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Jenny & the Tattoo – Animal Sex Fun

Posted in Tattoo Nightmares on Jun 08, 2018

I met Jenny where she worked behind the counter in a coffee shop, one of those hip local poet hangouts that serve esspresso, and cappichino, and rag on the older generation. Young and still foolish she had a nose ring, and a pierced tongue, but what drew my attention was the thin short T-shirt she was wearing that let me oggle her tucked in waist with the ring in her belly button flap above her denim cut offs, and allowed her nipples to poke through atop thos swollen breasts showing that her right one had a ring pierced in it too. Now why a beautiful girl like that would think she needed any other help to get attention than the body, and face she had already was beyond my comprehension. Without all the jewelry she was perfect bait for the next Playboy Bunny of the Year centerfold. But the thing was, on her it all looked great, as did the butterfly tattoo on the outside of her left ankle, so I put it down as something the crowd she hung around talked her into. After all, with her natural honey blond hair, to have it streaked in bright lime, and red purple as if painted was a bit ludicrous even at 18 years old in her sophomore year of college.

We talked, then talked some more each day getting to know one another. As is turned out Jenny was really very shy, in an out going sort of way, but as bright as a new, untouched, just minted penny. Another thing that I found out, once she did let me into her bed, other than the fact that she had a ring pierced in each pussy lip, was that she was a sexual dynamo willing to give anything related to a sex a try at least once. More often if it turned out that she liked it. So that by the time I came along she already considered herself bisexual in spirit, Asexual when the need arose, and anything sexual if she had a good case of the horneys. Though deffinately not sadistic in nature, she could, when given the right stimulus, be as dominant a bitch as the situation required, or as wimpy and submissive as a Sheiks harem slave.

The only thing she could think of that she hadnt tried out, once we got talking about our perverted fantasies, was fucking a strange dominant black men, or her pet Labrador Retreiver. Both of which were high on her fantasy list, and mine, mine to watch her do it, of course. By this time wed been a couple now living together in my condo for over six months, and were engaged to be married six months later. We already knew everything about each others bodies, and what turned them on by now as well. That might normally be a receipe for finding someone new in most cases, but the truth was, we were comfortable with each other, and thats the rarest kind of love to find for anybody.

Look, I said finally, were going to be married in about six months, so I dont think it would hurt our relationship if before we got married, you actually fulfilled our fantasies, do you?

Which one? She giggled. Fucking the dog, or the dominant black stranger?

Why not both? I suggested, and though wed consumed a great deal of wine by then Jenny was suddenly as sober as the Chief of Justice.

You cant be serious!

Why not? You know you want to, I know you want to, and Id love watching you do it. So whats the harm?

She suddenly got this wicked grin on her face as she answered with, And what if I happen to like fucking dogs, and black men, then what?

You mean as long as you do it in front of me? I asked, and when she nodded I said, Makes for a really fun, and interesting marriage, dont you think?

For the first experiment all we needed was a free Friday night, and Saturday afterwards at our condo. It was my idea that she dress up just a bit as the occasion warrented, so we went to Victorias Secret where I splurged a few bucks on her. When she saw what I had picked out for her to wear Jenny nearly flipped out.

You want me to dress up as a whore to fuck a dog? She barely contained her voice to a whisper.

Well, I shrugged, youd wear them if I liked you in them. Wouldnt you?

Well yeah, but

Im the only one there just watching, remember? And so what if you look like a whore then? Youll be whoring with a dog. Wont you?

That made her giggle, and she immediately took the things from my hands to go try them on for size. We only had to exchange the one garterbelt because it was too small for her 37-20-34 figure, the rest of the stuff fit her perfectly, and she now had three sets of slutties to wear.

Why three? Jenny inquired on the ride home, hugging the Victorias Secret bag to her like a new doll on Christmas.

One for the dog, one for the black stranger, and one outfit just for me, I laughed, and you can pick which is which. Just remember, no crazy paint in your hair for me, please, and conservative makeup is the best way to go for you.

Youre thinking of taking pictures, arent you!

Just for our private scrapebook is all, I replied sheepishly.

If its our scrapebook, then I get to help pick out which pictures go into it.

Absolutely, I replied, figuring I could always make up a scrapebook just for me to wack off to, and hide it away somewhere, if it came to that.

When I got home the Friday evening that we had set aside for Jennys first little experiment, Jenny was taking a bubble bath, and there was a note for me on the coffee table that said; Max has just had a bath, dont you dare let him go outside without a leash, and get dirty! Go ahead and get dinner started, and tape some socks to his front legs. Ill be down when Im ready. I couldnt argue with Jennys logic, so I patted Max on the head, going to the laundry room to fetch a pair of my cotton socks first, and when I patted his head on the return he followed me into the kitchen, tail wagging a mile a minute.

I put the TV dinners in the oven, then duct taped the socks to Maxs front legs, giving him a treat afterwards like Jenny had shown me, and scratched him behind the ears as I ruffled his fur to see how dry he was after having been bathed. He was more than dry enough, but indicated that he needed to go outside. I took him out in the back yard on his leash to do his business, and after peeing on several of the bushes we returned inside where I refreshed his water bowl. He was lapping happily away when I went to fetch my old polaroid, and new digital cameras.

I was breathing heavy with excitement the moment Jennys red high heeled feet clad in black nylons began to desend the stairway, and as all of her came into sight I took a picture from each camera for our new private scrapbooks. Other than her red satin garterbelt, and matching peek-a-boo half cup bra, silky red thong style panties, and red satin elbow length gloves Jenny had put on this sheer black nylon night gown robe thing that tied up around her elegant neck, but opened down the front with just a hint of a breeze, that came all the way down to her slim ankles. With her hair down around her shoulders in soft shimmering waves, and no paint or frizzy spikes in it she almost looked like the cover of the next Penthouse, especially with her picture perfect makeup and painted red nails.

I gather you like, she said, pointing to the erection in my pants after doing a complete turn for me at the bottom of the stairs making the see through robe billow out like a cape.

I do indeed, I replied, taking a couple more pictures just before the bell went off in the kitchen announcing that our gourmet meal was ready to eat.

As always, Max joined us to eat in the dinning room, his supper in a bowl near Jenny, but the lighted candles Id placed on the table for this special occasion got me a full body hug, with that lushious ripe flesh of Jennys, and a red lipstick print on the right cheek of my face as well. The heady scent of her perfume hung on me all through dinner, and kept my dick ridged the whole time as well. Eating only made me hungry to taste Jenny, and I poured us both a healthy glass full of Chardoney to ease the sexual tension already building in the both of us. In fact we drank like long shormen, and ate like birds during the meal as we talked about anything but what Jenny was about to do.

Now normally when Jenny and I have sex, Max is locked out of our bedroom, so we didnt want to start him thinking that had changed at all. So once we mutually agreed that dinner was over we retired to the living room taking our wine with us. We kissed in front of the couch, clinging to each other like long lost lovers, and I slowly eased Jenny down onto her back to lay caddy corner along the length of the couch before withdrawing to take several more pictures with both cameras. Her smile as she sipped at her wine changed with every flash, and that sheer black nylon robe was soon spread out snow angel fashion around her so that I got some great snaps of her lying there in her new slutties posing for me, the red silk thong already showing a wet spot in it.

I couldnt take it any longer, and got undressed, then kneeled down between her spread open silky smooth thighs for a taste. Imagine my surprise when I tugged the thong out of the way to find that shed shaved all of her pubic thatch away, leaving only those two gold rings pierced in her pussy lips for me to enjoy.

Just this once, for you, she whispered huskily, and pulled my face into her smooth crotch with her gloved left hand.

I fairly wallowed in the essence of my future bride, my tongue going deep to lap at her growing nectur. I was so busy eating pussy that I had forgotten about Max, and when I did look up from her fragrant groto I saw Max lapping happily away at Jennys exposed nipples, especially her ring pierced nipple as she petted the length of his back, and left side cooing in responce to our combined attention of her vibrant ripe flesh with her eyes closed, lost in a sexual trance of her own. My dick was throbbing hard, and leaking precum when I backed away to take a couple more pictures of her laying there like that with Max. I dont think she even noticed as I was quick about it, returning to slurp the length of her slit in just a few seconds.

As it turned out, Max came down shortly to join me at the Y, and started to lick at Jennys shaved pussy as though he did this every day. I backed away to let him get inbetween her thighs, untying the thong, and pulling it out of the way as I did. Jenny certainly noticed the difference in the style of pussy eating, but only parted her legs a bit more to let Maxs tongue go deeper than mine ever could. I took several more shots of the two of them like that, my cock leaking all over the damn place in the process.

Had anyone told me six months ago that Id be taking pictures of my fiance getting her pussy lapped good by her pet Black Lab in preparation for some doggy style sex, Id have told them they were nuts. But I now had the pictures to prove otherwise, and Jenny never looked so fucking hot as she did with her face scrunched up as her first climax of the evening washed over her thanks to Maxs attentive tongue. Her gloved hands holding Maxs head tight to her writhing groin as she fed him her shaved snatch.

Oooooooooooooh oh yeah babyeat mommys pussy nice! Thats a good boy! Ooooo.. oh yeahhhhhhhhhhh! I love the way your tongue goes so fucking deep inside of me!

I reached down then, and untied the strings of the see through robe from around her neck, then stepped back to take a couple more shots. By then however, Max was ready to mount his mistress, or bitch, depending on how you look at it, if his growing barbed cannine dick was any evidence as it stuck out of his sheath six inches already, and looked like bright red skinned beef at that. Looking at that ghastly penis, I could hardly believe that Jenny had ever considered fucking something that monstrous in her fantasies, let alone finally consent to my wishes to actually go through with this obscenity of nature in real life. I took several pictures of it just like that too, so that she could view them later, after the fact, of course.

Now, at only a year old, Max had yet to mate with a real bitch, so he wasnt set into any preprogramed style of fucking, and suddenly just hopped up on his hind legs with his front paws falling on either side of Jennys tucked in waist above her flaring hips. I got that on film too, but only on the digital camera as it can take close rapid fire shots unlike my old polaroid. The only problem arose once Max was there over top of Jenny ready to do her missionary fashion without a clue to what to do next. However Jenny, in her heat did just what came natural.

Jennys legs lifted up going up over, and scissoring behind Maxs back as her left hand slithered down inbetween their bodies to take hold of that alien prick in her gloved hand, and guide it right inbetween her wet ring pierced pussy lips. With Jennys silky smooth wet cunt surrounding the pointed end of his cannine shaft Max suddenly did what comes natural to all males, cannine or otherwise, and humped his hind end forward. I had my camera right up close to the action as dog cock suddenly whoshed right up into my fiances snatch like a King Cobra striking at its next victim.

Oh fuck yeah! Jenny cried out in ecstasy. Then in a more soothing tone of voice; Oh shit your one big son of a bitch! Good puppy, good doggy, Max, now fuck mommy sweetheart! Show me what youve got! Fuck your bitch, Max! Thats right, Im your bitch now. Fuck me!

I wanted to both watch, and actually be Max at the same time right then, but since I could only watch, I took pictures of the whole proceedings being as methodical, and patient as I could while my dick tried to talk me into joining in on the action at every turn. Max either understood every word Jenny spoke, or after readjusting his hind legs a little closer felt his instincts take over, but he began to screw my fiance with steady in and out strokes. Im sure Max wanted to fuck faster, but with Jennys legs wrapped around his back it cramped his style, but made it all the better for Jenny as she hit her second peak almost right away. I got some great close ups then from the side as that slimy cannine peckers growing knot was forced right up Jennys twat going right inbetween those two lower gold rings of hers, and causing her to make a choking sound.


Jennys ass was beating a tattoo on the couch cushion as her hips lifted to meet each thrust of Maxs dog dick. Her titties getting salivated on as Max panted over them looked like someone had been cuming on her chest in groups of three were constantly jiggling on her chest like mountain peak jello molds atop a washing machine during the spin cycle. Gone was any sign of shyness on Jennys part now as she reached for her third mind bending orgasm in less than half an hour as Maxs first bitch, my fiance looking like an absolute slut as she willingly gave her body to the dog to use as his cum receptical, or cum dump if you prefer the gutteral.

Somehow Max was able to take longer strokes, and that allowed him to pump that human pussy much harder with his doggy cock, and that made Jennys ass really wag back up at him then. I really did try to take as many different angled pictures as I could think of, but the truth is, I was just too wrapped up in what they were doing to think properly. I mean, its not every day that you see your future bride dressed up like a slut, and fucking her dog like a true bitch whore in heat fucks any stray mutt who will shove the pork to her out in the middle of traffic at rush hour. But thats exactly what was taking place right in front of me, and for the life of me I cant figure out why I thought Jenny looked so damn sexy hot doing it, but I did.

When at last Max did manage to finally cum deep inside of Jenny, she was right there with him having her fouth, and most enthusiastic climax of the evening, her whole body trembling, and twitching, writhing, and out of control like an epileptic fit. I managed to get several close in shots of the dogs thin cum drizzling out of Jennys overstuffed, tightly tied pussy as he filled her cunt with more than a pint full of cannine sperm. I also had to run to the kitchen to get a dish towel to soak it all up so that it wouldnt ruin the couch as it ran down the crack of her finely sculpted ass.

I had to wait another 15 minutes before Max could safely tug his knoted prick out of that tight hidey hole of Jennys before being able to take sloppier than sloppy seconds, and from a mere dog at that. I could hardly even feel that I was in my fiances cunt now that the dogs knoted cock had stretched it out to the limits of its elasticity. But just sticking my prick into that lava pit was enough to get me off after watching their bestial perversity first hand, and I added my filth to that of the dogs in Jennys fiery cauldron, cuming like three men instead of just one as Jenny just lay their smiling in exhaustion after such a thorough cannine fucking. We fell asleep on the couch linked together spoon fashion with my cock up her soiled twat with Max licking at her face and titties above that red half cup bra.

I was certain then as I dozed off that Id be taking more pictures of her, and Max in the near future, and maybe next time he would fuck her doggy fashion if I was lucky. You can imagine my surprise though when waking up before sunrise I found Jenny down on the carpet on her knees with her head up under Maxs belly with his dick in her mouth sucking away as if cannine cock was sugar coated candy. I hurriedly snatched up both cameras and took some great shots of that dogs prick getting blown by my future wife as she diddled her own wet pussy at the same time. At first she blushed profusely, but by the third snap shot Jenny was even smiling into the camera with half of the dogs cock sticking out from between her red lips as if she ate Labrador dick every morning for breakfast.

My dick was so hard it could have cut steel, but instead I sank it deep into Jennys super tight butt instead, after dipping it into her twat to lubricate it, and began to fuck her, and call her every kind of dirty filthy dog fucking cock sucker I could think of, and then some. Jennys ass really began to wag, and hump back at me then. I reached around her as I sawed in and out of her butt, and fondled those fabulous firm titties of her even tugging on the ring in her right nipple the way she likes.

I am a whole woman kind of guy, that is to say that Im not just a tit, legs, or ass man. With Jennys body it didnt matter, shes any mans idea of paradise. However if I were just a tit man, I could have written sonnets about her twin pink capped mountain peaks of pleasure over flowing a C cup bra. Much more than a handful, but none wasted I can assure you as I have fucked their gentle valleys smooth funnel on occasion. And I know my hands were certainly enjoying their soft firm resilliancey at the moment as I fucked her in the ass, while she sucked her dogs cock. My dick pumping in and out of her faster with each passing moment as we built towards a new sexual plateau.

Max was getting figety, and prancing about as Jennys head moved back and forth along his cannine prick, and suddenly he just hopped up onto her shoulders wrapping his front legs around her neck sort of, and really threw the meat to her face as we stared at each other over Jennys back double dicking her from different ends. The animals concentration so stark, and serious as to make me want to laugh at my own meager by comparison assault on my fiances flesh. Jenny however was really getting into this as her whole body was undulating in one continuous never ending wave action. I reached back then, and grabbed my cameras to take another shot with each, then rejoined the fray more vigorously as if competing with her pet.

Neither Max or I got into any kind of mutual rhythm fucking Jenny together like that, but the resulting jiggling of all that exquisite feminine flesh as we rammed our dicks back and forth in her body from both ends was a tantilizing bit of eye candy that was surely lost on a mere dumb animal such as Max. I had entered this three way late, but was fast catching up with them when Max suddenly became stiff as a board, his blurring hind end barely jerking now as he emptied his doggy balls into my future brides cock sucking mouth for the very first time. That immediately set Jenny into orbit, and her spincter clamped hard around my cock putting me over the edge with the both of them, and as Max pissed his dog scum down my fiances throat, I hosed down her asshole with a sperm enema.

Yeah! I cried out. Thats it, drink all of that filth you fucking little whore!

When we were finished, Jenny and I collapsed together onto the carpeted floor with my dick still up her butt. I finally rolled off of her after a few minutes, and damned if Max didnt stick his nose up ass, and start licking up the mess I had left there, and still oozing out. A quick look at Jennys face, and she just winked at me, so I grabbed the cameras, and took several more pictures of Max licking away at her butt hole. A half hour later Max was down stairs minus my socks, and we were in bed cuddled up together naked, and fast on our way back to sleep.

Part II:

Over the next month Jenny worked training Max to be her very own sporting dog. The hardest part, of course, was teaching him when not to be frisky, but finally he realized that if he didnt have socks on his front paws, that Jenny, nor any woman for that matter, was to be considered his bitch in heat. By the end of the second months training Max was following hand signals, and that was when we both started to breath a lot easier when company came visiting at our place.

During Maxs training period I too was busy, cultivating Jennys next fantasy into a reality, that being Jennys dominant black stranger fuck. Now since he only had to be a stranger to Jenny, I figured why not let one of my own pals in on something this good, right? The problem with that was they were all just as young as Jenny and I, and that just wouldnt do because Jennys dream dom was an older male, more sure of himself, and his power over the opposite sex, regardless of color. Or at least that was Jennys idea of the man. Someone who took charge, because he was a natural Alpha type male, and always had been. What I needed was a cop, or something similar.

I met Big Mike at a donut shop, but he was no ordinary beat cop, he was a Liutenent out of burglery with the local police department, and as luck would have it, recently divorced after twenty years of marriage. He didnt eat donuts, just went there because he liked their coffee, and always had, and considered it a great place to pick up women now that he didnt have a steady bed partner. After the third night in a row of watching this man pick up women, I knew he was the right one. I had some friends do a back up check on him, and found him clean in all respects save for one thing.

They say hes a real dominant SOB on the job, said my source, but thats what draws all the pussy to him like a magnet. They really get into him for some reason, though personally, I think its because hes got a real pussy pleaser for a dick swinging between his legs.

He would be perfect, I figured, if only I knew how to approach him, after all, he was a cop, and would be suspicious of me from the start. Still, other than a couple parking tickets I was clean, and neither Jenny or I did drugs of any kind. The obvious thing then would just be to take Jenny to the donut shop some night when he was there, and let nature take its course. The only problem with that idea was that Big Mike didnt go there every night, nor at any set time. We could easily miss him altogether if I picked the wrong night or time, and the other thing was that Big Mike only picked up women who were by themselves, and just as obviously looking for someone to talk to.

The only thing I could think to do was to go to the donut shop, but leave Jenny in the car out of sight. Then when he showed up, just switch places with Jenny, and drive home until they got there. After all, hed seen me in there plenty of times, but never with Jenny. We could pretend that a friend had dropped her off there, and that wed just missed connecting with each other, or some such thing, and then just let the Alpha in Big Mike take over from there. As luck would have it, we caught him on the very first try around 5pm, on a Wednesday evening. When Big Mike entered the donut shop, I got up acting pissed, and walked out.

Jenny entered the place like a lamb insearch of a shepherd, and ready to be shorn. She took the stool one place over from Big Mikes left side after a quick look around, and not seeing me, of course. By then I was parked across the street watching them, and just like clock work Big Mike was sitting next to Jenny in less than five minutes, with the two of them talking like long lost war buddies. I drove home then, thinking theyd be along eventually, and hoping that Id at least get to see the two of them together later that night.

I heard a car pull into the driveway around 10pm, then two car doors slammed shut. I walked to the front door, and opened it just as they arrived at the threshold. You could have knocked me over with a feather when my eyes alighted on Jenny. All she had on was her lime green half up bra, matching satin garter belt, and hosiery with cum flecks drying in her disarrayed hair, and all over her naked chest, neck and face, with something leaking down the insides of her thighs from her recently shaved, and tattooed pussy as she carried the rest of her things in her right hand.

Where the hell have you been? I choked out. I was worried about you, and

Jenny was with me, Big Mike said showing me his badge as if I didnt already know he was a cop, and I almost busted her for prostitution before she explained everything to me. After our talk we became real friendly, you might say, and I even introduced her to a friend of mine. He did the tattoo job. Pretty nice, eh?

I looked down again, but this time I could read what it said inside of the heart shaped tattoo above Jennys raw swollen pussy. And there in black ink, surrounded by a picture perfect bright red heart with a dew drop tattooed in as well just below the point, in small script was; I love Nigger dick. It actually looked very artistic, and of course, on Jenny, it looked great.

Jenny told me that you didnt want her getting anything else peirced so I insisted on the heart with the little cum drop under it instead. Its just our way of telling it like it is, right?

Since I didnt think I had much choice in the matter, I nodded my head as if in a trance, and started to follow them up to Jennys and my bedroom.

No, you wait here, Big Mike instructed me, I know you want to watch, but we aint had much of a honey moon yet. Im sure you understand, eh. Just wait down here for an hour, and when Im through with the bitch Ill give you a call, and you can lick up the mess afterwards. Maybe next time I visit you can watch, but not this time. She isnt quite trained enough, if you get my drift.

Having put me in my place, he followed Jennys swaying rump up the stairs, his fingers resting possessively in her pussy from behind, and once in our bedroom closed the door shut, and locked it as well behind them. For the next hour and a half I heard my future wifes voice keening every few minutes as she swam through the Sea of Orgasma with Big Mikes black prick as the rudder in our bed. Mike didnt call me up, instead vying to come down after getting dressed, and at the front door he stop, and turned towards me.

Im finished with her for today, he said, but Ill be back at regular intervals to continue her training. My schedual is rather hecktic, so I dont know when Ill be able to come see her. I hope you dont mind, but she gave me her key to get in anytime I want day or night in exchange for the instructions I left for her on the night stand. Oh, and congratulations on your upcoming nuptuals. If were lucky, maybe the bride will be knocked up by the time you two say, I do. In any case, you are a very lucky man to be marrying such a wonderfully sharing wife, arent you.

And with that said he simply walked out the door closing it firmly behind him. I stumbled up every third step on my way to our bedroom, I was in such a hurry, and there on our bed I found Jenny tied up on her hands and knees with her ass stuck up in the air, and a ball gag in her mouth still dressed up in her lime green slutties. In that position her gaping ass hole looked like a huge cave dwelling over flowing with rich creamy liquid slime. Sorta like an open water well. Her pussy wasnt in much better shape either as I could see down into it as well, and it too was a small pond in a sink hole. Jenny had sucker bites all over her tits, and the nipple with the ring pierced in it looked red, and more swollen than normal. Thats when I noticed that it wasnt a gold ring at all, but a new and slightly bigger gold shackle that was pierced into her right nipple now.

I was going to confront Jenny about the new shackle, but one look at her face coated in Big Mikes most recent discharge made me want to fuck Jenny instead. Then I caught sight of the list of instructions sitting on the night stand, and walked over, and picked it up to read aloud.

You are nothing but a cum dump from this point on, Jenny, I read, and while I suspect youll still have sex with whats his name, as that is the nature of a whore like you, I will do everything within my power to try to see to it that you become pregnant with my black bastard child by the time you two tie the knot. You may be his on paper then, but in the real world, youre going to become my little white married whore, and favorite cum slut. Youll be expected to entertain a few of my black friends on occasion, and your future husband can watch them as they use you, but he cant have you until they are finished with you. Your black masters will always have priority from now on. So if youre reading this honky, I expect you better get used to this, after all, it was your idea to have your future wife fuck a strange Nigger in the first place. If what Jen told me is true, then this shouldnt bother you in the least. PS: Dont untie the bitch until after you are finished using her. She likes it best that way. Oh, and sorry about the shackle, but I just had to buy it for her. The soreness should go away in a couple of days, and tell the bitch to take good care of that new tattoo. Shell know what Im talking about.

Its really hard to say what I felt after reading Big Mikes instructions for Jenny. Hurt, betrayal, maybe, but mostly I was just so fucking turned on that I took off my pants, and took up with Jenny where Big Mike had left off. Grabbing two handfulls of sculpted marble white ass, I rammed every inch of my dick into Jennys well fucked wet pussy, and let what was still in there splash out as it would in every direction. I fucked her pussy, then her filth filled butt, even though I could hardly feel a thing, she was so loose now, and lastly I jerked off all over the side of her face that Big Mike had pretty much missed on his go around with my fiance. Jenny took it, but then she had no choice, and when I was through, I untied her, and we at last went to sleep contented in each others arms on those soiled sheets.

Almost week went by before we heard from Big Mike again, or rather I came home and found him in my bed fucking the shit out of Jenny who was tied face down spread eagle to the four corner posts with that ball gag in her mouth once again, and all the pillows we owned under her hips elevating her rear end. I stared in awe frozen to the threshold of our bedroom looking on as the biggest, blackest cock any nightmare could have conceived pounded in, and out of my poor defenseless Jennys raw clam shell from behind Id been amused at her constant attention to staying well groomed down there now, and keeping that new tattoo well lotioned so that it wouldnt scab over as Big Mikes tattoo artist had instructed her. Now seeing that huge black dick, almost a foot in lenth, and as thick as her wrists sliding in and out of her cunt slippery wet with her secretions I knew the real reason behind all of that fuss. Now Im no wimp in the dick department, but what Big Mike had swinging between his legs soft was bigger than me, and hard the man could compete with wild stallions for the herds best mares.

When Big Mike finally did notice me standing there, he grinned, and gave me a cock sure wink, and just went about his business of fucking the finest looking white woman either of us had probably ever met. With her butt cheeks jiggling on every inward thrust as his tight abs slapped against them, Jennys face was a mask of orgasmic escape. Id seen that look many times, but only with me, or with her dog Max, that is until now. I dont know what it is about seeing the woman you love getting a royal fucking by another mans cock that turns perverts like me on, but it sure the hell did.

Eventually Jenny opened her eyes, and saw me standing there in the door way with my cock in hand slowly beating off, her wane smile around the ball stuck in her mouth about all the acknowledgement she could muster in greeting the way she was tied up and gagged right then. Fortunately Max was out in the back yard, or surely he would have joined them with the door wide open, and then even that part of our privacy would have been at Big Mikes perusal, that is if it wasnt common knowledge to him already. After all, in Jennys condition, theres no telling what she had told Big Mike.

Looks like your ole man gets off on you fucking Niggers almost as much as you actually doing the fucking, doesnt it Jenny?

Mmmph, mphmpphm, Jenny replied in garbled gag for his ammusement.

At least he aint no needle dick, Big Mike continued, slowing down his thrusts, but taking longer strokes now, or I would probably have ripped you open that night, eh. Just as well, we wouldnt want to waist this fine booty on no wimp peckers. Its too big for that shit now anyway. Just the same, I dont want you fuckin around with no other white dicks, no matter what he says. Is that clear, bitch?

And when Jenny nodded her agreement, I knew a part of her was Big Mikes now forever. Just like a part of her belonged to Max now. But for the life of me, I coulnt figure out why that thrilled me to the core knowing that my future wife would be whoring around with black men, and dogs the rest of our lives together turning me into her cuckolded husband even before we were married. Still, watching as that veiny black bat stretched out Jennys pussy around it as it pumped in and out of there like an oil derrick had a hypnotizing effect on me. I came, just standing there, and wacking off while watching my fiance degrade herself with that black man, and my dick never got soft so I just kept jerking on it while Big Mike dropped first one load in Jennys cunt, then popped his cock right up her tight asshole, and started fucking her butt next as if he hadnt even cum yet.

Ive heard it said that theres no nastier white woman on the planet than one who will let a Nigger fuck her up the ass, and Im here to tell you, Jenny is probably in the top ten in that catagory alone. She loves getting fucked anally as much as vaginally, and even let Max fuck her in the ass a couple of times already by then. However she handles pain better than any woman Ive ever met, it still had to of hurt something awful the first time Big Mike took her butt, but she never said a word either way because in truth, I think Jenny gets off on a little pain, as is evidenced by the piercings, and tattoos, as well as the hair pulling, and nipple twisting Big Mike put her through when he was with her.

The front door bell must have rang several times, because Big Mike looked right at me freezing the blood in my body as he said; Well dont just stand there Jerk Off, go answer the damn door. Its probably Bosco, and his slut Gloria. I invited them over to have some fun. Bosco is plain butt ugly, and his married white slut Gloria is too fine for words. Theyre here to help me train this bitch of ours, and he slapped Jennys right ass cheek for emphasis.

Upon answering the door, I realized at once that these two were the ones Big Mike had just spoken of, and I was immediately impressed. Bosco had to be the ugliest bull of a man that ever lived, even for a black man, that Id ever seen, but Gloria, in direct contrast, was almost the perfect human sized Mattel mold for the next generation of Barbie dolls. At around 25-30 years old Gloria has a Morgan Fairchild figure for the most part, but those tits had to be related to Dolly Parton as huge, and as firm as they are, if they were real in the first place, and packed into that tight T-shirt, and yellow gold painted on shorts it all looked like original equipment to me.

Im Bosco, said the black man by way of introduction, and walked right in with Gloria right behind, Wheres the master bedroom? was all he asked, and when I pointed, he headed that way with me staring in awe as Glorias rump swayed side to side right behind him, and me following with my face level to her rear.

Since I hadnt been invited into my own bedroom since arriving home, I stopped once again at the threshold of the open door.

Damn sure stinks like Nigger pussy in here, Bosco said entering my bedroom.

Bout damn time you got your black ass over here, Big Mike chuckled in return, and they did a high five in greeting.

Yeah, it took longer for Glorias husband to lick her clean after I fucked her than I thought it would. That boy is getting a real taste for his wifes cream pie. I think if I let him, hed lick my dick clean after I fucked her in the ass too.

Im sure youll have him trained for that too soon enough, Big Mike replied, but the reason I called you over was to take a look at your art work, and tell me if the bitch is taking good care of it.

Well get that big Nigger dick out of her, and flip her over, and Ill take a look see.

Bosco helped, and in a couple of minutes they had Jenny on her back with those pillows under ass this time, once again tied to all four posts of our bed. Bosco climbed right up inbetween Jennys widely splayed thighs, and took a good look at Jennys new tattoo then. He took his time, his finger tips gliding over the baby smooth flesh with the heart and I Lover Nigger Dick, tattooed where her pubic thatch use to be. Then he took a look up at Jennys right nipple where the new gold shackle lay. He pulled on the shackle a couple of times stretching Jennys tit up at that nipple when he did. Her old sucker bites almost healed, she now had a whole new group there.

She looks okay to me Mike, Bosco finally said after completing his visual examination, at least as far as the tattoo, and shackle are concerned. However this pussy of hers still needs a lot of stretching out yet, if you ask me.

Yeah, I think so too, but Ive got to go on extra duty in an hour, Big Mike informed us all for the first time, so I thought maybe you and Gloria could just take up where I left off. Feed her some pussy while you fuck her kind of thing, if you know what I mean. Dont mind her fiance, he likes to watch, and will stay out of the way Im sure. But he aint like Glorias wimp, so leave him alone, and just concentrate on my bitch. If you get tired, or need a break, shes got a sporting dog out in the back yard thats black than the both of us, and better looking that you. Hes only been trained to fuck her, but if you want to have Gloria fuck him, Im sure Jenny will assist you.

So Jenny had told Big Mike about Max after all, and the bastard winked at me when he told Bosco about the dog no less. I suddenly wanted to find a deep hole, crawl in, and cover myself up with dirt. But from the look on Jennys face I could tell she was actually proud that everyone there knew she was a dog fucking whore.

Well alright! Bosco howled in glee, and started getting undressed as Big Mike put his clothes on. Maybe next time I come over Ill tattoo a little puppy dog on that fine white ass of yours bitch. Maybe right next to the heart. Hows that sound, Mike?

Ill think about it Bosco, he replied, then giving Gloria a little pat on her ass rushed out of the room, and right past me on his way out.

When Bosco got down to his shorts my jaw fell open, and bounced twice off the carpet before staying there. If Bosco was butt ugly, and he was, then his prick was what made up for it. The damn thing was even bigger, if anything, than Big Mikes, and perfectly proportioned in every way. The head of his helmeted dick was like a small fist, and the shank was like some midgets whole arm sticking straight out of his bushey groin. I watched in total amazement as Gloria got down on her knees to suck that monster, and lick it nice and wet with her saliva before guiding it right up to the mouth of Jennys cave still flowing with Big Mikes last discharge in there.

Gloria tugged at the two rings pierced into Jennys cunt lips to move them out of the way, then Bosco started pressing the head of his dick into my fiances already well stretched pussy, streching it out like never before. And if Big Mikes cock was in competition with the equestrian species, then Bosco had to be the original elephantine man as far as prick size was concerned. However Jenny only showed a modicum of discomfort as that gigantic black wooly mammoth entered her body, stretching her enough to make one think that she was in reverse labor.

Oh yeah, man, Bosco said looking over towards me, I aint had no pussy this tight since I broke Gloria in. And you could fist fuck her now and barely know youre in her. Though youd never know it to look at Gloria, now would you.

I had to shake my head in agreement. The woman looked virginally innocent by anyones standards as she was, dressed the way she was.

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