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Tattoo Removal School and Training Course with Official …10.02.17

Our state-approved course offers comprehensive hands on training programs so students can succeed in todays thriving field of laser technology. If you are looking for laser tattoo removal certification, youve come to the right place!

A Laser Academy strives to set the highest standard in laser tattoo removal education. We offer a comprehensive course for physicians and their medical staff along with estheticians and tattoo artists to ensure advanced training necessary to enter the laser industry, or for any individual with a passion for lasers to use this as a stepping-stone for a new career in tattoo removal.This program is available for any individual looking to advance their professional status. As a state-approved tattoo removal course, we are but a handful of schools with the ability to provide laser tattoo removal certification, which is mandatory in many states. Upon completion of training, you will receive two certifications:

With various resources and experienced instructors to offer real world experience we are here to ensure complete hands on tattoo removal education. As opposed to other schools whose focus is on theory, we make it a point to give you as much experience with treatments, clients, and various lasers to ensure your success in the field. Our course covers:

Please contact our offices for more information about2016 Rhode Island location training scheduled for advanced students.

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Tattoo Removal School and Training Course with Official …

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Tattoo Shop Etiquette | Blackwork Tattoo Studio10.01.17

Just so that there isnt any doubtWhen you are in a tattoo studio you should conduct yourself with a sense of decorum that you do when youre in any other business.

Going to a tattoo studio is no different than patronizing a restaurant.You are the customer/client and we are going to try to make your experience the best one we possibly can.

In fact, theres a Tattoo Client Bill of Rights which defines your rights. On the other hand, we have the right to expect you to conduct yourself in a civil, polite and respectful manner in return.

Your goal and our goal is the same: To get you the best tattoo (or piercing) in the most pleasant way possible. With a little etiquette (from everyone), its not hard to do. To help make your tattoo experience the best one it can be.

If you want a professional tattoo, be prepared to pay a professional price.

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Tattoo Shop Etiquette | Blackwork Tattoo Studio

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Model Goes Blind After Tattooing Eyeball, Warns Others of …09.29.17

Updated|Twenty-four year old Catt Gallingers fun excursion into body art ended in horror when an eye tattoo left her partially blinded and oozing purple tears. The tattoo was meant to have tinted her sclera, the white part of her eye, but instead went terribly wrong, causing pain and possible permanent impairment. Nowthe young modelis sharing her story in the hopes that others wont make her same mistake.

Catt Gallingers eye tattoo became infected and swollen. It has nearly cost her vision. Photo Courtesy of Facebook/CattGallinger

In a post shared several thousand times on Facebook, Gallinger, who is from Canada, explained how a recent attempt to tint the whites of her eye purple has nearly cost her vision, The Independent reported. According to Gallinger, the artistdid not dilute the ink, injected too much of it into her eye, and did not have enough injection sites on her eyeball. All this caused the eye to swell and the ink to seep out.

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The tattoo caused Gallingers eye to seep purple ink. Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Catt Gallinger

Immediately after the procedure, Gallinger knew something was wrong. She was rushed to her local hospital, where she received antibiotic eye drops for a week and a half. The drops did not help the problem and caused the eye to swell completely shut.

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Steroid drops caused the injection to form a clump around the cornea area,The Daily Mail reported. Gallinger is unable to see properly out of the injected eye, needs to see a specialist, and is at risk of becoming permanently blind.

Gallinger may suffer permanently from the repercussions of this botched eye tattoo. According to Dr. David Flug, an ophthalmologist working in New York, the practice is unsafe and extremely dangerous. Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Catt Gallinger

The practice of tinting the white of the eye is fairly new and slowly gaining popularity throughout the world. According to Dr. David Flug, an ophthalmologist working in New York, the practice is unsafe and extremely dangerous.

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Basically my feeling is that its insane. It can be done, but it has no long-term testing for safety. You have to be nuts to do it, Flug told Newsweek .

Even Luna Cobra, the man credited with first making the procedure popular a little over 10 years ago, agrees that it is unsafe. In fact, hes even working to help make it illegal.

Ive been trying to ban this. I think its super important that this becomes illegal, Cobra told Newsweek. To be clear, this is happening all the time, all over the world.

According to Cobra, he is the first artist to have refined the procedure that completely tattoos the whites of the eye. When he first began doing this procedure he would film it, and he told Newsweek that this led to many copycat artists trying to replicate his work. Unfortunately, these copycats were not as well trained as Cobra and as a result, the procedure often ends badly.

I didnt think people would think so lightly of this [tattooing the eye].” said Cobra. I thought they would take it more serious. It looks like people are not taking it so serious.

Dr. Stephanie A. Castle, an optometrist at Park City Vision in Utah told Newsweek that, when done wrong, not only do these tattoo pose a risk to patients vision, but they can also interfere with a doctors ability to help treat them.

It blacks your eye doctors ability to view ocular structures-which provide us with important information about eye health and systemic health, wrote Castle. In some cases theres a danger of patients having to have an eye enucleated (removed) because of infection and pain.

Since the initial procedure, Gallinger has updated her Facebook page with a post stating that her vision has improved in the past few weeks. But she says medical professionals have informed her that she will likely never completely regain complete eyesight in the damaged eye.

According to Metro, Gallinger insists she is not sharing her story to cause trouble but rather to warn others who may be contemplating their own eyeball tattoo. Research who you get your procedures by as well as how the procedure should be properly done, writes Gallinger.

Or you could just follow Cobra and Flugs advice and not get the procedure done at all in the first place.

Udated: This article has been updated to include quotes from Luna Cobra andto include comments fromDr. Stephanie A. Castle on further possible damage from sclera tattoos.

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Model Goes Blind After Tattooing Eyeball, Warns Others of …

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Cosmetic Tattoo Training & Courses Gold Coast Brisbane …09.29.17

Anyone that has an eye for detail is suitable for cosmetic tattoo training or medical tattooing courses. At the Australian Institute of Intradermal Micropigmentation and Medical and Cosmetic Tattooing weofferone on one packages.

Principal Lyn Quade offers her international knowledge, technique and skills. Lyns mastering technique and experience gives you the leading edge over other programs training within the medical plastic and cosmetic clinics. Cosmetic tattoo training, cosmetic tattoo courses, medical tattoo training.

Success in this industry is directly related to the quality and amount of training you receive. You simply cannot learn this skill overnight. At AIIMMCT you will be trained privately or possibly with only one other person in the class. This form of training may last one week, one month or even six months before you feel confident. Consider that you are working on the face, and it is imperative that you are both competant and confident before being ready to work independently.

More information on the courses

Feather Touch Ombre & Microblade Cosmetic Tattoo Brow Course | Level 1 – Beginners Course | Level 2 – Cosmetic Tattoo Course | Level 3 – Paramedical Cosmetic Tattoo and Skin Needling | Level 4 – Sloped Needle and The Dixon Technique

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Cosmetic Tattoo Training & Courses Gold Coast Brisbane …

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Permanent Makeup Training (United States) – Certification …09.28.17

Congratulations on your choice to become a certified permanent cosmetic professional (CPCP) in the United States. Here you will find the basic requirements for becoming a tattoo specialist, and the five (5) major considerations that will help you secure your position and practice as a permanent cosmetic professional.

Basic requirements: The basic requirements for becoming a tattoo specialist include:

Once an individual meets the minimum requirements, they must complete the tattoo certification and licensing process listed below.

1. Certification:It is important to mention that certification, except for a handful of exceptions, is NOT mandatory in the United States. That said, if you are serious about becoming a permanent cosmetic professional, certification is by far, the most important factor listed here. Firstly, it gives you authority as a professional in your field. Authority, as with anything, is extremely important when building a clientele and your career, and itgives your clients the peace of mind that they are in good hands. This is especially important when dealing with something as sensitive as cosmetically altering facial features and overall appearance. Certification will also enable you to charge according to your qualifications, talents, and experience. Its an acknowledgment of your commitment, and an education that no one can take from you. Two of the most well respected resources for certification in the US are:

2. Apprenticeship:Training in the field is an extremely important aspect of any career or occupation. The best way to learn is by watching and doing alongside a talented and respected CPCP.The American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM), one of the most respected resources for cosmetic makeup certification, acknowledges that even though specific training isnt mandatory in most states, it is highly advisable for an individual to complete an apprenticeship. Not only does it help sharpen your skills and talent, and help you begin building an invaluable network of peers, it also fast tracks your path to licensing, certification, and a career. You may already be an apprentice, or have access to a facility that offers it. In case you need help, The AAM offers a complete list of certified instructors who sponsor apprenticeships for new and aspiring tattoo artists.

3. Follow State-By-State Cosmetic Permanent Makeup And Tattoo Regulations:With expanding popularity of cosmetic makeup throughout the country, many states are adopting or refining new guidelines , requirements, and regulations to help distinguish those who are specifically skilled and knowledgeable of the fundamentals of permanent cosmetics from those who fraudulently pass themselves off as proficient and certified. Although Micropigmentology is specialized, regulations and requirements for tattooing are designated by each state. Because of this, its imperative that you understand your states specific requirements and regulations: State Specific Permanent Makeup & Tattoo Regulations.

4. Understand General FDA Cosmetic Requirements For Tattoo Artists And Permanent Makeup Facilitys:Although cosmetic certification is not mandatory in most states, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does set strict standards and safety requirements for cosmetics, pigment contents, devices, and products,in order to ensure public safety.The FDA also addresses concerns and takes action when necessary. Some of these concerns include the types of inks used and allergic reactions, the tattoo removal process, and outbreaks of infection and contamination. Managing and maintaining these standards and concerns, and constantly checking up on the FDA banned list of substances, is the sole responsibility of the specialist. The consequences for not adhering to FDA regulations could result in serious fines and potential jail time. It could also put people at risk of serious injury and even death.To get more information about FDA cosmetic tattoo requirements, and/or report any adverse reactions, concerns, or problems with removal, you can contact MedWatch, the FDAs online problem reporting program. Or call 1-800-332- 1088. You can also contact the Consumer Complaint Coordinator of your state here: CCC by State.

For other general information, be sure to check out the: FDA Permanent Cosmetic Search.

5. Acquire An Operation License From The Department Of Health:Whether you plan on being a specialist as part of another organization, or are looking to own your own permanent cosmetic makeup business, its imperative that you understand and comply with your states Department Of Public Health regulations regardinghygienic conditions for equipment, the facility, andthe specialist themselves. Visit your state specific Department Of Public Health in order to comply with state standards for cosmetic permanent makeup and acquire your operation license. Again, the specialist and facility is responsible for managing and maintaining these standards at all times to ensure public safety.

The information provided here is your stepping off point, andshould give you an excellent head start with your long terms goals and lucrative career in permanent makeup.The permanent makeup certification and licensing process will present you with many challenges and will be a lot of hard work, but in the end, the effort you make and the time you put in now, will contribute towards a rewarding lifelong career.

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Permanent Makeup Training (United States) – Certification …

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PicoSure Worth it? Reviews, Cost, Pictures – RealSelf09.20.17



% based on ratingsin the last 24 months

% based on ratingsin the last 12 months

93% based on 220 ratingsover all time

*Worth It ratings only factor in “Worth It” and “Not worth it” ratings. They do not include “Not sure.”

*Does not include “Not sure”

PicoSure is an FDA-approved laser technology that uses short bursts of energy for the removal of tattoos, moles, acne scars, and age spots, as well as the reduction of wrinkles. PicoSure’s bursts are measured in picoseconds (trillionths of a second) which cause the tattoo ink or other damage to break apart into tiny particles which are eliminated by the body. Compared to traditional nanosecond lasers, PicoSure may be more effective on stubborn colors and require fewer treatments to achieve final results. LEARNMORE>

All – RatingsWorth ItNot Worth ItNot Sure All – PopularQ-switcharmsblack inkblisterconsultationcostsfadehealingnumbing creampainregretremovalresultssessiontattoo All – Body Areaanklesarmsbackbicepchestcolorfacefeetforearmslegslower backneckshoulderupper armswrist All – Conditionacne scarsbrown spotsburnhurtitchingitchynumbpainrednessscarscarringsensitivitysunburnswellingswollen

*Treatment results may vary

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PicoSure Worth it? Reviews, Cost, Pictures – RealSelf

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Tattoo Training in Delhi, Tattoo Training Institute in …09.20.17

# 1 Tattoo Training Institute in Delhi providing comprehensive classes with complete courses in the art of making tattoos around Delhi, India.

Why Learn from Us?We offer a wide range of topics in our tattoo lessons which include the history of the art, the correct methods of health and safety which includes sterilisation, the study of colours and drawing techniques and most importantly; how to use and assemble the tattoo machinery.

We have more than 18 years of combined experience in Tattooing and Painting so Dont be disappointed in choosing the wrong course there are many out there with NO teaching experience.

We use top quality practice skin, tattoo machines, and the refference from the best tattoo artists around the world, which helps you in learning and getting closer to their state of the art.

Dont be fooled by free tattoo kits that are cheap and nasty, and can make your first tattoo a havoc for your first client and yourself. DO NOT trust those tattoo kits and tattoo colors.

There are so many cheap courses on the internet and they are not always the best way to train, and even after devoting months in learning those courses many students walk away without the idea of what they have learnt and what to do and often they had to train with us after doing so.

Some of our students have come from all over India to learn tattooing and some of those have been doing tattooing from years but they did not had any variations in them, so we worked on them and polished their skills to bring their brighter side up.

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Tattoo Training in Delhi, Tattoo Training Institute in …

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Celebrity tattooist Bang Bang heading to Soho – The Real Deal Magazine09.07.17

Celebrity tattooist Bang Bang heading to Soho

Keith McCurdy signs retail lease on Grand Street

Keith Bang Bang McCurdy and 62 Grand Street in Soho

Hes put ink on the thighs, backs and asses of some of the countrys biggest celebrities. But now, tattoo-artist-to-the-starsKeith Bang Bang McCurdy just inked a very different kind of deal.

Bang Bang will open a new shop at 62 Grand Street after signing a 10-year lease at the Soho storefront between Wooster Street and West Broadway, according to the brokers who negotiated the deal. The space spans 4,440 square feet across the ground floor and lower level. Asking rent in the deal was $200 per square foot for the ground level.

This will be the second location for the artist, whom Vogue dubbed the most famous tattoo artist in the world, or, better yet, tattoo artist to the most famous in the world. His clients include Rihanna, LeBron James, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber.

Bang Bangs broker, Eastern Consolidateds Greg Goldberg, said he first found out the entrepreneur was looking for a new location when he saw fellow tattoo artist JonBoy post a notice on Snapchat.

Eastern Consolidateds Greg Goldberg and James Famularo

Social media is playing a greater role in the real estate market today, Goldberg said.

Goldebergs colleague James Famularo represented the building owner, Slavik Gofman.

Soho has been hit hard by the citys struggling retail market. The availability rate jumped to 23.1 percent in the second quarter of the year, while asking rents have fallen 12 percent from the end of 2015 to an average of $478 per square foot, according to Cushman & Wakefield.

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Celebrity tattooist Bang Bang heading to Soho – The Real Deal Magazine

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Triad tattoo? Rody son invokes privacy – Philippine Star09.07.17

Paolo denies links to drug smuggling

MANILA, Philippines It would have set the record straight regarding his alleged drug links, but baring a tattoo on his back to a Senate panel as suggested by Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV would be a violation of his privacy, Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte said yesterday.

At the resumption of the Senate Blue Ribbon committee hearing on smuggling at the Bureau of Customs (BOC), Trillanes dared Duterte to prove to the panel that he does not have a Chinese triad tattoo.

While admitting he has a tattoo on his back, a visibly exasperated Duterte did not take Trillanes challenge that he show it to the panel not even in an executive session.

I invoke my right to privacy, the vice mayor said, stressing he would not answer allegations based on hearsay.

Despite Dutertes general unresponsiveness during the hearing, Trillanes expressed belief he was able to prove the vice mayors links to the notorious Chinese triad as well as his familys involvement in drugs and smuggling activities in the country. Triad members are known for their color coded tattoo of a dragon on their back.

Trillanes admitted he personally is not aware if Duterte really has a triad tattoo on his back and that he derived such unverified information from a foreign source.

Headlines ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1

It (intelligence report) says that Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte is a member of the triad and the proof of his membership is the tattoo on his back, Trillanes said.

That (tattoo) will explain everything and theres competition among drug syndicates, he said.

That is the membership (requirement). If you are a triad member, you have a tattoo on your back. And if you are a member of the triad, you are involved in all criminal activities, the senator said.

Reacting to these allegations, Duterte was seen sighing and shaking his head.

According to Trillanes, he was able to show that illegal drugs, including cocaine, were able to enter Davao City over the years despite claims by President Duterte that he knew all the goings-on in the city when he was still mayor and that he would never tolerate the use of and trading in drugs.

This was belied by Trillanes. In December 2009, the senator noted that 16 kilograms of cocaine were seized at the Davao City wharf.

Five years later, on March 24, Trillanes said that P126 million worth of high-grade cocaine bars were discovered inside a container van at a shipyard in Davao.

A few days after the discovery, Trillanes said more bundles of cocaine were recovered from the same shipyard.

The following month, he said another P4.2 million worth of cocaine was seized from alleged drug pushers in Davao City.

Duterte has been bragging that he is the king of Davao and that nothing happens in Davao without him knowing about it. So if you are a drug lord, would you even use Davao City as your transshipment point? Trillanes said.

Trillanes said the truth is Duterte did nothing to address the entry of illegal drugs into Davao City.

Ive shown the links and its very clear. There is a track record. Paolo Duterte was involved in smuggling before. So now with his links to the triad, thats the final piece of the puzzle. Thats why the Philippines is being used as a transshipment port of illegal drugs because Paolo Duterte is a member of the triad, he said.

Trillanes also said that he was able to show at yesterdays hearing that the younger Duterte is connected to all of the players in the BOC who facilitated the release of more than P6 billion worth of shabu shipment from China.

Sen. Richard Gordon, chairman of the committee, asked Trillanes to make sure his allegations have basis.

The chair would like to request respectfully that we should not make allegations here without any basis because triad is a very serious allegation and we should not abuse any of the witnesses here, Gordon said.

Sen. Panfilo Lacson, for his part, asked Trillanes to disclose details of his information as well as his source, to which the latter said he would do so in a closed-door session with senators.

When later asked by reporters if he had any picture of the tattoo, Trillanes said it could be looked up in Google.

The young Duterte and presidential son-in-law Manases Carpio attended the hearing after Trillanes had them summoned over his allegations that they were leaders of the so-called Davao group that facilitates smuggling at the BOC.

Carpio is the husband of Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio.

Broker Mark Taguba earlier testified before the panel that he had his shipments facilitated through the BOC with the help of some individuals who identified themselves as representing the Davao group.

The broker last week, however, denied tagging Duterte and Carpio in smuggling activities.

The National Bureau of Investigation earlier tagged Taguba and several other individuals in drug trafficking. Also charged were Chinese businessmen Richard Chen, Kenneth Dong, Manny Li and other local brokers.

The drugs were recovered from two warehouses in Valenzuela City by members of the Customs Intelligence and Investigation Service last May 26 following a tip from authorities in Xiamen, China where the shabu shipment had originated.

During the hearing, Trillanes presented photos taken from social media of Dong and the younger Duterte together to point out their links.

The senator also showed the panel photos of the vice mayor with businessman Charlie Tan. He also presented a picture of Tan with the President at Malacaang.

Tan, the senator pointed out, was among those mentioned by Lacson as being engaged in smuggling. Trillanes also cited reports on Tans involvement in drug trafficking.

To further press his point, Trillanes presented bank records in 2015 showing that Duterte and Carpio had hundreds of millions of pesos in their accounts.

Rainier Madrid, Dutertes legal counsel, said his client was close to giving in to Trillanes demand to show his tattoo but he advised him against it.

I thought it would be explosive show of witnesses Where are they? He only presented the body he wanted to see. Is he gay? Madrid told reporters.

Trillanes only wanted to make a spectacle, Madrid said, adding he did not want his client to be humiliated.

Madrid said Duterte has no regrets and has no plans at the moment to get back legally at Trillanes.

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Triad tattoo? Rody son invokes privacy – Philippine Star

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Andre Gray reveals stunning tattoo tribute to heroes of black culture inked on his back – The Sun09.07.17

tat power

Watford striker shows off incredible artwork depicting icons from civil rights struggle, sport and music

ANDRE GRAY has revealed his stunning back tattoo which pays tribute to some of the greatest icons in black history.

Watford striker Gray stripped off to reveal the astonishing artwork inked onto his body depicting some of the biggest heroes of the 20th century.

Twitter @AndreGray7



The 18.5million forward endured several sessions under the needle to finish off the amazing series of images which knitted together complete a powerful recognition of the civil rights struggle across the world.

The famous image of Muhammad Ali taunting the stricken Sonny Liston sits just below a picture of Nelson Mandela.

Dr Martin Luther King Jnr and Malcom X are other activists depicted, along with Rosa Parks the seamstress who fought against segregation on a bus in Alabama by refusing to give up her seat to a white man.

Joining that collection of images is the legendary shot of sprinters Tommie Smith and John Carlos giving their famous one-fist black power salute as they stood on the podium at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico.

Reggae star Bob Marley is included, along with images of the Black Panther political movement.

Gray revealed his tribute by posting a picture on his Twitter account with the simple message: Master Piece!!

1968 AP

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Andre Gray reveals stunning tattoo tribute to heroes of black culture inked on his back – The Sun

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