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Las Vegas BEST friendly and professional Tattoo Studio 2104.27.19

is a family owned and operated tattoo studio. We are a nationally, as well as internationally recognized upscale tattoo studio in the great city of Las Vegas, Nevada. Beyond the glitz and glitter lies a jewel in the desert, the best custom tattoo shop in Vegas. We have won numerous awards for best tattoo shop/ best tattoo artist (Austin Spencer). We have been featured in a multitude of magazine articles both nationally as well as internationally. Our exceptionally clean tattoo studio and art gallery is home to a team of multi talented, professionally licensed tattoo artists. Their knowledge and experience in the trade is obvious in their quality, diversified styles and creative tattoo designs. Their painting and illustrative skills further fuel the artists passion to turn clients ideas into reality. Our customer service team is top notch and goes above and beyond to make your total experience a pleasant one. We are a community minded team dedicated to our profession and love of the arts. We strive to build long term relationships with our clientele through our commitment to customer service.

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Las Vegas BEST friendly and professional Tattoo Studio 21

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Practice Act – portal.ct.gov04.25.19

Chapter 387aTattoo Technicians

Sec. 20-266n. Definitions. As used in this section and sections 20-266o to 20-266s, inclusive, and subsection (c) of section 19a-14:

(1) Commissioner means the Commissioner of Public Health.

(2) Department means the Department of Public Health.

(3) Tattooing means marking or coloring, in an indelible manner, the skin of any person by pricking in coloring matter or by producing scars.

(4) Tattoo technician means a person who is licensed under the provisions of section 20-266o.

(5) Student tattoo technician means a person studying tattooing who is registered with the department pursuant to section 20-266o.

Sec. 20-266o. Licenses. Qualifications. Renewal. Exception. Temporary permits. Regulations. (a) On and after July 1, 2014, no person shall engage in the practice of tattooing unless the person is eighteen years of age or older and has obtained a license or temporary permit from the Department of Public Health pursuant to this section.

(b) (1) Each person seeking licensure as a tattoo technician on or before January 1, 2015, shall make application on a form prescribed by the department, pay an application fee of two hundred fifty dollars and present to the department satisfactory evidence that the applicant: (A) Is eighteen years of age or older; (B) has successfully completed, within the three years preceding the date of application, a course on prevention of disease transmission and blood-borne pathogens that complies with the standards adopted by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, as described in 29 CFR 1910.1030 et seq., as amended from time to time, and that requires the successful completion of a proficiency examination as part of such course; and (C) holds current certification by the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association in basic first aid.

(2) Each person seeking licensure as a tattoo technician after January 1, 2015, shall, in addition to satisfying the requirements of subdivision (1) of this subsection, provide documentation to the department, in the form and manner required by the commissioner, of having (A) completed not less than two thousand hours of practical training and experience under the personal supervision and instruction of a tattoo technician, or (B) practiced tattooing continuously in this state for a period of not less than five years prior to January 1, 2015.

(c) Licenses issued under this section shall be subject to renewal once every two years. A license to practice tattooing shall be renewed in accordance with the provisions of section 19a-88 for a fee of two hundred dollars. A licensee applying for license renewal shall, as a condition of license renewal, successfully complete a course on prevention of disease transmission and blood-borne pathogens that complies with the standards adopted by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, as described in 29 CFR 1910.1030 et seq., as amended from time to time, and that requires the successful completion of a proficiency examination as part of such course. Each licensee applying for license renewal shall sign a statement attesting that the licensee has successfully completed such education course within the six months preceding the expiration of the license on a form prescribed by the Commissioner of Public Health. Each licensee shall retain certificates of completion that demonstrate compliance with the requirement for a minimum of four years after the year in which the course was completed and shall submit such certificates to the department for inspection not later than forty-five days after a request by the department for such certificates.

(d) The provisions of this section shall not apply to a physician, an advanced practice registered nurse rendering service in collaboration with a physician, a registered nurse executing the medical regimen under the direction of a licensed physician, dentist or advanced practice registered nurse, or a physician assistant rendering service under the supervision, control and responsibility of a physician.

(e) No person shall use the title tattoo technician, tattoo artist, tattooist or other similar titles unless the person holds a license issued in accordance with this section.

(f) Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection (a) of this section, a person may practice tattooing if such person has obtained a license or temporary permit pursuant to this subsection or practices tattooing temporarily in the state as an instructor or participant in an event, trade show or product demonstration in accordance with the provisions of subdivision (3) of this subsection.

(1) The department may grant licensure to any person who is licensed at the time of application as a tattoo technician, or as a person entitled to perform similar services under a different designation, in another state of the United States, the District of Columbia or a commonwealth or territory subject to the laws of the United States and who submits evidence satisfactory to the department of (A) a current license in good standing to practice tattooing from such other state, commonwealth or territory, (B) documentation of licensed practice in such state, commonwealth or territory for a period of at least two years immediately preceding application, (C) successful completion of a course on prevention of disease transmission and blood-borne pathogens that complies with the standards adopted by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, as described in 29 CFR 1910.1030 et seq., as amended from time to time, and (D) current certification by the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association in basic first aid. Pending approval of the application for licensure, the commissioner may issue a temporary permit to such applicant upon receipt of a completed application form, accompanied by the fee for licensure, a copy of a current license from such other state, commonwealth or territory and a notarized affidavit attesting that the license is valid and belongs to the person requesting notarization. Such temporary permit shall be valid for a period not to exceed one hundred twenty calendar days and shall not be renewable.

(2) The commissioner may issue a temporary permit to an applicant previously licensed in Connecticut whose license has become void pursuant to section 19a-88. Such applicant for a temporary permit shall submit to the department a completed application form accompanied by a fee of one hundred dollars, a copy of a current license in good standing from another state and a notarized affidavit attesting that such license is valid and belongs to the person requesting notarization. A temporary permit for an applicant previously licensed in Connecticut whose license has become void pursuant to section 19a-88 shall be valid for a period not to exceed one hundred twenty calendar days and shall not be renewable.

(3) A person who: (A) Provides instruction on tattooing techniques; or (B) participates in the demonstration of a tattooing-related product or offers tattooing as part of a professional course, seminar, workshop, trade show or other event, may practice tattooing for such purpose, provided such person described in subparagraphs (A) and (B) of this subdivision (i) is licensed or certified in the state, territory or possession of the United States or foreign country that is the primary place where such person practices tattooing if such state, territory, possession or foreign country requires licensure or certification for tattooing, (ii) has successfully completed a course on prevention of disease transmission and blood-borne pathogens that complies with the standards adopted by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, as described in 29 CFR 1910.1030 et seq., as amended from time to time, within the preceding three years, (iii) practices tattooing under the direct supervision of a tattoo technician, (iv) does not receive compensation for tattooing, other than for providing instruction or tattooing services to persons in attendance at the course, seminar, workshop, trade show or event, and (v) provides instruction, demonstrates tattooing techniques or offers tattooing only for persons enrolled in the course, seminar or workshop or attending the trade show or event at which the person provides instruction, demonstrates a product or offers tattooing. Any person or organization that holds or produces a course, seminar, workshop, trade show or other event at which a person who is not a tattoo technician licensed in the state provides tattooing instruction, participates in the demonstration of a tattooing-related product or offers tattooing to persons in attendance at the trade show or event shall ensure compliance with the provisions of this section.

(g) Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection (a) of this section, a student tattoo technician may practice tattooing under the personal supervision of a tattoo technician for a period not to exceed two years. A student tattoo technician shall register with the department for purposes of completing the practical training and experience required to obtain a license pursuant to this section. An application for registration shall be submitted to the department on a form prescribed by the commissioner and shall be accompanied by documentation that the applicant (1) has successfully completed a course on prevention of disease transmission and blood-borne pathogens that complies with the standards adopted by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, as described in 29 CFR 1910.1030 et seq., as amended from time to time, and that requires the successful completion of a proficiency examination as part of such course, and (2) holds current certification by the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association in basic first aid. Such application shall include a notarized statement signed by a tattoo technician providing that such licensee acknowledges having responsibility for personally supervising the applicants practical training and experience in tattooing.

(h) No license or temporary permit shall be issued under this section to any applicant against whom professional disciplinary action is pending or who is the subject of an unresolved complaint in any state or jurisdiction.

(i) The Commissioner of Public Health may, in accordance with chapter 54, adopt such regulations as are necessary to implement the provisions of sections 20-266o to 20-266s.

Sec. 20-266p. Prohibited acts. On and after July 1, 2014, no person shall: (1) Buy, sell or fraudulently obtain or furnish any diploma, certificate, license, record or registration purporting to show that any person is qualified or authorized to practice tattooing, as provided in section 20-266o, or participate in buying, selling, fraudulently obtaining or furnishing any such document; (2) practice or attempt or offer to practice tattooing under cover of any diploma, certificate, license, record or registration illegally or fraudulently obtained or signed, or issued unlawfully or under fraudulent representation or mistake of fact in a material regard; (3) practice or attempt or offer to practice tattooing under a name other than such persons own name or under a false or assumed name; (4) aid or abet practice by a person not lawfully licensed to practice tattooing within this state or by a person whose license to practice has been suspended or revoked; (5) use in such persons advertising the word tattoo, tattooing or any description of services involving marking or coloring, in an indelible manner, the skin of any person, without having obtained a license under the provisions of section 20-266o;(6) practice tattooing on a person who is an unemancipated minor under eighteen years of age without the permission of such persons parent or guardian; or (7) engage in the practice of tattooing without having obtained a license or temporary permit under the provisions of section 20-206o. No person shall, during the time such persons license as a tattoo technician is revoked or suspended, practice or attempt or offer or advertise to practice tattooing or be employed by, work with or assist, in any way, any person licensed to practice tattooing. Any person who violates any provision of this section shall be guilty of a class D misdemeanor.

Sec. 20-266q. Disciplinary action. Grounds. The Department of Public Health may take any action set forth in section 19a-17 if a person issued a license as a tattoo technician pursuant to section 20-266o fails to conform to the accepted standards of the tattoo profession, or violates any provision of this section or section 20-266o or 20-266s or for any of the following reasons: (1) Fraud and deceit in the practice of tattooing; (2) negligent, incompetent or wrongful conduct in professional activities; (3) emotional disorder or mental illness; (4) physical illness or impairment; (5) abuse or excessive use of drugs, including alcohol, narcotics or chemicals; and (6) wilful falsification of entries into any client record pertaining to tattooing. The Commissioner of Public Health may order a tattoo technician to submit to a reasonable physical or mental examination if such tattoo technicians physical or mental capacity to practice safely is the subject of an investigation. The commissioner may petition the superior court for the judicial district of Hartford to enforce such order or any action taken pursuant to section 19a-17. Notice of any contemplated action under section 19a-17, the cause of the action and the date of a hearing on the action shall be given to the licensee and an opportunity for hearing afforded in accordance with the provisions of chapter 54.

Sec. 20-266r. Enforcement. The Commissioner of Public Health shall carry out the commissioners responsibilities with respect to enforcement of the provisions of sections 20-266o to 20-266q, inclusive, within available appropriations.

Sec. 20-266s. Inspection of tattoo establishments. The director of health for any town, city, borough or district department of health, or the directors authorized representative, may, on an annual basis, inspect establishments where tattooing is practiced within the directors jurisdiction regarding the establishments sanitary condition. The director of health, or the directors authorized representative, shall have full power to enter and inspect any such tattoo establishment during usual business hours. If any establishment, upon such inspection, is found to be in an unsanitary condition, the director of health shall make written order that such establishment be placed in a sanitary condition. The director of health may collect from the operator of any such establishment a reasonable fee, not to exceed one hundred dollars, for the cost of conducting an inspection of such establishment pursuant to this section. Notwithstanding any municipal charter, home rule ordinance or special act, any fee collected by the director of health pursuant to this section shall be used by the town, city, borough or district department of health for conducting inspections pursuant to this section.

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Ace Custom Tattooing – yelp.com04.25.19


A bit over decade ago Chad Stewart gave me my second tattoo, and really the only one that I give a damn about anymore.What started out as an extra terrible, half-baked and impulsive idea (Aztec calendar backpiece anyone?) turned into a pure, authentic, love-based and completely hand-sketched piece (my great grandparents’ names in traditional Chicano style lettering, with a beautiful turquoise, coral and silver feather ring that my mom gave me as the centerpiece) that I’ll be proud of until the day I die.We did the whole thing in one go, it took several hours, and I enjoyed every minute of it. From the thoughtful planning back-and-forth prior to the session, the session itself, the multitude of cigarette breaks, the fun, shit-talking banter, Lil’ Tommy chiming in and checking on me, Chad’s steady hand and complete consideration and care, the whole thing was good feels.Despite my totally reckless lack of proper tattoo care (I was back in the sun and in the lake all day every day less than a week later), this tattoo is still solid, and I still get compliments and questions about it all the time.This is the cream of the crop for ink in Charlotte. Really, don’t bother going anywhere else.

This is a true tattoo shop, Rodney Raines is an incredible artist!! You feel at home and the work is unbelievable. Worth advertising and boasting about.

Went to go get my first tattoo here, I was super excited (obviously) and picked out a basic line tattoo of a sun and a moon connected. My tattoo took 3 minutes. Fast forward to a few months after and I realized my tattoo was jagged and was blurry in some spots. A friend of mine who is heavily tattoo’d looked at it and told me I had blow out all over my tattoo. Meaning the needle was pushed deeper into the skin than it needed to be. Which makes a lot of sense now considering my skin was being pushed down by the gun.. You can see in the picture the jagged lines and ink that has spread out from under my tattoo, also called blow out. Also, around the top and bottom of the sun you can see the blurriness too. At the tip of the moon the line is extremely thin compared to the rest of the tattoo to the point it doesn’t even look like it connects. Maybe I just had a bad experience considering all of the great things I’ve heard about this place. Although, being my first tattoo, this is really disappointing.

I would not recommend this place to get a tattoo. Extremely unfriendly atmosphere and not clean. Chancellor was my artist…terrible to work with…defensive and rude and not easy to collaborate with on account of his unpleasant personality. I stuck with him because I had already put a deposit down but the interactions with him were never what you would call pleasant. On my final tattoo with him, he messed it up badly. Every appointment I had with him he was an hour or more late and this one was the same. When he finally arrived, he was acting very strange like he was either high or coming off of a high from the night before. Many of the lines did not even show up because he was not putting ink in the fucking needle!! I went back several days later and told him he needed to fix it so I made an appointment with the bizarre office manager guy for 5 pm on a weeknight several weeks later. When I arrived for my appt., Chancellor immediately started yelling at me saying “where were you???” Apparently, the idiot office manager wrote my appt. down in the book as being for 12 pm instead of 5. This tattoo guy who had been late for every appt. was jumping down my throat because he thought I had been late! When I stood up for myself and argued back, the other tattoo artist in the room threatened me with physical violence and then tried to back track because he realized what he was saying and I could have easily called the police right then and there. Instead, I went to my apartment a couple miles away and got the appt. card that proved that my appt. was at 5 like I said, and I went back to show them. The guy who threatened me was apologetic, but the office manager freaked out and started yelling at me!!! It was unbelievable. Of course, I did not go back to get my tat fixed there. Instead , I went to Immortal Images on Monroe rd. A world of difference…clean, friendly, professional. Chris fixed my tat that Chancellor fucked up and reworked all of my others. It’s just sad that I associate my tats with such an unpleasant experience and awful people, but hopefully that will fade in time.

As the proud bearer six tattoos, and this one being my seventh, I can honestly say that Ace Custom is the best shop I’ve ever been to. Chad Stewart drew up a half sleeve based on a half-assed idea I came in with- it looks amazing. He took the time to get it right and incorporate all of the elements I wanted in a solid looking piece. Chad’s level of customer service is off the charts. He takes his time to give you the ink that you want, while not charging you an insane price. I’m on my third session and can’t wait for the finished product, as well as plan the piece for my other arm.

I had a mess of a half sleeve tattoo from an “artist” from a different shop in Charlotte. After that disappointment I was either going to get it lasered off or get it fixed. It was difficult to find someone who understood what I needed done and who was confident enough to get it done right. When I came in and had a consultation with Lil Tommy, he listened to what I was hoping for and affirmed that he knew what I had in mind. When I got in, he was able to cover up the the mistakes that the other tattooer made, added additional work, and put his spin on the design. The rework and fixes were beyond my expectations! I’ll have Lil Tommy do my next tattoo so that it’s done right! Really cool dude!

Ace Custom Tattoo is A #1 in Charlotte. Over the past 4 years I’ve gotten 6 tattoos by 3 different artists there. Rodney Raines has done 4 in various different styles, Chris Stuart is awesome with traditional and lettering, and Lil Tommy can put your thoughts into the art you are looking for. I’m now trying to think of my next tattoo that Mikey Holmes can put on me. A great addition to the shop. One of the best compliments I’ve ever received is to have other tattooers tell me what great work I have. Thanks Ace!

Great tattoo spot, I walked in to get a quick small tattoo done and later that afternoon it was complete. The staff was nice, pretty flexible with my schedule, and the work was perfect.

My husband and I really did our homework before making an appointment but it was pretty obvious that Ace’s is definitely the best place in Charlotte to get a tattoo. Hundreds of trophy’s and awards line the walls of the shop showcasing their talent. After checking out the portfolios we decided to make an appointment with Chansler two weeks later. When we went in for our appointment, Chansler already had my husband’s tattoo stenciled out. He did an amazing job and every detail was immaculate.Chansler designed my tattoo based on some pictures I’d shown him and completely captured exactly what I wanted. He added so much detail that I’d never even considered and I am incredibly happy to say the least. Not to mention, he doesn’t charge extra for his custom designs! I’d recommend anyone to Ace’s and would definitely ask for Chansler. I can’t wait to schedule my next tattoo!!

By chance I was able to walk into the shop and get tattooed by Lil’ Tommy. He was hilarious and I had a lot of fun. He made it easy to sit through the tattoo, AND he gave me a great price. I was in and out in less than an hour. I love my tattoo, it is now my favorite one, and will definitely come back again.Hi apprentice was cool too! 🙂

In two days I got a full sleeve from Chris Stuart. Had to book a while in advance but it was worth it!

What I’m about to say, I mean with all of the gravitas you can take away from it.I want Tommy to go steady with me, tattoo-artist-my-body-is-your-canvas-style. I live 6 hours away, and I will be going to only Tommy for all of my tattoos. Period. His artistic eye is perfect, his skill is amazing, and he can interpret your less-than-clear wants and needs and mind-read you to create exactly what you want.They were super friendly, very sweet and helpful, and I want Judy to adopt me, if she’s looking for 30-year old kids.I’ve been around the tattoo block quite a few times in DC and Richmond, and I have never been in a shop that was more welcoming and fun.

I am a total tattoo snob. I earned the right…I wrote a book about tattoos and edited a tattoo magazine for a couple of years. The tattoo artist who finished the Medusa on my arm lives in Houston, Texas, but that was ok with me because he was one of the only people who could do my Medusa the way I wanted it. There are few people in Charlotte who I’d let touch me with a needle, and almost all of them work at Ace. Some say that Ace is a little pricey, but you get what you pay for…cheaper places with quicker turnaround times are faster and cheaper for a reason…they are sucky. I got tattooed today by Chris Stuart, and he was awesome. He’s got great bedside manner, which is kind of rare in tattoo artists, who can kind of be divas sometimes. He drew the traditional-style rose right on me, and then he started lining and filling it in. The tattoo is on my wrist, which is a pretty painful spot, but Chris was gentle as a lamb with the shading…I had to plan my tattoo a month in advance to be able to get an appointment with him, but it was absolutely worth it. You won’t get better traditional work in Charlotte. All the others folks at Ace are first-rate artists as well, and Rodney Raines, the shop’s owner and frontman, is one of the best-known names in the industry. The shop is clean and professional, and their customer service speaks for itself. When you walk in the front door, check out the trophies in the window to the left. I also recommend skipping the flash section and letting one of the Ace guys draw something custom for you. Don’t miss the chance to get your own beautiful art!

I’ve been going here for almost ten years now! I live out of state now, and still get work done by Rodney when possible. Ace is where its at!

Best artists in Charlotte, NC, southeast. I don’t know what else to say. The talent here is ridiculous. They book out months ahead of time. Chris Stuart travels the world tattooing and never fails to execute with line work and his american traditional styles. He and skinny will blow your mind with their talent. It’s talent, it can’t be taught. its just natural born talent.

I drove nine hours from Indiana to be tattooed by Rodney Raines. That alone should tell you that this shop has a reputation for being one of the best in the business. It is as clean as a doctor’s office and like someone else said, these guys are not divas. They’re funny, smart and above all, talented at their craft. Rodney reworked and colored in my koi half-sleeve over a period of six hours and never ran out of patience or things to talk about and one of the other guys, who doesn’t drink, gave my boyfriend a six-pack of craft beer.I don’t think this place is particularly pricey, but I’m also willing to put a good amount of money down on a work of art, and that’s what you’ll get at Ace.Rodney does admit to being slow at getting back to people, but stay persistent. He doesn’t get (outwardly!) annoyed and will accommodate you any way he can. While I can’t go there every time I want a new tattoo (what with gas prices, travel time and overnight stays), Rodney will be the only one I ever go to for big projects. I can’t wait to go back there this winter and get my other sleeve done.

Rodney R is one of the best Tattoo Artist hands down. He is very careful with what he does and truly does show the passion in his work. Only reason I have gone to other places is because I usually just do a last minute session and it is hard to do that at one of the best and most popular tattoo facilities in the Carolinas. The only thing that needs work on is the quick responsiveness to customer service.I sent my Dad to them to get some work done and no one helped him for 30 mins so he went to another place 🙁

Ace came highly recommended by several sources so I decided to go and get my first tattoo done. Lil’ Tommy was the artist that worked with me. He was very patient with me (I kept changing my mind) and he kept it real with respect to my expectations. His honest attitude was refreshing. Am very happy with the end result and plan to go back when I’m ready for another one.

ACE is the best shop in Charlotte, hands down – the best group of guys anyone could ever ask for. Diverse specialties and serious professionals in their craft. Not to mention, just a great, honest bunch of guys who are always helpful, friendly, patient, and fun to talk to. However, this place is NOT for for the fly-by-night pick something off the wall kind of crowd. They DO have flash, but why would you chose flash when you have such a skilled group of artists at your disposal to craft a custom piece? So, definitely GO to ACE, but take your time, decide what you want, call ahead to schedule an appointment, and be prepared to wait a little while until you can get in. BUT it will be worth the wait, worth the money, and worth your while…

I had a “tramp stamp” I needed covered up, but I didn’t know if it would be possible because it was rather large and colorful. Chad at Ace worked with me patiently to give me exactly what I wanted. He did an amazing job and I wouldn’t go anywhere else in Charlotte.

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60 New York Skyline Tattoo Designs For Men – Next Luxury04.25.19

Were told New York is a state of mind, and anyone who has set eyes on the skyline understands the sentiment tenfold.

Many of our ancestors gave up everything on the hopes of starting a new life in the boroughs of Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn, and some of historys finest minds put down roots and created literary, political, and entertainment masterpieces among those high rises.

New York was at the heart of all that Frank Sinatra found life worth living for, and a New York skyline tattoo is an eternal reminder to do it your way.

A New York skyline tattoo is a dramatic love letter to the Big Apple, at once both classy and unmistakably masculine. Worn like a pair of fine gold cufflinks, this is a tattoo for the unwavering soul who sees the stars even from the gutter. Stretching like the East River across the shoulder blades or running the length of the arm like the Hudson, the New York skyline is the finishing touch on a masterpiece in the making: you.

In the deep blues and blacks of night or golden hours of dawn, this skyline has seen triumph and tragedy, and refuses to be leveled. And so it goes with the man who inks it on his body, and rises to greet a new day. Not just a mere style statement or tourist trend, the New York skyline tattoo is a testament of what man can do with a lot of faith and a little luck.

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60 New York Skyline Tattoo Designs For Men – Next Luxury

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60 Brooklyn Bridge Tattoos For Men – New York City Design …04.25.19

There is nothing more indicative of where you come from and where youve been than a prominent image of a hometown landmark. As landmarks go, there are few as instantly recognizable and more respected than the awe-inspiring feat of human ability that is the Brooklyn Bridge.

When it comes to fiercely loyal locals, Brooklynites take the top prize.

Both humbled by their roots and admirably proud of where they came from, to people from Brooklyn and even local transplants, the Brooklyn Bridge carries significant meaning, both personal and overt.

Its impressive stature and landmark status combine with the typical meanings of bridge tattoos to create something unique to those who bear this imagery on their skin. A bridge of any kind is used to cross a physical obstacle or barrier, often a dangerous one such as a river or busy road. This tattoo can show that you have crossed your own obstacles and come out the other side, unscathed.

Often, tattoos of the Brooklyn Bridge are accompanied by a skyline. The difference between choosing a Manhattan skyline or that of Brooklyn speaks volumes about a person. It can show where theyve been and where theyre going, their hopes and dreams intertwined with childhood nostalgia.

These Brooklyn Bridge tattoos are meaningful, beautiful and instantly stir up memories in anyone who has gazed upon that wonder of modern engineering and tribute to the triumph of human spirit.

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60 Brooklyn Bridge Tattoos For Men – New York City Design …

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Laser Tattoo Removal – Essentially Bare Cosmetic & Laser …04.23.19

Tattoos are a popular form of self-expression and can be highly-artistic professional embellishments. To permanently ink ones skin may be an intention for a lifetime or an in the moment decision. If your life or your taste has changed, it has been difficult, painful and very expensive to undo that commitment. The emergence of lasers for tattoo removal has eased the burden and advances in technology now distinguish the best lasers from the mediocre. Essentially Bare has been working with laser technology for 18+ years and only invests in world recognized leaders and approvedmedical-grade lasers. Equipment does make a difference.

The FDA-Approved, Spectra ND: Yag laser is a dual mode, Q-Switched laser with four distinct wavelengths in addition to a patented, long pulse mode in one system. These high-intensity pulses of laser light create a photo-acoustic wave which significantly lightens or completely removes pigments and tattoo particles without harming surrounding skin. This is especially important for patients with darker skin tones as the skin has a higher concentration of melanin (pigment). This pigment readily absorbs laser light, with a greater risk of skin overheating and causing permanent scars. The Spectra Q-Switched Yag is non-ablative, and the higher wavelength is more resistant to being absorbed by melanin (pigment). This energy wave shatters the ink molecules at such a high rate of speed that they vibrate and break-up microscopically. The pulverized fragments are absorbed and are passed unnoticed through the body.

Tattoo gone in 7 sessions with our Spectra Q-Switched Laser.

While you will have some discomfort (like a rubber band snapping against the skin), the Spectra tattoo laser is non-ablative, and the surrounding skin is not burned. You will immediately observe puffy skin over your tattoo, but it subsides within hours, and there is no bleeding or scabbing. Your wait between treatments is, therefore, less than traditional lasers (4-8 weeks).

Traditional lasers require anywhere from 6 to 15 treatments, depending on the ink density and coloring. This Q-Switched laser effectively treats all ink colors in an average of half of the number of treatments by traditional lasers.

Only 3 treatments and $199 to remove this tattoo!

In general, the Spectra laser is able to completely remove or nearly completely remove the majority of a tattoo, as if it were never there. In some circumstances, the laser tattoo removal process may leave a light stain meaning there is a slight amount of ink that cannot be removed. This is determined when the majority of ink is removed and the skin no longer reacts to the laser pulses.

Pricing is determined during your free consultation by measuring the size of your tattoo. We do not believe in preselling big contracts and you can pay as you go. Your clinician may offer you a minimal package based on the number of treatments expected to eliminate your tattoo. As there are variables involved (skin tone, ink color and density, ink age, etc.), you may require additional sessions. Please be aware that Essentially Bare clinicians are not commissioned for laser services and do not accept tips. They are not incentivized for making recommendations and your satisfaction is our priority.

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Laser Tattoo Removal – Essentially Bare Cosmetic & Laser …

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Tattoos Muskegon Tattoos Muskegon04.23.19

You will enjoy the comfortable bedside manner of all of our artists. While we love to have fun and never work inside the box, we are still professional and always courteous. Our work ethic is something that comes naturally out of our love for ink and art. We are detail oriented and are never happy unless we complete our very best work on each and every customer. Your 100% satisfaction is always our goal.

Lets face it; your tattoos are going to be with you for the rest of your lifetime. They are not exactly something that you should choose to do randomly, or with just any tattoo artist. It is true that not all tattoo artists are experts, and we have met our fair share of clients who have received botched tattoos at other tattoo shops. You can always trust our artists at Attitudes to give you the perfect ink that you will love each and every time.

Stop by to take a look at our gallery of tattoos, then book an appointment with your favorite artist. We look forward to seeing you!

Tattoos Muskegon Tattoos Muskegon

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Tattoo Designs & Their Meanings | Learn With Custom Tattoo …04.22.19

Its common for people to share tattoo themes, the same way we share names. Whether theyre nautical themed tattoos or tribal ones, there are certain images many of us strongly relate to. Why is it that we gravitate toward the same themes? Well, for the most part, people are all built the same. We all love, hurt, laugh, and experience the same emotions, though we take different roads to get there. And while we share experiences, each one of us expresses their experience in an entirely unique way. Whatever the reason for your tattoo, its always great to learn more about the meanings behind the great symbols of our time and times past, so that you can be inspired to put a unique spin on your own design. Weve compiled a great resource for you to learn all about the meanings behind the worlds more popular tattoo designs.

In reading about these tattoo designs, you may have noticed that many of the categories revolve around ideas that are common to the masses- like faith, music, and nature. While some of the classic designs are based in cultural and religious traditions, many newer ones reflect modern interests, such as science, music, and minimalism. Its fascinating how tattoos continue to evolve and grow in popularity. Hopefully, reading about these designs has inspired you to find some that are meaningful or relevant to your personal interests and creative sensibilities.


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Tattoo Designs & Their Meanings | Learn With Custom Tattoo …

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Custom Tattoo Work

Having trouble finding the design you are looking for? Speak with one of our artists about the tattoo you are dreaming of. Jersey City Tattoo Company’s artists are well versed in all styles of tattooing whether it is black & grey portraiture, script, tribal, traditional Japanese, contemporary western styles and especially classic traditional American tattooing. Appointments are not needed for consultations.

Not happy with a recent tattoo from another shop or just need an old one out of your life? Stop by Jersey City Tattoo Company and speak with one of our artists about a possible cover up or a little fixer-upper session.

Cosmetic tattooing is available at Jersey City Tattoo Company in a limited capacity. Jersey City Tattoo Company has experience with tattooing eyebrows, moles and freckles. Our artists have also helped clients disguise areas of hair loss and hide scars. Jersey City Tattoo Company is available for post operation reconstructive areola tattooing as well. Please feel free to call the shop for rates on cosmetic tattoos. Private appointments before business hours are available for some cosmetic tattoos.

Our piercerNikiis an OSHA certified body piercer with a background in the medical industry and over 15 years of experience. Niki completed a thorough and intensive piercing apprenticeship in the Hudson County area at the age of twenty and has been piercing in the area ever since.Niki specializes in microdermal implants and exotic body piercing and is available for all your piercing needs.All piercings include free starter jewelry and free downsizing (when applicable).

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Services Jersey City Tattoo Co.

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Tattoo (1981 film) – Wikipedia04.21.19

Tattoo is a 1981 erotic thriller film directed by Bob Brooks and starring Bruce Dern and Maud Adams. It depicts the relationship between a fashion model and an eccentric tattoo artist that quickly turns sinister.

Tattoo artist Karl Kinsky (Dern) is approached to work with renowned photographer Halsey (Leonard Frey) on temporary tattoos for swimsuit models. Despite his misgivings, Kinsky agrees to participate after seeing photographs of one of the models, Maddy (Adams).

Maddy arrives late to the photoshoot, but the two quickly bond when she expresses admiration for Kinsky’s arm tattoos and recognizes their Japanese influence. After the shoot Kinsky jealously eavesdrops on Maddy and her flirtatious boyfriend, jazz musician Buddy (John Getz). Maddy complains of having had to “dope” herself to sleep because of Buddy’s odd hours. Maddy invites Kinsky to dinner where he awkwardly asserts his dominance towards the matre d, and then threatens to kill Maddy’s ex-boyfriend Albert (Sam Schacht) for using profanity and drunkenly flirting with Maddy. They quickly leave the restaurant and drive to Maddy’s apartment. She invites him in, but he declines saying he has to catch the last train home. Instead, he goes to a sex show and aggressively speaks to a peep show girl.

The next day Kinsky surprises Maddy in Central Park with flowers. After confronting her over her use of sleeping pills, he invites her to dine with him at his apartment. She admires his tattoo equipment and artwork. Kinsky explains his theory that women who get tattoos, which he calls “the mark”, do so out of a desire to belong. The two go upstairs to dine, and listen to Buddy’s music. Kinsky tells Maddy she deserves better than Buddy, citing his handsiness. Maddy calls him “old-fashioned” but begins to makes a pass at him. Kinsky turns her down, citing a need for commitment. Maddy tells him, “people don’t make commitments when they fuck anymore” and Kinsky snaps at her over her use of profanity. He kicks her out but follows her to the street, insisting that they see each other again. She agrees to meet him at a Japanese art exhibition at the Met before speeding off in a taxi. The same night, Kinsky repeatedly telephones and berates Maddy from a telephone booth. When she asks him to stop, he returns to his apartment and intently watches her modeling tape.

On the day of the exhibition, Maddy sends her friend Sandra (Rikke Borge) to tell him Maddy is out of town, and to ask him to return her modeling tapes. He visits Maddy’s apartment, where he is told the same thing by Buddy. He leaves an ominous message on her answering machine, before returning to his family’s home to show it to prospective buyers, only to announce that it is not for sale.

Back in Maddy’s apartment, she kicks Buddy and his jazz band out for keeping her awake. As she is cleaning up, the doorbell rings. When she answers the door, Kinsky incapacitates her with a chloroform soaked rag. The next morning she awakens and discovers her chest, shoulders and back have been tattooed with floral patterns. She screams at Kinsky and smashes a mirror once she realizes she’s become a hostage. Once Kinsky tells her he’s not finished tattooing her, she faints. The next day, the tattoos have been partially colored in. Maddy makes a failed escape attempt, after which Kinsky has her call Buddy at knifepoint to tell him she will not be coming home. Recognizing Kinsky’s increasing violence, Maddy agrees to “wear the mark” in exchange for her safety.

Nearly finished with the tattoo, Kinsky stops and has Maddy masturbate while he watches from another room, much like the peep show he visited earlier. Kinsky orgasms just as she begins weeping. Maddy berates him for not “being a man” and having sexual intercourse with her instead. She finds a shard of glass from the mirror and plans to kill Kinsky with it, but is discovered. She seemingly resigns herself to her fate as Kinsky continues to expand the tattoos over her entire body.

Maddy is shocked when Kinsky finally announces, “It’s all finished.” He disrobes them both and begins to rape her. Maddy is able to grasp the tattoo gun and plunges it into Kinsky’s back. As Kinsky dies, Maddy sits up, his limp body draped across her lap. She strokes his hair as she stares off into the distance.

The film was written by Joyce Buuel, the daughter-in-law of surrealist artist Luis Buuel, based on a story by director Bob Brooks. It was featured in an April 13, 1980 New York Times article spotlighting films being shot on-location in New York City; the article mistakenly identified Rikke Borge as Dern’s love interest.[2]

The tattoo designs seen in the film are credited to Isadore Selzter, a prolific illustrator and graphic designer known for drawing many Sesame Street Magazine covers.

The film had a contentious post-production and pre-release phase. Producer Joseph E. Levine made edits without informing director Bob Brooks, who wrote an angry letter to Levine accusing him of prioritizing the opinions of “assholes in Los Angeles.”[3] Feminist group Women Against Pornography protested the film for allegedly equating violence with love.[4] They defaced the advertisements in the subway, which reportedly delighted Levine, who considered it free publicity.[3] Tellingly, although the release date was announced as November or December 1980 in the NYT article, the film was delayed nearly a year until October 9, 1981.

The songs “What’s Your Name” and “Shot in the Dark” were written by Barry DeVorzon and Michael Towers, and sung by Euca Burrows. Other instrumental music is heard in the film but an official soundtrack was not released.

Bruce Dern earned a Razzie nomination for Worst Actor for Dern,[5] who lost to Klinton Spilsbury for his performance in The Legend of the Lone Ranger.

Film critic Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times awarded the film two out of four stars. He wrote that he enjoyed the film’s first two acts, and singled out Dern’s performance as “very good,” but thought the film faltered in the triteness of its climax. He wrote,”‘Tattoo’ could have been an effective and disturbing movie… [It] opens so promisingly that its crucial scenes are doubly disappointing. Because the film’s first hour makes it clear that Tattoo is not intended as just another creepy horror film, the failure of the conclusion is all the more disappointing.”[6] New York Times film critic Janet Maslin gave the film a similar review. She praised the two leads, along with Borge and Frey, but wrote that while the film “begins with a bit of style… [it] doesn’t take long… to turn predictable and slow.”[7]

The film’s depiction of stalking has been compared to the much more successful films Taxi Driver and Maniac.[8]

In Episode 4 of Series 2 of the BBC sitcom The Royle Family, the film is discussed extensively. The character Denise calls it “absolutely brilliant,” and explains the plot to Barbara and Cheryl, who are both fascinated and horrified. Meanwhile in the living room Dave is explaining the film to Jim, who questions why the protagonist would want to cover up his victim’s breasts rather than look at them. Upon learning that the title of the film is Tattoo, Jim references the Fantasy Island character Tattoo and his catchphrase[9]

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Tattoo (1981 film) – Wikipedia

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