Removal – Downtown …10.03.15


We are Boston’s first and only studio that specializes exclusively in tattoo removal – It’s all we do. Whether you need a tattoo removed or lightened, we are the experts.

Established in 2013.

It all started as an idea at a coffee shop in the South End. What if we were to create a studio exclusively for tattoo removal unlike any in Boston? What would our guiding principles be? How would we be different from everyone else who provides this service? The answers came slowly, but underlie everything we do at Disappearing inc.

* We love tattoos – Many of our staff sport their own ink and even our filing cabinets are “tattooed”.

* Tattoo removal is all we do – Do one thing and do it better than everyone else.

* We are not a salon, spa or doctor’s office – Be comfortable here. No judging or making you feel bad.

* We want to make sure you know everything about the process – Knowledge is power and knowing about the procedure before we do it is essential.

* It needs to be convenient – We are located right across from the Park Street T and open six days per week.

Rob has had a varied career which has lead him from being an EMT to the corporate world to raising millions of dollars for non-profits. He is a Certified Laser Technician and Laser Safety Officer, the highest certifications for the laser industry. He loves his tattoos! He started Disappearing inc. to help people turn the page and start with a clean slate.

Disappearing Inc – 14 Photos – Tattoo Removal – Downtown …

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Fresh Start Skincare – Laser Tattoo Removal Boston, MA10.03.15

At Fresh Start, we provide a variety of services including: Tattoo Removal, Rejuvenating Laser Facials, Botox, Injectables, Micro-Needling, VeinGogh Spider Vein Treatments, Radio Frequency Wrinkle Reduction, Brown Spot Removal, Skin Tightening, Microdermabrasion, Hydrodermabrasion, E-Light, IPL/Photo Facials, Laser Hair Removal, Dermaplaning and Specialty Facial.

All of our laser technicians in Boston area are trained and certified through National Laser Institute, the nations leading Cosmetic Laser and Medical Aesthetics training school. Their top rated courses are the first in North America to meet the stringent regulatory requirements of the ARRA, American Association of Family Physicians, as well as the Post-Secondary Educational Board. All of our estheticians are fully trained and licensed for all services, including skin tightening in Boston area. We have a certified laser safety officer, and a Medical Director who is a Medical Doctor to oversee all laser hair removal, Laser Facials and tattoo removalsin Boston area, at Fresh Start.

We have partnered with Amirah, Inc. (Persian for princess) A non-profit organization dedicated to providing effective, whole person care for survivors of modern-day slavery.

To help support Amirah with their cause; we are providing free tattoo removal to women coming out of the sex-trade industry who have been branded against their will. Many of these women have been branded with names or marks of their former abuser. Tattoo removal provides a fresh start and a new outlook on life for these women. If you would like to make a donation towards this service, or would like more information on how to become involved contact

It is so important to take care of yourself. Of course, that can be a multi-faceted task. From diet to exercise, nutrition and skincare. Your skin is actually one of the main systems of your body and is the most vulnerable and thus needs the most TLC. When you look in the mirror, as Steven Tyler has said in one of his songs all the lines in my face getting clearer. You may consider wrinkle reduction and skin tightening in our Boston area office. Another option is to get a laser facial or photofacial to rejuvenate your skin and promote collagen growth. As we age the consequences of many years of sun exposure can come back to haunt us. Age spots, brown spots and freckles can begin to arrive out of nowhere. The good news is that you CAN remove brown spots in our Boston area office quite effectively through the wonders of laser therapy. Do you have an old tattoo from the days of your youth that is just bugging you? Well, tattoo removal around Boston is big and we can get that tattoo off in no time. But, it will take a commitment for a few months. However, it is well worth the investment. It only took one night to get that tattoo on, but it cannot be removed in one night. SO sorry! It will take several treatments as your unwanted tattoo slowly fades. So, remember there is hope and you can remove age spots and you can remove unwanted tattoos through the wonders of laser therapy. And of course in caring for your skin you must stay hydrated. Water is your best friend! Drink early and often throughout each and every day! Come get the best tattoo removal Boston has to offer!

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Fresh Start Skincare – Laser Tattoo Removal Boston, MA

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Laser Tattoo Removal in Rochester, NY – New Genesis10.03.15

View our Rochester Laser Tattoo Removal Before and After Pictures

Dr. Jack Bertolino and P.A. Jeffrey Leathersich have made New Genesis a top med spa location in Rochester and the surrounding areas of upstate New York.

Lasers have become the standard treatment for tattoo removal because they offer a non-invasive, low-risk, effective alternative with minimal side effects. Each treatment is performed as an outpatient procedure. Depending on the needs of our clients, we can assist with a single or a series of treatment visits. The type of laser used to remove a tattoo depends on the tattoos pigment colors. Yellow and green are the hardest colors to remove; blue and black are the easiest.

Lasers developed specifically for use in tattoo removal use a technique known as Q-switching, which refers to the lasers short, high-energy pulses. The combination of wavelengths of the Q-switched Yag laser is effective in treating a full spectrum of colors and tattoo inks, though some of the newer synthetic tattoo dyes are increasingly difficult to remove. Multiple sessions with a Q-switched laser are required to fade tattoos.

Tattoo lasers work by producing short pulses of intense light that pass harmlessly through the top layers of the skin and are then selectively absorbed by the tattoo pigment. The laser uses a powerful light beam to damage the ink under the skin. There is no cutting of the skin. The tattoo ink soaks up the beams energy and gets extremely hot for a fraction of a second. The intensity of heat from the laser causes the ink to begin to break up and fade. Over the next few weeks, the bodys lymphatic system clears away the small particles of ink.

When these fragmented pigment particles are cleared out, the laser beam can then penetrate to the next layer of ink. You will need to allow approximately 4-6 weeks between treatments. Each treatment can be performed conveniently within a matter of a few minutes. Multiple treatments are typically needed to effectively fade the tattoo. The number of sessions needed may vary and depends on the amount and type of ink used and how deeply it was injected into the skin. Large, multicolored tattoos may require upward of 20 sessions, and the exact number of treatments will not be able to be determined during the initial consultation. Unless the tattoo is cut out, there frequently remains a faint residual image, even after many treatments.

For the comfort of our patients, we offer a numbing cream at your initial complimentary consultation as the laser beam can sometimes feel like a snapping rubber band. For larger tattoos or for those who feel they need it, pain medication is also available to help with the discomfort.

New Genesis strives to provide expert medical care at an affordable price. Payment is due following your scheduled appointment; we accept all major credit cards, personal checks, and/or cash. Dr. Bertolino and P.A. Jeffrey Leathersich, along with our medical aestheticians, specialize in non-surgical health and wellness options, including LipoDissolve, IPL Photofacial, and Fractional CO2 Resurfacing.

If you are a patient in the Rochester or surrounding areas of New York and would like more information about New Genesis or to schedule an appointment, call today at (585) 381-9966.

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Laser Tattoo Removal in Rochester, NY – New Genesis

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Atlanta Laser Tattoo Removal in Atlanta, GA | Laser Tattoo …09.28.15

Tattoos, if you have them you either love them or you hate them. For years, patients have been asking for tattoo removal and for years we’ve been testing and studying the results of all the technologies available.

We found all of these procedures to be painful with less than spectacular results. As with all of our services, we meticulously evaluate all aspects before ever bringing it to our patients. Often this process takes years, as in this case.

We are proud, to finally offer laser tattoo removal in Atlanta, GA! We have found the best laser for removing those less than attractive ink-ful masterpieces, those glaring reminders of yesteryear. The results have been amazing and we think you’ll be impressed.

The Revlite SI Laser offers revolutionary technology that allows us to remove tattoos quickly, with minimal discomfort. Most laser tattoo removal treatment sessions typically last no more than 30 seconds! This laser has four different wavelengths in it with each one targeting different colors precisely. Our patients, who have had tattoo removal done elsewhere, tell us the difference is remarkable!

Because every tattoo is unique and different so are the treatments to remove them. There are many factors that are taken into account in order to determine the number of treatments you will need to remove your tattoo.

The age of the tattoo, the colors present and the tattoo location are just a few of the factors that determine how many treatments you will need. During your complimentary consultation we will evaluate your tattoo to determine the number of sessions you will probably need. You can also expect us to provide realistic expectations as to the results we can expect to achieve.

In our experience, amateur tattoos are much easier to remove than those done by a professional tattoo artist. In addition, the diversity of the inks being used in the market can affect how easily the tattoo can be removed. Unfortunately, there is so much that is unknown about the type of ink or how much or deep it was placed that it is difficult to be precise about expectations. What we do know is that we have many patients who have been treated at other facilities for tattoo removal and we have been able to improve their results!

The best results are achieved removing black ink tattoos on all skin types (very fair to very dark). Tattoos that contain various colored inks are best removed on people with light skin. If you have dark skin and have a tattoo with various colors, expect the colors to fade substantially but we will NOT be able to remove all the color.

The area where your tattoo is located with be cleansed with a baby wipe. We will cool the area with freezing cold air, this helps to numb the area prior to the procedure. We then laser the area using a special technique.

The tattoo will frost, meaning a hazy color will form over the tattoo. This will dissipate in about 20-30 minutes. Some people may notice swelling of the area.

You will begin to see fading in about one month following your first laser tattoo removal treatment. Depending on your skin type, you can expect to return for subsequent visits every 6-8 weeks. As a rule, tattoos can take between 5 to 15 sessions to remove. Your procedure will be done by either Dr. Kulkin or one of our PAs or NPs, each with years of laser experience. Read more on how laser tattoo removal works and our pricing structure for tattoo removal.

Once your Atlanta tattoo removal treatment is completed, we will give you detailed instructions as well as after care products. Be aware we will ask you NOT to exercise for 24 hours after the procedure to promote healing. You can leave our office and return to work immediately after the procedure.

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Atlanta Laser Tattoo Removal in Atlanta, GA | Laser Tattoo …

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Tattoo Removal | Atlanta Dermatology & Laser Surgery | Jerry …09.28.15

Having second thoughts about your tattoo?

If so, you’re not alone. Every day, we see patients from every walk of life that have second thoughts about their tattoos. What once seemed like a good idea just doesn’t fit your new image, and you wish it would just go away.

Dr. Jerry Cooper performs tattoo removal for patients throughout metro Atlanta, including Buckhead, Dunwoody and Decatur with medical lasers that work on colored as well as black inks. Medical lasers use an intense beam of light to significantly lighten or completely remove your tattoo. Different wavelengths of light treat different colors of ink. When the ink particles of your tattoo absorb the light from the laser, they are broken up into tiny fragments. These fragments are then absorbed through your body’s natural cleansing mechanism. This cleansing process generally takes a few weeks. Larger ink particles may require multiple treatments.

Your other treatment options for removing your tattoo include surgical excision, dermabrasion (or sanding) and chemical peels. These methods are more invasive and painful, and can often result in scarring.

Laser removal is safer. It is non-invasive and only targets the ink used in the tattoo process.

Some patients say they feel a slight sting, like the snap of a rubber band on the skin, followed by the feeling of sunburn. Many treatments do not require anesthetics. However, some patients feel more comfortable with a local numbing agent like ice or an anesthetic cream. For others, a local anesthetic injection may be beneficial.

The number of treatments required for maximum improvement depends on the size, location, depth and color of your tattoo. Treatments should be placed 4 – 8 weeks apart to allow your body to remove the maximum amount of tattoo pigment. Treatment sessions usually take from 10 – 30 minutes.

Most patients will see improvement in their tattoos. The improvement can be quite dramatic. However, large or heavily pigmented tattoos applied by a professional tattooist can require several treatments for optimum results.

After Dr. Cooper performs your tattoo removal treatment, your skin may have a white discoloration, and the area around the tattoo may be reddish and could have some swelling. This is normal and will disappear slowly over time. Maximum treatment results take about 5 6 weeks.

Occasionally, hypopigmentation, or a whitening of the skin, may occur. But, normal skin tone should return within 6 12 months following your last treatment session. Since the ink used in tattooing is not regulated, some patients have only partial clearing even after several laser sessions.

Find out if you could benefit from this procedure. Schedule your consultation with our practice today.

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Tattoo Removal | Atlanta Dermatology & Laser Surgery | Jerry …

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Tattoo Removal | Laser Tattoo Removal | New York City | NYC09.28.15

Laser tattoo removal is the most effective method to erase that undesirable tattoo that has been bothering you for so long. As time and taste evolves, what was once in style can now become an uncomfortable embarrassment. At Sensitive Touch Medical Spa, we have the cutting-edge technology, thorough training, and extensive experience to deliver a safe, effective and and relatively quick tattoo removal experience that will leave you feeling good about the results.

The Astanza Trinity laser technology used at our spa is the only available laser on the market that has the power to safely and effectively remove your unwanted tattoo. It is effective and fast regardless of your skin type or the ink color of your tattoo (except white). No other laser can claim this!

You will notice results instantly after your first tattoo removal treatment. There is minimum downtime and although most treatments require multiple sessions to completely remove your tattoo, Sensitive Touch makes it affordable with packages, payment plans, and loyalty programs.

The first step to removing your unwanted tattoo is to call us for a free consultation with one of our NYC laser tattoo removal professionals.

The Astanza Trinity laser is the newest laser tattoo removal technology clinically proven to effectively remove all ink colors (except white) on all skin types safer and quicker than any other laser technology. By combining proven Nd:YAG technology with a powerful 1 Joule Ruby laser the Astanza Trinity laser is the most advanced and most capable tattoo removal method on the market. In one laser system two separate lasers are independently combined to produce three incredibly powerful wavelengths of light. Older tattoo removal lasers cant offer effective treatments beyond the first few sessions while the Astanza Trinity laser will push through barriers to deliver complete removal of stubborn ink.

During your laser tattoo removal treatment extremely short pulses of highly-focused light energy are directed at the tattoo ink inside the skin. When the correct wavelength of light and adequate energy is used, the tattoo ink will rapidly heat up and break into smaller pieces. Your immune system will then remove these shattered particles and allow the tattoo to fade. Laser tattoo removal normally takes between 8 and 12 sessions and is scheduled every 4 to 6 weeks.

At Sensitive Touch Medical Spa we combine the newest technology with the R20 laser tattoo removal method in order to provide the most effective treatment available. This revolutionary method was designed to optimize tattoo removal by administering multiple sessions in a single day. It is based on repetitive q-switched laser treatments and entails 4 passes with the laser over the tattoo during the same session. The passes are conducted in 20 minute segments. The R20 method allows the laser to reach greater depths when compared to treatments using one single pass. It is also safe and effective with no reports of increased side effects. Choosing the R20 method cuts your tattoo removal process down to a fraction of the time than that of a conventional treatment.

At Sensitive Touch Medical Spa we are constantly researching and testing new methods and technology to continually offer our clients the most advanced and effective tattoo removal treatment possible.


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Tattoo Removal | Laser Tattoo Removal | New York City | NYC

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Tattoo Removal | Expert Laser Tattoo Removal With Multiple …09.28.15

Laser Tattoo Removal Specialists in Orlando Virtually Painless with our Cryo System and our exclusive No-Blister Technique Pristine Laser Center is proud to be the FIRST place in Orlando and Florida offering the PicoSure Laser System to get rid of unwanted tattoos faster and better. The “Pristine Excellence Advantage”

Don’t get burned or scarred. Trust your laser tattoo removal process to the specialist medical laser doctor at a medical office utilizing MULTIPLE lasers.

Lasers have been used to remove tattoos for years, however they were not very effective. It often left people with burns and scars. Most people would replace a tattoo with a burn or scar.

With the advancement in laser technology, laser tattoo removal has improved dramatically.the right lasers in the right hands can remove tattoos very effectively.

Unfortunately, there are still bad lasers as well as people who don’t know how to use lasers and that leads to individuals getting burned and scarred.

Laser tattoo removal done correctly is very effective and leads to fantastic results!

BUT… you have to make sure you choose the right place to have laser tattoo removal done!

Pristine Laser Center is the leading provider of laser tattoo removal in Orlando and Florida. As specialists in removing tattoos, we strive for the highest quality and best results of tattoo removal. While most places only have one single laser, Pristine Laser Center utilizes the world’s only picosecond laser, the Picosure, as well as 3 other lasers to safely and effectively remove your tattoos. We are the only laser center in Florida utilizing four different lasers. With these four lasers, we can remove almost any tattoo!

There is no single laser that can remove all colors and all tattoos! Different colors of ink, different color skins, different types of ink, different depth of ink all respond differently to different lasers. For best results, MULTIPLE lasers must be used.

No other laser center can offer you this type of service! Pristine Laser Center is simply the best laser tattoo removal center in Orlando and Florida!

The laser tattoo removal procedure begins with the tattooed area being cleansed thoroughly. The laser is then passed back and forth over the tattoo to break up the color pigments, making them small enough to be absorbed by your body and therefore disappear. After the tattoo removal procedure, an antibiotic ointment or sunscreen will be applied to the treated areas.

The procedure may take anywhere between 30 seconds to 1 hour depending on the size and age of the tattoo. Continuous high-powered laser pulses lasting for less than one millionth of a second are aimed at the tattoo. Due to the fact that not all tattoo colors respond the same to lasers, multiple tattoo removal lasers may be needed. This is where going to a laser center that specializes in laser tattoo removal is very important!

Time is needed for your skin to heal and your body to absorb the tiny particles of ink produced during the tattoo removal procedure. Another procedure will most likely need to be completed 4-6 weeks later, depending on your specific skin color and how your skin reacts after the tattoo laser treatment.

After the procedure, you are able to go back to work or carry on your day as usual, although you may experience a sun burnt sensation. Scabbing, crusting or slight bleeding after the tattoo removal is very rare and may last two to seven days. When showering, do not scrub the treated area. Results are permanent and can been seen after a few days. Redness will disappear and the ink will fade.

You will probably start to see results after just one laser treatment. However, to get complete and permanent removal of the tattoo, several treatments will most likely be needed.

Trust your laser tattoo removal to Pristine Laser Center in Orlando. Come in and see for yourself the Pristine Advantage!

At Pristine Laser Center in Orlando, our goal is to help our clients look their best and be pristine. If you are ready to have your tattoos removed, call us today at 407-494-0404.

Proudly providing safe and effective laser tattoo removal in Orlando, Lake Mary, Oviedo, Winter Springs, Casselberry, Winter Park, Dr Phillips, Sanford, Altamonte Springs, Maitland, Wekiwa Springs, Longwood, Deland, Deltona, Clermont, Ocoee, Kissimmee, Melbourne, Titusville, Daytona Beach, Ocala and Central Florida areas.

Disclaimer: The material presented here is for informational purposes only. It does not constitute medical advice or recommendation. Please check with your physician.

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Tattoo Removal | Expert Laser Tattoo Removal With Multiple …

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Tattoo Removal Dallas, TX | New Picosure Laser09.28.15

The fastest and most effective laser available PicoSure ONLY at Skintastic in Dallas and Plano, Texas.

NEW! We know that the cost of tattoo removal can often be the reason that a patient waits to make this life-changing decision. We are pleased to announce that we have new financing options for cosmetic surgery, skin care and also tattoo removal offering high approval rates, low monthly payments and convenient terms. Contact us to learn more about tattoo removal financing plans to make cosmetic surgery more affordable Learn More!

You made the choice to get a tattoo now youre considering removing it. Everyone has their own, personal reasons for making a change like this. Maybe its a change of lifestyle, or a new career that is prompting you to look into removal options. According to a recent study on, tattoos may hurt your ability to be hired by 31%. Many professions, the military and civic servants are finding that there are new rules and regulations surrounding exposed tattoos. Or maybe its just that you no longer like the look of the tattoo. Whatever your story for getting your tattoo removed, Skintastic has the technology to help you reach your goal faster, with less discomfort.

The PicoSure Tattoo Removal Laser is very effective in removing all ink colors. It is the most powerful laser on the market today. It can remove tattoos in less time than any other laser with minimal damage to the skin surface and this translates to lower tattoo removal cost for our patients. This revolutionary tattoo removal is the most effective by our certified technicians and state of the art equipment that cant be found anywhere else in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.

What is PicoSure for Tattoo Removal?

PicoSure is the latest advancement in laser technology for safe and effective tattoo removal. Remove tattoos faster with greater efficacy than ever before with the first and only picosecond laser!

How does laser tattoo removal work?

During the PicoSure treatment, laser energy is gently delivered to the tattoo, targeting the ink and shattering it into tiny particles. The particles are eliminated by the body natural processes resulting in a lightening of the tattoo ink.

What type of tattoos can be removed with PicoSure?

PicoSure can be used to remove a variety of tattoo colors and types. Difficult ink colors, such as blue and green, and previously treated tattoos can effectively be removed with PicoSure.

How many treatments will tattoo removal require?

With PicoSure, you will see greater results in fewer treatments. During the free consultation, a practitioner will evaluate your tattoo and recommend a realistic treatment regime to help you achieve the best results.

How often will I need treatments?

Typically it takes 4-6 weeks for the body to start breaking down the ink and even though the tattoo may appear healed, it is not. Getting treated sooner than that will not remove the tattoo any quicker and can also put you at risk for scarring.

Will I see results after the first treatment?

Every patient and tattoo responds differently. Some patients see improved clearance after the first treatment, while others may take a few treatments to see results. Following the recommended post treatment protocol will likely improve the results and reduce the chance of adverse events.

What are the limitations after treatment?

We recommend that patients limit their physical activity for the first 24-48 hours to avoid irritation or harm to the treated area. After that, patients can go about their days normally, however sun exposure should be limited until the treatment area is completely healed. Of course we are always on hand, to support the process and help our patients with tattoo removal after care.

With four distinct Q-switched mode wavelengths 1064 nm, 532 nm, 585 nm, 650 nm, the robust Spectra has the versatility to provide our patients with a wide range of clinical options. And, Spectra is the first Q-switched Nd:YAG laser cleared for the treatment of melasma. The technically advanced Spectra system offers an edge over other lasers and provides enhanced clinical outcomes.

With our array of tattoo removal lasers, ranging from the amazing new PicoSure to the tried-and-trusted Q-Switched and YAG technologies that have been used successfully in tattoo removal for many years we have options for all skin types. Our experienced laser technicians have the tattoo removal training and experience to help achieve the results you need.

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Tattoo Removal Dallas, TX | New Picosure Laser

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Virginia Beach Tattoo Removal, Tattoo Removal Norfolk09.28.15

Laser tattoo removal is a simple out-patient procedure that uses specific lasers to target tattoo inks, break them down and gradually remove them from the body. The process is far less invasive than getting a tattoo and takes less time. Treatments take a series of sessions and each one usually lasts from 5-15 minutes or less. Patients sometimes have treatments on their lunch break and return to work the same day. Atlantic Laser Tattoo Removal uses a q-switched Nd: Yag laser, the most effective laser in the world at removing tattoo ink. Laser tattoo removal works by directing light, laser energy, at the tattooed area for a fraction of a second, passing harmlessly through the outer layers of skin and focusing directly upon the tattoo ink. The laser disrupts the ink allowing the body to break it down and flush it out naturally. The energy from the laser is measured in pulses that are delivered very fast, between 10 and 40 nanoseconds in duration. The speed is very important, this new q-switched technology is what allows us the ability to target the tattoo ink without harming the surrounding skin. Another feature these advanced lasers provide is called “frequency doubling”. This technology gives us the ability to have different wavelengths of laser energy from the same laser. Each of these different wavelengths target specific tattoo ink colors, making tattoos with multiple colors easier to remove. To read more about the history of tattoo removal and the safe procedure of laser tattoo removal. Read more on part 1 | part 2 Atlantic Laser Tattoo Removal clinics pride themselves on being Virginia’s leading provider of laser tattoo removal. We are the first and only clinic in the state dedicated solely to laser tattoo removal. That’s why we are able to specialize in this field. Beware of clinics that offer multiple treatments in the same facility, they may be using a laser that is either not intended for tattoo removal or an older outdated laser. Keep in mind that laser tattoo removal is not new. For over 20 years, patients have been receiving laser treatments on their unwanted tattoos. Unfortunately, the older versions of tattoo removal lasers are not as efficient and/or leave heavy scarring, compared to the technology that Atlantic Laser Tattoo Removal clinics use. When choosing where to have your tattoo removed make sure you do your homework. Not all facilities are the same. Here are a few questions to ask about your tattoo removal provider before making your decision regarding laser tattoo removal: Are the providers specialists in laser tattoo removal or is it just one of the many procedures that they perform in the same facility? What laser technology are they using? Are they using an older outdated laser? Getting this information should only take a phone call. If the provider is competent with their laser they will give you a fast response. If they will not give you an answer over the phone or they say they don’t know…RUN! Is the their laser approved by the F.D.A. for laser tattoo removal? Not all lasers are specifically intended for tattoo removal, although many providers use these “multi-procedure” lasers that can lead to significant side effects, including unnecessary scarring. Are the clinical workers performing the procedure certified to do so? Is there a Medical Doctor on staff that is available? Atlantic Laser Tattoo Removal is a medical and aesthetic clinic that specializes in laser tattoo removal. All laser procedures are performed by certified laser specialists that have been certified in tattoo removal and are closely supervised by our Medical Director. This assures that all proper protocols have been met. Is the clinic busy? Is the clinic clean? A busy clinic is the first sign of a well run practice. Does the provider offer free consultations? Consultations are not only to inform clients of their options with laser tattoo removal, they are a great way to inspect the operating facility and its manner of business. Click here for your free consultation at Atlantic Laser Tattoo Removal.

Be sure to visit our sister company, Vaderma, for your Virginia Beach Laser Hair Removal needs. Or visit Atlantic Teeth Whitening for your Virginia Beach Teeth Whitening needs.

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Virginia Beach Tattoo Removal, Tattoo Removal Norfolk

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Picosure Laser tattoo removal in Michigan | Skin and Vein Center09.28.15

Are you having second thoughts about your tattoo? Did you realize that the tattoo you got just wasnt up to the standard that you were expecting? In the past, these kind of mistakes were absolutely permanent. After all, short of excision, tattoos permanent nature made them near impossible to remove even with the hundreds of creams, lotions, and potions out there that claimed to fade them as time went by. Fortunately, however, this is a worry of the past; with Skin and Vein and the our Michigan Laser Tattoo Removal procedures, that tattoo mistake can be gone after just a few sessions! Read on to learn more about our premium laser tattoo removal procedure, and how you can get rid of that pesky tattoo.

With any tattoo removal procedure, it is understandable to expect an incredibly high cost, especially when it takes more than just one treatment to remove. Fortunately, here at the Skin and Vein Center, our laser tattoo removal prices are among the lowest youll find anywhere!

Multiple Tattoo Removal Discount

We even offer a multiple tattoo removal discount, with 25% off each additional tattoo removed during the same session (with the largest tattoo at full price). Contact us today for your free consultation.

Using an aesthetic Picosecond laser that creates an intense photomechanical impact, Picosure laser tattoo removal disrupts the target ink and shatters the ink into dust-like particles. These dust like particles are then easily absorbed and eliminated through the bodys natural processes. Each session is usually just a few minutes, and is minimally invasive resulting in fast recovery times and minimal pain.

As can be seen by these laser tattoo removal before and after pictures, our procedures can easily fade and remove tattoos after just a couple of sessions. Just remember; sessions must be done every five to six weeks in order to allow ink particles to clear, and you will need more than one treatment: This means you wont see many immediate results directly after your first treatment. But, because Picosure is one of the most advanced lasers used today, the number of treatments needed compared to other lasers is reduced by half!

The Skin and Vein Centerhas been practicing tattoo removal for over 25 years, and is one of Michigans top tattoo removal clinics. In that time, the Skin and Vein Center has removed more tattoos than anyone in Michigan, so you know youre getting the experience you need. We also have multiple different lasers including PicoSure so we can remove all colors in tattoos, something you wont find almost anywhere else. With all this,its easy to see why the Skin and Vein Center should be your choice for laser tattoo removal.

Contact us today for more information about laser tattoo removal in Michigan.

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Picosure Laser tattoo removal in Michigan | Skin and Vein Center

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