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Pressing Flesh: 15 Comic Books That Showed The Most Skin – CBR (blog)

Posted in Skin Art on Aug 28, 2017

Being a superhero has never been the most modest profession out there. Doctors wear white coats and lawyers wear suits, but most superheroes take to the streets decked out in skintight spandex, thigh-high boots and more exposed skin than is likely practical for such a dangerous career. With such costumes so ill-suited for the job, its no wonder so many superheroes show off more skin than they mean to. Wardrobe malfunctions happen frequently in this business. Sometimes they even shed their clothes on purpose, because thats just how they like to roll.

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Comic books are filled with depraved heroes and villains of all kinds who are just looking to get a little action when they can. Sometimes we see superheroes getting it on with one another, other times its simply normal people doing what they usually do to have a little fun. Comic books can be voyeuristic like that, especially the independent titles from the likes of Image Comics. Those books show us pretty much everything! Weve come a long way since the Comics Code Authority reigned supreme over the industry. Comic book characters and their creators can now let their freak flags fly. Here are 15 comics that have shown the most skin.

By issue #34 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight, the evil Twilight had just been revealed to be Angel in disguise. Brad Meltzer and Georges Jeanty then take things in a weird direction by establishing that Angel was under the influence of the real Twilight. This being further manipulates him and Buffy to have superpowered sex for the entire issue so they can give birth to him.

The issue is actually subtitled Them F#$ing and we get far more than we ever asked to see. Over 22 pages, Buffy and Angel do it in every way imaginable while flying through the air and smashing through mountains. The story ends with a climax in space. Was it gratuitous? Yes. Was it entertaining, though? Absolutely.

During Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr.s run on the New 52 Superman title, Superman develops a new superpower called the Solar Flare. This new ability allows the Man of Steel to unleash all the solar power from his cells in one gigantic blast; however, it isnt the greatest skill when you still want to keep your clothes on.

In Superman #40, John Romita Jr. tells a story about Clark trying to figure out how to better control his new power. He blows up his supersuit and is left naked in a crater. Batman picks him up and brings him to the Justice League so he can test his ability against them. After another blow up, hes naked again and Wonder Woman is checking him out.

Many people were upset that Marvel would kill off Peter Parker, only to have Doctor Octopus inhabit his body in the pages of Superior Spider-Man. When the real Spider-Man finally returned in 2014, Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos wanted to make sure everyone was aware that Peter Parker was back to normal, so they decided to remove all his clothes!

In Amazing Spider-Man #1, Peter confronts The Menagerie, a group of animal-themed criminals that includes the White Rabbit, Panda-Mania, Hippo and Skein. Gypsy Moth we mean Skein has the ability to manipulate fabric, so over the course of battle, she is able to destroy Spider-Mans costume. This forces Peter to create underwear with his webshooters, and its not a pretty sight. The media gets a good look of our hero, and the superhero community sees that Spider-Man is back to business as usual.

In the Ultimate universe, the Hulk was a major threat to society. Not only did he destroy things constantly but he also actually ate people. In 2008s Ultimate Hulk Annual by Jeph Loeb, Marko Djurdjevic, and Ed MCGuinness, Banner is on the loose again, but this time hes absolutely buck naked! He shows up to a diner demanding pancakes with money that he kept we dont want to know where.

When the Hulk is told that his nakedness will get him no service, Zarda stops him from killing everyone by instead punching him through the window and starting a brawl in the streets. Zarda punches Hulk directly in the nether regions and finishes him off. She finally finds him some pants so the diner will serve him. They then take thing to a motel room for some wholesome fun.

During Peter Milligan and Mike Allreds run on X-Statix, the team comes into conflict with the Avengers over the remains of Doops exploded brain. Members of each team square off in battles around the world to gain the right to collect these explodey bits. Things get a bit weird when Mister Sensitive and Iron Man fight without any clothes on.

When their battle in issue #24 lands them in the middle of the Church of Naked Truth, the leader of the cult demands that the heroes either stop their fight or take off their clothes. Not wanting to insult their customs, the two oblige and continue the battle completely naked. They continue with a series of finger flicks and pressure points that prove to be too much for one side to be declared the winner.

Frank Millers black and white comic book series Sin City shows off a lot of skin. Miller escalates things inThat Yellow Bastard by showing us a little bit of everything. There are strippers, naked men hanging from ropes, and disgusting sex criminals letting it all hang out. In this yarn, John Hartigan hunts down and brutally dismembers Roark Junior before going to jail in order to protect Nancy from danger.

When he gets out, he finds that Junior was saved from death and brought back as a grotesque yellow monster. That Yellow Bastard attempts to kill Hartigan by stringing him up by his neck while hes completely naked. Our hero is able to free himself and finds Junior in the buff while hes attempting to sexually assault Nancy. Hartigan goes on to beat the yellow right out of him.

Wolverines past has always been a mystery to both the reader and Logan himself. While his connection to the Weapon X program was established early on, the full gory details were never shared until the 1991 storyline called Weapon X. Told in Marvel Comics Presents #72-84 by Barry Windsor-Smith, we see all the horrors the government did to his body.

Any time weve ever looked back on Logans time as an experiment, its always the same imagery: doctors poking and prodding his naked body as they attempt to create the perfect killing machine. In issue #77, Weapon X is set against a pack of wolves and we see what Wolverine is truly capable of, even when he could probably use a coat. After pages and pages of our nude hero going through all sorts of unspeakable experiments, its hard not to feel for the guy.

Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conners Harley Quinn team-up book ends with a bang (wink) when she crosses paths with Lobo and his dog named Dawg in a sexy adventure through space. The two have a lot in common, from a love for motorcycles to a love for violence, so it makes sense that they would want to hook up.

Over the course of their adventure together, Lobo loses his pants, Harley takes off her top (more than once), and they kill a bunch of aliens. Things get so raunchy that DC Comics had to censor the creative team with little flags inserted over Simon Bisleys art. Its pretty hilarious. Thankfully, everything worked out in the end with Harley finally getting some alone time with the Main Man.

Voodoo was created in 1992 by Brandon Choi and Jim Lee for WildC.A.T.S. #1. After Flashpoint brought Wildstorm characters into the New 52 DC Universe, Priscilla Kitaen was established to be a human-Daemonite hybrid working undercover as a stripper while doubling as a Daemonite spy. In the first issue of her ongoing series from 2011, we get to see her at work, and theres plenty of skin to go around.

Priscilla is under observation by federal agents, but one cop gets a little too close. He gets an eyeful while shes on a stage, then he gets a private dance with her. The agent attempts to get Voodoo to turn herself in, but he underestimates what she would be willing to do to stay out of sight. Priscilla turns back into her alien form, murders him, and steals his identity.

Created for Edgar Rice Burroughs series of Martian novels, Dejah Thoris is the princess of Helium, a city-state of Mars, and the love interest of John Carter, hero of the books. The thing about the people of Mars that Burroughs was apparently very into was the fact that none of them wore any clothing. Apparently that was super sexy back in 1912.

Obviously, the comic book adaptations cant have people running around naked on every page, but luckily, Martians wear enough jewelry to cover key places. This means in Dynamite Entertainments Warlord of Mars and spinoff series Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris, the princess can be covered with a tiny loincloth and what appear to be golden nipple clamps. This has become Dejah Thoris standard dress code, played up for obvious cheesecake whenever possible.

Barbara Gordon and Selina Kyle have an intimate moment together in Batman Confidential #18 during Fabian Nicieza and Kevin Maguires The Bat and the Cat storyline from 2008. Batgirl and Catwoman fight over a valuable notebook, and their chase around Gotham leads them into a nudist club.

Inside the Gotham City Hedonist Society, Batgirl is forced to take off all her clothes in order to gain entry and follow her nemesis. Everyone in the place is naked and getting handsy with each other. Barbara wades through the crowd, showing it all and hoping no one makes a move on her. She starts a fistfight with Catwoman, gets the notepad, and creates utter chaos within the club. Batgirl is finally able to make it out, with her costume, and make a run for it.

In Garth Ennis The Boys, the worlds superheroes are actually horrible, amoral monsters behind closed doors. No comic shows how depraved these heroes actually are more so than The Boys: Herogasm. When the public believes Homelander and the rest of the superhero community are off to fight a major villain, they are in fact attending an annual orgy instead.

At the annual Herogasm, the superheroes take part in all kinds of debauchery, including vast amounts of sex and drugs. The whole thing is funded by the corporation that created American superheroes. We are forced to watch page after page of endless relations without much in the way of censorship. The Boys infiltrate the isolated island resort in order to monitor the festivities and investigate the governments connection to the party.

Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarskys Sex Criminals follows the activities of Jon and Suzie, a couple that can stop time when they orgasm. The book explores their relationship as they share past sexual experiences and how they managed their ability before meeting one another. Of course, given their powers, it isnt long before they decide to rob a bank, and hijinks ensue.

As you might imagine, theres loads of sex in this book and the characters watch plenty of adult entertainment, most of which is uncensored. When our heroes find out they arent the only ones who can stop time, things get out of control. Fraction has likened the book to a romantic sex comedy like The 40-Year-Old Virgin, only, you know, much better than that.

In Joe Casey and Mike Huddlestons Butcher Baker, the Righteous Maker, the worlds all-American hero comes out of retirement for one last mission to save the world. When he is recruited, Jay Leno and Dick Cheney (dont ask) find him surrounded by women and drugs in an endless orgy. They even bring their own ladies to offer him an incentive.

Butcher Baker was a test subject who received a new, genetically modified heart that gave him superhuman abilities. He resembles The Comedian from Watchmen, longing to return to a life of violence and superhero crimefighting. He is tasked with blowing up a maximum security prison for supervillains and then must kill several escapees. He goes on to fight his nemesis Jihad Jones in an epic battle of total nakedness. Its all a little nuts.

Joe Casey and Piotr Kowalski explore what happens when the superhero power fantasy comes to an end in Sex. Simon Cooke gives up being a superhero and returns to Saturn City in order to run his company and live a normal life. When you spend most of your formative years running around in spandex, its not surprising when you end up feeling a little bit repressed.

Saturn City is a place of criminal dealings and carnal pleasure, where high-end sex workers are everywhere and crime is growing in the absence of its former hero. Simon has trouble embracing his new lifestyle because he never truly grew up like most normal adults do. After years spent holding himself to a firm moral code, hes just not into all this sex stuff.

Do you know of another comic that should be included above? Tell us about it in the comments!

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