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Granite City Tattoo – Quincy, MA – Yelp

Posted in Tattoo on Sep 18, 2018


Walked in saturday and they were great! Initially went in to discuss a cover up and ended up with a new tattoo :)I worked with Harry and he was awesome! They were closing shop early but he was willing to stay. His eye for detail is amazing and he’s keeps you entertained the entire time. I’ll be going back in 3 weeks to finish the color but I love how he left it with the shadowing.I definitely recommend this shop and I can’t wait to go back to finish my current one and then get my coverup done

Bill & Danielle are great. It’s a small place so you’ll need to wait or make an appointment. It’s totally worth it, I will def be back.

I had a wonderful experience! Bill completed my tattoo and we had great a conversation the entire time. He also took an original design that I drew and took it to the next level. Danielle was wonderful to speak with in setting up my tattoo consultation and scheduling my appointment for getting my tattoo. Thank you Bill, I simply love my new tattoo!

Bill is a phenomenal tattoo artist and the shop is clean and professional. I wouldn’t get tattooed by anybody else in MA, and i’ve been tattooed at Empire twice.

So, i got tattoed (fairly extensively) for the first time by bill 4 days ago, and he did a great job! You can tell that he’s seasoned in his craft and genuinley cares about doing a good job. It was a very good experience, and beyond being good tattoo artist, he’s a very cool guy, and fun to talk to (wich is always a plus, for sure). Very accommodating and straight up solid dude. This was an especially relieving experience for me personally too because my usual artist who i had been comfortable with and going to for a few years, recently moved out of state, and in my opinion, switching tattoo artists is a fairly significant change especially if youre someone who plans to be heavily tatted, and it can be hit or miss. so this was a success! I will definitely be going back to bill for future tats on the regular, and would recommend him to anyone. 5 stars!

I got two tattoos from here and I’ve had no problems at all! My first one was done on my wrist and my second was done behind my ear. They staff was incredibly nice. Prices are reasonable, although many have told me otherwise. The only problem I have with my wrist tattoo was that the lettering was a little disoriented and uneven but its barely noticeable. I’ve had many compliments on both of my tattoos from here. Almost all my friends get their tattoos done here and I recommend this place to everyone!

I got a tattoo in memory of my brother yesterday. The tattoo artist, Bill, is awesome. He is easy to talk to and super funny. I gave him some ideas of what I wanted and he drew it up perfectly. This is my second professionally done tattoo, and I was concerned since my last tattoo experience (at a different shop) wasn’t so good. I can honestly say that I love my tattoo. It has very important meaning to me, and to see it executed so clean and precise makes me honored to wear it. The shop is clean and very welcoming. By best friend was with me and she also got a tattoo which she absolutely loves. Definitely will be going back to get more work done.

Mehhhh. I wouldn’t call this place a hidden gem or somewhere to find great local artists but if you want a tattoo or piercing and don’t want to go into town then I guess this place is it for you in the area…besides body extremes. I got a tattoo by an artist here who I’m pretty sure was on perc’s..but hey, it’s quincy- who isn’t? I was an impatient brat who just wanted the work done and it’s probably one of my most regretted pieces. Terrible lines, symmetry is awful and even worse saturation. I’m glad it’s in my armpit region so no one can really see it, but I also will probably never cover it up because of its location. Oh well! You win pain killer king!!!

To say Bill & his wife Dianna are Excellent people & artists is an understatement. I went in today for a scheduled appointment I had met with Dianna a few weeks earlier about a cover up & a design representing my husband’s company. Dianna’s hospitality & Bill’s artistic ideas won me over. Bill’s talent & his excellence for not letting you settle for any design that you don’t love go far beyond what I ever expected . Bill is passionate about his work , vocal on his opinion & makes you feel so comfortable & at ease while he is performing his art work on you . I was a big baby & Bill made me feel comfortable & FAST WOW . Perfect outcome I was so thrilled in his work for getting me exactly what I wanted & LOVED HIS DESIGN he did for me. Their studio is so immaculate clean & fun . Their employees were so friendly as well. I highly recommend them to anyone is looking for a great tattoo experience . Granite City Tattoo is THE BEST HANDS DOWN ..Thank you again Bill. I love my tattoo

Had a cover-up done on May 21st. Came out even better than I hoped for. Only two weeks later, skin is fully healed and I have a gorgeous tattoo on the back of my shoulder! Reasonable price for the work done too. After some anxiety about where to get the work done, I am so glad that I chose Granite City for my tattoo work!

I got a gift certificate from my fiance for Christmas and went in after work to have my design drawn. I had had my idea brewing for about 2 years and Bill was extremely accommodating. I made an appointment for the following week and was amazed when i saw his design of my idea. It was perfect! Not only was he friendly and talkative while doing my tattoo (which took my mind off of it) it came out absolutely beautiful. This was my 5th tattoo and the first one I have gotten at a different place. I will definitely go back to them again.

Bill and Danielle are great !!Love this place!Clean and nice!!!!Love my new tattoo~~Thanks again!!!

I went back after two years to get some more ink. This time I had Bill do my work. It was fast, clean and real sharp. The tat looks great and Bill was a cool guy to shoot the shit with. This place is clean, staff nice and they do great work.

I went there for my first Tattoo with my sister (her second tattoo) to get a matching one on our wrist. Right away they greeted us at the door, helped pick the sizing and made things very comfortable. The place is clean and pricing is decent. We love our new tattoo, great work! Highly recommend.

I went to Granite City for my first tattoo about three weeks ago. I didn’t really know what to expect but I was very happy with the entire experience. I showed up about 2.5 hrs before they closed and they were more than happy to accommodate me. Bill, one of the owners, was my artist. He did a hell of a job and I couldn’t be happier. Really cool guy, and an awesome artist. Granite City is very clean too. Definitely recommend this place.

Go in and ask for Bill. Great guy who does great work. I went in for a Japanese sleeve. Since this was a custom piece they emailed me the design before I went in for my appointment. The design and tattoo both came out amazing. The experience was a 5/5 and I would recommend Granite City to my friends and family.

i went to granite city yesterday for a couple of tattoo’s…… artist was named harry and he is brilliant……the prices are very reasonable….harry took his time and made sure i was happy with what he was doing while he was doing it……if you want a tattoo granite city is the place to go….they make appointments and take walk ins…….if you go there you will not be dissapointed…….ask for harry…….he is a very talented artist

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Granite City Tattoo – Quincy, MA – Yelp

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