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The Guy With the 3D Robot Tattoo: Futuristic Body Art – Yahoo

Posted in Tattoo Nightmares on Sep 02, 2017

(Photo: toesboo/Instagram)

Its hard to choose just one thing that makes this tattoo so awesome: its multilayered, three-dimensional appearance; its resemblance to the drone-likeBorg on Star Trek: The Next Generation; or the fact its gotten the stamp of approval from one of the most famous artists in the word. Whichever you prefer, if youre trying not to stare at this amazingly intricate bionic exoskeleton tattoo, resistance is futile.

The tattoo is a series of dots arranged to resemble multiple layers of a carbon-fiber shell. It was designed by Southport, England tattoo artist Tony Booth, who runsDabs Tattoowith his wife, Lisa.

(Photo: toesboo/Instagram)

Lisa tells CNET: The client and Tony came up with the concept between them and it grew from an upper arm sleeve to a full sleeve and then it carried on to his hand, shoulder and upper chest.”

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Lisa tells CNET it took 18 months to complete the tattoo (you can see part of the process on BoothsInstagram page). The hard work paid off; the tat was named “Best Blackwork Tattoo at the Tattoo Tea Party convention in Manchester, England.

(Photo: toesboo/Instagram)

But perhaps their biggest award came from one of the thousands of people whod shared the Booths photos of the tattoo: famed street artist Banksy posted video of the tattoo on his Instagram page.

Wed like to imagine wed compliment the tattoo owner if we met him in real life, but its more likely wed run away screaming just in case hes here to kill Sarah and John Connor.

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The Guy With the 3D Robot Tattoo: Futuristic Body Art – Yahoo

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