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Womans Tattoo Removal Gone Wrong Pictures – FHM

Posted in Tattoo Nightmares on Aug 31, 2017

When I initially saw this headline, I was skeptical about the legitimacy of just how horrible this tattoo removal was. Most publications lather on sensationalism like Cocoa butter on ashy skin, so I figured, “Fck it, it’s click bait.” I was so, SO wrong. It’s *GRAPHIC.** In fact, I’m going to prepare you a list of things I would have rather seen

According to LadBible”Rather than go down the traditional laser removal route, one woman, Pasuda Reaw, decided to use a tattoo removal cream to get rid of the ink on her collarbones and chest.”

This is where I tell you guys to take a look at the pictures for yourself. Again, it’s VERY graphic and I would say sensitive content permitting you don’t have a strong stomach. As a matter of fact, unless you’re a surgeon of some sort, I’d venture to say these photos are going to make you super queasy. If nothing else, it’ll warn people in the future before they end up horribly scarred.

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Womans Tattoo Removal Gone Wrong Pictures – FHM

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