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Tatt addicts get their UNDERBUMS inked in cheeky new trend – Daily Star

Posted in Tattoo Designs on Jul 31, 2017


Hundreds of tattoo addicts have been showing off their cheeky designs on Instagram.

In some cases, they choose symmetrical illustrations on both sides of their body.

Others have opted for designs that sprawl all the way down their legs.

The most popular design is roses similar to the ones Cheryl Cole found herself in the firing line for in 2014.

In other shots, women have quotes plastered on either leg such as Witchcraft, Sweet dreams and Carpe Diem.

One of the most daring pictures includes a shot of a woman with what appears to be cannabis plants on either leg.

Women around the world are going crazy for the latest tattoo craze!

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Other popular designs include bows, skulls and wings.

In the most recent tattoo craze, people took puns to the extreme by getting camels tattooed on their toes.

And Brit holidaymakers have been sharing pictures of their booze-fulled tatt mistakes.

The hottest tattooed women you’ve ever seen.

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The hottest tattooed babes on the planet including Becky Holt and Mercedes Edison and Terri Altilar pictured on the right


Pictures uploaded to “magaluftattoo” show some of the strangest and baffling inkings.

One lad made the bizarre choice to get Toy Storys Mr Potato Head inked on his bum, while a fast food fan got a slice of pizza tattooed on his chest.

Several celebrities have found crazed fans who have tattoos of them on their bums, including Ryan Reynolds, Holly Willoughby and more recently new Arsenal star Alexandre Lacazette.

We’ve dug out some of the worst fan tattoos. This shows just how far those superfans will go to show how much they adore their favourite celebs.

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A Miley Cyrus fan is getting his tattoos of the twerking pop star removed as he claims they’re ruining his love life

TIP: If you’re going to get permanently marked, make sure you find a literate tattoo artist

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A recent survey carried out by YouGov found one in five people in the UK has a tattoo.

That means more than 10million Brits boast a permanent design somewhere on their body.

Go here to see the original:
Tatt addicts get their UNDERBUMS inked in cheeky new trend – Daily Star

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