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175+ Inescapable Neck Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Posted in Tattoo Designs on Jan 26, 2019

Neck tattoos can be a big commitment; its not for the faint of heart. No matter your clothing choices, the tattoo will be visible no matter what. Depending on your work environment a neck tattoo may not be the best choice for you. Its a very visible part of the body so be sure that you are okay with that level of commitment. You have to consider the various ways it can affect your personal sense of style. As a woman we often adorn the neck with jewelry and that would be difficult if you have a neck tattoo. There would essentially be no reason to wear necklaces if you had a neck tattoo.

But if you arent the type of person that wears a lot of jewelry then it may not affect your life at all. In fact, your tattoo could be your own form of jewelry. Its a way for you to look original and beautiful in your own way. If you like being different from others, then a neck tattoo may be exactly what you are looking for. Its not just a tattoo design for women however, there are also plenty of men that have neck tattoos as well.

But if a neck tattoo is something that you really desire then go for it. You only live twice, and there are actually some pretty remarkable tattoos available for you. Women love to experiment with different designs and colors when it comes to choosing the right tattoo. Men will typically lean more towards tattoo designs that are strong in nature. Tribal designs seem to be particularly popular for men.

Neck tattoos are growing in popularity because they typically look very cool. One thing that you should know about getting neck tattoos is they are very painful. Tattoos can be painful regardless, but the neck can be typically much more painful because the neck area is sensitive. The area on the neck is generally small, and so are the designs. Not that the designs have to be small as there are many times where people will choose large tattoo designs for their neck.

Its a simple design that is small in nature. There is no big commitment with just a few simple stars. They put these designs behind the ear, so its also not a big commitment.

2. The Fiery Heart

This is a rather large tattoo design that is not only big but fiery. If you are looking for an original design with bright colors, then try this one on for size.

3. Neck Star

This is a popular place to put a tattoo on the neck. Its a simple outline of a star for someone that wants something small.

4. Floral Designs

This neck tattoo is large in size, but its a very beautiful design. It has subtle coloring that doesnt draw a lot of attention.

5. Chinese Designs

Black and red tattoos always cause such a big pop. This unique design is a very beautiful one.

6. The Dove

Another example of the neck tattoo that is placed behind the neck. This dove is beautiful and elegant for someone looking for a small change.

7. Multiple Images

Many people like to choose plenty of different images and places them all over the neck. Find your favorites and create a design of your choosing.

8. The Choker

This tattoo design is gorgeous. It looks like a choker necklace and the design sits on the back of the neck.

9. Full Neck Tattoos

The whole neck and some of the shoulders and chest are covered with this design. Its a huge commitment and one that has many different designs. Make the design personal to you.

10. Snowflakes

These multiple snowflakes are a pretty and elegant design. If you love the celebration of winter, then this may be what youre looking for.

11. Beautiful Butterfly

I love the stunning colors that are represented in this tattoo. Its a rather large design, but its stunning.

12. Tree with Birds

This tattoo not only travels up the neck but its part of the back as well. Its a tattoo that requires a level of commitment. I love how the birds are flying up the back of her neck.

13. Scorpion

If you are looking for a badass tattoo, then try out this scorpion design.

14. Birds

Im not sure what kind of a bird this is, but its definitely unique in nature. It goes from one end of the neck to another.

15. Elephant

There is a lot going on with this picture, but the neck itself just has the elephant with bone horns.

16. The Keyhole

I love this neck tattoo design because its so simple and yet it seems to have a big impact.

17. One Bird

Just having one bird on the back of the neck is all you really need. This tattoo is simple and small in design.

18. A Map

Its a unique design that looks great on the back of the neck. Its black and white which is all you need.

19. Floral Design

The purple and green design is remarkably beautiful. The colors really pop out on this large tattoo.

20. A Message

A message that can only be seen when the neck is tilted upwards. Find something that is special to you and create a tattoo out of it.

21. Incredible Designs

Its hard to pinpoint a beginning and an end to this tattoo, but the design is rather remarkable. If you want something different, then try out this design.

22. The Bird of Choice

Another example of how you can incorporate a bird tattoo onto your neck. This one is larger than most, but there is also a name attached, possibly a loved one.

23. A Dreamcatcher

This is a detailed dreamcatcher tattoo that is very eye-catching. The details are intrinsic, and it looks great in black and white.

24. Swirling Florals

Its a rather large tattoo that doesnt just stay on the neck but heads down the back as well. If you are looking for a big tattoo, this is certainly a beautiful one.

25. The Face

It appears as if there is a portrait on the neck, possibly something in literature or of a person he knows. There are floral designs that go around the rest of the neck. Its a very detailed design and very original.

26. Initials

This letter M holds some significance to the owner. It could be her own initial or that of a loved one.

27. Flying Birds

Another example of a bird tattoo. These are always my favorite because the birds are in motion and flying along her neckline.

28. Origami Art

This tattoo is very original. If you want a large statement, then this design might be exactly what youre looking for.

29. Chinese Words

Getting a tattoo in another language is always a great idea. Not only does it look cool but its something that you can keep personal as well.

30. The Maiden Voyage

If you want something fun, then this ship design may be what you are looking for. Its colorful, and it fits right on the side of the neck.

31. Creative Designs

This is a creative way of designing a tattoo of your own liking. It could be a tribal design, but its very unique and alluring.

32. Eternity Design

A small and simple design, this eternity symbol will remind you that you only live once so make it eternal.

33. Tribal Art

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175+ Inescapable Neck Tattoo Designs and Ideas

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