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This 12-year-old boy from Panama is a tattoo artist – Hindustan Times

Posted in Tattoo Designs on Aug 03, 2017

Its not usual to find a 12-year-old boy holding a tattoo gun and making tattoos for real. But in Panama City, Panama, you can meet Ezrah Dormon, who makes tattoos for real and has also become a local celebrity.

According to, Dormon has so far completed roughly 20 tattoos and keeps practising the art by filling colour on already outlined designs.

He first tried his hands on a tattoo gun when his mother Wynter Rosen went to a local tattoo shop, Honolulu, to get a flower inked on her hand. Dormon filled a small part of the traditional flower tattoo with a red colour.

Looking at the boys passion for designing, painting, and drawing, the shop owner Ali Garcia agreed to give him apprenticeship after Dormon approached him. Since then, Dormon has been practising his skills to become a professional tattoo artist. He mostly works on designing flowers and sharks


Garcia, the shop owner and a professional tattoo artist, has become his mentor and is helping him achieve his dream.

Studying traditional is not easy but it is fun. Learning traditional is about making tattoos last in the skin the longest. Bold and bright so even when your skin is all full of wrinkles it can be understood. I have been studying roses about a month now and I am happy with my progress. Need to paint more.. that is for sure, Dormon writes on Instagram, where he actively posts his tattoo designs and real practice.

And, he has a steady clientele as well who appreciate his artwork.

We have been very fortunate to have line ups of people volunteering to have tattoos by him. Every client he has tattooed has been really happy and amazed, Dormons mother told

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This 12-year-old boy from Panama is a tattoo artist – Hindustan Times

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