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Dogs, tattoo parlours and a massive landfill all on the agenda for Stratford council committee meeting – Taranaki Daily News

Posted in Tattooing on Aug 21, 2017


Last updated14:43, August 21 2017


The Stratford District Council has a numerous items on the 449 page agenda for Tuesday’s meeting.

The future of Taranaki’s new $43 million regional dump is one of the items up for discussionat a monster Stratford District Councilpolicy and services committee meeting on Tuesday.

Whether or not the Stratford District Council (SDC) agrees to form a Central Landfill Joint Committee and then appoint a councillor to it is just one of the issues for decision in a 449 page agenda.

Ifthe landfill committee agreement is approved, it will bring thedevelopment of a new regional landfillbeing created by the SDC, South Taranaki, and New Plymouth district councilsone step closer.

While the total cost of the project is estimated at $42.9m, the three district councils will put forward around $16.1m for the first stage of development. Stratford’s share of the initial funding will be about $1.1m.

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One councillor from each council would join the the committee, which will oversee the management and running of the landfill.

Other items up for review, decision,discussionor note at Tuesday’s meeting includethe Annual Report on Dog Control Policy and Practices.

It showed there were seven dog attacks on people in Stratford district in the last year but 12 dog attacks on stock or other animals, seven more than the year before.

While barking complaints were down from 97 to 83, complaints about wandering dogs had increased to 159 from 132.

Just three dogs were classified as menacing in the previous year, compared to six the year before and 52 dogs were impounded, just two more than the year before.

In the year to June 30 10dogs were destroyed and five rehoused and four owners were disqualified from owning dogs.

The committeewill also decide on Tuesday whether to send out the newly developed beauty therapy, tattooing and skin piercing bylaw for public consultation.

The council began creating the bylaw with support from theNPDCafter it found a gap in the regulations that cover tattoo parlours, acupuncture and beauty therapy.

While there are industry guidelinesand national standards, the report said council staff had found a need to ensure they followed a set of standards to protect consumers from health and hygiene risks.

The report included in the agenda said the council had talked to operators and business owners in the district who raised concerns that people operating outside of the current guidelines could “bring down the name of the industry”.

If the bylaw is approved, operators doing high risk services that pierce the skin such as tattooing and body piercing will have to gain a health and hygiene licence from the council, while people in low risk services such as make up, tinting and facials would need to follow minimum standards.

Non-commercial services that were free of charge would be exempt under the proposed bylaw.

The council meeting is due to start at 3pm on Tuesday afternoon at the council chambers.


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Dogs, tattoo parlours and a massive landfill all on the agenda for Stratford council committee meeting – Taranaki Daily News

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