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Carbondale tattoo artists bound for Houston – WSIL-TV 3 Southern … – WSIL TV

Posted in Tattoo Shop on Sep 03, 2017

CARBONDALE — John Beyler, owner of Artistic Mind Tattoo in Carbondale, saidafter seeing the destruction from Hurricane Harvey, he had to act.

“Seeing the videos of that toddler clinging to her dead mother,the animals that are chained up underwater..” he said. “It’s horrific and they don’t have enough help. None of us could get it out of our minds.”

John rounded up sixpeople from the shop about a week ago, like apprentice Matt Davis.

“He was like, ‘Let’s dothis. Who’s going with me?'” Davis said. “And of course, everyone here at the shop, we’re all like-minded,so we all got in for that.”

Davis said he saw flooding as a kid in the early 1990’s when he grew up near the Perry-Jackson County line in Dowell, and it drove him to help the effort in Houston.

“We had to leave our house in boats, and some other houses in the area were flooded. I definitely see, on a much smaller scale, what that does to people,” Davis said.

This isn’t the first time the group has acted during a time of hardship. Beyler said during the Ferguson protests, the group went in to help clean up and come to the aid of those in need.

“It kind of sparked the want to help people when chaos is everywhere,” Beyler said. “You need a little structure and a little help. And good people doing what they can.”

Beyler is a rescue diver, and several in the group are trained in to provide medical help. The group will be going wherever they are needed most. Beyler said as a small group, they are able to work more efficiently and move quicker.

Both men said the hurricane has brought out the best in people from all over the nation.

The group will leave Sunday morning at 9 a.m. from the Carbondale Wal-Mart.

Beyler saidthey will continue taking supply donations until 8 p.m. Saturday at Artistic Mind Tattoo.

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Carbondale tattoo artists bound for Houston – WSIL-TV 3 Southern … – WSIL TV

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