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Top Tattoo Artists in Southern California | Six Feet Under11.06.17

> View Gallery Corey Miller Owner/Artist Ask premier tattoo artist Corey Miller how he got into the tattoo business, and he will probably tell you it was ‘by hanging around the wrong people.’ And if you have a sense of humor and you get it, he may tell you the real story.

In 1982, a fifteen-year-old Corey Miller was playing drums in a punk rock band and he decided he needed a tattoo. So he carved out his first tattoo on himself using a needle with thread wrapped around it. This inspired Corey to build his own tattooing machine, which consisted of a fish tank pump motor, a bent toothbrush, the tip of a Bic pen, and some guitar string as a needle. He used to carry his homemade contraption around in a Vans shoe box with a bottle of Pelican ink.

By 1983, Corey ventured out to Hollywood and found himself at the first real tattoo parlor he had ever set foot in, Spotlight Tattoo, run by the venerable Bob Roberts. Spotlight Tattoo was the hardest punk rock tattoo shop in Hollywood, and Corey was intrigued by the hand-drawn skulls and other aggressive designs on the walls. And the technology they used impressed him. He knew his days of slinging tattoos out of a shoe box were numbered and that he would soon be hammering out ink with one of the strong machines they were using at Spotlight.

A year later, Corey went to Franco’s, the local tattoo parlor in Ontario, California. Franco was a 360-pound Sicilian with gold teeth, a Mohawk, and a .357 magnum slung in a shoulder harness. Corey and his buddies would go to Franco’s after school to drink beers and do whatever else they wanted to do. By summertime, Corey was drawing designs and taking out the trash at the shop, and Franco and the boys started calling him the shop hand. Franco’s soon closed after what Corey describes as some ‘pretty insane nights of fights, drunkenness, gunfire, arrests, and tattooing,’ but not before Franco sold Corey what he thought was a broken tattoo machine that turned out to work just fine.

Things changed for Corey in 1987 on the night he met tattoo artist Mark Mahoney at a house party. Mahoney was performing his handiwork on some partygoers, and after watching him work, Corey realized there was a whole other level to the tattoo game. He started hanging out at the shop where Mahoney worked. The shop was called Fat Georges Tattoo Gallery, and it was located in a tough neighborhood in La Puente, California. Over time, Corey started hitting Fat George up for a job as a tattoo artist. At long last, Fat George gave Corey his big break. Mahoney was making plans to open a new shop out in Los Angeles, and that meant that a chair was opening up. All of a sudden, Corey Miller had his first real job inking tattoos.

Corey turned twenty-one at Fat Georges in 1987, and as a young man in a gang-related neighborhood, the busy tattoo parlor just may have saved his life. While his friends were getting busted for anything from drunk driving to serious felonies, Corey was busy in the safe haven of the shop inking up to ten tattoos a day. Then another turning point came for Corey Miller in 1989 on the day Dick Warsocki walked into the shop.

Warsocki was known for his beautiful Native American fine-line tattoos. When Warsocki walked into Fat Georges that day he saw Corey, who just happened to be hammering out an amazing Indian Head tattoo on a customers back. Warsocki complimented him on the design, told Corey he was headed to New Orleans for a tattoo convention, and asked if Corey wanted to go along and crash on his hotel floor. Corey took him up on the offer, and at the convention in New Orleans, Corey found a whole new realm of tattoo artistry.

He met famed artists such as Guy Atchison and Eddie Deutsche. They tattooed with a style that Corey says had ‘absolutely no boundaries’ and that was ‘limited only to imagination.’ Corey also met one of his closest friends at the convention, Suzanne Fauser. The trip was the beginning of his annual voyages to Ann Arbor, Michigan, over the next twelve years. In fact, his career would take Corey Miller all over the United States, from Los Angeles to New York to Hawaii, and to a host of worldwide destinations such as Canada, France, Amsterdam, and Japan. He would eventually become one of the most sought-after purveyors of ink in modern times.

But lets get back to our story. It was 1989, and upon his return from that first tattoo convention in New Orleans, Corey got a break from the one and only Jack Rudy, who gave him a job at Good Time Charlies Tattooland in Anaheim, California. Good Time Charlies was an institution in the tattoo world. Artists such as Mark Mahoney, Freddy Negrete, and Dick Warsocki had previously worked at Good Time Charlies, and it was there that Corey got the chance to work with Jack Rudy and Mike Brownartists whom Corey collectively refers to as ‘the Kings of Black and Grey.’ Corey considers himself fortunate to have learned some important technical skills from Brown and to have seen masterpieces created by the hand of Jack Rudy, his friend and mentor.

In 1991, Corey Miller and two business partners opened Optic Overdrive, the first tattoo shop in Upland, California. The shop lasted about two years and, in addition to drilling some amazing tattoos, also hosted an unforgettable shootout on the front porch. Unfortunately, Corey soon had to throw one of his partners out, and the other took an extended vacation as a guest of the State. Soon, Corey was back to traveling and, when at home, tattooing in his basement. It was in that dank, underground dungeon that the name ‘Six Feet Under’ was born. Within three years, and after tattooing out of the back of a barbershop, Corey opened his own tattoo parlor, complete with a staff of two artistshimself and Henry Powell. Then on April Fools Day in 1997, Corey Miller opened up shop in his own building in downtown Upland, and that is where the Six Feet Under Tattoo Parlor is today.

Looking back on his formative years, Corey feels lucky to have experienced the best and the worst of the tattoo business. He never had a formal apprenticeship, as many tattoo artists do, but instead got his education by ‘going on my own and falling on my face and doing it all again on my own terms.’

His career has run the gamut from the street shop of Fat Georges to the ‘Kustom Klass’ of Good Time Charlies Tattooland, and everywhere in between.

For Corey, a couple of the highlights of his career include being sought out by two incredible artists. The first was when he tattooed James Hetfield of Metallica and designed a dragon for Hetfields Gibson Les Paul guitar. The second highlight was when custom motorcycle artist Jesse James asked him to tattoo the $100 bill on Jamess back.

But every tattoo Corey Miller designs, whether for customers famous or unknown, is itself a unique and timeless work of art. In addition, he continues to break new ground by engineering cutting-edge tattooing tools. He has seen a lot of changes during his more than thirty years experience in the business, and looking into the next millennium, the sky is the limit for Corey Miller and his house of original tattoo design, the Six Feet Under Tattoo Parlor.

Henry Powell has been tattooing since 1989 and has done just about everything you can think of. That includes original pieces, classics, religious, portraits, cover-ups, and original characters. The love for tattoos started for Henry when he was just 15 when he would stay up and watch a friend do tattoos out of his garage with a home-made machine. Henry was instantly hooked and could not wait to get his first tattoo. This is when Henry first ran into Corey Miller at the young ripe age of 16 at Fat Georges. Corey unknowingly tattooed a minor and started a new lifestyle for Henry. After this tattoo, Henry spent countless hours hanging around TattooLand, after Corey moved there, so he could study the artists who worked there. Once Henry knew this was the life-style he wanted he decided to try things out for himself.

It all started back in a small room that he called home with a handmade rotary machine. Innocent bystanders volunteered their skin in return for artwork. After a little more experience and much better equipment, Henry ventured into Hollywood and started working at a famous street shop. This is when Henry gradually grew into his own style that specializes in bright colors and black and gray. After a while, Henry wanted to further expand his career and around the same time was offered the opportunity to work with his friend and mentor Corey Miller at Optic Overdrive. Corey took him under his wing and showed him the dark side. This is the time in his career that he picked up all of his technical skills once he was working side by side with Corey. After closing the doors there after an unmentionable mishap, Henry had the opportunity to relocate to Hollywood. This is the same time that Corey was building Six Feet Under. While in Hollywood he worked for Gil Montie at Tattoo Mania. Henry had the opportunity to work along side some of the best artist which included Mark Mahoney and Gil Montie. Henry has truly grown as an artist because of these various experiences with such talented artists.

Once Six Feet Under opened it doors back in 1997, Henry joined up with Corey again and has been collaborating on pieces with Corey ever since. With the freedom any artist would want, Henry has been able to fully explore all styles of tattooing and painting. He is known for his Asian stylized tattoos and religious pieces. If you visit the Shop you can experience Henrys other artistic talents including paintings in oil, acrylic, and water colors.

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Top Tattoo Artists in Southern California | Six Feet Under

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Best Tattoo shops in Orlando, FL – Yelp11.02.17

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Best Tattoo shops in Orlando, FL – Yelp

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New Tribe Toronto Tattoo Shop & Piercing Studio Toronto …10.14.17

TATTOOS BY WALK-IN AND APPOINTMENT. PIERCINGS BY WALK-IN ONLY.232 Queen Street West (Second Floor) Toronto, Ontario CanadaM5V 1Z6Monday Thursday: 12pm 8pm Friday Saturday: 12pm 9pm Sunday: 12pm 6pmSame great location for 24 years. Torontos best Tattoo shop and Piercing studio.

With 7 full-time Tattoo artists on staff and two Piercers, we are able to handle any tattoo or piercing request. Be it flash or custom, large or small, traditional tattoos , Single needle and fine line tattoos, tribal tattoos, Japanese tattoos, Celtic, Haida, Portraits, watercolor tattoos etc

Our 2 body piercers are professionally trained and well versed in piercing placement, aftercare, body anatomy and physiology. They are experienced in all forms of body piercing, from mild to wild. We offer over 50 types of piercings at New Tribe including, Septum piercing, Navel piercing, Nipple piercing, Nose piercing, Daith piercing, microdermals, tongue piercing, ear piercing and many many more. If you need a piercing in Toronto stop by any time! as long as we are open, there is always a piercer in the shop read to help you out.

All tattoo work is done in a large tattoo studio while piercing clientele enjoy private piercing rooms. Complete privacy is also available for tattoo clients if required. Customers are always welcome to bring one friend back for moral support. We have a large, almost 5000 sq.ft. open studio space with a huge reception area complete with over 5000 pieces of flash and art.

Our friendly and knowledgeable counter staff is ready to greet you and handle all your requests. All of the artists and staff at New tribe are well trained in sterilization, cross-contamination prevention, and maintaining pristine hygienic conditions. All needles and needle-bars are single use, pre-sterilized and are collected and incinerated on a regular basis by qualified third party professionals. Bi-weekly spore tests are performed on both our autoclaves to ensure effectiveness, also by an additional qualified third party (Bi-weekly reports available for viewing on this site). Our shop is regularly inspected by the Toronto board of health and we either meet or exceed all of their standards for sterilization and cleanliness procedures (yearly reports available on this site).

At New Tribe we consider our measures and standards crucial in maintaining an environment where we can provide not only top notch work but also guarantee complete safety for both our staff and clientele. In our industry, we, at New Tribe, do not regard these as extras, but rather essential measures in ensuring both customer and staff peace of mind. We welcome all inquiries regarding sterilization procedures and are happy to offer a tour of the facilities upon request.

Conveniently located at 232 Queen st. West, We are in the heart of Torontos ever-modernizing Queen West district, across the street from world famous MuchMusic!

New Tribe Toronto Tattoo Shop & Piercing Studio Toronto …

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Tattoo Shop Etiquette | Blackwork Tattoo Studio10.01.17

Just so that there isnt any doubtWhen you are in a tattoo studio you should conduct yourself with a sense of decorum that you do when youre in any other business.

Going to a tattoo studio is no different than patronizing a restaurant.You are the customer/client and we are going to try to make your experience the best one we possibly can.

In fact, theres a Tattoo Client Bill of Rights which defines your rights. On the other hand, we have the right to expect you to conduct yourself in a civil, polite and respectful manner in return.

Your goal and our goal is the same: To get you the best tattoo (or piercing) in the most pleasant way possible. With a little etiquette (from everyone), its not hard to do. To help make your tattoo experience the best one it can be.

If you want a professional tattoo, be prepared to pay a professional price.

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Tattoo Shop Etiquette | Blackwork Tattoo Studio

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Tatted Up! Five Best Tattoo Spots In The ATL – (blog)09.07.17

Hello, ATLiens. Today we head to Atlanta and explore the vast world of body art in the city. If you are heading to the ATL anytime soon and looking to get inked up while in the city, start here. Today we take a look at the five best tattoo spots in Atlanta, offering up a wide range of talents and some incredible artistic ability in the process.

If you are on the hunt for something unique in the world of tattoos and body art, Atlanta certainly has no shortage of outstanding shops to choose from. Check out our selections for the five best tattoo spots in Atlanta below and learn more immediately.

Memorial Tattoo

This stunning shop is host to a crew of artists that are able to cover all styles of tattooing including traditional American, Japanese, realism, and fine line. Known as one of the most versatile shops in the city of Atlanta, Memorial Tattoo has twice won Creative Loafings Best Of Atlanta award for Best Tattoo Shop. The shop has been serving up outstanding ink work since 2006 and is definitely worth your time and effort.

Charlie Cu Tattoo

Another well established ATLien, Charlie Chu has been placing his ink on the city since 2005. His craft has been honed over years of work in multiple states including South Carolina, North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, and California. Charlie specializes in traditional American tattoos, as well as Japanese traditional tattoos while continuing to grow as a tattoo artist, trying and effortlessly learning other styles. He also serves up some incredible black & gray Realism as well as Surrealism. If you are looking for something unique, Charlie Cu is your man!

Mystic Owl Tattoo

Another iconic tattoo shop in Atlanta, Mystic Owl Tattoo has long been Atlantas premier tattoo studio. Here you will find some of the best artists from across the globe. Mystic Owl has a commitment to quality, offering up a comfortable and welcoming vibe that extends from front to back. No matter how big or small Mystic Owl has you covered.

Silver Fox Tattoo

Another shop that has been doing their thing for more than a few years, Silver Fox Tattoo offers some incredible work. With a broad range of talented artists, they have something for everyone, no matter what kind of style, type or placement you might need. Atlanta may be packed full of tattoo shops, but not too many of them are like Silver Fox.

Liberty Tattoo

This shop opened back in the Summer of 2002 and has grown tremendously in the years since. The shop came to life after the owners had spent several years working under some old timers in Florida learning the history and what a good tattoo shop should be. These days they provide a classic shop with a modern appeal offering up a wide range of style and some incredible artistic ability. Get some ink at Liberty Tattoo!

City Of Ink

City Of Ink in the ATL is another hot spot worth getting some work done. Known for their custom-designed work, they have nurtured a cultured customer base as a result. The shop is one of Atlantas most high-profile shops, which doubles as an art gallery and hub for Atlantas independent hip-hop scene. Get some ink and get in the know.

Photo provided by Creative Loafing

View original post here:
Tatted Up! Five Best Tattoo Spots In The ATL – (blog)

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Inside the world’s oldest tattoo shop – The Local Denmark09.04.17

Majbritt Petersen has owned Tattoo Ole since 2010, the first female owner in its storied history. Photo: Davut olak

Imagine Copenhagen, and perhaps the very first thing that comes to mind is Nyhavn. Virtually anytime the Danish capital is highlighted in the international media, its a good bet that the story will be anchored by a beautiful shot of the harbours colourful buildings and bustling crowds.

But what many may not realize is that tucked into the basement of the iconic Nyhavn 17 building, with its orange facade and red letters, is a piece of cultural history that is in danger of disappearing.

The modest underground locale has hosted a tattoo artist since 1884, making it the worlds oldest still functioning tattoo parlour. For nearly a century, the shop was the only place in all of Scandinavia to get tattooed. Its initial clientele was primarily sailors and prostitutes and today the shop is one of the last vestiges of Nyhavns seedy past.

Over the years, the shop was owned by a number of colourful characters including Tattoo Ole Hansen, who became renown the world over for his ship tattoos and hand-made tattoo machines. Tattoo Oles name has graced the shop since 1947 and inside you will still find a proudly-displayed photo of his most famous client, King Frederik IX.

Tattoo aficionados from around the world make the pilgrimage to Denmark just to get inked at Tattoo Ole, where current owner Majbritt Lille Ole Petersen and Michael Rams Thomsen continue the tradition established before them.

Petersen, who has owned the shop since 2010, said that she desperately wants to keep Tattoo Oles rich tradition alive and doesnt want its 133-year history to end on her watch.

Its not just my shop, even if it is my shop today. It is also all the other guys shop who had it before, she told me when I visited the parlour to get an old-school Ole ship tattoo.

Everyone who has had this shop is not family related, but everyone has worked together. We have a commitment to keep the shop in the old spirit. Before I took over the shop I was learning from the guy who had the shop before me and so on and so on, Petersen added.

The owner of the Nyhavn 17 wants to convert the tattoo shop into kitchen space. Photo: Davut olak

People have come here for generations to get tattoos. Weve tattooed grandparents and then the parents and then the kids when they get old. They want to come back here because it is familiar and it is very special to come here, she said.

According to Petersen, it is not just the global history of tattooing that would suffer a blow if Tattoo Ole is forced out. She says an important piece of Copenhagen will be lost forever if Nyhavn is further sanitized into a tourist destination.

[Nyhavn] has a very dark past. There used to be only hookers and thieves and the scum of the scum. Nobody wanted to live in Nyhavn. Danes used to say that youd know you reached Nyhavn when you got a knife stuck in your back, she said. This fancy area is very young, it started in the 1980s. This is one of the only old places left of Nyhavn what Nyhavn was once.

Both Petersen and fans of the tattoo parlour from around the world are putting up a last-ditch effort to save Tattoo Ole. Petersen, who is the first female owner in the shops long history, is contesting the owners decision to terminate her lease, arguing that its historical value is worth preserving. She will present her case in court on September 14th.

See the article here:
Inside the world’s oldest tattoo shop – The Local Denmark

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‘I had no idea it was going to get this big’: Harvey donations dominate tattoo shop – News3LV09.04.17

Donations are collected Sunday, Sept. 3, 2017, at Inner Visions Tattoo, 4225 S. Eastern Ave. in Las Vegas. (Norberto Arroyo/KSNV)

One tattoo shop in Las Vegas is filled wall-to-wall with donations in a surprising show of support for the folks in Houston.

What started as a modest goal for Joe Riley, owner of Inner Visions Tattoo near South Eastern Avenue and East Flamingo Road, has taken over the shop.

I figured, why not take donations, Riley said. I had no idea it was going to get this big.

The artist said that what he saw was happening in Houston in the wake of Hurricane Harvey sparked him into action.

RELATED | Las Vegas tattoo shop collecting donations for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts

I thought to myself, What can I do to help? he said. I saw a lot of people posting say prayers for Houston, but I actually wanted to do something and Im in a position to help.

Riley started asking for donations. He said he expected a few dozen people from the shop to give what they could.

Now he’s had 200 people give everything from clothes to baby formula.

The next challenge is to get the donations to Houston and to those who need the assistance. The shop will take donations until 9 p.m. Sunday.

The rest is here:
‘I had no idea it was going to get this big’: Harvey donations dominate tattoo shop – News3LV

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Former chip shop worker compares herself to ‘Vicky Pollard’ and reveals Simon Cowell tattoo before incredible X … –

A former fish and chip shop worker admits she looks like ‘Vicky Pollard’ before an emotional X Factor performance.

Kayley Taylor, a 27-year-old mum of three from Liverpool, reveals her biggest audition was five years ago for Benidorm’s Got Talent.

Confident Kayley can’t stop cracking jokes about herself and even claims she “should have worn a stronger deodorant” as she gears up to face the judges.

She says: “I had a job a couple of years ago in a fish and chip shop, because obviously I like my food and I love the smell of fish.”

While getting ready for the chance of a lifetime, Kayleigh looks in the mirror and says she looks like the outrageous Little Britain character played by Matt Lucas.

Trying to get her hair right, she says: “Bloody hell I look like Vicky Pollard.”

She then takes her position in front of the judges, and joked about meeting her partner on a dating site and saying she was a size 8, claiming a zero should have been on the end of that.

Simon seems to think she looks familiar and asks: “Have we met?”

Not wanting to waste her opportunity in front of the music mogul, Kayleigh replies: “We have, in your dreams.

The Scouser then reveals a very intriguing tattoo on her back that she got in Magaluf after “about 10 vodkas”.

She has Simon’s name in permanent ink on her body right next to her own name and surrounded by love hearts.

Simon is understandably shocked, while Kayley claims she looks like a “pig in a blanket” and admits: “I should have got a spray tan instead.”

A confused Nicole says: “I don’t understand what she’s saying.”

But all the jokes are put to one side when Kayley starts to sing and gives the judges a powerful rendition of Immortal by Evanescence.

They praise her amazing voice, while she breaks down in tears after hearing the wonderful praise from the judges.

Simon admits he didn’t expect to like Kayley after her bold entrance, while Sharon had some words of wisdom for the mother who wants to succeed for her family.

Delivering some harsh but constructive words, Sharon says: “Stop all the crap about the weight. It doesn’t matter it’s who you are – if you want it to be.”

The emotional message seems to get through to a thankful Kayley, who heads to the arms of her proud family.

Viewers will have to wait until Saturday night to see if Kayley has done enough to make i through.

* The X Factor starts on Saturday on ITV at 8.00pm

Former chip shop worker compares herself to ‘Vicky Pollard’ and reveals Simon Cowell tattoo before incredible X … –

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Kate Moss sparks up rumours she’s got inked after being spotted at a trendy tattoo parlour in Ibiza –

Something new to show us Kate ?

The 43-year-old supermodel was spotted visiting tattoo shop Inkadelic while on holiday in Ibiza.

She was spotted on the shop balcony with a customary fag drooping from her lips.

Kate, 43, has been out clubbing on the Spanish island where she is staying with friends and family including 14-year-old daughter Lila-Grace Moss-Hack, who was at the parlour with her.

Afterwards they were all smiles as they later walked around the streets.

Kate already has two swallows inked on her lower back courtesy of her late friend, the artist Lucien Freud, who etched them on himself.

She also has an anchor tattooed on her wrist.

Naomi Campbell and Mark Ronson are previous clients of Inkadelic, where they have a thing about skulls.

Here is the original post:
Kate Moss sparks up rumours she’s got inked after being spotted at a trendy tattoo parlour in Ibiza –

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Carbondale tattoo artists bound for Houston – WSIL-TV 3 Southern … – WSIL TV09.03.17

CARBONDALE — John Beyler, owner of Artistic Mind Tattoo in Carbondale, saidafter seeing the destruction from Hurricane Harvey, he had to act.

“Seeing the videos of that toddler clinging to her dead mother,the animals that are chained up underwater..” he said. “It’s horrific and they don’t have enough help. None of us could get it out of our minds.”

John rounded up sixpeople from the shop about a week ago, like apprentice Matt Davis.

“He was like, ‘Let’s dothis. Who’s going with me?'” Davis said. “And of course, everyone here at the shop, we’re all like-minded,so we all got in for that.”

Davis said he saw flooding as a kid in the early 1990’s when he grew up near the Perry-Jackson County line in Dowell, and it drove him to help the effort in Houston.

“We had to leave our house in boats, and some other houses in the area were flooded. I definitely see, on a much smaller scale, what that does to people,” Davis said.

This isn’t the first time the group has acted during a time of hardship. Beyler said during the Ferguson protests, the group went in to help clean up and come to the aid of those in need.

“It kind of sparked the want to help people when chaos is everywhere,” Beyler said. “You need a little structure and a little help. And good people doing what they can.”

Beyler is a rescue diver, and several in the group are trained in to provide medical help. The group will be going wherever they are needed most. Beyler said as a small group, they are able to work more efficiently and move quicker.

Both men said the hurricane has brought out the best in people from all over the nation.

The group will leave Sunday morning at 9 a.m. from the Carbondale Wal-Mart.

Beyler saidthey will continue taking supply donations until 8 p.m. Saturday at Artistic Mind Tattoo.

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Carbondale tattoo artists bound for Houston – WSIL-TV 3 Southern … – WSIL TV

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