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Daredevil Tattoo – Lower East Side – New York, NY – Yelp

Posted in Tattoo on Nov 30, 2018


Came in as a walkin for a seratonin tattoo and got it done by Soyoon who: 1. drew exactly what I wanted2. gave me the best tatt I have to date. The lines are fine, it’s healed wonderfully, and it looks amazing (and it wasn’t painful!) Will definitely get all my future tatts done by her, and I suggest you do too!!

Came in yesterday for a walk-in and was SO impressed by the Daredevil Tattoo staff! Both my friend and I were tattooed by Yoon, and we were both SO impressed with her talent, kindness, and professionalism. Yoon was so sweet and made the whole experience so comfortable and fun! My friend came in with a custom design done by an artist friend and Yoon really took her time to make sure the tattoo rendition was absolutely perfect. The lines on both our tats are so clean and precise. This is my fourth tattoo and definitely my best yet. Highly recommend Daredevil Tattoo and Yoon specifically

This is one of the best Tattoo shops in NYC. The staff is top notch and the establishment is very clean. The shop is also a tattoo museum filled with the real history of the tattoo scene of New York City. The artist here are some of the best in the City. If you want a great tattoo from the best, go see Michelle and her staff at Daredevil Tattoo.

I’ve realized that this is now my regular hangout. All of the artists are top notch, extremely friendly and incredibly professional. I can’t believe they take walk-ins, because the quality of work is so high! It’s also a super fun environment to get a tattoo – not only is it an official tattoo museum, but you’ll probably run into a celebrity or three. Can’t recommend it enough!

Michelle is terrible don’t let her portfolio and resume fool you. The shit she put on my back is embarrassing to the point that other shops (such as NY Adorned) doesn’t even believe its her work. Sloppy. Unprofessional. I am ashamed to have her shaky basic work on my body.

NYC’s best! Michelle and crew do awesome work and the shop is not only gorgeous but also serves as a legit tattoo museum. Great tattoos and an awesome piece of NYC history.

Just left there after enjoying their Friday the 13th promotion! This was my second time going to them on Friday the 13th and I love how they have it setup! They communicate extremely well so the process is smooth for both clients and artists. Lara was my Artist, and I was so thrilled to be paired with her. She was super sweet and had great energy even on a stressful day like this, but she handled it great and now I’m looking into doing work with her in the future! Thanks again Daredevil for another successful tattoo, and I can’t wait to come back for more!

I found Diego as I was seeking an artist who had experience with Japanese-style tattoos. This was my first tattoo and Diego was friendly and patient with me from the first time I met him. He created a new design for me after listening to what I wanted and I’m 10 times happier than I thought I would be with it! With breaks, it took a little under 3 hours, which wasn’t that long considering the amount of detail in the work. The rest of the staff who were around were also very friendly. I would highly suggest going to Daredevil especially if you’re looking for your first tattoo!

I got a tattoo there and it healed and looked perfectly! Yoon specifically did my tattoo.

My first time getting ink, so why not go to the best? My friend and I were referred to Daredevil Tattoo and they exceeded our expectations! Staff is friendly and addressed all of our concerns and questions. My friend got a small piece done by Pete and I had a larger piece done by a visiting artist from London. They take the time to listen and design something just for you and your needs. The shop is clean and has awesome historical tattoo designs decorating the place. Thanks for a great experience!

I was so excited to get tattooed by Pete. He had such great reviews. I emailed him some pictures ahead of time and described what I liked about different pictures so that he’d have an idea of what I was interested in. The appointment was for 6, but Pete was working on someone else and wasn’t ready until after 7. Neither he nor the guy behind the desk acknowledged that they were running really late and made me sit there. He came over, asked how big I wanted the tattoos (I wanted three small ones), and walked off to draw them. About twenty minutes later he came back and showed me the drawings. Instead of taking the aspects that I described that I liked, he had two exact replicas of what two pictures I sent. I started to explain how I wanted to change them. I didn’t think this is a big deal – this is something permanent that’s going on my body and if I wanted exact replicas of two pictures, I wouldn’t have sent five and described what I liked in them. While I was still finishing my first sentence, he had already walked off and thrown his drawings on the ground. I wasn’t rude at all. I just tried to explain the tattoo that I wanted. I’m not sure what he was going to draw the second time since he didn’t stick around to finish listening to me. I got up and left. I hope you enjoy the $40 deposit you made me pay. Thank you for wasting my time, being incredibly unprofessional and throwing a temper tantrum.

Daredevil is a clean, classic shop with a good atmosphere. If you’re getting your first tattoo, you might be worried because sometimes old school shops can have a bit of an attitude, but I watched another guest there who was a walk-in for her first piece and everyone was friendly and considerate. Personally, this was my ninth piece but my first time at Daredevil, as I’m relatively new to the NYC area and previously got my work done in Boston. My artist, Pete, was a true gentleman and consummate professional! My tattoo came out beautifully because of his skill and that he was a pleasure to work with. The $200 rate per hour is to be expected for the quality of work you get. There is an ATM around the corner, but you’re probably better off hitting up your own bank beforehand. Also, as a bonus, check out the tattoo history museum! A lot of awesome historical flash, old tattoo guns, photos and interviews that represent the vivid history of NYC tattooing.FYI, they don’t do piercings there. Those reviews are 6+ years old.

Yoon is great! Got my first tattoo with her, she kept me relaxed the whole time. Also love the tattoo

got a Friday the 13th tattoo here & had a wonderful had the potential to be a shit show, but the staff was courteous & you know how it works, the Friday the 13th special?you put your name on a list when the doors open, at noon.they take your info & give you a choose your work from a special flash sheet made specifically for the day (i’ll post a picture of the sheet).when it’s your turn, you tell them what you want & then make it’s not big, ornate’s like a 5 min tattoo!but it was so artist was Lara Scotton.She did the little spaceship i chose in literally 2 minutes (i timed it!).I plan on coming back to her for more work.She was wonderful. anyway, come here, whether it’s Friday the 13th or not.i highly recommend it.

DareDevil tattoo is the best shop in NYC. Michelle part owner really listens to you about what you want. She is the lady who started the only Tattoo Museum in NYC and the eastern seaboard. What do you want on you arm a professional tattoo or one with tons of mistakes.

Friday the 13th – the Black Friday for tattoo shops. $13 tattoo + $7 tip. $20 Cash at Daredevil for a small, cute pineapple tattoo. Score!That is until you meet the lazy, unhelpful staff after you wait 2.5 hours in line. You’re out of the stencil transfers? Unwilling to make more? No empathy? Nothing. Where’s the announcement in your self described “tattoo museum”? Not even a heads up. Instead I get a “what else do you want?” when I sit down? I get it – the tattoo artists are banging out tattoos. 75-100 in a day? That’s some serious cash. So you have that in your pocket and obviously don’t care if you make a few measly bucks more. Unapologetic. Waste of time. Go somewhere else on Friday the 13th and definitely go somewhere else any other day. I know I will.

I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo for about 5 years now. I’d watched plenty of episodes of Miami Ink (heh), so I felt like I understood the process and needed to do research and come prepared if I wanted the experience to be smooth.After researching the top shops in NYC and lurking through the Instagram feeds of numerous artists, I decided on Daredevil as the shop and Pete Chile as the artist I wanted to do it.Booking was as simple as dropping by the shop and putting down a $40 deposit. Pete happened to be in the shop at the time so we scheduled everything right on the spot. I actually had to reschedule a couple times, and Pete couldn’t have been more accommodating.Everyone I dealt with in the shop right down to the guys working the desk were super friendly and Pete was an exceedingly chill and professional guy to work with. I emailed in the design I wanted and at my appointment, Pete got it stenciled and placed perfectly. After that, it was off to the races.Being that this was my first tattoo, I didn’t know how it was going to feel. I heard the calf might be one of the less painful places, but Pete told me otherwise. Even so, he was gentle and thorough. In fact, I got into a conversation with another artist while Pete was going to work and forgot what was even happening.All in all, I’m super happy with the results. I can’t recommend Pete Chile or this shop enough.

I had two tattoos done by Lilly (lillyanchor on IG) – one last week, my second one today. During both appointments, she was super sweet and friendly and gave me absolutely beautiful tattoos. Everyone in the shop was super friendly as well. The shop itself is clean and the flash/museum was super interesting (and served as a good distraction while getting tattooed). Will return one day!

Went here for my first tattoo. Mike Attack was super nice and comforting and my tattoo looks great! Very happy with the result and would highly recommend.

Daredevil was AWESOME! Such a cool place, little cramped which is why it would get 4.5 stars if that were an option. I worked with Lily (@lilyanchor on ig) on a back piece and she was so great during the consult and during the actual day of the tattoo. I wish I had more money to get more by her! This place has a rate of $200/hour and a one hour minimum. Will return one day!

Daredevil Tattoo – Lower East Side – New York, NY – Yelp

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