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Artistic Tattoo Course – World’s Only Tattoo School06.02.19

Workshop #1 $2,900 Mon, Tue & Wed 1-6pm (plus open floor practice time)Course includes: Complete set of professional tattoo equipment (Tattoo machine, power supply unit, clip cord, foot switch, tubes, needles, ink, etc.)Tattoo 101 Curriculum: Tattoo history & traditions Flash drawing & design Tattoo safety precautions (bloodborne pathogens & sterilization) Tattoo machine & equipment operation Tattoo machine construction & adjustment Lining, shading & color blending Stencil construction & application Use of various needle arrangements including magnums & single-needle Use of permanent pigment vs. acrylic pigments Tattoo practice on artificial skin

Workshop #2 $900 Thurs, Fri & Sat 1-6pm (plus open floor practice time)Tattoo 102 Curriculum: Supervised tattoo practice on real clients Tattoo Shop operation Tattoo Shop & workstation set up / clean up Customer relations Tattoo pricing Practical procedures in aseptic technique & sterilization (including autoclave use) Training on rotary tattoo machines vs. coil machines

Workshop #3 $900 Mon, Tue & Wed 1-6pm (plus open floor practice time)Tattoo 103 Curriculum: Supervised tattoo practice on real clients using advanced techniques Advanced training in special effects tattooing Advanced training in cover-up tattoos Advanced training in tribal tattoos Advanced training in high realism / portrait tattoos Training on Cheyenne and other cartridge-load tattoo machines Direct referral to tattoo suppliers who require referral or business license to sell Basic theory of cosmetic tattooing (permanent makeup) Basic theory of body piercing

Workshop #4 $900 Thurs & Fri 1-6pm (plus open floor practice time & Sat 1-6pm make-up day if needed)Tattoo 104 Curriculum: Extended supervised tattoo practice on real clients (minimum of 6 procedures for tattoo portfolio) Complete business plan Professional exposure plan Assistance in applying for state license Certification in all aspects of tattooing Official school transcripts Extensive instruction in tattoo business procedures including step-by-step guide to opening a shop, working in existing shop, buying a shop & many other approaches to the tattoo business

Enrollment Options:1) Schedule all 4 workshops back-to-back (2-week Master Course) and pay tuition fee of $5,600 in full at least 1 month in advance to receive the following bonus items: $400 travel / hotel voucher 2 FREE coil tattoo machines & 1 FREE rotary tattoo machine in addition to standard tattoo kit 12 more weeks of free optional training if you need more help (repeat any or all workshops for free!) Special discounts on Body Piercing & Permanent Make-Up courses

2) Schedule Workshop #1 then take the follow-up workshops at a later date. Workshops #2, #3 & #4 must be taken in order and only after completion of Tattoo 101. Tuition fees due at least 1 week in advance.

Enrollment Requirements: Basic drawing skills. No High School diploma or GED required. Students under 18 years old must have permission from a parent or guardian. International students welcome!

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Artistic Tattoo Course – World’s Only Tattoo School

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Total Solutions Group : Aluminium Truss, Stage Sets …05.27.19

Total Solutions Group is an industry leader providing modular aluminium truss along withspecialised stage sets for both permanent installations and touring shows. We offer a wide range of industry standard products but are in our element providing innovative, one-offstructural and scenicsolutions for that extra special effect.

With its distinct product brands, Total Solutions provides a one stop shop for trussing, staging,rigging training and temporary roof structures.

Total Fabrications specialising in bespoke aluminium truss and stage sets as well as off the shelf solutions.Slick Trussing one of the oldest and best known aluminium truss systems around.Total Training rigging, safety, working at height and lifting equipment inspection training courses in our custom built training centre or off site to suit our clientsT2 The award winning safety truss from Total Solutions.OV Our newest range of products to bring affordable well designed truss to the industry.RSCLightlock Revolutionary motion dampening for moving lights and truss.

Central control by our highly experienced management and production teams means one single point of contact for clients, regardless of requirements.

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Total Solutions Group : Aluminium Truss, Stage Sets …

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Home – Mapperley Park Academy05.21.19

Your Route To Aesthetic Excellence

Welcome to Mapperley Park Aesthetics Training Academy, the UKs leader in medical aesthetic training. Established in 1993, we are the nations first choice for aesthetics, providing exceptional industry-leading training.

Well known throughout the sector for our experience and professionalism, Mapperley Park Aesthetics Training Academy offers the largest portfolio of laser and injectable courses within our field and following the launch of our new BTEC courses we are proud to be the only training providers to offer BTEC in laser. Having trained over 1,000 professionals to date, we strive to provide the highest level of training in the medical aesthetics industry.

Our courses are suitable for all levels of practitioner and our ethos is to provide lifelong learning. We work with each individual to develop the knowledge and confidence needed to become a successful practitioner.

Finance options are available to help fund your course fees, please ask for full details.


Address: Mapperley ParkTraining Academy395 Mansfield RoadNottinghamNG5 2D

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Home – Mapperley Park Academy

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Tattoo Artists Training Certificate – Online Bloodborne …05.04.19

Tattoo Artists Training is OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard Compliant Approved by Major State Health Departments / Local Health Departments / Licensing AgenciesFull List of State & Local Health Department Approvals / Acceptance: Click Here

Body art regulations differs from place to place. Many States / Local Health Departments / Licensing Agencies do not endorse nor approve bloodborne pathogens classes or trainers, but accepts body art industry specific nationally accredited courses that meets OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard 29CFR 1910.1030 requirements. We have made extensive efforts to have our course approved by most State/Local agencies who has their own review process to approve courses.

Biologix Solutions LLCs 100% online bloodborne pathogens training is approved and accepted by almost all major State Health Departments / Local Health Departments / Licensing Agencies (Full List):Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, California (IncludingLA County Approved), Colorado (Approved by Denver Department of Environmental Health), Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, *New York (New York City NYC DOHMH offers 3 hours classroom course. No other course is accepted), North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, and West Virginia.

California Counties Approval / Acceptance(Full List): Approved By Santa Clara County, San Mateo County, Sacramento County, San Diego County, Fresno County, Stanislaus County, Solano County, Amador County, Los Angeles, Nevada County, Kern County, Butte County, Ventura County, Yolo County, Placer County, Shasta County, Pasadena County, Monterey County, Sutter County, Siskiyou County(Approved for all major counties in Californialist is keep growing..!)

Los Angeles County Body Art License Requirements (Click Here): Biologix Solutions LLC is a Los Angeles County Department of Public Health approved provider of online bloodborne pathogens and infection prevention training provider for body art professionals.

New York City Tattoo License Requirements (Click Here) :A Tattoo License is required for an individual tattoo artist working in New York City and is designed to control and prevent the spread of infectious diseases in New York City. To obtain a Tattoo License an individual must successfully complete a three hour Infection Control Course and an Infection Control Examination conducted by the Department of Health and Mental Hygienes (DOHMH) Health Academy.Submission of an application for the Tattoo Artist License and registration for the Infection Control Course occur at the same time. The license will be mailed to the specific person named in the application after he or she has taken the course and passed the written examination. The license is not transferable to another person or entity.

Tattoo, Piercing, Permanent Make-Up Regulations by State: Click Here

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Tattoo Artists Training Certificate – Online Bloodborne …

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Microblading Training Chicago – Microblading Classes …04.19.19

If your eyes are the window to your soul, then your brows are the curtains. Maintaining your brows shape is critical because eyebrows act to frame the eyes and highlight your best features. Makeup artists say that the right eyebrow shape can not only brighten your appearance but also make you look more youthful.

Nowadays, there are tons of eyebrow products and eyebrow design services available on the market. Even though most of them are good at keeping your brows neat and groomed, the problem is that their effect does not last long. And thats when microblading comes into play. Microblading is a new beauty trend that has already won the hearts of thousands of women worldwide. Unlike other eyebrow procedures that come and go, microblading might be here to stay.

In the event of searching for the best microblading training in Chicago, look no further. Esthetic World Beauty professionals will teach you all aspects of microblading, from drawing eyebrows to setting up your own business. We promise our microblading classes in Chicago will make you confident and eager to master your craft.

With Esthetic World Beauty, microblading certification in Chicago is not a problem anymore. Our school offers courses for all experience levels from beginners to pros. This means that both newcomers and cosmetology professionals can benefit from our microblading training programs.

We know everything about permanent makeup, and we are willing to share our skills and knowledge with you. Our microblading experts have all the tools to equip you for a prosperous and rewarding career as a Microblading Technician.

EWB comprehensive training program teaches both theoretical and practical application of microblading. Most microblading courses we provide include a detailed examination of brow morphology as well as the comprehensive background in color theory. You will get to know our unique method of achieving the ideal brow shape. Whats more, you will have an opportunity to practice microblading on a live model. And thats just the beginning.

Esthetic World Beauty is the perfect place for people who want to become successful microblading artists and improve their makeup skills without spending a lot of money. We have developed not just a training course, but the whole comprehensive business program that ensures maximum success of our students in their career. Microblading is our passion, and we try our best to provide each student with a simple, understandable, and exciting training.

Today, to become a reputable microblading practitioner is easier than ever before. Wait no longer, let EWB experts introduce you to the world of microblading!

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Microblading Training Chicago – Microblading Classes …

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State Regulations for Laser Tattoo Removal04.19.19

One of the most common questions asked by entrepreneurs entering the field of tattoo removal is this: can I perform laser tattoo removal in my state?

While the answer to this question is not always clear, the short answer is typically yes, it can be done.

Entrepreneurs with no medical background in over 45 U.S. states operate highly profitable laser tattoo removal businesses on a day-to-day basis. Some states have no regulation on the subject, most require very little to be done, and a few have stricter regulations that favor medical professionals with advanced degrees.

Laser tattoo removal businesses exist in all U.S. states and territories and are established with an understanding of the legal requirements. Here, we are going to discuss the most common laser tattoo removal regulations found in the U.S., what the due diligence process looks like, and how Astanza can help you get started.

The vast majority of states do not require tattoo removal clinic owners or laser operators to have medical credentials, whether as a physician, nurse, or something similar. In fact, non-medical personnelmake up the bulk of individuals active in the laser tattoo removal industry.

There are, however, a few exceptions to this rule, but the most common regulations include some combination of the following requirements:

Use of an FDA cleared device for the removal of tattoos.

A physician medical director affiliated with the practice.

A certified laser operator with at least 16 hours of hands-on training.

A laser operator with laser safety training and certification.

For entrepreneurs seasoned or otherwise these tasks should not be daunting. Any reputable laser company will sell you a device that is cleared for use in the U.S., well-known training organizations (and laser companies) will provide the training needed for certification, and medical directors are surprisingly easy to come by when you look in the right places.

Astanza has helped many hundreds of entrepreneurs in variously sized markets across the U.S. find a medical director by providing the resources to do so. A medical director is an off-site physician licensed in your state that supervises the laser operations at your clinic practice. This role generally requires only periodic check-ins and availability at the discretion of the physician; ultimately, a limited responsibility position for the doctor.

Other, more highly regulated states, require a physician medical director to be “on the premises” in addition to an advanced or mid-level practitioner operating the laser system. These states are the exception, not the rule.

State regulations for this popoular procedure are very much like a bell curve with many variations in laws. A small number of states (e.g. Colorado, New York) have little to minimal regulation for laser tattoo removal. An equally small number of states (e.g. Ohio, New Jersey) only allow physicians to fire a laser device.

Most other states fall in the moderate area that requires simply a medical director and a trained and certified laser operator, possiblyone that is also a mid-level medical practitioner (e.g. RN, PA, NP). To get a better sense for the range of strictness, see the state guideline examples and graphic below:

Entrepreneurs continue to open successful tattoo removal clinics across the U.S., even in states with more advanced regulations. Various business models have been used all across the country for tattoo removal businesses that make several hundred thousand dollars in profit annually.

Astanza representatives want to share their knowledge with you to help you make the most of your market.It is important to note that doing your due diligence is a better business practice, regardless of the industry of interest.

Each state sets its own regulations for laser tattoo removal who can fire a laser, who can delegate the procedure, and who can own the laser device. It is usually the respective states medical or licensing board that puts forth the ruling.

Weve compiled a document that hosts the contact information for the relevant governing body in each state. When contacting the respective agency, please keep a few of these tips in mind:

>> State Medical & Licensing Board Contact Information PDF >>

Astanzas representatives are well-versed in laser tattoo removal and have helped clients across the United States (and world) build laser tattoo removal practices all it takes is a little bit of research. Starting the research by looking at the competition in your area might be a good start, and Astanza’s experts can help point you in the right direction.

Like any business, a laser tattoo removal clinic may take a bit of leg work while starting up. However, partnering with the right company will put you in a significantly better place and allow you to become much more profitable, faster.

Though the answer to the regulations question is not always clear, the most successful tattoo removalbusiness owners don’t blink an eye. Even though most state medical boards do not have strict requirements, it is always in a business owners best interest to have a physician tied to the clinic as a medical director.

Since most U.S. states’ laser regulations are not purely black and white and often require several contact attempts with the state, often the fastest, most accurate method of finding up-to-date laws is through legal counsel that is familiar with the medical laws in your state. Consulting with an attorney on this matter is a simple, few hour long process that is ultimately worth the cost for both peace of mind and business legitimacy.

Check out these other laser tattoo removal resources from Astanza:

Note: This content was not crafted by a lawyer, and nothing on this page is intended to be legal advice. Nothing can replace the authority of a licensed attorney in your state.

State Regulations for Laser Tattoo Removal

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Tattoo Removal Training Australia – ERAZALASER College04.13.19

There is a wide variety of regulations for tattoo removal treatments in Australia and Erazalaser College can help you no matter where you wish to offer treatments.

The most important factor for truly effective tattoo removal is the skill of the laser technician and if you wish to be successful, you would be wise to complete your practical tattoo removal training with people actually working in the business of removing unwanted ink every day!

We have busy clinics in a number of locations and we provide training in all aspects of laser tattoo removal. When you have completed our training you will be able to operate your own successful tattoo removal clinic or be a competent laser technician in another clinic.

Our Laser Fundamentals Course is a prerequisite for this practical training.

Knowledge of the beauty or medical industry is not a requirement when working with lasers. Erazalaser uses medical grade lasers specifically engineered for tattoo removal. The lasers are powerful instruments and extensive training is necessary to operate the lasers safely and effectively.

We offer comprehensive practical hands-on tattoo removal training at our modern exclusive premises with our own clients. Our trainers offer real world experience to ensure your success in the field.

During the training you will:

Be immersed in the most up to date industry knowledge whilst getting hands-on experience

Learn from experienced, practicing tattoo removal specialists

Perform actual treatments on real clients when our trainer approves

Be exposed to multiple different clients and tattoo types

Learn about laser techniques, wavelengths and tissue interaction

Be provided with the tools and knowledge needed for success

Complete treatments in our clinic with our specialist trainer

Receive ongoing support fromour specialist technician

On completion you will be equipped to start laser tattoo removal treatments. However it is your responsibility to comply with the Licencing and Operating regulations within your state or territory. Some locations are governed by the regulations of Radiation Health or Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA), others are covered under the regulations of the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) and the remainder come under the jurisdiction of the Health Department.

There may also be local government regulations that you need to consider and as regulations change often, Erazalaser College recommends that you check with your local regulators.

I am currently in the process of completing the laser tattoo removal course with ERAZALASER. I decided to do my training with ERAZALASER after speaking with James on the phone. James was very knowledgeable and professional and made me feel confident with my decision to commence the training. I have so far completed the theory component of training with ERAZALASER and will continue to complete the practical components with them at a later stage. All members of the ERAZALASER team were professional and showed a genuine passion for the industry. I gained valuable knowledge from Chris to use in further practice with ERAZALASER. All facilities and equipment were of a high standard and I remain impressed by the team. Adam B.

Your investment for the practical training depends on a number of factors. We provide the clinic and equipment, but most importantly the clients for you to treat under our supervision and our insurance. The amount of time it takes for you to complete the training will depend on your aptitude. As Erazalaser College has busy clinics where you can do your Practical Training, you will be able to achieve competency in the shortest possible time-frame.During the training you will observe multiple tattoo removal treatments and conduct treatments on actual clients.

Contact usforlaser practices course feesor phone0420 212 442.

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Tattoo Removal Training Australia – ERAZALASER College

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Infection Control Training for Tattoo Artists04.06.19

Before receiving a Tattoo Artist License, all tattoo and permanent makeup artists (including people who perform microblading, scalp pigmentation and microneedling) must successfully complete the New York City Health Departments Infection Control Course for Tattoo and Permanent Makeup Artists.

Cost: $26.00

Frequency and Duration: This class is three hours long. It is conducted twice a month.

Note : Applicants who register online or go to the Citywide Licensing center must submit an application for the Tattoo Artist License ($100) at the same time they register for the class, for a total cost of $126. Participants who complete this course and successfully pass the final written examination will have their Tattoo Artist License issued by the Citywide Licensing Center.

Register online.

Register in Person The Citywide Licensing Center 42 Broadway New York, NY 10004 Hours: Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM; Wed: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

The Riverside Health Center 160 W 100th St., 2nd Fl. New York, NY 10025

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Infection Control Training for Tattoo Artists

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Events in Secaucus, Upcoming Events, All Popular Events to …04.01.19

Wed, 03 Apr 20192 days to go Meadowlands Exposition Center, SecaucusFree and open to the public, National College Fairs allow students to interact with admission representatives from a wide range of postsecondary institutions. Admission representatives from schools across… Tradeshow Education & TrainingTue, 09 – Wed, 10 Apr 2019 Meadowlands Exposition Center, SecaucusThe cutting-edge ingredient show Conference Agriculture & ForestryThu, 11 – Sun, 14 Apr 2019 Meadowlands Exposition Center, SecaucusIntergroom is an international grooming conference which features an extensive continuing education seminar series with topics of timely interest to groomers and salon managers. It provides the attendees… Tradeshow Education & Training Fashion & Beauty VeterinaryTue, 23 – Thu, 25 Apr 2019 Meadowlands Exposition Center, SecaucusLargest sports betting trade conference in the US Conference Business ServicesSat, 27 – Sun, 28 Apr 2019 Meadowlands Exposition Center, Secaucus Conference Consumer Fair Toys & Games Entertainment & MediaWed, 15 May 2019 Meadowlands Exposition Center, SecaucusNew Jersy Cooperators Condo Hoa Coop & Apt Expo display products like construction materials & construction services, garage doors & gates, investment services, landscaping & flooring and many more related… Tradeshow Building & Construction Real Estate & PropertyFri, 17 – Sun, 19 May 2019 Meadowlands Exposition Center, SecaucusEast Coast Comicon as the major conventions grow exponentially, but focus less on comics, we felt a good old-fashioned con with a strong emphasis on comics was needed. Tradeshow Toys & Games Entertainment & MediaSat, 01 – Sun, 02 Jun 2019 Meadowlands Exposition Center, Secaucus Tradeshow Veterinary Animals & PetsSat, 22 – Sun, 23 Jun 2019 Meadowlands Exposition Center, SecaucusReef A Palooza New York is a where platform indoor marketplace where sellers, exhibitors, and hobbyists of all types can buy, sell, trade, showcase their products to the marine hobbyist community. Tradeshow Logistics & TransportationThu, 25 – Fri, 26 Jul 2019 Meadowlands Exposition Center, SecaucusNbm Show Secaucus provides the opportunity to the attendees to Discover new suppliers and product lines, Meet with current suppliers face-to-face, Find new distributors/dealers, Research crossover markets… Tradeshow Education & TrainingFri, 13 – Sun, 15 Sep 2019 Meadowlands Exposition Center, Secaucus Tradeshow Apparel & Clothing Arts & Crafts Consumer FairTue, 24 – Wed, 25 Sep 20196th edition Meadowlands Expo Center., SecaucusIntimate, dynamic networking! Tradeshow Food & Beverages Hospitality Paid entryFri, 27 – Sun, 29 Sep 2019 Meadowlands Exposition Center, SecaucusIn The Salute to Supernatural Convention Children Are Welcomed If Accompanied by an Adult Who Is Aware of the Content of Some of the Stage Material. This event display products like photographs from the… Conference Entertainment & MediaSat, 05 – Sun, 06 Oct 2019 Meadowlands Exposition Center, SecaucusThe Gluten Free & Allergen Friendly Expos are the greatest events on earth for those living a gluten-free or allergen-friendly lifestyle. Travelling to eight cities per year, the Expos are community-based,… Tradeshow Food & BeveragesSat, 05 – Sun, 06 Oct 2019 Meadowlands Exposition Center, Secaucus Tradeshow Industrial EngineeringFri, 11 – Sun, 13 Oct 2019 Meadowlands Exposition Center, SecaucusAquatic Experience provides the opportunity to the attendees to join for educational seminars and a robust show floor filled with hobbyists from entry level to the most sophisticated aquarium keepers,… Tradeshow Science & ResearchTue, 12 – Wed, 13 Nov 2019 SecaucusInternational exhibition of food & packaging sector. Tradeshow Agriculture & Forestry Food & BeveragesWed, 11 Dec 2019 Meadowlands Exposition Center, SecaucusFacilities America Expo & Education Forum will feature FAEEF attendee you’ll see industry professionals from leading companies & organization; along with AFE sponsored educational forum sessions addressing… Conference Education & TrainingSat, 04 – Sun, 05 Jan 2020 Meadowlands Exposition Center, SecaucusThis event provides the attendees with an opportunity to meet wedding professionals who help in planning the perfect bachelor/bachelorette parties, DJs, hair and makeup, wedding gowns and tuxes, decorations,… Tradeshow Apparel & Clothing Fashion & Beauty Wedding & BridalSat, 15 – Sun, 16 Feb 2020 Meadowlands Exposition Center, SecaucusBe Your Own Boss Tradeshow Business Services Franchising & RetailingSat, 15 – Sun, 16 Feb 2020 Meadowlands Exposition Center, SecaucusHome Show is an event for a shop, compare and save. Here one can ask exhibitors for show specials, save time by meeting a wide range of companies under one roof, discover new ideas and interesting products… Tradeshow Household Consumables Home & OfficeWed, 11 – Thu, 12 Mar 2020 Meadowlands Exposition Center, SecaucusChicago Area Bicycle Dealer Association Expo is a platform for bicycle manufacturers, P&A companies, distributors, and suppliers. It is open to independent bicycle dealers and their staffs. Tradeshow Auto & Automotive Business Services

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Events in Secaucus, Upcoming Events, All Popular Events to …

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Tattoo & Piercing School of Canada03.11.19

You need not bring your own models, however, if you have models of your own, bring them as well to add to ours – the more, the merrier!

Our models are volunteers who are aware the procedure is being done by somebody who is learning the trade, so, no worries, you will be under full guidance and supervision!

For Tattoo students, a chance to work on a real-paying client, to be determined by your instructor (towards the last day) and GET PAID for it, OR, if applicable, get a FREE small tattoo from another student

For Piercing students, a chance to work on a real-paying client (towards the last day and GET PAID for it, OR, opt for one FREE PIERCING, either for yourself, a friend or relative

We are comfortable with 2 students in a class, but no more than 4, for a ONE-ON-ONE instruction.

We stand by our policy of accommodating the student based on his/her availability/schedule so, you have an option to go for a special curriculum that we will create for you,

that is, if you cannot come for the regular class.

Extensive Health and Safety instruction (on blood pathogens, cross-contamination, sterilization, etc. A MUST!)

HUGE BONUS Pointers and some guidelines on: How to open and/or manage your own shop!

Located in a shopping mall with ample free parking, don’t delay, reserve your spot now!

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Tattoo & Piercing School of Canada

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