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100+ Best Eagle Tattoo Designs & Meanings – Spread Your Wings …

Posted in Tattoo on Aug 20, 2018

Many tattoos are drawn with a specific meaning and the eagle tattoos are among the most common. They are supposedly the most popular bird tattoos.

These tattoos have been around for many years and many people in the ancient times applied them to their bodies. They have many meanings, which will depend on the wearer. Also, the design of that tattoo will determine its meaning.


To begin with, the eagle is a patriotic bird in America and it is basically the official symbol of the American flag and coat of arms. It has a huge symbolism.

Other than America, the eagle has been used in many areas to symbolize courage and focus. It is used in parables to encourage the high achievers.

Different cultures and philosophies have different meanings of the tattoo. They are used to show purity, a powerful force, and beauty. The Native Americans considered the eagle as a Thunderbird. They also considered it a messenger of the heavens.

It soars the skies and will settle on the ground and the trees to give vital messages to humans.

Technically, the eagles are perfect at soaring in the air and they have an amazing vision that is very accurate. For that, people can apply these tattoos to show a clear vision in their lives. The tattoo can be used as a reminder of determination and commitment to a clear focus. It can also represent a commitment to spiritual clarity and even the personal transparency.

Some cultures consider it as a solar animal and for that, they symbolize energy, health, provision, life, and vitality. These birds also tend to have a fatherly association, which will play a good role of symbolizing authority, guardianship, and control.

Some tattoos of eagles will also be used by the military and for the purposes of victory. This is common is some countries like the US, Turkey, Rome, Russia, Poland, Germany, among others. They are used to signify authority, superiority, and a righteous domain.

All in all the common symbolisms of the tattoo of an eagle include protection, dominance, masculinity, skill, action, command, freedom, guardianship, focus, determination, community, and action.

At some point, they may also be used to represent power, inspiration, judgment and a ruler.Ensure you apply the tattoo in an appropriate way, in order to give the exact meaning.

Just like any other type of tattoo, the tattoo of an eagle will be placed nearly anywhere around the body. Nonetheless, since it has a stronger and more stable meaning, they are applied in specific areas.

In most cases, the tattoos will be applied on the back, with the wings spreading to the shoulder.

They will also be applied to the chest, the arm, the side of the belly and sometimes on the wrist. These tattoos tend to appear better when they are larger. For that, they will mostly be applied in areas that have more skin.

With the many meanings of these tattoos, they most definitely must come in different design. The type of these tattoos will range from the details to the action of the bird, to the angle of the tattoo. Here is a look at some of the types of the tattoos of an eagle:

This type of tattoo is very much attractive in its display, but it entails a number of details. This eagle will appear on one side and it will be drawn in full while perched on a branch. Such a tattoo will be used to symbolize energy, health, and provision.

Ensure that you have a professional to draw the tattoo as it is supposed to be.

An eagle will fight while in the air and it will fight with its talons pulled out. The tattoo will, therefore, be drawn as the bird appears to be in the air while the talons are stretched out to get to the enemy. The eagle will also appear as if it is yelling.

It can be used as a warning to people, mostly to tell them that the wearer is not one to be messed with. Basically, such a tattoo will symbolize courage, power, and determination.

The wings of the eagle are some of the major features that define its personalities. You can have the tribal eagle, which will have wings spread out. This one can be used to symbolize authority and supremacy.

Since the eagle is an American patriotic bird, it can be drawn with the American flag below it. Here, it can only be the head of the eagle with the American flag flying below it. The head can look either to the right or to the left. This tattoo can be used to show the patriotism of the wearer.

The eagle was also used and recognized in the ancient Egypt. It was considered a figure of authority and protection. They were also used as a symbol of a fatherly connotation of guardianship and authority. For that, such tattoos will be used to symbolize protection and authority.

There can also be a simple eagle head tattoo, without the wings and talons. The head can be detailed with some elegant colors or it can be plain. Nonetheless, it will look better if it is less detailed. Such a tattoo will be used to symbolize the high vision and focus.

There can also be a tattoo of an eagle that is drawn with strong and meaningful words. The words can either be two or one single word. The set of words that you include will determine the meaning of that tattoo. Basically, it will mean that you are focused and fully committed to whatever you have written.

It also could mean that you need a guardianship in that particular word that has been written.

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100+ Best Eagle Tattoo Designs & Meanings – Spread Your Wings …

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