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She’s had nightmares thinking Nazis were coming: Letters – Orlando Sentinel

Posted in Tattoo Nightmares on Aug 18, 2017

Mother said Nazis could still come for you

I grew up in Brooklyn in a nonreligious, ethnically Jewish home. When I read The Diary of Anne Frank, my mother talked about the Holocaust. She said to me, “Don’t ever forget they could still come for you.” I have never forgotten those words, but I truly believed she was overstating it. That could never happen in the United States.

I have had three sleepless or nightmare-filled nights since the Charlottesville riots. The video of people marching with Nazi flags and torches and shouting Nazi and racist slogans was horrifying and brought her words back to me.

To hear the president equating the people who protested racism and fascism with those marchers was shocking. Did he really think Americans should sit back and simply let them take over? Did we learn nothing from the sacrifices and pain of the past? To hear him being applauded by former Klan leader David Duke and others and not refuse to say he did not accept their support conflicts with American values.

The president has empowered, and continues to empower, the growth of hatred and violence, and yet his supporters make excuses for this rhetoric. As I sit here today, I am realizing that my mother’s words may very well come true.

Maggie O’Connell Orlando

Regarding the article UCF sorority holding rush events in suspended frats house in Wednesdays Sentinel: Gamma Phi Beta sorority made use of an available large space for a rush event. It was not making a political statement. It was not a party to, nor was it condoning, the behavior of one active and one alumni brother of Alpha Tau Omega, who are charged with sexual battery.

No other active members of the fraternity were involved. They are just as horrified by this as everyone else. Yet, the Sentinel implied that Gamma Phi Beta was insensitive and had deliberately selected Alpha Tau Omega, now apparently a rape house, for its event.

Alpha Tau Omegas troubles are not Gamma Phi Betas. According to the article, the University of Central Florida has not received any complaints about the matter. The Sentinel manufactured a problem and a story where none exists and in the process has damaged the name of an innocent sorority for simply renting a party space in a building for a few hours. Gamma Phi Beta is owed an apology.

Elisa Kvares Mount Dora

In the stale air that has lingered in the aftermath of the Charlottesville riot, we must light a beacon of hope. The Charlottesville disaster began over plans to remove a Confederate statue. If statues are symbolically strong enough to breed violence and dismay, then they can produce peace and hope.

In Orlando, let us fill the space at Lake Eola Park once occupied by Johnny Reb with the antithesis of the Confederacy and dismay.

Zora Neale Hurston, a successful black woman, writer, folklorist, anthropologist and central figure of the Harlem Renaissance, is the perfect candidate. She symbolizes what the Confederacy hoped to prevent. Based on merits alone with works such as “Their Eyes Were Watching God,” she is a Florida literary legend whom we should lionize.

So let us erect a monument to her symbolically atop the place “Johnny Reb” once occupied. As a community, let us rally around her as a symbol of what the city’s and country’s future should be.

Alex Gurtis Orlando

Its quite apparent that the effort to remove various statues has gained momentum based on the fact that some people find them offensive.

Although Im not engrossed with political correctness, Id like to throw my hat into the ring. Id like to have the U.S. Capitol removed due to the fact that many of us find our worthless Congress to be offensive.

Bruce McHenry Casselberry

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She’s had nightmares thinking Nazis were coming: Letters – Orlando Sentinel

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