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Make Art Not War: Community comes together to work on art fusion piece at Bohemian Tattoo Club – Kokomo Tribune

Posted in Tattoo Designs on Sep 04, 2017

KOKOMO In a time of division and conflict across the nation, citizens of Kokomo have been finding even more ways to come together.

Last week, Juan Espinoza IV and Chloe Boor organized Kokomo Stands Together, a unity gathering in Foster Park. More than 100 people were in attendance, including several local public figures, clergy and educators.

A few days later, Chloes father Tim Boor, owner of The Bohemian Tattoo Club and Gallery, continued that spirit of togetherness during downtown Kokomos First Friday event.

Using the Bohemians iconic owl design, tattoo artists created three free tattoo designs representing unity and peace. All donations for the tattoos were given to Bridges Outreach, who was teaming up with LeaderOne Financial for the fifth annual Hawgin the Block event happening just outside on Main Street.

With Bridges Outreach being right next door, Bohemian artists have created multiple pieces for the nonprofit to auction off as fundraisers in the past, Tim said.

Honing in on the Artsapalooza First Friday Theme, Tim also outlined the largest art fusion piece Bohemian has ever done.

Dozens of people filtered into the shop, gazing into the eclectically designed rooms of the newly reopened business. Bohemian just reopened its doors this summer after suffering extensive damage in a fire in June of 2016.

Children and adults alike picked up crayons, markers and other mediums to put their mark on the large paper canvas in the back room, where Tim was serving refreshments and talking with customers and visitors.

Our theme personally was Make Art Not War because of all of the horrible stuff in the world, he said. We thought it would be cool to do things that got the community together and getting people that dont know each other to paint a picture together or draw something.

This isnt the first art fusion piece Bohemian artists have participated in, but it was the first time the business got the community involved. Professional artists and amateurs worked together on different areas of the piece, which was given to Bridges Outreach to either hang up in their building or auction as a fundraiser.

Tim said with all of the ridiculous people in the world, the movement against racism and other divisiveness might as well start here in Kokomo.

Tattooed people were kind of every color, he laughed. As a whole, Kokomo is what a lot of people out in the world call that Midwestern hospitality. I think its good city and it has a lot of great intentions, so I think there will be more of this.

We do these First Fridays and other festivals that seem to bring people out and bring people downtown. Hopefully we can change peoples minds a little bit or at least open them up, and the more groups of people you get to hang out together the better chance that is.

In the future, Tim said Bohemian would like to do more art fusion with the community especially with children, to encourage them to try art as well as supporting the arts in schools with the finished pieces.

Now that were back in our building hopefully some of these things will come into fruition, he said.

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Make Art Not War: Community comes together to work on art fusion piece at Bohemian Tattoo Club – Kokomo Tribune

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