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Tattoo as Character Type – TV Tropes

Posted in Tattoo Nightmares on May 31, 2018

Body art has existed in some form since the beginning of human history. Cultures change and some things fall in disfavor for new trends, just like anything else, but they are always a form of self-expression.Tattoos are a firm part of that in establishing an individuals’ identity, and they come with the benefit of being rather easy to simulate on an actor. Thus in an effort to establish a character type, there are many common tricks to use in giving a character a certain flavor in just their appearance.As tattoos used to be associated with sailors, circus performers, and tattooed crooks, but went mainstream in The ’90s, this is an Evolving Trope.Type:

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Anime and Manga

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Live-Action TV



Tabletop Games

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Web Original

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Western Animation

Real Life

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Tattoo as Character Type – TV Tropes

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