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Tattoos Muskegon Tattoos Muskegon04.23.19

You will enjoy the comfortable bedside manner of all of our artists. While we love to have fun and never work inside the box, we are still professional and always courteous. Our work ethic is something that comes naturally out of our love for ink and art. We are detail oriented and are never happy unless we complete our very best work on each and every customer. Your 100% satisfaction is always our goal.

Lets face it; your tattoos are going to be with you for the rest of your lifetime. They are not exactly something that you should choose to do randomly, or with just any tattoo artist. It is true that not all tattoo artists are experts, and we have met our fair share of clients who have received botched tattoos at other tattoo shops. You can always trust our artists at Attitudes to give you the perfect ink that you will love each and every time.

Stop by to take a look at our gallery of tattoos, then book an appointment with your favorite artist. We look forward to seeing you!

Tattoos Muskegon Tattoos Muskegon

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Tattoo (1981 film) – Wikipedia04.21.19

Tattoo is a 1981 erotic thriller film directed by Bob Brooks and starring Bruce Dern and Maud Adams. It depicts the relationship between a fashion model and an eccentric tattoo artist that quickly turns sinister.

Tattoo artist Karl Kinsky (Dern) is approached to work with renowned photographer Halsey (Leonard Frey) on temporary tattoos for swimsuit models. Despite his misgivings, Kinsky agrees to participate after seeing photographs of one of the models, Maddy (Adams).

Maddy arrives late to the photoshoot, but the two quickly bond when she expresses admiration for Kinsky’s arm tattoos and recognizes their Japanese influence. After the shoot Kinsky jealously eavesdrops on Maddy and her flirtatious boyfriend, jazz musician Buddy (John Getz). Maddy complains of having had to “dope” herself to sleep because of Buddy’s odd hours. Maddy invites Kinsky to dinner where he awkwardly asserts his dominance towards the matre d, and then threatens to kill Maddy’s ex-boyfriend Albert (Sam Schacht) for using profanity and drunkenly flirting with Maddy. They quickly leave the restaurant and drive to Maddy’s apartment. She invites him in, but he declines saying he has to catch the last train home. Instead, he goes to a sex show and aggressively speaks to a peep show girl.

The next day Kinsky surprises Maddy in Central Park with flowers. After confronting her over her use of sleeping pills, he invites her to dine with him at his apartment. She admires his tattoo equipment and artwork. Kinsky explains his theory that women who get tattoos, which he calls “the mark”, do so out of a desire to belong. The two go upstairs to dine, and listen to Buddy’s music. Kinsky tells Maddy she deserves better than Buddy, citing his handsiness. Maddy calls him “old-fashioned” but begins to makes a pass at him. Kinsky turns her down, citing a need for commitment. Maddy tells him, “people don’t make commitments when they fuck anymore” and Kinsky snaps at her over her use of profanity. He kicks her out but follows her to the street, insisting that they see each other again. She agrees to meet him at a Japanese art exhibition at the Met before speeding off in a taxi. The same night, Kinsky repeatedly telephones and berates Maddy from a telephone booth. When she asks him to stop, he returns to his apartment and intently watches her modeling tape.

On the day of the exhibition, Maddy sends her friend Sandra (Rikke Borge) to tell him Maddy is out of town, and to ask him to return her modeling tapes. He visits Maddy’s apartment, where he is told the same thing by Buddy. He leaves an ominous message on her answering machine, before returning to his family’s home to show it to prospective buyers, only to announce that it is not for sale.

Back in Maddy’s apartment, she kicks Buddy and his jazz band out for keeping her awake. As she is cleaning up, the doorbell rings. When she answers the door, Kinsky incapacitates her with a chloroform soaked rag. The next morning she awakens and discovers her chest, shoulders and back have been tattooed with floral patterns. She screams at Kinsky and smashes a mirror once she realizes she’s become a hostage. Once Kinsky tells her he’s not finished tattooing her, she faints. The next day, the tattoos have been partially colored in. Maddy makes a failed escape attempt, after which Kinsky has her call Buddy at knifepoint to tell him she will not be coming home. Recognizing Kinsky’s increasing violence, Maddy agrees to “wear the mark” in exchange for her safety.

Nearly finished with the tattoo, Kinsky stops and has Maddy masturbate while he watches from another room, much like the peep show he visited earlier. Kinsky orgasms just as she begins weeping. Maddy berates him for not “being a man” and having sexual intercourse with her instead. She finds a shard of glass from the mirror and plans to kill Kinsky with it, but is discovered. She seemingly resigns herself to her fate as Kinsky continues to expand the tattoos over her entire body.

Maddy is shocked when Kinsky finally announces, “It’s all finished.” He disrobes them both and begins to rape her. Maddy is able to grasp the tattoo gun and plunges it into Kinsky’s back. As Kinsky dies, Maddy sits up, his limp body draped across her lap. She strokes his hair as she stares off into the distance.

The film was written by Joyce Buuel, the daughter-in-law of surrealist artist Luis Buuel, based on a story by director Bob Brooks. It was featured in an April 13, 1980 New York Times article spotlighting films being shot on-location in New York City; the article mistakenly identified Rikke Borge as Dern’s love interest.[2]

The tattoo designs seen in the film are credited to Isadore Selzter, a prolific illustrator and graphic designer known for drawing many Sesame Street Magazine covers.

The film had a contentious post-production and pre-release phase. Producer Joseph E. Levine made edits without informing director Bob Brooks, who wrote an angry letter to Levine accusing him of prioritizing the opinions of “assholes in Los Angeles.”[3] Feminist group Women Against Pornography protested the film for allegedly equating violence with love.[4] They defaced the advertisements in the subway, which reportedly delighted Levine, who considered it free publicity.[3] Tellingly, although the release date was announced as November or December 1980 in the NYT article, the film was delayed nearly a year until October 9, 1981.

The songs “What’s Your Name” and “Shot in the Dark” were written by Barry DeVorzon and Michael Towers, and sung by Euca Burrows. Other instrumental music is heard in the film but an official soundtrack was not released.

Bruce Dern earned a Razzie nomination for Worst Actor for Dern,[5] who lost to Klinton Spilsbury for his performance in The Legend of the Lone Ranger.

Film critic Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times awarded the film two out of four stars. He wrote that he enjoyed the film’s first two acts, and singled out Dern’s performance as “very good,” but thought the film faltered in the triteness of its climax. He wrote,”‘Tattoo’ could have been an effective and disturbing movie… [It] opens so promisingly that its crucial scenes are doubly disappointing. Because the film’s first hour makes it clear that Tattoo is not intended as just another creepy horror film, the failure of the conclusion is all the more disappointing.”[6] New York Times film critic Janet Maslin gave the film a similar review. She praised the two leads, along with Borge and Frey, but wrote that while the film “begins with a bit of style… [it] doesn’t take long… to turn predictable and slow.”[7]

The film’s depiction of stalking has been compared to the much more successful films Taxi Driver and Maniac.[8]

In Episode 4 of Series 2 of the BBC sitcom The Royle Family, the film is discussed extensively. The character Denise calls it “absolutely brilliant,” and explains the plot to Barbara and Cheryl, who are both fascinated and horrified. Meanwhile in the living room Dave is explaining the film to Jim, who questions why the protagonist would want to cover up his victim’s breasts rather than look at them. Upon learning that the title of the film is Tattoo, Jim references the Fantasy Island character Tattoo and his catchphrase[9]

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Tattoo (1981 film) – Wikipedia

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Tora Tattoo | Tattoo Studio and TD Laser Clinic04.16.19

Welcome to!

The home of Kitchener/Waterloos premiere tattooing establishment.

Enjoy the new photos and content on our recently updated website.

Tora Tattoo was established in 1994 by long time artist Jamie Izumi.

Prior to his opening of a public tattoo studio, Jamie began winning awards for his work; this began in New York State in 1993 at the Am-Jam tattoo convention. His awards and accomplishments were the beginning drive to his career and life in tattooing. Since then, he has attended and worked at countless conventions throughout North America and by doing so has gained many friends colleagues and peers across the industry, alongside with winning many more awards for his work.

Through the years Tora Tattoo has held a high standard for its quality of tattoo work. To this day only a select few can be the diverse, talented and reliable artists that you will find here at tora. We strive to always be educated and informed with whats new and up and coming in the tattoo industry. Educating ourselves is the first step in providing the best and safest tattoo for our clients.

In recent years we have firmly established our place in the professional tattoo laser removal field. There is only one way to do this; and as we see it, doing it the right way is the only way. We have two certified laser specialists available. They are trained on all types of lasers, specifically the Q-Plus series laser used for our tattoo removal. Our laser and facility is fully Compliant ready for future licencing that will soon be implemented and mandatory.

Feel free to contact us any time so we can guide you through the process of any of the services we offer, or to answer any questions/concerns you may have.

Tora Tattoo | Tattoo Studio and TD Laser Clinic

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Lauren London debuts Nipsey Hussle tattoo after memorial …04.12.19

Nipsey Hussle’s fiancee, Lauren London, remembered the rapper during the Nipsey Hussle: A Celebration of Life memorial. USA TODAY

Lauren London is wearing her heart on her sleeve, memorializingher longtime partner Nipsey Hussle forever in ink.

The actress and mother to Hussle’s 2-year-old son Kross Asghedom debuted a new tattoo on Instagram Thursday, shortly after speaking at the rapper’s”Celebration of Life”memorial serviceat the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

“Real Love Never Dies,” she captioned a picture of her black-and-white tattoo of Hussle’s face on the inside of her forearm. “When you see me, you will always see him.”

London’s tattoo includes the words “God will rise,” along with Hussle’s signature checkered flags that he had inked on his neck. She concluded her post withthe hashtag, “Love You Hussle.”

Nipsey Hussle memorial: Slain rapper’s parents speak, Obama praises his impact

During the “Celebration of Life,” Londonpraised Hussle, whose real name wasErmias Asghedom, as a partner, father, “majestic soul” and relentless seeker of knowledge.

“He researched everything,” she said. “Completely self-taught. He went to bed reading audiobooks, which I said was nerdy but thought was secretly cool.”

She noted that “grief is the final act of love,” and invoked his words: “Until we meet again, the marathon continues.”

Contributing:Carly Mallenbaum andJayme Deerwester

Related:Nipsey Hussle’s parents speak out and Lauren London vows to ‘always represent for my king’


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Lauren London debuts Nipsey Hussle tattoo after memorial …

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Great Shall Be the Peace of Thy Children – Gordon B …04.06.19

The young men here tonight have received some wonderful counsel. I hope they have listened well and that their lives will be touched for good as a result.

I have chosen to speak to the fathers. You already know what I am going to talk about. Your wives have reminded you that this will be my subject tonight. I told them so at the Relief Society conference two weeks ago. I may say some of the same things to you that I said to them. I remind you that repetition is a law of learning.

Now, this is a subject which I take very seriously. It is a matter with which I am deeply concerned. I hope you will not take it lightly. It concerns the most precious asset you have. In terms of your happiness, in terms of the matters that make you proud or sad, nothingI repeat, nothingwill have so profound an effect on you as the way your children turn out.

You will either rejoice and boast of their accomplishments or you will weep, head in hands, bereft and forlorn, if they become a disappointment or an embarrassment to you.

Many of you are in this meeting with your sons. I compliment you most warmly. I also compliment them. Both of you are in the very best of company. I am so proud of so many of our youthboth boys and girls. They are bright. They are self-disciplined. They take the long view. They have their heads on straight. Tonight they are in the place where they ought to be. Some are singing in this choir. They are seated in congregations across the world. They are serving missions. They are struggling through school, forgoing present pleasures for future opportunities. I admire them. I love them. And so do you. They are our sons and daughters.

I hope, I pray, I plead that they will continue on the path they are now following.

But sad to say, I am confident there are some of our young men who have slipped and are slipping into the foggy swamp of immorality, drugs, pornography, and failure. I hope they are a minority among their peers, but even the loss of one is too many.

Fathers, you and their mothers have a responsibility you cannot escape. You are the fathers of your children. Your genetic pattern is forever etched in their genetic code.

While we are in this meeting, some of them, I am satisfied, are out cruising the town. They or their friends have cars to drive. In many cases their fathers bought them. They have handed them the keys and told them to have a good time.

They want to do something exciting. They think that wish is not satisfied with wholesome entertainment. They are drifters, looking to do something that will make them feel macho.

My officer friend told me recently of two young men in the backseat of a police car, handcuffs about their wrists. They had started out innocently enough that evening. Four of them in a car went about looking for excitement. They found it. Soon there was a fight. Then the police cars converged. The boys were detained and handcuffed.

These were good young men. They were not of the kind that go to the jailhouse periodically. The mother of one of them had said to him before he left home, Bad things happen after 11 oclock.

He had quickly learned the meaning of that statement. He was embarrassed. He was ashamed to face his mother.

I told the Relief Society of secret underground drug parties that go by the name of Rave. Here with flashing lights and noisy music, if it can be called that, young men and women dance and sway. They sell and buy drugs. The drugs are called Ecstasy. They are a derivative of methamphetamine. The dancers suck on babies pacifiers because the drug makes them grind their teeth. The hot music and the sultry dancing go on until 7:30 of a Sunday morning. What does it all lead to? Nowhere. It is a dead end.

Now there has developed another practice in this search for something new and different and riskier. They choke one another. Boys choke girls until they pass out. At a local school the other day a girl with a health problem was choked until she was unconscious. Only the speedy action of paramedics saved her life.

Are boys involved in such ridiculous practices aware of the fact that their prank may lead to a charge of manslaughter? If that should happen, their lives would be ruined forever.

If they want to get involved in pornography, they can do so very easily. They can pick up the phone and dial a number with which they are familiar. They can sit at a computer and revel in cyberspace filth.

I fear this may be going on in some of your homes. It is vicious. It is lewd and filthy. It is enticing and habit-forming. It will take a young man or woman down to destruction as surely as anything in this world. It is foul sleaze that makes its exploiters wealthy, its victims impoverished.

I regret to say that many fathers themselves like to hear the siren song of those who peddle filth. Some of them also work the Internet for that which is lewd and lascivious. If there be any man within the sound of my voice who is involved in this or who is moving in this direction, I plead with you to get it out of your life. Get away from it. Stay away from it. Otherwise it will become an obsession. It will destroy your home life. It will destroy your marriage. It will take the good and beautiful out of your family relationships and replace these with ugliness and suspicion.

To you young men, and to the young women who are your associates, I plead with you not to befoul your minds with this ugly and vicious stuff. It is designed to titillate you, to absorb you into its net. It will take the beautiful out of your life. It will lead you into the dark and ugly.

A recent magazine article contains the story of a 12-year-old girl who got hooked on the Internet. In a chat room she met an admirer. One thing led to another until the discussion became sexually explicit. As she conversed with him, she thought he was a boy of about her own age.

When she met him, she found a tall, overweight gray-haired man. He was a vicious predator, a scheming pedophile. Her mother, with the help of the FBI, saved her from what might have been a tragedy of the worst kind (see Stephanie Mansfield, The Avengers Online, Readers Digest, Jan. 2000, 100104).

Our youth find this tempting stuff all about them. They need the help of their parents in resisting it. They need a tremendous amount of self-control. They need the strength of good friends. They need prayer to fortify them against this flood tide of filth.

The problem of parental direction of sons and daughters is not new. It is perhaps more acute than it has ever been, but every generation has faced some aspect of it.

In 1833 the Lord Himself rebuked Joseph Smith and his counselors and the Presiding Bishop. To the Prophet Joseph He said in language clear and unmistakable, as He had said to others:

You have not kept the commandments, and must needs stand rebuked before the Lord;

Your family must needs repent and forsake some things, and give more earnest heed unto your sayings, or be removed out of their place (D&C 93:4748).

Specifically what brought about these rebukes, I do not know. But I do know that the situation was serious enough and its future fraught with sufficient danger for the Lord Himself to speak with clarity and warning.

I think He likewise speaks to us with clarity and warning. My heart reaches out to our youth, who in many cases must walk a very lonely road. They find themselves in the midst of these evils. I hope they can share their burden with you, their fathers and mothers. I hope that you will listen, that you will be patient and understanding, that you will draw them to you and comfort and sustain them in their loneliness. Pray for direction. Pray for patience. Pray for the strength to love even though the offense may have been serious. Pray for understanding and kindness and, above all, for wisdom and inspiration.

I believe this to be the most marvelous age in all the history of the world. For some reason you and I have been permitted to come on the scene at this time when there is such a great flowering of knowledge. What a tragedy it is, what a bleak and terrible thing to witness a son or daughter on whom you counted so much walk the tortuous path that leads down to hell. On the other hand, what a glorious and beautiful thing it is to see the child of your dreams walk with head up, standing tall, unafraid, and with confidence, taking advantage of the tremendous opportunities that open around him or her. Isaiah said, All thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children (Isa. 54:13).

So lead your sons and daughters, so guide and direct them from the time they are very small, so teach them in the ways of the Lord, that peace will be their companion throughout life.

I mentioned to the Relief Society women several specific things that they ought to teach their sons and daughters. I repeat them briefly, perhaps in different language.

The first is to encourage them to develop good friendships. Every boy or girl longs for friends. No one wishes to walk alone. The warmth, the comfort, the camaraderie of a friend mean everything to a boy or girl. That friend can be either an influence for good or an influence for evil. The street gangs which are so vicious are an example of friendships gone afoul. Conversely, the association of young people in church and their mingling in school with those of their own kind will lead them to do well and to excel in their endeavors. Open your homes to the friends of your children. If you find they have big appetites, close your eyes and let them eat. Make your childrens friends your friends.

Teach them the importance of education. The Lord has enjoined upon this people the responsibility to train their minds that they may be equipped to serve in the society of which they will become a part. The Church will be blessed by reason of their excellence. Furthermore, they will be amply rewarded for the effort they make.

I read from a clipping I made the other day: The latest Census information indicated the annual wage for someone without a degree and no high school diploma stood at little more than $16,000 nationally [in 1997]. The jump wasnt much higher for a high school diploma$22,895 annual average income. As the level of education increases, however, so does the span. The holder of a bachelors degree earned, on average, $40,478 that year. Finally, the holder of an advanced degree typically bumped up their annual earnings by more than $20,000 to a nationwide average of $63,229, according to [these] Census figures (Nicole A. Bonham, Does an Advanced Degree Pay Off? Utah Business, Sept. 2000, 37).

Teach your children self-respect. Teach them that their bodies are the creation of the Almighty. What a miraculous, wonderful, and beautiful thing is the human body.

As has been said here tonight, Paul, in writing to the Corinthians, declared: Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?

If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are (1 Cor. 3:1617).

Now comes the craze of tattooing ones body. I cannot understand why any young manor young woman, for that matterwould wish to undergo the painful process of disfiguring the skin with various multicolored representations of people, animals, and various symbols. With tattoos, the process is permanent, unless there is another painful and costly undertaking to remove it. Fathers, caution your sons against having their bodies tattooed. They may resist your talk now, but the time will come when they will thank you. A tattoo is graffiti on the temple of the body.

Likewise the piercing of the body for multiple rings in the ears, in the nose, even in the tongue. Can they possibly think that is beautiful? It is a passing fancy, but its effects can be permanent. Some have gone to such extremes that the ring had to be removed by surgery. The First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve have declared that we discourage tattoos and also the piercing of the body for other than medical purposes. We do not, however, take any position on the minimal piercing of the ears by women for one pair of earringsone pair.

Teach them to stay away from drugs. Thats been spoken of eloquently here. I have already spoken about Ecstasy. Do you wish your children to have the peace of which Isaiah spoke? They will not know peace if they get involved with drugs. These illegal substances will take away their self-control, will seize upon them to a point where they will do anything, within or outside the law, to get another dose.

Teach them the virtue of honesty. There is no substitute under the heavens for the man or woman, the boy or girl who is honest. No false words besmirch his or her reputation. No act of duplicity colors his or her conscience. He or she can walk with head high, standing above the crowd of lesser folk who constantly indulge in lying, cheating, and who excuse themselves with statements that a little lying hurts no one. It does hurt, because small lying leads to large lying, and the prisons of the nation are the best proof of that fact.

Teach them to be virtuous. There is no peace to be had through sexual impurity. Our Heavenly Father placed within us the desires that make us attractive to one another, boys and girls, men and women. But with that urge must be self-discipline, rigid and strong and unbending.

Teach them to look forward to the time when they may be married in the house of the Lord as those who come to the altar free from taint or evil of any kind. They will be grateful all of the days of their lives that they were married in the temple, worthily, under the authority of the holy priesthood.

Parenthetically, a word to you men.

Watch the tides of your lives that you do not become enmeshed in situations which lead to sorrow, regret, and, eventually, divorce. Divorce has become so common all around us. There are so many who violate the solemn covenants they have made before God in His holy house.

Brigham Young once said: When people are married, instead of trying to get rid of each other, reflect that you have made your choice, and strive to honor and keep it, do not manifest that you have acted unwisely and say that you have made a bad choice, nor let any body know that you think you have. You made your choice, stick to it, and strive to comfort and assist each other (Deseret News, 29 May 1861, 98).

A divorce, when all is said and done, represents a failed marriage.

So many men become chronic critics. Rather, if they would look for the virtues in their wives instead of looking for their failings, love would bloom and the home would be secure.

Teach your children to pray. There is no other resource to compare with prayer. To think that each of us may approach our Father in Heaven, who is the great God of the universe, for individual help and guidance, for strength and faith, is a miracle in and of itself. We come to Him by invitation. Let us not shun the opportunity which He has afforded us.

God bless you, dear fathers. May He bless you with wisdom and judgment, with understanding, with self-discipline and self-control, with faith and kindness and love. And may He bless the sons and daughters who have come into your homes, that yours may be a fortifying, strengthening, guiding hand as they walk the treacherous path of life. As the years passand they will pass ever so quicklymay you know that peace which passeth all understanding (Philip. 4:7) as you look upon your sons and daughters, who likewise have known that sacred and wonderful peace. Such is my humble prayer, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

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Great Shall Be the Peace of Thy Children – Gordon B …

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Tattoos: Understand risks and precautions – Mayo Clinic03.31.19

Tattoos: Understand risks and precautions

Tattoos might be more common than ever, but don’t take the risks lightly. Understand basic safety precautions and aftercare.

You could be the proud owner of a new tattoo in a matter of hours but don’t let the ease of the process stop you from thinking carefully about permanent body art. Before you get a tattoo, make sure you know what’s involved and how to reduce the possible risks.

A tattoo is a permanent mark or design made on your skin with pigments inserted through pricks into the skin’s top layer. Typically, the tattoo artist uses a hand-held machine that acts much like a sewing machine, with one or more needles piercing the skin repeatedly. With every puncture, the needles insert tiny ink droplets.

The process which is done without anesthetics causes a small amount of bleeding and slight to potentially significant pain.

Tattoos breach the skin, which means that skin infections and other complications are possible, including:

Medication or other treatment might be needed if you experience an allergic reaction to the tattoo ink or you develop an infection or other skin problem near a tattoo.

Before you get a tattoo, think carefully about it. If you’re unsure or worried that you might regret it, give it more time. Don’t allow yourself to be pressured into getting a tattoo, and don’t get a tattoo if you’re under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Choose the location of the tattoo carefully. Consider whether you want the option to hide your tattoo under clothing. Also remember that weight gain including pregnancy weight gain might distort the tattoo or affect its appearance.

To make sure your tattoo will be applied safely, ask these questions:

How you care for your new tattoo depends on the type and extent of work done. Typically, however, you’ll need to:

If you think your tattoo might be infected or you’re concerned that your tattoo isn’t healing properly, contact your doctor. If your tattoo isn’t what you expected and you’re interested in tattoo removal, ask your dermatologist about laser surgery or other options for tattoo removal.


Read more here:
Tattoos: Understand risks and precautions – Mayo Clinic

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100+ Small Hand Tattoos for Men and Women [2019] – Piercings …03.31.19

Hand tattoos are for people who want to make a bold statement. Hand tattoos attract more attention than any of the other tattoos you can get, except for maybe a face tattoo. Most often, hand tattoos have Gothic or spiritual designs. You must have a motivation or an inspiration for your hand tattoo before you decide taking one.Lets take a look at some of the best hand tattoos to inspire you in hopefully getting a hand tattoo for yourself!

Scorpion tattoos symbolizepower.

What a cute lemon tattoo!

A simple and unusual tattoo. I love the placement of this safety pin tattoo since it follows the shape of the hand.

A colorful bow hand tattoo can definitely make a statement.

A small flower design on the hand looks so cute, sweet, fresh and very feminine. As much as possible keep the design simple.

Heart tattoosymbolizes love. Show off your romantic side by getting a heart tattoo.

The crown and skull tattoo symbolizes good luck.

Cross tattoos are very symbolic. It can also look striking when combined with other designs.

Small tattoos are preferred by women who do not want to have a huge artwork on their bodies.

Flower tattoos dont have to be big. A small simple flower can look unique and cute.

This is an awesome compass tattoo with feathers.

Star tattoos look cool and nice. Its also the best preference for your first tattoo.

This design also looks great on foot.

Most people would like to have bird hand tattoos since birds are considered as beautiful creatures.

Star tattoos can be placed in any part of the body such as the neck, finger, back, chest, leg and hands.

This is an awesome tattoo of a red flower with tribal vines.

Crown tattoos have various meanings but the most common one is royalty.

If you are not ready to get a sleeve tattoo then why dont you try having a fascinating little piece on your hand.

Panda is one of the most popular animals. Thats whyhaving a panda tattoo is starting to become very popular also. Support the World Wildlife Fun by wearing a panda logo on your hand.

Anchor tattoos are usually associated with ships and the sea. For Christians, it symbolizes strength and stability.

This is a beautiful pirate ship tattoo on the right hand.

Most women prefer small hand tattoos since it will not cause any trouble in their job.

Small tattoos are generally inconspicuous and made of black ink.

Tribal tattoos can also look great on foot.

If you want to have sparkling tattoos then get these shooting black stars on your hand.

This is a nice heavenly tattoo of a black crescent combined with sun rays.

Sometimes a cross tattoo can look cool when combined with other designs.

Paw print tattoos look so simple yet they have deep meanings. They also look elegant especiallywhen placed on the hand.

There are different types of cross tattoo designs such as Irish, Catholic, and Celtic.

When flowers are being associated with vines, the beauty of the tattoo will be enhanced.

A tree tattoo on the hand is quite eye catching.

A pentagram tattoo is usually related to Wicca, a pagan religion.

There are so many choices when it comes to bow tattoos. You are free to create your own unique design.

Tale as old as time.

The sun and moon tattoo is very popular all over the world. The sun gives light during the day while the moon gives light during the night.

Deer tattoos may not symbolize strength yet it represents kindness and gentleness.

Octopus tattoo is very popular among the aquatic animals tattoo.

Spider tattoos have different variations which can be worn by men and women.

Sun tattoos are very significant in our lives because it is the ultimate source of energy.

Octopus tattoos have a variety of designs and it can also be placed in any part of the body.

Butterfly tattoos can either be big or small. The big ones can be placed on the back, chest and arms. The small ones can be placed on the ankles, neck and hands. Are you wondering why the butterfly is upside down? Maybe because its wings wouldnt fit.

Deer tattoos are a representation of being soft and humble.

Bird tattoos can represent a wide array of moods and emotions.

Skulls on a butterfly? Nevertheless, its kinda cool. Looks like an optical illusion.

Small hand tattoos usually have simple designs.

Small animal tattoos can also look good on the forearm and the neck.

In order to design a unique tattoo, you should have a lot of skills and creativity.

Unique tattoos can come from different people all around the world. Sometimes it is inspired by their ideologies in life.

This is a black dragon tattoo that emits fire from the mouth.

If you have a pet then get a paw print tattoo with its name on it.

This red dragon tattoo is done in tribal style.

This cute devil and angel tattoo is done in a doodle style.

This is a creative mouthless pink skull tattoo with cross bones.

The sea horse tattoo looks so cool on the edge of the hand.

Swallow tattoos represent happiness and peace.

Are you afraid of cockroaches?

A sparrow tattoo and twin hearts tattoo.

This tattoo is a representation of aboriginal ancestry.

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100+ Small Hand Tattoos for Men and Women [2019] – Piercings …

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101 Small Tattoos for Girls That Will Stay Beautiful …03.25.19

Chances are, even if you dont already have tattoos, that you will have considered getting a small tattoo at some point in time. Theyre discreet and will never cause offense or regret. If youre worried about a small tattoo lasting the test of time, then check out these designs which will stand strong across the years.

Getting small tattoos has become quite popular for girls who dont want to commit to a large piece of artwork. Girls who like small tattoos usually want to choose simple designs that will look good for decades to come. They also want to choose meaningful designs that will remind them of important ideas, people, or events throughout the years. When you have a tattoo that means a great deal to you every time you look at it you will be reminded of that meaning so its important to choose something that will look effortlessly beautiful through the years. Here are 50+ ideas for simple and small tattoos for girls that will look great throughout the years:

This skull design on the finger gives a tough, punky edge, yet is still small and feminine enough that it definitely works. Finger designs are great for girls who want to go for something attractive and unusual, yet not too in your face.

A simple word can have a deep meaning. If you have a font you really like and want to make a bold statement then getting a word tattooed on you can be very powerful. a delicate font keeps it pretty, and if you get the tattoo done in a place such as your hip, you only need to show it off when you feel like it.

A scattering of stars on the neck is super cute. The simplicity of the design works really well when teamed with the unusual placement of the tattoo. We love the arrow on the finger as well, sometimes having clean, delicate lines works best.

A colourful bow on the hand makes a super girls statement, yet it is still pretty subtle.

A perfect one for music lovers, a little note is dainty, classy and looks great pretty much anywhere on your body.

Could this tattoo be more beautiful? It is simple, understated and utterly tasteful. The slender lines make this tattoo oh so feminine and the placement on the delicate shoulder blade only adds to the cool and classy effect.

A pretty flower is girly and cute. Keep the design simple and, despite having a small tattoo, you make quite a statement. Sweet, feminine and fresh.

The delicate wrist area is a perfect place to get a girly tattoo and we just love this fur tree design. Its unique and adorable yet is still really small and subtle what more could you ask for?

Floral tattoo designs dont have to be huge elaborate blooms and winding vines. A simple rose, or an unusual flower like a dahlia or a gardenia can be unique but still small and cute. Some girls like to get a tattoo of the flower that represents the month they were born, or the state where they grew up. Other girls like to choose flowers that represent some aspect of their personality. For example, a daisy tattoo might symbolize a love of nature and simplicity while a tattoo of an orchid might symbolize elegance.

These cute, colourful little toe tattoos are just adorable, remember tattoos dont always have to be intricate and complicated to look great, as this fun trio of flowers proves.

A simple black flower silhouette stands out and looks fantastic. Its elegant, perfectly formed and bang on trend, hooray!

A gorgeous flower on the hip design is a classic, and hugely popular with girls who want something pretty and fun.

We just adore this totally unique and trendy pint sized tat! A brilliant idea, and one that is sure to catch on quick!

Finger tattoos are so cute a delicate, feminine hands . A simple word, phrase or picture work well as the small area means too much detail is hard to capture. A hand tattoo also means you are sure to keep your nails looking great!

There is something sexy and seductive about a girl with a tattoo just behind her ear. This bright and beautiful floral design certainly makes a statement.

This inner ear tattoo is totally charming. This is stylish and fashionable and the basic, yet attractive design works really well. We love the pretty colours too.

A medium sized flower silhouette works magically on the shoulder blade. It creates a strong yet ladylike statement and looks wonderful with off the shoulder or strappy tops.

Birds have often been consider a symbol of elegance and grace, and silhouettes of birds in motion makes for a truly graceful and elegant tattoo. Get several in different stages of flying to create a beautiful sense of elegant movement which will make your tattoo really come to life.

Sometimes simple is best and this super chic cross tattoo is one of the nicest examples we have seen.

Another gorgeous statement tattoo which exudes strength and grace, we love the detail in this gorgeous flower neck tattoo and the sketchy, artistic impression it creates.

How adorable is this fun flower tattoo? This cheeky little tattoo is becoming and increasingly popular design choice Something small and endearing works every time.

A floral back tattoo can look great. Especially with subtle edges of colour just like the one above. We love the simplicity of the design and the different shades that really bring this beautiful tattoo to life.

This is one of the smallest little tattoos we have seen and we just love it. If you are looking for something charming, girly and enchanting we might just have a winner here!

Cats are becoming an increasingly popular choice for girls as tattoos. From super life like to totally abstract these are perfect for cute, fun girls who want something to express their love for this adorable creature.

This fun cartoon cat is perfect to bring out your inner child! Colourful and playful we this it is just purrrrfect!

This tiny kitten silhouette is amazing. Classy and subtle we love that someone might not notice this tattoo for ages. Super cool.

This outline tattoo is really understated making it hugely classy. Delicate, stylish and right on trend.

Could this tattoo be any cuter? If you are a cat lover and cant get a kitten this might be the next best thing! We love the detail and movement here and could just look at its tiny paws all day long!

Small cat tattoos that are cute and stylized have become wildly popular tattoos for girls. Tiny little paw prints leading to a tiny silhouette of a cat is an adorable tattoo for cat lovers. A shadowy cat filled in with black that is no bigger than a thumb placed over the heart, above the collarbone, behind the ear, or on the back of the neck is a cute tattoo that is easy to cover up with a scarf or with long hair. Cat silhouettes from different perspectives are also very cute and sweet tattoos appropriate for girls of all ages. Cat faces and cat whiskers are other types of cat tattoos that stay cute.

The black bow on the back of the neck is so trendy right now. It looks fantastic, is super chic and really makes a statement. We just love tattoos that you can show off and cover up as and when you like, and this one really ticks all the boxes.

A cute a colourful bow wrist tattoo looks stylish and cool, a touch of colour makes it even more pretty, and we love the cool placement of this tattoo as well.

We love the shading and detail that has gone into this back bow tattoo, really girly and cute!

This simple black outline of a bow looks elegant and really cute too!

We love the combination of the tough anchor with the girly bow -top marks for originality, and the subtle colours work really well on this tattoo too.

This tiny bow behind the ear is just dreamy! We love how subtle and cute it is, so you only need show it to those special people who truly deserve it!

A cute finger bow is subtle and feminine. If you arent into colour and want something little but that you can still show off, this is a fantastic idea.

A little bow on the thumb looks elegant and classy. The bold black colouring keeps it sharp, this is definitely one very cute tattoo!

Bow tattoos are becoming very popular among women of all ages. Girlish bows represent a sweet and gentle femininity that many girls love. Ribbon style bows look cute in many places on the body like the wrists, legs, back, and arms. One of the most common bow tattoos is a tiny bow tattooed on the inside of the wrist or behind the ear. Pale colored bows evoke a childlike innocence while red or black bows imply a little more sexiness without being brash. Bow tattoos are becoming very popular choices for girls who want a tattoo but dont want to look tough or punk like.

Hearts are a classic symbol of love, so why not show off your romantic side and have a simple heart tattoo done? We love this clean and delicate little heart, just at the base of the hairline. It is small and subtleand the red colouring makes it really stand out.

These two heart outlines are so sweet. We love the simplicity and the off centre placement of the hearts gives them a slightly kooky edge. Needless to say we are seriously enamoured with this awesome tattoo.

This delicate heart on the forefinger tattoo is the epitome of chic. A delicate and simple design in an unusual place like this one works so well.

If you fancy making a bit more of a statement why not go to the classic dagger through the heart design? Whatever your motivation for getting it, you cant deny that it looks just fantastic.

A delicate heart behind the ear design is another wildly popular one. Small, pretty and fun, you will always want to wear your hair up if you have this tattoo, and are sure to get loads of compliments about it.

This bug and heart combo is so adorable! We just love the subtle colour variations, the shading and the fact that the design is truly original. This is a tattoo you will be proud of forever!

Hearts have always been a popular choice for tattoos among girls, but these days girls are choosing hearts that arent quite so frilly or frothy as they have been in the past. Ornate heart tattoos like Celtic hearts are falling out of favor with girls. Tiny solid black hearts in pairs or alone are an artsy choice for girls who want heart tattoos. A tiny pair of hearts could represent a friend or a spouse. Sometimes friends will get matching tiny heart tattoos to cement a lifelong friendship. Small and simple heart tattoos are a great choice for anyone who wants a timeless tattoo that will still look fantastic many years from now.

Getting a name tattoo might be considered brave but why not just go for it? If you have a name of a special person in your life, there is no greater dedication then getting it inked on your skin as a permanent reminder of them!

Words can look great if you choose the right font and something that means something to you. They can be a significant or random as you like, get it right and you will be so pleased with your new ink, we are sure of that!

This tattoo is super cute, we love the spacing between the letters, and the dreamy font too! The flirty placement makes it extra cool, and one that you will love forever.

Getting just a word or a short phrase that is meaningful or inspirational as a tattoo has become very popular among girls. After seeing some heavy hitting Hollywood stars get tattoos with special words or phrases many other girls are doing it too. The words or phrases are smart tattoos to get because forever they will be reminders of a particular time, a particular choice, or a particular inspiration that affected that persons life. Small word and phrase tattoos are easy to hide when necessary and can be a secret reminder of strength, resiliency, and forgiveness.

An intricate or unusual ring design can look fantastic, we love the detailed pattern of this cool ring design, and the flash of colour makes it really special too.

These unusual designs look amazing, we love the shapes that the bold, black lines have created -very cool indeed.

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101 Small Tattoos for Girls That Will Stay Beautiful …

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tattoo photos on Flickr | Flickr03.25.19

I don’t want to be shy

Can’t stand it anymore

I just want to say ‘Hi’

To the one I love

Cherry blossom girl

I feel sick all day long

From not being with you

I just want to go out

Ever night for a while

Cherry blossom girl

Tell me why can’t it be true

I never talk to you

People say that I should

I can pray everyday

For the moment to come

Cherry blossom girl

I just want to be sure

When I will come to you

When the time will be gone

You will be by my side

Cherry Blossom Girl

Tell me why can’t it be true

I’ll never love again

Can I say that to you

Will you run away

If I try to be true

Cherry blossom girl

Cherry blossom girl

I’ll always be there for you

That means no time to waste

Whenever there’s a chance

Cherry blossom girl

Tell me why can’t it be true

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tattoo photos on Flickr | Flickr

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Tattoo Games for Girls – Girl Games03.25.19

We are GirlGames! You’ve come to the right place if you want the ideal mixture of Dress Up Games, Cooking Games, and Makeover Games! We’ve gathered the greatest girl gamers (that’s you!) to tell us about the games they want and the top-tier developers to deliver the Most Popular games on the web! We didn’t name our site after our perfect collection of Arcade Classics or Skate Boarding games, although we have those too! When we update every week, we bring more Beach games, more Base Defense games, and more Baking games because we want to please our amazing fans! So get involved and tell us how our Sports games, our Action games, and our Girl Games make you get up, get out, and dance!

Whatever you’re looking to play, we’ve got the Newest version right here! We update every week, so come back to fulfill your Dating Fantasy or plan your Wedding Kiss! GirlGames has Teen games and Fashion games for our gamers with a sense for style. GirlGames has delightful Love games for Cakes, Pizza, Room decoration, and much more! Whether you’re Searching for the latest Celebrity game or on a Quest to Quiz your brain with a Puzzle Game, Girl Games will entertain you and your friends for years!

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Tattoo Games for Girls – Girl Games

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