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Man accused of tattooing teens, sexually assaulting one of them – WMUR Manchester

Posted in Tattooing on Jul 30, 2017


A Nashua man accused of tattooing two teenagers and having sexual contact with one of them appeared in court Monday.

Police said that an investigation into a 14-year-old girl’s tattoo led to additional, felony-level charges.

Martin De Los Santos, 41, faces seven charges that include sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child. Police say the case began last week when the mother of a 14-year-old girl discovered that she had a tattoo.

“Patrol officers initially responded and took the report,” Lt. Kerry Baxter said. “They were able to determine that two 14-year-old juvenile females were, in fact, tattooed in Nashua.”

Police said De Los Santos tattooed the girls at his apartment on Railroad Square. During that time, De Los Santos allegedly had sexual contact with one of the girls, police said.

Prosecutors said in court that De Los Santos had an extensive criminal history, including drug and burglary charges in other states.

“Based on his criminal history, based on the fact that he has been charged and convicted in multiple jurisdictions, and based on the nature of the offenses before you, we believe he presents both an extreme danger and an extreme flight risk,” prosecutor Don Topham said.

Police said they also learned that De Los Santos was using social media to engage in sexually explicit communication with one of the teens.

“We have two young 14-year-old girls who not only were tattooed, but one of them was sexually assaulted,” Baxter said. “He’s trying to solicit sex acts from them through phones and messaging applications. This is something that parents should be aware of and should be very concerned about.”

Police said they are continuing to investigate whether De Los Santos was running an illegal tattoo parlor out of his apartment.

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Man accused of tattooing teens, sexually assaulting one of them – WMUR Manchester

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