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Posted in Tattoo Nightmares on Feb 01, 2019

I’m going to bring the ocean back, or get really thirsty trying.

September 25, 2014

“Ocean Gem” is the 26th episode of the first season of Steven Universe, and the 26th episode overall.

The ocean disappears on the first day of summer, and Beach City is in a panic.[2]

The Gems angrily tellSteven that he is grounded for disobeying orders. Amethyst is unfamiliar with the term and takes itliterally, threatening to bury Steven until he has learned his lesson. Before the Gems try to take away his privileges, Greg arrives and brings everyoneoutside to see that the ocean has disappeared. Mayor Dewey, nervous and shouting loudly, blamesthe Crystal Gems. He cries, claiming that no one will come to “Desert” City. Garnet tells him that it was Lapis Lazuli, and Pearl explains the current situation. Still upset, Mayor Dewey frantically begs them to fix it. Steven, while inside the Beach House, prepares to find Lapis, as he acknowledges that the whole situation was his fault. Not wanting him to be alone, Connie, Greg, and Lion all want to join him on his quest, with the Gems adding in that they obviously have to go. Garnet also adds that Steven is ungrounded. As the Gems, Steven, Connie, Lion, and Greg are leaving, Mayor Dewey sadly starts a garden hose in a futile effort to refillthe ocean.

While driving, Greg plays some of hismusic that Rose liked.Garnet dislikes it so much that she jumps out of the van and spends the rest of the trip riding on the roof. Before they arrive Steven questions why Lapis is fighting them. Pearl admits that not all Gems are good, and explains that the monsters they fight were Gems that became corrupted and broken. When they arrive, they see a large tower of water that reaches into the sky. Lapis, sensing them, yells that they should not be there and should leave her alone, and Steven responds that they are not leaving unless they get the ocean back. Lapis then makes water clones of the Crystal Gems, and the Gems fight them. During the battle, Greg’s leg is broken when the water clone of Stevenlifts and drops the van from a height. Steven, telling Lapis that he does not want to fight anymore,activates his shield due to his anger towards Lapis for attacking Greg and Connie, and his fierce protective feelings toward his father and friend. The shield deflects a water attack causing a vibration that forces the water clones to dissipate. Steven tells Lapis that he is coming up to see her, pleads not to be drowned, and walks into the tower. The water gently carries him to the top, at the edge of space.

Lapis explains that she does not believe in protecting Earth and wants to go back home, but her gem is cracked, so she is attempting to stretch the entire ocean into a pillar of water that will reach all the way to Homeworld. Steven, remembering his healing powers, licks his hand and applies the saliva to Lapis’ gem on her back. The crack heals, Lapis’ eyes are restored, and she sprouts wings madeof water. Thanking him, Lapis flies off into space.Suddenly, the tower collapses and Steven falls with it. Teaming up, Lion and Connie are able to teleport and catch him before he lands. As the Gems, Steven, Connie, and Greg return, the residents of Beach City congratulate him as their hero. Garnet acknowledges that Lapis made it offplanet, and Pearl asks what it means for them. Garnet says to wait and see. Steven says goodbye to Lapis Lazuli wherever she may be, as the star iris closes on a glimmering sparkle far away.

The Water Tower from Steven Universe and The Tower from Adventure Time

View the episode’s transcript here.

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Steven Universe – Mirror Gem & Ocean Gem (Extended Promo)

Promo 1

Steven Universe Fighting Lapis To Get The Ocean Back Ocean Gem Cartoon Network

Steven Universe Steven Heals Lapis – Ocean Gem Cartoon Network

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