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Come out of the World Part 1 of 4: Tattoos | United Church …

Posted in Tattoo on May 12, 2018

Mr. Foster, Thanks for having the courage to address this subject in a comprehensive way. I don’t see why it should be controversial. The Bible is very clear on the matter. Clearer, for example than the biblical prohibition to not smoke and perhaps even why we should not keep Christmas–most claim to do it to honor Christ after all. What this “controversy” does show is the inherent human tendency to follow the latest trend. Our job as ministers and the church collectively is to not cower to the latest trend, but rather to clearly teach, as you did, the right way. We can also provide practical ideas to strengthen our young peoples’ (maybe even old people) resolve to not to just follow the latest “popular trend.” For example, I think that most young guys would understand why you would not spray paint graffiti on your Ferrari if you were lucky enough to own one. The human body, or the Temple of the Holy Spirit, to be more precise, is of much greater value than a Ferrari.Thanks again for speaking out on this. Your explaination was comprehensive, clear and most importantly based solidly on the Bible.

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Come out of the World Part 1 of 4: Tattoos | United Church …

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