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Great Shall Be the Peace of Thy Children – Gordon B …04.06.19

The young men here tonight have received some wonderful counsel. I hope they have listened well and that their lives will be touched for good as a result.

I have chosen to speak to the fathers. You already know what I am going to talk about. Your wives have reminded you that this will be my subject tonight. I told them so at the Relief Society conference two weeks ago. I may say some of the same things to you that I said to them. I remind you that repetition is a law of learning.

Now, this is a subject which I take very seriously. It is a matter with which I am deeply concerned. I hope you will not take it lightly. It concerns the most precious asset you have. In terms of your happiness, in terms of the matters that make you proud or sad, nothingI repeat, nothingwill have so profound an effect on you as the way your children turn out.

You will either rejoice and boast of their accomplishments or you will weep, head in hands, bereft and forlorn, if they become a disappointment or an embarrassment to you.

Many of you are in this meeting with your sons. I compliment you most warmly. I also compliment them. Both of you are in the very best of company. I am so proud of so many of our youthboth boys and girls. They are bright. They are self-disciplined. They take the long view. They have their heads on straight. Tonight they are in the place where they ought to be. Some are singing in this choir. They are seated in congregations across the world. They are serving missions. They are struggling through school, forgoing present pleasures for future opportunities. I admire them. I love them. And so do you. They are our sons and daughters.

I hope, I pray, I plead that they will continue on the path they are now following.

But sad to say, I am confident there are some of our young men who have slipped and are slipping into the foggy swamp of immorality, drugs, pornography, and failure. I hope they are a minority among their peers, but even the loss of one is too many.

Fathers, you and their mothers have a responsibility you cannot escape. You are the fathers of your children. Your genetic pattern is forever etched in their genetic code.

While we are in this meeting, some of them, I am satisfied, are out cruising the town. They or their friends have cars to drive. In many cases their fathers bought them. They have handed them the keys and told them to have a good time.

They want to do something exciting. They think that wish is not satisfied with wholesome entertainment. They are drifters, looking to do something that will make them feel macho.

My officer friend told me recently of two young men in the backseat of a police car, handcuffs about their wrists. They had started out innocently enough that evening. Four of them in a car went about looking for excitement. They found it. Soon there was a fight. Then the police cars converged. The boys were detained and handcuffed.

These were good young men. They were not of the kind that go to the jailhouse periodically. The mother of one of them had said to him before he left home, Bad things happen after 11 oclock.

He had quickly learned the meaning of that statement. He was embarrassed. He was ashamed to face his mother.

I told the Relief Society of secret underground drug parties that go by the name of Rave. Here with flashing lights and noisy music, if it can be called that, young men and women dance and sway. They sell and buy drugs. The drugs are called Ecstasy. They are a derivative of methamphetamine. The dancers suck on babies pacifiers because the drug makes them grind their teeth. The hot music and the sultry dancing go on until 7:30 of a Sunday morning. What does it all lead to? Nowhere. It is a dead end.

Now there has developed another practice in this search for something new and different and riskier. They choke one another. Boys choke girls until they pass out. At a local school the other day a girl with a health problem was choked until she was unconscious. Only the speedy action of paramedics saved her life.

Are boys involved in such ridiculous practices aware of the fact that their prank may lead to a charge of manslaughter? If that should happen, their lives would be ruined forever.

If they want to get involved in pornography, they can do so very easily. They can pick up the phone and dial a number with which they are familiar. They can sit at a computer and revel in cyberspace filth.

I fear this may be going on in some of your homes. It is vicious. It is lewd and filthy. It is enticing and habit-forming. It will take a young man or woman down to destruction as surely as anything in this world. It is foul sleaze that makes its exploiters wealthy, its victims impoverished.

I regret to say that many fathers themselves like to hear the siren song of those who peddle filth. Some of them also work the Internet for that which is lewd and lascivious. If there be any man within the sound of my voice who is involved in this or who is moving in this direction, I plead with you to get it out of your life. Get away from it. Stay away from it. Otherwise it will become an obsession. It will destroy your home life. It will destroy your marriage. It will take the good and beautiful out of your family relationships and replace these with ugliness and suspicion.

To you young men, and to the young women who are your associates, I plead with you not to befoul your minds with this ugly and vicious stuff. It is designed to titillate you, to absorb you into its net. It will take the beautiful out of your life. It will lead you into the dark and ugly.

A recent magazine article contains the story of a 12-year-old girl who got hooked on the Internet. In a chat room she met an admirer. One thing led to another until the discussion became sexually explicit. As she conversed with him, she thought he was a boy of about her own age.

When she met him, she found a tall, overweight gray-haired man. He was a vicious predator, a scheming pedophile. Her mother, with the help of the FBI, saved her from what might have been a tragedy of the worst kind (see Stephanie Mansfield, The Avengers Online, Readers Digest, Jan. 2000, 100104).

Our youth find this tempting stuff all about them. They need the help of their parents in resisting it. They need a tremendous amount of self-control. They need the strength of good friends. They need prayer to fortify them against this flood tide of filth.

The problem of parental direction of sons and daughters is not new. It is perhaps more acute than it has ever been, but every generation has faced some aspect of it.

In 1833 the Lord Himself rebuked Joseph Smith and his counselors and the Presiding Bishop. To the Prophet Joseph He said in language clear and unmistakable, as He had said to others:

You have not kept the commandments, and must needs stand rebuked before the Lord;

Your family must needs repent and forsake some things, and give more earnest heed unto your sayings, or be removed out of their place (D&C 93:4748).

Specifically what brought about these rebukes, I do not know. But I do know that the situation was serious enough and its future fraught with sufficient danger for the Lord Himself to speak with clarity and warning.

I think He likewise speaks to us with clarity and warning. My heart reaches out to our youth, who in many cases must walk a very lonely road. They find themselves in the midst of these evils. I hope they can share their burden with you, their fathers and mothers. I hope that you will listen, that you will be patient and understanding, that you will draw them to you and comfort and sustain them in their loneliness. Pray for direction. Pray for patience. Pray for the strength to love even though the offense may have been serious. Pray for understanding and kindness and, above all, for wisdom and inspiration.

I believe this to be the most marvelous age in all the history of the world. For some reason you and I have been permitted to come on the scene at this time when there is such a great flowering of knowledge. What a tragedy it is, what a bleak and terrible thing to witness a son or daughter on whom you counted so much walk the tortuous path that leads down to hell. On the other hand, what a glorious and beautiful thing it is to see the child of your dreams walk with head up, standing tall, unafraid, and with confidence, taking advantage of the tremendous opportunities that open around him or her. Isaiah said, All thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children (Isa. 54:13).

So lead your sons and daughters, so guide and direct them from the time they are very small, so teach them in the ways of the Lord, that peace will be their companion throughout life.

I mentioned to the Relief Society women several specific things that they ought to teach their sons and daughters. I repeat them briefly, perhaps in different language.

The first is to encourage them to develop good friendships. Every boy or girl longs for friends. No one wishes to walk alone. The warmth, the comfort, the camaraderie of a friend mean everything to a boy or girl. That friend can be either an influence for good or an influence for evil. The street gangs which are so vicious are an example of friendships gone afoul. Conversely, the association of young people in church and their mingling in school with those of their own kind will lead them to do well and to excel in their endeavors. Open your homes to the friends of your children. If you find they have big appetites, close your eyes and let them eat. Make your childrens friends your friends.

Teach them the importance of education. The Lord has enjoined upon this people the responsibility to train their minds that they may be equipped to serve in the society of which they will become a part. The Church will be blessed by reason of their excellence. Furthermore, they will be amply rewarded for the effort they make.

I read from a clipping I made the other day: The latest Census information indicated the annual wage for someone without a degree and no high school diploma stood at little more than $16,000 nationally [in 1997]. The jump wasnt much higher for a high school diploma$22,895 annual average income. As the level of education increases, however, so does the span. The holder of a bachelors degree earned, on average, $40,478 that year. Finally, the holder of an advanced degree typically bumped up their annual earnings by more than $20,000 to a nationwide average of $63,229, according to [these] Census figures (Nicole A. Bonham, Does an Advanced Degree Pay Off? Utah Business, Sept. 2000, 37).

Teach your children self-respect. Teach them that their bodies are the creation of the Almighty. What a miraculous, wonderful, and beautiful thing is the human body.

As has been said here tonight, Paul, in writing to the Corinthians, declared: Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?

If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are (1 Cor. 3:1617).

Now comes the craze of tattooing ones body. I cannot understand why any young manor young woman, for that matterwould wish to undergo the painful process of disfiguring the skin with various multicolored representations of people, animals, and various symbols. With tattoos, the process is permanent, unless there is another painful and costly undertaking to remove it. Fathers, caution your sons against having their bodies tattooed. They may resist your talk now, but the time will come when they will thank you. A tattoo is graffiti on the temple of the body.

Likewise the piercing of the body for multiple rings in the ears, in the nose, even in the tongue. Can they possibly think that is beautiful? It is a passing fancy, but its effects can be permanent. Some have gone to such extremes that the ring had to be removed by surgery. The First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve have declared that we discourage tattoos and also the piercing of the body for other than medical purposes. We do not, however, take any position on the minimal piercing of the ears by women for one pair of earringsone pair.

Teach them to stay away from drugs. Thats been spoken of eloquently here. I have already spoken about Ecstasy. Do you wish your children to have the peace of which Isaiah spoke? They will not know peace if they get involved with drugs. These illegal substances will take away their self-control, will seize upon them to a point where they will do anything, within or outside the law, to get another dose.

Teach them the virtue of honesty. There is no substitute under the heavens for the man or woman, the boy or girl who is honest. No false words besmirch his or her reputation. No act of duplicity colors his or her conscience. He or she can walk with head high, standing above the crowd of lesser folk who constantly indulge in lying, cheating, and who excuse themselves with statements that a little lying hurts no one. It does hurt, because small lying leads to large lying, and the prisons of the nation are the best proof of that fact.

Teach them to be virtuous. There is no peace to be had through sexual impurity. Our Heavenly Father placed within us the desires that make us attractive to one another, boys and girls, men and women. But with that urge must be self-discipline, rigid and strong and unbending.

Teach them to look forward to the time when they may be married in the house of the Lord as those who come to the altar free from taint or evil of any kind. They will be grateful all of the days of their lives that they were married in the temple, worthily, under the authority of the holy priesthood.

Parenthetically, a word to you men.

Watch the tides of your lives that you do not become enmeshed in situations which lead to sorrow, regret, and, eventually, divorce. Divorce has become so common all around us. There are so many who violate the solemn covenants they have made before God in His holy house.

Brigham Young once said: When people are married, instead of trying to get rid of each other, reflect that you have made your choice, and strive to honor and keep it, do not manifest that you have acted unwisely and say that you have made a bad choice, nor let any body know that you think you have. You made your choice, stick to it, and strive to comfort and assist each other (Deseret News, 29 May 1861, 98).

A divorce, when all is said and done, represents a failed marriage.

So many men become chronic critics. Rather, if they would look for the virtues in their wives instead of looking for their failings, love would bloom and the home would be secure.

Teach your children to pray. There is no other resource to compare with prayer. To think that each of us may approach our Father in Heaven, who is the great God of the universe, for individual help and guidance, for strength and faith, is a miracle in and of itself. We come to Him by invitation. Let us not shun the opportunity which He has afforded us.

God bless you, dear fathers. May He bless you with wisdom and judgment, with understanding, with self-discipline and self-control, with faith and kindness and love. And may He bless the sons and daughters who have come into your homes, that yours may be a fortifying, strengthening, guiding hand as they walk the treacherous path of life. As the years passand they will pass ever so quicklymay you know that peace which passeth all understanding (Philip. 4:7) as you look upon your sons and daughters, who likewise have known that sacred and wonderful peace. Such is my humble prayer, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

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Great Shall Be the Peace of Thy Children – Gordon B …

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Book Marks reviews of The Tattooist of Auschwitz by …04.06.19

Its a triumphant account with a resourceful, bold, and charismatic hero who eludes death time and again. Adding to its cinematic potential is the fact that The Tattooist of Auschwitz is chiefly a love story … And yet, and yet: there is nevertheless something incongruous about this story of survival being framed as an Auschwitz romance … Morris, in her debut, has created a fast-paced narrative, filled with drama and suspense, and there are passages that are genuinely moving. But one wonders what Lales story would have looked like as a work of biography or as a more complex work of literary fiction … It is often said that words arent up to the task of conveying the horrors of atrocities like the Holocaust; at times, Morriss prose, lapsing into cliche, doesnt come close … Some of the most complicated aspects of Lales years at Auschwitz are alluded to primarily in dialogue, leaving them largely unexamined … In this well-intentioned but flawed work, she has succeeded in telling a remarkable story, if not in excavating its wrenching complexities.

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Book Marks reviews of The Tattooist of Auschwitz by …

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Infection Control Training for Tattoo Artists04.06.19

Before receiving a Tattoo Artist License, all tattoo and permanent makeup artists (including people who perform microblading, scalp pigmentation and microneedling) must successfully complete the New York City Health Departments Infection Control Course for Tattoo and Permanent Makeup Artists.

Cost: $26.00

Frequency and Duration: This class is three hours long. It is conducted twice a month.

Note : Applicants who register online or go to the Citywide Licensing center must submit an application for the Tattoo Artist License ($100) at the same time they register for the class, for a total cost of $126. Participants who complete this course and successfully pass the final written examination will have their Tattoo Artist License issued by the Citywide Licensing Center.

Register online.

Register in Person The Citywide Licensing Center 42 Broadway New York, NY 10004 Hours: Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM; Wed: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

The Riverside Health Center 160 W 100th St., 2nd Fl. New York, NY 10025

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Infection Control Training for Tattoo Artists

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29 Fabulous Brutal and Feminine Sleeve Tattoo Ideas04.05.19

The Advantages of a Half Sleeve TattooThe Feeling of Pain during the TattooApplicationThe Significance of the Forearm AreaHalf Sleeve Tattoo Designs for Men and WomenTattoo After-Care MethodsFamous People with Half Sleeve TattoosSketches of tattoo

A half sleeve tattoo is one of the best types of tattoo for you to start out with. Half sleeve tattoos typically refer to the tattoos that cover the forearm area it can be located on the upper arm, lower arm or even the entire arm! The idea behind half sleeve tattoos is that it can replace an actual sleeve from a shirt with its designs. Since your arms can be exposed most of the time, a lot of thoughts are put into selecting the best tattoo design to fit into this location.

If you know what a sleeve tattoo is, it is not difficult to guess the meaning of a half sleeve tattoo. This kind of tattoo has two location options, from the shoulder to the elbow and from the elbow to the wrist. Due to its visibility, half sleeve tattoo designs tend to be complex and detailed. Dont be surprised to see amazing works of art among the tattoo collection below! Even if you think that a tattoo on the forearm is too obvious, there are other options for you as well. Making a tattoo on the hand is considered to be one of the best variants for different reasons. Meanwhile, lets take a look some of the most amazing tattoo designs that you can ink on your arm below!

Most guys seem to like tattoo designs that involve skeletons, skulls and other darker themes. This half sleeve tattoo design for men is no exception!

Some half sleeve tattoo designs for men are also very striking in color. With tattoo colors like this one, you wont need to worry about your tattoo not being seen.

This tattoo right here depicts a clown and what is presumed to be some popped balloons. If you have watched the movie It by Stephen King, this will be a very familiar tattoo that might remind you of the movie!

Half sleeve tattoos like this one will appear to be in stark contrast with the outfit of the tattoo wearer. Since the half sleeve tattoo is very shaded and dark, wearing something white and sleeveless will make the tattoo more appealing!

Theres quite a lot that is going on in here. Theres what seems like tattoo pieces, a geometric background, an eye and a half-skull face with a lace mask. The black ink of the tattoo has high contrast relative to the red ink.

Have you ever seen a half sleeve tattoo that looks so well done even from some distance away? The dark intonation of the statue-like figure at the back of the arms is an awesome addition.

If you arent sure what type of design you want to cover your entire arm, why not take it slow and tattoo one item at a time? These smaller designs will look good when they form a bigger half sleeve design overall.

Half sleeve tattoo designs look especially badass when the rest of a persons body is inked up too! In scenarios like this, there are plenty of things that you can be looking at.

Floral patterns and butterfly tattoos will never run out of style for women. After all, these are among the most popular tattoo motifs for women.

Some people decorate their half sleeve tattoo with any motifs that they can think of. This one here is mostly decorated with floral patterns amidst other random objects.

This tattoo right here looks perfect as it is! The Celtic knots at the wrist ends the half sleeve tattoo perfectly. Theres a few Viking warriors, a lady warrior wielding her bow, and a battleship in the distance.

These half sleeve tattoo for women do not get more colorful than this! Pretty much every color in the spectrum is contained within this elaborate design; We love it!

Some tattoo sleeves on women can give off a romantic feeling to its onlookers, such as this one a pocket watch, a few roses and some inscriptions.

The only difference between a sleeve tattoo and a half-sleeve tattoo is the part of hand which it occupies. This one up here fills up everything from the shoulders to the end of the fingers. Thats a lot of dedication!

When one looks at this tattoo, one cant help but to think of the passage of time. An angel looks on from above as hours and years pass. Death is always in the distance, waiting.

Well, that is one creative way to have the entire galaxy on your arms. The features of the planets and the galaxy is very life-like. We love the image of the world reflected on the astronauts space suit!

If a man is looking for some powerful half sleeve tattoo designs for men, this is one of the themes that he can use to achieve his tattoo aims. After all, arent phoenix birds known to be fierce and powerful?

While there is a huge variety of half sleeve tattoos, women tend to prefer something that has a personal meaning for their tattoos such as meaningful quotes and inscriptions.

This is one more nice variant for girls, but this time a lower half sleeve. Note the dotwork behind the flowers!

Most of the time, everyone will be considering whether or not they want others to see their tattoos before inking one onto their bodies. A half sleeve tattoos placement is unique enough that it allows you to either hide it or show it it can be done either way!

There are some advantages of making a half sleeve tattoo over other ones, including the possibility to choose one of two ways of its location. A half sleeve tattoo is also relatively painless during the inking session compared to tattoos inked on other parts of the body. There is also the possibility to hide a tattoo by wearing clothes with long sleeves you can hide it or show it anytime you want!

Peoples skin incurs less changes due to age or weight gain in this area, so it means that your picture is saved as it was in the beginning. You dont have to worry too much about the tattoo going out of shape with your weight changes!

However, there is also a negative side to it. In summer, people prefer to wear clothes with short sleeves, so people intending to hide their tattoos might not be able to do so in the summer. For hiding a half sleeve tattoo, it is necessary to put on something with short sleeves at the very least.

This is another popular tattoo theme for men red Indians and other similar tribal-inspired tattoos. The clean finishing of this tattoo right above the wrist is a nice touch!

Imagine actually inking a tattoo this colorful. While they look like tattoos, this kind of fabric sleeve lets you get a glimpse of how your half sleeve tattoo might look like after it is actually linked.

A very feminine half sleeve consisting of various floral tattoo. You can also see words written using lipstick, bright flowers and other patterns associated with being feminine, such as a heart shape.

Inking a half sleeve tattoo is relatively painless, so many people are open to intricate designs for this area. That is why some of the amazing tattoos showcased here are super detailed with shadows & shadings!

You can even replicate unique artworks on your own arms if you like the artwork enough! Imagine carrying around a Mona Lisa portrait right on your arms. Isnt that an amazing half sleeve tattoo idea?

Sunflower designs can be an excellent half sleeve tattoo choice for women and ladies. Thats because it is a flower with a happy nature, and you can definitely expect to see a happy and easygoing personality on a lady!

Pictured on this image is a half tattoo sleeve on a female featuring lilies, hummingbirds and a praying mantis at the lower half. Thats a sweet, lively tattoo to look at, isnt it?

Look at this badass grandma! Her sleeve tattoos are still just as eye-catching and wonderful. Who said that we cant have tattoos because it will look ugly as we age? Prove them wrong, grandma!

This gentleman right here does look old, no doubt. However, he still looks so fresh because he has been keeping himself in shape! The half sleeve tattoo that he sports look just as relevant on him as it did 20 years ago we are sure of that!

The candy skull design on this ladys exquisite half sleeve tattoo will surely remind onlookers of the Da de Muertos, or the Day of the Dead often celebrated in Mexico.

If anything, we can confidently say that an extravagant & spicy half sleeve tattoo reflects the girls spirit. Doesnt the girl in the picture look just as spirited as her tattoos?

Fortunately, a hand does not quite belong to painful parts of your body for making tattoos. For this reason, tattoo half sleeve is popular among girls as well as boys. It is worth remembering that every person has his or her own sense of pain and pain tolerance, so it is better to do a test tattoo to get to know your own pain tolerance levels before you commit to a tattoo session.

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29 Fabulous Brutal and Feminine Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

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Technology Takes Tattoos into the Future04.05.19

A 3D rendering of the Neuma Hybrid. Machine image: Neuma Tattoo Machines

Ink is the new black. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration estimates that 45 million Americans are tattooed, and a poll from Harris finds marked men are now outnumbered by marked women.

What happened to the taboos around tattoos? Engineering. New technologies are expanding the artistic limits of tattooing while minimizing the discomforts, health risks, and permanence of extreme body art.

According to analysts at IBIS research, at least 8,000 tattoo parlors now serve a $3.4-billion annual U.S. demand. Even with more mainstream acceptance, tattoos retain their streetwise mystique, especially among the 40-and-under set who sport the lions share of the nations tattoos.

Ancient indigenous native cultures around the globe practiced tattooing, body painting, piercing, and scarification to express important spiritual or social messages. The global spread of European economic and religious influence led to the customs demise in many cultures, yet also introduced it to new generations of world travelers. In the early twentieth century, ethnologists like Wilfred Dyson Hambly documented some of the last vestiges of the original practice in isolated populations, capturing intricate body markings that still inspire artists today.

In recent Western history, tattoos have evoked the low-brow vibe of the worlds seaports, sideshows, cell blocks, and skid rows. Along with the social stigma, the practice has drawn unwanted scrutiny from public health officials. New York City even banned tattoo parlors outright in 1961, blaming them for an outbreak of hepatitis B. In the city of its U.S. rebirth, tattooing was performed illicitly in Bowery bucket shops for the next 36 years.

In 1891 Samuel O’Reilly revolutionized tattooing with his invention of the electric tattoo machine. Image:

Paleolithic tattoo artists decorated their clients using sharp sticks and red hot coals. Thousands of years later, the tools may be fancier but still perform the same bloody, wound-inflicting act. Whether by hand or with a machine, the artist uses needles to recreate a design below the surface of the skin. Tracing along a pre-drawn template, the artist pokes thousands of tiny, 1-mm-deep perforations in the skin. Ink flows in droplets through the perforations, leaving an indelible mark on the dermis. Before the first electric tattoo machines appeared in the 1890s, it was a painstaking manual process that could take days.

The big breakthrough in tattoo technology came in 1875 with Thomas Edisons electric pen and autographic press the first electric office duplicating system. Before widespread use of typewriters, the pen was used to engrave letters and drawings on a paper or wax stencil. The pens coil-powered stylus worked like a miniature jackhammer, punching small holes in the stencil at rates up to 3,000 per minute in sync with the clerks pen strokes. The document reproduction stage remained low-tech, relying on a manual ink roller and flat-bed press to print one duplicate at a time.

Although Edison was said to sport a modest tat of his own, he never intended his machine for such a subterranean use. However, the devices enormous potential for tattooing was immediately obvious to artists of the day. In 1891, a New York tattoo pioneer, Samuel O’Reilly, scored the first patent on an Edison-inspired electric machine. By the 1920s, the true precursor of todays basic machine became standard.

Most machines today are electric, operating either with a direct rotary drive or a two-coil electromagnetic motor. Some artists prefer pneumatic machines, which tend to be lighter, quieter, and lower-maintenance than electric models, yet they require a supply of compressed air. One of the newest twists on the old theme is the Neuma Hybrid, from Neuma Tattooing Machines, Granada Hills, CA. For artists on the go who want the performance of a pneumatic machine but dont want to haul an air compressor around, the Hybrid creates choices. Its engineered primarily as the next generation of the companys widely used N2 pneumatic machine, but with the addition of an electric module it can adapt to a standard 18-V power supply and RCA cables.

Tattooing with a MakerBot. Image: Le FabShop

Most of tattooings technological history has been spent making the job easier for human artists. But be careful for what you wish. A team of French design students adapted a 3D printer that could make tattoo artists totally unecessary.

As part of a competition sponsored by the French cultural ministry, the team of three ENSCI les Ateliers design students took a MakerBot printer, replaced its resin extruder with a makeshift tattoo needle, and programmed it to engrave a perfect permanent circle on a team members forearm.

Their first step was to practice on artificial skin with a tattoo machine borrowed from a local parlor. They programmed the printer software to create a perfect circle something that human operators find extremely difficult to do by hand. After adapting the printer nozzle to move a standard pen, they then worked out a way to hold the subjects skin taut with a section of tubing. With the practice run complete, the teamwent to work outfitting the printer to steer a real tattoo gun with equal precision. After modification to eliminate machine vibration, the students pushed print.

On the industrial innovation front, engineers are foregoing ink altogether in favor of more advanced media for skin-borne messaging. Implantable biosensors that transmit updated medical data through the skin using LED lights have potential in diabetes management. Motorola Mobility, part of Google, has recently patented an electronic neck tattoo that functions as a smartphone microphone, voice processing device, or according to the patent application a lie detector.

These new chapters in the history of tattooing may be written in disappearing ink, or they may leave an indelible impression. Either way, they reveal how deeply the art and science of tattooing has gotten under our skin.

Michael MacRae is an independent writer.


Technology Takes Tattoos into the Future

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Tattooing use while Breastfeeding | Drugs.com04.05.19

Medically reviewed on Feb 7, 2019

No data are available on the safety of tattooing during breastfeeding. Theoretical concerns relate to transmission of pigments or infections to the infant during breastfeeding and in the United States, blood donation is not permitted for 12 months after a tattoo as a precaution. Opinion appears to favor not obtaining a new tattoo during breastfeeding.[1][2][3] Tattooing of the nipple-areola area is sometimes used as part of nipple reconstruction in plastic surgery.[2][4]

Relevant published information was not found as of the revision date.

Relevant published information was not found as of the revision date.

1. Roche-Paull R. Body modifications and breastfeeding: What you need to know. J Hum Lact. 2015;31:552-3. PMID: 26185213

2. Kluger N, De Cuyper C. A practical guide about tattooing in patients with chronic skin disorders and other medical conditions. Am J Clin Dermatol. 2018;19:167-80. PMID: 28993993

3. Farley CL, Van Hoover C, Rademeyer CA. Women and tattoos: Fashion, meaning, and implications for health. J Midwifery Womens Health. 2019. PMID: 30806488

4. Boccola MA, Savage J, Rozen WM et al. Surgical correction and reconstruction of the nipple-areola complex: current review of techniques. J Reconstr Microsurg. 2010;26:589-600. PMID: 20721849


Breast Feeding


Body Modification, Non-Therapeutic


Information presented in this database is not meant as a substitute for professional judgment. You should consult your healthcare provider for breastfeeding advice related to your particular situation. The U.S. government does not warrant or assume any liability or responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the information on this Site.

Always consult your healthcare provider to ensure the information displayed on this page applies to your personal circumstances.

Medical Disclaimer

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Tattooing use while Breastfeeding |

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The Prickly History Of Tattooing In America | HuffPost04.05.19

According to a Nielsen poll, one in five Americans has a tattoo, and nearly 90 percent of those who do never regret getting inked up.

Of course, it hasn’t always been this way. Tattoos were once taboo in the West, even though body art is an ancient practice elsewhere. A new book, 100 Years of Tattoos, explores this decorous transformation, following tattoo art as it turned from an act of rebellion to a widely practiced personal statement.

History tells us that the concept of self-branding was embraced fully in England in the 1860s after the Prince of Wales marked himself with a cross, partaking in a Medieval ritual. Meanwhile, the art of ink was in its fledging stages in America. Martin Hildebrandt, considered one of the country’s first tattoo artists, opened a shop in New York City in 1870, making tattoos accessible for citizens who weren’t able to travel overseas. But before Hildebrandt’s business — which involved training apprentices — fully took off, most tattooed Americans were soldiers inking up for good luck, emblazoning themselves with reminders of their lives back home.

American tattoo art’s initial function as a sort of patriotic act inspired many styles that would come to define it. Artist Paul Rogers, owner of a trailer that came to be known as the Iron Factory, got his start tattooing soldiers with eagles and other winged creatures. He’d go on to influence Ed Hardy and others, both with his technology and his aesthetic, which included American flags, plump hearts and buxom women. And, although the U.S. Navy disapproved of pinup tattoos for a period, they were still popular among its members. Those would-be soldiers with tattoos that were deemed inappropriate due to nudity would go so far as to add clothes to their preexisting inked ladies.

While wartime America was keen on tattoos, in less-wealthy urban districts and overseas the art was mostly confined to a small clientele. Like most aesthetic trends, tattooing didn’t make its way to rural America quickly. Small-town introductions to body ink came via the circus, where those with body art were billed as bizarre attractions. In 100 Years of Tattoos, author David McComb digs into the fascinating underbelly of the industry. He discusses the gender divide among tattooed circus performers, and provides elucidating captions for images of women covered head-to-toe in body art. A picture of a totally inked woman, then employed as a sideshow act, depicts her posing proudly, covered in religious iconography and regal, historical portraits.

Women participated in the bubbling tattoo industry, which still remained beneath the surface of popular culture through the buttoned-up 1950s and early 60s. Notably, their inked art was at times an act of submission, especially among biker gangs. One spread in McComb’s book pictures a girl showing off a growing sleeve of hearts, with “Property of Alan” scrawled above it. It wasn’t until the 1970s, when what the author calls “the macho world of ink” was opened to women in new and empowering ways, that more feminine designs such as subtle shading and floral imagery became popular. Still, by 1979, female tattoo artists such as SuzAnne Fauser, whose depiction of a powerful pirate donning a stern expression and thick tresses can be seen below, struggled to make their mark in the industry.

McComb meticulously explores these corners of the industry, highlighting everything from the significance of tattooing within prisons to the impact of the Western-influenced ban Japan placed on tattoos at the end of the 19th century. See images from his book below.

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tattooing a dog what do you think? | Yahoo Answers04.05.19

In the UK I would just have a microchip inserted. Make sure it is compatible with the pet passport scheme if you intend to take the dog out of the country to anywhere in the EU.

Dog wardens and the main pet charities all check for microchips and the police use microchip registration as proof of ownership in disputes. Some microchips can be used to monitor the dogs temperature, but not all. You need to ask about this before a microchip is inserted if you want a chip that does this.

Tattoos are hardly ever used anymore. It is probably not legal to get anyone apart from a vet to do this in the UK as it will count as a surgical procedure. A dog would need sedation or anaesthesia to do it safely and humanely.

Problems with microchips are very rare but include migration from the injection site and occasional failure to scan. Just get the chip checked occasionally at your vets to make sure everything is working OK.

Edit: I’ve checked the legislation. Tattooing dogs in England is covered by The Mutilations (Permitted Procedures) (England) regulations 2007. It is legal for lay people to tattoo dogs providing they minimise pain and suffering, use hygienic conditions and do it in accordance with good practice. As usual with legislation it is very vague and open to interpretation. I would honestly just go with the microchip like nearly everyone else does.


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tattooing a dog what do you think? | Yahoo Answers

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Nightmares The Adventure 5 – MaFa.Com04.04.19

Nightmares The Adventure 5File Size: 3.86 MbRating: 84.4% with 252 votes Add This Game to Your Site:

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Nightmares The Adventure 5

Nightmares The Adventure 5 is a free game for girl to play online at MaFa.Com. You can play Nightmares The Adventure 5 in your browser for free. This is the fifth part of little Victor’s Nightmare Adventures. Again you will have to point and click through colorful screens and to figure out what to do.

Nightmares The Adventure 5 – MaFa.Com

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Tattoo Removal, Main Line Center, Ardmore, PA04.04.19

Decorative tattoos have been placed on peoples bodies for over 3,000 years.

However, a lot has changed even over the last ten years regarding tattoos, and tattoo removal. Newer lasers now remove tattoos in fewer treatments. In addition, we often use multiple lasers to remove a single tattoo, since tattoos can become resistant to a single laser. The newer tattoos with variable colored inks require a number of lasers for removal. For example, green is one of the more difficult colors to remove, and requires a special type of laser, the Q-Switched alexandrite laser, for removal. The other lasers commonly used for tattoo removal include the Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser, the Q-Switched ruby lasers and the newest laser the Picoway Laser. I use all of these types of laser to remove tattoos in the fewest possible number of treatments.

The way a tattoo will respond to laser treatment depends heavily on the colors that are in that tattoo. Black tattoos are generally the easiest to remove, since black tattoo pigments absorb every type of tattoo laser light. Generally, tattoos take 4-8, or more or less treatments to remove. This is quite a large range, and people generally want a more accurate estimate of the number of treatments required to remove a tattoo. Unfortunately, since there are such a huge range of tattoo inks, and since these inks arent regulated by the FDA, its extremely difficult to estimate the number of treatments required to remove a given tattoo. However, one thing that is certain is that the newer tattoo-removing lasers are much more effective than lasers produced only a decade ago.

Because of the popularity of tattoos (about half of people 18-30 have them), laser companies are investing heavily on new lasers to remove them. By staying at the forefront of laser research, I can bring you the newest lasers and techniques for tattoo removal, resulting in the least number of treatments for removal.

Visit Patients Guide for patient reviews and expert video regarding laser tattoo removal.

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Tattoo Removal, Main Line Center, Ardmore, PA

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