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Former chip shop worker compares herself to ‘Vicky Pollard’ and reveals Simon Cowell tattoo before incredible X … –

Posted in Tattoo Shop on Sep 03, 2017

A former fish and chip shop worker admits she looks like ‘Vicky Pollard’ before an emotional X Factor performance.

Kayley Taylor, a 27-year-old mum of three from Liverpool, reveals her biggest audition was five years ago for Benidorm’s Got Talent.

Confident Kayley can’t stop cracking jokes about herself and even claims she “should have worn a stronger deodorant” as she gears up to face the judges.

She says: “I had a job a couple of years ago in a fish and chip shop, because obviously I like my food and I love the smell of fish.”

While getting ready for the chance of a lifetime, Kayleigh looks in the mirror and says she looks like the outrageous Little Britain character played by Matt Lucas.

Trying to get her hair right, she says: “Bloody hell I look like Vicky Pollard.”

She then takes her position in front of the judges, and joked about meeting her partner on a dating site and saying she was a size 8, claiming a zero should have been on the end of that.

Simon seems to think she looks familiar and asks: “Have we met?”

Not wanting to waste her opportunity in front of the music mogul, Kayleigh replies: “We have, in your dreams.

The Scouser then reveals a very intriguing tattoo on her back that she got in Magaluf after “about 10 vodkas”.

She has Simon’s name in permanent ink on her body right next to her own name and surrounded by love hearts.

Simon is understandably shocked, while Kayley claims she looks like a “pig in a blanket” and admits: “I should have got a spray tan instead.”

A confused Nicole says: “I don’t understand what she’s saying.”

But all the jokes are put to one side when Kayley starts to sing and gives the judges a powerful rendition of Immortal by Evanescence.

They praise her amazing voice, while she breaks down in tears after hearing the wonderful praise from the judges.

Simon admits he didn’t expect to like Kayley after her bold entrance, while Sharon had some words of wisdom for the mother who wants to succeed for her family.

Delivering some harsh but constructive words, Sharon says: “Stop all the crap about the weight. It doesn’t matter it’s who you are – if you want it to be.”

The emotional message seems to get through to a thankful Kayley, who heads to the arms of her proud family.

Viewers will have to wait until Saturday night to see if Kayley has done enough to make i through.

* The X Factor starts on Saturday on ITV at 8.00pm

Former chip shop worker compares herself to ‘Vicky Pollard’ and reveals Simon Cowell tattoo before incredible X … –

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