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This tattoo parlour lets a gumball machine choose your body inking … – SHEmazing

Posted in Tattoo Designs on Aug 15, 2017

If you’re the decisive and, dare we say it, controlling type, then it’s highly unlikely you would leave the fate of your body in the hands of a vending machine.

But that’s exactly what some customers of Elm Street Tattoo have been doing in recent weeks.

The Texas-based tattoo parlour has made an effort to assist the less decisive among us by providing customers with the opportunity to have their tattoo chosen for them with the twist of a gumball machine handle.

So, how does it work exactly?

Well, the customer opts to hand over 100 in return for a shiny penny which they then place in the gumball machine which is filled with an array of traditional tattoo designs.

Here we go

A post shared by derek cooper (@sentfromspace01) on Aug 13, 2017 at 5:07pm PDT

If you really can’t stand the idea of being inked with the design the gumball machine chose for you, then you can pay 20 for another twist of the handle.

And obviously you’re under no obligation to get inked, but you aren’t entitled to a refund after twisting that handle.

The concept seems to be going down a storm with customers so far, with one writing: “When you get talked into getting a spontaneous tattoo. Thanks again to@jacobyoungtattoofor this cool ass random piece. This was a great experience.”

Would you be brave enough to try it?

This tattoo parlour lets a gumball machine choose your body inking … – SHEmazing

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