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Tulsa flag designer understands reluctance to change symbol, wears tattoo in support anyway – Tulsa World

Posted in Tattoo Designs on Aug 26, 2017

By Jarrel Wade Tulsa World

Jordan Winn, designer of the proposed Tulsa flag, gets why many residents didnt immediately take to it, but that didnt stop him from getting his winning design tattooed on his arm Wednesday.

They do have a right to be upset about it, Winn said. Its a symbol, and they think people are saying, This represents you now. Some people dont like it. Some of thats disheartening. The first couple of days, I was a little upset about it.

Since then, Winn said the support has slowly grown, and its now just been fun to see more and more people get used to it and support it.

Its a gift to the city, Winn said. If they want it, cool. If they dont, thats cool, too.

The flag, tattooed on his right arm by Robbie Reel at Black Gold Tattoo and Piercings, isnt his first tattoo, and it isnt even the first Tulsa tattoo to come out of this project.

His design was chosen as a finalist out of hundreds by a blind committee, but he actually works as a graphic designer in the studio owned by one of the Tulsa flag campaign leaders, Tulsas Gitwit.

As part of the campaign, he helped design a Tulsa logo, which he had tattooed about six months ago opposite of Wednesdays fresh ink.

For Winn, the entire project is about pride in Tulsa not just his own artwork.

I was born and raised here, Winn said.

Another tattoo, hidden by a short shirt sleeve on his shoulder, is of the Oklahoma state flags Osage shield.

He started doing graphic design in middle school and went from Tulsa to Stillwater to work on a psychology degree before starting his own design studio there. He later left school to do graphic design full time, he said.

One of the things about his design that people probably dont know is that he submitted about 10 designs for the blind committees review.

Beyond that, he said, he sketched out 60 or more ideas before whittling them down to the 10 and tweaking those designs.

The final flag stood out as a simple, straightforward design, Winn said. Its a nod to the Oklahoma flag, which I thought was cool.

The Tulsa City Council hasnt been as accepting of the design, leaving the project of officially adopting the flag on hiatus in response to public backlash from residents who either dont like Winns design or prefer the current flag, which features the Tulsa city seal.

Winn said he hasnt experienced that level of negative feedback before on a design and was fairly wounded at first.

Ive read thousands of comments of people saying it was a communist flag, Winn said. After a couple of days, I got over it. When we started seeing how many people were talking (positively) about it, that was a great thing for us. The last few weeks weve been having fun with it.

Here is the original post:
Tulsa flag designer understands reluctance to change symbol, wears tattoo in support anyway – Tulsa World

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