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Preacher season 2, episode 8 recap: Holes – FanSided

Posted in Tattoo Nightmares on Aug 08, 2017

Last week was the start ofPreacherssecond half of the season, which is why they dedicated it to introducing the new villain. Herr Starrs debut couldnt have gone any better, as his scenes were the perfect mix of menacing and funny.

This episode was all about catching the viewer up on Eugene. And while we didnt get Herr Starr, we did see Lara Featherstone for the first time since the third episode. Seeing her become friends with Tulip can only be damaging for the group.

Eugene has taken Mannerings advice to heart. Hes suddenly jacked, has a tattoo on his back saying Tracy and everyone seems intimidated by him. But when Mannering comes to the common room, she takes someone down to the hole for committing a nice gesture. That sends the rest of the inmates into a frenzy until Tyler sticks someone in front of a TV fireplace which actually feels like fire. Eugene asserts his dominance over Hitler by shoving him out of the way.

Preachershows us the origin of Cassidy and Denis by flashing back to 1946. He immediately spots a baby he likes and starts singing a Gaelic lullaby to him. In the present day, Cassidy continues to flat out deny Denis request for eternal life. Denis wakes him up by saying bite me in French.

When Tulip still cant sleep, he asks whether Cassidy wants to go out with her, possibly back to the Hurt Locker. She says Jesse isnt interested because hes too caught up in searching for God. But when Cassidy says he should stay with Denis, she leaves on her own.

Back at the Grails headquarters, Lara is spying on Jesse via a hidden camera. He asks Cassidyabout going to the video storeso they can blow up the image on Gods audition tape. Cassidy seems uninterested in it, but he asks Jesse if he can use Genesis to heal Denis. Jesse declines because hes not sure if itll help. As he watches Tulip come back from Hurt Locker, he can tell how distanced shes become even though she asks to come with him.

Mannering gives everyone an update when she says they can go back to their cells shortly, much to their dismay. When she asks who among them isnt supposed to be here, Eugene begins to raise his hand before thinking better of it. A bunch of people say theyre Spartacus leading Mannering to take matters into her own hands.

When Hitler tries to call Eugene on it, he tries to say Im the evilest person in the room. About that When he begins to explain what happened to Tracy, that confirms his suspicions, but Eugene says he doesnt deserve to get out. As a woman trips over, Eugene helps her up and Hitler saysthat was nice of him. It got caught on camera and Mannering comes to take care of it.

After the Dork Docs successfully blow up the image, they gleefully tell Jesse that you cant identify the serial number. They initially think Jesse was the one who shot him, and he brought him the tape to cover his ass. When he tells him thats not the case, and he genuinely wants to find out, they have to start from the beginning.

Tulip places the new fridge in front of the bullet hole. But having it there still gives her nightmares, so she goes through the arduous process of covering them all up with paint. When she gets to the final room, thats where the Grail have set up shop. Lara begins to panic when she knocks and asks who else is there. Lara opens the door witha wig on while theyre able tohide their underground operation. She introduces herself as Jenny to Tulip, who invites her out to Hurt Locker.

Mannering brings Eugene to the hole, an actual manhole where he has to relive his Tracy experience all over again at the bottom. But this time, when he goes to kiss her, she doesnt turn him away. She admits that she likes him as well and they sing Closing Time together. But Tracys boyfriend, Jesse, comes out ofthe bathroom and they start making out in front of him. After they ignore his repeated requests to stop, he turns the shotgun on himself and pulls the trigger.

Later that night, in the bunk, Hitler tells Eugene he wants to help him escape from Hell.

Despite being a preacher, Jesse says he knows Gods not really there while praying. When the Dork Docs call him over again, they confess to having nothing after trying everything. They take out the DVD which, upon further inspection, is property of Grail Industries.

Cassidy calls up another Irishman named Sheamus and asks for help, confiding in him about Denis. He refuses to help, saying hes probably got hundreds of sons out there while referring to him as Proinsias.He goes back and sings Denis the same song that he sang to him in the hospital. Lord knows what effect itll have on him this time around.

While Eugene clearly doesnt belong in Hell, hes not doing himself any favors by confiding his trust in Hitler. He really wants to escape himself, and needs Eugene to help him. Hopefully he can come to his senses and realize who hes dealing with before its too late.

Seeing Lara, aka Betsy Kettleman, come back on the show was a very welcoming sight. But it doesnt help that Tulips taken a liking to her so soon after trying to get over the Saint of Killers. If Jesse does end up finding God, she could lead her and the Grail right to him, which is the last thing they need.

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Preacher season 2, episode 8 recap: Holes – FanSided

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