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99 Attractive & Sexy Leg Tattoo Designs (For Girls..)

Posted in Tattoo Nightmares on Mar 22, 2018

Many women enjoy adding body art to their already sexy legs to enhance their appeal and give them a bigger, better reason to flaunt them in public. Getting a leg tattoo can be a tricky decision, being that you have a plethora of options to choose from.Legsare not only a larger palette for more creative and decorative body art designs, they can easily be covered up wearing pants or jeans (and even long skirts) to ensure the woman keeps a professional demeanor when needed. Choosing the right one might take a while which is why were providing you with some amazing pics of inked leg art.

Its important to ensure the beauty of your legs is sustained by keeping the skin healthy and preventing infection from the tattoo. The following are some pointers to consider before even deciding to get that new piece of body art:

And now, Creem hands you over to the 99 photos of womens attractive & sexy leg tattoo designs Enjoy!

1. Creating Leg Sleeves

Wow, thats a lot of tattoos! This woman has incorporating several differing designs onto her skins palette, including animals, daggers, cartoons, stars, lightening, skulls, roses Interestingly enough, they all go together well because shes placed them evenly apart and allows them to blend with one another elegantly.

2. Oriental Tattoos

Oriental tattoos have been popular for decades, and this fashion trend isnt going anywhere. Calligraphy isnt just a language its an art form, and can make any word or phrase seemingly more beautiful with its sleek lines and strokes.

3. Skull with Rose Tattoos

Women are renowned for making the morbid symbolism of a skull more beautiful by adding roses, flowers in general, stars, or other forms of beautiful art and patterns to it. Here lies a perfect example of such a tat. You can add anything you desire to the eye cavities, mouth, nose, or even place designs on the teeth.

4.Divine, Surreal, Native Tats

Spirituality is a popular theme for leg tattoos, along with culture and ancestral lineage. Here we can see mythological creatures that have been mentioned in many cultures old tales, paired with the moon and sun that are significant to many religions. The Native American women facing each other add a bit of a hint as to where this womens lineage might come from.

5. Bow Tattoo

This tattoo gives off a 3D, realistic appeal that truly looks as if a bow is encircling the womans leg. It reminds me of a ballerinas tie, though we can see it doesnt continue down to the foot. Many women find bow tattoos such as this one appealing since its a lovely symbol of femininity.

6.Framed Dagger & Rose withEmbellishments

Usually were accustomed to seeing a dagger pierce through a heart, but here we can see its piercing through a rose. The symbolism is is different and makes this tattoo unique to the wearer, but framing a dagger with a vintage design is often a lovely way to bring your audiences eye directly to the tat. These piercing colors and shades stand out, giving the wearer a gothic look.

7.Remembering the Dead

If youre familiar with Dia Des Los Muertos, then youre accustomed to seeing skull designs similar to this one around Halloween time. The skulls are decorated to enhance the beauty life gives us, not to scare the onlooker. Here we see the woman has also included a name, Felipe, in remembrance of someone she loved (perhaps a grand father, uncle, brother, etc.).

8. Dream Catcher Tattoo

Dream catchers are of Native American origins, normally hung above the bed of an individual to catch the nightmares and bad dreams of the sleeper, represented by the beads within the web, and to allow all the good dreams to pass through the center hole where all the geometric folds of the web come together. Getting dream catchers permanently tatted on your body is sure to help you have a better nights rest (wonder if it works?).

9.Pirates and the Open Sea

Are you a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean? Or maybe you enjoy the old skool classics such as the legendsof Blackbeard and other famous pirates who presumably truly existed? Or maybe you just love old ships! In any case, we like this piece of body art because its symbolic and the framing is lovely, done in ropes normally found on ships and beautiful flowers that pirates would have found on tropical islands.

10. Insect Tattoo Design

Insects have often been identified with the progression of transformation. Some, such as butterflies, must undergo a transformation from a caterpillar. Such symbolism is present in life we go through changes every year; every month; every day! We constantly evolve, just like insects have which have allowed them to be present on the planet since the time of the dinosaurs.

11. Henna Tattoo

Henna is normally done using herbs that stain the skin and eventually wear off after several weeks. However, its become increasingly popular to have these designs permanently inked onto the skin. Despite their use for weddings in certain countries such as India, more and more women are getting these designs simply because theyre beautiful.

12. Sneaky Snakes

These snakes are placed in interesting spots on the back of the legs perfect for women that enjoy flaunting their thighs and wearing short shorts.

13. Dragon Tattoo Designs

Dragons are consistently used to cover up lots of skin, making it a great idea as a piece of body art for a leg sleeve or one that wraps up the thighs, butt, and back.

14.Colorful Feathers

Feathers tattoos have been around for quite some time and are yet another design that will remain popularized. They are symbolic of many different ideas and things, and make a great embellishment on the leg to seemingly pop out of your shoes.

15. Koi Fish

This Oriental tattoo has been increasingly been gaining popularity, representing courage and strong will. Theyre beautiful fish that can be inked in any color of your choosing, with details that will have your audience staring.

16. Musical Heart Tattoo

Love music? This person does, and its a great way to show it by getting a permanent tat of a line of music and heart combined with one another. You can see the embellishments of stars surrounding it too.

17. Lotus, Henna, Oriental

Lotuses are symbolic of divine beauty, blossoming even in mud and grit. Theyre a lovely addition many women choose to place within their body. Here, we can see the lotus has an almost henna-like design, with calligraphy accentuating the symbolism present.

18. Musical Note Body Art

The treble clefcan be seen here, done in a fleur-de-lit like design thats similar to vines accompanied with several notes of music. This is yet another way one can express their love for music. you can choose to have random notes inked on you or choose notes from a song that means something special to you.

19. Tribal Tattoo Design

Tribal patterns come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. This one involves a lot of shading, but looks wonderful as it covers up this womans leg, bringing the eye to the central point near the calf where the design turns into a circular piece representing the sun and moon.

20. Bird Wings Tattoo Design

Wings often symbolize freedom and the strength to move on. Having them tatted on the ankle like seen above isreminiscentof the GreekmessengerGod Hermes also known as Mercury in Roman mythology.

21. Sun Tattoos

Light energy, acknowledgement, spirituality and intelligent nature hidden within is represented by this superb sun tattoo artwork. Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you. Charlotte Whitten has greatly praised the power of sun in this beautiful quotation. You may get a sun tattooed thats tribal, Celtic, Maori, etc. or even make it yourself by drawing an abstract one.

22. Uniquely Done Roses

Take a good look at how your tattoo artist draws. Every artist has their own unique style. The picture above may be of the common rose, but theyre done in such a lovely and interesting way that catches the eye of the onlooker, who will marvel at the raremanner in which the art was drawn.

23. Quotations

There are some quotes or song lyricsin our lives that mayhave brought certain changes toour lives.Legs can be a great place to put these quotes as a reminder.

24. Sun and Moon Beauties

Symbolic of yin and yang energies or opposing energies one must remember that such energies need one another. Without the other, one would not exist. These symbolic body art designs have been embellished with lovely intricate patterns.

25. Owl Tattoo Design

Owls often represent wisdom in mythology (and was the animal symbol of Athena, Goddess of War and Wisdom). You can create a unique design for your own that matches any other tats you may have like seen above.

26. LionRoaring

Incredible power is usually symbolized through the portrayal of a lion. You may choose to get a roaring lion or a calm lion depending on how you perceive yourself.

27. Castle Tattoos

Tattoos portraying castles such as the one seen above are extremely rare, but when theyre done right, they look absolutely stunning and can create a story line thats fit for a princess.

28. Minion Tattoo

Minions have grabbed the attention and hearts of both children and adults worldwide, making these little guys a great addition to your body art if youre also fan.

29. Mickey and Minnie Tattoo Designs

Cartoons are forever favorites for some ladies, and the one above is a classic. Mickey and Minnie Mouse will forever be cherished by those of us that are Disney fans, and the piece of body art above portraying them kissing is a lovely way for you to express your love for someone close to your heart.

30. Fish Tail Tattoo

Whoa! Were not sure if this tat is just of the fishs tail or of a complete fish its position is perfect to look as if its disappeared into your shoes!

31. Gun Tattoo

This gun and holster is done decoratively, and can make any woman feel sexy and daring like a bounty hunter or old-school cowgirl ready for the poker tables.

32. Baby Wolves

These cute little forest animals are perfect for any woman that enjoys tattoos that are less scary and more appealing towards the softer side of their persona.

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99 Attractive & Sexy Leg Tattoo Designs (For Girls..)

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