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Microblading Training Chicago – Microblading Classes …04.19.19

If your eyes are the window to your soul, then your brows are the curtains. Maintaining your brows shape is critical because eyebrows act to frame the eyes and highlight your best features. Makeup artists say that the right eyebrow shape can not only brighten your appearance but also make you look more youthful.

Nowadays, there are tons of eyebrow products and eyebrow design services available on the market. Even though most of them are good at keeping your brows neat and groomed, the problem is that their effect does not last long. And thats when microblading comes into play. Microblading is a new beauty trend that has already won the hearts of thousands of women worldwide. Unlike other eyebrow procedures that come and go, microblading might be here to stay.

In the event of searching for the best microblading training in Chicago, look no further. Esthetic World Beauty professionals will teach you all aspects of microblading, from drawing eyebrows to setting up your own business. We promise our microblading classes in Chicago will make you confident and eager to master your craft.

With Esthetic World Beauty, microblading certification in Chicago is not a problem anymore. Our school offers courses for all experience levels from beginners to pros. This means that both newcomers and cosmetology professionals can benefit from our microblading training programs.

We know everything about permanent makeup, and we are willing to share our skills and knowledge with you. Our microblading experts have all the tools to equip you for a prosperous and rewarding career as a Microblading Technician.

EWB comprehensive training program teaches both theoretical and practical application of microblading. Most microblading courses we provide include a detailed examination of brow morphology as well as the comprehensive background in color theory. You will get to know our unique method of achieving the ideal brow shape. Whats more, you will have an opportunity to practice microblading on a live model. And thats just the beginning.

Esthetic World Beauty is the perfect place for people who want to become successful microblading artists and improve their makeup skills without spending a lot of money. We have developed not just a training course, but the whole comprehensive business program that ensures maximum success of our students in their career. Microblading is our passion, and we try our best to provide each student with a simple, understandable, and exciting training.

Today, to become a reputable microblading practitioner is easier than ever before. Wait no longer, let EWB experts introduce you to the world of microblading!

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Microblading Training Chicago – Microblading Classes …

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State Regulations for Laser Tattoo Removal04.19.19

One of the most common questions asked by entrepreneurs entering the field of tattoo removal is this: can I perform laser tattoo removal in my state?

While the answer to this question is not always clear, the short answer is typically yes, it can be done.

Entrepreneurs with no medical background in over 45 U.S. states operate highly profitable laser tattoo removal businesses on a day-to-day basis. Some states have no regulation on the subject, most require very little to be done, and a few have stricter regulations that favor medical professionals with advanced degrees.

Laser tattoo removal businesses exist in all U.S. states and territories and are established with an understanding of the legal requirements. Here, we are going to discuss the most common laser tattoo removal regulations found in the U.S., what the due diligence process looks like, and how Astanza can help you get started.

The vast majority of states do not require tattoo removal clinic owners or laser operators to have medical credentials, whether as a physician, nurse, or something similar. In fact, non-medical personnelmake up the bulk of individuals active in the laser tattoo removal industry.

There are, however, a few exceptions to this rule, but the most common regulations include some combination of the following requirements:

Use of an FDA cleared device for the removal of tattoos.

A physician medical director affiliated with the practice.

A certified laser operator with at least 16 hours of hands-on training.

A laser operator with laser safety training and certification.

For entrepreneurs seasoned or otherwise these tasks should not be daunting. Any reputable laser company will sell you a device that is cleared for use in the U.S., well-known training organizations (and laser companies) will provide the training needed for certification, and medical directors are surprisingly easy to come by when you look in the right places.

Astanza has helped many hundreds of entrepreneurs in variously sized markets across the U.S. find a medical director by providing the resources to do so. A medical director is an off-site physician licensed in your state that supervises the laser operations at your clinic practice. This role generally requires only periodic check-ins and availability at the discretion of the physician; ultimately, a limited responsibility position for the doctor.

Other, more highly regulated states, require a physician medical director to be “on the premises” in addition to an advanced or mid-level practitioner operating the laser system. These states are the exception, not the rule.

State regulations for this popoular procedure are very much like a bell curve with many variations in laws. A small number of states (e.g. Colorado, New York) have little to minimal regulation for laser tattoo removal. An equally small number of states (e.g. Ohio, New Jersey) only allow physicians to fire a laser device.

Most other states fall in the moderate area that requires simply a medical director and a trained and certified laser operator, possiblyone that is also a mid-level medical practitioner (e.g. RN, PA, NP). To get a better sense for the range of strictness, see the state guideline examples and graphic below:

Entrepreneurs continue to open successful tattoo removal clinics across the U.S., even in states with more advanced regulations. Various business models have been used all across the country for tattoo removal businesses that make several hundred thousand dollars in profit annually.

Astanza representatives want to share their knowledge with you to help you make the most of your market.It is important to note that doing your due diligence is a better business practice, regardless of the industry of interest.

Each state sets its own regulations for laser tattoo removal who can fire a laser, who can delegate the procedure, and who can own the laser device. It is usually the respective states medical or licensing board that puts forth the ruling.

Weve compiled a document that hosts the contact information for the relevant governing body in each state. When contacting the respective agency, please keep a few of these tips in mind:

>> State Medical & Licensing Board Contact Information PDF >>

Astanzas representatives are well-versed in laser tattoo removal and have helped clients across the United States (and world) build laser tattoo removal practices all it takes is a little bit of research. Starting the research by looking at the competition in your area might be a good start, and Astanza’s experts can help point you in the right direction.

Like any business, a laser tattoo removal clinic may take a bit of leg work while starting up. However, partnering with the right company will put you in a significantly better place and allow you to become much more profitable, faster.

Though the answer to the regulations question is not always clear, the most successful tattoo removalbusiness owners don’t blink an eye. Even though most state medical boards do not have strict requirements, it is always in a business owners best interest to have a physician tied to the clinic as a medical director.

Since most U.S. states’ laser regulations are not purely black and white and often require several contact attempts with the state, often the fastest, most accurate method of finding up-to-date laws is through legal counsel that is familiar with the medical laws in your state. Consulting with an attorney on this matter is a simple, few hour long process that is ultimately worth the cost for both peace of mind and business legitimacy.

Check out these other laser tattoo removal resources from Astanza:

Note: This content was not crafted by a lawyer, and nothing on this page is intended to be legal advice. Nothing can replace the authority of a licensed attorney in your state.

State Regulations for Laser Tattoo Removal

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Full disclosure: this mostly has to do with season two. Moving on!

The next time you think about getting a tattoo, watch this show first!

Through this series, I have learned a few things about getting a tattoo such as:

-Don’t do it after you have gone on a 48-hour binge drinking session after dumping your girlfriend for cheating on you.

-don’t get a tattoo simply for the purpose of offending your ex.

-if you’re a a woman planning on getting a tattoo just below your no-no area, don’t get something with flames on it, especially if you have a job that requires you to be scantily clad, or else you’ll be given the nickname “Fire Crotch”.

-family trips to the tattoo parlor are never a good idea.

-if your girlfriend dumped you because you cheated on her, don’t tattoo her initials on your body.

-if there’s a guy at a party with a tattoo kit offering to tattoo you, pass.

-if your friend just bought a tattoo kit and wants to try it out on someone, do not volunteer to be the gunea pig.

-if after lots and lots of begging, your parents relent and finally agree to let you get tattooed, be suspicious. They’re up to something.

-if they guy who is tattooing you not only doesn’t have gloves on but also coughs the entire time, pass on getting a tattoo from him.

-if you’re going to a parochial school, you might want to hold off on getting a tattoo until you leave there.

-don’t let your drunk or sleep-deprived tattoo artist friends tattoo you.

Want to know the stories behind those crazy life lessons learned the hard way, watch Tattoo Nightmares!

Read this article: Watch Tattoo Nightmares Season 2 | Prime Video

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Tora Tattoo | Tattoo Studio and TD Laser Clinic04.16.19

Welcome to!

The home of Kitchener/Waterloos premiere tattooing establishment.

Enjoy the new photos and content on our recently updated website.

Tora Tattoo was established in 1994 by long time artist Jamie Izumi.

Prior to his opening of a public tattoo studio, Jamie began winning awards for his work; this began in New York State in 1993 at the Am-Jam tattoo convention. His awards and accomplishments were the beginning drive to his career and life in tattooing. Since then, he has attended and worked at countless conventions throughout North America and by doing so has gained many friends colleagues and peers across the industry, alongside with winning many more awards for his work.

Through the years Tora Tattoo has held a high standard for its quality of tattoo work. To this day only a select few can be the diverse, talented and reliable artists that you will find here at tora. We strive to always be educated and informed with whats new and up and coming in the tattoo industry. Educating ourselves is the first step in providing the best and safest tattoo for our clients.

In recent years we have firmly established our place in the professional tattoo laser removal field. There is only one way to do this; and as we see it, doing it the right way is the only way. We have two certified laser specialists available. They are trained on all types of lasers, specifically the Q-Plus series laser used for our tattoo removal. Our laser and facility is fully Compliant ready for future licencing that will soon be implemented and mandatory.

Feel free to contact us any time so we can guide you through the process of any of the services we offer, or to answer any questions/concerns you may have.

Tora Tattoo | Tattoo Studio and TD Laser Clinic

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Gameshow Nightmares – Night 05 – literotica.com04.15.19

‘Stephen, can you please make me remember these dreams? I need to know what’s going on when I’m awake.’ melissa grinded her teeth at the sound of her bubbly voice. ‘Fuck you!’ She screamed inside her head.

‘I’m afraid we don’t have time for that, sweetheart. You know how tight our schedule is. Now, let’s start with tonight’s show!’

‘Bonus round, bonus round!’ The audience chanted.

‘That’s right. And the bonus theme for tonight will be: highly sensitive piercings! So tell us, dear contestant, where do you want them? Do you want a ‘Throbbing Clit’, ‘Full Facial’ or ‘Perky Nips’?’

‘Please, I’d rather not choose between any of those.’



‘Oh, come on.’






‘Perky Nips!’


Melissa gasped as two cold metal bars shot through her nipples.

‘You like to give close calls, don’t you? Well, I hope you like your them because those hoops are never coming off again!’

Melissa looked down and shrieked at the sight of the piercings that hung down from the base of her nipples. She was still wearing her normal clothes, but even then, the outlines of the big metal hoops press firmly through her T-shirt. She could even make out the shape of her red and hard nipples.

‘These have a 2 inch diameter’, but I’m sure you won’t buy any as big as these when you wake up, will you?’

‘I’m sorry, but I’ll try not to get any, if you don’t mind’

‘If you don’t mind’? Really? That fucking ‘Happy Words’ made her talk like an idiot. Fuck, she hated him. Fuck, she hated the ridiculous nipple piercings, her hair, the shoes, the makeup. Fuck, fuck, fuck. She couldn’t even say fuck anymore.

‘It’s a shame you didn’t choose the ‘Full-facial’, sweetheart, because I think some nice tongue and lip piercings would have made your next challenge a whole lot more enjoyable. Especially since these new piercings turned your nipples more sensitive than even your clit used to be.’

Melissa didn’t even have time to react to that, because in the blink of an eye she was kneeling down in front of a giant man on stage. He was naked and although she tried not to stare at the hairless genitals, it was hard to look away with his cock no more than a nose length away from her face.

‘Wow, that’s is weird!’ Her happy voice twinkled.

The audience laughed.

‘Yes, that’s right, people. It’s time for the real fun to start! This game is called ‘Perfect Sucker’ and to win it, our contestant has to suck this attractive porn star off until he comes. If she cannot do that she’ll be…’

‘SLUTTIFIED!’ The audience shouted.

Melissa wanted to run, but found herself unable to stand up. It was as if her knees were glued to the stage.

‘I don’t think I can do this, Steve. Can I please skip this one?’ The sentence didn’t nearly have as many curse words in it as she’d wanted.

Stephen smiled brightly at her. Of course he didn’t respond.

She avoided his twinkling eyes, sat down on her heels and looked down. Even through her shirt, you could see how the hoops were almost caricatures of actual jewelry. With every breath, the slight rub of her T-shirt send electricity through her spine. And if she concentrated, she could even feel her blood pulse through her nipples. But even their unnatural sensitivity couldn’t distract her from the disgustingly huge cock in front of her.

Like with the other games, there probably was a catch to it. Melissa was sure that she’d never be able to make him cum without using ‘help’. Who knew what would happen then. Maybe tomorrow she’d find herself giving blowjobs to strangers in the park. No way that she was falling for his tricks.

‘I’m not doing it.’

She had to used her time to think about what was going on with her. It was clear that the gamemaster wasn’t actually her husband. He might look and sound the same, but that was probably part of his plan. She’d have to think of him as someone else. Maybe he could just call him… gamemaster for now, until she figured out his real identity.

Still, that didn’t answer the question of how he was able to transform her body so drastically. She’d never believed in magic, but then how…?

She gasped as the realisation hit her.

Her transformations had only consisted of mental ones so far. Hadn’t the doctor said that he couldn’t find anything physically wrong with her ankles?

‘You can’t really change my body, can you?’ She shouted up at the gamemaster. ‘It’s all just some kind of mind controlling hypnotism!’ Melissa started laughing. ‘You don’t have any power over me!’

‘So fuck you!’ She tried to say.

Fuck, apparently she was still being controlled by her ‘Happy Words’. She was still wearing the heels, she could still feel her straightened white hair, her makeup, the terrible new piercings. She was still stuck in this fucking gameshow!

‘And with that, your time’s out!’

The audience broke out in loud applause.

‘Our contestant may choose her next punishment now! And I’m sure you’ll love it! Because the next category will be: fetishes!’

Melissa mouth dropped open.

‘It was hard to pick only three for you to choose from, but with the help of our amazing audience we managed to make a selection. So, dear contestant, please choose now! Your options are: ‘Pet-play’, ‘Incest’ or ‘Nudism’.’

For a few seconds, Melissa let the options go through her mind. Incest was unthinkable. She had broken contact with her fucked up family years ago. But then you had the other two options. Pet-play sounded way too weird and scary. And wasn’t it illegal too? But she really didn’t want to become a nudist…

She bowed her head and balded her fists in defeat.

‘Nudism.’ She whispered.

Melissa woke up from the sound of her alarm and quickly turned it off. Without waking up Stephen, she showered, dried her long white hair, applied her makeup, put her heeled boots on, and dressed herself, or at least, she tried to.

‘Just choose something, or you’ll be late.’ Stephen watched her as she took off the fourth shirt she’d tried.

‘Hmm…’ Melissa held up another shirt, the short sleeves were more fitting for the summer, but she was really losing options. ‘And what about this one?’

‘They all look amazing, honey.’ Stephen gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. ‘Just dress already.’ And with that he left the bedroom.

Now that she was alone, it was even more difficult to choose what to wear. Why was it so hard? She wasn’t a teenager anymore. Why was it so hard just to dress up for work?

She shook her head and grabbed a dress. Just one item, no tricky combinations, no assecoires today.

With a smile on her face, she ran down the stairs and grabbed a smoothie from the fridge and kissed Stephen goodbye, who was tying his shoes in the hallway.

‘Eh, Mell?’


‘Are you, eh, not wearing a bra under that?’

‘Yes, of course am.’ Melissa looked down and saw the outline of her dark nipples shine through the white of her dress. ‘Eh, I mean…’

Her cheeks fired up red with embarrassment, and she ran back to the bedroom. How on earth had she forgotten to put underwear on? She wasn’t even wearing panties.

‘I don’t know what’s going on anymore, Steve.’ She said when she came down again and saw the worried look in his eyes. ‘First the boots, then the hair, now this…’

Stephen nodded. ‘Maybe you should take it easy for a bit. We could take some days off or something, see a doctor again.’

‘That would be nice.’ Melissa sighed. ‘We haven’t had a proper holiday in years. Maybe we can plan something together tonight?’

‘Eh, that’s not really… Hey, didn’t you just take two days off?’

‘I know. But if I’m working extra hours to catch up so that doesn’t really count. If I ask my boss I’m sure it’s okay.’

With a smile on her face, Melissa kissed her husband, stepped in her car and went to work. The Caribbeans sounded nice, or Hawaii, or Fiji.

That whole day, she kept being distracted by her daydreams. They could just spend a whole week on a beach somewhere. If she closed her eyes, she could almost feel the sun on her naked skin.

After a while, she realised her holiday fantasies were really distracting, so every time she caught herself on daydreaming, she forced herself to take a short break to take her mind off the daydreams.

It was Nathalie’s day off, so nobody could see her as she did some squads behind her desk until her muscles burned.

Still, she didn’t get much work done that day.

Disappointed at herself, she let her mind wander off while walking back to her car, until suddenly she found herself in the middle if the city, standing still in front of a tattoo parlor, blocks away from the parking lot where her car was parked.

It was scary. The same thing had happened when she’d destroyed her golden hair. But that wouldn’t happen again! She was definitely not getting a tattoo today!

Glad to know she was in control of her own body again, Melissa opened the shop and greeted the lady at the helpdesk.

30 minutes later she walked outside again. A bit dazed, she brought her hands up to the new metal hoops on her chest. Why had she even gotten these piercings? She’d never wanted any before, never even considered the option of piercing her nipples. And now they hurt like hell. She hated them, but strangely enough, like with her hair and makeup, she couldn’t imagine herself without them. And somehow, she knew that she would never be able to remove them herself.

Was she going crazy?

With tears in her eyes, she walked the long way back to her car and drove back home. She had to talk with Stephen about this.

Of course, he freaked out when she undressed for him.

‘I don’t get it, why would you do such a thing?’

‘You don’t like them?’

‘No, yes maybe, but I mean… That’s besides the point!’

Melissa let her fingertips glide over her newly pierced nipples and shuddered. This didn’t even compare to getting her ears pierced. Was it even normal for them to be this sensitive?

‘I’m scared Steve. I feel like I don’t even know myself anymore. And every day, I look more and more like a…’

‘Bimbo’, she wanted to say, but she couldn’t even get the word out of her mouth.

‘I’ll make an appointment with the doctor.’ Stephen said ‘He’ll know what to do.’

Melissa wanted to hug him, but yelped back as her sensitive nipples brushed his shirt. ‘Shit.’ She wanted to say, but instead, her mouth just opened and closed silently.

‘Shit, shit, shit, shit!’ She screamed, but no sound came out.

‘Are you okay?’

‘I can’t…’ curse. Her mouth just opened and closed like a dying fish.

‘You can’t breathe?

Melissa shook her head. ‘I can’t… use bad words!’

Even though she felt like hell, her voice said it as if she was happy with it. She realised it had happened a few times before today and yesterday too. All these things that were happening to her, they couldn’t be just coincidences. It had to be connected to her other transformations.

‘What’s going on with me?’

‘Oh honey, don’t cry. It’ll be fine. You’ll see.’ Stephen hugged her from behind. And Melissa appreciated that he was very careful not to touch her aching nipples.

‘But what if more things change? I never wanted this, Stephen. This isn’t me.’ She said with that same lighthearted and excited tone.

‘I know, honey. But we’ll figure it out, okay?’

Melissa shook her head and pulled his arms closer around her.

‘Do you want some dinner?’ Stephen asked after hugging her silently for what felt like hours.

‘No, I think I just want to sleep.’ Melissa said.

She bent down to pick the dress and bra from the floor and walked up the stairs to their bedroom.

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Gameshow Nightmares – Night 05 –

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DSPS Tattooing and Body Piercing Establishment04.14.19

License Information

Tattoo/Body Piercing Establishment Permit

A license is required to operate any premises where a tattooist applies a tattoo to another person, or premises where a body piercer performs body piercing, or both.

Temporary Body Art Establishments -Please viewTattooing and Body Piercing at Festivals and Other Events for important information.

Whom Should I Contact to Obtain a License?

Establishment licenses are issued by the county Health Department or DSPS if the county Health Department does not perform inspections. Contact numbers for county Health Departments which perform inspections can be found onOffice Numbers. If your county does not perform body art establishment inspections, please contact DSPS at (608) 266-2112.

License Application Process

Review theBody Art Agent & Non Agent Lists August 2018. If your establishment(s) will be located in one of the City/Counties listed, contact the agent in that countyfor the application instructions-DO NOT submit an application to the Department of Safety and Professional Services.

Some Important Public Health Concerns Identified During the Pre-Licensing Inspection Include:

Variance Request

If you are requesting a variance, please complete this form, Body Art Variance Petition Application (Form # 1000-IS),and return it to either your local Health Department or DSPS as applicable.

Local Approval

The Inspector may ask you for documentation showing that the proposed Tattooing and Body Piercing establishment has been approved for use by the local zoning authority. Talk with the local zoning authority to assure that your property is approved for business use. The local zoning authority may be a Village, Township, City, or County.

Practitioner Resources (potential occupational exposure to blood borne pathogens and sharps)

Frequently Asked Questions

Tattooing and Body Piercing Frequently Asked Questions

Body Art Agent Map

Informed Consent

Read more here:
DSPS Tattooing and Body Piercing Establishment

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Tattooing Without a License | CriminalDefenseLawyer.com04.14.19

States have adopted a range of laws governing this profession because of the inherent risks to personal and public health involved. While not all states require someone giving a tattoo to have a license, most of them have license requirements of some kind.

The practice of tattooing has become quite popular in recent decades. States have adopted a range of laws governing this profession because of the inherent risks to personal and public health involved. While not all states require someone giving a tattoo to have a license, most of them have license requirements of some kind. Additionally, some cities or municipalities have adopted ordinances that apply to tattooing that may add requirements beyond those required by the state. In many states, it is a crime to give someone else a tattoo without having a proper state license.

State laws define tattooing slightly differently from one another, but they all cover any instance where someone uses a needle to inject pigments or dyes into another persons skin in order to leave indelible marks. The definition of tattooing does not require that any kind of compensation be exchanged between the person giving the tattoo and the person receiving it. This means, for example, that if a friend gives you a tattoo for free and he is not licensed to do so, he has committed a crime even though he never asked for or received any payment from you.

In states that require or allow for tattoo artist apprenticeships, the apprentice can practice only under the guidance or supervision of a properly licensed artist. For example, if you are an apprentice tattoo artist you cannot give tattoos unless you are being supervised by the licensed tattooist.

States regulate tattooing in one of two primary ways. First, a state may require individual tattoo artists to first apply for and receive a tattoo artist license before they give tattoos to anyone else. States also require tattoo establishments or tattoo parlors to also apply for and receive a license for the establishment. In states that require the establishment to be licensed, its common for them also to require that no tattooing may take place unless it is performed in a licensed tattoo establishment.

For example, some states require both the artist and the establishment to be licensed. This means that anyone working in the establishment must have a license and can perform tattoos only in that particular licensed tattoo parlor. It is illegal for a licensed tattoo artist to perform tattoos in unlicensed locations, such at his or her home. It is also illegal for a licensed tattoo establishment to allow someone who is not licensed to give tattoos at that location.

In addition to licensing requirements, the National Conference of State Legislatures reports that at least 45 states have adopted laws prohibiting minors from getting tattoos or piercings. Some of these laws are blanket prohibitions against anyone giving a tattoo to a minor, while others allow for minors to get tattoos if they have the permission of a parent or guardian. Anyone who tattoos a minor in violation of these laws faces criminal penalties.

The potential penalties involved for anyone convicted of tattooing without a license differ significantly from state to state. Some states allow for both monetary fines and possible jail or prison time, while others do not. In the vast majority of states, violating tattoo licensing requirements is a misdemeanor offense, though felony punishments are possible in some limited situations.

Fines. A person convicted of practicing tattooing without a proper license often faces a fine. In some states, the law only allows for maximum penalty of a fine, while in other states fines and potential jail time are possible. Fines differ widely, with some states allowing for maximum fine of $50, $500, or $1,000 or more.

Jail or prison. In states with laws that provide for potential incarceration sentences for tattooing without a license, the crimes are almost always misdemeanor offenses. This means that the maximum potential penalty is no more than a year in jail. Many state laws provide for much lighter sentences. For example, tattooing without a license in Florida is a second-degree misdemeanor with a maximum jail sentence of 60 days. In a small minority of states, felony criminal charges can apply if someone gives a tattoo to a minor without permission from a parent or guardian.

Probation. Courts can also impose a probation sentence if you are convicted of tattooing without a license. Probation requires you to comply with various probation conditions, including common conditions such as not committing any more crimes, not giving any more tattoos until obtaining proper licensure, and paying all court costs and fines.

While some states impose only minor penalties for someone who tattoos without a license, the penalties in other states and in some circumstances can be very severe. Not only can you face incarceration and significant fines, but if you are professional tattoo artist or someone aspiring to be one, your ability to practice your profession can be seriously limited if not permanently derailed. If you are facing a tattooing without a license charge, you should speak to an experienced criminal defense lawyer near you as soon as you are able. State laws and municipal ordinances on tattooing differ significantly, and you need advice from an attorney who understands the laws that apply to your case and who has experience dealing with area police, prosecutors, and criminal courts.

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Tattooing Without a License |

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Tattooing | American Goat Society04.14.19

AGS accepts tattoos and/or microchips as forms of identification; however, you MUST assign and list your tattoo sequence (both right and left ears) on the registration papers. Recording the tattoo sequence allows future owners the ability to tattoo the animal should they choose to do so. Keep in mind that not all members have a chip reader.

When tattooing your goats ears your registered herd tattoos should go in the right ear. This same registered herd tattoo will be used for all goats born on your property. The animal specific tattoo for each animal should go in the left ear. This tattoo will be different for every animal you tattoo. This tattoo consists of a letter for the year the animal was born followed by a sequential number for that particular animal. In 2009 the year letter is Z so the first kid born in 2009 would be Z1, second kid Z2; eighth kid would be Z8 and so on through the year. While standing behind your animal your left will be the animals left and your right will be the animals right. If you are facing the animal it would be opposite.

The specific letter is assigned for each year an animal is born. The year letter basically follows the alphabet. The letters G, I, O, Q, and U are not used.

Tattooing is a simple operation – so simple it can hardly be termed an operation, in fact. Its success depends entirely upon the operator and following a few simple rules.

The most important thing to remember is DO NOT alter your AGS approved ear tattoos EXCEPT in one very special case!! More on this later.

To reconcile tattoos so that any AGS goat with ears can also be registered with another registry without placing your AGS registration at risk:Find out what tattoo the other registry wants to appear on the goat. Put it on the tail (left or right tail web, or center tail). Fill out the other registrys application and INCLUDE EVERY TATTOO that is on the goat, including ears and tail. Keep in mind that when checking tattoos at shows, ADGA rules require the judge to either fill in a tattoo for each possible place there could be one, or write “none” on the show report if there is none. If a tattoo is present that is not on your registration certificate, your goat does not match your certificate. As of yet, this is not required of judges at AGS shows. Further, at this time, if you add a tail tattoo to a goat with ear tattoos that match its AGS registration certificate, it is not necessary to return your registration certificate to AGS to note the added tail tattoo as a change of tattoo, though of course this is permissible.

Here is the special case where you may change ear tattoos in pursuit of dual registration. You may add one or more digits to an AGS registered goat’s right (herd of origin) ear if and only if BOTH of the following are true:


Go here to read the rest:
Tattooing | American Goat Society

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What It’s Really Like to Get Permanent Eyebrow … – Glamour04.14.19

Five years ago, if we wanted in on a celebrity beauty secret, we had to wait for a reporter to hustle it out of someone on a red carpet or beg so-and-so’s glam squad to let us in on the tricks. Now we’ve got social media where Bella Thorne Snapchats her entire microblading procedure, Kylie Jenner gets real about her injections on her app, and an Instagram of Ariana Grande’s eyeliner technique goes viral.

That said, knowing what celebrities do and whether it’ll work for you (and your budget) is an entirely different story. So last year when I discovered one of Hollywood’s true beauty secrets, a woman named Dominique Bossavy, my intrigue was off the charts. Her specialty is microcolor infusionotherwise known as tattoo makeup.

Here’s the thing: I’ve been in the beauty industry for a decade, and the one treatment I normally steer friends away from is tattoo makeup. It’s not that I haven’t seen great work out thereI havebut because I’ve seen a lot more really bad work. Think thick blue tattoo eyebrows, eyeliner that isn’t even, etc. It’s fairly permanent, and if it’s not done well, it can be a big mistake.

Here’s a look at a more dramatic transformation Bossavy has done.

But seeing Bossavy’s work made me realize there really is an art to tattoo makeup. What first drew me to her is her Instagram. Like I said above, thanks to social media, it’s so easy to see the results of an artists’ work now. It’s literally at your fingertipsand I loved every single image I swiped through. You can tell she’s worked some magic on her clients, but not one of them looked like they had work done, which is exactly what I was going for. “The idea is to create an eyebrow shape that you’ll forget isn’t your own,” she told me. Couldn’t argue with that.

Second, I was into the fact that her system is all her own. From the ink she uses to the smaller tattoo needle she wields, “microcolor infusion” is a technique unique to her salon. She mixes three different-color tattoo dyes to fill in a dimensional brow shape and any sparse spots. (Important: This is not to be confused with “microblading,” which is a newer form of semipermanent makeup that features a manual blade containing multiple needles. Technicians use it to create tiny hairlike strokes to make brows look thicker, as opposed to creating a brow outline.)

The downside of brow tattoos? They don’t come cheap. Bossavy doesn’t have set prices because each client’s needs are customized, but you can imagine what A-listers will spend to always have perfectly groomed brows. Typically, though, microblading and semipermanent makeup can run anywhere between $400 and $800, depending on where you go and whether consultation fees are involved. And there’s a huge upside besides the gorgeous results: The process lasts anywhere from one to three years, all customizable based on your needs.

I could go on about how much I loved my brows afterward; how fluffy and realistic-looking they were; how they’ve lasted well over a year. But seeing is believing, and I filmed my entire experience. Click play and prepare to be just as obsessed. If it’s worth anything, I’ll 1,000-percent be doing it all over again in a year.

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What It’s Really Like to Get Permanent Eyebrow … – Glamour

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Police rebook man on more sex crime, tattooing of minor …04.14.19

A man booked last month on sex trafficking and tattooing of a minor charges was rebooked Monday (April 8) on more charges after police encountered another teenager with infected tattoos, court records show.

New Orleans police first arrested Darnell Johnson, 26, after a 17-year-old runaway girl told detectives he let her keep clothes at his house while she and another girl were being pimped out by two other men. Johnson gave the girl tattoos, including the one on the face, court records show.

Police said Johnson tattooed the 17-year-old girl during the same time period the girl and two other men, later identified as Jayson Figueroa and Cordarrell Rudolph, pimped out a 16-year-old runaway. After Figueroa and Rudolph had sex with the 16-year-old girl, they dropped the two girls off at Johnsons house, the records said.

A total of five people, including Figueroa and Rudolph, were arrested in New Orleans and St. Tammany Parish as a result of the investigation into sex trafficking in which police said girls who were being pimped out were also given tattoos, including a face tattoo for one girl that read numb, according to court records.

5 arrested in connection to sex-trafficking, tattooing of minors in New Orleans, St. Tammany

State troopers found a 16-year-old girl in a hotel after they believe she was drugged, beat and raped by seven men over the course of a week, according to court documents.

A week after Johnsons arrest, police encountered a 15-year-old in the 2400 block of Robert E. Lee Boulevard with several tattoos, including infected ones on each of her forearms. The girl boasted about the tattoos, but complained about their painfulness. The officer took her to the Childrens Hospital, where she was treated for a multitude of complaints, according to the new arrest warrant for Johnson.

The officer rummaged through evidence acquired by search warrant from Johnson and discovered a piece of paper with a sketch that mirrored the tattoo on the 15-year-old girl. When the detective asked the teen about her tattoos, she said she had met a man at his home, where he gave her three tattoos. The man later picked her up and allegedly had sex with her in his vehicle. When shown a picture of Johnson, she confirmed he was the man in question, the warrant shows.

Police rebooked Johnson on Monday on additional charges of felony carnal knowledge of a juvenile and tattooing of juveniles. His bond was set at $17,500 for the new charges. As of his rebooking, Johnson had not posted the $22,000 bond related to the March charges.

The 26-year-old has a lengthy criminal history in Orleans and Jefferson parishes with a carnal knowledge of juvenile conviction from 2016 and domestic abuse convictions from 2014 and 2017.

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Police rebook man on more sex crime, tattooing of minor …

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