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The Best Tattoo Shop, Studio & Artist In Bali, Seminyak, Kuta …05.25.19


3rd Place BEST BLACK AND GRAY medium at Dutdutan 2009, Manila Philippine


The HERO of Surabaya Tattoo Party 2010

The BEST REALIST at Indonesian Subculture 2010

2nd Place Extreme Fantasy Color at Magic Ink Tattoo Contest 2010

3rd Place Realist Tattoo Color at Paguyuban Tattoo Bandung 2010

Inner of Oriental Tattoo Category at The Body Art Competition 2010


1st Winner in Realist Category at Bali bike week 2011

BEST SMALL POTRAIT at Bali bike week 2011

1st Place Winner SMALL POTRAIT at Bali bike week 2011

3rd Place Tattoo war REALIST ANIMAL COLOR at Semarang Ink Fest 2011

1st Winner Tattoo Colors at 2nd Bandung Bodyart Festival 2011

1st Place Winner Tattoo War STAC Tattoo Reborn


The BEST REALIST Gladiator MC 2012 at Maitland Showground, New South Wales Australia

The Winner Favourite Color Tattoo at 1st annual Solo Skin Art Exibition 4th June 2012

1st Winner Color Tattoo at 1st annual Solo Skin Art Exibition 5th June 2012

World Record Holder Body Art Festival 2012

Surabaya Tattoo Festival 1st Place Photo Tattoo

Surabaya Tattoo Festival 1st Place Photo Tattoo

Winner of Ralist Tattoo Category at The Body Art Competition 2012

Winner at Super Heroes Tattoo Convention 2012


BEST Color Female at GMC Maitland 2013, New South Wales Australia

Winner of Small Category at Batu Pahat 2013

2nd Place Malang Tattoo Art Carnival 2013


Winner of Kenarau Miri Malaysia 2014 3rd Fantasy Tattoo Competition

Judge at Jakarta Tattoo Festival 2014

Judge at Surabaya Tattoo Festival 2014

Judge at Indonesia Body Art 2014

Voted Best Tattoo Artist M2S Tattoo Festival 2014

3rd place at Body Art Festival Magelang 2014

Winner of Jakarta TatTat Festival 2014

1st Place Malang Tattoo Expo 2014

The Best Black n Grey Anniversary ISC, Magelang 2014

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The Best Tattoo Shop, Studio & Artist In Bali, Seminyak, Kuta …

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Miami Ink Tattoo Shop | LoveToKnow05.25.19

The Miami Ink Tattoo shop was the site of TLC’s previous hit show, Miami Ink. While the original shop has since shut its doors, the same tattoo artists are still working together to provide a great tattooing experience, at a new shop just down the road.

The recognition from the Miami Ink television show created an incredible buzz for the now-famous tattoo shop, though both the location and name have changed.

The shop was originally named 305 Tattoo, though thanks to the show’s success it changed its name to Miami Ink. This location has since closed. Although the Miami Ink tattoo shop has since closed, there is no need to fear missing out on the Miami Ink experience; the same artists you loved to watch from the show have opened up their own lounge and tattoo shop right across the street.

The new location is larger than the previous one. The artists needed a larger workspace in order to better suit the amount of clients they have been getting since the debut of the Miami Ink reality television show. The name of the shop was changed (for unspecified reasons) and is now called Love Hate Tattoo Studio.

The Love Hate Tattoo Shop is located right up the street from the old 305 Tattoo shop, making it easy for old customers and new fans alike to visit the studio for tattoo art.

The current address for the Love Hate Tattoo Studio is 1360 Washington Avenue in Miami, Florida.

The studio is open 11 a.m. until 11 p.m. each day.

If you would like to ask about rates or just keep up on the news of the shop, you can contact the studio in the following ways:

305 Tattoo, aka Miami Ink, became famous in the world of tattoo for one good reason – great artists. The work that the shop was (and still is) putting out was more indicative of fine art than what many people associated with tattoos before the television show brought recognition to the shop.

The artists assembled here are very good with all styles of tattoos, but they excel in portrait work. Many of the artists from the Miami Ink show are all still present at the shop, and they also bring in guest artists from time to time. The lineup consists of:

Getting inked by artists that helped revolutionize tattooing is potentially a great thrill. Expect the cost of a tat from Love Hate Tattoo Studio to be top dollar, and be sure to call for an appointment before going. The shop handles many styles of tattoos from full sleeves and lower back tattoos to the very popular “urban” style. Whatever you want done, this talented group of artists can do it for you in a quality that you will be proud to show everyone.

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Miami Ink Tattoo Shop | LoveToKnow

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Best Tattoo in Minneapolis – Uptown Tattoo in Minneapolis …05.25.19

If you ask around Minneapolis where the best place is to get tattooed, chances are someone will mention Uptown Tattoo. The artists that reside at this shop have their work displayed on human canvasses throughout Minnesota. As the most frequented tattoo shop in the state, Uptown Tattoo has a reputation of quality and trust among its clients. The artists are professional and personable, building strong relationships with their clients before creating permanent impressions on their bodies. Much of their business comes from word of mouth, and their steady stream of clients proves that they have thoroughly satisfied their customers.

Uptown Tattoo has turned out some of the greatest designs and artwork in the country. Those who live in Minnesota are fortunate to have these incredibly talented artists in their own backyard. Clients travel from far and wide to have their tattoo work completed by some of the best artists in the country.

Uptown Tattoo is the favorite tattoo shop of Minneapolis. Uptown Tattoo in Minneapolis is not only known for its talented artists, but also for their impeccable quality of work. Consultations and walk-ins are welcome.

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Best Tattoo in Minneapolis – Uptown Tattoo in Minneapolis …

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Top 5 Highest Rated Tattoo Shops in Texas | Tattoo Shop Finder05.12.19

Texas is one of the most beautiful states within the US, and a very large one a that. So finding a tattoo shop is not difficult to say the least. However, within the vast amount parlourslocated in every corner of the state, some of the most highest rated and reviewed tattoo shops lie inside the great state of Texas. Were here today to bring attention to these selected tattoo shops and the world class artists that reside within the walls of eachshop. Its not an easy task to complete when selecting these shops that appear on our list. The way we select the shops, is by taking into consideration the amount of Reviews with the overall Rating. The Reviews and Ratings can be obtained through each shops Google Business listing. with that being said, we bring to you the 5 Highest Rated Tattoo Shops in Texas. These shops have help excellent customer reviews and ratings. Most of the these shops listed below have a perfect 5 star rating, this is not easy to do. Its nearly impossible to make every single client happy, but these top 5 shops have managed to not only find a way, but have been able to maintain it out of the 100+ shops throughout the state. So if we still have your attention, I present you the the 5 highest rated tattoo shops in the state of Texas.

#1 Twisted Tattoo

Twisted Tattoo Texas

Twisted Tattoo is located inSan Antonio comes in at the #1 spot for the most Reviewed and Highest Rated tattoo shop in Texas. This duo, James and Denise have managed maintain one of the most tattoo shops in all of Texas. Which is really interesting consider, James is the sole tattooer, and Denise the sole piericer of the Twisted Tattoo. Most shops tend to have a few artists and couple piercers, but not these twothey are doing just fine n their own. Another interesting aspect of Twisted Tattoo, is that they openly offer Military Discounts. While many shops do this, these guys make it publicly known. This has a huge effect on the outcome of many satisfied clients. But dont let their discounts and deals fool you. The creativity that is within the walls of Twisted Tattoo, is another reason why they are the #1 on the countdown of the 5 highest rated shops in Texas.

Rating: 5 StarReviews: 134

#2 Artistic Impressions Tattoo & Piercing Gallery

Artistic Impressions in Texas

If you want to stand out from most folks with tattoos, I recommend visiting the #2 highest rated tattoo shop in Texas, Artistic Impressions. These guys can put out some serious artwork. In fact, if youre wanting to get a clean custom piece these guys are exactly who you would want to see. With 6 artists ( Spiro, BB, Xavier, Gideon, Henry & Andrew), and Piercing Artist Jay, you have plenty of options and styles to choose from. Each artist has a particular style, but all the artists are exceptionally great. Located in Katy, Texas, Artistic Impressions is open 7 days a week and will accept both Walk-Ins and Appointments.

Rating: 5 StarReviews: 83

#3 J. Hall & Co. Gentleman Tattooers

J Hall And Co Gentleman Tattooers Texas

One of my personal favorites on the list, J. Hall & Co Gentleman Tattooers located in Dallas, Texas holds the 3rd spot for the highest rated and reviewed tattoo shop in the state. Owner and Artists, Josh Hall is an excellent well rounded American Traditional Tattooer and strives to provide clients with OOAK (One of a Kind) custom works of art. Along with fellow artist Pappy McCall, these guys are open 6 days a week, closed on Monday. The shop accepts both walk-ins (if available) and appointments. Come visit J. Hall & Co Gentleman Tattooers if youre in the Dallas area, you will not be disappointed.

Rating: 5 StarReviews: 72

#4 Tom Fooleries Tattoo

Tom Fooleries Tattoo Shop Texas

Located down in El Paso, youll find a shop that not only offer up great looking tattoos but a very energetic crew. Shop owner Myongki, open the doors to Tom Fooleries in 2008 and have been satisfying clients ever since. Often visiting Tattoo Conventions within the state and surrounding area, these guys are open 7 days a week. Both Myongki and Alex can create anything you have you in mind. The shop accepts both walk-ins and appointments. With the amount of reviews and the solid 5 Star rating, its no wonder these guys come in as the 4th best tattoo shop in the state of Texas.

Rating: 5 StarReviews: 66

#5 Stainless Studio

Stainless Studio Tattoo Shop Texas

If youre in the Dallas area and looking to get world class quality ink, you should definitely visit the crew at Stainless Studios. The shop has been around since 2009 and has managed to gather a large and loyal clientele list. With owner/artist Rob and artists Rob Smith & Wolf, you can visit these guys 7 days a week. They have a friendly and clean environment for both the new and veteran tattoo collectors. You can catch them not only creating awesome tattoos but professionally removing tattoos. This is why they are the #5 highest & reviewed tattoo shop in the entire state.

Rating: 5 StarReviews: 64

If any shop owners of these listings would like to update their photos or shop info, please feel free email us at [emailprotected]

January 2015

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Top 5 Highest Rated Tattoo Shops in Texas | Tattoo Shop Finder

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Born This Way Body Arts – Piercing. Tattoo. Jewelry.05.04.19

GET INKED & PIERCED.Welcome to Born This Way Body Arts! We are Knoxvillespremier tattoo, piercing, jewelry, and body art studio. We specialize in state-of-the-art methods for both tattooing and piercing from industry professionals who are as passionate about your tattoos & piercings as you are. From the moment you walk into our studio youll see the difference. Our spa-like atmosphere promotes the clean, relaxed environment we strive to maintain. We are an intimidation free body art studio that employs the regions finest tattoo and piercing artists. Come see the difference at Born This Way Body Arts today! tattoo knoxville tnJewelry; Only The BestIn addition to Knoxvilles best custom tattoos and piercings, Born This Way Body Arts is home to the areas largest, most unique, high quality jewelry selection, exclusively carrying implant gradetitanium and nickel-free gold by the nations top vendors and around the globe. Ample parking and a friendly, caring staff await you, in a relaxed, clean, spa-like environment located at 7419 Middlebrook Pike, Knoxville, TN Located inside the shopping complex withNixons Deli and Dominos Pizza.Take a Tour

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Born This Way Body Arts – Piercing. Tattoo. Jewelry.

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Canvas Tattoo & Art Gallery – Voted Best Tattoo Shop Charlotte NC04.27.19

Omg I absolutely loved the entire experience! The shop was clean and everyone was super friendly and professional!They fit me in even though I didnt have an appt! Alex is freakin awesome and she did an amazing job! I showed her a Pinterest picture and described some things I wanted to add to it and like its exactly what I wanted! I will be going back to this place for the other tatts that I want both me and my boyfriend and I highly, HIGHLY recommend this place to anyone!

MixiKat HornbackCharlotte, NC Tattoo Shop Customer

I just got an amazing elephant tattoo the other day by Conan. It was my first tattoo, and he blew me away with how realistic and detailed he made my tattoo. Very talented and loved the privacy and stress free environment. Thank you so much for the awesome experience, and the beautiful art I will cherish forever.

Lynette NoykosCharlotte, NC Tattoo Shop Cuustomer

Got my first tattoo today and Mary Jane was my artist. The staff were all really friendly and Im extremely happy with my tattoo. I will recommend them to anyone looking to get a tattoo and Ill be returning for more in the future Im sure!

Jeremy PearsonCharlotte, NC Tattoo Shop Customer

I went to get 2 pieces done by Mary Jane. These pieces were my first 2 tattoos ever in my life. Nervous and afraid of the pain, it was actually better than I expected! She brought my pieces to life and I love both of them! Ive received many compliments on how the tattoo resembles me, the person I am! Mary Jane was so sweet and talked to me through the entire process. I will definitely be back for more work!!

Monique Michelle FunchesCharlotte, NC Tattoo Shop Customer

Conan is the type of artist you can go to with any idea or even fragment of an idea and he has the experience and the talent to make your idea a reality-no matter the style youre looking for.

Wrenn HambyCharlotte, NC Tattoo Shop Customer

Everyone that works here is very personable, which makes me choose this place over any other shop in Charlotte.

Zack YarbroughCharlotte, NC Tattoo Shop Customer

I recommend Conan highly to anyone that is looking for a one of a kind tattoo that will last forever.

Bryce WilderCharlotte, NC Tattoo Shop Customer

All the staff at Canvas are very professional, laid back and super friendly! Ill continue to recommend this place and Im looking forward to coming back for more.

Kelly MukomelaCharlotte, NC Tattoo Shop Customer

I have 4 pieces from Mary Jane, all of which she helped me design and provided me with the best possible experience from start to finish.

Jessica PruitCharlotte, NC Tattoo Shop Customer

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Canvas Tattoo & Art Gallery – Voted Best Tattoo Shop Charlotte NC

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Tattoo shops in indiana that will let a 15 year old get a …04.27.19

Okay hun, first of all tattoo a minor, even with consent, goes against the ethical code of conduct for tattoo artist’s. Anyone willing to even touch you with a needle or a shop that allows an artist to touch a kid with a needle is just trashy in my book. I understand the tattoo is a nice idea for your mom, but I think that it’s just wrong to tattoo a kid, plus I believe in the state of Indiana, it’s illegal. It’s illegal to tattoo anyone under the age of 18 in most states, even with parent consent. It’s sort of like how they won’t sell alcohol to minors too, you have to be considered an adult before making the choice to put something permanent on your body. I know some states will let you do it with consent at 17, but most places still won’t do it. Why don’t you just wait a few years, 18 really isn’t that far off.

Source(s): Tattoo apprentice also covered in tattoo’s. I am also a mom and my son isn’t getting a single piece till he is 18. My sister got her first tattoo from a pretty nasty shop. The sicko used the same needle and kit on her and her friend and also tattooed both of them just above their pubic bones. The place got shut down a year later by the health department because there were 2 reports of hepatitis from dirty needles and reports of minor children being pierced and tattoo in compromising places. What I am saying is that is the kind of tattoo shop that does kids. The nasty ones.

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Tattoo shops in indiana that will let a 15 year old get a …

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Las Vegas BEST friendly and professional Tattoo Studio 2104.27.19

is a family owned and operated tattoo studio. We are a nationally, as well as internationally recognized upscale tattoo studio in the great city of Las Vegas, Nevada. Beyond the glitz and glitter lies a jewel in the desert, the best custom tattoo shop in Vegas. We have won numerous awards for best tattoo shop/ best tattoo artist (Austin Spencer). We have been featured in a multitude of magazine articles both nationally as well as internationally. Our exceptionally clean tattoo studio and art gallery is home to a team of multi talented, professionally licensed tattoo artists. Their knowledge and experience in the trade is obvious in their quality, diversified styles and creative tattoo designs. Their painting and illustrative skills further fuel the artists passion to turn clients ideas into reality. Our customer service team is top notch and goes above and beyond to make your total experience a pleasant one. We are a community minded team dedicated to our profession and love of the arts. We strive to build long term relationships with our clientele through our commitment to customer service.

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Las Vegas BEST friendly and professional Tattoo Studio 21

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tattoo shop being rude to costumers.? | Yahoo Answers04.21.19

If that hurts your feelings, sorry about that! Not acceptable in any business! He just lost another customer! Pamela Anderson got hepatitis, probably from her tats, not from sex!

If you don’t think you’ll get an allergic reactions to the ink, the FDA have gotten reports from people who have, and I have read it several times on YA TATTOOS.

Some tattoo colors are harder to remove than others. Laser treatments can turn some tattoos darker instead of lighter, or change them to a different color. The same goes for “permanent makeup,” which is a kind of tattoo. It depends on what ingredients went into the tattoo ink to produce the color.

But it can be hard to find out what’s in tattoo inks because they usually don’t have ingredients listed on the label. Very often, even the tattooist doesn’t know what’s in the tattoo ink because the company that made it considers the formula “proprietary” (pro-pry-uh-tar-ee). That means it’s a trade secret.

Here are some more facts about tattoos: FDA has not approved any color additives for injection into your skin. People who get a tattoo should not give blood for a year afterward because of the chance of infection. Although it happens only very rarely, some people may have an allergic reaction to the dyes used for tattooing. Imagine being allergic to something that’s been injected into your skin. Or, the tattooist may make a mistake. Who wants to wear someone else’s mistake forever?

Speaking of forever, how often do you change your mind about your hair, your earrings, or the clothes you like to wear? It’s not so easy when you change your mind about a tattoo.

Although many “temporary tattoos” are legal, some — especially some of those imported from other countries — are illegal in the United States because they use color additives that are not approved for use on the skin. FDA has had reports of people having allergic reactions to temporary tattoos.

What about henna temporary tattoos? Henna is a brown to reddish brown dye made from a plant. It is approved only for use on the hair, not the skin. If it is black, or any other color besides brown or reddish brown, it contains other ingredients. It also may contain other ingredients to make the stain darker, make the skin absorb the color more easily, or make the stain last longer.

Could these ingredients hurt you? It depends. Individuals are different and may be sensitive to different things. If you don’t know what the ingredients are, it’s impossible to tell what they might do if you put them on your skin.

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tattoo shop being rude to costumers.? | Yahoo Answers

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Eric appeared both locally and nationally on such television shows as the Today Show swinging tattooing into popularity. At one time, Eric owned the largest number of tattoo shops throughout northern Florida and New Mexico. Widely known for his bright pigments and applying colors to enhance each other, he is a brilliant shader and craftsman. Thus, Eric was both witness to and generator of tattoos evolution and popularity.

After several years of tattooing, Eric had the great luck to meet Paul Rogers. Paul, an old school carnie tattooist, perfected the machine and shared his techniques and tricks with Eric who became the inheritor of Pauls machine mechanics. This capability with the craft is extremely important to tattooists. Paul revealed a generosity of spirit and distribution of knowledge. After Paul persuaded Eric to move to Jacksonville, their friendship and working relationship evolved. Eric honored him by joining their names in the title for his new company, Inksmith & Rogers. That spirit continues among the staff in the support and sharing of their creative activities. They get together for flash painting parties, exploring new knowledge and techniques. They support each others additional artistic passions such as graffiti art, leather carving, pinstriping, motorcycle building, wood turning, fly fishing.

Eric now makes his home in Mora, New Mexico and in addition to maintaining his zeal for tattooing, carves wood and engraves. Most recently, he has begun engraving tattoo machines and firearms. Eric is proud of the continued communal nature and spirit of sharing that pervades Inksmith & Rogers.

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