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Laser Tattoo Removal – Essentially Bare Cosmetic & Laser …

Posted in Tattoo Removal on Apr 23, 2019

Tattoos are a popular form of self-expression and can be highly-artistic professional embellishments. To permanently ink ones skin may be an intention for a lifetime or an in the moment decision. If your life or your taste has changed, it has been difficult, painful and very expensive to undo that commitment. The emergence of lasers for tattoo removal has eased the burden and advances in technology now distinguish the best lasers from the mediocre. Essentially Bare has been working with laser technology for 18+ years and only invests in world recognized leaders and approvedmedical-grade lasers. Equipment does make a difference.

The FDA-Approved, Spectra ND: Yag laser is a dual mode, Q-Switched laser with four distinct wavelengths in addition to a patented, long pulse mode in one system. These high-intensity pulses of laser light create a photo-acoustic wave which significantly lightens or completely removes pigments and tattoo particles without harming surrounding skin. This is especially important for patients with darker skin tones as the skin has a higher concentration of melanin (pigment). This pigment readily absorbs laser light, with a greater risk of skin overheating and causing permanent scars. The Spectra Q-Switched Yag is non-ablative, and the higher wavelength is more resistant to being absorbed by melanin (pigment). This energy wave shatters the ink molecules at such a high rate of speed that they vibrate and break-up microscopically. The pulverized fragments are absorbed and are passed unnoticed through the body.

Tattoo gone in 7 sessions with our Spectra Q-Switched Laser.

While you will have some discomfort (like a rubber band snapping against the skin), the Spectra tattoo laser is non-ablative, and the surrounding skin is not burned. You will immediately observe puffy skin over your tattoo, but it subsides within hours, and there is no bleeding or scabbing. Your wait between treatments is, therefore, less than traditional lasers (4-8 weeks).

Traditional lasers require anywhere from 6 to 15 treatments, depending on the ink density and coloring. This Q-Switched laser effectively treats all ink colors in an average of half of the number of treatments by traditional lasers.

Only 3 treatments and $199 to remove this tattoo!

In general, the Spectra laser is able to completely remove or nearly completely remove the majority of a tattoo, as if it were never there. In some circumstances, the laser tattoo removal process may leave a light stain meaning there is a slight amount of ink that cannot be removed. This is determined when the majority of ink is removed and the skin no longer reacts to the laser pulses.

Pricing is determined during your free consultation by measuring the size of your tattoo. We do not believe in preselling big contracts and you can pay as you go. Your clinician may offer you a minimal package based on the number of treatments expected to eliminate your tattoo. As there are variables involved (skin tone, ink color and density, ink age, etc.), you may require additional sessions. Please be aware that Essentially Bare clinicians are not commissioned for laser services and do not accept tips. They are not incentivized for making recommendations and your satisfaction is our priority.

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Laser Tattoo Removal – Essentially Bare Cosmetic & Laser …

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