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Tattoo Nightmares –

Posted in Tattoo Nightmares on Feb 04, 2019

Im not one to evoke fear in people, but there are a few tattoo nightmare situations you should be cautious of if you are in the process of selecting a tattoo artist or a permanent design.

The following tattoo nightmares are real. They actually CAN happen.

Make sure you check the shop, ensure the safety of the place and the use of autoclaves and new needles, verify artist licensing and certificates, and then follow your professional tattoo artists aftercare instructions with due diligence. Should you find yourself in pain, or if you feel dizzy, sick, feverish, and have an oozing tattoo, seek immediate medical treatment.Skin infections can be life-threatening once they enter the bloodstream.

Do not pick such a highly sensitive area for your first tattoo. Instead, experience the joy of getting inked somewhere more tolerable the first time around. Good spots for a first tattoo include calves, upper arms, and upper thighs.

Its bad enough you cant get her outta your life. From now on, every girl you date will want to know who Lila is, and if youll get her name tattooed instead. (Youll be arguing about this every night.)Not good for the black book, my friends. Avoid name tattoos, unless youre going to love Lila, for like, ever. Or only date people named Lila.

Images courtesy Bryan Childs and Monster Ink

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Tattoo Nightmares –

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