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Makeup designs are the ‘reel deal’ – Wahpeton Daily News

Posted in Tattoo Designs on Aug 05, 2017

Taylor Schulte, born and raised in Wahpeton, had three hours on Saturday, July 22 to create an original and unique character through makeup. Not only that, but Schultes newly-created character had to believably fit into the Guardians of the Galaxy film series.

Schulte, 24, came in first place at the Battle of the Brushes Character/Prosthetic Competition, held during the International Make-Up Artist Trade Show in Sydney, Australia. A freelance makeup artist and licensed cosmetologist, she was one of eight finalists competing for $3,000 and a feature in Make-Up Artist Magazine.

I was working with four separate foam latex prosthetics, Schulte recalled. There was a set of ears, a nose and a forehead piece. I didnt know what prosthetics Id be using until that day.

A fan of Guardians of the Galaxy, Schulte created a rugged, crabby male character who would fit into the film series band of space criminals, the Ravagers. In addition to the prosthetics, she made her design stand out by placing a bald cap on model Rob Hinderstein, painting his face yellow, creating additional tattoo designs, applying hairpieces to the bald cap and his chin, having him wear contact lenses and adding props like a cigar.

Rob is also a makeup artist. I knew him before the competition. Being in all of that makeup is not an easy task, whether youre male or female. I may have had three hours to create my design, but he spent eight hours total in it, including the one-hour process to remove everything. He even ate lunch in it, Schulte said.

Each year, six International Make-Up Artist Trade Shows are held worldwide, in locations like Sydney, New York City and Schultes current home, Los Angeles. Since April, shes been a staff member in the lab at Fractured FX, which has created special makeup and specialty costumes for film and TV since 2010.

Im very fortunate, Schulte continued. I feel like Ive learned so much.

Schulte spent her childhood watching everything from horror films to the latest entries in the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter series.

Id see those and think, I want to create that, she recalled.

Attending Wahpeton High School, Schulte kept busy with cheerleading, swimming and school productions. She remembers helping her co-stars with their makeup and hair. After graduating in 2010, she attended Josefs School of Hair Design in Fargo, studying cosmetology and skin esthetics.

Following graduation from Josefs, Schulte returned to Wahpeton as a hair stylist at The Bodyshop. After it closed in 2013, Schulte became a licensed cosmetology and skin esthetics instructor at Josefs school in Grand Forks, North Dakota. In 2015, Schulte decided to continue her education at Make-up Designer in New York City, graduating from their master make-up artistry program. In 2016, she moved to Los Angeles.

Its never too late, Schulte said. I went back to school at age 23 and have accomplished so much. I keep working hard and can only go up from here.

She attributes much of her success to the support of her parents, Tim and Jacquie, and sister Toree.

Ive had an amazing support system, whether its my parents or my home community. People need to know it doesnt matter where youre from, you can still make it, Schulte said.

Shes a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to her work. If your hairs nice, you think, Oh well. But the power of makeup is so strong. Some people may say that CGI (computer-generated imagery) is killing the makeup industry, but its not true. There always needs to be even the most practical makeup for the actors, she continued.

Moving to Los Angeles was for practical reasons, Schulte explained.

Even though movies and TV shows shoot all over the world, the special effects industry is larger in L.A. than New York, she added. Still, Im willing to travel wherever a film needs to go.

Currently, Schulte is working to become a member of the Make-up Artists Union, which would increase the amount of projects shes able to work on.

There are many ways to become a union artist, she said. You can be personally requested by a star, like Johnny Depp. A project, like a film or TV show may start out non-union, then become a union production. Or you can build up your union hours.

Schulte has 10 union hours so far, she said. Her work on student films and with Fractured FX dont count. What she needs is enough hours to equal 30 days of work, plus successful completion of showing off her skills before union representatives. In the meantime, shes studying her craft and paying close attention.

Being in this industry kinda ruins watching a movie or TV, Schulte said. We see something wrong and notice it. We see something amazing and we want to try it out ourselves.

Makeup designs are the ‘reel deal’ – Wahpeton Daily News

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