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Victoria Beckham Back Tattoo Removal – Celebrity – DailyBeauty … – NewBeauty Magazine (blog)

Posted in Tattoo Removal on May 18, 2017

Victoria Beckham has always been a fan of body art, but as of lately, the fashion designer seems to be shying away from tattoos and even going as far as getting one of her more notable tattoos removed.

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Beckhams upper back tattoo, which reads in Hebrew, I am my beloveds and my beloved is mine, is a tribute to her husband David Beckham (he has the same phrase written on his arm) and runs along the upper portion of her spine. However, the prominent tattoo seems to be slowly disappearing (assumablythanks tolaser tattoo removal), with every public appearance revealing a more faded version of it than before.

While the fading tattoo wasn’t super noticeable before, Beckham’s most recent appearance at the 2017 Breast Cancer Research Foundation Hot Pink Party revealed an almost ink-free back, making it clear that the star has been intentionally getting rid of the body art.

Beckham hasnt revealed the reason behind the removal, so we can only assume shes simply outgrown it. Nonetheless, well be keeping an eye on David Beckham to see if he removes his version of the tattoo as well.

Original post:
Victoria Beckham Back Tattoo Removal – Celebrity – DailyBeauty … – NewBeauty Magazine (blog)

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