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14 Celebrities With Unusual Tattoos In Weird & Awkward Places – Hollywood Life

Posted in Tattoo Designs on Aug 03, 2017

From Cheryl Coles floral arrangement on her booty to the ice cream cone on Gucci Manes face, some stars have tattoos in the weirdest places. See some of the hottest celebs with ink on unusual parts of their bodies.

Now, no judgment here: these are not bad tattoos. What someone gets permanently added to their body is their choice, and theres usually a huge significance behind every design. Cheryl Cole has her entire butt and lower backside covered in English roses as it they are her favorite flower. She revealed the reportedly 4,000 tattoo in 2013, according to Huffington Post, after spending the 15 hours to complete the design. Ive had it for seven-eight months but only just had it detailed. I can pretty much safely say Im now done! Indeed, after that, she joined the ever-growing club of celebs with butt tattoos.

After looking at Cheryls booty bouquet, its hard not to hear OutKasts Roses. Andre 3000has six silly tattoos, according to The Guardian, and he bitterly regret(s) each and every one. Hopefully Gucci Mane doesnt regret the ice cream cone he got on his face in 2011. The Tone It Down rapper took outrageous ink to the next level, getting the tasty treat tattooed to his cheek. Of course, when talking about facial tattoos, it would be a mistake to not include Mike Tyson, whose iconic ink is known across the world.

Lil Wayne certainlyhad no fear when he had Fear God tattooed on his eyelids. Ouch. That had to hurt. Thankfully, if he hates the design, hell never see it. Similarly, Chris Brown will need a mirror if he ever wants to look at the womans face he had inked on his neck. The design caused quite a controversy, as some said this battered woman design was based on his ex, Rihanna. The tattoo artist, Peter Koskela, said is a sugar skull (associated with the Mexican Dia de los Muertos) and a M.A.C cosmetics design, according to E! News.

Speaking of RiRi, shes covered in tattoos as well. One of her most striking pieces is the tattoo of an Egyptian goddess under her chest. The design is a tribute to her late grandmother, who passed away in 2012 due to cancer, according to Billboard. Love of a different sort was also behind Lena Dunham getting anotherbutt tattoo. She got the sign for The Odeon, her favorite restaurant in Tribeca, permanently added to her backside. Fair enough. Lenas not the only Girls star with ink in unusual places, as Zosia Mamet has the outline of a heart on the palm of her right hand. How quirky!

There are more celebs with interesting designs in unusual places, HollywoodLifers, so check out the gallery above. What do you think about these celebrities with tattoos in weird places? Did you get inspired to get some new ink of your own?

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14 Celebrities With Unusual Tattoos In Weird & Awkward Places – Hollywood Life

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