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Two Headed Dog Tattoo Studio – Montville, NJ – Yelp09.29.18


I’ve been coming here for a few months now to get my work done by Joe. He is by far the most talented and down to earth tattoo artist I’ve worked with. Always open to my ideas, with his input and interpretation we’ve come up with some amazing pieces.I always leave a $100 deposit at the end of each session toward a future date. I look forward to our continued work together. You must visit, if not for the line work, than their amazing collection of antique decor, and taxidermy.

Been getting tattooed by Dave for years, followed him from his last shop to this shop. All my friends get their work done at this shop and never heard a single complaint. Always a good time whenever we get in the chair.

Great shop and awesome people. I’ve had a few pieces done by Garrett which have all come out and healed amazingly. Very professional and clean spot. Looking forward to getting more done soon!

Love the shop. Dave is the best !awesome work at a great price. What more could you ask for ?

This is the tattoo shop that dreams are made of. Everyone is very talented and the shop is decorated beautifully. I walked in on a Monday afternoon and a handsome young gentleman was able to accommodate me. He drew up my design quickly and according to my wishes. I left a short time later with a perfect blue dolphin tattoo. A great overall experience. Very clean comfortable environment. I would highly recommend any of the artists for an elaborate custom design or even just a quick walk in.

Dave Schwinn has become my tattoo artist for any go to designs I have wanted. His skill is matched by his dedication, charisma, and love of the art of tattooing. He’s become a friend outside of the shop for any tattoo question as he is extremely easy to talk to and get a hold of for questions, I will always go to him for my tattoos in the future.

Great place, very clean, new, and the decoration is amazing, really nice environment. Everyone at the shop does amazing work, are very talented and professional. I got tattooed by Joe, he was very carful with sterilizing everything, and he made sure that I left the place with all the instructions on how to take care of my new tattoo. I highly recommend this place!

My experience at Two Headed Dog exceeded my expectations. The shop was spotless in terms of cleanliness and was decorated impeccably (all of the good vibes~). The staff there was extremely kind and thorough from start to finish on what to expect and how to care for your tattooI was tattooed by Dave and I truly cannot say enough. This was my first tattoo and Dave made sure that I was 100% pleased with the lettering, size, and location of my tattoo before we began. Dave was able to answer all of my questions and concerns confidently which made for a smooth process going forward. At the end, they even give you a card that walks you through aftercare step-by-step which is totally awesome. I couldn’t be happier with my tattoo and with my experience at Two Headed Dog. 10/10 recommend to a friend.

Wizard van? Check. Cool decor? Check. Bad ass tattoos? Check.Love this new shop. Great music, awesome vibe, and really amazing tattooers. Joe is a bull among cows. More than just a tattoo shop, a really fun experience of old school tattoo shop meets new school standards.

4th tattoo by Joe, 1st one at the new place and couldn’t be happier!! When walking in, you are greeted with some outstanding decor. The shop is clean and welcoming. Joe made 100% sure I was happy with the placement and design before getting started and was very accommodating and patient with my choices. All of the tools were open in front of me and everything was exceptionally clean. Along with being extremely talented, Joe was extremely professional throughout the entire process. He made sure I was comfortable and insisted I request a break if necessary. Upon leaving, Joe gave a very thorough explanation as to how to care for the fresh ink in the upcoming days. I received a little cheat sheet as a reminder what to do on what days. I absolutely recommend Two Headed Dog to anyone looking to get work done!!!

Amazing experience at Two Headed Dog with Joe P! I decided to get my first tattoo and did a little shopping around before I came across Two Headed Dog and Joe’s art on instagram. After reaching out to him, I decided to go with him for my first tattoo experience. I am so happy with the decision. Joe was able to answer all of my many questions and made me super comfortable about getting my first tattoo. I can tell he takes tattooing very seriously and has not forgot that each tattoo is special for each individual. He came up with a great design and on the day of my appointment, he took the time to talk to me about the art and the procedure. While getting the piece, I felt real comfortable with Joe, he would ask often how I was and just overall, put my mind at ease. The art came out amazing too! I will surely be back to add on to what I have already gotten. I would recommend Two Headed Dog and Joe to anyone getting tattooed, but especially to first timers. Keep up the good work Joe! Thank you!!!(And let me know when those large tees back in stock )

Great new shop. Incredibly clean and professional, and both of the artists are extremely talented. They do a huge range of styles and technique, and will work with you on your own designs as well. Would highly recommend this shop to everyone.

This place is excellent and I highly recommend it, if you are considering getting tattooed here. I am new to New Jersey and am not familiar with anything here. Joe at Two Headed Dog was recommended by a friend. Joe is an amazing artist and a very careful and considerate person. I am so happy with the tattoo that he gave me. The aesthetic of the shop is also very cool. The shop is clean and the other artists there seemed down to earth and relaxed so the environment was very nice.

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Two Headed Dog Tattoo Studio – Montville, NJ – Yelp

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The Tattooist of Auschwitz: Heather Morris: 9781760403171 …09.28.18

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The Tattooist of Auschwitz: Heather Morris: 9781760403171 …

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National Laser Institute – Cosmetic Laser Training | Botox …09.28.18

National Laser Institute is the leading cosmetic laser school in the nation, offering hands on laser training, Botox training, dermal filler training, IPL training, tattoo removal training, laser hair removal training, and other medical esthetic courses. We have been in the medical esthetic industry for over a decade and provide courses for medical professionals, estheticians, and those who want to experience this field for the first time.

Our general courses are tailored toward cosmetologists, estheticians, stylists, and health and beauty lovers who are new to this industry. In these laser training courses you will learn everything you need to know about cosmetic lasers. This includes hands on training with laser hair removal, IPL photofacials, radiofrequency skin tightening, laser tattoo removal, cellulite reduction, laser stretch mark removal, and more. Upon course completion, you will earn your laser certification and go on to work in this booming billion dollar industry as a cosmetic laser technician.

Our medical professional courses are suited for doctors, physicians, physician’s assistants, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, licensed practical nurses, and dentists. These are CME courses and CE courses where you can receive hands on Botox training, dermal filler training, sclerotherapy training, BHRT training, laser training, and so much more. You will receive hands on training and certification upon course completion.

Courses include a heavy focus on safety. Laser training courses include laser safety officer training so attendees understand the protocols and processes involved with cosmetic laser equipment. Medical professionals learn the importance of cosmetic injectable safety when it comes to treating clients.

The medical esthetic industry is currently a 16 billion dollar marketplace. Botox, dermal fillers, and laser hair removal are some of the top noninvasive treatments performed in the United States. National Laser Institute’s medical esthetician school offers laser training and cosmetic injectable training on all in demand services within this market. Learn how to inject Botox and other cosmetic injectables or become a laser technician with the leading medical esthetics school in the nation, National Laser Institute!

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National Laser Institute – Cosmetic Laser Training | Botox …

Posted in Tattoo Trainingwith Comments Off on National Laser Institute – Cosmetic Laser Training | Botox … The Tattooist: Jason Behr, David Fane, Robbie …09.27.18

I liked the premise of the story with the Tatt’s possessing a spirit that is killing the people receiving the tattoos from the lead (Jason Behr) character. The writing and execution of this story is what gets this slow moving and short on thrills movie in trouble. Behr’s character is less than believable as a tattoo artist for many reasons. Here is a few of the more obvious ones, He never uses a transfer to do his work? He puts his own design on the girls belly without consulting her on the design? He didn’t use vaseline and or bandage his work on most of his clients? We are never told why he is the “so called healer tattooist”

While I liked the Samoan influence on the story for the disgraced spirit entity the story only touched the surface on the culture and the western comtamination of their culture and their struggle to return to the ways of old. I just was not taken in by this story nor was I by Behr’s character or his actions. I only cared for the Samoan girl that he hooks up with. While I wasn’t surprised by their hooking up even thought what her cousin said about her and her religion and her dating a white guy. They (the writer) tried to make this a Romeo and Juliet kind of thing that you could see coming a mile away. The spirits characters story seemed a little rushed at the end of the movie to bring it all together in a neat little package.

There was not much of any kind of scary element to this movie nor was it evenly paced and my attention waned on a few occasions.

The movie has a fair amount of cursing with a couple of sex w/nudity scenes and some violence, but nothing is over the top. The acting ranges from so…so to good with the direction falling in the good category. As I have mentioned before the writing and execution is the bad guy that took a cool premise and made it into a so…so story. Would I watch this again? NO. Was it a waste of time to watch? Almost. 2 stars

Rating 0 to 5

Story =2Acting = 3Direction = 3Creep Factor = -3Gore = -1Sex/Nudity = Yes/Yes =2Cursing = YesViolence = 1.8Entertainment Value = 2

Excerpt from: The Tattooist: Jason Behr, David Fane, Robbie …

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My Laser Tattoo Removal Experience: Why did I do it …09.21.18

This was my personal Laser Tattoo Removal Experience. Find out if it hurt, my reason why and learn about the overall method if you’re someone potentially interested in getting it done. Any questions about where I go and perform the procedure myself, leave me a comment or write to me on social media! xoEnjoy Beauties!

Booking info & Products listed down below

Want to see specific looks or reviews?Comment below and ty for watching

Watch my latest tutorial…——————————————————- CAMERA USED: Sony a5100

LIGHTING USED:Neewer Ring light Flash FULL Kit Studio 700W Photography Soft light equipment


—————————————————————————–Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored.

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My Laser Tattoo Removal Experience: Why did I do it …

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The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris, Paperback …09.20.18

The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris

The #1 International Bestseller & New York Times Bestseller

This beautiful, illuminating tale of hope and courage is based on interviews that were conducted with Holocaust survivor and Auschwitz-Birkenau tattooist Ludwig (Lale) Sokolovan unforgettable love story in the midst of atrocity.

The Tattooist of Auschwitz is an extraordinary document, a story about the extremes of human behavior existing side by side: calculated brutality alongside impulsive and selfless acts of love. I find it hard to imagine anyone who would not be drawn in, confronted and moved. I would recommend it unreservedly to anyone, whether theyd read a hundred Holocaust stories or none.Graeme Simsion, internationally-bestselling author of The Rosie Project

In April 1942, Lale Sokolov, a Slovakian Jew, is forcibly transported to the concentration camps at Auschwitz-Birkenau. When his captors discover that he speaks several languages, he is put to work as a Ttowierer (the German word for tattooist), tasked with permanently marking his fellow prisoners.

Imprisoned for over two and a half years, Lale witnesses horrific atrocities and barbarismbut also incredible acts of bravery and compassion. Risking his own life, he uses his privileged position to exchange jewels and money from murdered Jews for food to keep his fellow prisoners alive.

One day in July 1942, Lale, prisoner 32407, comforts a trembling young woman waiting in line to have the number 34902 tattooed onto her arm. Her name is Gita, and in that first encounter, Lale vows to somehow survive the camp and marry her.

A vivid, harrowing, and ultimately hopeful re-creation of Lale Sokolov’s experiences as the man who tattooed the arms of thousands of prisoners with what would become one of the most potent symbols of the Holocaust, The Tattooist of Auschwitz is also a testament to the endurance of love and humanity under the darkest possible conditions.

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The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris, Paperback …

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Tattoo Shop | Duluth GA |Tattoo Fiesta09.19.18


Tattoo Fiesta will help bring your ideas to reality with our highly skilled tattoo experts in Atlanta. Tattoos last a lifetime, so getting one means it has to look really good and be exactly what you want. We are here to make sure you get the best custom tattoo just for you.

Portraits are representations of people in the form of art, where the focus is on the face and its expression with the aim of showing the person’s personality, mood and feelings. We at Tattoo Fiesta know that most tattoo portraits are for loved ones, so respect is a must for us.

There are some areas of the body that are not suitable for regular jewelry, getting a micro dermal piercing can let you wear flat jewelry or gems in those areas. The jewelry is placed under your skin gently, your skin then sticks to the jewelry allowing it to stay in one place.

One of our specialties at tattoo Fiesta is body piercing; we do piercing in different areas of the body including the nostrils, ears, nipples, genitals, navels, tongues, cheeks and much more. We have a piercing room that is very private just for those who want to pierce intimate areas.

Cover up tattoos are a great way to get rid of old unwanted ink, aging tattoos that have lost color and definition, also to hide tattoos that are now seen as “mistakes” .

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Tattoo Shop | Duluth GA |Tattoo Fiesta

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Granite City Tattoo – Quincy, MA – Yelp09.18.18


Walked in saturday and they were great! Initially went in to discuss a cover up and ended up with a new tattoo :)I worked with Harry and he was awesome! They were closing shop early but he was willing to stay. His eye for detail is amazing and he’s keeps you entertained the entire time. I’ll be going back in 3 weeks to finish the color but I love how he left it with the shadowing.I definitely recommend this shop and I can’t wait to go back to finish my current one and then get my coverup done

Bill & Danielle are great. It’s a small place so you’ll need to wait or make an appointment. It’s totally worth it, I will def be back.

I had a wonderful experience! Bill completed my tattoo and we had great a conversation the entire time. He also took an original design that I drew and took it to the next level. Danielle was wonderful to speak with in setting up my tattoo consultation and scheduling my appointment for getting my tattoo. Thank you Bill, I simply love my new tattoo!

Bill is a phenomenal tattoo artist and the shop is clean and professional. I wouldn’t get tattooed by anybody else in MA, and i’ve been tattooed at Empire twice.

So, i got tattoed (fairly extensively) for the first time by bill 4 days ago, and he did a great job! You can tell that he’s seasoned in his craft and genuinley cares about doing a good job. It was a very good experience, and beyond being good tattoo artist, he’s a very cool guy, and fun to talk to (wich is always a plus, for sure). Very accommodating and straight up solid dude. This was an especially relieving experience for me personally too because my usual artist who i had been comfortable with and going to for a few years, recently moved out of state, and in my opinion, switching tattoo artists is a fairly significant change especially if youre someone who plans to be heavily tatted, and it can be hit or miss. so this was a success! I will definitely be going back to bill for future tats on the regular, and would recommend him to anyone. 5 stars!

I got two tattoos from here and I’ve had no problems at all! My first one was done on my wrist and my second was done behind my ear. They staff was incredibly nice. Prices are reasonable, although many have told me otherwise. The only problem I have with my wrist tattoo was that the lettering was a little disoriented and uneven but its barely noticeable. I’ve had many compliments on both of my tattoos from here. Almost all my friends get their tattoos done here and I recommend this place to everyone!

I got a tattoo in memory of my brother yesterday. The tattoo artist, Bill, is awesome. He is easy to talk to and super funny. I gave him some ideas of what I wanted and he drew it up perfectly. This is my second professionally done tattoo, and I was concerned since my last tattoo experience (at a different shop) wasn’t so good. I can honestly say that I love my tattoo. It has very important meaning to me, and to see it executed so clean and precise makes me honored to wear it. The shop is clean and very welcoming. By best friend was with me and she also got a tattoo which she absolutely loves. Definitely will be going back to get more work done.

Mehhhh. I wouldn’t call this place a hidden gem or somewhere to find great local artists but if you want a tattoo or piercing and don’t want to go into town then I guess this place is it for you in the area…besides body extremes. I got a tattoo by an artist here who I’m pretty sure was on perc’s..but hey, it’s quincy- who isn’t? I was an impatient brat who just wanted the work done and it’s probably one of my most regretted pieces. Terrible lines, symmetry is awful and even worse saturation. I’m glad it’s in my armpit region so no one can really see it, but I also will probably never cover it up because of its location. Oh well! You win pain killer king!!!

To say Bill & his wife Dianna are Excellent people & artists is an understatement. I went in today for a scheduled appointment I had met with Dianna a few weeks earlier about a cover up & a design representing my husband’s company. Dianna’s hospitality & Bill’s artistic ideas won me over. Bill’s talent & his excellence for not letting you settle for any design that you don’t love go far beyond what I ever expected . Bill is passionate about his work , vocal on his opinion & makes you feel so comfortable & at ease while he is performing his art work on you . I was a big baby & Bill made me feel comfortable & FAST WOW . Perfect outcome I was so thrilled in his work for getting me exactly what I wanted & LOVED HIS DESIGN he did for me. Their studio is so immaculate clean & fun . Their employees were so friendly as well. I highly recommend them to anyone is looking for a great tattoo experience . Granite City Tattoo is THE BEST HANDS DOWN ..Thank you again Bill. I love my tattoo

Had a cover-up done on May 21st. Came out even better than I hoped for. Only two weeks later, skin is fully healed and I have a gorgeous tattoo on the back of my shoulder! Reasonable price for the work done too. After some anxiety about where to get the work done, I am so glad that I chose Granite City for my tattoo work!

I got a gift certificate from my fiance for Christmas and went in after work to have my design drawn. I had had my idea brewing for about 2 years and Bill was extremely accommodating. I made an appointment for the following week and was amazed when i saw his design of my idea. It was perfect! Not only was he friendly and talkative while doing my tattoo (which took my mind off of it) it came out absolutely beautiful. This was my 5th tattoo and the first one I have gotten at a different place. I will definitely go back to them again.

Bill and Danielle are great !!Love this place!Clean and nice!!!!Love my new tattoo~~Thanks again!!!

I went back after two years to get some more ink. This time I had Bill do my work. It was fast, clean and real sharp. The tat looks great and Bill was a cool guy to shoot the shit with. This place is clean, staff nice and they do great work.

I went there for my first Tattoo with my sister (her second tattoo) to get a matching one on our wrist. Right away they greeted us at the door, helped pick the sizing and made things very comfortable. The place is clean and pricing is decent. We love our new tattoo, great work! Highly recommend.

I went to Granite City for my first tattoo about three weeks ago. I didn’t really know what to expect but I was very happy with the entire experience. I showed up about 2.5 hrs before they closed and they were more than happy to accommodate me. Bill, one of the owners, was my artist. He did a hell of a job and I couldn’t be happier. Really cool guy, and an awesome artist. Granite City is very clean too. Definitely recommend this place.

Go in and ask for Bill. Great guy who does great work. I went in for a Japanese sleeve. Since this was a custom piece they emailed me the design before I went in for my appointment. The design and tattoo both came out amazing. The experience was a 5/5 and I would recommend Granite City to my friends and family.

i went to granite city yesterday for a couple of tattoo’s…… artist was named harry and he is brilliant……the prices are very reasonable….harry took his time and made sure i was happy with what he was doing while he was doing it……if you want a tattoo granite city is the place to go….they make appointments and take walk ins…….if you go there you will not be dissapointed…….ask for harry…….he is a very talented artist

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Granite City Tattoo – Quincy, MA – Yelp

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So You Want a Scottish Gaelic Tattoo – Part One | Gaelic.co09.04.18

So you turn to the other thing that the internet is good for: connecting with total strangers. You look for a discussion group on social media. Maybe you find a discussion board devoted to Scottish culture, or a Facebook group devoted to the Gaelic language. You post a query. Here are some typical Gaelic tattoo requests on social media:

Whats three beautiful girls in Gaelic?

Gaelic tattoo request

Whats I am my beloved, my beloved is mine in Gaelic?

Gaelic tattoo request

Whats king and queen in Gaelic?

Gaelic tattoo request

Whats I am not finished in Gaelic? Whats start somewhere in Gaelic?

Gaelic tattoo request

What are these 3 different phrases in Gaelic before my friends tattoo appointment tomorrow?

Gaelic tattoo request

Whats Father until we meet again may God hold you in the hollow of his hand in Gaelic?

Gaelic tattoo request

Whats Home is behind, the world is ahead in Gaelic?

Gaelic tattoo request

This kind of tattoo translation request gets several kinds of reactions in online forums:

1) Well-meaning attempts to give you the translation you want, from people who are not qualified. There are a lot of adults learning Gaelic who are not yet fluent in the language or knowledgeable about the culture. With their help, if you are lucky, you may end up with a translation that is literally correct, but sounds awkward and weird. This may be because that thing you want your tattoo to say is not ever actually said in Gaelic. Just because something can be translated does not mean that the results will actually make cultural sense, or carry the poetic connotations that you want your tattoo to express. And if you are unlucky (or if you try to use a dictionary yourself), as you can see above, all bets are off as far as vocabulary, spelling, and grammar.

2) Genuine translations from people who are fluent in Gaelic. Youve asked for help, and they feel obligated to give it, even though they may also advise you that the accurate translation they gave you doesnt sound quite right in Gaelic. If youre lucky, they might make an alternate suggestion which would be more suitable.

3) Frustration, sarcasm, or anger at yet. Another. Tattoo. Request. Fortunately for you, most fluent Gaelic-English bilingual people are actually pretty nice about tattoo requests, even when they are frustrated. Probably 99% of them wont lead you astray by giving you fake translations that are actually declarations about the size of your genitals but some may fantasize about doing so. Are you willing to take that risk? Especially if you plan to share photos of your tattoo online?

Heres the thing: you will have no way of knowing whether youve been given a decent translation or not. Thats a major risk to the integrity of your body art.

Next, consider the ethics of these requests. First, you want something for nothing. Second, to be honest, you are wasting peoples time and effort on something that doesnt really help Gaelic. Can you imagine if you were at work, doing whatever job you do, and people kept emailing you or popping up in your social media feeds once or twice a day, every day, to ask you to help them with the wording of their tattoo? Thats basically what happens to a lot of people who work in Gaelic language jobs. People are asking them for Gaelic translations of symbolic English phrases, for free, all. The. Time. How do you say Happy Birthday in Gaelic? How do you say Merry Christmas in Gaelic? How do you say You shall not pass! in Gaelic? How do you say F off and die in Gaelic?

Whats the big deal, though? You only want a tattoo. It will only take a total stranger, like, a few minutes to translate One Ring to Rule Them All into Gaelic for you. And Gaelic is SO COOL.

But Gaelic is not like English. Its a minority language and culture that multiple governments have tried for many hundreds of years to stamp out. Its speakers have been pressured and even forced to abandon it and assimilate to English. Many were beaten in school for speaking Gaelic. Its amazing that Gaelic speakers are still keeping the language and culture going. Gaelic is also what we call an endangered language, because efforts to stamp it out have been so successful in the long run that the number of speakers is still decreasing, and the language is in great danger of disappearing altogether. The cool factor comes in part from its rarity and double-edged romantic stereotypes of being ancient, natural, and poetic (= obsolete, animalistic, and good for nothing but poetry).

Endless free tattoo translation requests from English speakers are like death by a thousand papercuts. They suck up the energy and goodwill of an endangered language community and give nothing back.

A proliferation of bad Gaelic tattoos also weakens the language. How? Every bad bit of Gaelic that is put out there becomes an exemplar that other people may follow. It propagates mistakes (Soar Alba!), spreads ignorance, and makes the language more and more like a bad copy of English, and less and less like Gaelic. Change happens to every language whether people like it or not, but when the direction of change is taking it into convergence with a juggernaut like English, thats called language death.

This is the reality of an endangered language.

Having said all this, if you still have your heart absolutely set on getting a Gaelic tattoo, I will have some concrete suggestions for you in my next blog post.

UPDATE: Fifteen hours after posting, Ive already received a Gaelic tattoo translation request via e-mail! I dont do Gaelic tattoo translation requests; to understand why, please read this post again. Please do not post tattoo translation requests in the comments or through e-mail. Also, please read Part Two of this post! Tapadh leibh.

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So You Want a Scottish Gaelic Tattoo – Part One |

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125 Inspiring Tattoo Ideas for Girls (Cute Designs 2018)09.04.18

A recent study in the US surprising revealed that whilst 85% of people think that males are more likely to have tattoos, on the contrary, 59% of the tattooed population is made up of females. We now live in an age where tattoos are common place and its not longer considered a faux pas for a female to have tattoos showing. Tattoos are a great way of expressing yourself through body art and we have compiled 125 of our favourite tattoo ideas for girls.

Well start with this ghost design. In recent years there has been more of a movement towards smaller, minimalist style tattoos, rather than the traditional ink heavy ones. It also shows that girls are not limited to only getting girly tattoos. The cartoon ghost is a fun, whilst not been too spooky. Smaller tattoos are also becoming more popular nowadays as they are more affordable and often people can get a few smaller tattoos for the same cost as a bigger one. Not to mention they are also a lot easier to hide/conceal should you need to for work.

More to come.

One of the most popular places for girls to get tattoos is around the feet and ankles. It seems less of a commitment to a life long piece of art on you because its less noticeable and easily concealable. The feet are also not generally considered the most beautiful part of the body, so it can be a great way of making them look prettier and adding some art to them.


Another common smaller tattoo for people to get is a simple letter. The letter P may symbolise the persons first name, someones name thats important to them or even the periodic symbol for Phosphorus. There are thousands of fonts to choose from and luckily with letters its easy to test them out on your computer before you pick which one will look best.

Besides been a beautiful tattoo aesthetically, the lotus is also a very popular design because it has a lot of meaning behind it. Traditionally the lotus symbolises divine beauty and purity and the unfolding of the leaves represents the growing of the soul as well as spiritual awakening.


The dreamcatcherhas a lot of historical and cultural meaning, and its origins are with American Indian tribes where the women would make it for their children to prevent them from having nightmares. They are very popular and can be placed in a lot of different places on the body. They also are great ones to adapt in to your own unique style.

Bow and arrow.

The bow and arrow is a popular tattoo for both men and women to get as is just the arrow on its own. The bow has many different meanings, including references to Cupids bow as well as shooting for the stars. Bows are also very adaptable to your own taste.

Queen of clubs.

Card symbols have long been popular symbols to get inked. The ace of spades is usually the most popular one to get but not far behind are the Queens. The queen of clubs symbolises a strong willed and positive person. Tattoos in between the fingers usually need to get redone every few years as they do fade due to the amount of rubbing that occurs there.


The lion is another design that has been popular a very long time and remains so today. It represents someone who is loyal, strong willed and courageous. It is also the symbol of many sporting clubs and family emblems so these are some other reasons that people might get it.

Geometric tattoos are probably one of the most trending designs from the last couple of years. They look great, are timeless and not too expensive. Above is an example of a silver and black one on the forearm, which is a very popular spot for people to get tattoos now that theyre more socially acceptable and not necessarily restricted to areas that you need to cover up anymore.

Universal truth.

Above is a quote from famous rapper and musician Immortal Technique. The meaning of the quote is that even if a lot of people believe in something, it is not necessarily true.

Above is a great example of more alternative or hipster style sleeve tattoos. Usually this will involve picking a broad overall theme such as nature in the above one and is a great opportunity to keep adding to over a few tattoo sessions.


Tattoo art has come a long way in the last decade or so and along with advancements in technology and style, there is a big movement towards alternative styles such as the above modern form with ink splatter effect and dripping paint.

Ankle birds.

Birds are a very versatile design. From very detailed eagles that cover peoples whole back to really simple seagulls like the ones above they all look great and can also hold a lot of meaning such as flight, spreading your wings and overcoming challenges in your life.

White ink.

Traditionally tattoos were always done in black or sometimes blue ink. Nowadays there are hundreds of different colours of ink and one of the surprisingly popular ones is white ink. Whilst usually reserved for shading, it also can work well on its own as a more subtle design such as the above quote.


Similar to the previous geometric tattoo, the above design depicts the full cycle of the moon from crescent to full and back to crescent again.

Bunny moon.

Cute cartoon characters are a popular choice, particularly amongst girls who are looking for something pretty and nostalgic.

Crescent moon.

Here is another example of a very simple but elegant tattoo design of a crescent moon. Half crescent moons are particularly popular amongst females as they are a symbol of feminine power.

If youre a rabbit lover and are interested in a life like design then this is definitely the tattoo for you. The artist has managed to do a great job of creating a life like rabbit using just black ink. Black ink is always a safe option as it holds its colour the best of all the inks.


Above you can see a number of different tattoos including an epic unicorn tattoo coming up from the thigh and on to the belly as well as a leopard print style design going over her shoulder.

Birds in a tree.

Birds are one of the most popular tattoos for girls to get. Above is a great silhouette style design of love birds in a tree branch. This is a great way of symbolising your love for one another and could even be one to get if you have recently got married or fallen in love and want a reminder of that.


Compasses were traditionally tattooed on sailors and boating enthusiasts. They symbolise not only been at sea but also finding direction in your life or a particular journey you embarked on. Nowadays they are popular for aesthetic value as well as for people such as backpackers who have done a lot of traveling and want a compass design. Some will even have the compass face the direction of their home from where they have moved to so as to have a reminder of where they came from.


Cambodia has a rich history and very ancient temples, it also has beautiful looking characters and words. As such it has become quite popular for people to get tattooed when they travel to Cambodia. It became even more in the last decade since Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie went under the gun with a Khmer style tattoo on her back and since then many have copied this style.

Finger tattoos.

Historically finger tattoos get a bit of a bad wrap. Typically they use to be reserved for bikers and gang members, they also were considered a bit of a faux pas if you wanted to get a respectable job. Nowadays however they are more common place and socially acceptable. The traditional finger tattoos were to get LOVE on one hand and then HATE across the other knuckles, this was a design that was popularized by movie characters. Generally people will get either two four letter words across their knuckles or one eight or ten letter word across both of their hands.

Ear bunny.

Here is another example of the popular rabbit design, this time with more of a cartoon style to it. Behind the ear is a very popular spot for females to get tattoos, they are usually a little bit smaller than this one but is still easy enough to cover up if you have longer hair.


Flowers are one of the most popular designs to get for both males and females. In particular roses and lotus flowers. Getting a flower design like the one above can work in both just black ink or you can even get it colored in later if youre wanting to change it up.

Half sleeve.

The half sleeve is generally the preferred style of arm tattoo at the moment. Unlike having a full sleeve it allows you to cover up your tattoos with a t-shirt should you need to for work or any other occasion. It also means that you dont have to tattoo your elbow which can be a difficult area to work with and often you are restricted to the types of styles that you can get inked there.


Doves like the one above have a lot of different meanings. They are commonly used at weddings and are freed from cages as a symbol of love, peace and your new life beginning to take off together. They are a simple and timeless design that you definitely wont regret and can easily place anywhere on your body.


The finger second in from the pinkie finger on the left hand is commonly known as the ring finger and is often reserved for a wedding ring as a sign that youre married. It is quite common place for modern couples to get a tattoo there in place of a ring as rings are very expensive especially to lose! A small, simple tattoo such as the love heart above looks beautiful and is also easy to cover up should you need to.

Knee design.

The above flowers on the knees are also lotus flowers, this time from a birds eye view. The fully opened flowering lotus is one of the most beautiful flowers and because its a birds eye view it creates a nice circular shape that works well with the shape of the knee.

Abstract hand.

Abstract art works such as the one above can work really well as tattoos. Be sure to see them sketched out first as they dont always convert well to a tattoo form. Often people will get artwork from their favorite albums or artists transformed in to workable designs.

Ear cross.

Crosses have always been a very popular design to get for both males and females. They are most commonly known to represent people of a Christian faith, but can also just be for its aesthetic nature. Theyre are also a lot of different variants of the cross and they all have different meanings and origins. Because of how simple a design they are they really can work anywhere on your body.

Henna style.

Henna style tattoos originate in India and are usually for women and place across the hand and fingers with lots of different line and dot work to create a beautiful pattern. Henna is a style of ink used and is not traditionally permanent but only lasts a couple of weeks however many people do get them permanently tattooed as well.

Back planets.

Tattoos that go directly down the spine can look really great and give you something to show off when you wear a backless top. Having the planets of the solar system lined up work really well for this area and whilst they may be hard for you to see, they will definitely impress others.

Black rose.

The rose is a complex flower and works beautifully as a tattoo design. It has a lot of different meanings, with the obvious one being delicate love and beauty. However the meaning can change depending on the color of the rose as well as openness of the flower. Some people will get roses to remember ones that are lost in their life and they can work very well in bunches together and work great in both color and black ink.


Since the Disney movie The Little Mermaid, the mermaid form has been a popular style for both costumes and tattoos alike. Above you can see a cool example of an under the sea style theme on the forearm. Silhouetted styles are generally safe choices as the thicker line work makes them last longer and less intricate line work that can potentially be messed up or fade over time.

Finger designs.

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125 Inspiring Tattoo Ideas for Girls (Cute Designs 2018)

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