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What is microblading? – News-Press Now

Posted in Tattooing on Sep 06, 2017

Eyebrows are arguably the most important feature on our face. Many women spend countless amounts of time and money on products to make them on point, including eyebrow pencils, color, tweezing, waxing and tattooing.

But there’s a new way of accentuating eyebrows that has a lot of women intrigued microblading.

It’s basically a tattoo, said Courtney V. Pina of Surreal Tattoo Studio in Kansas City, Missouri. It’s a form of cosmetic tattoo, technically semi-permanent.

Microblading is done with a hand tool with a blade. Pina said it basically makes micro splits in the eyebrows to give the optical illusion of hairs that mimic eyebrow hair.

You’re just making slices into the skin and the ink lays in the skin, Pina said. Tattooing pushes the ink into the skin.

Pina, who owns Surreal Tattoo with her husband, has been tattooing for years. She said that the microblading tool works best because a tattoo needle can be too thick.

Microblading results can last from one to three years, but everyone’s skin is different, Pina said.

This is why she includes a first session and a touch up in the price.

That way I can see how the brows are healing, she said. I’ve had clients that it just fell out, which could’ve been her beauty regime or her skin rejecting it, which is normal. Others, it stayed in perfectly.

To begin, lidocaine cream sits for about 30 minutes to an hour for numbing. Pina then maps out the brows. From there, she performs the first pass with the microblading tool, and while the ink is settling in, she mixes a lidocaine gel and epinephrine to sink in. This is done so the second pass doesn’t hurt.

Some people feel it, she said. It feels like tweezing or a paper cut.

She said the pain scale is about a three to five for the first pass. A day later, the eyebrows are less sore.

Pina recommends researching who is performing their procedure because there are a lot of untrained and unskilled people doing microblading.

(The microblading tool) is so easy to get your hands on and doesn’t cost very much, she said. Some people are doing it without credentials. Don’t be afraid to ask for before and after pics. Look at their reviews on social media.

Pina, for example, has education and experience under her belt. The licensed tattoo artist is Missouri certified and is also a licensed esthetician.

Microblading certification is a three-day course where individuals learn the basics, but she believes that’s not enough time.

If (the cost) is under $300, just be aware, she said.

Pina said that she is able to charge a lower fee because of owning her shop. But microblading can cost as much $800.

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What is microblading? – News-Press Now

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