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Holly Hagan shades ex-Kyle Christie as tattoo removal gives his portrait ‘skin condition’ – Metro

Posted in Tattoo Removal on Apr 16, 2017

Holly is getting her tattoo removed (Picture: Twitter/Getty)

Holly Hagan has shared the second round of the process to remove ex-boyfriend Kyle Christies tattooed face off her neck and joked that now he looks like has a skin condition.

Oooh, the shade.

Holly and Kyle were together when they took part on the MTV reality show Just Tattoo Of Us which sees celebrity couples willingly allow their partner to design a tattoo for them in secret, which is only revealed once it has been inked on their body.

And Kyle decided it would be incredibly generous to give Holly a tat of his face.

Now Holly is, understandably, getting the inking removed, and shared with her twitter followers that shes one session down and around 8 more to go!

He currently looks like he has a skin condition, thanks @SkinsandNeedles for the laser.

Considering how much effort and thought the reality star put into her tattoo design for Kyle, Holly was reportedly very pissed off when she discovered what Kyle had given her with a close pal admitting Holly was furious and devastated as she thought it was really out of order and thoughtless of him.

The source told The Sun: When the opportunity came for them to support Charlotte in her new job and get a free tattoo, the pair of them jumped at the chance.

But while Holly put a lot of thought into her tattoo for Kyle, designing a meaningful pattern, he took a different approach.

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Hollys BFF Charlotte Crosby, who hosts the show, also revealed that after Holly finally saw her tattoo,she didnt actually speak to us properly for like three days.

Anyone who watches the episode will freak out. Because if their boyfriends ever did this to them lets just say they wouldnt be your boyfriend for much longer.

How right you were, Charlotte.

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The rest is here:
Holly Hagan shades ex-Kyle Christie as tattoo removal gives his portrait ‘skin condition’ – Metro

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