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Bad Habits Tattoos | Tattoo Shop in Fort Lauderdale02.05.19

Do you live in the Fort Lauderdale area and are starting to feel that oh-so-familiar itch to get some more ink? Then you will certainly want to get your work done at the best tattoo shop in Fort Lauderdale: Bad Habits Tattoos. Our citys premier tattoo studio is brought to you by lead artist and owner Amaury Ramirez and backed up by a team of ink specialists to bring you the perfect skin art of your dreams.

We also specialize in a variety of different styles! Whether you are looking for black and gray pieces, dot work, unwanted tat cover-ups, Japanese, Polynesian, portraits or even watercolor tattoos, WE GOT YOU! As a matter of fact, even if you dont want any new ink but are looking to get rid of an old piece, we also have a state-of-the-art laser tattoo removal procedure that you can schedule at your convenience to make your unwanted tattoo disappear.

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Bad Habits Tattoos | Tattoo Shop in Fort Lauderdale

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Nemean lion – Wikipedia02.04.19

The Nemean lion (; Greek: [1] Nemos ln; Latin: Leo Nemeaeus) was a vicious monster in Greek mythology that lived at Nemea. It was eventually killed by Heracles. It could not be killed with mortals’ weapons because its golden fur was impervious to attack. Its claws were sharper than mortals’ swords and could cut through any armor.

Today, lions are not part of the Greek fauna. The Asiatic lion subspecies formerly ranged in southeastern Europe. According to Herodotus, lion populations were extant in Ancient Greece, until around 100 BC when they became extinct.[2]

The lion is usually considered to have been the offspring of Typhon[3] (or Orthrus)[4] and Echidna; it is also said to have fallen from the moon as the offspring of Zeus and Selene, or alternatively born of the Chimera. The Nemean lion was sent to Nemea in the Peloponnesus to terrorize the city.

The first of Heracles’ twelve labours, set by King Eurystheus (his cousin), was to slay the Nemean lion.

Heracles wandered the area until he came to the town of Cleonae. There he met a boy who said that if Heracles slew the Nemean lion and returned alive within 30 days, the town would sacrifice a lion to Zeus; but if he did not return within 30 days or he died, the boy would sacrifice himself to Zeus.[3] Another version claims that he met Molorchos, a shepherd who had lost his son to the lion, saying that if he came back within 30 days, a ram would be sacrificed to Zeus. If he did not return within 30 days, it would be sacrificed to the dead Heracles as a mourning offering.

While searching for the lion, Heracles fetched some arrows to use against it, not knowing that its golden fur was impenetrable; when he found the lion and shot at it with his bow, he discovered the fur’s protective property when the arrow bounced harmlessly off the creature’s thigh. After some time, Heracles made the lion return to his cave. The cave had two entrances, one of which Heracles blocked; he then entered the other. In those dark and close quarters, Heracles stunned the beast with his club. During the fight the lion bit off one of his fingers. He shot arrows at it, eventually shooting it in the unarmoured mouth.

After slaying the lion, he tried to skin it with a knife from his belt, but failed. He then tried sharpening the knife with a stone and even tried with the stone itself. Finally, Athena, noticing the hero’s plight, told Heracles to use one of the lion’s own claws to skin the pelt.

When he returned on the thirtieth day carrying the carcass of the lion on his shoulders, King Eurystheus was amazed and terrified. Eurystheus forbade him ever again to enter the city; in the future he was to display the fruits of his labours outside the city gates. Eurystheus warned him that the tasks set for him would become increasingly difficult. He then sent Heracles off to complete his next quest, which was to destroy the Lernaean hydra.

The Nemean lion’s coat was impervious to the elements and all but the most powerful weapons. Others say that Heracles’ armour was, in fact, the hide of the lion of Cithaeron.

According to some authors, Heracles was helped in this labour by an Earth-born serpent, which followed him to Thebes and settled down in Aulis. It was later identified as the water snake which devoured the sparrows and was turned into stone in the prophecy about the Trojan War.[5]

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Nemean lion – Wikipedia

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Melanoma Causes, Types, Symptoms & Treatment02.04.19

Melanoma Symptoms and Signs

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that forms in pigment-forming cells (melanocytes). (A mole, or melanocytic nevus, is a benign tumor of these pigment-forming cells.) Melanoma is the most serious type of skin cancer. Rarely, melanomas can be found in other areas of the body that contain pigment-forming cells, including the eye, the tissues around the brain and spinal cord, or the digestive tract. Melanomas of the skin produce changes in the appearance of the skin, but these changes can sometimes be seen with other skin conditions. The characteristic symptoms include a change in an existing mole or new mole with asymmetric borders, uneven coloring, increasing size, scaling, or itching. Melanomas are typically not painful. It is always important to seek medical advice when you develop a new pigmented spot on the skin or have a mole that is growing or changing.

What is melanoma?

Melanoma is a cancer that develops in melanocytes, the pigment cells present in the skin. It can be more serious than the other forms of skin cancer because of a tendency to spread to other parts of the body (metastasize) and cause serious illness and death. About 50,000 new cases of melanoma are diagnosed in the United States every year.

Because most melanomas occur on the skin where they can be seen, patients or their spouses are often the first to detect suspicious tumors. Early detection and diagnosis are crucial. Caught early, most melanomas can be cured with relatively minor surgery.

This article is written from the standpoint of the patient. In other words, instead of describing the disease in exhaustive detail, the article focuses on answering the questions: “How do I know if I have melanoma?” and “Should I be checked for it?”

Guideline # 1: Nobody can conclusively diagnose him- or herself. If someone sees a spot that looks as though it is new or changing, he or she should show it to a doctor. When it comes to spots on the skin, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Everybody gets spots on their skin. The older we are, the more spots we have. Most of these spots are benign. That means they are neither cancerous nor on the way to becoming cancerous. These may include freckles, benign moles, collections of blood vessels called cherry angiomas, or raised, irregular, pigmented bumps on the skin called seborrheic keratoses.

Guideline # 2: The vast majority of moles (melanocytic nevi) stay as moles and do not turn into anything else. Most melanomas do not arise in preexisting moles. For that reason, having all of one’s moles removed to “prevent melanoma” does not make sense.

Some people are born with moles (the medical name is “nevus,” plural “nevi”). Almost everyone develops them, starting in childhood. On average, people have about 25 moles, though some have fewer and others many more. Moles may be flat or raised, and they may range in color from tan to light brown to black. Moles may lose their color and end up flesh colored. It is unusual to develop new pigmented moles after age 35.

What does melanoma look like? What are melanoma symptoms and signs?

Guideline # 3: A changing spot may be a problem, but not every change means cancer. A mole may appear and then get bigger or become raised but still be only a mole. It is normal for many moles to start flat and dark, become raised and dark, and then later lose much of their color. This process takes many years.

Most public-health information about melanoma stresses the so-called ABCDEs:

These guidelines are somewhat helpful, but the problem is that many normal moles and other benign lesions of the skin are not perfectly symmetrical in their shape or color. Many spots, which seem to have one or more of the ABCDEs, are in fact just ordinary moles and not melanomas. Additionally, some melanomas do not fit this description but may still be spotted by a primary care physician or dermatologist. Not all melanomas have color or are raised on the skin. Amelanotic melanomas have little or no color may be confused with traumatized benign nevi or basal cell carcinoma. Desmoplastic melanoma may appear to be a thickened area of skin like a scar. As a rule, melanoma is not painful unless traumatized. They sometimes itch, but this has no diagnostic or prognostic importance.

What if the skin changes are rapid or dramatic?

Guideline # 4: The more rapid and dramatic the change, the less serious the problem.

When changes such as pain, swelling, or even bleeding come on rapidly, within a day or two, they are likely to be caused by minor trauma, often a kind one doesn’t remember (like scratching the spot while sleeping). If a spot changes rapidly and then goes back to the way it was within a couple of weeks, or falls off altogether, it is not likely to represent anything serious. Nevertheless, this would be a good time to say once again: Nobody can diagnose him- or herself. If one sees a spot that looks as though it is new or changing, show it to a doctor. If one see a spot that doesn’t look like one’s other spots, it should be evaluated.

What are the causes and risk factors for melanoma?

Guideline # 5: Individual sunburns do raise one’s risk of melanoma. However, slow daily sun exposure, even without burning, may also substantially raise someone’s risk of skin cancer.

Factors that raise one’s risk for melanoma include the following:

The presence of close (first-degree) family with melanoma is a high risk factor, although looking at all cases of melanoma, only 10% of cases run in families.

Having a history of other sun-induced skin cancers, such as the much more common basal cell or squamous cell carcinomas, indirectly raises one’s risk of melanoma because they are markers of long-term sun exposure. The basic cell type is different, however, and a basal cell or squamous cell carcinoma cannot “turn into melanoma” or vice versa.

How can people estimate their level of risk for melanoma?

The best way to know one’s risk level is to have a dermatologist perform a full body examination. That way one will find out whether the spots one has are moles and, if so, whether they are abnormal in the medical sense.

The medical term for such moles is atypical. This is a somewhat confusing term, because among other things the criteria for defining it are not clear, and it’s not certain that an atypical mole is necessarily precancerous. Patients who have lots of “atypical moles” (more than 24) do have a higher risk for developing melanoma but not necessarily within one of their existing funny-looking moles. It may be a challenge to find the “baby melanoma” in the middle of a back full of large, dark, or irregular moles. If someone has such moles, a doctor will recommend regular surveillance and may recommend biopsy of the most unusual or worrisome looking moles.

Sometimes, one learns at a routine skin evaluation that one does not necessarily need annual routine checkups. In other situations, a doctor may recommend regular checks at 6-month or yearly intervals.

What are the types of melanoma?

The main types of melanoma are as follows:

There are also other rarer forms of melanoma that may occur, for example, under the nails (subungual), on the palms and soles (acral lentiginous), uveal or choroidal (ocular), oral or other mucosal areas such as the vulva or penis, or sometimes even inside the body such as the brain.

What tests do health care professionals use to diagnose melanoma?

Most doctors diagnose melanoma by examining the spot causing concern and doing a biopsy. A skin biopsy refers to removing all or part of the skin spot under local anesthesia and sending the specimen to a pathologist for analysis. A small shave or punch biopsy which may be adequate for the diagnosis of other types of skin cancer is not the best for melanoma. To diagnose melanoma, the best biopsy is one that removes the entire extent of the visible tumor. Fine-needle aspiration may have a role in evaluating a swollen lymph node or a liver nodule but is not appropriate for the initial diagnosis of a suspicious skin lesion.

It is no longer recommended to do large batteries of screening tests on patients with thin, uncomplicated melanoma excisions, but patients who have had thicker tumors diagnosed or who already have signs and symptoms of metastatic melanoma may be recommended to have MRIs, PET scans, CT scans, chest X-rays, or other X-rays of bones when there is a concern of metastasis, blood tests of liver, and any other studies that will assist in staging (determining the extent of spread of the tumor).

The biopsy report may show any of the following:

Some doctors are skilled in a clinical technique called epiluminescence microscopy (also called dermatoscopy or dermoscopy). They may use a variety of instruments to evaluate the pigment and blood vessel pattern of a mole without having to remove it. Sometimes the findings support the diagnosis of possible melanoma, and at other times, the findings are reassuring that the spot is nothing to worry about. The standard for a conclusive diagnosis, however, remains a pathologic examination of a skin biopsy.

What are melanoma treatment options?

In general, early localized melanoma is treated by surgery alone. Doctors have learned that surgery does not need to be as extensive as was thought years ago. When treating many early melanomas, for instance, surgeons only remove 1 centimeter (less than inch) of the normal tissue surrounding the melanoma. Deeper and more advanced cancers may need more extensive surgery.

Depending on various considerations (tumor thickness, body location, age, etc.), the removal of nearby lymph nodes may be recommended. For advanced disease, such as when the melanoma has spread to other parts of the body, treatments like immunotherapy or chemotherapy are sometimes recommended. Many of these treatments are still experimental and, for that reason, their use may be limited to patients willing to participate in a research study.

An Internet search will name a variety of home remedies and natural products for the treatment of skin cancers, including melanoma. These include the usual topical and systemic antioxidants and naturopathic immune stimulators. There is no scientific data supporting any of these, and their use may lead to unnecessary delay in better established treatments, possibly with tragic results.

How do doctors determine the staging and prognosis (outlook) of a melanoma?

The most useful criterion for determining prognosis is tumor thickness. Tumor thickness is measured in fractions of millimeters and is called the Breslow’s depth. The thinner the melanoma, the better the prognosis. Any spread to lymph nodes or other body locations dramatically worsens the prognosis. Thin melanomas, those measuring less than 0.8 millimeters, have excellent cure rates, generally with local surgery alone. For thicker melanomas, the prognosis is guarded.

Melanoma is staged according to thickness, ulceration, lymph node involvement, and the presence of distant metastasis. The staging of a cancer refers to the extent to which it has spread at the time of diagnosis, and staging is used to determine the appropriate treatment. Stages 1 and 2 are confined to the skin only and are treated with surgical removal with the size of margins of normal skin to be removed determined by the thickness of the melanoma. Stage 3 refers to a melanoma that has spread locally or through the usual lymphatic drainage. Stage 4 refers to distant metastases to other organs, generally by spread through the bloodstream.

What is recurrent melanoma?

Recurrent melanoma refers to a recurrence of tumor at the site of removal of a previous tumor, such as in, around, or under the surgical scar. It may also refer to the appearance of metastatic melanoma in other body sites such as skin, lymph nodes, brain, or liver after the initial tumor has already been treated. Recurrence is most likely to occur within the first five years, but new tumors felt to be recurrences may show up decades later. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish recurrences from new primary tumors.

What is metastatic melanoma?

Metastatic melanoma is melanoma that has spread beyond its original site in the skin to distant tissue sites. There are several types of metastatic melanoma. There may be spread through the lymphatic system to local lymph nodes. This may show up as swollen lymph glands (usually painless) or as a string of skin tumors along a lymphatic chain. Melanoma may also spread through the bloodstream (hematogenous spread), where it may appear in one or more distant sites, such as the lungs, liver, brain, remote skin locations, or any other body location.

What are the signs of symptoms of metastatic melanoma?

Signs and symptoms depend upon the site of metastasis and the amount of tumor there. Metastases to the brain may first appear as headaches, unusual numbness in the arms and legs, or seizures. Spread to the liver may be first identified by abnormal blood tests of liver function long before the patient has jaundice, a swollen liver, or any other signs of liver failure. Spread to the kidneys may cause pain and blood in the urine. Spread to the lungs may cause shortness of breath, other trouble breathing, chest pain, and continued cough. Spread to bones may cause bone pain or broken bones called pathologic fractures. A very high tumor burden may lead to fatigue, weight loss, weakness and, in rare cases, the release of so much melanin into the circulation that the patient may develop brown or black urine and have their skin turn a diffuse slate-gray color. The appearance of multiple blue-gray nodules (hard bumps) in the skin of a melanoma patient may indicate widespread melanoma metastases to remote skin sites.

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What are the treatments for metastatic melanoma?

Historically, metastatic and recurrent melanoma have been poorly responsive to chemotherapy. Immunotherapy, in which the body’s own immune system is energized to fight the tumor, has been a focus of research for decades. A variety of newer medications target different points in the pathways of melanoma cell growth and spread. While the most appropriate use of these medications is still being defined, the best treatment for melanoma remains complete surgical excision while it is still small, thin, and has not yet had a chance to spread.

Initial therapies to stimulate the immune system to help contain metastatic melanoma included infusions of interferon-alpha and interleukin-2 (both parts of the immune response to cancer and infection), and a few patients have responded to these therapies. There has, however, been an explosion recently in the approval of a number of targeted therapies that act on specific stages in the cell cycle, especially those of abnormal cells, and affect those growth processes of the tumor cells. Drugs that inhibit the kinase enzymes such as MEK, which is necessary for cell reproduction, include cobimetinib (Cotellic) and trametinib (Mekinist). Others target the signals for cell growth from abnormal BRAF genes and the enzymes they drive. Such medications in this family include dabrafenib (Tafinlar), vemurafenib (Zelboraf), and nivolumab (Opdivo). Pembrolizumab (Keytruda) blocks the tumor’s ability to inhibit T cell activity. Ipilimumab (Yervoy) works directly on the T-lymphocyte pathway to activate the immune system. Many of these medications are now being used in combination to get better therapeutic effects than they would by themselves. All of these medications have significant side effects, including some that are life-threatening, and are indicated only for stage 3 tumors to try to prevent recurrence and spread and stage 4 metastatic tumors that are no longer amenable to surgery.

What are the survival rates for metastatic melanoma?

Survival rates for melanoma, especially for metastatic melanoma, vary widely according to many factors, including the patient’s age, overall health, location of the tumor, particular findings on the examination of the biopsy, and of course the depth and stage of the tumor. Survival statistics are generally based on five-year survival rates rather than raw cure rates. Much of the success reported for the targeted therapies focuses on disease-free time because in many cases the actual five-year survival is not affected. It is hoped that combination therapy discussed above will change that.

What methods are available to help prevent melanoma?

What research is being done on melanoma?

Research in melanoma is headed in three directions: prevention, more precise diagnosis, and better treatment for advanced disease.

Where can people get more information about melanoma?

Medically Reviewed on 3/19/2018


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Schadendorf, Dirk, et al. “Melanoma.” Nature Reviews: Disease Primers 1 (2015): 1-20.

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Melanoma Causes, Types, Symptoms & Treatment

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Tattoo Nightmares – Tattoo.com02.04.19

Im not one to evoke fear in people, but there are a few tattoo nightmare situations you should be cautious of if you are in the process of selecting a tattoo artist or a permanent design.

The following tattoo nightmares are real. They actually CAN happen.

Make sure you check the shop, ensure the safety of the place and the use of autoclaves and new needles, verify artist licensing and certificates, and then follow your professional tattoo artists aftercare instructions with due diligence. Should you find yourself in pain, or if you feel dizzy, sick, feverish, and have an oozing tattoo, seek immediate medical treatment.Skin infections can be life-threatening once they enter the bloodstream.

Do not pick such a highly sensitive area for your first tattoo. Instead, experience the joy of getting inked somewhere more tolerable the first time around. Good spots for a first tattoo include calves, upper arms, and upper thighs.

Its bad enough you cant get her outta your life. From now on, every girl you date will want to know who Lila is, and if youll get her name tattooed instead. (Youll be arguing about this every night.)Not good for the black book, my friends. Avoid name tattoos, unless youre going to love Lila, for like, ever. Or only date people named Lila.

Images courtesy Bryan Childs and Monster Ink

Published on August 22, 2014, byJodie Michalak

Tattoo Nightmares was last modified: November 21st, 2017 by Kellie Gray

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Tattoo Nightmares –

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Movies Featuring the Nmap Security Scanner02.03.19

For reasons unknown, Hollywood has decided that Nmap is thetool to show whenever hacking scenes are needed. At least it is a lotmore realistic than silly 3D animation approach used in many previousmovies (e.g. “hacking the Gibson” on Hackers, or the much worseportrayals on Swordfish). We always like to see Nmap in the movies,so we have catalogued known instances here.

If you catch Nmap in another flick,please mail Fyodor. Thefirst person to do so wins your choice of a signed copyof Nmap Network Scanning or a T-shirt of your choice from the Zero Day Clothing Nmap Store. You also get credit on this page when the movie is added!

Movie script writers, artists, and digital asset managers are alsowelcome to email Fyodor foradvice. We’ve been pleased to help out to make a number of movies slightly more realistic and entertaining by improving the hacking scenes.

This page only covers movies, we have a separate page coving news articles, reviews, books, and popular culture references.

While Nmap had been used in some previous obscure movies, it was The Matrix Reloaded (Wikipedia, IMDB, Amazon) which really turned Nmap into a movie star!

We have all seen many movies like Hackers which pass off ridiculous 3D animated eye-candy scenes as hacking. So Fyodor wasshocked to find that Trinity does it properly in The Matrix Reloaded.Needing to hack the city power grid, she whips out Nmap version2.54BETA25, usesit to find a vulnerable SSH server, and then proceeds to exploit itusing the SSH1CRC32 exploit from 2001. Shame on the city for being vulnerable (timing notes).

A video of the exploitis available onYouTube oras matrix-nmap.mp4.Click on the following thumbnails for higher resolution orview more pictures here.


Ocean’s 8 (Wikipedia, IMDB, Amazon) is a 2018 comedy heist film starring Sandra Bullock, Rihanna, Cate Blanchett, and Anne Hathaway that continues the series started by Ocean’s Eleven in 2001. Rihanna plays the film’s main hacker, Nine Ball. She uses Nmap in many scenes to compromise people and companies responsible for guarding the $150 million diamond necklace they want to steal. Nmap is normally shown in the background as context to her hacks rather than taking the leading role.

In this screen (full version), Nmap is shown in the two screens on the right while they are 3D-scanning their target necklace on the left:

And here is the whole gang gathered together to (presumably) analyze their Nmap results (image is from here):

Even the movie trailer has a glimpse of Nmap at 1:50:

For more details on the Ocean’s 8 hacking scenes themselves, see security researcher Samy Kamkar’s analysis.

Congratulations to Alejandro Hernandez for being first to discover and report the Nmap scenes!

Oliver Stone’s 2016 Snowden film (Wikipedia, IMDB, Amazon) dramatizes Edward Snowden’s massive leak of classified documents revealing NSA widespread surveillance of U.S. citizens. In one early scene, Snowden is given a network security challenge at a CIA training class which is expected to take 5 to 8 hours. But with the help Nmap and a custom Nmap NSE script named ptest.nse, Snowden stuns the professor by completing everything in 38 minutes! Nmap’s distinct tabular output is visible on other students’ screens too, though we may have to wait for the 4K resolution film release to read the exact text. Here are a couple screen shots from the Nmap scenes:

And here is the whole trailer (with Nmap glimpse at 34 seconds in):

Congratulations to Prabesh Thapa from Nepal for being first to discover and report the Nmap scenes!

Dredd (Wikipedia, IMDB, Amazon), a film adaptation of the famous Judge Dredd comics, was released in 2012 and contains multiple Nmap scenes.

In the vast, post-apocalyptic metropolis of Mega City One, the only law is provided by the Judges of the Hall of Justicecops with the power of judge, jury and executioner. Most feared among these law-keepers is the ruthless and implacable Judge Dredd (Karl Urban). He and Cadet Judge Cassandra Anderson (Olivia Thirlby) infiltrate a notorious high-rise slum tower controlled by former prostitute-turned-drug-lord Ma-Ma (Lena Headey). For network reconnaissance and exploitation of the slum tower network, they turn to Nmap! The three minute movie trailer briefly shows an Nmap version scan against TCP port 22 (SSH):

Here is the trailer:

Congratulations to Aleksei Usov for being first to discover and report the Nmap scenes!

The 2013 science-fiction film Elysium (Wikipedia, IMDB, Amazon) stars Matt Damon and Jodie Foster. It takes us to the year 2154 when an overpopulated Earth teems with poverty, crime, and destruction while the rich live on a luxurious space station. Nmap version 13 (I guess this really is the future!) is used to port scan Matt Damon’s augmented brain before transferring the data he carries in an attempt to hack the space station.

Nmap action:


Congratulations to Tavis Ormandy and Andr Luna for discovering the Nmap scenes first.

Fantastic Four (Wikipedia, IMDB, Amazon) is a 2015 big-budget superhero film based on the Marvel Comics team of the same name. In the film, Sue Storm (played by Kate Mara) uses her Nmap skills to track down a companion. Her computer flashes “IPSCAN”, then “TRACEROUTE”, “PORTSCAN”, and finally “NMAP”. Screen shots (may have to click the 2nd one to enlarge to see Nmap):


Congratulations to grmlber for being the first to notice and report it!

Who Am INo System is Safe (Wikipedia, IMDB, Amazon) is a 2014 German cyber-thriller about dueling hacker groups (patterned after Anonymous) vying to commit the most audacious system compromises and pranks. During an initiation scene 13:40 into the movie, the protagonist Benjamin proves his skills by compromising the local power company and causing a brief blackout. He does so by running an Nmap Scripting Engine (NSE) script that he has presumably written. The script is named iec-backdoor.nse, referencing the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards which control utility power grid equipment. This bit of realism is a nice touch! Screen shots:


Congratulations to Edko for being the first to notice and report it, and Thomas Zuber for sending the first screenshot!

In The Bourne Ultimatum (Wikipedia, IMDB, Amazon), the CIA needs to hack the mail server of a newspaper (The Guardian UK) to read the email of a reporter they assassinated. So they turn to Nmap and its new official GUI Zenmap to hack the mail server! Nmap reports that the mail server is running SSH 3.9p1, Posfix smtpd, and a name server (presumably bind). They also make substantial use of Bash, the Bourne-again shell. Congratulations to Roger Chui for being the first to spot this. He also sent a scene transcript and the following HD screen shots (click for full resolution):

Yippee Ki-Yay! In Die Hard 4: Live Free or Die Hard(Wikipedia, IMDB, Amazon), Detective John McClane (Bruce Willis) is dispatched to retrieve hacker Matthew Farrell (Justin Long) because the FBI suspects him of breaching their computer systems. Later, Justin is enlisted to help thwart terrorist mastermind Thomas Gabrial’s attempts at total World destruction. In this Scene, Farrell demonstrates his Nmap skills:

Thanks to Andrew Hake for catching the cameo and sending these HD screen shots.The scene occurs about 8 minutes into the movie.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Swedish: Mn som hatar kvinnor) is a 2009 Swedish thriller film (Wikipedia, IMDB, Amazon) based on the Internationally bestselling novel by Stieg Larsson. It follows Lisbeth, a troubled young hacker suffering from Asperger syndrome and a history of abuse by authority figures, as she works with a journalist trying to solve a 40-year old murder mystery. It was the third-highest grossing non-English film of 2009.

The Nmap scene lasts only moments and occurs about 6 minutes in. Note that this is the original film (English subtitled version available on Amazon). A big-budget Hollywood remake was released in 2011 (IMDB, Wikipedia, Amazon), though they may have ruined it by cutting the Nmap scene!.

Trailer for the 2010 US/UK subtitled release:

Nmap is used to launch nuclear weapons in the 2013 action film G.I. Joe: Retaliation (Wikipedia, IMDB, Amazon). While their syntax is a little screwy, they seem to scan a missile silo with Nmap, ssh to each located ICBM, su to root and then execute commands to arm and launch it. Here are screen shots followed by the movie trailer:

Thanks to Dillon Korman for catching the scene and sending screenshots!

Nmap and NmapFE were used in The Listening (Wikipedia, IMDB, Amazon), a 2006 movie about a former NSA officer who defects and mounts a clandestine counter-listening station high in the Italian alps. Thanks to Addy Yeow Chin Heng for the screenshots.

Nmap is used in the opening credits ofJustice League: Doom (Wikipedia, IMDB, Amazon). This 2012 animated superhero film features Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern battling a team of supervillains. Thanks to Spencer Davenport for catching this and sending screenshots. It is interesting that in most cases (but not all), they changed the Nmap URL ( in the Nmap output to (Wayne Enterprises). Also, they ran the command in August 2011 using a version of Nmap (4.20) from 2006. I realize that Batman has a lot of important and heroic work to do, but surely he can spare 5 minutes to download and install the latest version of Nmap!

Abduction (Wikipedia, IMDB, Amazon) is a 2011 thriller about a teenager (Taylor Lautner from the Twilight series) who sets out to uncover the truth about his life after finding his baby photo on a missing persons website. In the process he is chased by, among other villians, an Nmap-using Serbian hacker henchman. If you notice something familiar about the background Nmap scans in the screenshots below, it’s because the film makers directly cribbed some of them from The Matrix Reloaded.

Here is the trailer:

The 2012 science fiction thriller Extracted (IMDB, Amazon) portrays a scientist who invents a technique to watch people’s memories, but finds trouble when entering the mind of a heroin addict suspected of murder. Nmap is used as part of the system for entering someone’s mind (maybe that is an NSE script). Screen shot (click for the whole thing):

A trailer is also available here. Thanks to Sander Ferdinand for discovering and reporting the Nmap scene.

Nmap was used in the acclaimed Thai thriller 13:Game of Death(Wikipedia,IMDB, Amazon), also known as “13 Beloved” and “13 game sayawng”. This movie follows the story of a man given the chance to complete 13 challenges to win $100,000,000. Successive challenges become increasingly intense, dangerous, illegal, degrading, and grotesque. What would you do for $100 million? Eventually one of his sysadmin friends gets worried about him and she demonstrates Nmap hacking skills by breaking into the twisted game’s website (longer summary).

We have receivedan AVI video (5MB)of the scene, and also numerousscreenshots.

Thanks to Tazman for first notifying me of the scene, and to Laga Mahesa and Ithilgore for sending screenshots.

Broken Saints (Wikipedia, IMDB, Amazon) is an award-winning animated film series (motion comic) produced in 24 chapters first published online between 2001 and 2003. It was then improved for the 2006 DVD release distributed by 20th Century Fox. It is a complex, 12-hour tale of four strangers from “the quiet corners of the globe” connected by a vision they all receive of coming evil.

One of those four strangers, Raimi, is a young security software developer who uses Nmap to compromise systems and uncover corporate treachery at his estranged employer. The Nmap Scene is in Chapter 2, Cryptic, and can be viewed free on Youtube. You don’t really need to watch Chapter 1 first, but it is available here. The Nmap cameo was first discovered by David Alexander. Screenshots:

Nmap (and then telnet) are used by a teenage hacker (Gena) to deface Microsoft.Com in the 2006 Russian film Khottabych(Wikipedia, IMDB). Microsoft and the US authorities are understandably upset by the attack, so they send the attractive female hacker Annie to flush him out. The movie also features an epic battle between powerful genies (the kind which come in a bottle) fighting for dominion over Earth. Thanks to Paul Shatov for notifying us and sending the screenshots! I bought this DVD from Amazon, but it is region 5 and offers no English dubbing or subtitles. I had to use this subtitle file. Wikipedia claims that a region 1 English DVD was released.

With the risque “HaXXXor” series of low-budget films, Nmap makes the leap from Science fiction to soft-core pornography. HaXXXor Volume 1: No Longer Floppy includes a lengthy Nmap training scene by model E-Lita. Here are some photos from early in the scene while she is still clothed:

In the Japanese drama series Bloody Monday, a hacker named Falcon must use his computer skills to unravel a mysterious project Bloody Monday and prevent a biological terrorist attack from devastating Tokyo. Nmap is used in multiple episodes, starting with Season One, Episode One. You can also find Nmap used about 20 seconds into this clip (Season 2, Episode 4). Other security tools portrayed realistically include Netcat, Rainbow Crack, and an Sadmind exploit. Thanks to Shirase Akira for reporting this first.

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Movies Featuring the Nmap Security Scanner

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Ariana Grande Is Totally Over the Tattoo Misspelling Debacle02.02.19

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Ariana Grande has no tears left to cry when it comes to her misspelled tattoo.

On Jan. 29, Grande debuted a new tattoo on the palm of her hand right under her fingers. There was just a bit of a mishap, however, because people noticed that the ink said “shichirin” and not “7 Rings,” which it was supposed to say in Japanese. Ashichirin is actually a small charcoal grill.

She wrote about the typo in a now-deleted tweet and made fun of herself a bit too while she was at it. “It hurt like f–k n still looks tight. I wouldn’t have lasted one more symbol lmao. But this spot also peels a ton and won’t last so if I miss it enough I’ll suffer thru the whole thing next time,” she wrote. “also.huge fan of tiny bbq grills.”

The singer fixed it two days later, but there was apparently yetanother mistake. The additional kanji made the tattoo translate to “Japanese BBQ Finger.”

Perhaps that was intentional?

The tattoo debacle comes just before she’s set to release her second album in six months,Thank U, Next. It’s due to drop Feb. 8.

On Saturday, Grande took to Twitter (where she normally shares much of her information) and told her fans she just wants to focus on music and not the mistake. She wrote in one tweet, “i also went back and got it fixed with the help of my tutor to be more accurate. i can’t read or write kanji obviously.what do you want me to do? it was done out of love and appreciation. what do you want me to say?”

The “God Is a Woman” artist then defended her choice and said she really made an effort to correct it. “u kno how many people make this mistake and DON’T care just cause they like how it looks? bruh…. i care soooo much,” she wrote. “what would u like me to do or say? forreal.”

She also said the tattoo wasn’t meant to be any type of cultural appropriation, just “appreciation.” She wrote, “there is a difference between appropriation and appreciation. my japanese fans were always excited when i wrote in japanese or wore japanese sayings on my clothing. however, all of the merch with japanese on it was taken down from my site not that anyone cared to notice.”

Grande got really personal in one tweet and described her “crippling anxiety.” She wrote, “i have crippling anxiety lol. i don’t like hurtin ppl. people on this app really don’t know how to be forgiving or gentle when someone has made an innocent mistake.”

Grande wrote in another tweet that she “wanted” to move there one day” and loves Japan. She had one final request for her fans: “i’m made of love and nothing else. i jus wanna sing, man. wake me up when tour starts.”

Don’t miss E! News every weeknight at 7, only on E!

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Ariana Grande Is Totally Over the Tattoo Misspelling Debacle

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Ocean Gem | Steven Universe Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia02.01.19

I’m going to bring the ocean back, or get really thirsty trying.

September 25, 2014

“Ocean Gem” is the 26th episode of the first season of Steven Universe, and the 26th episode overall.

The ocean disappears on the first day of summer, and Beach City is in a panic.[2]

The Gems angrily tellSteven that he is grounded for disobeying orders. Amethyst is unfamiliar with the term and takes itliterally, threatening to bury Steven until he has learned his lesson. Before the Gems try to take away his privileges, Greg arrives and brings everyoneoutside to see that the ocean has disappeared. Mayor Dewey, nervous and shouting loudly, blamesthe Crystal Gems. He cries, claiming that no one will come to “Desert” City. Garnet tells him that it was Lapis Lazuli, and Pearl explains the current situation. Still upset, Mayor Dewey frantically begs them to fix it. Steven, while inside the Beach House, prepares to find Lapis, as he acknowledges that the whole situation was his fault. Not wanting him to be alone, Connie, Greg, and Lion all want to join him on his quest, with the Gems adding in that they obviously have to go. Garnet also adds that Steven is ungrounded. As the Gems, Steven, Connie, Lion, and Greg are leaving, Mayor Dewey sadly starts a garden hose in a futile effort to refillthe ocean.

While driving, Greg plays some of hismusic that Rose liked.Garnet dislikes it so much that she jumps out of the van and spends the rest of the trip riding on the roof. Before they arrive Steven questions why Lapis is fighting them. Pearl admits that not all Gems are good, and explains that the monsters they fight were Gems that became corrupted and broken. When they arrive, they see a large tower of water that reaches into the sky. Lapis, sensing them, yells that they should not be there and should leave her alone, and Steven responds that they are not leaving unless they get the ocean back. Lapis then makes water clones of the Crystal Gems, and the Gems fight them. During the battle, Greg’s leg is broken when the water clone of Stevenlifts and drops the van from a height. Steven, telling Lapis that he does not want to fight anymore,activates his shield due to his anger towards Lapis for attacking Greg and Connie, and his fierce protective feelings toward his father and friend. The shield deflects a water attack causing a vibration that forces the water clones to dissipate. Steven tells Lapis that he is coming up to see her, pleads not to be drowned, and walks into the tower. The water gently carries him to the top, at the edge of space.

Lapis explains that she does not believe in protecting Earth and wants to go back home, but her gem is cracked, so she is attempting to stretch the entire ocean into a pillar of water that will reach all the way to Homeworld. Steven, remembering his healing powers, licks his hand and applies the saliva to Lapis’ gem on her back. The crack heals, Lapis’ eyes are restored, and she sprouts wings madeof water. Thanking him, Lapis flies off into space.Suddenly, the tower collapses and Steven falls with it. Teaming up, Lion and Connie are able to teleport and catch him before he lands. As the Gems, Steven, Connie, and Greg return, the residents of Beach City congratulate him as their hero. Garnet acknowledges that Lapis made it offplanet, and Pearl asks what it means for them. Garnet says to wait and see. Steven says goodbye to Lapis Lazuli wherever she may be, as the star iris closes on a glimmering sparkle far away.

The Water Tower from Steven Universe and The Tower from Adventure Time

View the episode’s transcript here.

Click to view the gallery for Ocean Gem.

Steven Universe – Mirror Gem & Ocean Gem (Extended Promo)

Promo 1

Steven Universe Fighting Lapis To Get The Ocean Back Ocean Gem Cartoon Network

Steven Universe Steven Heals Lapis – Ocean Gem Cartoon Network

33 messages

I’m gonna say it again, just because Ocean Gem would be the finale ”’does not mean all the stuff afterwards would not ex…2017-09-05T06:49:59Z

Garnet was planned to be a fusion since before even the pilot so thay probably would’ve fit that reveal in somewhere. Maybe Keeping…2017-09-05T12:03:49Z

35 messages

*steven goes super saiyan god* Steven to the cluster: I will not loooosseee !!!!!2015-11-10T02:37:57Z

Steven Bomb 17 wrote:PeriThePlatypus wrote: Steven Bomb 17 wrote: Has anyone seen the first episode of Justice League? Maybe the Homeworld will…2015-11-10T05:54:23Z

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Ocean Gem | Steven Universe Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

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101 Complimentary Tattoo Designs For Couples01.31.19

Are you and your partner looking to get tattoos that match? We say just go for it! Of course it is important to think before you ink couples tattoo. Make sure the design and placing of the tattoo is exactly where you want it. But often when it comes to getting couples tattoos people deliberate for all too long. So you worry about what might happen in the future? Sure there are examples of people who have gone for it, got matching tattoos, or even the names of their partners done and then have split.

Couples tattoo are all about expressing how you feel, and if you feel like you want to shout to the world about your love, and cement it with some matching ink, then maybe that is something you will never regret. Regardless of whether you end up going your separate ways, or staying madly ridiculously in love for ever and ever, choose something that best suits you as a couple.

Tattoos are about capturing moments, expressing feelings and showing a little bit more of who you are. If you get a new tattoo to symbolise something special in your life, it can always serve as a reminder of a happy time. It can also push you to be strong, remind you of what you had and lost, inspire you to do better so whats not to love about that?

There are many things that couples can do together as a way of expressing their love and the feelings they may be having for each other. Wearing cool tattoo designs for couples is one of the best ways as it also reveals the artistic nature of the couples.

Couples tattoos have become increasingly popular in recent years. Many celebrities are leading the way such as Beyonce and Jay Z who have made getting inked for your loved one the new must-have accessory. Classy matching tattoos can look super cute and are an expression of how happy you are in your relationship right now.

Moreover if you find yourself thinking of your sweetheart all the time and still have that passion,desire or attraction for your partner, then a couples tattoo may be great. You should hold this feeling close to your heart and do everything possible to revel in it.

When it comes to wearing cool designs for couples tattoo, the style and the kind of words used in the design matters a great deal. There are a lot of tattoo trends that revolve around couple tattoo designs and choosing what expresses your feelings appropriately as a couple is great.

Why not put all that you feel for each other and all that you have together in the form of a special tattoo? The great thing is you can let your imagination go wild! Couples tattoos used to mean simply getting your partners name or initials etched onto your skin, perhaps inside of a heart or another romantic symbol. However nowadays we see with many couples coming in to get tattoos that they want something unique and creative.

Every couple is different and will have words, shapes, objects and memories that are special to them that can easily be turned into a fantastic tattoo. The meaning of which they can keep just for them, or choose to explain to the world. Of course getting something symbolic rather than your partners name or initials also means if you were to part ways only you would have to know you got that tattoo because of your ex.

When choosing cool designs for couple tattoo, you need a style that blends well with both of you. The heart theme of the couple tattoo design below looks magnificent and an expression of what the couple may be feeling for each other.

Of course one of the hardest things to do once you have decided to go for couples tattoo is to decide on what you are going to get. It might be that one of you already has some really great ink, and the other simply gets a similar one. However it is important that it needs to be something that both of you are really excited about, and really love. Dont feel pressured into getting a tattoo that matches your partners if it is not something you are keen on.

A tattoo is for life so picking a great design that is in a size you feel comfortable with is imperative to end up with a great piece of art that you can both enjoy.

For a tattoo design to be outstanding and eye-catching, it should have some elements of uniqueness and creativity. Think about something that both of you like and find inspiring. You can then choose the elements to use that expresses it well. The symbols of lock and key used in the couple tattoo design below carries some personalised information that the couple holds dear.

Before you wear a couples tattoo design, its appropriate that you consider if the the style is ideal for you. This is because tattoos are painful to wear and quite difficult to remove. You should also agree on the size of the tattoo that best suit both of you.

Anything that you both share a passion for equally could be used as matching designs. Remember they dont have to be exactly the same to look great and still be obvious that they are matching. A simple symbol such as the circle is a popular choice, representing eternity this can look cool and classy. You could chose different sizes or get the tattoo done on different areas of your bodies. All you have to do is to ensure that you are both happy and thrilled with your new tattoo once it has been finished.

Wearing marching tattoo looks spectacular on couples and expresses that element of unity and love between the couples. The colour combination in the couple tattoo design below looks fascinating and quite eye catching.

When it comes to wearing a beautiful couple tattoo design, you really dont have to follow a particular style. All you can do is to ensure that the style you choose blends well with both of you. The meaning expressed in the tattoo should also be something that you find significant to your relationship as a couple.

Instead of something that looks the same you can each go for a different motif, but one that complements your partners. This could be like one verse of a poem on your body and the following verse on your partners. You can even select a song that you consider your couple song and get the musical score of this on each of your bodies. It could also be the rendering of half a heart on your body with the corresponding half heart on your partners. You could go for a key and lock or a pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that fit together when you hold your tattoos next to each other.

Quotes or writings in an exotic language is another popular choice that can look super cool as a couples tattoo. As word tattoos go some of the most fascinating are ones written in a typography that is really beautiful. Some of the languages that come to mind are Greek, Latin, Japanese or any other language. It;s ideal that you choose great sayings that have an elegant look too.

Another wonderful thing about getting some writing in a foreign language is that very few people understand it. That way you can get a sentiment that really means something special to the pair of you. All you have to do is to only decide to share it with others if you choose!

The couple tattoo design below is an expression of love and commitment that the couple may be having for each other. Inking of such powerful words acts as a constant reminder and comes with beautiful feelings.

Couple tattoos often looks magnificent when incorporated with words like in the design below. The words are beautifully inked with the elements blending quite well with the words.

Finding a suitable couples tattoo that will look good and that both of you will enjoy entails some discussion. Once you have the matching tattoo on your body, you can not only flaunt the beautiful piece of body art. You can also display your love and commitment for each other for all the world to see.

Be sure that this is what both of you want before getting its done. Make sure there is no pressure to do it if you suspect your partner is uncertain. Do not spend too much time thinking about the future or the longevity of your relationship. After all a tattoo is something beautiful that can represent a time in your life, and you may both enjoy.

Check out these images of Cool Tattoo Designs For Couples which inspire love and romance for sure.

The lock and key couple tattoo design is ideal for couples as it expresses what they may be feeling for each other. The grey and pink colours used in the style also expresses the femininity of the lady which is quite beautiful.

Use of intricate and versatile couple tattoo designs is also common as the couples may refer some design thats unique to them. The patterns look good and blends quite well with the wearer.

Small couple tattoo designs like the ones below fits well on the couples hands and can easily pass for a ring. It;s not a must that the tattoos match for them to be considered suitable. You can still have a design that you both find inspiring and having the potential of expressing similar feelings. The ring tattoos can be a beautiful option for wedding rings considering the fact that they stay for a longer period of time.

Birds are known to be very creative with elements of lovebirds being commonly used to express the meaning behind the couple tattoo. The beautiful colours blends quite well with the wearer.

A lock and key is another element thats commonly used for couple tattoo designs. It expresses the element of trust and accountability between couples which are great factors.

Use of patterns that look great when paired up is also cute with couple tattoos just like in the design below. The colours used look great with the pattern enhancing that complex nature that defines relationships.

There are elements that express that aspect of sharing which is synonymous with couples just as expressed in the design below. The love birds are shown as sharing love which could be carrying magnificent meaning for the couples.

The beautiful words used in the couple tattoo design below is quite encouraging especially for a couple that may be going through some stuff. The words carry hope, something that the couple can hang on through the hard times.

Lock and key tattoo is commonly worn as couples tattoo and has such an appealing outlook and cool meaning. The colours used in the design below also looks great and blends well with the wearer.

Different tattoos designs express different meanings with the symbols of lock and key expressing meanings like faithfulness and commitment. This is because a key is generally committed to opening a particular kind of lock and that would express faithfulness between couples.

There are people who may love wearing couple tattoos but harbour fear that things may not work out in the long run. Instead of allowing fear to control your future, just allow yourself to enjoy the moment as you create magnificent memories with your spouse.

Use of similar designs may also symbolise unity and closeness with each other. Most couples tend to be so close until one can easily complete the others sentences. The couple tattoo design below looks cool with one signifying a male and another a female.

Symbols used in the tattoo design should express some elements of sharing, filling of voids, and beyond life elements. The beautiful styles used in the design below express beauty and playfulness that the couple embrace.

For some versatile design you can customise elements that seems unique and appealing. The features used in the couple tattoo design below looks quiet unique and elegant. The colours used also blend quite well.

The symbol of love birds does not only express the love that the couples may be having for each other, it also signifies the care and being available for each other. The colours used in the design looks cool and magnificent.

It seems the two love birds found that missing piece they were looking for and are happily sharing it. The full tattoo looks complete with both the legs joined together.

Use of quotes that inspire is also a great way of designing couple tattoo. You however need to be sure that the artist designing the style is competent enough and capable of delivering quality work.

Love is all about completion and just like the bird needs that tree so as to feel complete, the couple also needs one another so as to feel complete. Wearing such a couple tattoo design may also express different meanings as preferred by the wearer.

Similarity is an aspect that cannot be ignored when designing couples tattoo. Use of elements that are similar also reinforces that element of similarity and elegance.

The endless line joined with love symbolises how the couples love is endless. The couple tattoo design looks cool with the lines used flowing beautifully.

A simple and elegant design like the ones below looks magnificent with the wearers complexion enhancing the overall outlook. Get a design that does not only carry an inspiring meaning but that which looks magnificent as well.

Couples that are looking for beautiful couple tattoo ideas have a large collection of choices to look at. The styles vary and can be selected depending on ones style and the meaning they can associate with the style.

Most of the couple tattoo designs may not be easily recognised unless when seen with both the couples. The designs look cute and quiet eye-catching.

The couple tattoo design below looks quiet versatile with the numerous features incorporated in the design blending quiet well. The quotes used also enhances the complexity of the design resulting into something quite ideal for a couple.

The symbol of king and queen are also great features used in designing beautiful tattoos for couples. The use of one colour on both the tattoos looks cute and appealing.

Many couples prefer matching couple tattoo designs as they look more elegant especially when paired up. There are also styles that look cool especially when designed in half and left to complete each other when the couple is close to each other.

There are tattoos that represent an array of feelings and wearing them in the appropriate place is ideal.The designs looks cool with the red and black colours used blending quiet well.

Use of tiny symbols that can be easily taken for a ring is quite cool especially for couples that prefer small tattoo design for couples. The style looks cool with the choice of one colour enhancing the overall outlook.

If your design of choice is something big in size then you should wear it in a place that enhances its overall outlook. The couple tattoo design should also be something thats appealing and elegant.

101 Complimentary Tattoo Designs For Couples

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35 Bio-Mechanical Tattoo Designs – TattooEasily.com01.31.19

We all know that tattoo designs are mainly inspired by our likes and passions, which is why bio-mechanical tattoo designs have become growingly popular in recent years. Bio-mechanical tattoos feature many interesting things, far outside the most common robot elements. Showcased in a wide variety of designs and colors, researching these types of tattoos will surely deliver some interesting designs that can help inspire you find your own tattoo design elements.

Bio-mechanical tattoos have components of machinery shown inside the design. This could include components like levers, rods, gears, wires, pipes, chips among other things. When you see a bio-mechanical tattoo you will be reminded of a machine part or as if your arm or leg is composed of mechanical parts. This means they have three dimensional effects. This effect can be made to look as if machine parts are intermingling with blood, flesh and sinew etc. The effect is quite a eye catcher.

The bio-mechanical tattoos are shown as if the skin is ripped open and the part below is chock a block with parts of a machine. Keeping in mind this idea, bio-mechanical tattoos are usually located on parts of the body where this looks almost plausible. The popular locations are chest, shoulders back and legs.

With bio-mechanical tattoo designs, you can go in for the normal and simple version that is usually done in black and gray. This gives the tattoo a very realistic look and potentially a more 3D feel to it. If you want something that is not conventional then you can go in for multicolor bio-mechanical tattoos that incorporate ripped skin and flesh colored tattoo elements in them.

The meaning and significance of bio-mechanical tattoos can vary from person to person. For some, it may mean that they love everything technical. For some it is to show that they are geeks at heart and they want to share this love and passion of theirs with the rest of the world. Some get it for a shocking visual effect. It is also something that is keeping with the times and does not date back to the older eras.

For some the design works best when they are able to mingle the Bio-mechanical tattoo with other symbols like demons, vampires, skulls and things of that kind. For them it becomes another form Bio-Mechanical tattoo. These types of tattoo designs can be worked in many ways, depending on imagination, creativity and of course, the artist.

Like for example you can have Bio-Mechanical tattoo of a heart with various parts of the heart working being depicted. Some people like to go with ethnic symbols like the dreamcatcher with the Bio-Mechanical tattoo and some get a dragon drawn along with Bio-Mechanical tattoo.

Some people simply get a skeletal drawing based on the Bio-Mechanical theme of design. With the modern world becoming more and more mechanized people are drawn more and more to technology. This means the devotion and obsession with things Bio-Mechanical has increased which has translated to tattoos too. Though they may not have that much symbolic value beyond your love for things Bio-Mechanical, it still looks great. But you can be sure that a Bio-Mechanical tattoo definitely displays your imagination and capacity for the fantastic and creative thinking.

It goes without saying that you need to consider all the angles before you get a tattoo on your body. This includes factors like cost and time taken along with your capacity to bear pain. Along with that remember that a tattoo is something that you may have to live with for the rest of your life. This means you have to consider how it affects your professional life as well as your personal life as you grow older.

You can also look at some good examples of Bio-mechanical Tattoo Designs which will please your eyes for sure.

Read the rest here:
35 Bio-Mechanical Tattoo Designs –

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101 Cute Butterfly Tattoo Designs to get that Charm01.31.19

Butterfly tattoo designs are the epitome of classic feminine tattoos. They are the entry point for even the most girly of girls to discover their love of ink and body modification, but if you take a deeper look youll see that butterfly tattoo designs are not just for beginners.

Have you read The Very Hungry Caterpillar?If you do, you will see that the deep meaning of transformation through a chrysalis can be applied to your life in many ways, and thus a tattoo that some might consider merely cute is actually quite meaningful to the bearer. Plus, Eric Carles illustrations will give you some wonderful inspiration for unique color combinations and effects to get your creative juices flowing!

If youve gone through a transformational experience in your life, it may be time to explore how you can commemorate that experience on your skin! Weve collected some of the most beautiful and creative butterfly tattoo designs weve ever seen to give you the inspiration you need to find your next custom butterfly tattoo.

This article explores some of our favorite butterfly tattoo design trends in detail, including Monarch butterflies, black and whites, creative use of colors, and teeny weeny tats. Make sure to scroll through the bonus photo series at the end, were not able to elucidate on all of them!

The monarch butterfly is the most recognizable specimen of butterfly youll find. The vibrant orange and black wings have high contrast, which lends them well to a great and long-lasting tattoo.

Monarchs are known for always finding their way home through a dangerous and meandering route to their mating grounds in South America. This lends an even deeper meaning to your butterfly tattoo: your ability to persevere and find your way home even through the toughest of trials and tribulations. The piece above adds a tasteful shadow andsofter color borders, which fade into each other giving the vibrant wings a dreamy quality. Talk to your artist about the feel you are looking for.

This more classical monarch design shows the crisp contrast naturally found on these stunning creatures, and utilizes white highlights to add more lifelike definition. Your artist will appreciate this straightforward design that will stand the test of time, and can be added to as you continue on your journey through life.

The more basic your design, the more straightforward the tattoo. If youre simply in love with monarch butterflies, you can always keep it simple with a hip tattoo and basic outlines. Placement of these simple designs is key. Choose a place like the hip above, which will allow your design to peek out without fully revealing itself. The bonus: youll often save some cash (not to mention some chair time) at the shop with an easy to execute design like the one above.

The placement of your tattoo is just as important as the design! Check out how this stylized monarch butterfly is perfectly positioned to make the most out of an unusual tattoo location. Consider unconventional placementand exaggerated proportionsto take your standard tattoo design to the next level.

Your hands are some of the most valuable tattoo real estate that you have. A colorful butterfly motif can be an attractive addition. This tattoo takes it up even further by splitting the ultra-realistic design between both hands. The subtle blue highlights are an attractive addition of complimentary color that shows this artist knows what he is doing. Hand tattoosmake an interesting icebreaker with anyone that you meet, and give you instant credibility in body modification circles.

Another bold choice is shown in this large butterfly series, accentuating the subtle curves of your body with careful placement. Try different positioning of the butterflies to keep things interesting, rather than always the default looking-down-on-the-wings approach. This series even uses subtle differences in colors and shading to give each monarch maven its own distinct personality!

A stylized stunner like the one above will set you apart from the flash-friendly crowd, and the additional flourishes lend a sense of whimsy and movement to the piece. Who says black and white is boring? Have your artist add some skillful shading and your tattoo will have both depth and movement. Have a small initial tattoo that youd like to conceal? Talk to your artist about a piece like this and youll turn that headache into a beautiful piece that youll love to look at.

Teeny tats in a series like this one make the best use of a stark black and white motif. Placement on the inner wrist is ideal for a cute peek-a-boo effect that is at once sweet and sexy. A combination of wing designs and sizes creates even more interest in this tattoo series, and you can even get one at a time to build your collection and mark significant moments in your life.

This tattoo combines several of the latest trends. We see elements of the watercolor craze, a trail of butterflies of different sizes, and the piece spanning several body parts. Let your artist take a stab at combining modern trends, and youll end up with a timeless custom butterfly tattoo design that you can be proud of. Another buildable tattoo, this one will likely spiral up the leg and onto the hip before this butterfly lover is ready to move on!

This simple style was intriguing enough to make the cover story! Add a friend to your butterfly design, and youve got instant custom look. Keep it interesting by using a difference in size and position. The classic outlines above are artfully placed so show off the contours of her shoulder and thus flatter her body in a subtle and yet unmistakable way.

Accentuate your curves with a series of fluttering friends to create movement and interest. This series uses different butterfly positions that generate interest and requires no colorful embellishment to look complete and timeless. You can always add color later!

Peek-a-boo! I see your perfectly shaded monarch mamma. This piece will bring a smile to your face every time you look down. Note the subtle combination of stippling and classic shading with impeccable outlines. Not as simple as it seems! Centering the design on your forearm gives you instant badass credibility, that can be covered up if need be. Want to surprise your colleague and let them know youre not a pushover? Simply roll up your sleeves and watch their jaw drop.

Let creativity reign! You dont need a ton of color to get a ton of attention. This moth-like butterfly tattoo does away with the sweetness in favor of the intriguing. A great use of geometric bold lining and stipple shading! See if your artist would like to play with these concepts, and get your own intriguing insect to set you apart.

Take the concepts of heavy outlining and stippling down a notch for a more feminine finished product. The smaller size of this piece allows the heavy lining and black and white concept to remain flirty and fun. Angle it to follow your shoulder and its instantly more interesting.

Why not create a nature scene with your butterfly inspiration? After all, they are one of the most beautiful pollinators out there. Combine your love of flowers with your love of butterflies, and youll create an unusual black and white motif that you and your artist will be proud of. Time to sign up for the next tattoo contest!

A well-placed outline-only beauty can add variety to a series that might seem repetitive. Play with this minimalist approach to get interesting results that will be the envy of all your tattoo-loving posse.

Dot, dot, line, line, butterflies fluttering up your spine! Create unity between different styles and sizes with consistent use of black and white. The bonus? A piece like this lends itself well to several sittings, letting you hit up the tattoo shop for a piece at a time every time you get the itch.

Straight lines and stipple shadows can add a crisp, custom quality to a basic black and white design. Consider your passions and what you love to create a personalized backdrop for your favorite butterfly tattoo design.

Who says your butterfly tattoo design has to follow the standard style? Experiment with combining tattoo styles, like this classical butterfly outline with the intricate Spanish rose. If you fall in love with a design, consider hand placement carefully. Its a great attention getter, as youll be showing your tattoo any time youre not wearing gloves.

A classic black and white outline can be transformed with the use of creative color shading. Keeping it subtle like the above tattoo will allow you to combine a variety of colors tastefully in a small space. Shoulder placement keeps this one on the sexy side.

Classic American tattoo technique(think Sailor Jerry) never goes out of style. Why not use your butterflys wings to set an unusual scene and set yourself apart from the crowd?

Dont limit yourself to a simple butterfly without embellishments, even in the smallest of spaces. The on-trend placement of this tattoo is taken further by the complimentary use of colors and stippled background to create movement.

Foot tattoos are not for the faint of heart, but the rewards are many. This colorful piece adds a bit of flair to your flip-flops, and will gain you instant street cred from any tattoo collector whos faced the foot needle.

Sometimes one tone is where its at! Whats your favorite color? Why not apply that to your favorite black and white design and make it uniquely your own? Cobalt blue and crisp outlines are all this tattoo needs to stand apart from the crowd.

The whimsical wanderings of this tiny butterfly series is accentuated by a smoky shimmering background, recalling a classic Disney-like approach to a foot tattoo. Take a look at the different positions of our butterfly friends and youll get the instant feeling of a magical breeze. It will cast such a spell on you, youll never want to wear shoes again!

Bam! Nothing declares your love for body art quite like a bold and beautiful throat tattoo. This one is particularly satisfying due to bold color choices and well-defined outlines. If youre ready to take the plunge with a throat piece, a symmetrical face on butterfly is the perfect subject to fill the space in a straightforward way.

Combine your love of skulls with your flirty and feminine side! A butterflys wings can be the perfect canvas for you to soften your most hardcore love. Experiment with this on other masculine motifs usually relegated to men, and your butterfly tattoo design will turn heads and get you compliments wherever you go. To masculine? This design could be femme-d up with some softer colors or sugar skull scrollwork.

Feel like going big? Your back piece says a lot about you, and theres a lot of room back there, so let your artist go wild with customization and colorful styling. Make sure that your piece is placed squarely in the center if the butterfly is face-on, and have a friend go with you to confirm placement of the stencil, as craning your neck around to see the mirror will distort your perception of placement.

Companion pieces on symmetrical body parts add a bit of intrigue to similar designs. Consider using contrasting color schemes for additional interest. Note the unusual color blocking and heavy bold lining that dominate these pieces. Whenever you are going for this balanced look, it is imperative that you allow your artist to place the tattoos while you are standing up straight with both legs flat on the floor. This will avoid any lopsidedness and give you the best overall effect as you stroll down the street with your new tattoos in tow.

Butterflies are perfect for creating multiple points of interest all over your body. Even if youre a tattoo virgin, note how these pieces add interest without detracting from her overall feminine beauty. Again, consider adding one at a time to create your own custom collection. If youve already got a single butterfly and arent sure how to move forward, this is a great example of adding without creating one large concentration of tattoos. Accentuate your favorite parts in a variety of styles, colors, and positions and youll create a sensual look all your own.

Already have a collection of tattoos? Consider the style of your current work and add your butterfly in a similar style to make a seamless composition of your body art. Often, the shape and position of your butterfly can be adapted to fit that one hard-to fill area that needs a little something special. This piece is at an unusual angle, which nonetheless compliments the curve of her shoulder.

Ask your artist what they can do to set your butterfly tattoos apart from the rest. A bit of outlining and a few flowers here and there takes a few scattered insects into the realm of a mural. Would you ever want to put clothes on again if this was your hip/leg piece?

Bold statement designs not your thing? If youre looking for your first foray into the realm of ink, a cute little butterfly in a sexy spot will never give you the buyers remorse some find if they go too big all at once. Show your spicy side with a little tat that nonetheless speaks volumes.

Now you see it, now you dont! Even your conservative mom and dad will see the humor and appeal of a tiny tattoo that only reveals itself under certain circumstances. You can hide your edgy side if necessary, but then again why would you want to? A little black and white butterfly is just the right amount of fun,

These sweet and sexy sisters add just the right touch, telling a sweet story with the bare minimum of frills and embellishments. Note the different styles and positions that take the simple lines and make them special and unique.

Theres nothing quite so classically feminine in the world of tattoos as a small butterfly ankle tat. Add your favorite colors and enjoy getting a second look as you dance around in your skirts. You might fall in love with this and add some more friends as you move along, who knows?

Now you see it, now you dont! Keep your sweet secret to yourself with perfect placement, and give yourself a little jolt of happy whenever you change your clothes. Pick your favorite color and assign some inspiration to your teeny tiny tat and your little secret will improve your mood every time you see it!

Have a quote tattoo that you love, but that needs a little push? Add a sweet little butterfly or two to make your piece pop! Were already combing through our favorite poems and songs to make this happen for ourselves. Pick your favorite words of wisdom and add a bit of whimsy at the same time!

A tribal twist to a tiny tattoo adds a bit of edge to a feminine size and subject. The kicker? You can hide the initials of your kiddos or your favorite person in the design. See the AW? What a great solution to the traditional bold-lined name tattoo! This is another one that can be added to as your family grows, telling the story of your offspring each time you sport those flip flops.

Just because youre going tiny doesnt mean you cant go detailed. The right artist will be excited to use their skills to create an intricate repeated pattern on your teeny tiny tat. Place it on your wrist so that you can see it and enjoy it all day long, its like your own little secret that only those who truly pay attention will be able to see.

Arent you intrigued by this lovely lass? Just because your chosen placement will allow you to go bigger, doesnt mean you should discount the power of small tattoos. This design shows up in its full glory even when shes fully clothed, and gives you the urge to find out more about her and where shes off to.

Create a colorful collection of tiny friends to commemorate accomplishments or just create a whimsical look. You can build on this piece over time, and head to the shop each time youve got a little extra scratch and want to revisit the needle. Which of these tiny cuties is your favorite? You can start there and move on to make your own custom fluttering flurry of butterfly beauties.

These handy (see what we did there) bright beauties bring a smile to your face and will let anyone you meet know what youre all about instantly. Use them to commemorate family members to add another dimension of meaning, and pick your favorite color to attract attention to your tiny tattoo from across any room.

Keep on scrolling! Weve compiled a collection of even more inspiring tattoo designs below. The possibilities for you to create your own unusual, fun, and feminine butterfly tattoo design are endless! Take a tour of these photos and tell us which ones are your favorites.

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