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3D nipples and scar and burn camouflage tattooing coming to Devon salon – Devon Live

Posted in Tattooing on Jul 08, 2017

3D nipples and scar and burn camouflage colouration are just some of the treatments soon to be on offer in a North Devon salon.

Charley Klein Permanent Make Up and Cosmetic Treatments on Paiges Lane in Barnstaple will be offering a new treatment called medical tattooing.

The owner, Charley Klein, is due to complete her final assessment in London for the procedure this month.

Medical tattooing is performed to areas of the body where trauma, past surgery and scarring has occurred.

She already has a waiting list of clients in North Devon who wish to have a medical tattoo.

Charley, who also owns Charley’s Angels Hair, Nails and Beauty, said medical tattooing can help clients regain confidence and self esteem.

She said: “Medical tattooing can help provide a solution to clients that have experienced a difference to their appearance due to alopecia, chemotherapy or other conditions.

“I feel it is incredibly important to be able to offer these types of treatments in my clinics. The way we feel about our appearance can mentally affect us.

“When a lady has experienced breast cancer and looks in the mirror every morning at her reconstructed breast without a nipple, its a constant reminder of the traumatic experience she has endured.”

Charley also said people can feel “delicate about their appearance” after surgery. She hopes that the medical tattooing treatments can help “rebuild their confidence and bring a sense of normality back to their life”.

She said: “I am passionate about helping people overcome the trauma they have experienced after surgery.”

Charley set up her first business in 2010. Prior to that she worked in a bank.

She started as a mobile beautician alongside her part-time job at the bank.

She said: “I was getting busier as a mobile therapist, offering a range of beauty treatments.

“I was the first person to offer HD Brows in North Devon and am now an HD Brows master stylist.

“I decided to leave my job at the bank and in October 2013, I opened my first salon, offering all things beauty and nails.

“Due to the salons success, we expanded in 2015 by moving to a larger premises, which included a hair studio.”

Charley’s passion for cosmetics came when she had her first HD Brow experience in Exeter nine years ago.

She said: “Having this done made a huge impact of having thicker fuller eyebrows.

“I wanted to see the same smile on more people’s faces when having it done.

“I was getting clients coming in with very little hair which made me think what more can we do?

“What can I do for the clients that suffer with alopecia? What can I do for clients that have been through chemotherapy? Permanent makeup was the answer.”

Charley, who also offers a range of permanent makeup treatments including tattooed eyebrows, said: “As soon as I entered into the world of permanent makeup I wanted to do more.

“This resulted in medical tattooing. I have had family and friends who have fought cancer. To be able to give something back and help the confidence of others in a similar situation is very close to my heart.”

Permanent Makeup and medical tattooing is a cosmetic technique that employs pigmentation into the dermis skin with a very small needle or a cluster of needles.

Charley intends to offer 3D areola and nipple pigmentation, skin graft and vitiligo pigmentation, scar and burns camouflage colouration as well as scar and burns relaxation and improvement.

She said 3D nipple and areola pigmentation is for clients who have experienced breast cancer and mastectomy. Other treatments include skin grafts vitiligo pigmentation.

She said: “We will recreate the illusion of 3D nipple and areola.We can also help with treatments following breast reduction or uplift surgery, pre and post gender reassignment surgery, or gynecomastia surgery.

“Skin graft and vitiligo pigmentation helps restore your natural colour by carefully infusing custom blended, skin tone pigments into the de-pigmented areas of your skin.

“Burns survivors all experience different levels of body image distress which may involve grief, sadness, anxiety and worry. I will conduct a thorough consultation to determine the needs and outcome offering various skin test’s of colours before initial procedure.”

Charley said she had received positive feedback regarding the new treatments.

She said: “It’s astonishing how many people are in interested or client refers a friend.

“Most people have been touched in one way or another by these less socially talked about traumas.

“All case studies I have done already are real people, who have experienced real medical conditions.

“The reaction of having these procedures are undescribable. Tears of joy, hugs and smiles.”

See the rest here:
3D nipples and scar and burn camouflage tattooing coming to Devon salon – Devon Live

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