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Bad Habits Tattoos | Tattoo Shop in Fort Lauderdale02.05.19

Do you live in the Fort Lauderdale area and are starting to feel that oh-so-familiar itch to get some more ink? Then you will certainly want to get your work done at the best tattoo shop in Fort Lauderdale: Bad Habits Tattoos. Our citys premier tattoo studio is brought to you by lead artist and owner Amaury Ramirez and backed up by a team of ink specialists to bring you the perfect skin art of your dreams.

We also specialize in a variety of different styles! Whether you are looking for black and gray pieces, dot work, unwanted tat cover-ups, Japanese, Polynesian, portraits or even watercolor tattoos, WE GOT YOU! As a matter of fact, even if you dont want any new ink but are looking to get rid of an old piece, we also have a state-of-the-art laser tattoo removal procedure that you can schedule at your convenience to make your unwanted tattoo disappear.

If youre looking for the best Fort Lauderdale tattoo artists, dont hesitate to contact Amaury or the team here at Bad Habits Tattoos to schedule your next piece. We can be reached by phone at 954.2804.220 or through email at

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Bad Habits Tattoos | Tattoo Shop in Fort Lauderdale

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The Best Tattoo Shop, Studio & Artists in Patong, Phuket …01.22.19

When we say Celebrity Ink tattoo studio, it doesnt get any bigger than this. After the massive success of our most famous flagship studio in Patong beach, Phuket, Thailand, we now have total three ink tattoo shops in Phuket; Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Pattaya, Bali, New Delhi, Surfers Paradise, Southport and various places throughout Australia.

Celebrity Ink is the biggest tattoo brand in the world thanks to a large number of highly-skilled licensed and best tattoo artists who provide best tattoo designs at reasonable prices. Celebrity Ink also won 1st place in the Australian Tattoo and Body Art Expo Sydney along with countless International awards as being the most famous tattoo shop in the world. We have been featured on Channel 7, 9 and 10 in Australia, U.K, N.Z and NBC America whilst tattooing a few famous celebrities.

Australian owned brand is just about the best tattoo parlour there is, and started its life here in Phuket, Thailand. And now with branches in Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Kata & Otop, Kuta Bali, New Delhi, Melbourne Highpoint, Melbourne Central, Surfers Paradise, Southport, Coomera and Brisbane.

Learn more

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The Best Tattoo Shop, Studio & Artists in Patong, Phuket …

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Henderson Tattoo Shop – Skin Factory Tattoo & Body Piercing11.14.18

Skin Factory Ttt Sh in Hndrn NV h bn a landmark for tttng across th untr fr r. Fr Skin Factory Ttt Sh in Hndrn NV, t has lw bn but th rt. Tht wh Skin Factory Hndrn Ttt Sh in hand k nd trn h nd vr single n of the artists tht wrk n his shops, to provide th hght qult tattoo h rv vlbl n th world.

Skin Factory Ttt Sh in Hndrn NV offers t utmr a urr xrn n tattooing nd rng

Skin Factory Ttt Sh in Hndrn NV ffr ur utmr a superior xrn n tattooing. Whether its ur frt ttt r you r a nd lltr wth ttt tht span ur bd w utmz our rh wth h lnt. You r in control f th ttt w gud u through th planning process nd come u wth a design tht xtl wht u mgnd. Safety, lnln, nd cutting dg tattoo rt are ur t rrt and t hw n the nd rult f our ttt

Skin Factory Ttt Sh in Hndrn NV h bn a ldr n rng ltn for body rt r th wrld. Wth some of th mt hghl trnd bd rng rtt in th wrld you n b nfdnt youll be rvng th best quality rv. Our ltn f jwlr nd hgh tndrd fr ft llw us to complete lmt n piercing you can mgn. A ttt is nt as permanent as u thnk. At lt nt rght w. The aftercare r the mt rul time t rrv th qult and longevity f your ttt. Making a mtk t th point could ruin ur nw ttt durng th most frgl tm rd. Fllw th ntrutn mltl t nur tht the ttt u have fr many r to m th m tattoo u hv today. Lv th bandage n fr at lt n hur. If th bndg tk to th tattoo, k with water nd rmv gntl. After rmvng bndg, wash the r gently using antibacterial and l wtr.

Pt dry wth ft towel, r twl or let air dr for about 1/2 hur (DO NOT rub tattoo). Wh your ttt 2-3 tm a d (DO NOT lt th hwr r drtl n the ttt) wth l wtr, t dry nd l a VERY THIN AMOUNT f A&D ntmnt. D not vrld ur tattoo with ntmnt. K tattoo frm drng ut, until ALL signs f bbng disappear. (Uull 7-10 d) DO NOT k ttt n n t of water ftr frt whng. (lakes, ponds, the ocean, saunas, l, etc.)

Pl u a high quality nd hgh numbrd unrn n ttt n tm u r n the un t keep t lkng its bt.

In th event u have n dvr rtn, you huld ntt th Skin FactoryTtt Sh in Hndrn whr uv gttn th nk frm.

Not ur what kind of tattoo right fr you? Whl every ttt is unqu t the wrr, hr are m broad tgr tht m get your rtv juices flwng about what ttt rght for u. Come n t our h t browse ur extensive lltn of ttt and du getting a ttt wth n of ur rtt.

Whthr t the urg f a ln r th intelligence f the octopus, ttt f nml r ftn wndrful unvrl symbols tht people can rlt t. Smtm th inherent but of th nml is nugh, too!

Fr generations, bk and ttt r tw n a d. Where n g, url the other wll fllw.

Bio-mechanical ttt were all th rage n th 80 nd 90, nd hv xrnd a rurgn f lt. The d f blndng biological elements wth mhnl elements in a ttt a ttmnt n more ways than n. All ttmnt nd mblm aside, th jut lk rll l, which is ftn nugh fr a really grt ttt.

Mn f th strongest ttt ull ever wll be blk nd gr . The d of working with vlu ln and no lr gives the rt ttl fu on ln and hdng.

Tribal ttt frm Brn. Of all th trb in Brn the Iban trb is th most hvl tattooed wth dgn d from the Kayan Knh nd Bakatan trb. Th most mmn tattoo dgn wr th thrt motif lld th ktk. Wrt tattoos called nkut wr also mmn. They were blvd t stop the ul frm escaping th body.

The ntr of Clt kntwrk df ltrl trnltn nd t mnng to be found at a deeper lvl. Th rtd rng f th physical and th rtul r xrd n th ntrl f th knt. The nvr ndng th f the trnd may rrnt th permanence and th ntnuum f life, lv nd fth nd fr these rn Clt tattoos hv become ulr.

But bfr u run ff t th studio to get one dn u should do your rrh. Selecting a Chn ttt drv careful study nd attention. It huld hv l to d wth tl nd more to d wth your hrtr, wrk, nd vlu. It rmnnt, t a pretty important decision n ur lf. In th nd, it is mrtnt t choose mthng of ltng l not something fddh.

Wth the dvlmnt of mr ubtl gmnt lr nd bttr ttt mhn, rtt have tkn control f portraiture in ttt. You n get rlt nd dynamic lr portrait tattoos at the Skin Factory Ttt Sh in Hndrn.

Th Hd trb ndrd n of the ldt trbl ultn n the Nw World. Although most mrvl expressed in lrg monumental ttm l, th hghl disciplined dgn ld t a wide range f mtrl, nludng the human bd thrugh tttng.

Jn tattoos are referred t n Japanese as rzum which ltrll mn the nrtn f nk under the kn lvng a permanent mark r ttt. Tttng n Jn is thought to xtnd bk to t least 10,000 years. The Anu people, th ndgnu l f Jn, are knwn to hv used ttt for decorative nd social ur fr mn thousands f r.

Th written Japanese nd Chinese languages are md not f ndvdul letters but f dgrh r pictographs, which represent an d or thng. Some hrtr consist of mr thn 30 strokes. Knj r NOT rll a traditional Jn tattoo BUT mr a tl f tattoo. If u r gttng a knj be sure tht what u r getting dn mthng tht mn a lt to you nd is translated rrtl.

Sometimes th bt way to wht u want to say with ur ttt is t jut ll t ut! Ttt Sh n Hndrn NV rtt in Hndrn NV lz n lttrng and n ttt vrtull n tl f lettering fr u.

T mk Mr ttt, r ta mk, r tattoos tht trdtnll rur a lot of thught and consideration wthn the Maori trb. Mr ttt tk mnth f rvl nd planning n th rt of the elders and thr fml mmbr, nd th dgn r would bgn b tkng nt unt the trbl history, whh was the mt mrtnt mnnt f th mk. A lt of non-Maori l r getting mk designs tttd n their f wll other parts of their bd, mn f which hv mrr gnfn. Robbie Wllm and Mk tn have gotten Maori tattoos muh to th nnn f mn Mr.

Mltr ttt are ulr throughout th ntr mltr nd include everything frm n-u, flags, unit th, gl, dg tags, nd more.

Frm Jm Jn t John Mr (Jhn Mayers arm pictured), mr and mr rtt are getting ttt. Whthr you wnt a mmrlzng tattoo f Tupac r th same huldr ur fvrt rtt, u can d t t Starlight.

Frm zd mbl t Grk gods nd gdd to mrmd, thr something to b d for nnt stories still rrng wght wth u td. Cntlltn, mthl rtur lk unrn, ntur, nd mermaids, ll have special mnng nd significance, some f which r unvrl, nd m that m be personal jut t u.

New Shl, r nu-school, a hghl nmtd, xggrtd t f ttt style. Bright lr, thk utln, nd strong, wavy ln r staple characteristics f th new school tattoo. Th designs r mtm nrd b trdtnl tl ttt, but can range anything.

Pf Island tl ttt. Smlr t thr tribal tattoos nd tatau patterns, Plnn tattoos are unique n their u f urvtur and h. Th dffrn is a subtle but important n!

Smn ttu tattoos r rtd thrugh the traditional mthd f tng the kn wth nkd needles. Beautiful nd ntrt, very ln geometric patterns mrg, gvng Smn ttt thr unu hrtr and dtntn. Ttu rtt do gut t thrughut the r t both Tattoo Sh in Hndrn NV ltn bk a ttu session in Skin Factory Ttt Sh n Henderson NV td.

Srtul ttt hv always bn popular nd rbbl always wll. Wht more rmnnt thn someones belief tm? Chrtn ttt, Buddht symbol ttt nd other trn religious mbl ttt r all vr mmn and gnrll rgrdd a positive rmndr f faith.

Tebori is th trdtnl Japanese hnd-kng method f tattooing. Sm say tht th tattoos r th bt nd brghtt tattoos hvbl n rth. Th r also lw, nd can b gnzngl painful. Althugh some l rrt that the hand-poking mthd vrtull n-fr by mrn to ttt mhn. Tebori tl ttt r ftn seen full bd suits n th Jn nd n tk several r t mlt.

Generally known fr thr mltr nd nautical thm td wth the Nv, old school tattoos f nu, nhr, nd bttlh can b mt l rgnzd b thr lmtd lr ltt and thick bld ln (du to th limitations of th nk nd th tattoo machines bng used). Old hl tattoos are tlh vn after th advancements n nk and mhn bu f wht th represent and their unqu look.

Trbl ttt have bn rtd in n frm r nthr fr millennia. Whl th rt m b mwht different nowadays thr r still many wh gt tribal tattoos fr rn whh could b drbd neo-tribal n thr ut to blng to a trb (thr n-trbl r trdtnl) vn if t on a subconscious level. Mt simply gt tribal tattoos bu of thr striking rn.

N! All needles r ngl u only. All ndl and tubes r ld nd utlvd in trl bg prior to u. Ndl r mmdtl discarded nt a hr container ftr a tattoo fnhd. All nk urd nt dbl , nd then drdd ftr use.

Ablutl. Althugh w hv a wd vrt of dgn on hand t h from, you are mr thn wlm t brng in your own dgn, and rfrn. Our tattoo rtt are xrnd n dng high-quality utm wrk, thrfr, f u r need f rtv help to design your ttt, w r hr t hl.

Be rested, and have mthng to t bfr mng in. Do nt drnk lhl, tk illegal drug, r ngt rn prior to ur ttt. Alhl and rn r blood thnnr nd wll promote xv bleeding durng ur ttt. W wll nt tattoo you f u r drunk, high, r evidently hungover.

Gnrll n old/poor ttt n be r-wrkd r vrd up. Please set up a mlmntr nult to k with n f ur tattoo artists but wht u hv nd wht u would lk dn.

W d nt d ttt rt, n r ut of the Tattoo h. Nn f ur artists do house ll n any tutn.

Feel free to t ur tattoo rtt. T are nt nr, but are lw rtd. Rmmbr, th full cost f ur ttt does not ll g t ur rtt, l feel free to be gnru.

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Henderson Tattoo Shop – Skin Factory Tattoo & Body Piercing

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Port City Tattoo Shop | Orange County, Costa Mesa & Long …11.14.18

Port City Tattoo is hailed as the premiere Costa Mesa & Long Beach Tattoo Shop with the highest-quality artworkfrom Southern Californias best.

Port City Tattoo originally started as a Long Beach Tattoo Shop back in April of 2012. This area in Southern California has been viewed as one of the best places in the World to get high quality Long Beach Tattoos. In the spirit of expanding our unique Port City Tattoo brand, and spreading top-notch artistry through tattooing, we opened the doors to our Costa Mesa Tattoo Shop location in August of 2014.Voted Best Tattoo Shop in Orange County by OC Weekly!

Long Beach Tattoos were first made popular by sailors enlisted in the Navy that were stationed in the area. After being away from home for several months, sailors turned to collecting tattoos as a source of entertainment, and also for bragging rights. Long Beach tattoo artists were generally in high demand and several became a part of the most elite and talented artists in our industry.

Both of Port City Tattoos locations use the most modern and up-to-date sterilization methods. The safety of our customers is of the utmost importance to us, as well as our tattooists. We go above and beyond to maintain a clean and safe tattooing environment. All you need to do is come in, get inspired, get comfortable and enjoy your tattooing experience.

Our tattoo artists each have over ten years of experience in a wide array of tattooing techniques. Some of the styles of Long Beach tattoos that we offer at Port City Tattoo include portraits, black and grey, traditional, realistic, lettering and Japanese designs, amongst a myriad of others. We have a total of eight artists on our staff that you may choose to work with.

Voted Best Tattoo Shop in Orange County

In addition to our well qualified tattoo artists, we take great pride in hosting well known professional artists from all over the world. This allows our customers to experience getting a tattoo of a different style of tattoo that isnt normally available anywhere else in the Orange County and Los Angeles. It also offers our customers a chance to get a tattoo from one of the best tattoo artists in the world.Our collaboration with other artists from around the globe also allows our on staff Long Beach tattoo artists to gain knowledge of different styles and techniques of tattooing.

Port City Tattoos Long Beach Tattoo Parlor and our new Costa Mesa Shop in Orange County, CA, provide you with just about any style of tattoo imaginable. From a small and simple designs, to a detailed and exotic tattoo that covers a large portion of your body. Our highly skilled tattooists can work from any drawing, printed design, or personal photograph that you bring in.

If you are feeling adventurous and have a concept, but no visual aid to reference, Port Citys Tattoo Artists can help you flush out your idea and sketch it out. Then upon your approval we begin the fun process of making it a permanent masterpiece. We also welcome you to come visit either our Long Beach Tattoo Parlor or our Costa Mesa Tattoo Shop and thumb through our artists portfolios to see which artist speaks to you. Get the artistry your epidermis deserves, come to Port City Tattoo.


Port City Tattoo Shop | Orange County, Costa Mesa & Long …

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Tattoo Shop in Sierra Vista, AZ | Battleship Tattoo Shop …11.07.18

Battleship Tattoo Shop specializes in helping you make art come alive on your flesh. Through the depths of your imagination and collaboration with a talented artist, we want to provide you with the ability to be able to show off your true self to the world wherever you step.

Our team of tattoo artists are all talented and each has their own specialties and favorite styles. This gives you a variety of different artistic styles to choose from that you think would best suit your tattoo. We are dedicated to helping our clients find their match within our family of passionate artists.

There is no limitation to what our tattoo shop can do. From traditional tattoos to portrait tattoos or even cover ups, we are up for the challenge to help you create something amazing. If you have any custom tattoos in mind, we gladly provide you with a quote and take on the role as your tattoo artist to help create your masterpiece. Between tattoos and piercings, were dedicated to giving you the best service possible in body modification.

Our premier tattoo shop proudly serves our neighbors in Sierra Vista, AZ come visit us today.

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Tattoo Shop in Sierra Vista, AZ | Battleship Tattoo Shop …

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Tattoos Birmingham, AL | Tattoo Shop Near Me | Classic 13 …10.03.18

If you’re ready to get serious about getting great tattoos in Birmingham, AL, Classic 13 Tattoo is the shop for you. We offer a laid back and friendly atmosphere where clients can relax and talk with our experienced tattoo artists about ideas and designs. Don’t let the casual feel of our tattoo studio fool you we are true professionals, committed to our craft and dedicated to creating quality skin art. We have more than 50 years of combined experience and pride ourselves on our professionalism and skill. Our shop adheres to strict sterilization protocols, ensuring a safe experience. Because a tattoo is a lasting image, we know that the result has to be just right. Whether you already have a detailed idea in mind or you want some help fleshing out your vision, our tattooers will work with you to create a complete image before we put ink to skin.

If you’re looking for more than a gorgeous custom tattoo, we also provide quality body piercing. Our knowledgeable and experienced piercing specialist is guided by the same rigorous standards of cleanliness and artistry that our tattoo artists employ. Whether you just want to get an extra piercing in your ear, a vertical labret, or something more exotic, our shop will provide you with a comfortable, professional experience from start to finish.

Some of our styles and piercing services include:

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Tattoos Birmingham, AL | Tattoo Shop Near Me | Classic 13 …

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Tattoo Shop next to Springfield & Hartford10.03.18

Separate Yourself from the Crowd

Have you always felt like you were different from “normal” society, but you lacked the right way to express yourself? Wear your personality on your skin with a unique tattoo or body piercing from our full-service shop in Enfield, Connecticut. Torture Ink is an established body piercing and tattoo shop dedicated to helping you unleash the person you’ve been trying to become. With our wide selection of body art and body jewelry, you won’t have any problem finding a way to be the unique person you have always been on the inside! Contact us today for more details about our wide selection of tattoos and body piercings.

We have a large local customer base, but our services are worth traveling for. Nearby Springfield, Massachusetts is the most populous city in Western New England, and is the source for many of our clients. It is not because they cant find a tattoo shop in Springfield; they just take the short jaunt to Torture Ink in Enfield because the high quality services we offer are well worth the twenty-minute drive. The same applies for residents of Hartford, who drive 25 minutes to get to our shop because there is not a comparable tattoo shop in Hartford.

We also provide high quality body piercing using only the best body jewelry available. Body jewelry shouldn’t be less than perfect, which is why our shop uses platinum, surgical steel, and titanium body jewelry. We have body jewelry for any body part you want pierced, and we can perform all piercings in our tattoo shop for your convenience. From noses to belly buttons, we pierce it all.

Call our body piercing and tattoo shop today at 877-434-3054 for the best tattoos and body jewelry in the area.

**********NEW AT TORTURE INK********** We now offer beauty services

Pricing starts at………

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Tattoo Shop next to Springfield & Hartford

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Two Headed Dog Tattoo Studio – Montville, NJ – Yelp09.29.18


I’ve been coming here for a few months now to get my work done by Joe. He is by far the most talented and down to earth tattoo artist I’ve worked with. Always open to my ideas, with his input and interpretation we’ve come up with some amazing pieces.I always leave a $100 deposit at the end of each session toward a future date. I look forward to our continued work together. You must visit, if not for the line work, than their amazing collection of antique decor, and taxidermy.

Been getting tattooed by Dave for years, followed him from his last shop to this shop. All my friends get their work done at this shop and never heard a single complaint. Always a good time whenever we get in the chair.

Great shop and awesome people. I’ve had a few pieces done by Garrett which have all come out and healed amazingly. Very professional and clean spot. Looking forward to getting more done soon!

Love the shop. Dave is the best !awesome work at a great price. What more could you ask for ?

This is the tattoo shop that dreams are made of. Everyone is very talented and the shop is decorated beautifully. I walked in on a Monday afternoon and a handsome young gentleman was able to accommodate me. He drew up my design quickly and according to my wishes. I left a short time later with a perfect blue dolphin tattoo. A great overall experience. Very clean comfortable environment. I would highly recommend any of the artists for an elaborate custom design or even just a quick walk in.

Dave Schwinn has become my tattoo artist for any go to designs I have wanted. His skill is matched by his dedication, charisma, and love of the art of tattooing. He’s become a friend outside of the shop for any tattoo question as he is extremely easy to talk to and get a hold of for questions, I will always go to him for my tattoos in the future.

Great place, very clean, new, and the decoration is amazing, really nice environment. Everyone at the shop does amazing work, are very talented and professional. I got tattooed by Joe, he was very carful with sterilizing everything, and he made sure that I left the place with all the instructions on how to take care of my new tattoo. I highly recommend this place!

My experience at Two Headed Dog exceeded my expectations. The shop was spotless in terms of cleanliness and was decorated impeccably (all of the good vibes~). The staff there was extremely kind and thorough from start to finish on what to expect and how to care for your tattooI was tattooed by Dave and I truly cannot say enough. This was my first tattoo and Dave made sure that I was 100% pleased with the lettering, size, and location of my tattoo before we began. Dave was able to answer all of my questions and concerns confidently which made for a smooth process going forward. At the end, they even give you a card that walks you through aftercare step-by-step which is totally awesome. I couldn’t be happier with my tattoo and with my experience at Two Headed Dog. 10/10 recommend to a friend.

Wizard van? Check. Cool decor? Check. Bad ass tattoos? Check.Love this new shop. Great music, awesome vibe, and really amazing tattooers. Joe is a bull among cows. More than just a tattoo shop, a really fun experience of old school tattoo shop meets new school standards.

4th tattoo by Joe, 1st one at the new place and couldn’t be happier!! When walking in, you are greeted with some outstanding decor. The shop is clean and welcoming. Joe made 100% sure I was happy with the placement and design before getting started and was very accommodating and patient with my choices. All of the tools were open in front of me and everything was exceptionally clean. Along with being extremely talented, Joe was extremely professional throughout the entire process. He made sure I was comfortable and insisted I request a break if necessary. Upon leaving, Joe gave a very thorough explanation as to how to care for the fresh ink in the upcoming days. I received a little cheat sheet as a reminder what to do on what days. I absolutely recommend Two Headed Dog to anyone looking to get work done!!!

Amazing experience at Two Headed Dog with Joe P! I decided to get my first tattoo and did a little shopping around before I came across Two Headed Dog and Joe’s art on instagram. After reaching out to him, I decided to go with him for my first tattoo experience. I am so happy with the decision. Joe was able to answer all of my many questions and made me super comfortable about getting my first tattoo. I can tell he takes tattooing very seriously and has not forgot that each tattoo is special for each individual. He came up with a great design and on the day of my appointment, he took the time to talk to me about the art and the procedure. While getting the piece, I felt real comfortable with Joe, he would ask often how I was and just overall, put my mind at ease. The art came out amazing too! I will surely be back to add on to what I have already gotten. I would recommend Two Headed Dog and Joe to anyone getting tattooed, but especially to first timers. Keep up the good work Joe! Thank you!!!(And let me know when those large tees back in stock )

Great new shop. Incredibly clean and professional, and both of the artists are extremely talented. They do a huge range of styles and technique, and will work with you on your own designs as well. Would highly recommend this shop to everyone.

This place is excellent and I highly recommend it, if you are considering getting tattooed here. I am new to New Jersey and am not familiar with anything here. Joe at Two Headed Dog was recommended by a friend. Joe is an amazing artist and a very careful and considerate person. I am so happy with the tattoo that he gave me. The aesthetic of the shop is also very cool. The shop is clean and the other artists there seemed down to earth and relaxed so the environment was very nice.

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Two Headed Dog Tattoo Studio – Montville, NJ – Yelp

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Tattoo Shop | Duluth GA |Tattoo Fiesta09.19.18


Tattoo Fiesta will help bring your ideas to reality with our highly skilled tattoo experts in Atlanta. Tattoos last a lifetime, so getting one means it has to look really good and be exactly what you want. We are here to make sure you get the best custom tattoo just for you.

Portraits are representations of people in the form of art, where the focus is on the face and its expression with the aim of showing the person’s personality, mood and feelings. We at Tattoo Fiesta know that most tattoo portraits are for loved ones, so respect is a must for us.

There are some areas of the body that are not suitable for regular jewelry, getting a micro dermal piercing can let you wear flat jewelry or gems in those areas. The jewelry is placed under your skin gently, your skin then sticks to the jewelry allowing it to stay in one place.

One of our specialties at tattoo Fiesta is body piercing; we do piercing in different areas of the body including the nostrils, ears, nipples, genitals, navels, tongues, cheeks and much more. We have a piercing room that is very private just for those who want to pierce intimate areas.

Cover up tattoos are a great way to get rid of old unwanted ink, aging tattoos that have lost color and definition, also to hide tattoos that are now seen as “mistakes” .

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Tattoo Shop | Duluth GA |Tattoo Fiesta

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How to Set Up a Tattoo Shop: 5 Steps (with Pictures …08.25.18

Add New Question


How many employees do I need to start a tattoo business?

wikiHow Contributor

Community Answer

It depends on the owner and the size of the shop/customer base. I’ve been to shops owned and operated by one person, and others with as many as 10 employees.


Is it possible to have a mobile tattoo studio that can be set up in different locations and events?

wikiHow Contributor

Community Answer

Yes, it is possible. However, tattoo licenses vary from state to state, so you’ll need to be licensed in each state you want to travel to.


Can I open a tattoo shop even if I don’t do tattoos?

wikiHow Contributor

Community Answer

Absolutely! However, I would find a business partner who knows the industry well and can bring talented artists to your shop. You may want to get a few tattoos if you intend to work hands-on, since people may question why the owner doesn’t have any.


How many years do you have to be tattooing before you are classed as a tattooist and not an apprentice?

wikiHow Contributor

Community Answer

That depends on you, your work as an apprentice, and the artist teaching you. For some, it may take as little as one year; for others, as many as five years.


Where do I get a license?

You can apply for a tattoo shop license on the “.gov” website of your state or country.


What if I’m a skilled and talented artist who, instead of working under an apprenticeship, started doing tattoos in-home, and have been doing them for around 4 years now, and do great work; will the health department still help me in getting licensed?

wikiHow Contributor

Community Answer

If you’re a tattoo artist that works at home, you’re not doing great work. Go get an apprenticeship at a legit shop and don’t mention doing them at home.


What do I need to start a tattoo shop?

wikiHow Contributor

Community Answer

You need to have a good business plan, investors or money, a shop and all the tattoo supplies.


If I start a tattoo shop, do I need a tattoo license?

wikiHow Contributor

Community Answer

Yes, you do need a license to show that you’re trained and certified to tattoo people safely.


If I started a tattoo shop in my home, is it important to get a license?

wikiHow Contributor

Community Answer

Yes, it is.


Can I get a shop opened up without an apprenticeship?

wikiHow Contributor

Community Answer

Yes, if your work is good, but you still need all of your health regulations certificates like blood borne, CPR, and sanitary certifications. Every state is different, but no you don’t have to have an apprenticeship. However, it is still good to have one.

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How to Set Up a Tattoo Shop: 5 Steps (with Pictures …

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