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Vamoose Tattoo Removal – 23 Photos & 41 Reviews – Tattoo …

Posted in Tattoo Removal on May 24, 2018


Excellent service & staff.The office is very nice, services are priced well. Sessions are very quick and efficient.

Reasonably priced. Great service. Clean facility. Good electronic communication and quality work. Parking is a little tough but would otherwise recommend.

I’ve had one laser treatment at Vamoose so far and will absolutely return for more until I’ve achieved my removal goals. The office is clean and welcoming with very reasonable prices considering the quality work being done here. My unwanted tattoo is large and requires a longer treatment time but Monika was more than willing to engage me in pleasant small talk to help distract me from the laser. By the time I left, I was already looking forward to coming back!

I switched to Vamoose after not enjoying previous experiences at a spa offering laser removal services, and I’m so glad I did. The staff are really nice/personable and the laser session was relatively painless all things considered. I highly recommend.

I’m on my 6th session at Vamoose. I highly recommended this place. I’m so happy I chose here rather than another. The owner is very knowledgeable and clearly knows what she is doing. Price is great. My tattoo is smaller is size, so it takes no time at all and very painless! Trust the process. It will take a time, but it is extremely important to get it removed the right way. Thanks Vamoose!

What a pleasant first experience! Everyone was very nice explained every step in detail so there where no surprises. Extremely affordable I am having two tattoos removed at the same time. Lets talk about pain and what to expect; please keep in mind I have six total tattoos one branding. I have a high tolerance for pain. The first one on my breast was not so bad, the one on my back on my spine hurt the most I cried! But once I am free these horrible tattoos the pain will be a distant memory. I was moving at a slower pace as suggested but the next day I was back up and running. Kept the A+D Ointment on healed up nicely in three days. I can tell a difference in color on my breast but I have a long way to go there will be some scaring but I am ok with that. I am looking forward to my next visit. If you need a tattoo removed this is the company to help you do it.

Booking: It is really easy to set up consult / session and they send you text reminders. I always get a follow-up call after the session to see how the healing is going. About me: I’m a darker skin African American some lasers such as picosure don’t work well due to the high risk of hypo pigmentation and scarring. I’ve had a couple sessions here and another laser removal place and I’ve had great results at both places. What I love about Vamoose is that uses ND-Yag laser which works well with many skin types. About the session: It does take 30-35 minutes for my sessions since I have a large tattoo being and a small wrist tattoo. It feels like a rubber band snapping over and over.They have a nice cooling machine that they use with the laser that helps ease the pain. Monika (the technician) does a great job keeping you relaxed during the session. They give you ice packs after the session which helps the swelling. I pay over 200+ each session. In summary: I highly recommend getting laser vs getting a tattoo cover up. I got a cover up and started laser not too long after. I wish I would have done laser vs cover up. Some may argue for the cost of 8-10 sessions you could get a cover up. I say, why not get the piece you really want instead of settling for a bigger and not so ideal cover up piece. I haven’t been here in a while because it’s not super close to where I live. I will certainly be back if I can’t get in to my other laser place. Many thumbs up!

So, I’ve been coming to Vamoose for some time now (6 treatments) to be exact and have seen very little progress? Maybe a shade and a half lighter. I’ve consulted another doctor and he’s not too sure what is going on with Vamoose but with the amount of treatments I’ve had so far at Vamoose he said there should’ve been a huge change at least by the 4th treatment? I think it’s time to end treatment here… Friendly staff and very clean place though! I’ve already had 1 treatment with the other location and boy what a difference!!!

Talk about honesty. And kindness. I was so concerned I would be entering a hard sell environment given the fact that I made a appointment for a consultation. WOW was I wrong! Within five minutes of speaking with my consultant, Monica, it became clear to me that my tattoo wasn’t in need of removal but in need of some extra TLC from a talented artist. She sent me on my way with a hug and a smile. Highly recommend. And as a bonus, they have malted milk balls in the waiting room.

First, the staff is super friendly and the space is nice and calming. I was pretty nervous and not sure what to expect, but I felt at ease there once I went in for the consultation. I loved that I was able to book the appointment online and come in the same day! I called another place and they wanted to schedule me 2 weeks out smh. I was so glad to get this process started since I had been delaying it for years.I have a relatively small tattoo so the pain wasn’t that bad. Monika is amazing! She cooled the area before and during the process and there was some discomfort after but it wasn’t that bad at all. It’s been six days since my first treatment and the area is sore to the touch but not unbearably so.The price was OK and since there’s 6 weeks in between treatments I don’t feel like I’m paying an extreme amount. Overall I really liked the staff, the atmosphere, the convenience of scheduling my appointment…Oh and I got a follow up call from Monika the next day. She wanted to make sure everything was alright and gave me some care tips. I thought that was really nice. Looking forward to finishing the process!

Monica at Vamoose Bucktown is awesome. Tattoo removal is never a fun or easy process but Vamoose tries to make it as comfortable as possible. Appointment scheduling is super easy and they send you text reminders of your appointments. The Bucktown location is easily accessible from Damen Ave and free street parking is abundant. The facility itself is super clean but with a trendy decorative flair. They have this cooling device that helps with the pain of laser…my small tattoo takes about 30 seconds to treat so the pain isn’t a huge deal but it’s nice to have that extra relief measure. Monica started me off with a lower level on the laser to see how my tattoo and skin reacted…I barely noticed any difference and I had no issues with post-treatment scabbing/bleeding. As we’ve upped the intensity, the results are pretty impressive! I only have a few more treatments (after a long 2 year process with a ridiculously stubborn tattoo) but it’s been worth the time and money. Thank you Vamoose and Monica for guiding me through this process!

I rarely write yelp reviews but this one is well-deserved!! I went in today for my first session and was really impressed!! I highly reccomend Vamoose. The staff is super awesome, friendly and helpful!!! I have a palm-sized tattoo on my back- I’d say the procedure took less than two minutes and wasn’t very painful!! I’ve seen reviews on various sites saying that it’s a painful process, but in my opnion if you sat through an entire tattoo you can sit for two minutes(depending on how large your tattoo is). If you’re still not sure, go in for a consultation!

Great place and great prices! I’d been going to an expensive dermatologist for my removal and felt like I was being overcharged and wasn’t seeing enough of a change. I was totally amazed at the great price, very friendly people and significantly less pain during the procedure. They user a cooling spray that really helps. Recommended!

Not being able to sleep ever, I was aimlessly browsing Facebook at 3 AM a couple nights ago and came across Vamoose Tattoo Removal. I have a monster of a tattoo on my back that my 18 year old self did not think through very well and I have wanted to do something with it for years now. I had gone to a dermatologist’s office that offered tattoo removal and had some sort of treatment done, but it was very similar to burning my skin, which lead me to other tattoo artists to talk about a cover up. Did I mention, it is a MONSTER of a tattoo with very thick, dark lines. Enter discouragement! That is until my insomnia lead me to Vamoose Tattoo Removal. I honestly went in today with very little hope of good news, but I was delightfully surprised. Today I met Katherine, Monika, and the doctor (Bennett, maybe? Seriously, he told me his name, sat and talked with me for a while to address my concerns and even spoke with me after so I should remember his name, but I had already spent some time with Monika and I was just too freaking excited to remember..oops) and they were all fantastic. I think I spent more time asking questions than the actual procedure took. My tattoo is like 11 square inches with a whole lot of black, which hurts the worst when it comes to removal, as I found out today. The pain was real, but certainly tolerable. The cooling system they use during the whole treatment period is a God send and the ice packs they give you after are like little angel wings. They are very honest and friendly. I couldn’t be happier with my experience and thank goodness because it makes it way easier to look forward to going back in 6 weeks for round 2! If only I could write a note to my 18 year old self…

I was thoroughly impressed from start to finish. I performed a session of tattoo removal the same day as the consultation. I was provided with a wealth of information and treated with exemplary customer service. They are fairly priced and unbelievably helpful through out the entire removal process. I would highly recommend Vamoose to anyone seeking tattoo removal!

Luck.I’m usually very short on time before work, I was hurrying to work from a shopping trip on North Ave when I came face to face with “VAMOOSE”. After looking them up and considering a couple other options, I decided this was my go-to.I walked in yesterday and was estimated for two palm sized tattoos on my ribs, great price, and 6-12 sessions every 6 weeks. Great. 🙂 I didn’t have enough time to stay in so I came back today.Slight pain, but what can you expect. Once I saw the laser, I got scared, very scared. The jolly ranchers helped, Monika helped, she walked through everything with such patience. I was in and out in no time. And an hour later, I feel the minimalist pain. I am more than happy to have found them.Thanks ladies 🙂

Just had my fifth session and thought it was time to write a review. Every time I’ve been I’ve gotten right in to get zapped, and right out. Rarely takes longer than 15 minutes (though my tattoo is small). Moreover, they do a great job of reminding you about appointments, and following up with you. This is especially important to me as I am absent minded and with 6 weeks between treatments its unlikely i would ever get this thing off. I just went a year between sessions (I cancelled an appointment, had financial and scheduling issues after and couldn’t reschedule), and they checked in periodically, like I asked them to, and were never pushy. When they called a few weeks ago I had completely forgotten about it but was happy to get back on schedule. Hoping to say goodbye to the last of the tattoo this year. tl;dr-Great service, Great price, Great product.

Monica is amazing!!! 4 visits so far and I am seeing great results. I highly recommend giving it a try. I was putting it off for years out of fear but it honestly it’s bad at all. It you can get a tattoo the removal will be a breeze.

They did such a good job. Didn’t hurt at all. They were so honest!! I will go back again! I know I will be safely and effectively treated! I know this is going to be a long process, but I am completely confident that Monika will remove this tattoo! Thank you!

I had my first session a few weeks ago. The whole process was very efficient. They had a very in-depth interview and handled the removal process the same day. Great service, excellent people.

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Vamoose Tattoo Removal – 23 Photos & 41 Reviews – Tattoo …

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