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Faith – Hope – Love Tattoo – Ink Ink Tattoos in Clermont …

Posted in Tattoo on Dec 09, 2018

I know, I may have said before that I dont get the addiction. I had so many people say, you get one and youre hooked. It hurt so bad the first time I did it while on a trip to San Francisco last year. I never would have imagined myself getting another. And, well, here I am six months later and I have a new tattoo. This time was a little different for a few reasons. Last time, I really didnt know what I wanted, but knew that I liked the way text looks and wanted a saying. Then it hit me, that lyric from Aerosmiths Amazing. So that is how my Lifes a Journey tattoo happened.

So one of my most fun friends and I were talking about wanting another tattoo. I was with her when she got her first. She shared with me the Faith, Hope and Love tattoo she wanted to get. I loved it.

So we talked about getting the same, but then I thought of my daughter Gabi, and how Id love to have something she drew up tattooed on me, for she is an amazing artist. So I asked her to and she came up with a few great ones. But as soon as I saw it, my heart was set on this one.

So we decided basically the day before that we would just get it done. We made plans to go a place at a local theme park, but then decided to go to a place closer to where we lived.

That tattoo parlor turned out to be a place, after looking around, that we didnt want to use. So we happened to see one more place with a lit up open sign in the window. And then we went in and met Steven Priest.

After this introduction, he became my new best friend I mean he was about to hurt me. Steven works at Ink Ink Tattoos in Clermont, Florida. A small, yet busy little corner ink show. One that I felt comfortable the moment I walked in, and I left happy.

He was quick, but not messy quick. He was super nice, honest (I wanted it smaller and he said the ink would bleed and helped resize to one I could love), and he did a great job. My friend and I both left red and swollen, but happy.

And now, two weeks later, its still healing, but it looks great! So, now, what next?

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Faith – Hope – Love Tattoo – Ink Ink Tattoos in Clermont …

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