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Four You – Urine Trouble! – (blog)

Posted in Tattoo Nightmares on Aug 10, 2017

We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. Mind you schedule and WA AF. You stood for the fourth thing you should know history rules London plot never got less than twelve hours a week. I’ve got this thing first Manassas city never going your way who’s got a tattoo that yeah this is for you from Marion did. K first up this is gonna be crippling news for hippie juice bag industries. Run by my partner nick Stephens. If you think you wicket fancy because you good Trader Joe’s. And by Trader Joe’s original brand food. Love get Mason TJ eats because. A save some bucks they’re tasty and I know my friend trader Joseph hand minimums. Well have a van. Former employee has written a book. I’ll whistle blower and he has. I said he’s a former employee I’m sorry he’s a writer Vance Dixon. And he has written a book he used the Freedom of Information Act to require. Trader Joe’s to give him their insider information about where their food and favorite snacks come from and guess what. These traitor Joseph things it’s your buying and AM fancy I go to. I’m part of hit PDs beg industries because I’ve got Trader Joe’s brand stuff guess what. Generic a lot of it is just generic stuff that you could get a mile down the street and another store but it’s got Trader Joe’s stamp on that though. Are you telling me traitor Joseph I didn’t make it Trader Joe’s gluten free chocolate chip cookie that sob losers who do live from national wholesaler Tate bake shop cookies and get right down mysteries jobs from takes you out there those are basically Tate’s cookie. Cook there’s eighteen Oscar odds would Trader Joe’s and I’ll kids here have these organic animal crackers from Trader Joe’s. Still first organic animal crackers. Okay. Nick you’ve been like home I feel completely duped here on. I love this gives you disgusting people your peeing in the shower and your comments and celery and stuff like that all the way below ILL let an awful lot golly gosh yeah. I’m an honest to god. It just like wow hey here’s a here’s a professor. An author an important voice in the digital age and depression. Combat. And now let’s go into government interviewed there are triple. Promises celery envy in the shower what’s wrong with us. How many can you feed me and in a pita chips with the in. Trader Joe’s hum this yes honey I can because it’s Trader Joe’s Imus that makes us special. Tried Mediterranean foods you can get anywhere. And Trader Joe’s smooth these budging Trader Joe’s released no you don’t you drink smoothies made by naked smooth these. Oh while yet with those naked juice a pretty certain that they are you know what else ever they’re learning. Now doesn’t that they’re not lying to me because it just is traitor Joseph audited by the right. To basically sell someone else’s product with the label and here’s the best fighting. No it’s not because you wanna wind mine it’s cheaper retreated if you’re at dinner show brands are actually cheaper on average approximately 37% cheaper despite buying from other companies. Not while like Trader Joe’s Peter chips to someone make those absolutely pita chips that the putt putt on a pretzels chips are believed to be snapped. Make snack factory script that’s press offense yeah yeah I know there is okay Madison she heard it Trader Joe’s. Like pita chips are addicted there won it yet one. Pita chips daisies Stacy speedy jets in the cheaper but it’s weird when you eat those. Pita chips to give blood drawn. Story number two. Now and I’m CI a brought you down and act are brought to down as you meant you had your back turned on you by your precious Trader Joe’s moment to bring it back up right now. Guess who single. Kurt Russell. That. That would Anna Kendrick site. That a hot weather woman from The Today Show I think local. Local celebrity that you love female she’s in her relationship and an NFL tight end no longer. Aaron Hernandez’s X one. Hot so she knows it’s. A gold medalist Alley. Oh yeah isn’t. Rules says that she asked cutie ended her relationship with NFL tight end goal known brewed with it doesn’t effect the back operators tied and six months of dating. They are done taking a break right now Underwood confirmed to the Lincoln journal star recently still good friends but all that traveled been in nightmare. And now just in time could you check out her bikini shots late she. I am such a fan pride of need and she gives metro west in the entirety of these Boston. A bar she’s funny that this. None out he’s boss he’s masters eastern Massachusetts. She gives a dollar gold medal I like a leash it’s acrimony she’s agenda. And our attention paid to Bruin. Ali actually acting human being married. She’s cute. Now this video Nick’s story number theory is it’s going to be more parental stuff to the feel like are for you today but as clinging on this is. This is a responsible. We’re talking about grocery yes they were talking about mental health digital addiction and now more Montauk. Say and there’s like a little theme there was a theme yesterday to the show today there’s a name. This is a video that’s gone viral of a mom and you can find it on Facebook or online anywhere she’s got that you back up mascot and that’s. A liar aren’t designed to advance. She got like. Millions and her whole life changed some did a story honor recently. That you Bachmann no this is a new mom twenty million views this thing has already Boone and it’s popped up on my socially like three or four different times and the someone’s. Someone asks me about it we’ll play golf. So this mom com is the situation. And her son goes off to college. And is refusing. To call her and her husband the parents probably because he knows cellphones can be addictive so she hit hit. So she. Then took her device. And filmed this video message it goes on for three minutes it’s a Larry this is her message. To her son at college. Who will not. Call his mommy misses her sarcastic message to him. When hearing your dorm at night you’d like late and I think now. What are you fed me for the first eighteen years tonight welcome. I wanted to get but that was me I was late breakfast lunch did Eric packed lunches. Daddy helped to give my 180. He’s 66 foot tall really dark hair McRae. Well there. So. She’s very funny she got it up on CNN of having your own Celeron Eleanor somethings but the best part is then she starts teaching him how to use his phone. Which is great. So I’m teaching how to use of photos show. Basically what you and it usually grab the phone. You know the one that mommy and daddy bought Sharon and unlocked. And I knew that you know what that passcode is because I know someone text his girlfriend every day and car. So unlocked phone and that the bottom you’re gonna support and icons go the one that’s like. Think it’s green with a White Lake had set in her pants and I don’t know what they were called but we used to use a month we were younger in new generation respected their parent. Well there’s cure sick bird three sick burns what could possibly be worse if you are. This obnoxious nineteen year old school. And you get mom machines on social media and now all of a sudden all your friends are coming up to you. Like in the dining hall aquatic class whatever they’re like oh my by the liberation call your mom yeah evolve Italian in do what you watch it man coaches your mom Du’Shon on the regular guy how embarrassing. And she’s got 00 she’s got a cute to issue. Parents got to Deborah SaaS tour is very very funny very well done. Yes so. Call your mom kids. Receive. Hoosiers. All man. And this is it has been I think three weeks since he’s from a nice right now. What I’m all there are. Lots of dialogue. Skype mom’s okay. Richard got one at all. Or maybe you cannot have a birthday on the anniversary amount step like partners must do. At certain that I knew that everybody is about today. Special day for me to. Well I’d I’d blow out my celebratory candles and god blew out her life candles. And. I. If I didn’t heard. Home. And it. Agreed that the pain. Try instances. What would you go about funerals it is. It’s not like tonight our kids did. And that is way to undergo hours of yet another one on my. Hopefully is and know how high low low. Owes a debt threat. Danica now that that actually triggering Debra Byrd to the show or just like down in the parts are evidence of how. All right story. Number four. This one queen we heard about this story before but now the laws involved the judges are involved. Arizona. I’ll paint the scene for you Arizona Metallica concert. Disliked what we went to east is in nick. K this was an Arizona and man his wife and their ten year old daughter having a blast to party in rock and a Metallica we know that tours incredible suddenly they feel warm liquid running down their back well well lowers his story you know are gone they turned back around. They see Daniel daddy you know who appears as space and just drugs that’s right because good old Danny patio. Took a leak on the family groves. And the judge is none too happy. I have to say in the fifteen years I’ve been on the best this is one of the most discussing scenarios I’ve ever read. I don’t know if you were just completely I don’t wanna use the word I’ll just a drop armed with. And I got a few more which again. So don’t he had a family just all tipped. You wanna to out to show me copying out of fail is not the best what a great tip many thanks so much I report. Yeah side cut to nick goes to to do list means. Listen OK well that’s gross stuff thanks a lot blown the cover. OK okay. This begs the immediate. Question sidebar ADD radio here today. What’s the grosses her dumbest or craziest thing you’ve ever done. When you were intoxicated isles start since I brought it up wait at a concert know how diligent venerable public TD. Concert your friend’s house movie theater. I ripped the jail on the T once. Good for you guess what the New York between now out he pulled over the Red Line that pulled over between wolves in North Quincy my friends and our ham Ed. Pulled over through walls and Quincy driver walks two cars down. I get out of manually open the doors kicks us all right off the track at a walk five miles home. And so funny then.

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Four You – Urine Trouble! – (blog)

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