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Tattoo tales – Rapid City Journal08.08.17

Overcast skies, 60 degree temps and intermittent sprinkles of rain forced most rallygoers to don leathers, jeans and long-sleeved T-shirts on their rides through the Black Hills on Sunday.

Safe and sound decisions for bikers, but tough going for the search of great tattoo stories.

Robert E. Lee, a.k.a. “The General,” and his wife were just getting ready to roll on out when they heard the tattoo inquiry.

And for the record, Robert E. Lee is his real name since he took his wife’s last name when they said their vows, The General explained as he got off his bike and began shedding clothes.

What are you doing, his friends asked.

“Showing my tattoo,” he said.

The Bismarck, N.D., biker with the Our Place Motorcycle Club warned: Its a special tattoo, but the canvas isnt very pretty.

The canvas was his hairy chest. Sketched between his pectoral muscle was a black and white freehand drawing of a young man with the buck he bagged on his first hunt and his dog.

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The tattoo was created from a photograph shot in 1996.

The following year, the young man in that photo, Justin Sharp, Lees 14-year-old son, died by his own hand.

And while Lee doesn’t often run around shirtless, every time he showers, he looks at the image over his heart and remembers. The image and caption beneath, “This hunt guided by Jesus,” bring him peace, and honor a life cut too short, Lee said.

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Tattoo tales – Rapid City Journal

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6 Signs You’re Going to Regret That New Tattoo – Men’s Health08.08.17

Even if youre happy with the design, location, and look of your tattoo, you may eventually regret it for health reasons.

A 2015 case study turned up malignant skin cancer cells in the red portion of a mans tattoo. The study authors say the man likely had skin cancer before getting his tat, and the tattoo needle may have poked the cancer and then re-seeded its cells. The kind of low-grade inflammation caused by tattoo inks could also raise a mans risk for skin cancers, the study authors say.

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Ink-related skin infections are also an underreported issue, per a study in the New England Journal of Medicine. Because tattoo inks are largely unregulated, a bad batch can lead to widespread infectionseven if a tattoo parlor is doing everything right.

None of this means you shouldnt get tatted up. For a lot of men, tattoos are points of pride and meaningful expressions of heritage, culture, or individuality.

But as the popularity of tattoos has exploded, especially among Millennials, a lot of dudes are ending up with poorly considered body art that costs a small fortune to removea thousand dollars (and up) for even a small tattoo.

Think before you ink.

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6 Signs You’re Going to Regret That New Tattoo – Men’s Health

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Free Tattoos Help Cover Up Gang and Racist Related Ink – www.localmemphis.com08.08.17

HORN LAKE, Miss ( – Tattoo artists in Mississippi are working to cover up racist and gang related ink for free.

“I had a pair of boots,” said T.M. Garret, pointing to a faded area on his left hand. “I used to be a skin head back in Germany. After I changed, that tattoo was still there.”

Garret told Local 24 News he was able to remove the tattoo through laser treatment, but it wasn’t cheap.

He said not everyone could afford to remove a tattoo through that method but said everyone should be able to cover something they’re no longer want.

“I formed the non-profit C.H.A.N.G.E.,” he said. “It stands for care, hope, awareness, need, give, and education.”

Garret and his organization partnered with artists working at Sick Side Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio in Lake Horn, Mississippi.

Together they’re working to cover up racist and gang related tattoos through the Erase The Hate” campaign.

“Everyone deserves a second chance,” he said. “Sometimes people already have changed in their mind, but the ink is still there. What we’re doing is helping people by getting rid of that ink.”

The tattoo parlor will work with an individual to block out the old tattoo with a new design.

Pastor Ray Johnson was one of the first people to take advantage of the campaign.

He met with tattoo artist Drew Darby who drew up a cross tattoo to cover his former gang name tattoo ‘Dough Boy.’

“I can shade the clouds in to cover up what you’ve got here,” Darby told Johnson during the initial consultation. “I’ll draw it custom. We can change the cross, the wings, whatever you want to change but something along those guidelines.”

Johnson told Local 24 he has been living with the tattoo since the 1990’s.

“It’s more negative than it is positive,” he said. “It’s just been a mark on me and I want to cover it up.”

“His entire tattoo will be finished in two weeks,” said Darby. “I think everyone should be proud of the ink they have and I’m glad I get to be a part of this.”

“I’m very grateful,” said Johnson. “I think it’s a good deal, to be able to get rid of those things that are a negative offense to the world and also to people, I think it’s a great opportunity to bring people together as well and that’s what this campaign is doing.”

People looking to have their gang or racist tattoos covered up are encouraged to call Sick Sidefor an appointment at (662) 342-6767.

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Free Tattoos Help Cover Up Gang and Racist Related Ink –

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After drinks came the ink: Tattoo proclaims UK as 2018 champions – Lexington Herald Leader08.08.17

One Wildcats fan is showing his faith in the 2018 University of Kentucky mens basketball team in a big and rather permanent way.

Joseph Tucker, 21, of Augusta said he was on vacation with a few friends on Friday when, after a day of drinking at a Myrtle Beach bar, they decided to get tattoos. Tucker said he remembered going into the tattoo parlor, but didnt count on actually going through with his plan.

I guess one thing led to another, Tucker said. We talked about getting tattoos, and I didnt think Id get one, but I woke up the next morning and it was there.

The tattoo is on his arm and features the UK emblem with the words 2018 National Champions.

His friends approved of the decision, but Tucker said hes not sure if his family knows how to react to his first tattoo.

Tucker said hes confident that his inked prediction will come true, but if it doesnt he plans to modify the tattoo to honor the 2012 championship team.

I grew up my whole life as a Kentucky fan, Im pretty confident in them every year, Tucker said. You probably wont find a bigger Kentucky fan than me.

This isnt the first time a UK fan has taken high hopes all the way to the tattoo artists chair. Tyler Austin Black, who was 22 at the time, got a tattoo on his calf in 2014 proclaiming a ninth national championship for the team.

Black told ESPN that he planned on keeping that tattoo, even though the Wildcats didnt win the championship.

See the article here:
After drinks came the ink: Tattoo proclaims UK as 2018 champions – Lexington Herald Leader

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Meet Whang Od Oggay: The Philippines’ oldest tattoo artist – CNN08.07.17

(CNN) Surrounded by lush rice terraces and undulating landscape, the mountain village of Buscalan is home to just 200 or so households. It rests in the Kalinga province of the Philippines and is about a 15-hour drive north of Manila.

Yet thousands of tourists come here every year to meet Whang Od Oggay, the Philippines’ oldest mambabatok — or traditional Kalinga tattooist. Roughly 100 years old, Whang Od has been performing the ancient art of hand-tapped tattoos since she was 15.

“The tradition will continue as long as people keep coming to get tattoos,” Whang Od tells CNN Travel. “As long as I can see well, I will keep giving tattoos. I’ll stop once my vision gets blurry.”

A symbol of beauty and strength

Traditionally, the hand-tapped tattoos were earned by indigenous Butbut warriors.

“Once they’ve killed someone, they are eligible for a tattoo,” explains Whang Od. “Everyone knew when one of the warriors has killed someone because he would announce it to everyone.”

And for women? Tattoos were considered an aesthetic accessory.

“Back then they would say: ‘Go get a tattoo so you would look beautiful,’ ” recalls Whang Od of her teenage years, when friends covered her arms and legs in tattoo sleeves.

But now that the warriors have died out, the hand-tapped tattoos are open to anyone — and Whang Od sees a steady stream of international clients, etching about eight tattoos a day. Each symbol — ranging from lines to circles, animals and tribal prints — carries a deeper meaning. Some designs represent the mountains or the sun, others fertility and strength.

“I like it when tourists and visitors come here because it helps us out [financially],” says Whang Od. “I hope visitors keep coming.”

How she does it

Whang Od follows a millenniums-old technique, using just a few tools: a thorn from a pomelo tree, a foot-long bamboo stick, coal scraped off a pot, and water.

That’s it.

With intense concentration, she paints a design on the skin using the homemade coal-water ink. Tap by tap, she uses the thorn and bamboo stick to push ink deep into the skin, drawing blood. With this simple technique, Whang Od creates meaningful geometric designs — but not without the pain commonly associated with modern tattoos.

Tattooing the future

Keeping the art alive is more complicated than it seems. The art can only be passed down to blood relatives, following the belief that the tattoos will become infected otherwise. Though she doesn’t have children of her own, Whang Od has been training her grandnieces Elyang Wigan and Grace Palicas for several years.

“[My friends who gave tattoos] have all passed away,” says Whang Od. “I’m the only one left alive that’s still giving tattoos. But I’m not afraid that the tradition will end because [I’m training] the next tattoos masters.”

Even though the art is in good hands, the centenarian doesn’t plan to go anywhere anytime soon.

Her secret to living to 100? “I don’t eat canned goods, foods with oil, foods with preservatives,” Whang Od says. “I only eat organic foods like leafy vegetables and beans.”

UNPLUG AT THESE REMOTE RESORTS IN THE PHILIPPINES: Want carefree island vibes and a stretch of sand all to yourself? Dedon Island in Surigao del Norte is the right place.

Excerpt from:
Meet Whang Od Oggay: The Philippines’ oldest tattoo artist – CNN

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Graphene electronic tattoos can be applied to the skin with water – Phys.Org08.07.17

The graphene tattoos retain their full function for about two days, but can be peeled off by a piece of adhesive tape if desired. Credit: Shideh Kabiri Ameri et al. 2017 American Chemical Society

Researchers have designed a graphene-based tattoo that can be directly laminated onto the skin with water, similar to a temporary tattoo. But instead of featuring artistic or colorful designs, the new tattoo is nearly transparent. Its main attraction is that graphene’s unique electronic properties enable the tattoo to function as a wearable electronic device, with potential applications including biometric uses (such as measuring the electrical activity of the heart, brain, and muscles), as well as human-machine interactions.

The researchers, led by Deji Akinwande and Nanshu Lu at the University of Texas at Austin, have published a paper on the new graphene electronic tattoo in a recent issue of ACS Nano.

In some ways, the graphene electronic tattoo is similar to commercially available electronic devices for health and fitness tracking: both kinds of devices are capable of heart rate monitoring and bioimpedence (a measure of the body’s response to an electric current). But because the ultrathin graphene tattoos can fully conform to the skin, they offer medical-grade data quality, in contrast with the lower performance of the rigid electrode sensors mounted on bands and strapped to the wrist or chest. Due to the high-quality sensing, the researchers expect that the graphene tattoos may offer promising replacements for existing medical sensors, which are typically taped to the skin and require gel or paste to enable the electrodes to function.

“The graphene tattoo is a dry physiological sensor which, because of its thinness, forms an ultra-conformal contact to skin, resulting in increased signal fidelity,” coauthor Shideh Kabiri Ameri at the University of Texas at Austin told “Conformability results in less susceptibility to motion artifacts, which is one the biggest drawbacks of conventional dry sensors and electrodes for physiological measurements.”

The new tattoos are made of graphene that is coated with an ultrathin backing layer of transparent polymer poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA). During fabrication, the graphene/PMMA bilayer is transferred to a piece of ordinary tattoo paper, and the bilayer is then carved into different patterns of serpentine ribbons to make different types of sensors. The finished tattoo is then transferred to any part of the body by bringing the graphene side in contact with the skin and applying water to the back of the tattoo paper to release the tattoo. The tattoos retain their full function for around two days or more, but can be peeled off by a piece of adhesive tape if desired.

Since the researchers previously showed that, theoretically, a graphene tattoo must be less than 510 nm thick to fully conform to human skin and exhibit optimal performance, the tattoo they fabricated here is just 460 nm thick. Combined with graphene/PMMA bilayer optical transparency of approximately 85%, and the fact that the tattoos are more stretchable than human skin, the resulting graphene tattoos are barely perceptible, both mechanically and optically.

Tests showed that the graphene electronic tattoos can be successfully used to measure a variety of electrophysiological signals, including skin temperature and skin hydration, and can function as an electrocardiogram (ECG), electromyogram (EMG), and electroencephalogram (EEG) for measuring the electrical activity of the heart, muscles, and brain, respectively.

“Graphene electronic tattoos are most promising for potential applications in mobile health care, assisted technologies, and human machine interfaces,” Kabiri Ameri said. “In the area of human machine interfaces, electrophysiological signals recorded from the brain and muscles can be classified and assigned for specific action in a machine. This area of research can have applications for the internet of things, smart houses and cities, human computer interaction, smart wheelchairs, speech assistance technology, monitoring of distracted driving, and human-robot control. Recently we have demonstrated the application of graphene tattoos for sensing human signals to wirelessly control flying objects. That demonstration will be reported in the near future.”

Explore further: Color-shifting electronic skin could have wearable tech and prosthetic uses

More information: Shideh Kabiri Ameri et al. “Graphene Electronic Tattoo Sensors.” ACS Nano. DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.7b02182

Journal reference: ACS Nano


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Graphene electronic tattoos can be applied to the skin with water – Phys.Org

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Brooklyn Beckham Shows Off New ‘Mama’s Boy’ Tattoo — See the Pics! – Entertainment Tonight08.06.17

Brooklyn Beckham is a ‘mama’s boy’ at heart.

The 18-year-old photographer showed off his newest tattoo — the words “mama’s boy” on his chest — while jogging in Los Angeles with his friend, Cody Simpson, on Saturday.

EXCLUSIVE: Brooklyn Beckham Explains Why He Chose Photography Over Soccer — Plus, Check Out His Stunning Work

Photo: Splash News

Photo: Splash News

Brooklyn gave fans a tease of his new ink on Friday, while “working hard” in the gym.

RELATED: Brooklyn Beckham Gets First Tattoo: ‘Just Like Dad’s’

David and Victoria’s oldest son has quite a few tattoos now, but the soccer pro recently revealed that he made Brooklyn wait to get his first tattoo with him.

“That was the deal So I called him, I FaceTimed him, and I said, ‘What are you doing mate?’ And he said, ‘I’m just going for dinner,’ David recalled on The Late Late Show of Brooklyn sneaking out to get his first tattoo. And I was like, ‘Are you sure you’re going for dinner?’ And he was like, ‘Actually dad, I’m in a tattoo place. I was thinking about having something, I’m with my girlfriend.’ And I was like, ‘Ok, you’re more than welcome to have it but you remember you promised me, and I’m your dad and I would feel really upset if you actually went through with it,’ so he didn’t. Thankfully he waited.”

See more in the video below.


Brooklyn Beckham Shows Off New ‘Mama’s Boy’ Tattoo — See the Pics! – Entertainment Tonight

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Celeb Tattoo Artist Reveals How To Flatter Your Feet & Shoes Like Chic Stars – Footwear News08.06.17

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L-R: Penelope Cruz, Charlize Theron and Rihanna highlight foot tattoos with the right shoes.

REX Shutterstock

Sure, sheer ankle socks or bracelets make fine companion pieces to a new pair of shoes but an edgier way to complement your footwear is with a striking tattoo design.

Rihanna, Nicole Richie and Lea Michele are among a boldface roster of red carpet stunners who have flattered their feet with trendy style statements in ink.

When Charlize Theron stepped out to promote her action flick Atomic Blonde on July 17, the Oscar winner wore a minimalist head-to-toe white ensemble that included Jimmy Choos Anouk pumps a silhouette that revealed a fish around the back of her ankle and a flower close to the topline.

Therons tattoo style small and linear-flowing aligns with the curves of the foot and ankle.

Such strategic placements and designs can yield plenty of slick style moments that can make your shoes more noticeable, explained celebrity tattoo artist Zoey Taylor, who counts Sofia Vergara and Rumer Willis among her clients.

I like something that curves and plays with the ankle and then sweeps down into the foot, or something that draws the eye along the outside edge of the foot and across above the toes, Taylor said of flattering areas of the foot to highlight with smart shoe silhouettes. Tiny symbols between the ankle and Achilles are always cute, too. I like tattoos to fit the area well rather than looking stuck on.

Of course, sandals and many pump styles can work harmoniously with tattoo designs, and for ink around the ankle, some low-top athletic shoes wont cover up the artwork. Delicate lettering is always one of my favorites on the foot and ankle, and drippy chandelier anklets small symbols tucked in behind the ankle bone.

However, Taylor warns that most areas covered by a ballet flat are not ideal for tattooing.

When it comes to color, Taylor said black will stay bold longer than other hues, and designs that incorporate many colors will have a softer appearance.

Thats exactly what you want if youre going for a Hindi or henna look, Taylor added. Just be wary of the parts of your foot with tougher skin, such as near the heel, because it wont hold ink well.

Click through the gallery to see how other celebs complemented their foot and ankle tattoos with shoes.

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Celeb Tattoo Artist Reveals How To Flatter Your Feet & Shoes Like Chic Stars – Footwear News

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Sasha Pieterse Got a Flower Tattoo on Her Arm – TeenVogue.com08.06.17

The end of Pretty Little Liars marked the beginning of a new stage of Sasha Pieterse’s career, and one way to begin a new stage of your life is to get a tattoo. Maybe that explains the Instagram photos we’ve just spotted of Sasha getting inked. One from Friday, August 4 shows tattoo artist Daniel Winter who’s done another one of her tattoos creating a new masterpiece on her right forearm, Just Jared Jr. reports. “Mr. Winter, you truly are the best…thank you once again for the art,” she wrote.

We can’t tell what the design is from this photo, but another Instagram picture shows a flower and a bunch of stems tied together with a bow. It matches the flowers on the shirt she wore to get it!

This isn’t the only recent addition to Sasha’s tattoo collection. Last fall, she and her Pretty Little Liars cast mates got matching finger tattoos with their characters’ initials to celebrate their time on the show.

Now that Pretty Little Liars is over, Sasha’s said she plans to devote more attention to her blog, Sasha in Good Taste. It sounds like she’s reinventing herself, and the new tat could be part of that process.

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Check This Out:

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Sasha Pieterse Got a Flower Tattoo on Her Arm –

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Tattoo parlor gives Rally visitors lasting memories – KEVN Black Hills Fox08.04.17

One merchant at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is giving visitors permanent memories.

Buffalo Bills Tattoo Emporium has gathered 11 independent piercing and tattoo artists from the Midwest into one space for the Rally.

Some of their artists have clients in town, but one tattoo artist says for others, it’s like tattoo roulette – you don’t know who you’re going to get.

Tattoo Artist Brooke Englehart says, “Everything out here (in Sturgis) is really raw and authentic. People out here, they’re not very fake. They’re not very – everyone, they come out here because they enjoy it and they’re pretty straight-forward people, which is refreshing. The environment’s beautiful. People come from all over so you meet, we meet people from all over the country here and it’s unique. It’s not like anything else for most tattoo artists.”

Buffalo Bills Tattoo Emporium is located on the corner of Junction Avenue and Main Street.

Excerpt from:
Tattoo parlor gives Rally visitors lasting memories – KEVN Black Hills Fox

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